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Wednesday, March 02, 2011           

Did We Win An Award Or Something...
As chosen by SportsMemorabilia.com readers!
Why yes. Yes we did! Sports Memorabilia.Com has determined that Packer Palace is one of it's Top 50 NFL Blog's "As Chosen by SportsMemorabilia.com Readers!"

    Dear BeerKid & BeerScout,

    I'd like to inform you that your blog has been recognized as a "Top 50 NFL Blog" by SportsMemorabilia.com readers. I am the Marketing Manager in charge of our yearly recognition program for sportsmemorabilia.com in which our readers vote for the Web's best NFL blog.

    We came across your site on the Internet, Packer Palace, and after compiling an array of information and feedback about your blog, we feel that you are deserving of our "Top 50 NFL Blog" recognition.

    We've already placed a link to your website from our homepage here: www.sportsmemorabilia.com/resources/top50-NFL-blogs in which we have listed your site along with the other award winners.

    Please note that this recognition is given once a year and guarantees that your site will get maximum exposure to our visitors and members.

    Thank you for creating a blogging environment that harnesses the spirit and veracity of the football community.

    We hope to see your blog recognized next year!


    Cassandra - SportsMemorabilia.com

I would like to thank first off everyone over at SportsMemorabilia.com who voted for us, and I would thank Mom for putting up with all my ****, and BeerScout's Dad for the computer that got us launched, BeerScout's Mom for those extra cookies that were always laying around readily available, and thanks to Dad (and Mom too) for that "bowl of vanilla ice cream, hersheys syrup, and peanuts - anyday anytime after 7pm" policy. It made us what we are today!!! Thanks to one and all, thanks to Cassandra, and thanks to the Super Bowl XLV Champions Green Bay Packers. Life is good!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!
Posted by BeerKid / 9:07 AM

As Seen With Someone Famous...

Long time friend and Packer Palace commentator CAMP sent this in a few weeks ago, during post-Super Bowl XLV celebrations where his daughter was able to cross paths with someone famous... Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers of the 13 time NFL Champion Green Bay Packers.
    Shannon (far left) spent an evening out with some of her girlfriends and Aaron Rodgers and three of his friends. She loves him and said he is a great guy. He only let them take one picture...

And Packer Palace got that picture, hey CAMP, thanks for thinking of us...

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Posted by BeerKid / 10:28 AM

Sunday, March 06, 2011           

Speak Out Spew Off...
Some afternoon news from Green Bay. The Packers have released LB A.J. Hawk, TE Donald Lee, and DB Derrick Martin today. I'll throw some thanks to Lee and Martin for their contributions, but it looked pretty unlikely that they could make the Packers roster this year. Hawk may fall into a different category, he was automatically guaranteed 10.5 million the 1st day of the NFL calendar year. I'm guessing that a contract re-work may still be on the table, but you have to wonder if someone else wants to poach him at a higher salary for their team. I think Hawk's coming back, but then I think the NFL will have it's training camps and play football this year too.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Valhalla? Don't you mean Valhallax? Shorthand for your meds regimen of Valium, Haldol and laxatives? It's a shame that health plans today treat the mentally disenfranchised with meds instead of that desperately needed one on one time. Next time you go to the public library to log on, take a few moments to see if there are any adverse reactions combining these meds. Have your shrink read your posts, and this time give an honest accessment of how you suppliment it with the other crap you are taking. A change in meds, and your outlook, could mean a bright and saner future, to say nothing of an abatement of all the shit that's been running out of you.

Tough Love Jim - A caring person from Packer Nation

Congratulations on your award BeerKid and BeerScout! That's Awesome! Your hard work is successful at bringing the best of the Green Bay Packers to the web!


    Green Bay Packers LB A.J. Hawk eyes more Super Bowl wins - March 4, 2011

    Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk has gone from being open to a trade at the beginning of the 2010 season to signing a five-year deal to stay put.

    Funny how the NFL works.

