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Friday, October 01, 2010           

A Comparison...

Green Bay Packers


Minnesota Vikings


* Nine other NFL Championship rings not shown...

This is an encore post from Feb2010. Thanks originally to Lemondrop (and now currently to BeerScout's Dad and Packer Paul).... those emails gave me an idea I took a totally different Green n Gold way... why should I show some other non-football teams championship's rings... When I have the Pack's.  BK
Posted by BeerKid / 9:29 AM

Packers Verses Vikings...
The Vikings Entered Sunday's Game
Carrying A Record Of Two Losses And Zero Wins
Fortunately For Them They Were Facing The Detroit Lions
Whom The Minesota Team Has Beaten Again And Again

The Lions Are A Team That Should Be Getting Better
Since They Keep Drafting In The Top Five Or So
But For Whatever Reason That's Not Happening
The Cause For That No One Seems To Know

Last Week They Took On The Vikings
And Lost Which Was No Great Surprise
As That Viking Team Is Far More Talented
Than The Lions And Most Of Their Guys

Minnesota However Has Been Less Than Overwhelming
As This Season Has Opened And Picks Up Speed
When Injuries To The Wide Receiver Position
Has Stolen The Offensive Variety That The Vikings Need

This Week The Vikings Get To Have Some Days Off
Hopefully Giving A Beaten-Up O-Line A Chance To Heal
Even Though Adrian Peterson Is Getting His Game On-Track
That Minnesota Offensive Game Is Far From Being Ideal

The Packers Traveled To Chicago Last Monday Night
To Engage The Bears In What Usually Becomes
If Not A Classic Football Matchup
Then A Rough And Tumble Football Back Alley Fight

For Most Of The Evening This Game Was A Close One
With The Packers Holding Onto A Scanty Lead
Until The Game Closed In On It's End
When The Packers Lost Due To Repeated Misdeeds

Between Repeated Calls For Interference
And Some For Moving When They Shouldn't
A Game They Should Have Easily Won
Became One That They Simply Couldn't

So Lovie Smith Again Proves His Word
When He Asserted Tht He Could Beat Green Bay
Even In Games When The Packers Give Them Some Help
And Really Give Those Easy Games Away

This Week Green Bay Faces The Lions
And Hopefully Won't Again Stumble Over Their Feet
Because There Can Be No Logical Reason
That Detroit Could Lead The Packers To Defeat

This Week The Vikings Get To Put Their Feet Up
Watch Some Other Games And Just Relax
Things Will Be A Little More Active Over At Lambeau
Where The Lions Will Succumb To The Talent Of The Pack

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

As the season moves into it's second quarter, the questions remain-can Minnesota find a way to regain it's passing game (and who'd have thought THAT would be a problem!), and will the Packers develop enough discipline to avoid leading the league in penalties?? Only time can tell---but we can always hope for the best!!!!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

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Sunday, October 03, 2010           

Speak Out Spew Off...
On a different note........ How the hell are you doing BeerKid??? I'm always checking in every-so-often. Hope all's well!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey Long Live The Pack!

I'm doing fine... sort of expected the Pack to roll the Bears the same way that they rolled the Bills, and it's how I expect today the Packers will steam-roll the Lions in Green Bay. So nothing's changed on my part. BeerScout's still stuck doing the F*ck Cancer gig... successfully I might add. No change there either. Thanks for checking in.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

I do not understand why the Packers Special Teams have sucked for what seems like forever. Rarely do Packers Special Teams dominate any facet of the kicking or return game. What makes it difficult to accept is that the Packer coaching staff is always lavishing praise on players as good special team skills like fast and strong and willing to throw their body around to make a play.

Well if the Special Teams players have such great skills then the Special Teams coaches are below standard in scheme designs and getting the best from the Special Team players.

It's time to strongly consider changing Special Teams Coordinators now not at the end of the season. Slocum has been in Green Bay long enough to change the eb and flow of the Special Team units. You can't fire all the Special Teams Players but the guy whose job it is to coach the scheme and correct mistakes is not getting the message across. There are too many stupid penalties, lousy blocking, terrible return schemes and unbelievably boneheaded mistakes on nearly every Special Teams Play. Kicking to Hester was boneheaded on Monday night. Wonder who put that in the game plan and then who approved the idea. Al McGuire use to say "A Dead Fish Stinks From The Head". Say good bye to Solcum now!


Heart warming story... Packers lineman Nick McDonald was taken in by Sterling Heights family


Camp get real. No team is without chinks. How moving to Oakland where you would have a reason for P & Moaning about Mgmt all the time. We could use a RB, How about Lynch for a #1 pick??? No?? well it's about whats available and what it costs. Should we have a new S/Teams boss? I say yes and less penaltys too but lets not panic!!!


CAMP, Yes it's week 3, and yes, we do have time to correct issues whether it may be our special teams or the absence of a prime time RB. But you have to realize that time is in fact NOT in our favor. I agree with the fact that Tauscher, Driver and Woodson are still in their prime and should continue to thrive for a few more years. However, Harris' big injury last year and Clifton's on and off injuries throughout make it hard for our team to be 100% at one time.

The statement that penalties rarely create a loss is downright absurd. It took only 1 penalty to send the Bears game down the toilet: Burnett's pass interference call to set up the game winner. That 1 penalty was the game breaker, and the other 17 surely didn't help (including the multiple INTs called back). We were most penalized in the league last year, and most penalties in a game is certainly not a record we should be chasing.

I honestly have very little issue with our coaching and management. Besides a few horrendous time management issues we have seen (and I agree, the same problems seem to arise year after year), I believe our coaching staff should eventually get the penalty issue, as well as other problems under control. We should also be able make the necessary adjustments to give our special teams the discipline it needs to bounce back for the rest of the season. Once these issues are ironed out, I believe we are set to be a monster in the NFC North. (Although we need to act now for a RB!) Don't get me wrong, I still think we will have a great year this season and for many to come. We should also come out well into the post season. It's just not good to be overly optimistic and ignore the facts that we certainly have to deal with before our time eventually runs out. Trust me people, we will be OK. GO PACK GO!!


I respect opinions but that was a bunch of bad mouthing and name calling. As long as everyone stays true to what they're saying, I'm fine w/it. Wins, loses, and even the SB (if we make it), I just want them telling everyone how shitty TT, MM and the Packers are. I'd love to see the looks they'd get, telling everyone how shitty the Packers are, as they prepare for a SB!!!! Guess shitty TT, MM and the Pack were supposed to be 19-0 this year..... though that's a contradiction.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Listen, you are right,the management is flawless. We can build this team only through the draft. We have years to get this right. Clifton,Tauscher, Driver, Woodson, and Harris are getting younger and we won't have to worry about finding their replacements for years. These windows of opportunities with weak divisional competition will last for as long as we need to get it right. Special teams will get better over time. They really arn't that big a part of the game anyways. The special teams coaches have given us every thing they can and yes, punters and return men are a dime a dozen. So back off the criticism. Finally, people make too much out of penalties. Penalties rarely cost you game, well,,, unless you have 17 or 18 in a game, then we have to work on a little discipline I guess.

Seeing the same problems year after year demands criticism of the coaching and management. We all hope they have made enough changes to solve the problems seen the past few years, but when we lose games because of the same issues it just pisses me off. We will win big this coming week but the chinks in our armour have been shown. If we are not working on getting a quality running back we are making a huge mistake and based on past experience I am not sure our management can admit they need to go out and get someone. We have the opportunity and many of the parts, lets act now!!


Funny how everyone comes out of the woodwork after a game like this. Mama must have taught them if they don't have something shitty to say, then don't say anything at all. Where have all the shitty coaching and GM comments been for the last couple months???? Really, did every person associated w/the Packers suddenly turn into an idiot in one week, really??? If they're crappy, you all should have been stating that in weeks one and two also!!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Kind of piggy-backing on what SCHRADES wrote below -

Is it just me, or do the night games at Soldier Field remind you of a riot in the prison yard? Throw out the respective team records, it always seems like anything can (and does) happen in these games. Absolutely unpredictable.

Onward to the Kitties. GO PACK!!

#66 Chica

I haven't posted anything for awhile, but didn't the end of Monday Night's game, touchdown-penalty, interception-penalty, interception-penalty, don't let the Bears score 7 now-run time off the clock and wait for the field goal, remind you of a Buffalo Wings and Rings commercial kind of Twi-light Zone Episode, where the guy behind the bar pushes a button and shit starts happening on the field to keep the game going? As a part-time conspiracy theorist, I think if the Packers win this game the January 2nd game is meaningless because the Packers will beat the Bears at Lambeau, but since the Bears won Monday night, now the January 2nd game could be for the Division and that means "Revenue, Baby!"


Quoth Lombardi...

   "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."
Posted by BeerKid / 7:17 AM

Monday, October 04, 2010           

Spew Off Speak Out...

Same old Packers... get up early, let the other team hang around until the end. The only thing the Packers did right in the 2nd half was after having the ball for all of 17 minutes previously in the game, were able to run out the last 7 minutes of the game clock and preserve a 2 point victory over a bad, but improving, Detroit Lions team.

In other news, watched the game up at BeerScout's, which means that we smoked up storm, and drank Arrogant Bastard Ale and the Stone IPA like a tsunami crashing into a shoreline. It was pleasant... Go Pack Go!!!

Update: Now they're saying that starting Safety Morgan Burnett is done for the year with torn ACL in his knee... bummer.... at some point the Packers will get Atari Bigby back in the d-backfield. So all is not completely lost... but geez, it's still a bummer.

...and now they're saying that LB Brandon Chillar's shoulder injury could be much worse than originally thought, the Packers are running more tests.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Well CAMP and others, no one wants to see the same old problems but in the same token, IT'S NOT XBOX 360. There's injuries, people have good days, bad days, the other team has a bunch of highly paid athletes also that are playing against you that want to win, the ball is a funny shape and bounches funny ways, there's this strange thing called momentum, there's other things that happen (Jolly example) now instead of getting a RB or CB w/our 2nd rounder we're using it on a DL'man for the rotation, etc. etc. The year will have some ups and downs. Every game will not end w/an exact 2 TD win. What's everyones problem this year??? ST's??? The first 2 games outstanding, terrible the third and OK last week. Running game... we did lose our starting RB and makes sense to be a little off or up and down. Also lost one of our DL and our starting S for the year. That might cause some ups and downs. The OL, a little old.... they maybe a little up and down because of that. Seems they're playing a little like life which makes sense. We'll see what happens in the playoffs. Football is not a computer program, that's why they play the games!!!

Long Live The Pack!!!

Do you think he might be calling the next play? DUH!!!!! He has all week to kick ass but they need a play right now!!!!!


I heart DOUBLE-D. Oh, and ARodg too. That is all.

#66 Chica

What kind of coach looks down at his notes instead of walking up to the player who just made a bonehead play and giving him a dressing down? Shouldn't a coach be a leader and a disciplinarian? Maybe I'm old fashioned...perhaps now if a coach does that he might get sued for harassment. It's difficult to have any respect for a coach that doesn't hold his players accountable.

