Friday, October 30, 2009

Presagin' Packer Prognosticators... 

Q:  Will The Packers Get Some Revenge By Smacking Around Brett Favre And The Minnesota Vikings This Sunday Afternoon At Lambeau Field in Green Bay And Come Away With A Win?
A:  Yes.

Magic Gold G-Ball

The Re-Match is on and the Vikings are coming into Green Bay to face the Packers for the 2nd time this year. Very important game for the Packers if they have any designs on winning the NFC North and pushing their status from "pretender" to "contender" for the eventual NFL Playoffs. The Pack's "D" is looking better as they get healthier, the "O" is playing better (no 8 sacks for the Vikes this time) with C Scott Wells and LT TJ Lang on the field. It's a home game for the Pack, and with that advantage, the Pack should win 28-20 when Favre's end of game comeback falls short because of a downfield un-tipped INT by S Nick Collins!!!

Beer Kid

Packers Verses Vikings... 

Brett Favre's Return To Lambeau Field
Should Create An Enormous Kerfuffle
Will He Run Off The Field Victorious
Or Limp Off With A Loser's Shuffle?

What Will Happen Sunday Afternoon
When Once Again Brett Takes That Hallowed Ground
Will It Feel Like The Place Where He Was A Champion
Or The Place He Was Sometimes Pushed Around?


Minnesota's Team Played Pretty Well Last Week
As They Faced The Defending Super Bowl Winners
They Ran And Passed Better Than Pittsburgh
Til Breaks And Mistakes Made Then Look Like Beginners

Brett Had Been Playing An Outstanding Game
Using His Wisdom And Talents To The Max
Then His Committing Two Late Turnovers
Stopped The Vikings Team Cold In Their Tracks

While Disappointing, This Wasn't A Tragedy
For Reality Says That No One Goes Undefeated
With The Far More Important Factor Being
Just How Well Your Team Competed

The Steelers Proved That The Vikings Aren't Perfect
And That Games Come Down To Making The Plays
No Matter How Well It Seems You're Doing
It's Just Not Going To Be Enough One Day

The Question Now Facing The Vikings Is
Will The Loss Leave Their Confidence Shaken?
For This May Not Be The Best Week To Wonder
If Their Abilities And Plans Are Mistaken

Don't Think The Pack's Not Been Watching
As The Vikes Have Found Winning's Not So Easy
And Though They're Saying All Of The Right Things
Minnesota's Players Have Got To Be A Bit Queasy


For The Past Two Weeks The Packers Team
Has Seemed Like An Unstoppable Force
They've Scored Fifty-Seven And Given Up Three
(Against Second-Rate Opponents Of Course)

The Browns And The Lions Before Them
Never Really Had A Chance In Their Games
As The Packers Took Control And Beat Them Up
Which Was Of Course Their Ultimate Aim

For The Packers Had Come Out Of Their Bye Week
Knowing Their Confidence Had Been Badly Shaken
Facing These Teams Just When They Did
Gave Their Pride A Chance To Reawaken

In Truth They Have Made Some Serious Strides
And Are Really Beginning To Look Like A Team
The Defense Has Been Awfully Stingy
And The Offense Is Picking Up Steam

The Packers Can At Last Run The Ball
An Ability That's Been Long-Awaited

As The Backs Finally Can Find Some Holes
That Their Offensive Linemen Created

Aaron Rodgers Has Been Quite Good
According Both To Wins And The Rankings
And If The Offensive Line Can Keep Him Upright
The Vikes' Defense Is In For A Serious Spanking


This Is Not To Say The Vikes Are The Browns
Or That This Game Is An Easy Green Bay Win
For Minnesota's Team Is Very Explosive
As Demonstrated Again And Again

Their Running Game Is Still Pretty Potent
Though Peterson's Not Been Running Roughshod
And Is His Tough-Guy Attitude And Persona Real?
Or Is It Really Just An Elaborate Facade?

"Eight In The Box" Is Always The Key
To Keeping "All-Day" Under A Hundred
And If The Packers Can Blitz And Hurry Favre
Green Bay's Coaches Will Not Have Blundered

Both Teams' Rosters Are Somewhat Battered
With Big-Name Players Winding Up Benched
Most Of Who Will Still Find Themselves At Game's End
With Aching Muscles And Completely Tensed

Jared Allen And Pals Will Bring All They've Got
Against A Packers' Line That's Somewhat Depleted
Knowing Full Well That If Rodgers Has Time
His Passes Will Surely Be Completed

The Packers' Game Is Going To Hinge
On The Play Of That Patchwork Offensive Line
A Unit That Has Taken Criticism
But Can't Really Say They've Been Maligned

Of Course The Home Team Will Be Coming As Well
Doing Their Best To Give Favre Some Hurries
For When He's Pressed He'll Make Mistakes
Number One Among Coach Chilly's Worries


This Game Will Be Filled With Emotion
And The Play Will Be Rough And Uncouth
Unfortunately For Brett And The Vikings
The Pack Will Drain His Fountain Of Youth

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

The game we've all been waiting for!! Will it be boos or cheers or grudging admiration?? My guess is that it will all depend on the outcome, but as much as I still admire Brett's talent and skill - I DO want the Packers to kick his ass this week!!!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge... 

FavreHorn VikeHorn

Flogging A Dead Horse... Encore! 

The Tide Detergent Challenge!

Takes The Shit Right Out Of Your Shirt!

***** Encore post from August 2004 - Thanks to The Schrammie-meister for emailing it in to us. *****

Championship Histories... Encore! 

Green Bay Packers  12-3
1929  1-0 1st Place  
1930  2-0 1st Place  
1931  3-0 1st Place  
1936  4-0 Boston Redskins 21-6 
1938  4-1 New York Giants 17-23
1939  5-1 New York Giants 21-0 
1944  6-1 New York Giants 14-7 
1960  6-2 Philadelphia Eagles 13-17
1961  7-2 New York Giants 37-0 
1962  8-2 New York Giants 16-7 
1965  9-2 Cleveland Browns 23-12
1966 10-2 Kansas City Chiefs 35-10
1967 11-2 Oakland Raiders 33-14
1997 12-2 New England Patriots 35-21
1998 12-3 Denver Broncos 24-31
Minnesota Vikings  0-4
1970 0-1 Kansas City Chiefs  7-23
1974 0-2 Miami Dolphins  7-24
1975 0-3 Pittsburgh Steelers  6-16
1977 0-4 Oakland Raiders 14-32


Brought to you by the Meat Slicers Club.  Accepted Everywhere!
Even for those who've never been this far before.

***** Encore post originally from February 2004 *****

Blast From The Past... 



The Farm
Film Report

Speak Out Spew Off... 

One thing that's bothering me the last few days in the whole crap that "yeah, the Packers are 4-2, but 3 of those wins are against the Lions, Browns and Rams" blather... Just a reminder, the Vikings have also played and beaten those 3 teams too as a part of their 6-1 record this year. Packers have outscored those 3 opponents 93-20 while the Vikes have outscored them 99-43. Similar but the edge goes to the Packers defense so far.

I don't care how fans greet the announcement of Brett Favre's name in Lambeau Field this Sunday. I would prefer Boo's and pleasant swear words, but I'm expecting to hear quite a few cheers by former Packer fans. If you want to give BF an ovation, do it when he walks off the field at the end of the game win or lose.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


3 simple words to the Packers...   UNLEASH AARON KAMPMAN   Pressure...Pressure...Pressure...


Great Rockwood Lodge!


I second the kudos on the Rockwood Lodge this week. omg... I almost fell out of my chair at the Childress image.

Memo to Don Capers: UNLEASH THE HOUNDS!! Show ZERO mercy!! PLEASE!! This game is so MUST-WIN it hurts!! GO PACK GO!! (p.s. GREAT graphic, Packer Paul!)

#66 Chica

It was another CLASSIC Vikqueen episode!


The game is on 'live' here across the pond..listen out, you may hear me every time THAT man goes down.....Go Pack!!!!


excited to see Favre end his career in GB like it should of been. at least he will have 12 million bucks to pay for his knee replacements. heck..he might be ready for dancing with the stars by next year! so excited!!! i hear john madden will be his partner too


FAVRE!!! At least the colors match the ****** now

Anon Fan #253.8

Hey Anonymous Commenter #253.8 - Dude... I'm not a fan of the color purple either, and I can swear a blue-streak over BF any day of the week, but please, there's no need to go all Larry Johnson on the old guy just because of it.  BK

So there is talk that Larry Johnson could be cut cause he's a pain in the ass! Do you think the Pack could handle his SHANNANAGINS? I don't know if he would be the best pick up but I think a change of scenery for that guy might do him some good! If he gets cut I would be interested to see what he could do in Green Bay!

