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Saturday, July 02, 2011           

Hey, Who's That Guy In Gold Lame...
Well we have all heard by now (whether it was last week, 2 years ago, or during our now nearly-famous roving producer Michelle's interview with AR in 2009) that Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has a record label - Suspended Sunrise Music - and one of the bands he signed to his label, The Make, have released a video for their new song Get It (view at YouTube.Com - The Make Get It) and the head cheese get's himself a cameo.

Hey, there's nothing like a 70's porn 'stache and a 70's gold lame shirt with a lightning bolt on it, and our favorite QB has them both on.

I cut out his 2 second cameo performance for those who aren't interested in watching an OK song with professional male dancers in police uniforms prancing around a bowling alley. Damn it's a funny outfit... If you're going to watch the video he appears just after the 3:00 minute mark.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

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Spew Off Speak Out...
Still not much on the NFL CBA front.... oh they (and we all know you "they" are) say the owners and the players are closer than ever before... but. Yeah there's always a but. So far no deal.

The Packers Super Bowl XLV rings look pretty cool... BeerScout found the link at facebook for some of ceremony photos.

Yeah there was a Packers organized softball game....

yeah, not much too talk about this off-season....

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Beer Kid and/or Scout,,, If there is no football this season,,,,does this mean the Pack are the defending champs 2 years in a row? Quite the conundrum at the workplace. My boss is from Ohio and I contnue to beat on him for ALL his teams,,,,from tressel and Pryor to Pete and LeBron,,,,Guide me with your wisdom and I pray you will start an NFC North ONLY Fantasy website? I have asked for this bfore but at least consider it. And since it seems we may some time on our hands a Badger Palace would be cool too!

Hey JT

Hey JT, in regards to no football this year, I would think that yes, the Packers would be NFL Champions for 2 straight years. Whatever pisses off duh Bears and Vikqueens fans the most is what I would agree to.   BK

I am really getting pissed off because the top 100 players of 2011 are being voted on based on their history, not 2011. How in the world can you have Rodgers being #11 when he did so much in 2011. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are great QBs, but did they match Rodgers for 2011. One could argue that one or both didn't. This is not just for Rodgers but for alot of players and positions. 2011 performance is 2011 performance, not 2011 plus their body of work. Look at the list and you will probably agree with me.


Another reason to hate the Chicago Bears, forcing me to root against Gabe Carimi (at least until he gets sick of perennially losing and comes back home as a free agent to play for the Pack)

A quote from NFL.com:  You grew up in Wisconsin, went to Wisconsin-Madison, and now you play in Chicago. Bears fans might want to know if you own a cheesehead?

GC: No, I don’t own a cheesehead. I was a Packer fan growing up, but I wasn’t the biggest fan. But I’ve repented that sin already. I lived a life of sinning, and I’ve repented. I’m good.


Our men of the Green and Gold finally received their Championship Rings!! LOVE this photo of DD showing his off - the only thing bigger than that awesome rock of bling is Donald's smile!


Congratulations DoubleD, CWood, ARodg, and all the rest of the XLV Superbowl Champion Green Bay Packers. You are Champions on and off the field!!

#66 Chica

Haven't been here for a bit so imagine my surprise (and delight) to see big mouthed viqueen fans here talking shit........your only hope is for a scab season REPEAT......GO PACK!!!!!!!


Figures a FIB is hot after a fictional girl....cartoon or not, this tranny needs help...maybe Cutler erLucher can help him

Hey JT

Hey BK.......Thanks for the nod!! I'm not exactly sure how that MySpace thing got there or how it still exists, but there it is!!!

p.s. I kinda remember adding to it @ 3am or so...kinda....

Bob - Landfill Park

Hey Bob, yeah I'm pretty sure that's one of those "alcohol related incidents". Hell, I remember meeting you way back when with your remark on "I love beer, no really, I LOVE BEER!" ha ha those were the good old days.   BK

Great point as I still have my 1996 XXXI Superbowl GBP Wheaties box. They made it back in 1996, what is do different today? Back in 1996 the ByQueens did not win a SB up until then and nothing has changed today ongoing for 51+ years, etc....Go Pack Go!!!!

