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Friday, April 01, 2011           

Hazard Warning - Computer Under Repair... Again

Well, Packer Palace HQ is right back where we were a few weeks ago... oh the original repair lasted almost a week, but today, on April Fool's Day, the computer lasted all of 10 minutes before freezing up and requiring another drop-off repair and sends your almost humble servant back to using the spare IBM Net Vista backup computer, with all the limitations that comes with that ancient beast.

So until further notice, the "Computer Under Repair Hazard Warning" has been re-issued for Packer Palace.

Norbert - Consultant For Hire

Friday, April 08, 2011           

Speak Out Spew Off...
Noticed this morning a little beer-related tidbit from page 3 of Peter King's MMQB over at CNN/Sports Illustrated:
    m. Beernerdness: Very pleased to find Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat at the ballpark in Arlington over the weekend. A few good ones there, but Summer Wheat was the best. Light for a wheat, and slightly fruity.
Nice little shout-out to the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI. Though I have to say... if you need a wedge of Orange or Lemon on the edge of your frosted glass to improve the taste of your beer... YOU'RE DRINKING THE WRONG BEER!!!

But then, Leinie's offers quite a few different specialty brews so I'm sure they'll have one to match your preferred taste... they always did for me when I was around and thirsty.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Hey Kid, what do you say about the Madden '12 cover? Vote for A-Rodg or against him to avoid the curse? I'm not sure that I can take the pressure of worrying about it, so I'm voting against him.


Hey everyone. ESPN is having a poll of who should be on the cover of Madden 2012. Obviously, Rodgers truly deserves this and has gone pretty deep in the voting so far. Help keep this train rolling and vote for Aaron now! ESPN.com/MaddenVote

K Pack

Over the past few years, lot of readers including me, have critized TT for his unwillingness to pick up players through Free Agency and usually trade down in the draft to acquire more picks. After winning the SB, looks like he knew what he was doing. How long do you think it will be before the other GMs use his tactics? Here's to hoping we have a full season this year!! Go Pack!!!!

Pack Fan in Texas

Wow - for a mere $4, you too could own a piece of the Metrodump. *snicker* What moron would actually pay for that?? Only in Minnehaha! HA!! ===========

    A really big Homer Hanky: Metrodome tours offer piece of roof fabric

    Updated: April 6, 2011 - 8:27 AM

    MINNEAPOLIS - The Metrodome is offering visitors a first-hand look at the replacement of its roof.

    The roof collapsed under heavy snow Dec. 12, and the first 2,000 people to take the public tour this season will get a piece of the fabric from the original roof.

    The dome is open to walk-up visitors April through November, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 11 a.m. The tours depart from Gate F and the cost is $4 per person. After the roof is replaced, the tours won't be offered on days when the stadium hosts daytime events.

    Bill Lester, executive director of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, says visitors will see the progress of the new roof installation, the stadium's suites and the inner workings beneath the concourses including the locker rooms.

#66 Chica

Thanks Chica, I just bought it & Margarita supplies. Just waitin till Packer pals all have the same day off to watch together. Other great news is we are all going to see Big Gilbert, Dorsey Levens, Josh Sitton, Matt Flynn, Desmond Bishop, Jim Taylor and Forest Gregg in early May in Ashland, Wi. They are all doing the 6th Annual Packer Tailgate Tour and hittin pretty locally to hometown !! Hope to get some good pics. SuperBowl Champs is correctamundo. Woooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooo !!!!


This is directed to Lemondrop, and the rest of PackerPalace Nation. My PackerMan bought the XLV dvd and we watched it together two weeks ago. It is two hours long, narrated by Wayne Larivee. JUST GET IT! It goes thru the whole 16-game season week-by-week, then each playoff game, then of course the Superbowl. Plus there is "bonus coverage" at the end. Mix up some cold beverages like we did, pop it in, and ENJOY! We're the Superbowl Champions, baby!! Saying that doesn't ever get old! CHEERS -

#66 Chica

Hey Chica... I haven't seen it, yet, but I've heard nothing but great comments on the SB DVD... your recommendation is piled on the top of the To Do list... BK

At least you're not dealing with WinBlows viri and the like! oh wait....DOH! ME!


Yeah, thanks BS... so as my iMac computer is down, down, down getting hardware repairs... I still get the pleasure of de-lousing Windows computers.... BK

Greetings Beer Kid!

It's just been discovered that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger staged the biggest hoax in NFL history since the Dallas Cowboys convinced football fans that they were "America's Team." http://www.thepackerpage.com/2011/03/twin-freaks.html

(Remember, at the PackerPage, EVERY day is April 1st!)

158 days until (hopefully) the Packers regular season begins!

Packer Jerry

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit."
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Monday, April 11, 2011           

Hazard Warning Lifted...

So this time I let a few days go by before crowing about the return of the computer from extended warranty repair. Seems to be working just fine... so the Computer Under Repair Hazard Warning has been lifted for Packer Palace. Hey just in time for the NFL Draft. Did any mention that the Green Bay Packers are the Super Bowl XLV Champions!

Norbert - Consultant For Hire

This Week's Re-Run At The Rockwood Lodge...

Get On Board... the

Lovie Train

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011           

Happy Birthday... Jerry Tagge
Happy Birthday To Yooooooooooooooooooou... to Jerry Tagge, former Green Bay Packers and Nebraska Cornhusker QB. Drafted 11th overall in 1972's 1st round, Tagge never quite caught on in the NFL or in Green Bay, his career stats of 3 TD's and 17 INT's over 17 games covering 3 years of play yields to a QB rating around 44.2, less than impressive for sure. Yet, somehow I had his jersey while growing up as a young teen.

But in wishing #17 a Happy Birthday on this April 12th, today it comes to mind how Jerry Tagge was instrumental in one of the great come-back lines in football forum quarrelling history. A woman was clarifying how her point about the Green Bay Packers carried more weight because "she was married to the grandson of a former Packers player and would know".

In the following vitriol spew, out popped this gem of a come-back line from another commentator - "Oh yeah, my sister slept with Jerry Tagge so..." - So Happy Birthday Jerry Tagge. You will not be forgotten by this Packers fan for long time to come.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!
Posted by BeerKid / 10:40 AM

Packers Preseason Games Announced...
Packers 2011 Pre-Season Schedule
  Date    Time   TV 
Aug 11-15 @ Cleveland Browns   TBA State
Aug 18-22 Arizona Cardinals   TBA State
Aug 26 @ Indianapolis Colts   7:00pm CBS
Sept 1-2 Kansas City Chiefs   TBA State
Posted by BeerKid / 5:03 PM

Wednesday, April 13, 2011           

Thirsty For A Draft...
My guess is that this year it's going to be tougher that all get-out to figure what Packers GM Ted Thompson is going to do sitting there at the bottom of Day One's Draft at pick #32. Part of that reason is going to be which player drops 10 spots from being a consensus near top 20 pick to still being available when Green Bay's turn finally comes around. It's going to be an O-Lineman, or D-Lineman, or Linebacker would be the obvious choice according to team needs. Cornerback and Wide Receiver are other area's of concern.