E Gunn

Hey E Gunn, I think your right, the head coach should be in the face of his players when mistakes are made, letting the asst. coaches handle it takes some the edge off. I mean really, who's afraid of an assistant coach. C'mon McCarthy, know when to delegate your authority, and know when to go face-to-face with your players that keep repeating mistakes we've all seen from them before.   BK

It was fun watching Jay Cutler running for his life last night!

Hey JT

Hey JT, it sure was. I think his concussion came earlier in the game, when he got up and started walking to the wrong sideline. Giants have a scary D-line... 8 of those 10 sacks came off the usual 4 man rush. The Bears Still Suck!!!!   BK

Well the Packers won and are 3-1 after the 4 games. They are 3-1 against the easiest part of their schedule. The only team in the first four games with a winning record that the Packers played was the Bears who where finally exposed as what they are, a solid defense and a mediocre offense and the Packers found a ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Why you ask? Penalties maybe not completely. It's the defense.

This week a second string quarterback named Shawn Hill has been made to look like a Pro Bowl quarterback by the Packer defense. Yes Hill was something like 10-5 as a starter and he through some very nice passes in amassing over 300 yards passing against what ended up playing and having to pass as a defense yesterday after more injuries. Injuries are not an acceptable reason for yesterday's defensive play. The Packers have given up pass completion after pass completion and then get handled on enough run plays that you've got to wonder what's going on.

As in the Bear game the defense started by sacking the quarterback in the first quarter. The rest of the game the defense was less than effective sacking Hill and made to look truly undisciplined when Hill broke the pocket and lumbered/stumbled his way for 40 + yards. Not good defense on that play. It seems that the defense is surprised by screen passes or halfback flat pass way too often this year.

The Strong Safety has been missing in action on too many dink and dunk passes that end up that end up going for first downs.

Yes it's early in the season and the 2010 Packers team has yet to jell and define themselves both offensively and defensively. Yes there have been injuries to key players on both sides of the ball but good teams overcome injuries on every NFL team. The coaches need to access the talent they have, decide if the players are good enough, adjust the scheme to the players they have or else TRADE for a player that will help NOW.

It should be painfully obvious to even the casual observer that when them Packers rush only three the opposing quarterback is going to make a throw because he's comfortable enough in the pocket to do what he gets paid for. Yes it's tough that Jenkins has to play one handed. But if the Packers don't come up with more pressure on the opposing quarterback the defense will be the cause of unfulfilled expectations.

There are two positives that I came away from yesterdays game. First a win in the NFL is always better than a loss. There is a fine line between a team that wins and one that loses. I'll enjoy this win ugly or beautiful it's a win it's just not the kind of victory you expect from a team picked for playing in the Superbowl in February. The second positive is the Packers were able to run the ball to end the ugly day. They weren't pretty running the ball but they got the job done against the Lions. Time will tell if they can run against better teams.

S Slayer

Beerkid, this video was too funny not to post especially after watching the Bears flounder around last night...

Jay Cutler funny cartoon - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIvp3uFYbvw

Greg T, Minneapolis, MN

The Bears still suck. No really they do. Just watched em..... (Suck that is).

Scott in Souptown

Hey Scott in Souptown... It's one thing when us Cheeseheads claim that the duh Bears Still Suck! It's quite another when the rest of the nation gets to shout it out loud too.   BK

Today...no mercy


Hey MDPackerFan... Today... no mercy was shown... sort of...  BK

....here....kitty kitty!

Lady K

Hey defenders of the norm. I watched the game today and decided everything is in good shape. No need for any change. Stay the course.


Inflate the Packer chair and the Packer's kick ass...coincidence? Perhaps.

Stone brewery was missed whilst in WI, although I did attend a beer tasting event for cause in Altoona. There was an older guy in gray beard who had the best beer there IMHO...one of only a couple 8%'s there...coincidence? No.



ps- squatch are STILL out there!
Motorist describes a daylight sighting with other motorists outside Moose Lake, MN - http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=28013
Daylight sighting by motorist at railroad crossing outside Cloquet, MN - http://www.bfro.net/GDB/show_report.asp?id=27991

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things - blocking and tackling."
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Tuesday, October 05, 2010           

Blast From The Past...



Mr. Favre Goes
To Washington


Pig Roast


Posted by BeerKid / 9:27 AM

Thursday, October 07, 2010           

Speak Out Spew Off...

Beer Kid.

The injuries....oh, the injuries! Barnett possibly gone for the year, Chillar out for several games, Collins knee giving him problems, etc., etc. Some times a team needs a little luck on the injury front, and we are having none of it this year. I hope for the best, but have worries. Well, we will finally get a chance to see what Bishop can do....for good or bad. Has the potential to be a long year if these injuries continue to mount.

Scott - Formerly Drunk on Water Street

Hey Scott, yeah my thoughts too on Bishop getting to play extensively, Hawk getting to play extensively come with that territory too.   BK

The freak show is back in MN. What a circus this will be. At least most MN fans can now un-archive their old "84" jerseys. I sense a huge collapse for the Vikes with this trade. MN forgets what a cancer and one man show Moss was. I tend to wonder if AP is going to like not getting the ball with Farts 45 - 60 throws. I cannot wait for the Pack - Vike game in Lambeau for Both Farty and Mossy to get buried. I would open up with a few purposeful late hits to bury these two. What an awkward situation for MN! Childress is desperate to try and band-aid his Offense and his job. Can you sense the future LA Vikings with this move? The Pack will be all right once Harris and I believe Bigby are back. We just need to unleash the pass offense this next two weeks. Hopefully the D will do a pretty good job.

Kev Pack in MN

Hey Kev Pack, the ultimate jump ball throwin' QB Favre now gets the ultimate jump ball WR Moss to throw those jump ball bombs down the middle of the field.   BK

I have been a TT fan for a long time. I have always agreed that for the long term you build a team through the draft. We were supposedly going to draft Lynch in the first round in 2007, but he was gone and we took Harrell. 2007 was not good for us apparently. Now he might have been available for a 3rd round pick. Would we have drafted him in the 3rd round if he was available? Of course. Al Harris was obtained for a 2nd round pick. Was he worth it? Of course. Why can't we pull the trigger on trades of obvious need? We desperately need a RB, help at middle linebacker and safety. Will we sit for the next 13 games and do nothing because we are afraid to give up a middle round draft pick? This team is too good to let that happen. A few good players will dramatically improve this team. I don't want to see the Packers lose because injuries have changed the original roster. Running back and the middle of the defense needs help badly. Lets get something done. Julius Jones is available.


Well ole' TT missed a chance to trade for Marshawn Lynch, seems his old buddy John Schneider thought more of Lynch than his starting running backs. Just like ole' TT to play the hand he dealt himself!!

Well it looks like the Vikqueens aren't going to stand pat in the NL North Division. Nope they'll TAKE A CHANCE and trade for Randy Moss. That'll make Farve smile.

I know the Packers believe in drafting and developing players but every now and you have to fill a glaring need now and make a trade.

Yeah Lynch could get hurt in the first game and be done for the season but that's what's possible with any position player take Morgan Burnett as an example. Seems now there are three and possibly four holes in the Packers squad, running back, safety, D-lineman and linebacker due to injuries.

No one knows what James Starks can do if he gets off the PUP list. He hasn't played in almost two years because was hurt his final season in college and didn't play. You'd think he'd be rusty. Lynch had a track record as a good to fair running back in the NFL meaning he was developed and could play running back. Yeah he got into trouble after work and is in trouble with the NFL conduct policy. Sometimes you got to take a chance like Ron Wolf did with Andre Rison, he was no choir boy but he was good enough for one part of the season and to score the first TD in the Super Bowl.

Green Bay plays their draft choices and hopes they'll pan out.

Minnesota knows it needs help so they trade for Jarred Allen kiss Farve's A$$ and now they trade for Moss.

Chicago knew it needed help so they've traded for Cutler. Signed free agents Peppers and Chester Taylor.

Only time will tell which GM's plan works best. But with all of the Packers injuries you'd think it's a better out come using a player with NFL experience. C'Mon Ted!

S Slayer

Hey S Slayer, well with news that the Pack are hurtin' all over every place what can TT do, the Pack will ride it out and will probably be in the "first one to 45" wins the game... hey that sounds exciting.   BK

Vikes have forced Ted's hand, we get an NFL running back in the next week.


Hey Camp, where the first part is certainly true, the 2nd part you forgot to use the /sarc tag... hahaha eh, with the now revealed injury bug to LB it may now be the actual blunt trauma force that will force to TT to do something... however unlikely.   BK

The Pack is better than they have been playing... they can play much better football. The Queens can add any old WR's they want ... it won't help.

Funny... they Queen fans have all thrown away their Moss jerseys... so they have to buy new ones now! GO PACK GO!

Make a statement in D.C.!


The Packers should step in and steal Moss just so he doesn't end up in Minnesota. Too bad TT would never consider it.


Hey Packerfan33, Ain't that the truth!   BK

Noticed the fins fired S.T. coach less than a day after loss to NE....Hmmm....


Hey Bob, yes, I did notice that... not that the Packers would do anything like that.   BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. "
Posted by BeerKid / 8:18 AM

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge...

They're heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere...


Posted by BeerKid / 9:14 AM

Friday, October 08, 2010           

Packers Verses Vikings...
The Vikings Used Their Bye Week
To Evaluate Some Of Their Shortcomings
And Made A Move To Correct The Biggest
In A Way That Left Their Opponents Bumming

Since The Vikings' Defense Is Playing Pretty Well
And Adrian Peterson Isn't Causing Any Harm
The Biggest Problem Is In The Passing Game
Could It Be A Problem With Brett Favre's Arm

If There Is A Single Reason For This Slump
It's Tithe Injury To Young Receiver Sidney Rice
Which Led To The Trade For Old Friend Randy Moss
That So Many Viking Fans Think Is Very Nice

As For How Well This Exchange Will Work Out
That Is Something That Only Time Will Tell
For As We All Know About Randy Moss
When He Wants He Plays This Game Quite Well

This Week The Combo Starts Their Campaign
Hoping That The Potential Will Be Fulfilled
And That The Jets Become The First Victim
Of This Pair That Will Leave The Viking Fans All Thrilled

Sunday Was A Perfect Object Lesson
About Why Packers' Fans Are Getting A Little Tense
As Until In A Game That Should Have Been A Blowout
Detroit Managed To Keep The Outcome In Suspense

It Took A Defensive Score By Charles Woodson
To Help The Packers Score More Than Detroit
In A Game Filled With A Ton Of Miscues And Mistakes
That The Packers Weren't Able To Exploit

It's Hard For Fans To Understand How
The Packers Can Look So... Well...Shabby
A State Evidenced By Looking At The Sidelines
Where The Coaches Are Just Looking Crabby

It Hasn't Helped That Ryan Grant Is Injured
And That Nick Barnett Has Achieved That State Too
But This Group Should Be Able To Look Better
No Matter What They Have To Do

Of Course The Packers' Wily GM
Is Still Incapable Of Conceding
That Finding A Replacement Running Back
May Well Be The Step This Team Is Needing

The Redskins Meanwhile Are A Team
That Is Slowly And Steadily Improving
As Donovan McNabb Shows Them The Value
Of A Signal-Caller Capable Of Moving

The Vikings Will Be Facing The New York Jets
And Should Be Able To Give Them A "Tussle"
While The Packers Are Facing An Improved 'Skins Team
That Might Have A Chance If They Show Some "hustle"

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

"Randy to Return" - Oh man, I could have gone through the rest of the season without seeing this headline!! Let's see how it all works out before worrying TOO much though....