Chris from FL

Hey Chris... I don't see that desperate of a need for Larry Johnson and the baggage train he would bring with him... he would first have to be outright released before the Pack could take interest.  BK


Hey Nelson... yeah that's for sure, ESPN is definitely in bed with Brett Favre... click on that pic at your own risk... oh it's not dangerous, it's just spine-tingling... and not in the good way of spine-tingling either...  BK

Nice article, let's hope it comes true -

Landon in Bear country

What else is there to say?? GO PACK GO! Yea, we're over him!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Mental toughness is many things and rather difficult to explain. Its qualities are sacrifice and self-denial. Also, most importantly, it is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It's a state of mind, you could call it character in action."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leftover Pic's From The Last Time... 

*** Thanks to BeerScout for forwarding the Packers-Vikings maze, and thanks to Packer Paul for forwarding in the other 2 pic's...   BK

Packers 2nd Place NFC North 4-2... 

Alright, the Packers rolled the Browns pretty much the way they should have, a final score of 31-3 that keeps the Pack in 2nd place of the NFC North with a 4-2 record. Next up comes the Vikings with Brett Favre (fresh off their loss to Pittsburgh today 17-27) coming into Lambeau Field for the 2nd matchup and a chance for the Pack to knock the Vikings down to the same 2-loss level that will give the Pack a shot at claiming 1st place in the division.

The other good news today, was watching the Bears get humiliated by the Bengals 10-45. Wow!!! I'm thinking that Detroit would have giving Cincinnati a better game today. Heh heh heheh eh. So an overall great day for Green Bay Packers football.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Speak Out Spew Off!


You know, in thinking about the words of wisdom from LeRoy that I posted earlier, I really think that Sentry/Pick 'n Save/Kohls/Costco or whatever local retailer should provide paper bags at the turnstile gates as the "free giveaway item" this Sunday. That way the GBP "fans" who want to "cheer" for QueenFavre can do so in anonymity. damn... Is it Sunday yet??

#66 Chica

Wow, this is just "Good, thought-provoking, entertainment" -


BK - Now the last thing, One Injury To Favre and the Vikings season is over too...

Not Really, I'd take TJ over Flynn any day of the week. At least he has real game experience. Nice try though...

Iowa Boy

Hey IB, sure, I'd take TJ over Flynn too... as the backup QB. None the less, no one expects TJ to win a big game so my comment still remains true, the Vikes season would be over if Favre is out.  BK

I really like your blog and i respect your work. I'll be a frequent visitor.


Nothing like a little spam email to get the day off to a positive start...  BK

The Packers may not have a bigger game this year than the upcoming battle with the Vikings. Sort of reminds me of battles past with 49ers, Cowboys, or Bucs. The Packers were able to beat both the 49ers and Bucs in big games, but the Cowboys seem to have their number.

As luck would have it, the Cowboys lost when it should have been they and not the Giants in Favre's final game as a Packer. I will always wonder how things might have changed with Favre at Texas Stadium in the warm weather instead of looking like a frozen ice fisherman at Lambeau.

The Vikings will not be easy to beat, but I predict that the team who goes out and punches the other guy in mouth will be the winner. The Packers need to take it to the Vikings and that starts with the offensive line kicking the shit out of the opposition right out of the blocks. Like the biggest bully on the block who runs home to mama when he gets punched, the Vikings do not respond well to having their ass kicked instead of kissed.


btw, I *LOVE* what true-Packer LeRoy has to say in today's journal-sentinel about the whole issue of "ambivalent" (*cough!*) "Packers fans" and Queen Favre's return to the home that MADE him... Enjoy -
  • Q. What do you think the fan reaction to Brett Favre should be at Lambeau Field this Sunday and what do you think it actually will be?

  • A. The reaction should be 100% about Aaron Rodgers. When Aaron Rodgers comes out there you should give Aaron Rodgers a standing ovation because he's our guy for the next 10 years. When Brett comes out you do like any other opposing quarterback, you boo him. If you don't want to boo him, don't say anything. But if you're going to stand up wearing Packer clothing or a Packer uniform and cheer when Brett Favre comes out, you should bring a bag and put it over your head. You don't cheer for somebody to beat your team, I don't care who it is. You don't cheer for another quarterback. If you want to cheer Brett, just bring a bag, put it over your head and you can cheer, and no one will hear you and that's fine. This is Aaron Rodgers' show. Don't let somebody come into your back yard and cheer against you. You don't cheer for another guy to beat your team. I hope I'm crystal clear with these fans who say they love to see Brett Favre. Well, Brett Favre is gone. It's Aaron Rodgers' show. He's the No. 1-rated quarterback in the NFC, including Brett Favre. I'm happy we'll be good for the next 10 years. I hope they'll cheer Aaron and boo Brett. If they don't want to boo him, that's their right. But any other quarterback they'd boo, what makes him so special? I mean, wait until he has his number retired, you can cheer him then. You can applaud him all you want. You can't do that the day of the game, and want your team to win. That's standing on the fence. You're either a Packer fan or a Brett fan. If you're a Brett fan, go buy some purple and wear purple. I have a strong feeling on this, this is my team. I played 12 years for this team. Anybody who comes into that stadium, I want them to lose. If it were me coming back, I wouldn't expect anyone to cheer for me when I'm going to destroy your team. Of course not.
#66 Chica

Hey BeerKid, Well the PACKERS "neutered" the "turds" and their so called "Dawg Pound"... did you see any of those sorry ass'd masked MO-FO's still in the stands by the start of the third quarter barking and holding up some kind of bone like it was some trophy or something? No, they were filing out with their tails between their legs well before the final gun sounded.

Before we get excited about our running game coming along people, these were the BROWNS (a.k.a. Turds).

I think the two most frustrating things I witnessed yesterday was the penalty for 12 men on the field during a punt return (inexcusable) and not getting 4th and a foot on the opening drive. Which begs the question, has Coach "Yes Man" lost control of this team??

Now, we face #4 and Da-Queens on Sunday. Memo to Defensive Coordinator Capers: "Let's take out the trash -- along with their talk and give them all we have." For the record, I am hoping for cold temps, snow and "Lady K" getting her tickets to the game. GO PACK GO!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.


Brittany does an Interview @ - Just thought others would like to read it.


Beer Kid, that Mangini head on the Lucy character holding the football was priceless. Thanks for the laugh. You must be a Photoshop genius... the material on this site is consistently the best!

#66 Chica

Hey #66 Chica, it's always been a 2-man job. BeerScout tends to provide the raw characters and most of our storyboard work, this week it was his mad photoshop skillz your complimenting. I on the other hand, end up trying to piece it all together and make something functional within Flash that produces the movie. My photoshop skillz are of the variety that look hacked and chopped in an un-elegant manner. If you have a few minutes, you might be interested to see how and what motive got us going back in 1995 by checking out a post from March 2008 - Birth Of Packer PalaceBK

The "Birth of Packer Palace" was an interesting read, BK. A start-up out of your (computer) garage! Very entrepreneurial, I must say GO PACK GO!!

#66 Chica


Jonny C, your birthday present was a week late, but you got it. Brent gave you a birthday present - happy interception! GO PACK!



Well, the Pack has squashed two horrible teams in a row. This is the part of the program known as "beating the teams you're supposed to beat." And I'll take it. Next up are the Queens in Lambeau. As much as I hate to add hype to the coming hype-fest, this truly is an extremely important game. Go Pack.



Bubba Franks just got let go. I bet we could get him too. Seriously, I'm glad Ahman is back and I hope he can contribute. And I hope Ben Rothlisberger has the game of his life Sunday. The same goes for our A-Rod against Cleveland. GO PACK.



Top five reasons the Packer's won't make the playoffs, yet again:
  1. The Vikings are a better team with Brett Favre. I know many of you are still in denial, but Favre does make them a better team. 6-0 isn't a fluke and although Favre hasn't played well in the latter eight in recent years, much of that can be attributed to cold weather. It's important to note that he's playing in a dome now and doesn't have many cold weather games this year.
  2. The OL sucks and the 3-4 isn't what it was cracked up to be in preseason. Thompson is partly responsible for this meltdown. Hence, why he's bringing back Tauscher. Thompson went overboard with replacing old expensive players with new cheaper players - his idiotic, let's build through the draft (alone) Philosophy.
  3. Rodgers is becoming predictable to defenses. He's a good QB, don't get me wrong. But he isn't spreading the ball out as much as he needs to. If it wasn't for Driver's ability to get make every catch, he'd be having a tough go of it.
  4. Green isn't the answer. RBs especially, fall off quickly. This isn't 2003.
  5. One injury to Rodgers and the year is over. Why don't they put in Flynn when they're up 26 points. MM and TT are gambling in a lot of ways with this team.
  6. Lack of depth. Hello, who hasn't noticed the trend here. TT loves to get rid of veterans only to bring them back later.
Iowa Boy

Hey IB, thanks for the 6 reasons.... by the way, it's early in the year, but with the logjam at 3-2 by several teams, guess who comes out on top - yep - The Pack currently holds the 5th seed 6th seed (forgot to adjust for the Cardinals actually holding the 4th seed) if the playoffs started today. So we'll all see if the Pack get into the playoffs or not. Next, no one, and I mean no one, thinks that GM TT is some super-great GM that leaves all the other one's in shame. He can draft to fill the back-end of a roster, but he is short-sighted on using every possible way to improve the team. BF quit on the Packers, BF made it the "My way or the highway" choice and after 6 months of "quitting", not surprising, the Packers gave showed him the highway out of town. I am still surprised that situation couldn't be resolved, which leads me to conclude it was all an act by BF to get off the Packers roster. His agent, Bus Cook, pulled the same maneuver with QB Jay Cutler. Now the last thing, One Injury To Favre and the Vikings season is over too... thanks for stopping by.  BK

If I was to give away my f@#ve shit it wouldn't be to a traitor fan like you, ircink.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn't mean a thing. That's for the fans. You've got to win the war with the man in front of you. You've got to get your man."