    Once Hawk became a regular player on all three downs on defense again, the fifth overall pick in the 2006 draft knew he wanted to stay in Green Bay.

    "The culture here is amazing," Hawk said. "I talk to people around the league, friends who are with other teams, and I don't think there's any place in the league that compares to Green Bay. And being here gives me the best chance at winning more Super Bowls."

    -- Rob Demovsky, rdemovsk@greenbaypressgazette.com

#66 Chica

"1985 World Champions"? Silly Bears fan. Look, I hope there is a 2011 season, and I'll guarantee you we finally get to host a playoff game with Aaron as our QB.

BTW, I mentioned that the Cardinals have two championships? Actually that 1925 title has an asterisk next to it, but you can look up the details on Wikipedia.


Hey jg.... yep, mentioned the correction a few days ago... yeah, it's pretty lame that a Bears fan is boasting about their 1985 SB Title when their hated rival, that would be the Green Bay Packers, have secured 2 SB Titles in the 26 years since then...   BK

These assholes already talkin' trash now? Cutler is slinking around with some whore in CA,, T-Jack basically said F-You to the Queens. I told alot of people when Cutler came over from the AFC he would get his little white AFC ass whooped in the NFC... heh, heh, heh.... Green Bay will make the rest of the NFC North look like high school kids. AJ is back... good news...

So, to all you Bear, Queen and Lion fans who post stupid, ridiculous arguments on this site..... I am gunnin' for you,, There is nothing you idiots can possibly post that comes close to the Packs' acomplishments.... You do not compare and you never will..... These are MY PACKERS... Get real.

The gUrts of this world are gone. Run you mouth, but you can't come close and never aspire to be close to the PACK!!!! THE CHAMPIONSHIPS, the RECORDS... the SUPERBOWLS...

Go ahead, try me....

Hey JT

Can't find a copy of the super bowl.......only the dvd's that are clips and highlights from the whole season.......can anybody here help me out??? Would also like SB-31....... I'm in the south bay area and would be willing to trade Pack items.


Hey Vikingcrusher.... email me at BeerKid@PackerPalace.com - I might be able to help you out....   BK

Valhalla, you're funny! May I call you Val-ha-ha?


A telling comment from Andrew Brandt:

Three years ago, Brett retired to adulation, tears and genuflecting from the public and the media. With today’s news of official filing of his retirement papers with the league, he retires to derision, mockery and ridicule.

#66 Chica

I agree with Mr. Valhalla's NFC North predictions except that he should switch the Vikings and Lions around. Having the Bears at 10- 6 and the Packers at 5-11 seems pretty dead-on accurate, though. But who am I kidding? There probably won't be a 2011 season anyway.

1985 World Champions

A great listen on 'our' old #31 Al Harris. What a great guy !!! http://www.stationcaster.com/player_skinned.php?s=71&c=583&f=71509 - Hope that link works correctly, otherwise its http://www.espnmilwaukee.com/audiovault/wilde.php - then click on Play Now - Al Harris for pop up player.

Fan #118.89

Senior night at Allen Fieldhouse last night at Kansas University. It just so happens that Mike McCarthy's daughter is a freshman here, and Mike was at the game! I got to shake his hand, the same hand that hoisted the trophy a month ago. Incredible thing. Still celebrating XLV in Lawrence!

Kansas PackHawk

BK and BScout ! Congratulations on the fantastic award recieved. I am very happy for you 2. I knew this place was great for years ! happy the rest of the world now thinks so, too! Hip Hip Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rah !


Cardinals have two championships (1925 and 1947). That said, nobody except the Bears comes close to us, and they have only one since the Super Bowl era. Plus no team ever dominated the league as totally as the Lombardi-era Packers did.

Oh, and that Viking troll graphic is cute. I saw the Bears one on here before and wondered if you had something for the Vikings.