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Posted by BeerKid / 7:15 AM

BeerKid's Mom's Famous Taco Salad...

Brown-up some hamburger meat, drain, season with one of those Taco Seasoning Packets, I prefer to use "hot", add Taco Sauce, Hot Sauce, add Red Beans, I've also used Kidney Beans, Black Beans, your choice, just think about flavor. Than add the Onions last to try to keep'em at that barely cooked perfect texture. Lettuce, shredded cheese, hand crushed chips, cool-ranch, spicy-nacho, many flavors work. Then the secret sauce, which takes some care to get right. Start with lots of mayo (gag, I know, a shiver goes down my spine when I see that much mayo in a bowl) add lots and lots of Taco Sauce, mild or hot, add large amounts of Hot Sauce, Tapatio's red sauce is my favorite, add most of the contents of another Taco Seasoning packet, blend to taste, repeated, hard to get it right, but it's awesome when you do. Blend and mix together on the plate.

Bango Boom-Boom!!! BeerKid's Mom's Famous Taco Salad!!!

So that was beef, onions, beans, taco sauce, hot sauce, lettuce, cheese, chips, mayo, 2 packets of taco seasoning. Feel free to add peppers, garlic, more beans, Cilantro (man I can't believe I forgot to add Cilantro to the meat+bean+onion mixture) but sometimes keeping it straight-lined simple works and tastes best.

Posted by BeerKid / 8:00 AM

Spew Off Speak Out...

Hey BeerKid,

Here's an image fitting for BrINT farve and the queens regarding the latest deadspin allegations which mainstream media is now running with as well. Surprised this story has not been played much here. The image was borrowed from a poster on Times Four.


Hey DurangoDoug,

I took that new 2010 vikings helmet you sent in and compared it to one that was submitted back in 2005 during the vice-boat fandango when times for the vikings were more, let's say, more upright. My my my, how fortunes sag... one word is depleted, another word that comes to mind is impotent, another would be... ok ok I'll stop, too easy, limp, way, way too easy. Thanks. 

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Let's pray this is the week to offense klicks and scores enough points to be a head of the Redskins at the end of the game. The defense is going to have a number of new faces in starting and package roles. If there ever was a time a strong pass rush was needed it certainly is this game.

Go Pack Go!!!!!!

S Slayer

Me and Blind Dog Hammes are going to the game here in DC tomorrow, i'm looking forward to wearing my "We'll never forget you Brent" t-shirt...10/10/10 (someone else's birthday...) Hope I remember it....GO PACK GO!

About Time

More issues regarding Diva Favre's low character keep surfacing. Good job, Brett. Way to disrespect your wife, who was just getting over her battle with cancer, your children, and your grandchild. More news is out there about Favre soliciting other women besides Jenn Sterger to have sex with him. What is the Jets' organization doing giving out employees' numbers without their permission?

Corky DeYulio-Geneva, NY Packer Backers

Guest, The Packers will be wearing the alternate uniforms on 12/05/2010 vs. the 49er's.


Does anyone know when the alternate jersey will be used this year?


Hey Guest, the Packers only have a Home Alternate Jersey so it would have to be a game in Green Bay, and like you, I find no mention of anything since it's debut (Packers Jersey A Real Throw Back) back in March 2010. Hmmmm my speculation centers around the last 2 games of the year against the Giants or Bears.  BK

The Chickens may have gotten Lynch and the Queens have Moss again....but we have Packer people folks! Keep your chins up.


Hey Virginia Fan: Meetup for DC-area Packers fans on Saturday night - http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/sports/104530574.html


Any Packer fans going to the Washington game this weekend? Looking to meet some fellow Packer Backers and do some tailgaiting......

Virginia fan

The viqueens savior of the month is..............


Seems like we need an intervention in Green Bay; Ted Thompson is hoarding draft picks--he can't even help himself anymore! If the North Division comes down to Vikings win it by adding Moss while Packers lose it by not addressing the running game, it might be time for a change in leadership. Thompson is so married to his "build through the draft" philosophy that he can't act when he needs to make a move to get the team to a higher level. Same thing happened to him in Seattle--he built a good base, but would never pull the trigger on making moves to get them to the next step. It's a shame. If you're not building to win championships, then what exactly ARE you building for?


Went to the Detroit game this past weekend-again the Pack didnt look very good. I have always supported TT, but this time i questioned him about not getting Lynch. I live close to Buffalo-reports from there about Lynch's character are maybe why TT didnt putll the trigger on the deal. Lynch had a drug charge against him, a hit-and--run incident, a restraining order placed against him, a sexual assault accusation, and he stole money from a police officer's wife. Now i suppoort TT's decision. Lymch hasnt been that great as a player and he definitely wouldnt fit in the Packers' locker room.. Once again, let's give TT some credit for trying to keep the Packers a high-character team. Maybe he should go for safety Lewis who just got released from the 49ers.

Corky DeYulio of the Geneva, NY Packer Backers

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender."
Posted by BeerKid / 9:59 AM

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday...

Happy Birthday To Me... Happy Birthday To Me... Happy Birthday BeerKid and Packer Palace... Happy Birthday To Me."

We've been around in some form since late 1995, and as for the future, well we're committed to it for the long haul over hill, dale and across the legendary frozen tundra, and now it's (this is for Chica#66) 15 years (so in her lingo that would be 15 shots of whatever your having, something mighty fine would be my choice)(check out Birth Of Packer Palace) and counting with us providing you with "Packer Babes, Stupid Beer Stories, Funny Animations, and General Arrested Adolescent Behavior" (thanks Drunk on Water St. Scott, your old quote still needs to be enshrined around here somewhere) and today, well, I guess today's it's my Birth Day again.

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A big "Happy Birthday" Beer Kid. Have a great day and treat yourself to something special.

Love You, Mom

C'mon, let's hear it from the whole Packer Palace Nation: "Happy Birthday Beer Kid!"

And for those who listened to his interview on Cheesehead Radio, you'll also know that Beer Kid was established one of the years that the Packers won a World Championship!

I poured ya a "cold" one, just in case ya ever stop by...


Happy Birthday, BK! I'll have a couple for you this weekend. I have been trolling around this site for probably 7 or 8 years, although I never posted anything until 3 or 4 years ago. This site is great because it's a perfect mix of people with a clue and complete lunatics--and all of us being religious Packers fans. And the Rockwood videos are awesome. Keep up the great work!


Happy Birthday, Cheers to you sir!


Happy Birthday Beer Kid! I think the Kitties have only won 3 games since I became the millionth visitor!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEERKID!!! You are supposed to tell us how many years old you are, so that we who are imbibing and 'toasting' you know how many shots to drink.

#66 Chica

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun." Enjoy the trip." - Author Unknown

PACKER PALACE is the BEST PACKER fan website EVER; no one even comes close.

Happy Birthday Beerkid and Thank you!! "Cheers!"

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Happy Birthday BK and PackerPalace! Sure enjoy you both

Yeeeee Hawwww. Beer for everyone!


Happy Birthday to a must-see Packer site

thanks for hooking up all us fans with info and humor!


About Time

happy birthday dude!

fat oak

Happy Birthday Beerkid!

Glad to know we share the same month...mine is the 3rd...gotta love us October babies!

Lady K

HBBK!!!!!! That's "Happy Birthday Beer Kid" in long-hand.


  A Big Happy Birthday To Beer Kid. My your beer stein never run dry.

Go Pack Go!!!!!!

S Slayer

Happy Birthday, love your site.


Happy Birthday Beer Kid. All the best. Thank you for this great website.

Keg Man

Hey Beer Kid, Happy Birthday, indeed! Haven't had time to "contribute" lately, but I still visit daily. Keep up the fight!

Duane in Almost God's Country

Having a Leinenkugels with Christy. We just toasted your birthday. To many more from the old school.


...and belated happy birthday greetings, Beerkid.


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Monday, October 11, 2010           

Groan... We've Seen This Before...

Groan.... I think we all have seen this before... There were "only" 9 penalties, but it looked like the loss in the Bears game. The Packers won, but it looked close to finish of the Lions and Eagles games. Hell, it even reminded me of the 2nd quarter of the Bills game. What am I talking about. The Packers uncanny ability to leave opponents in the game, and then waiting to see if they can hurt you in the 4th quarter. The Washington Redskins and Donovan McNabb obliged, pushing the game into over-time and then hanging on to win 16-13 over the Packers.

What's to blame? Well, if one were to start casting blame around in all directions one could focus on the multiple penalties happening during key drives. One might continue to blame the special teams and their performance. Ahem, can't forget about the dropped passes. Injuries! The Packers have been slammed by major injuries. Blame that for the piss-poor play of Tackles Chad Clifton and "out for the game" Mark Tauscher who most of us fans thought were going to be the strong links in the offensive chain. Not so far. But but but the Linebackers were hurt by huge injuries too!!! After Nick Barnett and Brandon Chillar, Clay Matthews left the game. Tight-Ends!!! Packers lost Jermichael Finley and "lost a fumble-caught a TD" Donald Lee. Don't forget DE Ryan Pickett. Double-Groan.... QB Aaron Rodgers with a mild concussion??? Yeah whatever... hard to bitch seriously about losing games because of injuries.

RB Brandon Jackson just started to look like a real starting RB in the NFL. A great run 71 yard run, finishing with 10 carries for 115 yards, it's easy to see why he's valuable, he constantly breaks tackles in traffic. The John Kuhn experiment is well past it's expiration date. The Packers running game doesn't impress anybody, does not demand respect when played, and there-for it's treated exactly that way by the opposing defenses. The Packers could have won this game, but instead Redskins coach Mike Shanahan takes the victory, by over-matching and out-coaching Packers coach Mike McCarthy who resorted to his original form and game-planned his way out of winning the game.

The Packers are 5 games into this season, and us fans are already seeing familiar patterns beginning to repeat themselves... for the worse. After the dismal performance in D.C., the Packers are now 3-2 in the NFC North and looking up at duh Bears.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Now I am not responding to Kansas PackHawk to start a fight, because we Pack fans need to stick together, BUT, sure it is a nice thing that the Pack lead the league in drafted players on the roster. It sure sounds good coming out of Troy Aikman's pie hole on Sunday. Yeeeeeee fricking haw. You know what would be even better coming out of that jagoffs mouth? PACKERS WIN! Oh and it would be awesome if these 'drafted' players weren't getting stupid penalties and sucking hard on Sunday.

Screw the most on the Roster drafted. I want players on the team that win baby. Whether we drafted them or not. Hey TT pull your head out of your ass and get it done.

Oh and also, no one is blaming TT for injuries. I blame TT for his arrogance. A person has to earn arrogance. What has TT done to earn his? Nothing. The Harrell pick was SIX YEARS AGO AND THAT GUY HAS NOT PLAYED A DECENT DOWN IN A PACKER UNIFORM. Dump him. Harrell is a bust, but TT's ego will not let him admit it. TT has to go

Go Packers.

hamilton aka Sign Boy

I hope everyone is sitting down, here's a sound bite from Coach McMeatheads presser today:
    Reporter and PACKER Fan: "Should a penalty have been called on the Rodgers play if it was helmet-to-helmet?"