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Presagin' Packer Prognosticators... 

Q:  Are The Packers Going To Beat The Browns In Cleveland This Sunday?
A:  Outlook Good.

Magic Gold G-Ball

We all saw what the Packers did to the hapless Browns during the pre-season, but you shouldn't expect that same team to show up on Sunday. Sure they beat the Bills with only 2 completed passes, but that strategy isn't going to beat the Packers and it's starting to feel like the Packers are hitting their stride. I'm expecting the Pack to roll the Browns, something like 31-10 to be the final score. Go Pack!

Beer Kid

Packers Verses Vikings... 

There Is A Sense Of Deja Vu For Packers Fans
As They Glance At Vikings' Games This Year
Watching Minnesota Build Early Leads
Then Watching Those Advantages Disappear

But Typically The Comeback Drive Will Be Led
By The Heroic Efforts Of Number Four
Who Quickly Moves His Team Downfield
Then Throws The Pass That Slams The Door


The Ravens Found This Pattern In Play
As Their Comeback Bid Fell Just A Little Short
Leaving The Coaches And Players So Frustrated
They Probably All Went Out For A Little Snort

This Week The Steelers Are Lying In Wait
For The Vikings Team That Will Come To Play
Whose Defense Is Still Well-Thought Of
Though They've Been Shown To Have Feet Of Clay

Big Ben And His Steelers Offensive Team
Can Hardly Wait For Their Chance At That "D"
Whose Confidence Is Somewhat Shaken
And Winfield's Absence Probably Will Be Key

Troy Palamalu Will Have His Sights Set On "A.D."
While The Steeler 'Backers Will Be Stalking Brett
Bringing One Of The Fiercest Pass Rushes
That The Vikings Team Has Faced As Yet.


It's A Symptom Of The Problems In Green Bay
That 'Skunking' An Opponent Could Feel So "Blah"
It Almost Feels Like The Green Bay Team Got Lucky
Instead Of Filling The Fans With Awe

Of Course Giving Up Five Sacks To A Defense
Missing Three Of Four Starting Linemen
Doesn't Especially Inspire Confidence
As Rodgers Gets Hammered Again And Again

But They Were "Only" Playing The Lions
Whom They Still Managed To Get Around
Hopefully This Week Will Be A Little Easier
Since They're "Only" Playing The Browns

The Cleveland Team Has Been Decimated
Between Some Injuries And Now The Flu
There Are Starters Missing Everywhere
And It's Not Clear What They're Going To Do

Cleveland's Running Game Is A Shambles
And Their Passing Game Is Just A Mess
With The Defense Being So Up In The Air
Who'll Be Playing Is Anybody's Guess

The Packers Have Brought Back Ahman Green
As Well As Resiging Mark Tauscher The Old Tackle
But Instead Of Trying To Make Serious Repairs
Ted Thompson Is Working With Duct Tape And Spackle


The Vikings And Steelers Will Both Have To Focus
For Taking Each Other Lightly Would Be Remiss
And If Somehow The Browns Could Win
Teddy Should Be Thrown Headlong Into The Abyss....

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

While I'm still ambivalent about Brett playing for the vikes.... all there is to say is "Wow". All there is to do is wonder just how long it will last...... Meanwhile in Green Bay - just how DOES a 26-0 whuppin' of the Lions leave a person so blah??? These guys have to figure out how to play better (since the coaching staff apparently can't).....

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge 

Good Ol' DerekQuinn!

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So.... the Packers bring back Ahman Green to hopefully, some may call it magically, give the Pack a 3rd down running back. Why not... there is no RB on the team that can fill that role currently. In regards to AG's fumbling problems... he does fall right into the middle of all RB's - he fumbles every 66 touches over his career, highlighted by 2 years of fumbling that we fans remember the clearest. We'll see if he gets onto the field this week against the Browns in Cleveland. Ahman might just be what the doctor ordered.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


With the recent signings of Green and Tauscher, the Packers are in discussions with Tim Harris and KGB to bolster their pass rush.


"Ahman Green"? Ted Thompson has got to go.

hamilton aka Sign Boy

Ha! The Lions rockwood lodge video is one of the best yet. Well done.


Bye week couldn't get O-line and flag problems fixed. Other than that the team is good. Is there any way to fix this so a year full of potential doesn't go completely down the crapper?

Scott from Souptown

DoubleD: The most prolific wide receiver in Green Bay Packers history!! A 7th-round pick from Alcorn State ... subjected to various idiot-psuedofans' (not from this site - from others) claims that he's "never been a #1 wide receiver"...

You are the BEST. I would not trade you for ten Randi Moss's or twenty Terrell Owens... EVER!

Pure CLASS !*600/mjs-packers19_-spt_-sieu_-14-packers19.jpg*477/mjs-packers19_-spts_-jki.jpg

(Beer Kid - I think some special pics of DoubleD are in order this week)

#66 Chica

Mellonhead: If I might make a suggestion, pack up all your #4 "stuff" into a box and put it into an attic/basement/crawl-space or other place for safe-keeping. In another 50 years or so, it may or may not be worth some money (In which case, you or your progeny will at least be able to make some money off of the traitor that you spent so much of yours on in the first place). In the meantime, kick back and enjoy all the up-and-coming new talent on our Green Bay Packers. Including Clay Matthews. And *of course* - #12. Boo-Yah!!

#66 Chica

So I'm reading some of the NFL rumors on and one of the possible rumors is Cleveland putting Corey Williams on the trading block. I would love to see him come back but would he fit well into the 3-4 ? I just remember that our d-line was a monster at stopping the run a few years back with ol C-Dub clogging up the middle. O-line ? Or A-Rod holding onto the ball too long? A combination of both...I don't know but at least we're not in the same boat Tennessee is in.

Chris from FL

Hey Chris, TT might consider Corey Williams if he was cut outright, but otherwise Corey left GB as a DT to become a starting DE in the 3-4 in Cleveland... if can't do that there, he won't be able too in GB.  BK

It was good to get a win. But, WTF was Rogers doing in the game in the 4th quarter? Your up by 26 points. Rogers has already been sacked 5 times. Get Flynn in for some experience and save you starter. Another example of the clueless mind of Mike McCarthy. I think he is trying to pad Rogers' numbers so he compares better to Favre. Maybe this is an order from the God of all GMs....TT.


Hey Beerkid, Great game. We need a team like Da-Lions to show up (or NOT to show up) The PACKERS missed a number of opportunities. Opportunities that would have left the final score at 42 to 0 rather than 26-0... we need to have more discipline when it comes to penalties and our front line is still out of synch (even with an injured Chad Clifton on the line)... I thought Chads back up (T.J.Lang) did an outstanding job as did Clay Matthews and of course, "Mister October, Donald Driver!" (Donald happens to be featured for October on my 2009 PACKER calendar, how appropriate). It's too bad that people are just coming to realize what a "workhorse" Donald is. He works hard for every yard and makes some of the best catches that I have ever seen in the NFL. But we already knew what a raw talent he truly is.

Now we face the "Mistake by the Lake" (a.k.a. Cleveland) next week, we need to get healthy, not look past the "turds", stop making stupid penalties (I know not all of them Sunday were our doing, i.e. the personal foul for a low hit during a return against Brady Poppinga, my God he slipped into the guy or the PF on Donald Driver -- that one got me out of my seat, but then again I needed another beer at the time too) and we need to improve our O-Line to keep Aaron healthy and productive other wise it's "well there's always next season."


PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

"The Green Bay Packers' offense is back. Except for the seven penalties that cost it 51 yards. And the two dropped passes. And the five sacks. And the two turnovers. And the five shots in the red zone that yielded one touchdown. And the inability to run the ball in the first half. Other than that, the offense is back." JSOnline.