Hey JG, yup, you're right, the Cardinals have 2 championships, not sure why I thought 2 = 1, after all I was using a search function that gave me the number of hits on a list... I might have been confused over the fact that the Cardinals have gone the longest without a championship in the NFL of the current existing teams. As for Vikings troll... you got to love a guy who goes to the game with a Super Bowl trophy tattooed on his fat-gut when his team currently has zero of them in it's trophy case. Go Pack Go!   BK

Beerscout, Heard about your recent censorship problems on PFT. May I recommend coldhardfootballfacts.com? They would have only NOT censored you, but probably would jump into the discussion full force...but seriously, it's a great website.


Thanks for the Great Moments in Packer History! Watched the XLV Super Bowl Victory just the other night for the 5th time!

Since Packer Palace Nation continues to grow worldwide, and some have that travelin' bone this time of year, could you repost the Tuesday, April 03, 2007, "It's the "West! Who's Got North, South and East" Worldwide Extreme Region Drinking Contest"?


AWESOME article from Andrew Brandt! - http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/Andrews-answers-Tuesdays-mailbag-2174.html

#66 Chica

8 of the 13 championships were before 1962 when there were only 9 up to 13 teams in all of football. Had 30 plus years than most teams today to win them also...........OH BOY!

cheez whiz

Hey Cheez Whiz... you know all that 13 times (with 4 SB's) NFL Championship smack is always directed at duh Bears (with 9 - 1 SB) first, seeing they've been a team around just as long as the Pack, and 2nd, towards the Vikes, who sort of have 1 alleged laugh-at championship (which only hardcore Vike fans will even claim) to go with their 4 Super Bowl losses. Still it's 13. The Eagles and Giants have been around since the mid/late 20's, Giants have 7 (3 SB's) and the Eagles 4 championships. The Lions have 4, the Rams with 3 (1 SB), Steelers impress with 6 (6 SB's), Eagles with 3, Redskins have 5 (3 SB's). Those teams have all been around since the 1930's. The 49ers have been around since the 50's, they have 5 (5 SB's), Cowboys from 1960, 5 Championships (5 SB's). The Browns are from the 1950's, they have 4 Championships. So I hate to tell you this, but 13 NFL Championships stands out no matter how you try to explain it away. Oh by the way the Cardinals have been around just as long as duh Bears and Pack and they have 1 from 1925 2 from 1925 & 1947.   Here's the all-time list - History: NFL Champions - if anyone is interested.

I <3 My 13 Time NFL Champion Green Bay Packers!  BK

Man, that's a dangerous picture...

Hey JT

Hey JT, yep 'As Seen With Someone Famous' is, I don't even see that guy AR in the background 99% of the time... I got it! That pic is exactly like those tests where they flash the image to you quickly, and then ask you a question about the guy in the background, and your response is 'What guy?'   BK

I'd like to say we win the division next season, but it probably won't happen. Maybe something like this:

Bears: 10-6
Vikings: 9-7
Lions: 8-8
Packers: 5-11

And we get in the playoffs as a wild card.


Hey Valhalla, who's going to be the Vikqueens QB? I mean, who know, you had all-world Brett Favre running the show last year and finished last in the NFC North with 6 wins. I love fan optimism about their teams, but dude, the Vikes are in decline with a new coach and off-season turmoil over the CBA. But don't worry Val, I'll save this prediction for when it counts before opening day.   BK

Looking at valhallas post..........at least he-she picked the right name, as valhalla is also a fantasy land (and apparently where he-she is living) joe webb, are you kidding me.....the queens couldn't win with a first round hall of fame quarterback and (supposedly) the best back in the league......be grateful detroit is in the division so you can stay out of last place MAYBE..........


Hey Vikingcrusher, you haven't had a chance to see the above post from Valhalla... Vikes at 9-7 hahahh ahhhahahahahha eh.   BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile."
Posted by BeerKid / 10:48 PM

Monday, March 07, 2011           

This Week's Re-Run At The Rockwood Lodge...

I Can Feel Your Vikqueen Body Tremble Because I Know You've...