    Coach McMeathead: "I’m not going to answer those questions. I don’t comment on officiating. He suffered a concussion on the last play."
News flash to Coach McMeathead … Our Super Bowl aspirations go as Aaron Rodgers goes. Your starting QB is jarred by a helmet-to-helmet hit from an unfortunate situation/O.T. that you put our ball club in and this is your response?? I know the NFL may take a piece of you’re A$$ if you are over critical of the league’s elite, aging and inept officials, but you need to grow some Nads and a backbone while you are employed by the Green Bay Packers. I’m sure that the “Village Idiot” will flip the tab for any fines laid down (within reason). Hmmm? Perhaps the team should fine you (Coach McMeathead) for bonehead challenges that cost us games (i.e. Da-Bears game amongst others).

But I digress ……… This Coach needs to be committed to winning AND having his “players back” when it comes to cheap shots on the field of play. Our loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the playoffs last season was tough enough, but when 50+ Million people witness a mugging of our QB with a blatant face mask (The 15 yard garden variety) and the officials (again, the NFL’s finest for post season play) FAIL to toss their yellow laundry and Arizona brings the ball into the end zone for the win, it would have been then and it would be nice right now, to have a Head Coach who has the teams back!!!

I’ll say it again, the team, the organization and it’s loyal fans deserve better when it comes to a Head Coach!

It is time we fans get “Mad as Hell”

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Don't get why injuries are "TT"'s fault... Come on now, he's one of the best GM's in the league with the draft minus Harrell, and that was like six years ago. You see the tiny little stat during the first half yesterday? GB tied for league lead in drafted players on the current roster, I'd say that's pretty amazing considering some of the biggest standouts (CM3, Rodgers, Jennings) are all HIS picks. The team's just not performing to their potential. We know these guys are coached to catch and hang on to the ball. Defense was exceptional in the first half. Just got to put the pieces together. I'll be in the stands next week with my fingers crossed... And a brat in the other hand! Go Pack!

Kansas PackHawk

Hey Kansas PackHawk, I think the only injury vs TT controversy is the Justin Harrell problem... otherwise sure, he drafted A. Rodgers, G. Jennings, even a trade-up for C. Matthews, you can throw free-agents in C. Woodson, R. Pickett, B. Chillar, then add Bigby, Williams off the street. All of them have contributed immensely and yet the Packers are not over the top... yet. Coming soon to Super Bowl near you...   BK

Even though I've kept my mouth shut for the longest time about TT and Mike McCarthy. I've lost it after last nights game. They are both officially on the hot seat. NO MORE excuses. Bring in the talent to salvage your jobs and season. Yes, we have a winning record and it's not even the half way point but our schedule is not going to get any easier next coming weeks. You guys lose to Minnesota then you'll see what a community owned team can do! We got the numbers. I say we bring in some GM's & Head Coaches to our city. Have the local community invite them for a visit. See who's got the power.

I'm not going to listen to a fundamental speech or hear about using what we have a 3rd string tight end or backup QB who is 2yrs in the system. You can polish a turd but it's still a turd. Basketball season and the Bucks look that much more interesting to me.

I need a drink...


OMG WTF? Is Xmas here and nobody told me? We gift wrapped another game... typical. On a brighter note, over here in Scotland, SKY TV have decide to show us the Lambeau clash with the Dolfarts LIVE... Woohoo.


Please, someone wake me up from this nightmare that was supposed to be a GBP Superbowl-run season. *sigh*

#66 Chica

I guess we now Know that b.f. is comfortable out of his wranglers too!


Please get rid of MM & TT!! I can't take it anymore...


arrrrrrrrrrrrgh. So angry now. MM and TT better get a hold of this team and get their collective shit together. Oh, and TT, just so you know. You are on the clock. If this team does not recover and loses two to the ugly purple dress, you better get your ass out of town. You are mostly to blame. Get a running back that can take the pressure off A Rodg, GET THAT DOG JUSTIN HARRELL OUT OF GREEN BAY, and make some FA moves you dick. Your kicker AND your punter suck. I am still angry about you running Jon Ryan, just because. This team is too talented to lose like this. Get it done or it will cost you your job.

I am so angry right now. How does a team like Washington even stay with the Pack. It should have been no contest. I mean really, look at what the purple idiots are willing to do to win. Look at it. We see no urgency in ANYTHING you do. Well, except hoard draft picks. Lynch for a 4th rounder? Moss for a third? That is nothing. Pull the f@#king trigger already.

I hate Ted.


hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hey Beerkid,

Okay, perhaps I’m posting too soon after a loss that we should have captured a victory (My Saint Paulie Girl beer buzz is still with me), but Coach McMeathead should be FIRED! Granted we are only in week 5 but his play calling has cost us today’s game.

This P.O.S. ought to hand over the play calling to the (Oh I don’t know), the Offensive Coordinator so he has time to coach and get involved with personnel and officials who call BOGUS calls against our ball club.

Going for 4th and Goal instead of kicking a Crosby chip-shot cost us the game. Granted, the injuries that are piling up on both sides of the ball are not helping, but this is NO excuse for incompetence!!!

This CLOWN should hand over the play book and his whistle to Thompson.

This would be the best thing for everyone, our team and loyal fans!!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

UUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH! C'mon allready....

Jonny C

Watching today's game hurt....how many penalties did we have? And to watch that field goal kick 'thunk' the upright....ouch!

Lady K

We sure do kick ass in between the 20's

Chris from FL

Why is the press so high on this team? - We have had injuries but this team is giving away games

Joe from Ohio

Damn that was ugly. For the 4th game this year, we let the other team stay in the game when they didn't deserve it, and the Deadskins are lucky enough to eek out a victory...just like duh Bears. Oh well, chin up, and let's eat some sushi!


Quoth Lombardi...

   "The leader can never close the gap between himself and the group. If he does, he is no longer what he must be. He must walk a tightrope between the consent he must win and the control he must exert."
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Look At What You're Missing...

Look at the thousands of amazing comments and bits of information that you might be missing out on over at Packer Palace on Twitter™. You remember how much fun parades are, that one time at least, when you did actually enjoy the parade and had a good time, even got some ice cream. Well hang on to your office chair, that feeling is now Packer Palace tweeting on Twitter. Take a look... Take a long look.

Haahahahhaha Yeah not much to look at there eh... and you're not missing much at all but heh, for those of you inclined, click on us to follow our incredible tweets on the #Packers, #Beer, interesting subjects, many, many non-interesting subjects, Foaming Ale and whatever else comes to mind. We welcome all at our door. Our hospitality is endless. BYOB.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!
Have Some Drinks With The Alcohol Consumption Specialists By Beaming Into The Alternate Universe of the Green Bay Packers!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010           

Blast From The Past...

Miami Vice HVU
(Helpless Victims Unit)


Yellow Submarine
(extended ba-boom mix)


Add It Up!
Chickens Of The Sea


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Thursday, October 14, 2010           

Speak Out Spew Off...

Johnny J, If we were not critical of our team's management, or lack there of, and blindly followed the road, or bridge, to now where, we would then after all then just be vikings fans. Right? Or is the next thing you are gonna drop on us is if we criticize our team, or our management, we are unpatriotic? Just wondering.

We love the Pack, we just do not like the way our talent laden team is being led. What is wrong with adding FAs? Bill Bellicheat is not afraid to add a few here and there. What does he have to show for it? Um, just a few Lombardi trophies that is all. Bellicheat started with an all pro QB, drafted well, AND WENT OUT AND SIGNED KEY FAs. Something TT has not done. What is wrong with us pointing it out? I guess if we do we are labeled fair weather fans by Johnny J.

Screw that, I am a Packer Backer forever. I know a few guys who put on the purple dress shortly after Brent Perve left. No way in hell am I giving up on the Pack like that. I stayed.

Go Pack Go

PS I think the water boy and the guy who works on the players shoes are doing a helluva job. Keep up the good work boys.

Screw that, I am a Packer Backer forever.

hamilton aka Sign Boy

To the people who are bitching about the negative comments:

There are a lot worse outlets for the constant Thompson and McCarthy bashers than THIS one. (Try jsonline.com's and the GBPG blogs.) Around here, you can think of it like the "regulars" at your favorite Packers bar, if you will. Like the drunk guy who has made the same stupid joke about the Packers/Bucs games being "Tampax" every single year since 1977. Drunk...bad joke...but still your friend because you both hang out at the same bar and you're both Packers fans.

And another thing...Thompson DID screw up by not getting Marshawn Lynch. Period. Lynch is an upgrade. Period. We'd be a better team WITH him. Thompson deserves criticism for that. In fact, it has been reported that people INSIDE the Packers organization are pissed at him about it. If you DON'T believe that, stick to packers.com.

And McCarthy sure the hell isn't Vince Lombardi, either. Good day.


Brett the Bust - http://www.tomrichmond.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/bust_final.jpg

Brent Pevre - http://www.sconnie.com/c/products/view/1381/48

Who Let the Dongs Out - http://www.sconnie.com/c/products/view/1383/48


Good afternoon Gentlemen and Ladies,

I'm a grad student here at the University of Florida and I'll let you all in on a little secret... I think the fans that deem themselves a part of the "Gator Nation" kind of suck. Hard. The reason? If we aren't winning, out come the trolls to bash the coach, offensive coordinator, waterboy, whoever is in their damn armchair quarterback crosshairs that week. "FIRE 'EM! FIRE 'EM ALL!" they say as they wipe the BBQ potato chip crumbs from their lips.

My whole life I've always said to myself "Ya know, at least I've got the Packers, greatest team, greatest fans in the world." I slide my way on over to the little slice of internet heaven that is the Packer Palace and what do I see? The same type of spew that comes from the mouths of the Gator Fans except this time the trolls are wearing green and gold. "Get rid of McMeathead! And fire that asshole Ted while you're at it, you're on the clock if you don't shape up!" they say with pitchforks in hand. If we would have listened to you assclowns two seasons ago we wouldn't even be thinking about talking about a SB run, we'd have Favre's dick to talk about... literally.

We all have our idea about how the organization should be run and that's fine. However, if you're going to shit on the Packers Organization, at least have the courtesy to wipe (your mouth) while the rest of us watch the game with a brew in hand having a great time while you cry yourselves to sleep.

Jonny J

Hey Packer Fans!

Let me know what my next media whorish escapade should be and how I'm doing at: brettfavrefourever@gmail.com

It'd be great to hear your thoughts, I might even email back some wiener shots if you're lucky!

Brett Favre

Favre get hit in the balls - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbO9dOideGE&feature=player_embedded


Deanna Favre came out with a statement last night that the text was meant for her - but of course knowing Brett it was intercepted by Jenn Sterger


the fuze on the vikings bomb has been lit...