I don't care if the Vikings are 6-0. They still suck, and here are the Top Ten reasons why:KevinF

hey mellonhead - i'll take your Favre stuff if you don't want it. IF you're serious about getting rid of it. for some reason, i don't think you are though.

jeff ircink

OMG... The only thing that SUCKS more than the Lions do is Dulpepper. Good lord he was putrid! Was there ever a bigger flame-out qb in the NFL than him? I can remember back when the purploids were busily constructing a wing in the HOF for him... *chuckling my ass off*

Keep the faith Packers fans, there is a TON of football left to be played!!

#66 Chica

Hey beer kid... I don't know who does the video clip funny bits.. but for the queens next time... you have to do something w/ jared allen's "terrible mouth breathing napolian dynamite overbite"! PLEASE
I bet he talks just like that guy... "hey tina... eat your tots"


Hey Jonny, we'll keep that in mind as we're just starting the planning phase....  BK

Yea, it was a win, but against almost a high school team because of all the Detroit injuries.

A bunch more sacks and STUID line play....The offensive line coach has to go.


Geez - I'm happy they won, but how many trips to the red zone without a TD?!? Practically no additional scoring in the second half? Against many 2nd and 3rd string Detroit defensive players? Not good enough Packers. Definitely should not be looking at themselves in the mirror thinking they are back on track. They are far from it!

Odenton Moose

Thank you BK for putting up a new rockwood. If I had to log on and see the Viking one again I just might of quit drinking(actually I probably would of drank more, oops that is not possible). I love the Pack. I love Green Bay. WTF do I do with all of my F@#v%& shit.


Watching the Packers play as of late is like replacing my favorite smokes with roll your own. You get your fix, but it is a cheapened. inferior product that fails to truly sadisfy.

Stafford, Calvin Johnson will be no-shows come sunday. A victory against a team emasculated by injury is assured.


It is my 35th birthday today... I can't decide if I want the Pack to win or the Queens to lose for my gift..... Ahhhh hell, I ALWAYS want the Pack to win! Besides, the longer the "Brett Farce" string of wins continues in Minny... the more EPIC of a meltdown it will be.


Jonny C, I think you're getting both things you want for your birthday.


How good would Pack be | With even average o-line? | "Could-a-been" season -

Line Lament

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have."

Friday, October 16, 2009

Presagin' Packer Prognosticators... 

Q:  Can The Lions Beat The Packers In Lambeau?
A:  My Reply Is No.

Magic Gold G-Ball

Autumn's Snow Falls Gray
Covers Hallowed Ground, Lions
Skate To Win? No Way!


The bye week came before the Packers could completely unravel their young season, sitting at 2-2 and looking for air. The Pack gets the Lions in Lambeau this week, although nothing is easy anymore, the Pack will still prevail 23-16 and bump their record to 3-2 with their eyes vying for the prize yet to be unlocked.

Beer Kid

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Vikes Have Found The Early Going
Just About As Pleasant As Could Be
In Fact Judging By The Season So Far
A Championship Run Is Almost Guaranteed

But Nothing Worthwhile Comes That Easily
As Their Schedule Now Takes A Different Turn
The Next Few Weeks Won't Provide Anything
That The Vikings Haven't Earned


Sunday's Game Will Be The Perfect Example
As Joe Flacco And The Ravens Come To Town
Bringing With Them Ray Lewis And The Defense
That Have Beaten Many Opponents Down

But The Year They're Known More For Offense
While Their Defense Has Slipped A Little Bit
Their Running Backs Are Big And Strong
And As Yet Haven't Shown That They'll Quit

Brett Favre And Adrian Peterson Will Be
A Challenge For Ravens Team To Be Sure
But Ray Rice And Willis Magahee Will See
If That Vikings' Defense Can Endure

The Ravens Will Be Coming After Favre
Bringing Blitzes And Stunts As Yet Unseen
While The Williams Wall And Their Buddies
Will As Usual Play Pretty Tough And Mean


It's Not Quite Clear What The Packers Did
During Their Early Season One Week Vacation
But Something Better Have Been Accomplished
Or There'll Be An Uproar Out In Packer Nation

The Fans Really Have Been Reasonable
And Very Patient With Ted And Mike
They've Tried Every Single Thing They Can
To Pretend Their Decisions Have Been Liked

Aaron Rodgers And His Football Team
Can't Afford To Take Their Opponents Lightly
They've Got To Keep Themselves On Track
And Win Their Games Forthrightly

This Week The Lions Come To Lambeau Field
Where They Haven't Won For Eighteen Years
A Record Detroit Looks On With Chagrin
And Everyone Else Looks On With Sneers

Detroit Has Played Better At Times This Year
Than Their Won-Loss Record Would Seem To Show
And While They've Got Some Talented Players
They've Yet To Find A Way To Make Them Flow

With Daunte Culpepper At The Helm
And Calvin Johnson Zooming Down The Field
The Packers' Defense Will Have To Shine
Or Risk Having Their Problems Be Revealed


Losing To The Ravens Will Show The Vikes
That They Still Have A Lot Of Work To Do
While The Lions Are Just The Right Opponent
For A Recovering Packers Team To Subdue

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

All we can do is hope the Packers have re-evaluated and rethought their gameplans over this past off-week. Meanwhile the Vikings are undefeated, but how long can it last????? Maybe this will be it...

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge... 


Monday, October 12, 2009

Speak Out Spew Off... 


#66 Chica, thanks for the info, however, my schedule is kinda tight: Flying into MN late Sat. afternoon, then we're heading out at about 4 or 5 am to Lambeau. (my friend says it's about a 5-6 hour drive from Minneapolis to Green Bay--pending on good weather)

After the game, back to MN, cuz I fly out the very next morning to come back to California.
This is my 1st time being able to go to GB, so I will definitely plan better for my next trip.

BTW, I'll be the only fan in WI with the 'california cheese' logo on top of my cheesehead! GO PACK GO!!

Lady K


The Motor City Kitties are not going to be a pushover...

Let's hope this team has used the bye week to be 110% ready. We need a strong, decisive victory to help get rid of the bitter taste from last Monday Night!

#66 Chica

That Detriot Dandelions picture is the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Someone is buying me a new keyboard because I just spit coke all over it.


this is bs i'm tired of hearing how butt f534k finally beat all 32 teams hell he was beating them the last couple of years he played in green bay! look at the nfc champ game don't need to say any more he didn't care that he played like sh*t.

green bay comes back from this and wins nfc north with a big win over viqueens in nov.

with harris trying to cover for the injured bigby how do you expect him to be 150% at his job?

packer backer scott

Haiku hiatus | Bye week for me, Pack and Favre | Pity the Ram fans -

Favre Haiku

Do you think We'll fix that-McMouthy can finally blow a team out this year?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,
    The answer is blowin' in the wind.
Detroit Dandelions >>>>>>>>>>>>



Lady K,

Enjoy your time in Titletown. I don't know if you're planning to be there the Saturday before, but if you are, a stadium tour is a MUST. Also you can see the Packer HOF. It's all good, fellow Packer Backer - Cheers!

#66 Chica

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

Blast From The Past... 

Nightmare At
Brett Favre Pass

The 48 Year
Old Virgins

MM And The
Candyass Factory

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Packers Verses Vikings... 

Monday's Game Was To Be A Quarterback Showdown
As Brett Faced Off Against Rodgers And The Pack
But The Game Never Quite Got To That Level
As Favre's Game Sizzled While Aaron Just Got Sacked

It Seemed The Vikes Could Do No Wrong
Either On Offense Or When Defending
And The Packers Were Battered Into Submission
No Matter How Much Effort They'd Been Expending


The Vikings Now Head Off To Play The Rams
Who's Oh And Four Record Is The Vikes' Mirror Image
This Is A Game That Could Deteriorate Quickly
To A Level That Resembles A High School Scrimmage

While The Rams Will Give This Game All They Can
Their Play Leaves More Than A Little To Be Desired
Steven Jackson Really Is Their Only Offensive Star
And His Performance Is Steady If Not Inspired

Will An Improving St Louis Defense Have Enough
To Slow The Minnesota Juggernaut?
Or Will Adrian Peterson And His Mates
Leave The St Louis Team Distraught?