Another possibility, with the NFL Draft spread over 3 days again, and Round 1 being the 1st day, is that Thompson controls the last pick of the day. Might be worth something to a team looking for their Quarterback, or another talented player. Ted Thompson has traded down before from the late 1st round to gather extra picks in the 2nd and later rounds. He might decide to do it again this year.

Currently the Green Bay Packers have themselves 9 total picks in the upcoming NFL Draft: R1-32nd, R2-64th, R3-96th, R4-129th, R4-131st (comp), R5-163rd, R6-197th, R7-204th (from Car), and R7-231st. Draft starts Thursday Aprl 28 Round 1, Friday April 29 for Rounds 2-3, and Saturday April 30 for Rounds 4-7.

Also remember without the CBA in effect, only draft selections can be used for trades, no drafted players or other NFL players can be involved in any draft day trading.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


32.  Christian Ballard, DL, Iowa - With some questions along the defensive front, the Packers won’t be able to resist the physical skills of Ballard.

Jamison Hensley - Ravens Insider

32.  Cameron Heyward, DE, Ohio State - If Cullen Jenkins isn't retained this offseason, Heyward would be a nice option at defensive end. He finished the college season strong, and has the prototype build for a 3-4 DE.

64.  Clint Boling, OG, Georgia - Boling fits the blocking scheme perfectly.

96.  Austin Pettis, WR, Boise State - Pettis would be a nice addition to the defending champs.

Randall Weida - FFToolbox

32.  Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa - The Packers are not in a whole lot of hurting and could be one of the best young teams for years to come. Value usually outweighs need. Clayborn can be a talent they don’t pass up and could work as a DE in the 3-4.

64.  Clint Boling, OG, Georgia

96.  Jordan Todman, RB, UConn

Lee Johnson - Football Logic

32.  Aaron Williams, CB, Texas - Previously I've had Ohio State DE Cameron Heyward slotted here as Cullen Jenkins insurance, but with Charles Woodson entering his 14th season, it would not be surprising to see the Packers take a corner here. Out early, Williams is a cover corner who will also stick his nose into stopping the run.

64.  Orlando Franklin, T/G, Miami (Fl) - Keeping Aaron Rodgers upright is kind of a big deal and the Packers' offensive line has some age in spots. After starting 12 games at left tackle for the Hurricanes last season, Franklin could jump up another 20 picks if his recovery from January knee surgery goes smoothly.

Ben Standig - FFToolbox

32.  Akeem Ayers, DE/OLB, UCLA - Ayers has the ability if needed to blitz very well off the edge as well as make a smooth transition when going back into coverage. Biggest concern for him is at times he wasn’t making himself known on the field.

James Centifonti - Pro Sports Blogging

32.  Cam Heyward, DE, Ohio State - The Packers add depth with Heyward, a player that gives them some flexibility as a 5-technique DE as part of the D-Line rotation.

National Football Post

32.  Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa - Green Bay doesn’t need half as much as most teams, and that’s why they are the defending champions. But defensive end is a position of need. In most years, the team picking 32nd wouldn’t have a chance to get a 3-4 defensive end with this much talent, but because of the depth at the position in this draft class, they could nab Clayborn this late.

64.  Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh - We love the thought of a Lewis/Ryan Grant/James Starks backfield and Packers fans should, too. Lewis is the shiftiest back in the draft.

Danny Hobrock - the x log

32.  Brooks Reed, RLB, Arizona - Clay Matthews is a beast. What makes his production even more impressive is the fact that he’s doing it without a talented player drawing attention opposite him. The Packers take Brooks Reed here in hopes that he becomes what LaMarr Woodley is to James Harrison. Brooks Reed is having an amazing offseason and could wind up being drafted this high, as Mel Kiper predicts.

64.  Jarvis Jenkins, DE, Clemson - Johnny Jolly got arrested while he was already suspended so his future in Green Bay is pretty bleak. Cullen Jenkins is talented, but injury prone, missing 17 games in the last 3 seasons. He’s also a free agent and there’s a lot of talk that he’s not coming back. They drafted Mike Neal in the 2nd round last year at 3-4 end and they could take another 3-4 end in the 2nd year this year with the athletic Jarvis Jenkins.

96.  Tandon Doss, WR, Indiana - I know what you’re thinking, didn’t the Packers just win a Super Bowl because of their strength at wide receiver? Yes, and that is exactly why they must keep it a strength. Donald Driver has hinted at retiring this offseason and he’s 36 and on his last legs anyway. Meanwhile, James Jones could be a free agent, depending on the new CBA rules.

129.  Justin Boren, G, Ohio State - Daryn Colledge is the weak link on their Super Bowl winning offensive line and he’s also a free agent. The Packers take Boren here to be his future replacement. Sweetening this pick for the Packers is the fact that Boren is Midwest born and raised.

131.  Darius Morris, OT, Temple - The long term plan is to move Bryan Bulaga to left tackle when Chad Clifton hands ‘em up, which could very well be after the 2012 season when his contract is up. Then the Packers would need a new right tackle. I’m not sold on TJ Lang from what I’ve seen of him and Morris gives them another option at the position with the versatility to play both guard positions in a pinch. 163.  Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky - The rich get richer as the Packers add an element they didn’t have to their explosive offense, a homerun hitter at running back.

The Football Fan Spot

32.  Adrian Clayborn, DE, Iowa - The World Champion Green Bay Packers are in a great position just to sit back and take the best player available at the bottom of the first round. In this case, that would be Adrian Clayborn who would give them some scheme flexibility across their defense.

64.  Jacquizz Rodgers, HB, Oregon State

96.  Edmund Gates, WR, Abilene Christian

Consensus Draft Services

32.  Brooks Reed, Hybrid Linebacker, Arizona - The Packers almost always go with the best player available strategy, and it’s clearly worked out well for them in the past (2005- Aaron Rodgers, 2009- Clay Matthews, 2010- Bryan Bulaga). Brooks Reed will give Green Bay the consistent starter that they wanted on the opposite side of Clay Matthews. The Packers’ defense just got even scarier.

Tanner Thoms - NFL Mocks

32.  Brooks Reed, RLB, Arizona - A mild reach, but Phil Taylor, Titus Young, and Ryan Williams all didn’t fill as big of needs as Brooks Reed, who hopefully could turn out to be what LaMarr Woodley is to James Harrison in Pittsburgh, as Clay Matthews’ pass rushing sidekick, who looks just like him.

Football Fan Spot

32.  Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA - Green Bay has some issues in the secondary as well, but with the top corners off the board, drafting one here will be a slight reach. Instead, I expect them to address another area of the defense, particularly adding more weapons to their pass rush. Ayers has been mentioned as a possible SAM Linebacker in a 4-3, but I think he's a better pass rushing prospect than anything else. If Ayers is unavailable, then the team could choose to get more help up front in the form of Cameron Heyward, or even trade back into Round Two.

64.  Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech - James Starks was a great story in the playoffs, but he's still limited in what he can do due to injuries and Ryan Grant is inconsistent at best. Williams, when healthy, could be a dynamite player in Mike McCarthy's offense.

96.  Will Rackley, G, Lehigh - Rackley is another small-school linemen who should fit in nicely with the rest of the lunch-pail, all-business Green Bay O-Line.

Fran Duffy - NFL Draft 101

32.  Brooks Reed, LB, Arizona - If you have long blonde locks you are a lock to be a Packer, so Reed is going to be a Packer.