Never Been This Far Before... SB-XLV

   Available as a QT Movie
Posted by BeerKid / 12:50 PM

Spew Off Speak Out...

Here's something that BeerScout tracked down the other day that's worth checking out... the audio on-field highlights during Super Bowl XLV from several Green Bay Packer players... Sound FX: Super Bowl XLV Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

...and something else BeerScout sent a few weeks back: Green Bay Are Champions of the World: A Displaced Fan's Perspective in LAist, it's from Monty at TotalPackers.Com

Peter King on page 2 of his MMQB column has more to read (scroll down some to find) on NFL Super Bowl XLV Champions: Green Bay Packers DVD over at CNNSI that may be of interest.

Otherwise Packers LB A.J. Hawk resigned a new contract for 5 years one day after being released and right before the NFL shutdown business temporarily, extending their CBA negotiations in the mean time and here's some speculation on which Green Bay Packers players got tagged with restricted free-agent contract offers by the Packers from over at NFL.Com - Packers WR Jones says he indeed received RFA tender.

At last but not least, an image that BeerScout has been hounding me to publish that we found of Bart Starr's Super Bowl I MVP Trophy - cick to enlarge >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Although the Green Bay Packers are far superior that the rival Bears, it is worth saying that Chicago has more HOF and All-Time wins then do the Packers, Saying that they are still a notch below the Greatest Franchise in all of Sports. The only Sport Franchises that have anything close to the Packers would be the Montreal Canadians-hockey and the New York Yankees. It is safe to say that the Packers could easily winf the next three or four Superbowls, yes l said it. We are watching a dynasty in the making. l predict they will be the first team to win 3superbowls in a row, although they have accomplish this feat twice before they were NFL Championships not SuperBowls 1929-31 and 1965-67.

Looking Foward to the Draft... Go Pack Go!!


Mr.1985 World Champions. Your name suggests you are a history buff. Let's look at recent history. The 2010 NFC Championship a good a place to start as any. A Chicago Bears team, girded with seemingly unquestioned toughness, ends up with a QB that looks like he is suffering from the same symptoms as the one that took the field in 1985. He too looks like he can't remember what he had for breakfast, or were he misplaced his ball sac. It was posed earlier this year on this very forum, "Does a Bear shit in the Woods?"

Don't..... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Appears Bears are opportunistic... Oh, and there will be a 2011 season. Here's hoping you enjoy it as well as you did last year's. Divisional Champions. Will you beam with pride when you gaze upon the banner celebrating this milestone? Packer Nation has to go into the bowels of Lambeau Field's Atrium and pay some coin to eyeball the little trinket the team earned for it's efforts.


Hey Brett, thank you for being a bad influence on the rest of the league. Now Tiki Barber says he wants to come back and play. Luckily we won't be the suckers who sign him, even though we don't have any run game.

Nah, the Vikings will probably sign Tiki and trade Adrian Peterson for Terrell Owens. Because they're just that kind of an organization.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "They may not love you at the time, but they will later."
Posted by BeerKid / 1:44 PM

Monday, March 14, 2011           

Hazard Warning - Computer Under Repair...

It may have come to the attention of many of you out there that there has been a decidedly marked increase in the lack of energy and general non-attendance of attention that flows through Packer Palace from time to time... well, the main diabolical computer engine behind most of everything here these days has blown it's video card... which even though it should be covered under extended warranty repair, it's going to take a little bit of time to get it back up and running. So for the short term, the current Staff will be just a little bit restricted in updating some things. But don't go away, it's not fatal... Hey Look!!!! Over There! Green Bay Won The Super Bowl!!!!

Norbert - Consultant For Hire

Tuesday, March 22, 2011           

Thirsty For A Draft...

As we inch forward towards the only sure NFL thing to happen this off-season, The Draft, we are finally starting to see the better mock drafts, those would be the one's that show the Green Bay Packers taking a WR, LB, or DE from the poorer one's, those would have the Packers taking a RB in the 1st round. As we Packers fans have known for the last 5 years, GM Ted Thompson gives almost no hints to which-way his mind is thinking.