The Bye Couldn't Have Come At A Better Time
For The Packers To Re-Evaluate And Regroup
For While There Were Good Plays Here And There
Most Of The Game This Team Looked Like, Well, Poop

Is It The Players Who Somehow Have Regressed?
Or The Schemes That Leave Them So Exposed?
There Has To Be A Way For The Coaches To Fix This
Before This Team And The Season Wind Up Hosed

The Defensive Team Is Very Talented
If Only Their Talents Weren't Being Misused

Not Being Able To Play To Their Strength
Is Leaving The Players Frustrated And Confused

The Offensive Line Play Is Truly That
An Offense To The History Of The Pack
They Don't Have The Skills Or The Talents
To Avoid Giving Up Multiple Rodgers Sacks

One Of The Bright Spots In The Whole Mess
Is The Play Of The Packers' Quarterback
At Times He's Looked Like An All-Pro
Other Times He Just Winds Up On His Back

Even The Packers' Receiving Corps
Has Picked Up A Bad Case Of The Drops
Ted Thompson And Mike McCarthy
Have Got To Find A Way To Make It Stop


Games Like Minnesota's Against The Rams
Are Called "Trap Games" For A Reason
While The Packers Will Try To Find The Method
To Salvage The Rest Of Their Season

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Well, THAT was pretty unpleasant, wasn't it?? Now I have some understanding of how frustrating it was for fans of other teams to watch Favre slice them up like that..... Maybe, though this will be a wake-up for teddy and his monkey Mike that some things need to change on the Packers' team.......We can only hope.

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Spew Off Speak Out... 

Heard around the world this week....
    Brett Favre Beat The Packers!!!! Brett Beat The Packers!!! Packers Suck!!!! Brett Favre Has Won Every Game He's Ever Played!!!! Team's lose, Favre Wins!!!! Jared Allen Who???? Brett Wins. Packers Suck!!!! Vikings SuperBowl!!!!!!!!!!!
No need to thank me for bringing this weeks news to you in as few words as possible... Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Safety position is what I'm concerned with. O-line and coaches will come back strong.


beer kid - I could blow your cover, but I love love you so please love me do.... blanco diaiblao


The 3 Stooges:
  • Thompson
  • Murphy
  • McCarthy
Buck Frett

Hey guys, thanks for all the recommendations for Packer bars/hangouts! I'm sooooo stoked, can't wait! I'm FINALLY getting out to GB, baby!! Who knows? While driving from MN, maybe I'll see 'ol T-Bone on the side of the road, hitchin' a ride to Detroit! (Bk, that was for you, kind sir!)

Lady K

Gee BK, I see your pc went into overdrive once the power came back! Some funny, some intersting posts here, and some Mudduck posts. Oh well, Freedom of Speech. Rumor in northern WI is they are gonna dig up Reggie to help. (That's the joke goin 'round, as morbid as it sounds. I know, I agree!) Thanks BK for your site, YOUR THE MAN! Continue on Packer fans!


I will be amazed if TT survives past this season without any major changes to his gameplan. We all sat and listen when he first got to Wisconsin, to him saying how he was building this team with youth and inexpensively. And now this proud franchise is struggling under his watch.

Now Tauscher is being looked at to stop the bleeding on the O-line. Which seems like a last ditch effort to protect his job. Sharper, Wahle, KGB, and other veterans let go. We sat back and scratched our heads. Favre saga and it was a different story. Yet he wanted to build the team with youth and inexpensively. Few veterans brought in, and we complained. Yet he wanted to build this team with youth and inexpensively.

Now his fingerprints are all over this mess he created and the lack of coaching around him. The Monday night game was just an airhorn to Thompson's stupidity. Years on down the road this will probably go down as an ugly blip on Titletown's radar. This is the peoples team and the people need to start speaking loudly and demand change and effectively. Board of Directors get you vacuums and cleaning materials ready for summer, because there is too much dirt in the offices at 1265 Lombardi ave. Or keep TT around and watch him systematically destroy all that is right and respectable in Green Bay.

The buzzards are swarming I see them now.

Jared S

In my opinion Rodgers played better than Favre. Throwing for almost 400 yards while running for his life, with no ground game and problems with the O-Line, is amazing. The interception was unfortunate but Rodgers played awesome. I am starting to worry about our secondary. I think Harris may be past his prime. He has cost us on several games in the past. Dont get me wrong he has came up big at times but it seems like he has more bad plays than good lately.


How close are the Pack to bringing Tausch back? AR needs all the help he can get. He can play better on one good leg then that damn Barbre can play on two. Let's hope TT doesn't screw this up.

Pack Fan In Dixie

there is a little hope to be had, taucher is in greenbay workingout


Vikings fans should post their garbage on Vikings sites.


Hey Brett:  "Why didn’t you play like that the last 2-3 years in GB? If you did, you would still be there..."

BK: At times like this, I don't know what we'd do without ya... Thanks Fellow Packer Bruddha...


You are such a loser... #4 handed all your asses on a silver plate


PRE-CANNED EXCUSES - I might as well list them so the haters can save time; just refer to them by number please:
  1. He had all day to throw.
  2. The Packer D was focused on stopping AP.
  3. The referees protected Brett.
  4. Well, after all, he did have 7 incompletions.
  5. We'll get him in Lambooo Field!
  6. It's only the 4th game of the season.
Iowa Boy

Now I am never going to be on Jeopardy but if there was one thing the Pack orginization should have done is everything in their power to stop was Brett Favre being the hero in this game. Did Favre have a restraining order against the D line players that said they had to stay ten yards away at all times? He is not that good under pressure. But Capers let him sit back there time after time and pick the D apart. Maybe after the first two TD's you might say this isn't working and try something else? The best hit on Favre all night was Donald Drivers hug at the end of the game. Nothing gets me more PO'ed than watch a team not playine agressive. Sitting back in a "Prevent Type" D makes me sick.

Grow a set and get after the QB or I am going to start watching Dancing with the Stars on Sunday.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible."

Old Stud Rooster...

A farmer went out one day and bought a brand new stud rooster for his chicken coop. The new rooster struts over to the old rooster and says, 'OK old fart, Time for you to retire.'

The old rooster replies, 'Come on, surely you cannot handle ALL of these chickens. Look what it has done to me Can't you just let me have the two old hens over in the corner?'

The young rooster says, 'Beat it: You are washed up And I am taking over.'

The old rooster says, 'I tell you what, young stud. I will race you around the farmhouse. Whoever wins gets the exclusive domain over the entire chicken coop.'

The young rooster laughs. 'You know you don't stand a chance, old man. So, just to be fair, I will give you a head start.'

The old rooster takes off running. About 15 seconds later the young rooster takes off running after him. They round the front porch of the farmhouse and the young rooster has closed the gap.

He is only about 5 feet behind the old rooster and gaining fast! The farmer, meanwhile, is sitting in his usual spot on the front porch When he sees the roosters running by.

The Old Rooster is squawking And running as hard as he can. The Farmer grabs his shotgun and - BOOM - He blows the young rooster to bits. The farmer sadly shakes his head and says,

'Dammit...... Third gay rooster I bought this month.'

Moral of this Story? Don't mess with the OLD FARTS - Age, skill, wisdom, and a little treachery Always overcome youth and arrogance!



Thanks KG for the I Love Brett Favre Joke --- similar to the Old Farmer joke we used in 2004 and have buried on page 2 in the Joke Archives. Well maybe not so similar, our old joke is about women skinny dipping and your joke is so minnesota vikqueen.  BK

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blast From The Past... 

Messin' With


March Of The

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Packers 3rd Place NFC North 2-2... 

Packers lose to the Vikings 23-30 in a game that really didn't feel close at any point, Brett Favre played well. Aaron Rodgers played well.... for a QB without an offensive line, without a 3rd down RB, without much help from the coaching staff, so yes, for a QB that is being forced to hold on to the ball much longer (all of 2 seconds) than he can be protected, he played well. Problem was, the Packers had to play perfect no turnover football to win in the Metrodome... and they didn't. They needed inspired play from their defense, had it for a moment, CB Charles Woodson's INT in the endzone that was taken away by a Referee who decided that his arm brushing a not looking for the ball WR's backside was a penalty, instead of an incredible play.

In the end, Vikings win at home, Brett Favre gets his "I've beaten all 32 teams in the league" honors to go with his Player of the Week awards and the Packers have to wait until November to get some payback.

I'm a little late here to the post-game party seeing that my apartment's power was off all day Tuesday so they could re-wire every single power outlet and lightswitch in it... and after moving all the furniture around my body feels like Jared Allen was jumping up and down on me all day long too.... yet, that blackout fit my post-game mood perfectly.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Here's what LeRoy has to say:

Hard to disagree with any of it. I've noticed that now that he is writing for the Journal-Sentinel (as opposed to when he was featured on, he is less "cheerleady" and more critical. He tells it like it is now. Makes sense, I'm sure when he was with he had to keep the company line.

LeRoy is so smart - I keep hoping that one day, the Packers will employ him in some sort of defensive coaching capacity. Secondary coach perhaps?

Let's keep the faith folks... with 12 games to go there's a lot of football left to be played!! Tausch coming back could be a good start...