64.  Christian Ballard, DE, Iowa

96.  Clint Boling, OG, Georgia

129.  Roy Helu Jr, RB, Nebraska

131.  Austin Pettis, WR, Boise St.

163.  Chris Rucker, CB, Michigan St.

Josh Wingate - Scar Draft

32.  Christian Ballard, DE/DT, Iowa - Ballard gives the Packers more depth on the defensive line and a potential starter next to B.J. Raji in the future. With Cullen Jenkins hitting free agency, and Johnny Jolly eating space in jail, the five technique becomes a need for the Cheeseheads.

64.  Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma State - Despite the emergence of James Starks late in the season, the Packers still felt the hit of losing Ryan Grant. Hunter is a true third down back, and compliments Ryan Grant quite well, while also providing insurance.

96.  D.J. Williams, TE, Arkansas - The injury to Jermichael Finley hurt big time, and Aaron Rodgers was left with Andrew Quarless’ stone hands to throw to. Williams provides more insurance for the Packers, as well as a sure handed presence that can create mismatches.

129.  Greg Romeus, DE/OLB, Pittsburgh - The Packers take a flier on Romeus who was a potential first round pick prior to his injuries. Romeus has potential to be a stud pass rusher if he can stay healthy.

Keet Baily - NFL Soup

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile."
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011           

Spew Off Speak Out...
NFL Football Lockout ----- LOL

"Both the owners and the players told me... Hey, there's no way to beat the Packers this year so let's just shut it down"


Happy Packer Schedule Day Beer Kid! As you know, the Packers 2011 NFL schedule is out! But did you know that Green Bay will be the first team ever to play on all 7 major US holidays? http://tiny.cc/yfowk

Go you Packers, go!

Packer Jerry

Hey Packer Jerry, thanks for the Happy Packer Schedule Day - I did enjoy it... although I did get distracted removing a virus from a computer that the schedule was out for 10 minutes before I could react. Us fans had already been treated to the rumors that the Saints were opening Thursday, and duh Bears in Green Bay for Christmas. The rest of the schedule didn't matter that much... Going to have re-arrange my Sunday game-day schedule though... I'm used to crackin' those Beers before 10am PST to get myself game-ready for the Pack. With all the late games, I'll be drunk and passed out before they play in the afternoon.   BK

Yep, You are missing the point. I didn't say he never won the big one. I said his percentage of playoff wins is low. He won a lot of games, but only one Super Bowl with 24 playoff games. Not very good.


Hey fbg3 & Yep... BF did a lot for Green Bay, but the reason most of us loved him (when he was in Packers jersey) is because of the gunslinger attitude that always gave the Pack a chance to win the game at the end, of course, it's this gunslingin' attitude that actually kept the Packers from winning even more games during his era. We saw the one controlled year under McCarthy where BF said the more the Packers won (they finished 13-3 before losing to NY in the NFC Champ and then BF retired months later) that it wasn't any fun anymore, it was hard work. Which is why I think less of him than I used too... but then he is just football player and not some of demi-god on a high pedestal before his kneeling worshippers.   BK

I hope the Packers open the regular season against the bears because when the Pack beats them, three out of the last four games the bears played will be losses to Green Bay. That would be soooo sweet!


fbg3, BF did win the big one...where were you in 97?


It seems that BF was good enough to get to the playoffs, but not good enough to win the big one. Listed are the top five QB's in terms of playoff games played, followed by their playoff winning percentage.

Brett Favre .542 - Joe Montana .696 - John Elway .667 - Terry Bradshaw .737 - Tom Brady .737

Just so you know, Bart Starr's playoff winning percentage is .900.


How in the hell is vickie leading the madden 12 poll at 61% over Rodgers 56%.......

I HATE THAT GUY!!!!!!! here's hoping for a career ending injury, or at the very least....... a parole violation.


Hurry on over to ESPN.com to vote for Rodgers as the Madden '12 cover player!! As of now, Rodgers is trailing Hillis!! We can't let this happen.

GO VOTE!! http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/feature/madden2012cover

BTW the curse is bogus!


Ah. So da bears are gonna be playing the Bucs in the now-annual regular-season NFL game held over in London.

But... What if Jay Cutler catches a cold over there? He may have to be pulled from the game!

#66 Chica

hey #66 Chica, yeah that should be disruptful enough to duh Bears season, there is an upside, the British are used to seeing their futbol players faking knee injuries. Cutler will feel right at home.

Behind the scenes, Chicago Bears officials believe that they'll be the Green Bay Packers Thursday night opponent to kick-off the season. Just something I heard on Packers radio yesterday afternoon and speculated further upon... we fans know it will be either the Saints or duh Bears when they finally get around to having a season.   BK


LOL - For the ultimate Packers fan...


hey Lemondrop, haha, like - How many Super Bowl wins does it take for a Packers fan to rest in peace? - hah I don't think anyone will ever know.   BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."
Posted by BeerKid / 12:45 AM

Packers 2011 Schedule...

Packers 2011 Season Schedule
  Date    Time   TV 
 Sep 8   New Orleans Saints   7:30pm NBC
 Sep 18    @ Carolina Panthers   Noon FOX
 Sep 25   @ Chicago Bears   3:15pm FOX
 Oct 2   Denver Broncos   3:15pm CBS
 Oct 9   @ Atlanta Falcons   7:20pm NBC
 Oct 16   St Louis Rams   Noon FOX
 Oct 23   @ Minnesota Vikings   3:15pm FOX
 Nov 6   @ San Diego Chargers   3:15pm FOX
 Nov 14   Minnesota Vikings   7:30pm ESPN
 Nov 20   Tampa Bay Buccaneers     Noon FOX
 Nov 24   @ Detroit Lions   11:30am FOX
 Dec 4   @ New York Giants   3:15pm FOX
 Dec 11   Oakland Raiders   Noon CBS
 Dec 18   @ Kansas City Chiefs   Noon FOX
 Dec 25   Chicago Bears   7:20pm NBC
 Jan 1   Detroit Lions   Noon FOX

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Sunday, April 24, 2011           

Happy Easter!

Posted by BeerKid / 2:14 PM

Wednesday, April 27, 2011           

Speak Out Spew Off...
Twas the night before the Draft and all through the house, not a Packer creature was stirring, not even his drunken mouse...

wtat??? that's a horse I'm drinking with? Stir'ing'it'rup, we did... maybe, eh.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


I heard that the Minnesota Supreme Court rejected the Williams appeal without comment. I guess that means in their opinion, 2011 is officially a Vikings rebuilding season.....


Happy Easter BeerKid, BeerScout and all the other wonderful people here @ PackerPalace !! I SAY REPEAT ! What say U's?

Hey check your email link here, its not working !? (checked, working today anyway-BK)

Winter still raging in WI !! (GRRRR) Another snowfall of wet 3-4 inches last nite again. Is Spring ever coming? Are the Packers going to take the field this year? Will I ever win a Lottery? Life's Unanswered Questions BK, I hope you can answer them with your Magic 8-Ball thingamajiggie.


November 6, 2011 Packers at Chargers. Keg Man is organizing a big tailgate to benefit Toys for Tots. Brats, Beer, Non-skinny follicly challenged guy playing the Ukulele, real musicians and more. More info to follow.