KevPack in MN

You get a load of Aaron on the beach with his GF? She's mediocre at best. Heck, the glass man there in Detroit gets a lot hotter girls.

That aside, I bet Joe Webb is a lot more buff than Aaron is.

Norse Warrior

Hey Norse Warrior, I would bet that Aaron Rodgers, the SB-XLV MVP, is the better QB where it counts... SCOREBOARD!!!! So why did the 'Queens draft Ponder 30 positions before his value if Joe Webb is the next coming of a "buff" QB? Ponder that while your crying in your beer.   BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
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Happy 4th Of July Weekend...


Quoth BeerKid...

   "There's always the exception to the rule, or is it the exception that proves the rule, or my favorite, the exceptionally fine tasting brew proves the rule."
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011           

Speak Out Spew Off...

It's Over! Our long off-season football nightmare is finally over!

As chaos breaks loose and the 30+ NFL teams (does Minnesota and Cincinnati count?) start scrambling to release and acquire a different selecton of players, I do still have 1 big burning question that lingers.

Is the Salary Cap really going be down near $120 million? That sounds about 10 million to low if you ask me, 130 million sounds better.

It's certainly the distance between keeping DE Cullen Jenkins or being forced to let him go as a free agent.

OK, the Salary Cap really is at 120.375 million - bummer.... here's PFT's breakdown - The CBA in a nutshell. "So the cap really isn’t $120.375 million. It’s basically $126.88 if teams want it to be."

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Hope you're havin' a great summer, BK.

I'm still checkin' in now and then. And workin'. And drinkin' beer. Just thought everybody would like to know...

Goodell and D. Smith are both assholes. GO PACKERS!!!!!!!


Hey Ruppert, I don't know if the summer's been great, but then I took it off so it's been relaxing, but thank the Creator it's over... Finally! Our off-season football nightmare is over!  BK

My plan is to get the same SB ring tatoo on my neck as Sam Shields,then I will unveil it at my fantasy football draft.

Chris from FL

Hey Chris... Send pics of the tattoo and video of the big reveal... awesome!   BK

This just in -

The reason the NFL lockout took so long to settle is because one of the terms the NFL Players Association wanted to put in the CBA was a "No Brett Favre" clause, but Roger Goodell wouldn't approve it!

#66 Chica

Hey #66 Chica, haha and then a rumor rose to the top just last week that he's headed to Philly... and then denied by his agent. Same old Dog & Pony Show, Same Old Song & Dance... but all it takes is one downed QB in preseason and he'll be back! No guarantee's...   BK

I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon. I enjoy reading your commentaries.


Hey Ord... thanks for the spam recognition... but you haven't reading any commentaries here this off-season. Many besides me can attest to that!  BK

Another fine article from the gents over at coldhardfootballfacts.com about Anthony Dilweg's grandfather, Lavvie Dilweg.



Do you guys think the Packers drafted DJ Williams as a possible replacement for Finley seeing as his contract expires after this season and with him coming back from a knee surgery do you think the pack tries to re-sign him ?

Dan Solberg

Hey Dan... Who knows.... TT is always 2 steps ahead of everyone else... at least I think he is. SB-XLV has been one sweet treat.   BK

With respect James as to the new Bears lineman from Wisconsin I would take this opportunity to memorize the quote and make sure it is never forgiven, damn sure do not ever want him on the Packers. Now a quote more along the lines of I grew up in Wisconsin during the time of Brett and Reggie, of course I was a Packer fan, but now I am a Chicago Bear.That I could live with and respect but he way over stepped the line, permanently expelled, as well as one time Packer John Jurkovic who was so well loved in Green Bay, but mostly benefited from playing next to Reggie.