#66 Chica

    bobby - unfortunately the "old guy" turned out to be YOUR QB. honestly, AR played a decent game - just not getting the protection. it was close and the Pack had their chances. great game.
Jeff... I can't really comment as we never got the game here on this side of the Atlantic. Like said elsewhere on this fine board, Bent or even Usian Bolt would have been splattered behind our O-line... Roll on Nov... GO PACK



BK - i waited until after the game because, unlike many fans, i don't make predictions about games. i just watch them and hope my team wins. dead people can make predictions and have a 50/50 chance of winning. big deal. but for the record let me say i always will root for the Vikings - before and after the games, and whether they win or lose.

jeff ircink

Favre carved up the D - was there any real doubt. TT and MM must go. GB = 5-11 this year

Beer for Hire

I think McCarthy worked hard prepping the team with the O-Line he had. I liked the new looks in the backfield and the pass sweeps that we've been missing for awhile. I really don't blame MM for the loss.... We've simply got to get some help with the O-Line. Here's hoping for a healthy Tauscher and one or two more players.


BeerKid wasn't there two penalties on the Woodson hold? I thought that GB was also off-sides on that play.

BeerScout's Dad

Hey BeerScout's Dad, Yeah that's probably correct, I should have mentioned it was more of a lost opportunity to keep the Packers in the game then just a bad call by a Ref... I stand corrected.  BK

Favre retired, plan and simple! He was asked if he would committ to returning, and he answered with the usualy "Uhm, don't think so" response.

No one, even TT did not say or think Favre could not play. Management simply got tired of Favre's antics and decided to not let out the over extended leash any longer. I wish the media would get that straight. Favre is the one who said he didn't know if he could give 100%, didn't know if he still had it, didn't want to committ. The typical response heard for the last 4-5 years with the Pack.

It's a long season..for us to still have a chance to win that game was all on ARodge. If we get Tauscher back, and he stays healthy, I think we got a shot. MN has not really faced anyone yet, with the exception of SF, and that was without Gore for most of the game and of course the Pack without an O line.

Let's face it, no matter what the outcome, the Viqueens will CHOKE as they always do, and Favre along with them!

Ks Pack Fan

This is clearly a low point...

Joe from Ohio

Howdy Beerkid, un F'n believable...

Coach "Yes Man's" post-game presser was deflating wouldn't you say? I wish Thompson had stayed home rather then "loom" over the field in a skybox wearing a pink clip-on tie, while Brett gazed up and gleamed back at Green Bay 's resident "Village Idiot."

I believe this only stoked the fire already in #4's belly. No matter what, Brett came back because of Thompson and he proved his point that he was still "in the right mind set" and he can still compete at a high level.

The highlight for me was keeping Peterson under 100 yards; the low point was watching sack after sack after sack of #12 , the turn-overs and watching Brett celebrate a Vi-Queen TD. If the organization does not work on beefing up the O-LINE come next season we may have another instant replay of this season (so far), but hey it's only 4 games and 20 sacks later, right?

GO PACK GO, rest up, because payback (November 1st) is going to be a BEE-OCHH!!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Beer kid, I saw 2 Schneidman jerseys at the game.;=5&page;=0

Mark D

Oh my god. As if Colledge weren't bad enough now we have fricking Lang in there!!!!! Talk about hog tying yourself. Where is Tauscher? Call him immediately this is ridiculous. Thank you TT you fooked our chances for this year by rolling the dice on an inexperienced OL. Just about as pissed as I can be tonight with this showing. PS: Thanks for the great site BK and a great place to vent.

Mike in Big D

BK, I had a friend of mine (who supposedly is a Packer fan) call me yesterday and say that Brett Fart is a better qb that Rodgers. I had to remind him that Rodgers wasn't behind the same offensive line. BF also didn't have the viQueens defense trying to kill him. There were times that BF could have gotten laid in the pocket with the time he had. While Rodgers barely had time to exhale. Rodgers did throw one interception, but remember what BF would do in the same situation. BF used to average almost 1.5 interceptions per game. I'm sure it was higher in the playoffs. BF had a great game. But remember this was one of his better games. He hasn't played this well in a long time. I'm sure that his motivation and the Packer defense were reasons why he did so well. We will see if he does this well the rest of the season. By the way Blue Moon has a Honey Blue Moon which you should try.


It may be time to repost proper etiquette for handling a so called Packer fan wearing Viking Garb...

Baraboo Mike

go vikes.!!!.

joey . marshfield

Hey Joey, you must be the other brother of Jesse and Adam, at least your comment makes some sense... well not really.  BK

If we had any one of the other 31 offensive lines in the league, we probably win. If we had any one of the top 20, it's definitely a win. These guys are going to get Rodgers killed.


Gee... I sure wish Favre had played with the same level of "emotion", "intensity" and "steel-eyed determination" two years ago in the NFC Championship game, that he did last night. But I guess getting "up" for sticking it to your old team (and by extension, the fanbase that supported you for 16 years) is a much higher priority than getting up for the Giants at home in Lambeau Field in January, playing for a Halas trophy and possibly a Lombardi Trophy. 'nuff said.

#66 Chica

Tauscher deal close!! Please God let it be true, I can't stand to see Rodgers sacked anymore


Aaron is the real deal... calm under (WAY TOO) much pressure, good reads, good mobility. He may have held onto the ball too long, but where was he going to put it?! We've got to get some experienced O-Line help now. Maybe a few thousand letters to the home office would help.


I did not sleep too well last night after watching the Vikings beat the Packers. I kept playing the game over and over in my mind, trying to figure out what happened. I predicted that the Packer's defensive plan was to stop Peterson and force Favre into making mistakes. That all went well, but Favre did not cooperate. He played a decent game....somewhat different than many of his previous games under similar circumstances.

I hate to say it, but the Vikings have a pretty good football team with some legitimate stars. That being said, I think the Packers went a long way toward beating themselves. Failure to protect Rogers, failure to get their running game going strong, failure to pressure the QB....etc.

The Vikes should have won this game and they did. That does not get them a free ticket to the Super Bowl no matter how much the announces crow on adnauseum.

Hopefully TT is on the phone with Tauscher to see if he will still consider the Packers. He will be the best lineman on the team if they can get him back.


As a Packer fan for over 50 years, all I can say is that this is the worse line play I have ever seen. That clicking sound everyone is hearing is Vince spinning in his grave.

Is Fuzzy interested in playing again? John Michels...Tony Mandarich? How about someone eating a bag full of garlic and just blowing some bad breath on some of these defensive linemen? Pitiful...just pitiful.


Nothing is helping with the pain of last night, but Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard, Hot Clicks has a Kate Beckinsale video that helps to forget about football.

Pack Fan in Texas

You should be out of words... And I hoped you ENJOYED your game. Smack your own Queen TT he needs it. Destiny has followed its course...


The train has left the station. The little engine that...? stay tuned.


Neither Brent(I cry during every interview)Farve nor Adrian(sissy grip)Peterson beat the Packers last night. Our own offensive line handed them the game. (I realize we have starters that are out, but whatever happened to back-ups stepping up to try to score a starting job?)



Thanks to the Vikings for showing how pathetic the offensive line really is and the level of talent TT has brought to our team. I was also happy to see how bad Al Harris really is too. I knew Favre would light him up. Burned him like toast. And, where was the all out blitzing that we saw in the preseason? Looks like a totally diffent defense, doesn't it?


if packers had favre they'd've won last night. thanks ted.


I feel so betrayed. Seeing Brett celebrate his Viking TDs is like seeing my boyfriend make out with my arch rival at my birthday party. I loved Brett, and I am a Packer fan always. I don't follow players once they leave the Packers. I shook my head and ignored him when he was with the Jets. It's awfully hard to ignore him when he's playing for the Vikings when I live in River Falls and work just over the border in Woodbury.

The Packers will have their revenge on November 1, and hopefully by then, the Vikings will have started their downward spiral. GO PACK!

Amy G.

Wow--Now I understand why all those other teams hated him so bad....Although the dismantling of the offensive line and the failure to secure ANY quality backup (other than those guys who are starting) players DID have something to do with it..... Thanks ted-another outstanding performance by your hand-selected players. Rodgers looked very good -the WRs weren't perfect, TEs were VERY up and down-Grant ran hard if not far--DL was OK, but there was NO absolutely NO pass rush, and why couldn't the Packers get any 3rd-down stops??? Hopefully the bye week will provide some answers......

Carl "Gator" Nelson

HA HA HA! you slacker fans SUCKED the big Queen C@#K! Get used to it! The Pack will LOSE to the Lions in 2 weeks get ready for it.

Hey #66 Chica The Packer organization DID NOT MAKE BRETT, Are you f#*king kidding me? HE made himself a legend with his loyalty to the game and what was once a respectable organization. You and all the rest of your sorry ass packer fans decided that the 16 years of loyalty and never missing a game is just the past, you all need a reality check HE is the reason that your Packers were any good the past 16 years. OLD GUYS RULE! Don;t worry about the playoffs Vikes will be there and win since they have cornerbacks that can actually play the game unlike Al Hairass.