We've been told that TT lives by the BPA (Best Player Available) and yet, many of us actually believe that TT takes the BPA for the Packers. I have no problems with that approach, and with still 5 weeks to go until the actually Draft, I believe the Packers are looking at D-Lineman first, an O-Lineman 2nd, and maybe a WR third. Linebacker to me, is a position that would require a pretty special player to be available, otherwise the Packers are a bit loaded at that position, and should have interest in other area's of need.

Here's a few more NFL Mock Draft's from around the web, and as always, I focus only on the Packers.... enjoy the speculation.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

32.  Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland - The Packers are a tough team to mock draft for. They have very few needs, and the best players available don't necessarily satisfy those needs. One thing Ted Thompson will be looking for is a receiver. Donald Driver doesn't have much left in the tank, while James Jones is a free agent. Torrey Smith is a Thompson type of prospect. He has great character, and he's a high-effort player (nothing like Darrius Heyward-Bey). Smith is a very good blocker - which is something Green Bay loves out of its receivers. Plus, he could help out on kick returns right away.

64.  Danny Watkins, G, Baylor - I really like Danny Watkins. He's a talented guard who can start right away for the team that drafts him. The problem is that he's 27 years old (in November), but that won't matter much to the Packers, who are built to win now rather than later.

96.  Jarvis Jenkins, DE/DT, Clemson - Mike McCarthy recently spoke in the past tense when referring to Cullen Jenkins. Johnny Jolly, meanwhile, won't be around much longer. The Packers could look into acquiring a new defensive end early in the 2011 NFL Draft.

128.  Bruce Miller, DE/OLB, Central Florida - Frank Zombo had an important sack in the Super Bowl, but the Packers still need an upgrade across from Clay Matthews.

160.  Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky - Ryan Grant is entering his contract year. James Starks looked great during the team's Super Bowl run, but has a long injury history. Brandon Jackson is a free agent. The Packers should find some running back help in the middle rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft. Derrick Locke would be a great weapon to have on offense because he can score any time he touches the ball.

Walter Football.Com

32.  Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State - With a couple of the Packers defensive front due to hit free agency and a couple of others lacking in quality, this defense could use some help. B.J. Raji has proven to be a solid nose tackle but adding another stud like Stephen Paea alongside him would definitely help.

64.  James Carpenter, OT, Alabama

96.  Ricardo Lockette, WR, Fort Valley State

Consensus Draft Services

32.  Christian Ballard, DT, Iowa - A very athletic defensive lineman, played tackle for Iowa, but will be moved to end in the NFL. DE Cullen Jenkins is a free agent and the Packers need to upgrade at end. Ballard at 6' 4" 295 pounds ran his 40-yard dash at the 2011 NFL Scouting Comine in amazing 4.75 seconds! Ballard is a major Sleeper for the 2011 NFL Draft. I think North Carolina DT Marvin Austin would be a better value here, but he doesn't fit the Packers 3-4 defense.

NFL Draft Dog

32.  Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA - The Packers love versatility, hence they jump all over Ayers. He can rush the passer, defend the run, drop in coverage, hit hard, and make plays behind the line of scrimmage. Although I prefer him as an OLB, he provides ILB insurance and perhaps influences the Packers to trade or release Nick Barnett, now an expensive backup. Ayers has not impressed as naturally instinctive and some question his commitment. The talent is there, however, and with the proper coaching/motivation (Capers/Greene), Ayers can step in as a starter and learn as he goes along.

64.  James Carpenter, OT, Alabama - Carpenter is one of those "steady but not exciting" players that could be a starting right tackle or guard in the NFL. Has good lateral agility, but may not have the foot quickness for left tackle. Tough to move when he establishes a strong base, but needs to work on foot technique in pass protection. The Packers add Carpenter as excellent depth to their OL mix and figure out where he fits in camp.