The degree to which he has turned on the Packers on Chicago radio should be known, with a very grating and loud south side Chicago voice which I am pretty sure is endearing only to, people from the south side of Chicago. Before the Bear Packer game in January for all, he kept on saying loudly that he has never been more KONfident, hard to get in spelling his obnoxious tone saying that world very loudly, of a Bear victory.

I thought back to when he was on the Packers, playing alongside Reggie, and with Brett Favre, that not once, which included a championship game against Dallas, as a member of any NFL team, did he not have more confidence in his own team as a member? A traitor of the highest order. Nitschke played his high school ball not 400 yards from where I sit in the very near west suburbs of Chicago, and doubtless grew up a Bear fan when they were good, yet never forgot where his loyalties belong. Ditto for Larry McCarren who played at U of Illinois, and other ex Packers from this state.


Hey Ray... dug out the photo of Ray himself from the behind the scenes SB-XXXI post-game party... thanks for the photo goes to Pam and Harv and their Excellent Adventure   BK

Joke from fellow Wisconsinite/Packer fan.

"This old woman just lost her beloved husband of X-amount of years & its Memorial Wknd. Devasted, she devotely kneels by her bed to say her prayers. "Lord, You just took my lifetime soulmate" She heard an AHEM, she continues, "then You took my all time favorite actress Liz Taylor", another AHEM, "then you took my favorite new actor Patrick Swayzie" again AHEM. She continues on, "Lord ? If you hear my prayers like this, please think of my most favorite governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker"

Politics aside, party/whatever.....that is just A funny in WI. BK, hun, ya gotta update. Hugs Packerfans..miss this place, still love ya all!


Hey Lemondrop... and they put a new dome on mud-duck stadium in TC... thanks for mentioning that in the emails.   BK

hey jt. It's amazing how stupid you are. You assume that because I had to move to IL that I'm a bear fan. I've been a Packer fan for 50 years. So take your criticism and stick it up your ass. All you seem to want to do is bitch. You probably don't understand, but I was trying to be funny. Only people w/ IQ's above 10 would understand, which leaves you out. By the way she's real.


They're still allowing votes for Keg Man and Baby Baby (Todd P. and Baby Baby from San Diego) If you haven't voted and have the time, please vote: http://www.mightydog.com/bigguysmalldog/contestants/

Big Bald Guy - cute doxie - red ball hiding/as double chin and/or check out our video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C7gv2meUb4

Keg Man

Hey Kegman... sorry I was too busy doing nothing off-season to help...   BK

Sorry about the late request. But Keg Man and his little dog Baby Baby (Todd P. and Baby Baby from San Diego) want your vote in the Purina Big Guy Little Dog contest - AJ Hawk and his chihuahua are the celbrity. We created a video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C7gv2meUb4 If you could bear my Yancovician Packer songs, this is the same except with a cute puppy. Hey it's the off season. You can vote for us at: http://www.mightydog.com/bigguysmalldog/ . Todd P. and Baby Baby from San Diego. They're moving the contestants around so I can't tell you exactly where we are. You can vote until noon EST on Wednesday 7/6/2011 - 10:00am Wisconsin Time - 9:00am Left Coast Time. Any and all help will be much appreciated.

Keg Man

Attention Keg Man: I love you, and I love your "doxie". I hope you're going to have that ukelele (sp?) fired up and ready to go for the start of the season! [I especially enjoyed seeing the little Badgers jersies on your four-legged pals]

I have my own little 'superstar' furry friend to show-case here. Stay tuned!

#66 Chica

Quoth Lombardi...

   "If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?"
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011           

A Word From Our Sponsor...
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Blitz - The Beer That Made Packer Palace Famous

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Spew Off Speak Out...
It's Wednesday, the NFL's been active for over a day, and it's supposed to be a crazy week for all types of transactions, signing draft picks, trading players and checking outfree agents that are willing to move around to other teams. Which means that Packers GM Ted Thompson is sitting back, watching it all unfold, waiting for his moment to do something more than nothing. So far? The Packers have released LB Nick Barnett, allowing him to move his talents to another team, and the Pack have resigned K Mason Crosby to a 5 year 15 million contract.