Keg Man

Donavan McNabb stated publicly that he would like to play for the vikings... bwuahahahaha....! Bring it! There's no more perfect franchise to sign yet another washed-up veteran QB on the way to another season of futility. YES!! I'm picturing Nick C and Tramon W picking him off like candy from a baby!

#66 Chica

All right, we're back on primetime! Too bad we got the Bears instead of the Pack since the entire nation could have witnessed us concuss Sharon again. That game was good...


To toss my two cents into the whole Brett Favre playoff comments, Favre never had a solid team around him, and only had a coach for a small amount of time with the backbone to keep him in line. Favre was a great player, one of the best QB's ever. The streak, and the records, the guy was an amazing player. But lost in all of that is the fact that he needed more support from management, who it seemed like simply thought the guy could win on his own. The Pack had a terrible streak of drafts when Favre was in his prime. And Mike McCarthy, who was a solid coach, wasn't a leader. He was basically there to do what Favre wanted, which does not lead to great things as we saw. Lots of 12-4 seasons, but no NFC Championship Games.

I had a tough time dealing with Favre leaving, because he was so dependable for the Pack for years. We should have won multiple Super Bowls with a QB that talented, we just never got the right coach who could reign him in, or the right team around him. Favre was a hard guy to coach, not impossible. Mike Holmgrem was able to do it, and we had some good teams. We ended 30 years of no championships, and SB 31 was a moment us Packer fans won't ever forget. So I think the whole Favre-Playoff thing was a combination of things. Rodgers isn't Favre. And that may be a good thing. Because I will take the years of fun, the ups and downs with Favre. That was a blast. But, if Aaron Rodgers wants to win 3 or 4 Super Bowls? I'd take that any day. He doesn't need streaks, or records. He won't match what Favre did record wise, it's just not going to happen. But Rodgers can win Super Bowls. That's the one thing Favre really struggled to do.

Dave Barr

Hey fbg3, So when you said "but not good enough to win the big one" you actually meant "He won the big one once and reached it another time but his overall playoff win percentage was lacking".

I get it now.


Since fbg3 mentions Favre\'s poor playoff record, I will now (for the uninformed) give you his post-1998 tally.

2001: Lose divisional round to Rams after six interceptions, three of which are returned for touchdowns
2002: Lose wild card round to Falcons after two interceptions for the Packers' first-ever home playoff loss*
2003: Lose divisional round to Eagles after throwing a pass up into the sky that gets picked off*
2004: Lose wild card round to Vikings after four interceptions and an illegal forward pass when he could have run for a first down.
2007: Lose NFC Championship to Giants after an interception
2009: Lose NFC Championship to Saints after an interception

*These two losses were not entirely his fault. The 2002 team had a ton of injuries and the 2003 loss in Philly was partially due to the inability of the defense to stop the Eagles from converting a 4th and 26.


The Packers as seen from Utah - I figured I'd pass this along. I was going to put it on Facebook, but it's to long. I figured maybe The Beer Kid could put it on the Packer Palace web site for everyone to see. I also sent it to a couple of the Packer Backer fan Clubs. Thanks Beer Kid if you could. You probably have seen this but here it is again:
  This was in the Deseret News, the Salt Lake City newspaper.

Maybe the only truly romantic thing left in American sports: The Green Bay Packers

Seriously, America , what's not to like about the Green Bay Packers? What's not to like about a small-town team that is not only surviving, but thriving in the billion-dollar business of professional football?

There is nothing like them in professional sports. Think about what an oddity they are. Teams have come and gone in the NFL in a continuous game of musical chairs - the Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis, the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, the Oakland Raiders to L.A. and back to Oakland, the Cardinals from Chicago to St. Louis to Phoenix, the Los Angeles Rams to St. Louis.

But the Packers have stayed in tiny Green Bay , Wis.. , since their birth in 1919. America 's second biggest city, Los Angeles, with a population of 4 million, doesn't even have a franchise, but Green Bay , with a population of 101,000, does. It's like plunking down a team in the middle of Sandy, Utah.

They are the smallest market in pro sports. Green Bay 's metro area - if you stretch the definition of "metro" - is 283,000. Buffalo , the next smallest in sports, has 1.1 million. New York City has 8.5 million in the city limits alone, 19 million in the metro area.

What's not to like about a team that was dreamed up during a street-corner conversation one day? Curly Lambeau, a former Green Bay prep star and Notre Dame football player, hatched the idea and convinced his employer, the Indian Packing Company, to buy uniforms and provide a practice field. In turn, the team called itself the Packers. Lambeau was the team's first star player (for 11 years) and its first coach (for 30 years) and - you've got to like this - he pioneered the forward pass in the NFL.

What's not to like about the last small-town survivor of the National Football League? In the early '20s, the fledgling NFL consisted almost entirely of small-town teams like Green Bay - the Decatur Staleys, Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Muncie Flyers, Rochester Jeffersons, Rock Island Independents. But as the league turned fully to professionalism, those teams either folded or moved to big cities for bigger profits. Green Bay found a way to keep the Packers - the community bought them.

What's not to like about a team that is owned by its fans? The Packers are the only publicly owned team in professional sports.. There's no Jerry Jones, George Steinbrenner or Daniel Snyder in Green Bay . The other teams have one very rich, often reviled, owner; the Packers have 112,000 shareholders - or 112,000 Monday-morning quarterbacks who are legally entitled to kibbitz. They've rescued the team from financial hardship four times - in 1923, '35, '50 and '97. Without them, the team simply would not exist.

What's not to like about this team? Apparently, not much. Despite their small-town roots - or perhaps because of it - they have courted a world-wide following. According to a 2010 Harris poll, the Packers are still the third most popular team in the country, 40 years after their glory years. Someone once asked the late former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle to name the best football city in America . " Green Bay ," he replied. "A small town. People owning their own football team. Rabid supporters."

The Packers have one of the longest waiting lists for season tickets in pro sports, some 80,000 deep (Lambeau Field seats only 78,000). The average wait for season tickets is estimated to be 30 years, but if you added your name to the list now you probably wouldn't get tickets in your lifetime. Packer fans are known to leave season tickets in their wills or to place newborn babies on the waiting list. Packer games have been sold out since 1960.

"I'm a 'green and gold' season ticket holder and have some voting stock in the team," explains Walt Mehr, a Utah resident who grew up in Eagle River , Wis. , just north of Green Bay . "It took me 23 years to get season tickets. We have a big shareholders meeting in July and vote. We were involved with remodeling of the stadium. As season-ticket holders we had to put up money for that - $5,000. My tickets are in my will."

It's every fan's dream - they get to help run the team.. You've got to like that. What's not to like about a team that has been an almost mythical force since joining the NFL in 1921? They've won 13 championships - nine NFL titles in the pre-Super Bowl era, and four Super Bowls - and no one else is close to matching them..

They won the first two Super Bowls. They won five championships in seven years during the '60s. They're the only team that's ever won three in a row. The city's nickname is "Titletown." Their coach's name is on the Super Bowl Trophy. They have 21 Hall of Famers, second only to the Chicago Bears. They are a team of legends - Starr, Nitschke, Taylor, Lombardi, Davis, Hornung, Kramer, Gregg, Hutson, Lambeau, Favre.