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Nice to read all the negative comments from the faux fans on this web site.


im not even a football fan but this site is crazy exciting


You all know I don't think the highest of TT an MM, but I felt like we might make a run in the playoffs with the players we had. Rodgers is a good to great QB and we have been able to count on him to be productive with few turnovers. Now, the loss of Finley is a big issue. Having lost Grant and our running game, we now have a big problem with the lost options Finley gave us. We really need some type of action to get us a running back. I know it probably won't happen. I just don't want to see people being able to T off on Rodgers having to go down field to wide outs every play. Hoping for Ted to give us a chance.


I've held off bitchin' this week until now because of all of the injuries and had the kick by Crosby been 1 foot to the right the Packers would have been 4 and 1 but they're not so here it comes.

Let us not loose sight of why the Packers lost to Washington it was not due to injuries!!!! This loss was due to mistakes. Mistakes like 7 dropped passes, fumbles, interceptions, penalties and blown assignments. These mistakes are attributed to coaching. Either the coaches are to easy on their charges or maybe there really is something to the Wonderlic Test and the Packers need to draft/sign players who can learn from their respective coaches and learning mistakes and not keep making the same mistakes over.

Penalties - 9 of them this week. The penalities again are due to lack of concentration and coaching. Too many false starts.

Injuries - Now Finley is most likely lost for the season because Donald Lee fumbled the ball. Finley doesn't have to twist his knee to make a tackle if Lee doesn't fumble. Rogers got hit in the head because of a missed block. Maybe Rogers holds the ball too long sometimes but not on his last throw. Better O-Line play no concussion.

Dropped passes - This is a lack of concentration by the receivers. I think the receivers are trying to make bigger plays and are not looking the ball into their hands and securing it before trying to extend the play. The Receivers are trying to become the "The Guy" Rogers goes to, to make a play. Seems the Receivers all want to score a touchdown when what they really need to do is keep the drive alive. Let us not loose sight of this "Every Play Made In The NFL Sets Up The Next Play" and the next play maybe a score. You can not score offensively if you don't make first downs and the offense is on the sidelines.

Blown Assignments - The O-Line seems to have bad run blocks at the most inopportune times. The goal line non-score series and seems like every 3rd and short. The Special Teams!!!!! Can't these guys count helments? Had Martin not made it off the field when there were 12 guys there on the Washington missed field goal and that guy was a Captain. Staying in your lane and making a tackle is something that is screwed up on in the kicking game. Every Returner looks like an All Pro against the Packers.

I'm done bitchin'.

Let's hope the Packers play a mistake free game this week and win.

S Slayer

Very fitting Lombardi quote, BK !! Can we trade a couple of draft pics for a few bye weeks?

Scott of Chippewa Falls

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have."
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Friday, October 15, 2010           

Friday Football Funnies...

Courtesy of Mike Peters, Mother Goose and Grimm
Posted by BeerKid / 7:07 AM

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge...

This Is No Chicken Of The Sea, Why It's...

Donald Diver!

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Saturday, October 16, 2010           

Packers Verses Vikings...
It Was Quite A Week For Minnesota
As So Many Issues Came Creeping Into The Light
With Randy Moss Returning Home
And Brett Emailing Photos Best Left Out Of Sight

Now Brett Himself Turned Forty-One
And His Throwing Arm Really Began To Swell
Giving Him Enough Pain And Trouble
He May Have To Sit Out For Just A Spell

And Even Though Randy Has Returned
And Caught A Nice Long Touchdown Pass
Brett And His O-Line Faltered And Failed
With Brett Being Knocked Repeatedly To The Grass

The Cowboys Offended Mr Randy
Way Back In Nineteen Ninety Eight
When They Bypassed Him On Draft Day
Wondering If He Really Was That Great

As It's Turned Out He's Played Pretty Well
But His Play Alone Isn't Quite Enough
As The Vikings' Team Is Struggling Every Week
And Their Tough-Guy Reputation Is Turning Into Fluff

The Redskins And Packers Battled To The End
Taking Sunday's Game Into Overtime
While Injured Players Dropped Left And Right
At A Rate That Truly Was A Crime

The Packers Are Finding That Their Road
Is Much Tougher Than They'd Expected
Especially Considering That At Last Year's End
They Looked To Have Their Game Very Nearly Perfected

But The Loss Of Significant Players To Injuries
And A Hesitation To Gather Backup Personnel
Leaves The Pool Of Backup Packers Thin
And The Team Resembling A Fragile Shell

Aaron Rogers Wound Up With A Concussion
While The Rest Of The Team Got Other Injuries
From Broken Hands And Wristbones
To Twisted Shoulders, Ankles And Knees
This Week The Pack Goes At It Again
Hopefully With A Different Result
One That Won't Lead So Many Players
Looking Like The Victims Of An Assault

The Dolphins Are This Week's Foe
Coming In After Resting During Their Bye Week
They've Won Three Games So Far This Year
Green Bay Should Hope They've Reached Their Peak.

The Vikes Will Surely Try To Crush The 'Pokes
And Make Sure That Every Fan Forgets 'Em
With Hard Work Against Those 'Fins
It'll Be The Wisconsin Boys That Nets 'Em

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Both the Packers and Vikings have to win this week's game if they are hoping to have a good chance to make the postseason.... Let's hope they can do it!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Posted by BeerKid / 9:26 PM

Sunday, October 17, 2010           

Spew Off Speak Out...
Yeah yeah it's Wednesday... still recovering from that debacle in Green Bay last Sunday against the Dolphins. Where to start... is there anywhere to start? I dont' know, frankly, the thing that continues to stick out to me is the poor punting for the 3rd year in a row, the lame-ass offensive alignments with 3 FB's in the backfield, the same blitz calls from the defense, from players that can't get 2 yards into the o-backfield, giving the Dolphins QB all day to throw his passes, I can't recall even 1 serious d-pressure during the game.

2 weeks ago I mentioned that the John Kuhn RB experiment was over, but heh, these Packers coaches are smarter than me, losing 2 games in OT and falling to 3-3.

I saw somewhere that everyone is starting blame Packers QB Aaron Rodgers for regressing on his talents. Please! Pull your head out of your ASSS!!!! Now!!!! Did WR James Jones even know that Rodgers had thrown the ball his way, or that his DB covering intercepted the ball, he sure didn't make any effort to make the tackle and he's lucky that referee blew the whistle. What I did notice, is that James Jones wasn't thrown at (or wasn't on the field) after that incident. Maybe what Aaron Rodgers was complaining about earlier, the whole "best players on the field" can be understood. If you're not throwing the ball to Donald Driver and Greg Jennings, you're not going to have a chance at winning.

Here's something that's been rolling around inside my head since the conclusion of that 13-3 year with Brett Favre running the show. Brett Favre must have changed 95% percent of the plays called in from the sidelines. Which is why the Packers were successful that year. So I think (more today than ever before) that coach Mike McCarthy the main focus of BF's animosity towards the Packers. Not Ted Thompson so much.

So if you think Aaron Rodgers QB play is regressing, I'd suggest that it will keep going that direction until he learns to audible out of all the stupid play calls that come from the sideline, but then he can't, he's got 3 FB's in the backfield on 1st and 20!!!

...and by the way. Who in the hell let Allen Barbre back on the field at RT???? huh??? wtf!!!! That was 1st round pick Bryan Bulaga. WTF???

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Lost to the Fins, really? so disappointed...

Good game... Keep it up! and hopefully we can say Goodbye to MM...

A-Rog is not an as good as HE thinks he is, he can't finish....


I had the awesome joy of meeting one of you Packers' fans this past week end! My husband and I were visiting in Santa Cruz watching the Packers vs. Dolphins game at 99 Bottles.My husband has been a Packers fan all his life...the man bleeds green and yellow lol! I'm a life long fan of the Rams but my game was not showing, this wonderful Packers fan loaned his lap top to me so I can watch my team....THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :-) I've noticed since I've been married to a Packers fan that the Packers and their fans are top notch folks who are a joy to be around!


Lisa Dunbar

Thanks Lisa! It was me, Beerscout visiting Santa Cruz after giving a talk at Bigfoot Discovery Day IV in Felton. Had a great time EXCEPT for the horrible overtime loss. I'd gotten to 99 Bottles early to their free WIFI and my Slingbox going so I could watch the Packers on my laptop. BUT the friendly bartender insisted that the Manager (a Charger fan) change the bar TVs to the Packer game! Because of that my laptop was free and Lisa was able to watch the Rams win via Channelsurfing! Glad you found our site...Go Pack Go!  BeerScout

He said it to the press, BUT, did Jimmy actually SAY this to his players? From JS Online 10-19-10:
    Breaking Up Is Easy To Do: Wide receivers coach Jimmy Robinson was none too happy with James Jones when he failed to break up what turned out to be an interception against the Dolphins.

    Jones just watched as cornerback Jason Allen cut in front of him and picked off the ball. If Jones had made any kind of attempt to pull Allen down or get his hands on the ball, he would have prevented an interception.

    "You have to break that up," Robinson said. "If you have to do something illegal and get a penalty, do that. Anything's preferable to an interception."


So the two hour car drive from Titletown to Billy Mitchell was all conversation about the game, and I drew a few conclusions.

This team is undisciplined. There were probably three or four occasions where players were running into plays late, and the situational communication between players just makes this team look unprepared week in and week out. I'm losing faith in McCarthy for this, and one other reason which is bothering me too. After the Hochuli call (which was the worst call in history) and several other occasions, McCarthy was throwing his clipbook on the ground and bitching at the refs about calls. It's like, don't worry about what you can't control, Mike. Coach your team. Even if there are big calls like that, your team went 3-13 on third downs and for the second week in a row, blew opportunities that could have won the game. The Milwaukee Journal on Monday morning said that Rodgers and McCarthy are 1-11 in close games. Unless things turn around, I'm facing the music, the Pack stinks this year.

What do you think, BK?

Kansas PackHawk

It's time for PackerNation to stop talking about Favre. He has been gone for 3 years now. His best years are behind him. We are glad we had him, but have a very good QB now with many good years ahead of him. Right now he is someone elses QB. We shouldn't concern ourselves with him any more then we concerned ourselves with Chad Henne last week.


Hey Beerkid,

What a deflating loss. My wife and I took in the game and from the beginning the crowd was totally into it. The flyover was incredible and the weather could not have been better. If only (If only) our ball club could have delivered a win!

Defensively we could have done much better, sure our team resembles a M*A*S*H unit right now, but I have to ask, “Where was the pressure” on Henne?”

Granted, it was a better performance then our game that we should have won against Washington, but still the same outcome.

Special Teams seems to be our Achilles Heel and how Slocum still has a job is beyond me. It would be nice to see a 45+ punt too, but we have is what (Yes, Jonny J I’ll say it) “Coach McMeathead” wanted in an outstanding punter … If there is no one available in the NFL to replace Masthay, how about holding open tryouts at Lambeau?

The turning point in my mind was the BOGUS (Let’s give one back to the Fins) call on our special teams during a punt. The Defense stopped the Dolphins and a punt ensued. After a long TV time out, the GENIUS that he is, Ed Hochuli announced to the world that a penalty had been called on the PACKERS for an illegal formation and the ball went back to Miami.

During the pregame warm ups I looked down to the field and saw Ed Hochuli. I turned to my wife and I said “We are Fucked!” Now, I don’t mean to sound like a Vi-Queen fan about the NFL and there officials, but Ed has cost our ball club at least 5 games in the past with his BOGUS calls. The one on Sunday against the Fins was the “cherry on top” of all MOTHER F’n calls.