Al Bracco/Jersey Al's AllGreenBayPackers.Com for Draft Tek.Com

32.  Mikel Leshoure, RB, Illinois - I am not sure about this pick as Ryan Grant will be back next year and now that James Starks looked goo in the first playoff game. However, in getting Leshoure this late in the 2011 NFL Mock Draft they are getting a steal. I have him taking my top rated 2011 NFL Mock Draft RB in this draft.

64.  Jurell Casey, DT, USC - I had Casey as a first rounder for a while but his stock has falling because so many other DT's stock have risen. He still can play his way into the first round he is just on the bottom half of top 2011 NFL Draft DT's.

New NFL Draft

32.  Akeem Ayers, LB, UCLA - The Packers have a rising star in Clay Matthews but they could use an upgrade opposite him and UCLA Akeem Ayers would be a nice fit while also offering terrific value this last in round one. At one point it appeared as though Ayers would be a mid-first rounder but disappointing forty times in workouts could push him down draft boards a bit. A well-rounded player who can be a factor against the run, in coverage and, perhaps most importantly for a 3-4 team such as the Packers, as a pass rusher, Ayers is in many ways the total package. Georgiaís Justin Houston would also be a perfect fit if available and donít rule out Arizonaís Brooks Reed either. Despite using their top pick on Bryan Bulaga last year the Packers could still use some more help along the offensive line, Akeem Ayers | UCLA Bruins particularly at tackle since Chad Clifton is nearing the end of the line, so someone like Derek Sherrod of Mississippi St. could be a possibility. Keep an eye on cornerback too because either Jimmy Smith of Colorado or Aaron Williams of Texas would make sense as an eventual replacement for the aging Charles Woodson. The defensive line is also a concern and guys like Cameron Heyward of Ohio St., Muhammad Wilkerson of Temple, Christian Ballard of Iowa or Allen Bailey of Miami (FL) could all be fits as a five - technique in their odd front.

64.  Curtis Brown, CB, Texas - Charles Woodson's going to be 35-years-old so some additional depth wouldn't hurt.

Scott Wright - Draft Countdown

32.  Brooks Reed, DE/OLB, Arizona - Green Bay is coming off an unbelievable season. They do not have a ton of needs but they could use another OLB across from the superstar Clay Mathews. Reed has been rising up draft boards quickly and he is probably going to be drafted in the later part of the first round or the early par tof the second round.

64.  Rodney Hudson, G, Florida St. - Daryn Colledge is going to be a FA, but he wasn't that good anyways. Hudson could fill in nicely along Green Bay's line. He is one of the best players available right now.

Clint Clearwater for The Football Expert

32.  Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland - James Jones' status as a free agent will impact this pick but Smith's big play ability as a receiver and return man would be a welcomed addition to the Super Bowl Champs.

64.  Christian Ballard, DL, Iowa

Robert Davis - Football's Future

32.  Muhammad Wilkerson, DT/DE, Temple - If the Packers are prepared to lose Cullen Jenkins in free agency, they should be at least considering a 3-4 five-technique defensive end with their first pick of the draft. Wilkerson might need a year to develop, but he has the right measurables for the position and consistently flashed a knack for high-impact plays at Temple last season.

Don Banks - Sports Illustrated
Posted by BeerKid / 11:41 AM

Speak Out Spew Off...

So it's another week, and nothing much has changed with between the NFL Owners and the NFL Players on the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Which is why I really liked Steve Kelly's Cartoon from the Times Picayune last week...

So C'Mon guys, you're splitting a Multi-Billion Dollar Pot of Gold between yourselves, it's not a life or death situation, and it's certainly not comparable to slavery. Get your act together or you'll end up really pissing us fans off, and that will lead us to some spot just around the corner from oblivion and no one really wants to go stand there.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Do you think the site has been sabotaged by Bears fans?