What's not to like about a team that is so entrenched in the community in such a personal way? It's big-time football in a small-town way that has been lost as the NFL has grown. This is the town that spawned the Lambeau Leap - players leaping into the arms of fans behind the end zone after a touchdown, a routine that has since been adopted throughout the league. It symbolizes the close connection between the team and the fans, like so many other things.

Green Bay 's stadium is bordered by the back yards of middle-class neighborhoods. The players live in regular neighborhoods, with the fans. "Unlike the other NFL cities, where players can live in mansions away from the masses, Green Bay has no real 'affluent' suburbs," says Vai Sikahema, a former Packer and BYU player.

"And because of the frigid weather, everyone had second homes in warmer places. So the players lived in modest homes in regular neighborhoods. "Playing for the Packers and living in Green Bay is generally the way it was in the '60's when Vince Lombardi lived there. The house we rented was rented by a host of former Packers, dating back to the great running back Jim Taylor.

"Another player rented a home once lived in by Bart Starr. That creates this extra unique bond with the fan base. On Tuesdays, our day off, we'd walk our children to the bus stop and all the dads would go in late so they could walk their own kids and talk football with us at the bus stop. My wife had play dates with regular moms on our street, as opposed to the closed, elitist 'wives club' on other teams."

There is a tradition in Green Bay that has received considerable publicity over the years. Kids wait for Packer players outside the locker room and often use their bikes to ride to the practice field. The kids hold the players' helmets and jog alongside the players as they ride the kids' bikes to practice. Who couldn't like that?

"I was one of those kids who ran next to a player while he rode my bike to the practice field from the locker room," says Mark Stimpson, a Salt Lake resident who grew up in Green Bay . "We did it every day during the summer. I had a metallic green stingray bike. I'd wait by the locker room. The player would hand me his helmet. The players wouldn't pedal the bikes. They were too big. They'd just stick their legs out and coast because it's a down-hill walk to the field. We'd talk to them while we walked beside them. Then, during practice we'd watch the guy who rode our bike. It was a fun time. The players were great to us."

Sikahema remembers the bike routine, as well. "The bikes are one of those unique things in Green Bay that allow fans, especially kids, to get to know the players in a personal way," he says. "I stayed in touch with the kid whose bike I used through his college years and his wedding. He's now in his mid-30s. His name is Aaron Smet. When I was there, a bunch of poor kids didn't have bikes to lend to the players and (teammate) Sterling Sharpe had Wal-Mart deliver to the complex a tractor trailer full of bikes that he gave away to less fortunate kids."

Stimpson recalls seeing Willie Wood, Ray Nitschke, Elijah Pitts and Bart Starr around town when he was a kid. The Packers were one of them. His sister, Mary Nelson, babysat for reserve quarterback Zeke Bratkowski. "Zeke lived around the corner from us," says Nelson. "After the games some of the players would come over to Zeke's house. I got to meet Bart Starr, Jerry Kramer and Max McGee and their wives. Every time I babysat Zeke's kids he would walk me home."

What's not to like about a town that is all about its team? Green Bay businesses are Packer themed. The streets are named after Packers - Lombardi, Ray Nitschke, Brett Favre, Mike Holmgren, Don Hutson, Reggie White, Bart Starr, Tony Canadeo. Even the official Green Bay website is all about the local football team.

The town shuts down during games; churches schedule around the Packers, then open their parking lots for Packer fans. "The streets are empty during the games," says Stimpson. "When I was a boy I could ride my bike down the middle of the street because there was no traffic."

What's not to like about a team that won the Ice Bowl, one of the greatest games ever played? It was the 1967 NFL Championship game in Green Bay , and the temperature was minus-13 degrees, with a windchill hovering around 50 below.

Rick Delacenserie, who grew up in the Green Bay area and now lives in Park City , watched the Packer practices as a boy and witnessed the Ice Bowl from the same end zone where Starr scored the game-winning touchdown.

"I spent most of the third quarter in the bathroom," he recalls. "It was packed in there. Everyone was trying to get warm. Someone brought a hacksaw and cut up the goal posts. All I got was some of the foam they wrapped around the post."

You've got to love a team that inspires fans to brave sub-zero weather. After the Super Bowl victory that followed the Ice Bowl, the Packers went into decline for 25 years until the Favre years arrived in the early '90s, but the Packers still inspired fierce loyalty and love.

"The only thing you can see on the horizon is Lambeau Field," says Mehr, who pauses to choke back tears before continuing. "I get chills when I see it. On a beautiful clear day, omigosh."

For his part, Stimpson left home decades ago to attend BYU and settle in Utah . He doesn't follow sports as he once did, and the game has changed, and yet he still says this: "The Packers are so much a part of you. The Packers still have a certain pull. They always will."

You've got to like that.



Hey Lee, I did try to find the link at the Deseret News for this story... all I found was a lot of references by other websites... Go Pack Go!!!   BK

Time for some early Packers schedule predictions:

Saints: L
@Panthers: W
@Bears: L
Broncos: W
@Falcons: L
Rams: L
@Vikings: L
@Chargers: L
Vikings: W
Bucs: L
@Lions: L
@Giants: L
Raiders: W
@Chiefs: L
Bears: L
Lions: W

I'm betting on 5-11. How about you?

Staley Da Bear
Groan... I already went through this with gUrt:

Saints: W
@Panthers: W
@Bears: W
Broncos: W
@Falcons: W
Rams: W
@Vikings: W
@Chargers: W
Vikings: W
Bucs: W
@Lions: W
@Giants: W
Raiders: W
@Chiefs: W
Bears: W
Lions: W

16-0...Bet I'm closer to the final Packer wins then you are - Go Pack Go!


Quoth Lombardi...

   "Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can."
Posted by BeerKid / 1:51 PM

Thursday, April 28, 2011           

Thirsty For A Draft...

So here's the last of the NFL Mock Drafts that I've glanced at over the last few days. Not much has changed... The same names are there across most the mocks, those names would be mostly DL Cameron Heyward and LB's Brooks Reed and Akeem Ayers.

I still believe that Packers GM Ted Thompson is going to sit there at pick #32 and take the player who slid down the most. A player who was expected to be drafted in the low 20's and will be available... and that's why Thompson was quoted as saying about the draft: "...most of the people that are commenting on it don’t know anything about what they are talking about."

I know he was speaking about me, but I'm pretty sure he was including himself in that generalization.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


32.  Derek Sherrod, LT, Mississippi State - Congrats Packers, you brought Lombardi home. Now get back to work. Something that has been mentioned by many analysts is the value of both the 32 pick and the 33 pick, as one ends Day 1, and the other conversely begins Day 2. As pointed out on NFL network, the Patriots owning that first pick on Day 2, will force a lot of teams to try to move up with or ahead of the Patriots to get a player they feel they need. With a Trade, I see Jake Locker going here.

If the Pack keep the pick:  The pack are still a very good team, and have a great shot at a deep run again next year, but if they don't invest in their O-line, no chance. Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher are 34 and 33 respectively. Brian Bulaga is developing nicely, but he can't play left and right tackle. Derek Sherrod, left tackle from Mississippi State is a 1st round talent, and he does not get past the Pack. He may not be a day 1 starter, but he will be an integral part of this teams future.