Some might say it was the right call, but why didn’t the Zebra’s toss the flags WHEN the penalty occurred?

For those of you who were not at the game, I sure as hell hope you could hear how pissed off the crowd was. The crowd actually showed more emotion then what we witnessed on the PACKERS sidelines.

That in itself is a poor commentary.


Remember to click the can. We have the Queens up next. GO PACK GO!!!

Lee from Saint Marys, GA

GO YOU PACKERS GO - http://blabberize.com/view?id=304575

I LOVE MY - http://blabberize.com/view?id=305168

Wish Favre Was Back - http://blabberize.com/view?id=305169



Jordy Nelson reminds me of an awful lot of Billy Schroeder, and that's not a good thing.


Jonny sorry we ruined your slice of heaven. You are right, to be a "True Packer Fan" we need to not tell the king "You have no clothes" Thanks for making us realize the special teams coaching is fine, the running game will do, penalties are just a natural part of the game, and Justin Harell needs just one more year to be ready for the pros.

I guess when we are done wiping off our mouth. I'll give it to you to wipe it off your nose.


Gator's rooting for the Vikings to win this week so they have a chance to make the playoffs.

Gator is a vikingfan. Not a GBP fan. Pathetic.

#66 Chica

Hey Chica, yeah... I'll take Gator's divided loyalties any time, any day, any year over the Bret Favre Fanboi's who have left cheesehead nation with BF and actively root for Thompson, McCarthy, Rodgers and the Packers to fail for making him leave. Besides, although I don't know Carl (Gator) personally, I have at least seen a image of him partying at a Packers Tailgate in Packer Gear, and I'm also betting his "neutrality" towards the Vikes pre-dates BF's arrival by decades.  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence."
Posted by BeerKid / 9:37 PM

Wednesday, October 20, 2010           

Blast From The Past...



The Farm
Film Report
Posted by BeerKid / 10:28 AM

Thursday, October 21, 2010           

Speak Out Spew Off...

BeerKid you are right, I agree... BTW: Great animation, this site always brings a smile to my face and helps me recoup after a stupid loss.


Hey BigAL, no I'm not right in my rant somewhere down below, but the Packers play calls and formations are severely limiting what A-Rodg can do with any given play... but Rodgers was right to bitch to the staff about not having the best players on the field.  BK

BK, I agree with you 100%. MM needs to be replaced. For years we hear that we are going to work on problems that never get fixed. Penalties are a problem and have been for years. There has been and continues to be communication problems. That can only be coaching problems. There are way too many mental errors every game. That can only be a coaching issue. This Packer team is to talented to be playing this way. This team needs focus. Only coaching can fix most of these problems. MM continues to show us that he cannot accomplish these things.


Hey fbg3, the Pack are 1-11 in the last 12 games decided by 4 points or less. McCarthy certainly needs to improve or he and his staff will be replaced sometime soon. Shit! You'll have to get rid of TT before you can rid of MM. Right now, we have to ride out the season with the limping horses that have been given us to ride. We'll see what the off-season reveals for our fan fortunes.  BK

Hey beer scout, it was cool hanging out with ya in santa cruz (the game could have gone better) you showed real class letting Lisa watch the Rams game on your laptop!!! I would have had a beer with you but I had to quit a year ago.........took your advice and found you were right, THIS IS A GREAT PACKERS WEBSITE!!!!!!!

We both hope to see you again sometime, we don't live in santa cruz but we'll see you somewhere.

Keep up the good work and GO PACK GO!!!!!!


BK, my favorite Rockwood of all time still remains the "Waitress in the Sky" one - another purple special. That one had me doubled over with laughter.

You and BeerScout are going to be hard-pressed to top that one, but I'm pulling for you to do it!

#66 Chica

I have complained about Caper in the past, and it looks like his defensive plans are dried up. His record has been a fast start, followed by a slow fizzle. Wade Phillips should be looking for work soon. Just a thought.

Pack Fan in Texas

Hey Pack Fan, there's too many injuries to the D-line and LB's to judge anything correctly on Capers performance. Well, one area, you can't run the same blitz packages you do for CM3's replacement as you do for CM3 himself... That's sort of obvious, like the non-rush penetration from the Dolphin game.  BK

I am in full agreement with you on MM. He plays not to lose instead of to WIN!!!!! I just get tired of his play calling game in and game out. We have an incredible receiving corp and yet did I see very many slants, NO! The plays need to be 3 step drops and get that ball out. Our offensive line is OK but not great and Rodgers need help with plays that get it out fast. He should be given the RIGHT to change those plays because I think he is very smart and a great QB. I am sick and tired of MM. He will never get this team do be all they can be! Fire his A@@!


Hey NWPACKERFAN, I could still be ranting if want to throw in the philosophy of "coaching to your team's talents" vs "expecting your team's non-talent to match your coaching talent". Man o man, maybe some of you can understand why it takes me til Wednesday to comment about a Packers loss. I'm still brimming, hell, overflowing with fountains of caustic sarcastic insincerity towards the Packers coaching staff. Injuries be damned, 2 potential wins became certain losses the last few weeks.  BK

Excellent Rockwood this week BeerKid - love it! Seems like you save your best work for Vikings-Packers week. GO PACK!!!

#66 Chica

Hey Chica, thanks. This is one of those animations we actually thought of 2 months ago and wrote down, and then spent all day yesterday tweaking it until it was much funnier than if I had done it on time by myself over the weekend. This is where BeerScout, although hidden, shines all over the place, mostly his voices, his concept, his direction and then I interpret it some more with micro-tweaking until Voila! Someone notices and comments. So yes, we do save some of our best work for the Vikqueens, it's the team we despise the most. Cheers!  BK

Kid, I am in 100% agreement with your take!! Aaron Rodgers is not our problem. He is one of several guys I have confidence in. We have some problems that begin and end with the coaching staff.


Offense, Defense, AND Special Teams... Make this a Statement Game!

Scott of Chippewa Falls

Hey BeerKid since you believe A-Rog is not regressing, riddle me this.....

Why doesn't the play work after he does an audible? With an audible he is changing the play from the bench, right? I have yet to see any of his audibles actually work.

Not as good as he was hyped up to be IMHO. Probably could be better with a REAL head coach.


Well BigAL, I'm really stuck thinking what play to audible to when in the 5WR/Empty Backfield alignment, can't think of one besides a QB draw. As for the 3 FB alignment, well hell, I'd send Kuhn out wide and throw a freakin' bomb down the sidelines. All this sub-package alignment crap is what's wrong. If you keep a RB in there, you can audible to another play, some of the Packers best work in the past was with Dorsey Levens as the lone back. Seriously, I thought the whole idea was to use normal formations to run exotic plays, not exotic formations to run normal plays. Huge difference, and I think the Packers are overthinking all this exotic grouped packages instead of thinking of winning the damn ball game!!!  BK

It's O.K. to run the ball on 3rd and 2, why is every 3rd down a passing down........
It's O.K. to throw a flag when Rodgers gets a helmet to helmet hit (2 weeks in a row the refs have shown no respect)
It's O.K. to audible at the line.............
It's O.K. to trade draft picks for players that are needed(Marshawn Lynch?????)
It's O.K. to scrap the 3-4 defense (it sucks) and I liked Kampmann...........
It's O.K. to think that TT and MM are in over their head...........
and it's O.K. to be pissed off at a team that is definitely under achieving.........
GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!
The Pack will work it out.
And it's not like we're going through the Randy Wrong era again


Good morning BeerKid,

Well it’s PACKER week here in Minnesota and there seems to be an overwhelming feeling around town in general that most Queen fans are not even 50% sure that they will win on Sunday.

Did the loss against the “Fins” on Sunday and being swept last year perhaps “Wake a sleeping Giant” with the team?

I hope so.

My wife and I took in the game on Sunday (P-E-R-F-E-C-T weather for football) and we ran into an old Amigo who had been featured on your web site back in December of 2006 … I recognized him right away. He was wearing the same cheese sombrero and poncho.

He was sitting in our section and I asked him if he was in San Francisco for a PACKER game some years ago and he said Si'... small world eh? J

I also took a few pictures with my cell phone, the beer picture is reminiscent of the “Snow Globe” playoff game (Only 50 degrees warmer) and my wife took the second picture of me in the parking lot a few hours before kickoff.

I mentioned once that I love to listen to the local talk sports radio station here in town after a Vi-Queen loss … I hope to be tuning in on Monday morning to their “Whine Line” … Man I really want this game.

Take it easy BeerKid and GO PACK GO!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Deanna Favre issued a statement to the press yesterday regarding the text messages and lewd photos Brett allegedly sent;

"Those pictures Brett sent to that reporter were meant for me - but you know Brett - they were intercepted!"


Just watched the 'infomercial' at Bang Cartoons on the 2010 Brett Retirement package.

Good for a laugh, if your needing one today. (linky > http://www.bangcartoon.com/2009/4thandfour.htm )

Hope all is well there in sunny Cali -- regards to BeerScout, hope he is on the road to recovery!!



Quoth Lombardi...

   "You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn't mean a thing. That's for the fans. You've got to win the war with the man in front of you. You've got to get your man."
Posted by BeerKid / 7:22 AM

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge...

When It's Time To Be Pawned... It's Time For

Horn Stars

Posted by BeerKid / 9:38 AM

Friday, October 22, 2010           

The Only Purple I Like...

The Only Purple I Like Is Grape Soda... So says former FB William Henderson of the Green Bay Packers at his blog at 540ESPN Milwaukee. In a soon to be all-time classic rant - The only purple I like is grape soda - about the purple-clad boys from Minnesota, William gets off some classic lines, like the following "The Vikings trophy case still shares all the characteristics of an empty glass of water". Go check it out, a funny article from a former Packers player. A big thanks to Lemondrop for forwarding this in to us.

A long time ago, we were watching the Packers game in the basement of a bar (only place there to guarantee audio for the Packers game) when a packers jersey wearing fan showed up with his non-football watching new girlfriend. I believe she had tried to get him a purple sweater for his b-day or similar. He refused the gift. She didn't understand this whole aversion to purple that some of us Packer fans carry around with us. I explained to her how I grew up without any purple clothing until I was in my early 30's and then allowed some simple purple t-shirts (I had every other color) into my wardrobe. She was looking on in somewhat disbelief, he was nodding his head vigorously in agreement. In the end, I'm sure she thought BeerScout and I were crazy, but maybe, just maybe she looked at her boyfriend as being just a little bit less crazy. So it's good to know that I can line-up in good standing with Gilbert Brown and William Henderson and a cast of thousands.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!
Posted by BeerKid / 11:25 AM

Blast From The Past...

Oh No. They Say He's Got To Go.
Go Go Packzilla!