AL in WY

Hey Al, I've always been impressed by the BF Fanboy's who keep pointing out that BF only wins games, it's the rest of the team that loses them. It's never BF's fault for anything, it's always someone else to blame.   BK

So, to end this controversy once and for all: If the Packers still had Brett, Aaron Rodgers would be our starting quarterback right now. Behind that offensive line, Favre and his 40 year old body would have been ripped limb from limb.


Wow so looks like everyone in here was wrong. Good call guys. So much for those three int's. Rodgers did have a nice one in the redzone though, oh and that safety, oh and that fumble. Looks like Rodgers is the one who lost it for them. I used to bleed green and yellow but the packer management did something you don't do. You don't take shots at legends. If he couldn't play anymore thats one thing, its a business and you gotta do what you gotta do. But he brought the pack inches from the Superbowl and they tossed him to the curb the next year. Perhaps i'm biased because I was born in the late 80's so all I ever knew was Brett Favre as a Packer, i guess i fell in love him and not the team and didn't realize it until he left. The pack has a week off and then two easy games ,cleveland and detroit, and then Vikings at Lambeau. It will hopefully be another shootout. Good Luck to ya guys. I'm sticking with Brett.


Well... the Pack proved it can "hang" with the Queens. Despite the "phantom" pass interference call to take away Farve's INT.. It was a close game. The Queens are not going anywhere this season with that team. I think the Pack has a great run ahead of them still, so GO PACK GO! (still hate T.T. & I do KNOW how to spell brett's name)


Hate to say it...hell, I hate to even mention his name....but this team looks like the finesse mess that hit the field under Mike Sherman's tenure. No toughness, no scrap, no fight. Pathetic.

Scott "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Man, oh man oh man. What is happening with our defense? Did we forgot to watch films of the Vikes. Favre had all danged night to throw his football. Kampman seemed to be the only Packer willing to go after Favre. What happened to Barnett and his big talk "now we can hit him". Where were you last night Nicky. Barnett is missing a lot of tackles-maybe age is catching up to him.

Our offense again did a very poor job of protecting Aaron. Get rid of Barbre since it seems he can't hold anybody back. Nearly every sack has been missing his tackle.

This should've been our game. We had every opportunity to win but blew every single one. Hats off to Aaron since he always gives his best.

It's way past time to get the Pack on the move. Come on guys, let's play real football again.


The Packers had a chance to put the "Favre" legend behind them and they failed terribly. Rodgers did the best he could with a line that has no right even being on an NFL field. We should never have gotten to this point. What an embarrassment for the organization!! Let's seriously start having the discussion about having Ted Thompson move on. "True Packer Fans" would want a better team than what Thompson has on the field. I don't want to hear the excuses of injuries, strength of schedule(ours much easier than last year), Favre causing a distraction, etc. etc. etc.



bobby - unfortunately the "old guy" turned out to be YOUR QB. honestly, AR played a decent game - just not getting the protection. it was close and the Pack had their chances. great game.

baraboo mike - nice comment about favre beating the pack with those two losses. when did suddenly a football "team" become one man. pathetic.

jeff ircink

Hey Jeff, like a true viking fan, I'm so glad you so waited until after the game to tout your vikingness...  BK

Wow! How about that offensive line. Rogers was brilliant considering he had zero protection and numerous dropped balls. He likely won't last long though if he keeps getting sacked.


Ted Thompson looked pretty nervous at the Dome Monday Night. I wonder what he is saying and thinking right now.

Jared S

One team had a pass rush and one team did not. Glad that Rodgers did not get hurt!


Oh gees us. The world is really messed up.


Brent 1, TT and MM 0. Ted has got to go.

hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hooper: Quint, that doesn't prove a damn thing! Quint: Well it proves one thing, Mr. Hooper. It proves that you wealthy college boys don't have the education enough to admit when you're wrong.

I think that says it all unless you consider the following: Forrest Gump: Stupid is as stupid does.

And the offensive line, 4 years of trying to establish the run, and two wasted 1st round picks as evidence to support old Forrest. Parcells would fire the entire lot as would I. The 80's and oh so close are back. In the 90's they went to the top, straight to the top. If you can't judge talent you shouldn't have the job. if not for wall street and the SEC this could be the greatest manifestation of incompetence in our life time.

And what does TT do, cuts Aaron Rouse and signs a lineman who will never play to the practice squad. He's not married and you can tell by the way he masturbates through his decisions. Am I wrong? Pathetic.

Packer Jim

All is sad in Packer world........... Florida Packer Backers are heart broken. In a way I am happy Brett played so good, but not against my team you butt*&#ker! I am very impressed with A RODG! He has shown mad skills considering the lack of support fron the OL. Look at the stats my friends........ I know this hurts but it is a game we will NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If this is Favre's new destiny....I like it! He looked awesome tonight. 4-0 BABY. GO VIKES!



Chris from FL

Ted F#cking Thmpsen is gonna get arron rodgers killed... Please Ted go away now.....youve made a shambles of our beloved Packers. But first fire mc carthy...Please


Comments below are from before Game-Time.

First the Badgers beat the Gophers 31 - 28 in a thriller @ Minnesota... Nothing to cap off a good weekend like a Packers' victory tonight... GO PACKERS GO!!!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

All I can say is, hit the S.O.B. time and again....make him pay the price of playing a young man's game. I have a feeling Dom has some interesting twists on his blitz packages tonight that brings it up the middle where #4 hates to see them. As long as the Pack emphasize minimizing A.P. with gap control and assignment sure execution, we might be able to tee off on our former.

Desmond Bishop...calling Desmond Bishop to the MLB spot! Barnett takes few snaps tonight, if I have my preference.

Scott "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Hey BeerKid, Tis a big night for all the Butt Fuck, ooooooppppppsss...... Brent Favre fans!!!!!! Got a feeling alot of people will fall off the fence tonight. GO PACK!!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Agreed. should be a good one, they all have been for the past few years

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Lady K, my first recommendation would be "Fuzzy's 63". Other than that, you can't go wrong with Stadium View.

#66 Chica

BK, I'm as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Argh.

Lady K, I'd highly recommend going to Fuzzy Thurston's bar in Green Bay. Food is good, atmosphere is fun, TV's to watch the game (of course) and Fuzzy's usually there game days. I got to meet him two years ago - what a sweet, sweet man.


I am Jesse's Brother. His assessment of packer fans on this site is accurate. You guys are a complete joke. I am embarrassed to have ever called myself a packer fan. The VIKINGS are going to destroy the packers tonight and I will rejoice with all my new Viking fans here in Marshfield.

Adam In Marshfield

Hey Adam, nothing like the ravings of turncoat Packer fan to brighten up my day.... and so far, you and your brother have come across as the dullest points in a large pile of round rocks. Keep it up...  BK

Hey LadyK just go east of the stadium past the Packers practice facilities and you will find the bars. There is Stadium View, the Bar, and my pesonal favorite Anduzzi's. One I wouldn't go to is Brett Favre's Steak House.

So BK this is it. That dreadful night is here. I brought cheese curds back to Nebraska. So I am going to grill Brats eat curds and drink beer starting at 3 PM. I am either going to have a fun celebration or be too drunk to remember it. I will Tivo it and if we win I will watch it again, if not....delete. Enjoy the game BK and other palace dwellers. Here is to Aaron Rodgers, make this YOUR night #12.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate."

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Spew Off Speak Out... 

I'm out of words... I'm just going to sit back and enjoy tonight's game and let what comes.... come. Go Pack, Smack the Vikqueens.... and let destiny follow it's course.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Put the old guy on his arse all night long......DEFENSE


Brett is going to be so excited that he's going to throw the ball high every attempt during his first 2 series! While Aaron and the boys are score twice so the pack will be ahead. Then here come the interceptions....Good ol BF is going to look like Jay Cutler's going to happen...Pack wins 28-14 brett throws 3 int's!!!

Chris in FL

Hey BK, can you or other packerpalace folks recommend a few good packer bars to hit up while in Green Bay Nov 1? You know, in case I don't score tickets?

Lady K

So QueenFavre tells Jon Gruden in his ESPN interview, when Gruden asked him what he has to say to Packers fans, that they should "Just get over it and move on."

What a dick. Once again, he pisses all over the fanbase of the organization that MADE HIM what he *was* (keyword: *was*).

Ohhhh.... Harris... Woodson... Kampy... Jolly... Pickett... You guys better come ready, and you better have the game of your careers tomorrow night. We are counting on you!! Bring that pressure early and often and DON'T LET UP until that scoreboard shows zero seconds left and a Green Bay Packers victory. GO PACK GO!!

#66 Chica


To my recollection Favre has beat the Packers several times with a 7 (it was only 6, they dropped one) interception game vs St Louis and an INT vs NY Giants (both in playoffs) in his last game as a Packer being 2 examples.