Tiger - The Tiger Report

32.  Andy Dalton, QB, TCU - Why not trade out of this spot and let another team trade in to take a QB like Andy Dalton at the end of the first round? There will be teams who would rather deal with the Packers here than working out a deal with the Patriots at the top of the second round at No. 33. At the end of the day, I think four quarterbacks go in the first round of the draft.

Mike Mayock - NFL Network

32.  Cam Heyward, DE, Ohio State - The Packers have tons of options sitting in the first round's reverse pole position, but Heyward makes sense as a 3-4 end replacing free-agent-to-be Cullen Jenkins. Wilkerson would be another possibility to fill that same need. If Ingram makes it all the way to No. 32, he'd be a weapon to add to the Green Bay backfield.

Don Banks - CNNSI/Inside The NFL

32.  Cam Heyward, DE, Ohio State - G.M. Ted Thompson could choose more of a rush twin for Clay Matthews in Brooks Reed from Arizona. And if J.J. Watt falls, as I project, I wouldn't be surprised if Thompson jumps up a few slots to grab him. But the 294-pound Heyward is a good fit here because he can play all over the line, and versatility in Dom Capers' scheme will be vital with Cullen Jenkins and Johnny Jolly possibly missing from the defensive front in 2011.

Peter King - CNNSI/Inside The NFL

32.  James Carpenter, OT/OG, Alabama - Carpenter starts at guard in year one, and can eventually kick to tackle.

Evan Silva - ProFootball Talk

32.  Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina - Austin was viewed as a surefire top 20-pick before he was suspended last season. He's worked hard to rehabilitate his image and scouts can't help but acknowledge his talent. Most teams feel he projects best as a defensive tackle in the 4-3 alignment, as he starred for the Tar Heels. Packers' general manager Ted Thompson has been willing to use shorter defensive linemen outside, however, including 6-2, 305-pounder Cullen Jenkins, who is scheduled for free agency and 6-3, 325-pounder Johnny Jolly who is facing jail time for drug charges. With their future in doubt, Thompson might consider Austin (6-2, 309 pounds) here as a replacement.

64.  Orlando Franklin, OT, Miami - The Packers know full well that the key to extending their reign as Super Bowl champions will be protecting franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Adding the tough, physical Franklin would allow Green Bay to eventually slide 2010 first-round pick Bryan Bulaga to the left side.

Rob Rang - NFLDraftScout.Com

32.  Cam Heyward, DE, Ohio State - Last year the Packers feel into a starting right tackle in Big 10 star Bryan Bulaga, and it won't be surprising if they get good value in a strong class of five-techniques this year.

64.  Rodney Hudson, C, Florida State - His lack of size may not worry the Packers, as his film is as good as any lineman's this season.

Chad Reuter - NFLDraftScout.Com

32.  Akeem Ayers, OLB, UCLA - It's a bit of a reach, but he becomes the bookend LB for Clay Matthews.

Clark Judge - CBSSports.Com

32.  Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech - He is a home-run threat to go with their explosive offense. The rich get richer.

Pete Prisco - CBSSports.Com

NFL.Com Mock Drafts

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Leaders aren't born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal."
Posted by BeerKid / 9:27 AM

Another Draught Board To Check...
Here's another Draught Board to check over this weekend while waiting for your team to take a turn during the NFL's 3-Day Draft-a-Palooza trudge-along-athon.

It's the Central Wisconsin Draught Board and this month is featuring a Cream Ale recipe that's sure to sooth the taste buds of any home-brewer (and those who take advantage of friends who are) and improve ten-fold the ambiance of your evening's relaxation.

Don't overlook the Golden Growler Homebrewing Challenge that's being hosted by Bull Falls Brewers. Like thousands of others, I'm going to offer my excellent quaffing talents up as a taste-judge, or at least, a judge-alternate of some kind. Skoal!!!

Posted by BeerKid / 10:57 AM

Thirsty For A Draft...
We finally rolled around to the first day of the NFL Draft. Just hours away from 8pm EST start time. Meaning it's time for us to pull out the cheese-encrusted and beer-stained crystal magic G-Ball and peer through the Veil of Time to reveal who the Green Bay Packers are targeting in the 1st round with the last pick, the 32nd position. And we can do that... Alcohol helps. Knowing that teams like Seattle with the 25th pick want to trade out of the 1st round helps too.

I'm expecting Packers GM Ted Thompson to wait out the last moments of his allotted time and pick which ever player has dropped the furthest down the draft board. Clearly, it's a Best Player Available strategy, but this year, the Packers could use help on the O-line, the D-line, a CB, followed by interest in a RB, WR, LB, and TE. It's going to be hard but not impossible for the Packers to trade up. Most Draft Trade Value Charts show that the Pack only has enough oompfh in draft pick power to move up 10-15 spots in any round (using their 32nd and 64th picks would only move up to 20th) anything more is going to be very costly.

What the Packers should do: Sit tight at pick no. 32 and take the top rated Offensive Lineman just like last year and help shore up a line expecting departures this year or next by long-time tackles Mark Tauscher, Chad Clifton and free-agent LG Daryn Colledge. Either Guard or Tackle will do, so it depends on which player drops down into GB's clutches, possibly G Mike Pouncey, T Gabe Carimi, and T Derek Sherrod. I would hesitate at this position to reach for T/G Ben Ijalana or T James Carpenter.

What the Packers could do: Sit tight at 32 and take the top rated Defensive Lineman to plug holes by the expected free agent departure of DL Cullen Jenkins and the now certain non-return of Johnny Jolly. The DE from Ohio State, Cameron Heyward seems to be a late favorite, but again I think it depends on which player drops. DE JJ Watt could be such a player, otherwise the Packers will look later in the draft for DL depth, relying on the return of DL Mike Neal from injury to offset the possible departure of Jenkins.

What the Packers could also do: Sit tight and look to see the next Best Player Available is... RB Mark Ingram, WR Torrey Smith, CB Aaron Williams, LB's like Akeem Ayers, Bruce Carter and Brooks Reed. Trading up is possible, grabbing a mid-1st round player as he drops into the late 1st round. Trading down is more probable, even though the Packers roster doesn't require a 10 player infusion of newly acquired talent, it could depend on the persuasion of another team.

What the Packers won't do: The Packers won't draft a QB... Although the situation could be ripe for another team to covet the last pick of today's draft to get themselves a QB. The Packers don't really need more picks for more players this year, quality support players would be a better target, but GM Thompson is known for dropping down more than he's know for trading up, a possibility if a highly rated player is dropping into the mid-late round.

It all adds up to a year where a fan has almost no chance outside a lucky guess to figure out what the Packers and Ted Thompson are going to do. The odd's of sitting tight are precariously balanced against moving up to the mid-20's in the 1st round against dropping back into the 2nd round for more picks... Anything is likely, even more-so with Judge Nelson lifting the lock-out, you could reason out that players under contract could be traded with draft picks now. In this un-certain climate of CBA negations, I wouldn't trade any player without his expressed written opinion, but it looks like it can be done.