All the information you want can be filtered out through these websites:
If you can't find the news your looking for from those 3 sites, well... I probably can't help you much.

With LB Nick Barnett released for mainly Salary Cap reasons, we wait word on T Mark Tauscher's fate, alleged to be similar. With K Mason Crosby re-signed, we're waiting to hear the fate of WR James Jones, DL Cullen Jenkins, FB John Kuhn, RB Brandon Jackson, S Atari Bigby, OL Daryn Colledge, OL Jason Spitz, and a handful of others.

Thursday AM Update:  Current rumors are placing Cullen Jenkins to the Redskins, with James Jones and Daryn Colledge heading to Arizona...

Thursday PM Update:  Daryn Colledge has signed a deal with Arizona, Brandon Jackson has signed with Cleveland, and Jason Spitz is headed to Jacksonville. James Jones had talks with Minnesota, and Cullen Jenkins may no longer be heading to Washington. LB Brady Poppinga and DL Justin Harrell have been released.

Friday AM Update:  LB Brandon Chillar has been released following an injury to his hamstring during a private work-out last week. Packers have signed 3 of their draft picks, TE DJ Williams, OL Caleb Schlauderaff and TE Ryan Taylor. FB Korey Hall has signed with New Orleans.

Friday PM Update:  Long-time fan favorite T Mark Tauscher was released. Draft picks WR Randall Cobb, LB Ricky Elmore, DE Lawrence Guy and LB DJ Smith have all agreed to contracts. Camp rosters are set at 90 players and the Packers now have around 19 million in available cap space. 5.1 million of that will be allocated for signing their draft picks.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


As always it is sad to see a Packers leave, especially good ones but hey look at it this way Jones, Jenkins and Colledge were all starters and the NFL will supplement picks in next years draft! Hopefully some third and fourth rounders!!! Enough for TT to keep building this dynasty! Can't wait for training camp!

GO Pack GO


Proof Chad Clifton is the Greatest Packer Ever... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Hey Boz, thanks for sending in the image of Packers T Chad Clifton being an un-official sponsor of the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company.   BK

Justin Harrell released!! Thank you God. Bad draft choice compounded by keeping him around too long. It seemed like an easy cut decision a long time ago.


I'm going to give the Vikings an 8-8 season with McNabb as they have more talent than the Redskins did, but not enough to make the playoffs.

The downside to being the defending champion is that our off-season has been pretty uninteresting since we don't have any real needs. We might need a little extra help on defense since last season (namely the Skins and Dolphins games) proved that we get in trouble if Clay isn't playing.


Congratulations, Minny. You've done it again. Added yet another addition to your list of washed up old QBs. Enjoy having McFumble run down by Clay the Barbarian (and Suh and Peppers for that matter). You don't even have Sidney Rice anymore. And here's the even funnier part. After getting rid of #5, the Redskins sign a bunch of old geezer wideouts.

Yep, feels good being here in Wisconsin and having a team that has management who know what the hell they're doing. And yeah, we were calling for Ted and Mike's heads last October, but that was then and this is now, and we're the defending champion, so all is forgiven.


Hey Mke, yeah it's difficult to wrap your head around what the Vikes are doing... and here's the funniest part yet, the Vikes still think they're a SB contending team... myself, I generously give them a chance at 5 wins this year.   BK

Any chance the Packers will seek to issue new stock? I read that they are looking to do work on Lambeau.


Hey Ed, I don't think the work on Lambeau will require any issuing of new stock to generate the funds needed. I'm sure the Packers are holding the possibility of issuing more stock as something they may need to do in the future, but the new 10 year CBA has relieved some of that pressure on the Packers and on the other small market teams. Well, the Packers being in the half of top revenue-generating teams, will still be contributing to the bottom revenue teams like Minnesota and Cincinnati.   BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Mental toughness is many things and rather difficult to explain. Its qualities are sacrifice and self-denial. Also, most importantly, it is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It's a state of mind, you could call it character in action."
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Friday, July 29, 2011           

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