Posted by BeerKid / 11:42 AM

Saturday, October 23, 2010           

Packers Verses Vikings...
Once Again This Is The Week
When Brett Returns To Lambeau
The Place Where He Became A Superstar
Until It Was Time For Him To Go

Somehow He Wound Up In Minnesota
That Was Probably The Plan From The Beginning
He Stepped Right In, Picked Up The Ball
And The Vikings Started Winning

As Brett Delayed Returning As Long As He Could
Thinking That Last Season Went So Easily
That This Season Would Also Turn Out Good

Whether It's His Protection That Is Lacking
Or Perhaps He's Lost A Shred Of Speed
But The Elusiveness That So Often Saved Him
Is Often Lacking In Times Of Need

Lagging And Nagging Injuries Have Prevented
Have Made It Hard For The Vikings To Compete
They're Hoping The Trade For Randy Moss
Can Help Make This Team Complete

The Packers Have Had To Face Their Own Demons
As After An Impressive Start The Team Has Faltered
Leaving Them Attempting To Determine Why
The Plan For Domination Has Been Altered

Injuries Are One Of The Major Problems
As They've Had Up To Eight Players Be M-I-A
But Still They've Managed To Be Competitive
Each Week When It's Time To Play

From The Time That Ryan Grant Went Down
The Pack Has Lacked A Running Game
Although Brandon Jackson Gives Us His Best
And After Losing Finley The Offense Is Not The Same

However This Week Some Of These Guys Return
Which Is Going To Help The Team A Bunch
Especially When Guys Like Clay Matthews
Get To Hand Mr Favre His Lunch

As Long As Aaron Remains Upright
The Packers Will Have A Chance To Win
But That Can Change For The Worse
If The Vikes' D-Line Gets Loose Once Again

But Rodgers And His Receiving Corps
Will Be The Key To The Packers' Win
Although The Defense Can Play A Big Role
As They've Done Time And Again

These Teams Have Been Long-Time Rivals
Playing Tough Games Right From The Beginning
Minnesota's Won The Last Three Times
It's Time For The Packers To Start Winning

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Well, it's time for the first in what will be a couple of pretty good games. Let's hope the Packers' training staff has had the time to rebuild some of the wounded warriors, and they'll be able to deal with the purple gang....... Go Pack!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Posted by BeerKid / 10:58 AM

Spew Off Speak Out....

You got to love Saturday Night Live, oh yeah, Open Fly jeans sponsored by our favorite "legendary" QB... hah aha ahahahah, eh.

Click on the above image to head on over to BF Open Fly commericial at Hulu.com to watch the 1 minute long commercial clip for Wranglers Open Fly Jeans. Here's another link from BeerScout at TV Crunch - SNL BF Parody. Here's another link from BeerScout's Bro, Turbodog Brett Favre Wrangler Commercial at NBC.

Gameday Sounds: If you, like me, like to sit around and watch the game and make some noise from my computer every once in awhile, well I'm here to help out with the game day ambiance with Go Pack Go - Classic, or the 6 Packers Go Pack Go!. Vince screaming What the Hell Is Going On Out Here is great one, especially this year. For today's game we have The Viking Horn Is Not Right, which has plans for some over-usage this evening.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Big Day for very proud parents! Our daughter and her collegiate colleagues are attending today’s Packer game against the queens. She knows the rich history of the Packers and their contributions to the NFL. Oh ya, she's also a former Packer Training Camp Bike Ride supplier to Mark Tauscher. We know she’ll be an asset to today’s Packer victory and tailgating crowd!

Go Pack, Go!

Mr. & Mrs. Boz

I think some of you think that if we criticize the Packers management, it means we are not Packer fans. I think we have many of the pieces to have a great team. I am frustrated by year after year of seeing the same weaknesses. Tired of the same old, same old, approach to coaching. We can be much better. Packers over Queens by 14


Hey Camp, by 14 points, hmmmm, I'll go by 10, Packers 27 Vikqueens 17.  BK

LLtP, the point isn't that the refs made good or bad calls. The point is that the Packers are consistently outcoached and don't play with the fire that is necessary to win consistently. The Packers are 1-11 in the last 12 games decided by 4 points or less. That shows lack of focus to win. We need to play Packer football. We need to play to win, not get by the other team.


Here's a love song for gramps with my best wishes.

A Love Song For Grandpa - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIl-CgZQE2o


Where's the Packer fans BeerKid??? Supporting them through thick and thin, against all foes!!!! Last I knew TT/MM were members of the Packers but yet always under attack from some of the fans. From what I've seen, all three loses were aided by questionable and wrong calls by the officials. Where's the comments from the fans about those???? We're already decimated by injuries and the officials have become just as debilatating to the Pack!!! I think the Pack has done an admirable job considering that have had to play three opponites every game!!! (injuries, refs and the other team)

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey LLtP, my guess with all the mistakes and uncertainity that happened the last few weeks and that goddamned Bears game have fans kinda re-looking at things and then that slide back to where these guys on the Packers are going to have start proving a few things to get this cheddar leaden bandwagon of drunken Fans rolling down the traintracks to better days. I would like to see a win over the hated-rivals Vikings to start with... it's getting crowded where I moved to.  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever - the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it."
Posted by BeerKid / 2:12 PM

Monday, October 25, 2010           

The Viking Horn Is Not Right...

Packers Beat Vikings 28-24 - 1st Place NFC North

We were ready! (Play - Go Pack Go - Classic) BeerScout brought over a big bottle of Black Butte, add my 3 big bottles of Arrogant Bastard Ale, and Shane shows up with a 6 pack of Bass Ale. The Packer Palace Tarot Card Set was out too. Like I said, "We were READY!" Game starts, exactly the way I want, Packers kick-off, Vikes go 3 and out (Play - The Viking Horn Is Not Right) and punt the ball.

Packers score a TD first. Brandon Jackson. (Play - Go Pack Go - Classic) Vikes, Harvin match. Aaron Rodgers to Andrew Quarless. Peterson. Repeats the cycle to 14-14. Favre deep middle... Shiancoe TD!!!! McCarthy throws the red flag. Official Review. (Play - The Viking Horn Is Not Right) Oh. Somehow ruled incomplete. (Darth Vincent Death Card was face up - only explanation we have) A FG makes it Vikes 17 Pack 14 at halftime.

Second Half starts... Pack 3 and out. (Play - Vince - What The Hell Is Going On Out Here) Vikes QB Favre back to pass. (Play - The Viking Horn Is Not Right) AJ HAWK!!! Intercepted. Greg Jennings!!! TD Green Bay! (Play - Go Pack Go - Classic) Packers are up 21-17 and the Party is starting to revvvvvvvv up again. Favre back to pass again, (Play - The Viking Horn Is Not Right) DESMOND BISHOP!!!! TD!! Electrifying! (Play - Go Pack Go! - 6 Packers) Party notches up past Maximum and hits 12. Tarot cards keep flipping - "Burning - On a Roll..." That was us, that was the Pack.

Favre. Moss. TD. We all knew that was coming sooner or later. Pack still leads 28-24. Into the 4th quarter we go. Favre back to pass. (Play - The Viking Horn Is Not Right) NICK COLLINS!!!! Favres 3rd Interception of the game. Again. Favre back to pass. (Play - The Viking Horn Is Not Right) JARIUS WYNN!!!! Sack! (Play - Go Pack Go - Classic) Thank the AudioGod tarot card, "We've broken their Code". Stop me if heard this already, Favre back to pass. Harvin. TD!!! The Replay Assistant throws the red flag. Official Review!!! (Play - The Viking Horn Is Not Right) Incomplete Pass! Let's hear it again. (Play - The Viking Horn Is Not Right) Final Score: Packers 28 Vikings 24. (Play - Go Pack Go - Classic)

Packers win. Packers win. Vikqueens go down in defeat in Green Bay. Favre limps off field. It's daylight the next day, but Packer Nation is still celebrating and drinking in the win.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life! (Play - Go Pack Go! - 6 Packers)


Hey Beerkid, The Gigantic Gorilla is off the PACKERS backs and #4 and Da-Queens "WENT DOWN in "TITLETOWN U.S.A!"

We all knew the game was going to be close, BUT MAN... I found out last night I'm almost out of my high blood pressure meds (Again)!

I have been listening to Da-ViQueen Whine Line on their local sports talk radio station here in MINNECRAPOLIS today and I have been LOVING IT!! Childress is getting a taste of when calls go the other way and his presser after the game has everyone (who happens to be a Queens fan) in panic mode with #4's play last night and questioning #4's decision making during the game.

My game ball goes to the O-Line and especially Chad Clifton. He deserved one for sure with his excellent work against "The Mullet" which helped keep Aaron on his feet all night.

What a difference a year makes eh?

I would have liked to have seen Capers release the FURY of HELL on #4 more often and see Coach McMeathead toss a quick screen instead of a long bomb on 3rd down and 2 and perhaps stop running the ball up the gut two times in a row and then leave the backfield empty for a 3rd down predictable pass play.

I thought the fake field goal play was outstanding until Quarless experienced "Buck Fever" and couldn't pull the trigger with a reception on a perfect pass from Matt Flynn.

"START SPREADING THE NEWS BEERKID"... The PACKERS will only IMPROVE from this very emotional and critical division win and KICK REX (FILL IN YOUR FAVORITE EXPLETIVE) RYAN AND THE JETS'ASS on Sunday.


PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

The " W " is great!! Something stumps me, though. Why in the world are the Packers trying bouncing/pooch/straight-line kicks?? Two weeks in a row we've given opponents huge starting position advantages. Is Crosby being told to do this or does he have an injury? That guy has a leg --- LET him use it!

Scott of Chippewa Falls

I'll be honest...I didn't think we would win. So beat me up if you all want. But I'm happy as hell we did! Watching Favre fall on his ass, get up and throw the ball out of bounds to seal the loss, then limp off the Lambeau turf in defeat...well, it was everything I thought it would be, and more. Huge game at the Jets coming up, so I'll even mostly skip the opportunity to lambaste McCarthy for the 29 Fullback Dives he called...GO PACKERS!


Can you please find a picture of McCarthy after Harvin's catch out of the endzone when the Vikings started celebrating. The camera showed a close-up of his face and it looked like the devil took his soul.


Hey TyTy, you mean this pic of redeyed Mike >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> apparently head coaches, when peering into the abyss do get all teary-eyed. But the Packers recovered.   BK

Fantastic job with the play by play recap.


First things first. Congrats to A Rodg for beating Brent Perve in Lambeau. A Rodg is a class act and deserves that win. I am proud of him and how he has conducted himself the last few years. Great Job. Nice job to the O line for keeping that hoodlum(I am bringing that word back) Jared Allen and the steroid Twins the Williams brothers off of our QB. Outstanding job. James Jones it was nice to see you hang on to the ball more than you drop it. Good on ya. And to Brandon Jackson for having a game that kinda made me feel like we actually had a run game. Even though we really did not.

Now to our head coach Mike McMeathead. I am very disappointed in how hard you tried to lose this game for us. The first half was great. Then you get in this fog that you pull back and play not to lose instead of play to win. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING giving Brent the short field on the kick off RIGHT AFTER OUR DEFENSE JUST PUT THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN? I know Harvin is great in the run back but I would much rather let him run it to the 44yd line than just roll it there for them. MAKE THEM EARN IT YOU MORON. You just drive me crazy with those stupid looks you give on the sideline like you are not sure exactly where you are.