So... waving away the smoke and incense, we're now under the impression given to us by staring deep into the green and gold magic crystal ball that the Packers will be selecting

Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

Which of course means that GM Thompson will be doing something completely different and totally in a different direction like grabbing a RB or WR. Go Pack Go!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Posted by BeerKid / 2:41 PM

Spew Off Speak Out... Draft Days Edition
Draft Day Three:  Quick analysis shows that the Packers are adding some skill players, duh Bears are filling some holes, the Lions are toughening up and the Vikings continue to flounder their way into the NFC North Cellar. Packers have 6 picks today...

Draft Day Two:  The Packers take OT Derek Sherrod, leaving a pair of mock-draft popular LB's in Brooks Reed and Akeem Ayers still on the board. The Lions nasty up their D-line, duh Bears strengthen their O-Line by selecting Badgers OT Gabe Carimi, and the Vikings, well, they select their QB of the future almost 31 draft positions too early. Yeah, it's the Draft and nothing ever goes to specifications as dreamed up by us fans. Now back to the waiting game as it's just hours to go until the NFL Draft resumes later this afternoon with the Pack selecting 64th and 96th... Go You Packers Go!

This might be where we see a trade-up from the Packers... maybe their 64 & 96 & 129 picks for a 55 & 110 combo, or their 96 & 129 picks for an 86 (looking at the trade value chart, not any particular team like the Chiefs or Eagles) - TT has picks to spare and one might wonder which players he has his eyes on for draft rounds 2 and 3. A cornerback? A wide receiver? A defensive lineman?

Draft Day One:  Down to just hours before the NFL Draft actually starts, and then many, many hours after that before the Green Bay Packers with GM Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy get a chance to participate. Here's the NFL Draft start times for the 3 day event:
  • Thursday  8:00pm EST Round 1
  • Friday       6:00pm EST Rounds 2-3
  • Saturday 12:00pm EST Rounds 4-7
Some other useful links for continuing Draft Coverage: ...and here's a break-down look at the NFC North Teams recent draft history from Joe Fortenbaugh at the National Football Post - Draft Trends - NFC North. Teams do fall into patterns but then there's always the exception to the rule, or is it the exception that proves the rule, or my favorite, the exceptionally fine tasting brew proves the rule.

Let the Draft Day Games Begin!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


So now we've added a defensive tackle and a safety to our arsenal. Not bad; our defense is getting old and needs to be refreshed. Looks good. Carimi keeps Jay safe from Clay Matthews, Paea mashes Erin into the turf, and Conte intercepts her passes.

Staley Da Bear

Hey Staley duh Bear, care to comment on the duh Bears reneging on and then cancelling that trade with the Ravens... did the duh class-less Bears Organization fire the Interns involved? Otherwise, duh Bears are still 2 steps behind the Packers who by the way, are 13 NFL TIME CHAMPIONS!!!  BK

Hey staley da bear - How's your qb, "Fiddy Cent" doing? Ya, that's his new nickname cuz you could only get two quarters out of him during the NFC Championship game that we (Super Bowl XLV Champion Green Bay Packers) won! ...Bwah-hah haha hah! - The NFL Draft brought about an environmental, and fiscally responsible question from our household for TT, "Can Alex Green switch numbers with John Kuhn, so we can recycle our #30 Ahman Green jerseys"?


Vikes fans are left to "Ponder"... why wasn't your draft pick in the building? HA! HA!


Hey Jonny C, the Vikes psyched themselves out... first we heard, the top 5 QB's will be gone when they drafted again at 43, and then it was the top 7 QB's gone by 43, and so they end up reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaching at 12 for a 2nd round prospect to lead their team... time will tell... but today's it's damn funny to this Packers fan and I join you with my own taunting laughter. Bwah-hah haha hah!  BK

Staley Duh Bear. You are really a horses ass. If you recall when J.Buttler had to stand up with Rodgers he couldn't do the job. When it was mano v mano in the championship game the only bear QB to step up was the 3rd string. So quit talking out of your ass and realize that Rodgers is one of the premier QBs, and Buttler not so much.


See, I'm betting on 5-11 because Erin will be on injured reserve after the Week 3 game in Chicago and you won't have any QB. Oh, and nice offensive tackle we drafted.

Staley Da Bear

Hey Staley duh Bear, quit making projections about our SB-XLV MVP QB when it's your QB, that has all the "quitting" issues during big games... duh Bears got their O-Lineman in Badger Carimi... Packers got theirs in Bulldog Sherrod... still makes the Packers at least 1 step above anything duh Bears can/will do this year. So... when are duh Bears giving their 4th round pick to the Ravens for screwing up that trade yesterday in the 1st round between the teams... yeah, thought so. The Bears Still Suck!!!  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there."
Posted by BeerKid / 4:22 PM

With The 32nd Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Derek Sherrod, OT, Mississippi State

The Packers needed a Tackle to come in and play some minutes backing up Chad Clifton and lay some groundwork to be a Tackle of the future, and just like we predicted earlier today, Green Bay's GM Ted Thompson selected tackle Derek Sherrod to fill that role. A good solid pick for the end of the 1st round.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Sherrod currently looks more like a backup but could be a future starting tackle if he can add quite a bit of bulk and strength. A nice blend of length and good feet, he can slide laterally with pass rushers and push them by the launch point but struggles to anchor against the bull rush. Could benefit from improving awareness against pressure looks. Uses positioning and instincts as a run blocker to create running lanes...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Athletic blind side tackle with a lot of upside. Plays with good lean, keeps his hands active throughout the action, and stays square. Better than average quickness off the edge, can slide his feet, and is a terrific position blocker who seals defenders from the play. Fluid moving around the field, quick out to the second level...

CNNSI Player Profile
Posted by BeerKid / 10:48 PM

Friday, April 29, 2011           

With The 64th Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky

Randall Cobb looks like the ideal explosive combo-player to fill all the roles of kick-returner, 3rd down running back, and the 4th WR role for Packers this year. Another playmaker for the special teams and offense to exploit.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

'tweener lacking the size to be a full-time back or the ball skills and deep speed of a pure receiver. However, he could still make plays as a scat back, sub-package slot receiver and as a returner. Plays his best in the biggest moments. Possesses solid vision, enough quickness to get the corner and gain yards after short passes but isn't a true home run threat. Could be an effective third down back with his short area speed and route-running...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Versatile skill player who positively affects the offense in a variety of ways. Shows terrific quickness, has a burst of speed, and is dynamic handling the ball. Fluid receiver who comes back to the pass out of breaks, easily adjusts to the errant throw, and possesses both soft and strong hands. Quickly transitions from making the catch to running after the reception, shows a burst of speed, and has the ability to create yardage in the open field. Quick footed and elusive, displays terrific explosiveness, and plays with intelligence...

CNNSI Player Profile
Posted by BeerKid / 7:50 PM

With The 96th Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Alex Green, RB, Hawaii

A big fast RB who has the potential to score every time he touches the ball. So the Packers add another playmaker to the already loaded stable of playmakers. I can't complain.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Green does not project to be an every-down back at the next level, but he is a weapon in the passing game and could contribute on third down. He has prototypical size, but he runs a bit upright and will not consistently break tackles in the NFL. He also has a case of fumble-itis. He excels in the passing game, as he shows the ability to consistently get open, catches the ball away from his body and turns upfield without any wasted motion...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Green is a physically gifted ball carrier with the athletic skills and running abilities to make it at the next level. He offers potential as a second back in the NFL if he rounds out his game and carries the ball with more physicality...