Clay the Barbarian

Hey Clay the Barbarian, no, there's no sabotage by any duh Bears fans... just simple lack of inertia due to the Packers winning the Super Bowl (basking is the glow of good times) and simple hardware failure... Go Pack Go!   BK

I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon. I enjoy reading your commentaries.


Hey, spam that's flattering gets you just about everywhere, at least around here it does...   BK

It's "slavery"!! Adrian Peterson says so!!


#66 Chica

Hey #66 Chica, yeah it's sort of absurd that a player who signs a contract for 20 million dollars is complaining about slavery... at least Pack RB Ryan Grant spoke out against Peterson's rant, but then, Steelers (losers of SB-XLV) RB Rashard Mendenhall re-iterated and supported the original slavery comment... whatever!!! Just split the Billion Dollar NFL Pie whichever way and get on with the games...   BK

Beerkid I dig it that a Packer fan put together a Czeslaw "Chester" Marcol video montage on Youtube. I have never seen that game or even the clip of him running it in but I love it that he has his glasses on under helmet and that it was at County Stadium. He one of my favs for sure. I got mad love for Czeslaw!


SUPER BOWL!!! Still loving it!

Das. Wolf - in NorCal

Hey Das.Wolf, I don't think I'll ever forget that blocked FG scooped up by Chester and ran under heavy escort for a Touchdown!!! Go Pack GO!!!   BK

Oh boy, are we ever in trouble. Suddenly it's 1982 again! But hey, that season has historical significance for having the only Packers playoff appearance during the '70s and '80s.

Seriously, I hope this mess gets sorted out and we don't see a repeat of '82 or '87.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again. "
Posted by BeerKid / 11:44 PM

Sunday, March 27, 2011           

We're Back...
I mean, We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack in the deskchaired keyboarded saddle again using the main 24" video screen'd iMac computer for running the Packer Palace Show again. Recently returned from being serviced by Apple Support, just a minor $350 video card repair still under the extended 3 year warranty (still 71 days left) and what can I say, I was starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. That little IBM NetVista kiosk computer does the trick in critical emergency, but 5 years ago it wasn't close to top-of-line, let alone today, but heh, it was designed without style in mind, but it was provided with a functional heavy duty handle on the top for easy lugging around. Back to storage my ancient friend.

Vintage darkside IBM NetVista vs. a classic iMac - the Yin & Yang of Packer Palace computing.

Thanks to the Staff in the Apple Store and the Tech's in the backroom who actually did the hands-on repair. Good news! The Computer Under Repair Hazard Warning for Packer Palace has been lifted.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Posted by BeerKid / 12:44 PM

This Week's Re-Run At The Rockwood Lodge...

Feast On Their Flesh... the

BeWitched King

Posted by BeerKid / 1:39 PM

Monday, March 28, 2011           

Spew Off Speak Out...

The final order of the NFL Draft has been established. The Green Bay Packers and GM Ted Thompson now have a new total of 9 picks. 1 of their own for each of the 7 rounds, plus a recently awarded compensatory pick for Aaron Kampman leaving last year to join the Jaguars in the 4th round. Plus one for a conditional trade of long-snapper J.J. Jansen to the Carolina Panthers last year pick in the early 7th round.

R1-32nd, R2-64th, R3-96th, R4-129th, R4-131st (compensatory), R5-163rd, R6-197th, R7-204th (from Carolina), and R7-231st.

Who remembers that trade??? Carolina Panther LS J.J. Jansen ended up on the active roster for every game last year, so the Green Bay Packers earned the 7th round pick in return for a player about to be cut and wanted by 3 teams possibly. Well played Ted Thompson. Well played. Now the rest of us fans can relax and not worry too much about you trading down to collect more 7's, now that you already have 2.

