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Sunday, June 19, 2011           

Happy Father's Day...
Even Packer Fans get grumpy waiting!

This Father's Day, Soothe Your Off-Season Monster With A Blitz!
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Thursday, June 30, 2011           

1800 Years Of Bad Referee's...
Most of us complain constantly about the ref's in the NFL, they never quite seem to favor your team the way they should, but would you engrave your complaint on your tombstone... well you might if the bad call ended up taking your life. The translation...
    "After breaking my opponent Demetrius, I did not kill him immediately. Fate and the cunning treachery of the summa rudis (referee) killed me."
Ha ha Love it... Well the friends and family of the gladiator Diodorus made sure that complaint would stand the test of time. With nothing else going on this off-season, you have the time to check out the full article by Alasdair Wilkins of io9.com - Gladiator’s tombstone complains about bad refs 1,800 years ago.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!
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Packer Fan Devolved...

Hey, Who's that deviant Packer Fan in the specialized Devo Flower Pot hat...

Why that's Soap, from the infamous House of TV's (watched many Packer games there over the years) holding a bottle of Leinie's, in our long-time favorite hometown bar The Joynt, way back in February on Super Bowl Sunday!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, keep on celebrating that Packers Super Bowl XLV win... I am!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!
Posted by BeerKid / 11:09 PM