CNNSI Player Profile
Posted by BeerKid / 9:17 PM

Saturday, April 30, 2011           

With The 129th and 204th Picks In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Traded to the Denver Broncos

For the 141st and 186th Picks overall.

Posted by BeerKid / 12:33 PM

With The 131st Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Davon House, CB, New Mexico State

I've been waiting all draft for the Packers to take a big cornerback that fits in with their agressive style of defensive play and the Packers have taken one in Davon House, a DB from New Mexico State.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

House is a physical corner that excels in press coverage, and could develop into a starter in a Cover-2 scheme. He uses his big strong hands to jar receivers on the line of scrimmage and he can flip his hips and run. He also shows the ability to anticipate routes in zone and has enough speed to close with the ball in the air. However, he is a bit stiff in transition and will struggle to mirror receivers on double moves. His ultra-aggressive style of play makes him vulnerable to ball fakes...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Athletic cornerback with good size and ball skills. Fluid pedaling in reverse, quick flipping his hips, and smooth in all his movements. Plays heads-up football, shows a burst of closing speed, and effectively positions himself against opponents to defend the throw. Fast up the field to defend the run and aggressive with opponents throughout routes. Displays the ability to drive to the ball out of his plant...

CNNSI Player Profile
Posted by BeerKid / 12:44 PM

With The 141st Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

D.J. Williams, TE, Arkansas

We had heard that the Packers were targeting TE's during this draft, and DJ Williams was selected using the pick received from the Denver Broncos.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Williams is a highly-productive, hard-working tight end prospect with outstanding character who was one of the key components of Arkansas' dangerous passing attack over the last few seasons. Doesn't possess adequate NFL tight end height but should be able to fit in nicely as an H-Back. Will make a lot of plays finding open spaces against zone coverage but can be neutralized by athletic safeties or linebackers in man coverage. Is a gritty player willing to make tough catches in traffic. Works really hard and is effective in the running game...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Athletic pass-catching college tight end who lacks great measurables for the next level. Displays terrific focus and concentration, constantly finds the open space in the defense, and works hard to become an available target. Consistently extends his hands and makes the reception away from his frame. Keeps the play inbounds running after the catch to pick up positive yardage. Easily makes the reception in stride and adjusts to errant throws. Displays a burst of speed. Blocks with good lean, gets his hands into defenders, and gives effort. Flashes ability as a position blocker...

CNNSI Player Profile
Posted by BeerKid / 1:11 PM

With The 163rd Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Traded to the San Francisco 49ers

For the 174th and 231st Picks overall.

Posted by BeerKid / 2:12 PM

With The 174th and 231st Picks In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Traded to the Miami Dolphins

For the 179th and 218th Picks overall.

Posted by BeerKid / 2:50 PM

With The 179th Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Caleb Schlauderaff, OG, Utah

After a bunch of trades to re-position themselves, the Packers take Caleb Schlauderaff, an offensive guard from Utah to help fill out the roster depth behind an expect free agent departure at left guard.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Schlauderaff is not a very athletic guard, but he always seems to get the job done. He is a well prepared player that never seems to be out of position. He plays with a "bad attitude" and fights through the whistle. He can be an effective run blocker, but he loses leverage at times and plays with a narrow base too often. His slow first step and limited athleticism may prevent him from being a starter at the next level, but his toughness and work ethic will likely get him a spot on an NFL roster...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Explosive small-area blocker who's been productive on the college level. Quickly sets up off the snap, stays square, and turns defenders from the action. Bends his knees, blocks with leverage, and keeps his feet moving throughout the action. Shows the ability to adjust and effectively knock defenders from their angle of attack with good punch. Keeps his head on a swivel, plays with a nasty attitude, and will hit multiple defenders off a single snap. Uses good body positioning...

CNNSI Player Profile
Posted by BeerKid / 3:11 PM

With The 186th Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

D.J. Smith, LB, Appalachian State

Packers seem to be reaching here with a smallish in height linebacker from a small conference school, but you never know who performs well on special teams and Packers linebacking corp was in turmoil over injuries last year.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Smith does not possess enough power at the point of attack or athleticism to be viewed as a potential future starter. Could find a home as a backup linebacker due to his toughness and ability to play in zone coverage. Has the makeup of a special teams contributor but does not have much experience at this time. While he can be productive in pursuit and is willing to take on blockers, he's not stout enough to consistently anchor or an elite tackler...

Smith has adequate bulk for the next level. Does a good job making plays inside the box when unblocked. Doesn't shy away from contact. Flashes some range against the run. Comfortable dropping into coverage, can read screen and displays the ability to anticipate routes...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Best in the box and making plays up the field. Inefficient and at times overruns the action...

CNNSI Player Profile
Posted by BeerKid / 3:21 PM

With The 197th Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Ricky Elmore, DL, Arizona

The Packers were looking for another defensive lineman to help with the pass rush. Ricky Elmore may be that lineman.

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Elmore has great intangible qualities and should provide some value with his pass rushing ability and hustle. However, he does not possess enough strength in the running game or elite athleticism to be considered a future starter. Can get off the ball, occasionally turn the corner, and close on the quarterback but won't set up his man, counter, or use the bull rush. Has a motor that doesn't stop and will make some plays chasing ball carriers down the line but is a liability when run at and can be a tick late to find the football...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Productive college pass rusher with marginal size/speed numbers. Breaks down well, plays with good pad level, and gets off the snap with a quick first step. Uses his hands to protect himself, changes direction well, and keeps his feet driving up the field on contact. Deceptively strong, holds his ground against blocks, and flashes speed off the edge. Plays with good balance and works hard...

CNNSI Player Profile
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With The 218th Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Ryan Taylor, TE, North Carolina

The Packers have selected another TE, which no analysis has been provided for by the NFL or CNNSI...

Updated:  A converted LB to TE late in his college career, Ryan Taylor was the captain of the special teams for 2 years, and according to his CNNSI's Player Profile, Taylor had 36 catches for 330 yards and 2 TD's in 2010. Now we know a little more on why GM Thompson made this particular selection.

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With The 233rd Pick In The Draft...

The Green Bay Packers Select:

Lawrence Guy, DL, Arizona State

The Packers were looking some defensive linemen to help stabilize the rotation, with the last pick of their draft, they have selected Lawrence Guy from Arizona State.

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Guy could become a solid backup 4-3 defensive tackle or develop into a 3-4 defensive end. However, at this time, he does not provide much value rushing the passer and doesn't dominate enough against the run to be a starter. Fires off the ball and can make plays in the backfield but doesn't close fast to the quarterback. Is stout at the point of attack when positioning and technique are sound, but can be moved off the ball when playing too high or versus the double team. Has great intangibles and tireless on-field work ethic...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Hardworking and fairly athletic lineman defensive lineman who can be used in a variety of spots up front. Plays with good quickness, keeps his feet driving up the field, and occupies blockers on the line of scrimmage. Plays with good pad level, very quick with his hands, and shows explosiveness. Fluid changing direction, constantly doubled in the middle of the action, and shows the ability to hold his ground...

CNNSI Player Profile
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