For the full Round by Round NFL Draft order check out Packer Report's Bill Huber - Full 2011 Draft Selection Order and Jersel Al - Green Bay Packers Complete Draft Order – 2011 NFL Draft - throws in the trade values for the Packers picks this year. Looked to me that by drafting last they are stick in the position of trading a 5 and a 6 to move up in the 5th round instead of maybe getting into the 4th round. It's going to be tough for every team to jump a round in the draft if you can't include some players... but maybe not. The GM's in charge might find it easy to go wilder without any NFL players and their contracts and their agents involved.

As for Johnny Jolly making the news... Ineligible to have a drivers license, he was pulled over while driving around in Houston and allegedly found to have more of the codeine syrup that got him in serious trouble and suspended from the NFL last year... with this happening, even with head coach Mike McCarthy's recently kind words on returning to Green Bay for Jolly, there's now a zero chance he'll be back playing for the Packers or any other team any time soon... well, there's one possible long-shot, as a Packer, he has played in the state of Minnesota a few times and we know how their judges like to intervene in the interest of NFL Player Rights.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Draft TBITS - Thanks Johnny Jolly, you have made my Draft Board change

#1 Ryan Kerrigan - Body ot gain more weight without loosing speed, BPA if Michael Leshoure or Mark Ingram fall I would take one. Another scenario to play out would be if Denver,Cleveland or New England want his pick, if TT can stay in he top of the @nd round and pick up another 4th or 5th he could pull the trigger
#2 Seems like Everyone like Torrey SmithWR - I do to! Excellent fit for Green Bayas a KR/WR donald Driver can groom him.
#3 OL is a big concern still even though we can go to the bank again on Chad Clifon Pick: OT James Brewer he is rising up everyones boards
#4a OLB Dontay Mooch- Playmaker opposite Claymaker
#4b Back to DLine DT Jarvis Jenkins
#5 My favorite player in the Draft CB Justin Rogers PR/ nickleback fits on special teams
#6 Either K Nick Henery- compition for Crosby or QB Greg McElroy- Macarthy and Clements project
#7a RB Delroy Scott
#7b Mr. Irrellivant- DT Coby Whitlock

Go get em Packers!!!!


Welcome back BK ! This slow coming spring in Wi is just getting a little Ho Hum. Did you buy the XLV video yet? Am seriously thinkin of gettin it, & havin a Margarita party while watching it again, as Sundays are just soooooooooo boring.


Welcome back BeerKid.......good riddance johnny jolly, oh well, as least you'll be welcome back in the old gang for "keepin' it real" f*cking loser......probably piss the rest away on crack and hookers now that he won't be tested anymore (except for maybe syphillis of the brain"-oh, wait, maybe he could go to baltimore with ray "the murderer" lewis or philly with michael "pathetic human being" vick did I miss any other role model humanitarians????


One thing I can say about Johnny Jolly. He is one stupid MF.


Sorry to see this happen to Jolly again. There's obviously a problem that wasn't corrected: http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/sports/118664459.html


How do you spell "knucklehead"?? "J-o-h-n-n-y J-o-l-l-y"

Don't let the doors at 1265 Lombardi Ave. hit you in the ass on the way out of Green Bay, you loser...
    Defensive lineman Johnny Jolly was arrested in Houston on Friday morning, and police found codeine in the car, according to a report by a CBS station in Houston.

    Jolly was pulled over for a traffic violation, and police determined that his driver's license had been suspended. When police searched the car, they found 600 grams of codeine, which is a felony. Jolly is being held in the Houston City Jail on a felony charge.

#66 Chica

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011           

The Gridiron Knightmare...
"Even if you saw it with your own eyes, would you really believe a football game was being played with one of the teams dressed in full armor?"

"Was I wiped out... by a Knight in full armor?" Why yes. Yes you were... We'll be giving out a hat-tip to Diversions of a Groovy Kind for delving deep into the Strange Sports Stories and diverting us from our normal problems on this Wednesday afternoon. There's more non-football stories to be found, including the timely round-ball story of "The Challenge of the Faceless Five!" awaiting for you over there. Fascinating stuff from DC Comics...

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!
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