Also we do not have a run game, stop trying to run the clock out in the second half. WE CAN'T DO IT. Your GM FAILED to get us a RB that can run the ball downhill and therefore run out the clock. Stick to the plan that you use to always get off to a good start in the first half. Or is Childress just that good of a coach that can make the better adjustments to beat your ass in the second half?

You suck dick weed. Although I WILL give you credit that you stopped the penalties for this game. We will see how that goes next week. Pull your head out of your ass. Oh and if you are gonna run a fake FG, make sure you put a WR out there that does not trip over the yard line.

Again, Congrats A Rodg on getting that ego centric, perverted monkey off your back. You are a class act and it is an honor to have you on our team.

GO PACK GO and beat the crap out of that loudmouth coach in NY.

hamilton aka Sign Boy

As awesome as it was to finally beat Favre and the Vikings, I'm worried as to what is going to happen when we play a team that has rhythm, and a QB that won't hand us 14 easy points. I wish I could say that I am totally stoked and happy, but the Pack really did not look that good. The whole NFC North is in poor shape right now. This win was huge for the Packers, I hope they can build on it from here, because I see a lot wrong with the Packers. I'm looking at you McCarthy.

Dave Barr

What a great nite for the D-line,or whats left of them. They really stepped up but what do we do now???


Most satisfying win in years. Probably since the Super Bowl win. Screw you, Bert.


Hard fought game! Good Win! We will take it! Time to toughen up for the big run now!

Too drunk to wright more... ok

Refs sucked on boths sides!

Great Job!


If watching Butt Farve and Randy Moss teaming together against the Packers doesn't disgust you, I don't know what does????

Long Live the Pack!!!

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."
Posted by BeerKid / 9:45 AM

Tuesday, October 26, 2010           

Blast From The Past...

Squatch 'n
the Jets

Bahtman vs.
the Jokers

Posted by BeerKid / 9:21 AM

Wednesday, October 27, 2010           

Speak Out Spew Off...
Signs NBC didn't show, for use on your site if you wish...

Chica #66

Vikings fans: When you guys go out and buy your purple clothes and pigtails, do you have to sign something first that says you swear to blame every loss on the officials?

So the bad calls cost the Vikings the game? Really? I'll give you that the Shiancoe call sucked. But that was in the SECOND QUARTER!!! You had an entire half of football to overcome it. But you didn't. You blew chunks the rest of the game and scored 7 whole points in the 2nd half.

You know what cost you the game? Your limping, pathetic, drama queen QB throwing THREE HORRIBLE interceptions in the 2nd half, and your great (HA!) defense giving up 380 yards, amassing ZERO sacks, and forcing two punts the entire game. Rodgers' ass hit the grass maybe one time all night. Were the refs blocking JareDUI Alcoholic and OverRAYted Edwards? If so, they did one hell of a job. Kleenex is on sale at Walgreens, losers. Get a case. There's a lot of football left this year.


BK - Childress is a moron. Why didn't Chilly go for two with the Vikings down by 5 after the touchdown? If you miss the two point conversion, you are down by 5 and need a touchdown. When you kick the XP, you are down by 4 and need a touchdown. If you make the 2pt conversion, you are down by 3, Longwell kicks the fieldgoal to send it to OT. I'll never understand it.

Frank in Waterford

Sissy Anthem, Hell here's what to do with Jets: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwXn79HIR1E


It is my opinion that no other NFL team has experienced more comical screw-ups/scandals/chokes/foibles than the MN Vikings. With that, I am drafting a compilation of all of these incidences that have occured with the queens over the decades, to have for posterity's sake. Please look over this list and help me out with any that I may be missing:
  1. Jim "wrong way" Marshall
  2. 0-4 in Superbowl [one of only 3 NFL teams to enjoy such futility]
  3. Drew Pearson pushed off!
  4. The razing of the Old Met, in favor of building the Metrodump (also referred to by Mike Ditka as a "roller rink")
  5. The roof of the Metrodump subsequently deflating/collapsing
  6. The Herschel Walker trade [possibly the all-time colossal screw-up]
  7. Tommy "two flask" Kramer
  8. Denny Green's affair with a Winter Park staffer (leading to her aborting his baby)
  9. 1998 NFC Championship game: Anderson's shanked kick
  10. Nathan Poole's infamous catch in AZ ("Nooooooooooooooo!!!")
  11. Randy Moss "playing when he wants to play", squirting official, mowing down meter-maid with his car, blunt in the ashtray that "isn't his", walking off the field in Washington with time left on the clock
  12. Daunte Culpepper - perhaps *the* most over-rated/over-hyped QB in the history of the franchise; at one point vikingfan was building a wing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for this guy
  13. Mike Tice scalping Superbowl tickets
  14. The "Whizzinator"
  15. The "Love Boat"
  16. 41-0 in the Meadowlands
  17. Allegations of the Giants "stealing signals" during 41-0
  18. Les Steckel *snicker*
  19. 2009 NFC Championship game
  20. Routine television blackouts of games in the Metrodump
  21. Christine Hovan shoving a UW-Badger band player during warm-ups at Lambeau
  22. Christine Hovan whipping the bird at GB fans in the stands at Lambeau prior to running into the tunnel
  23. Head coach Jerry ^%$#@! Burns' notorious potty-mouth [making post-game interviews highly entertaining, albeit with every other word 'bleeped' out]
  24. Mike Tice and Co. not getting their draft picks to the podium on-time - more than once.
#66 Chica

The recent pic ups should fill the holes from injuries!!! Tramon Williams is having a career year!!! Pro bowler no doubt. AJ Hawk is looking better every game! Rogers need to turn it up a few notches, I think we can beat the Jets especialy if they blitz!!!!! Brandon Jackson 100 yds. Pat Lee KR runs one for a TD. Claymaker gets 3 saks!!!!!!!

Go Pack Go!!!!!!!


Breaking news!!!!!! Childress changes phone # - New # is Whine-1-1


ou forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.

Rürup Rente Vergleich

It was my understanding that until Sunday Brrrettt had thrown an interception to every team but the Pack. After throwing "3" on Sunday, I would have expected someone to announce that he was the only QB to throw an interception to EVERY team. Does anyone know if this stuff is true? Maybe LORD Favre just didn't want anyone to know this news.


We need something different than that "Packers Anthem" that is sponsored by JSOnline. That Packers Anthem isn't any more exciting than "San Diego Superchargers" - put on your roller skates and disco - not real inspiring for football.

I resubmit, my beer induced love song to the sexting Grandpa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIl-CgZQE2o

Unfortunately, for yu'all more is coming.

Hey Show, If the refs had made all the correct calls the Pack beats you a lot worse. Live with it.

Keg Man

BK - I find it funny how Childress whined so much about the refs. Yes, there were some questionable calls, but they happen weekly in the NFL. Look at the Steeler/Dolphin game in the same week.

From what I understand, each team will ask the league office about calls every week, and get a response. Teams aren't supposed to disclose the league response, but in this case Childress did that as well.

My point is that it is throwing so much more light on something that is fairly common, given that Childress is whining like a loser would in this case.

MN Packer Backer

Pat McCurdy's Packer Anthem...singing it loud and proud this WHOLE week in all the faces of the Queen fans. GO PACK!!!

We Love the Green and Gold - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-xRXEDssaQ

Greg T, Minneapolis

What else can I say??

Brett Favre - Throwin' Picks and Textin' Chicks >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Packer Paul - Minneapolis MN

Where do you start? The O-Line played awesome as did what was left of our D-Line... Special Thanks to BJ, CJ, Chadley, Scotty, Clay, Dez, and Tramon. That's another game that makes us proud to be a Packer Fans.

Daughter had an absolutely awesome time. Thanks DGray!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Boz

Hey Boz, good to hear everything went as planned....   BK

Are we going to pick up a DE or is someone going to get healthy? I see no other options.

Joe from Ohio

Hey Joe, 2 backup LB's were signed to the roster, D-linemen, none so far besides TJ Lang subbing in here and there.   BK

As a Viking fan here, I do enjoy reading what you packer fans have to rant about. Congrats on the win...What a TERRIBLE job by the refs. Both teams got screwed on calls, the difference being that the calls the Queens got jobbed on cost us the game...oh well, we'll bounce back. Still think we are the better team.

And one thing I still don't understand for the life of me is why packer fans boo Brett Favre with so much hate. Really?

The Show

Hey The Show, I haven't rooted for any Vikqueen player ever in my life... I find no reason to start now with BF. Some day, he'll retire, and Packers Nation will allow him back into the fold. Otherwise, he is the QB for our hated rival, and the only sports related thing that makes me smile more than a Packers win, is a Vikings loss. Anyway, the BF millstone is now around the Childress and the Vikings... good luck (not really) trying to swim to shore. Ha hahahaha, Vikqueens suck, eh.   BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."
Posted by BeerKid / 10:14 AM

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge...

I Ain't Afraid Of No Jet...

The Jetbusters

Posted by BeerKid / 2:11 PM

Sunday, October 31, 2010           

Packers Verses Vikings...
Brett Favre Led The Vikings Into Lambeau Sunday
Looking Like They Were Set And Loaded For Bear
Bringing Peterson, Moss And Jared Allen
A Team That Last Year Owned Green Bay There

Early On The Game Was Pretty Even
Played With Strength And Speed
The Vikes Were Aided By Two Rodgers Interceptions
Something Green Bay Surely Didn't Need

However As The Game Wound Down To The End
Brett Returned The Favor To His Old Team
Giving The Packers Two Easy Touchdowns
And A Chance To Watch Coach Chilly Scream

Now As The Vikes Prepare To Play The Patriots Of New England
Can Brett Favre And His Injured Ankle Start?
Or Will Childress Force Him To Take A Seat
Tearing The Number Of Continuous Games Apart?

This Week Will Be Filled With Tension For The Vikes
As They're Deciding Just Who'd In Charge
Will Childress Break Brett's Startng Record?
And Let T-Jack Step Out And Start Living Large

Brett And His Record Are Pretty Important
Considering How Hard It Was To Make Him Play
It Would Be Really Risky For Coach Chilly
To Sit Him Down This Coming Sunday

The Packers Were Ready For Brett And His Team
As They Rolled Into Lambeau Last Sunday Night
Green Bay Was Not Planning To Roll Over
But Rather To Put Up Quite A Fight

The First Half Saw A Game That Went Back And Forth
With The Vikings Even Taking A Halftime Lead
Helped By Those Two Picks Thrown By Rogers
Which Gave The Vikes Some Breaks They Seemed To Need

In The Second Half If Was Brett's Passes
That Managed To Go Awry
Three Times Landing In The Packers' Hands
And Sending Chilly's Blood Pressure High

With The Win Over Brett And His Boys
The Packers Share A Tie For First Place
Despite Having Their Injury List Growing
At A Remarkably Generous Pace

The Jets Are The Team They'll Play This Week
The Place Where Favre Also Spent A Season
It Seems Like They're Getting A Chance To Erase The Past
For Whatever Rhyme Or Reason

The Pats Will Face Randy Moss And The Vikes
In A Game That Shouldn't Cause Them Much Struggle
While The Packers Will Give The Jets All They Can
Though Injury Will Cause The Packers’ Defense To Be Juggled

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

--and the season is nearly one-half over!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Posted by BeerKid / 3:31 AM