Baraboo Mike

This is just SICK and WRONG -

You cannot call yourself a Green Bay Packers fan if you are "rooting" for Brett Favre on Monday Night. All of these so-called "born and raised Green Bay Packers fans" have officially defected. Good riddance. (p.s. - When the purple tanks, you aren't allowed back on the wagon. No way, no how, HELL NO...)

#66 Chica

Packers vs Vikings Drinking Game -
    All participants must take a drink every time one of the following occurs during the broadcast.

    1) The word "gunslinger" is mentioned
    2) The word "schism" is mentioned
    3) The phrases "plays/looks like a kid out there" or "that's how football is supposed to be played" is used
    4) Brad Childress looks confused on the sidelines
    5) The cameras pan to the luxury boxes to show either Ted Thompson or Deanna Favre
    6) Anytime Mid Game, ESPN shows a highlight of Brett Favre throwing a TD AGAINST the Minnesota Vikings
    7) An announcer mentions Brett Favre's Age
    8) The phrase, "That's why the Vikings brought him here" is used
    9) Brett Favre is sacked
    10) Every time a Wrangler or the new Sears Commercial w/ Favre airs.
And other peoples comments = LOL

11. Every time Barbre is shown standing over a prone Rodgers with a sheepish look on his face
12. I'm just going to make it simple and drink every time I hear "Favre".


A pop-up ad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Now this is a bet
    By Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel - Oct. 1, 2009 3:29 p.m.

    Forgot to relay this story that former safety LeRoy Butler told me for my story this morning. LeRoy Butler is now the part-owner of a Ford dealership in Waupaca. The other day, a guy walks in, approaches Butler and introduces himself. Then he says this: "I'm a Brett Favre fan and a Minnesota Vikings fan. I want to make a bet with you. If the Packers beat the Vikings, I will come in on Tuesday and pay cash for a brand-new Ford F150 truck."

    Butler said that's a $42,500 car. If the Vikings win, a member of Butler's staff has to wear a Favre jersey for one entire day. Butler and the man signed the agreement a short time later. "Only in Wisconsin," Butler said laughing.

Start Of The Funniest Post Ever In The History Of Packer Palace
The Packers fans that I have seen on this site are a joke. You are kids that know nothing of what you speak of. Get a job and grow up before you think that you can talk anything about what happens anywhere. I just laugh at you. You losers are the dumbest fans in history. A joke. My daughter has an IQ twice what the smartest one of you has. I laugh at you all. You must all be women.


Dude (allegedly), just come out of the closet, first you tell us your "alleged" daughter is smarter than all of us, and then you denigrate all women for not being smart, and I'm the one who's supposed to think before speaking - Just. Come. Out. Of. The. Closet. Even in Marshfield it's ok to be out of the closet and wearing the color purple to your heart's content, admit it, you're one of the those BF Fanboy's first, and purple is this years color for you. Thanks for your brilliant and unequaled comments...  BK
End Of The Funniest Post Ever In The History Of Packer Palace

Quoth Lombardi...

   "It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men."

5 Amazing Holes... 

These holes are not only amazing, but some are really terrifying! The sheer scale of these holes reminds you of just how tiny we are.

Kimberley Big Hole - South Africa

Apparently the largest ever hand-dug excavation in the world, this 1097 meter deep mine yielded over 3 tons of diamonds before being closed.


Glory Hole - Monticello Dam, California

A glory hole is used when a dam is at full capacity and water needs to be drained from the reservoir. It is the largest spillway of this type in the world. It consumes 14,400 cubic feet of water every second.

Great Blue Hole, Belize

This incredible geographical phenomenon known as a blue hole is situated 60 miles off the mainland of Belize. There are numerous blue holes around the world, but none as stunning as this one.


Sinkhole in Guatemala

These photos are of a sinkhole that occurred early this year in Guatemala. The hole swallowed 2 dozen homes and killed at least 3 people.

Ass Hole in Minnesota

It is capable of throwing 30 interceptions in a single year!

BeerKid's Mom

Presagin' Packer Prognosticators... 

Q:  Big game in the Metrodome, are Brett Favre and the Vikings ready to roll?
A:  My sources say no.
Q:  Really, the Packers are going to win this week?
A:  Without a doubt.

Magic Gold G-Ball

Monday Night Football in the Metrodome against the Vikings. What a game this is going to be, TD's and interceptions, First downs and fumbles, penalties missed and phantom penalites called. In the end, just like last year, Packers will be in the game until the end, but this time, the Packers will get the points to win very late and the following defensive stop that will allow the Pack to pull themselves into 1st place of the NFC North with a huge 26-24 win over a hated rival.

Beer Kid

Packers Verses Vikings... 

There Was An Awakening Of Sorts Last Sunday
As The Vikings' Quarterback Finally Took Control
When Late In The Game They Trailed By Four
And Brett Favre Got Them Out Of That Whole

The Niners Had Fought The Good Fight
Despite Losing Their Best Runner Right Away
They Harrassed Favre And The Receivers
And Kept The Vikings' Running Game In Disarray

With Eighty-Nine Seconds Left Brett Took The Field
And Through The 'Frisco Defense His Passes Carved
Until A Great Throw And Better Catch
Taught The Niners What It Means To Get 'Favred'

After All These Years Of Hating Him
Vikes' Fans Are Finding It's Finally Sinking In
That As Long As He Is Stranding Upright
Minnesota's Team Will Have A Chance To Win

Combined With The Running Of Peterson
And Those Receivers Who Can Find And Catch The Ball
With The Potential Possessed By This Team
There's No Way They Shouldn't Win It All

But All's Not Rosy In Vikingland
Although This Team Is Still Undefeated
For Example The Vikings' Offensive Line
Is Letting That Old Quarterback Be Mistreated

The Defense Is Supposed To Be The Teams' Strength
But It's Not Quite As Impenetrable As Before
They've Trailed In Every Game This Year
Before Rallying To Tip The Final Score

While That Defense Can Be Quite Impressive
It Feels Sometimes As If Something's Lacking
Until They Control A Game From Beginning To End
They'll Be The Subject Of Opponent's Wisecracking


Meanwhile Green Bay Was Over In St Louis
Trying To Work Some Kinks Out Of Their Game
The Offensive Line Had Been Pretty Shaky
Would This Game Be The Same?

Keeping Rodgers Upright Has Proved A Challenge
For That Patchwork Line Of Blockers
Often Times They've Been Caught
Looking More Like Car Crash Gawkers

After A Tough Start They Settled Down Enough
To Keep Aaron Rodgers On His Feet
And Given Time And With His Receivers
That's A Sure Recipe For Defeat

Driver And Jennings Were The Keys
As They Pulled In Long Downfield Strikes
Moving So Fast They Looked Like Blurs
Providing The Excitement That Fans Like

The Running Game Was Not Overpowering
But It Was Enough To Fill In The Gaps
However Until The Offensive Line Gets Better
There'll Be A Chance Of An Offensive Collapse

The Packers' Defense Did Their Part
Coming Up With Big Plays When Needed
And Though Not A Classic Work Of Art
This Packers Gameplan Neatly Succeeded

Harassing The Quarterbacks And Getting A Pick
While Struggling A Bit With Big Back Jackson
The Packers Defense Had To Work Hard
But Provided Significant Action

Both Lines Need To Improve This Week
For The Packers Team To Have A Chance
They'll Have To Penetrate And Engage
To Give Green Bay The Space They Need To Advance


Enough With The History Of These Two Teams
Who Face Each Other This Upcoming Monday Night
These Are Teams That Feel Real Animosity
Both Are Willing To Scratch And Claw And Bite

Let's Name The Elephant In The Room
Brett Favre's Under Center For The Vikes
And This Game Will Have A Fire And Intensity
That Every Football Fan Will Have To Like

Brett's Results Have Been Mixed In The Dome
During The Years He Played There As A Packer
He's Been Brilliant And A Record-Setter
Other Times A Target For The Linebackers

The Vikes Are Going To Do All They Can
To Get His Record Off To A Bright Start
Knowing That A Win Over Green Bay
Would Warm The Cockles Of His Heart

But The Packers Will Have Studied Film
Of The Games When The Dome Was A Horror
And They'll Use To Lessons To The Max
And Even Throw In Just A Little More

Aaron Rodgers The Heir Apparent
Will Be Facing Brett For The Very First Time
And If He Has Time And Can Stay On His Feet
He Is Going To Do Just Fine

He Has A Sense Of Calm About Him
And His Mobility Is Surely A Plus
This Is The Game That Will Demonstrate
If Can Really Rise Above All The Fuss


So While This Game Is Important
As All Of The Inter-Division Games Are
There Is More To This Game Than Usual
And The Intensity Level Will Be Greater By Far

The Vikings Should Be The Heavy Favorite
But That's Not The Way It's Working Out
Since Bookies Are Giving Them Just Three And A Half
They Feel The Outcome's In Some Doubt

The Metrodome Has Been The Setting
Of Some Of Favre's Most Terrible Games
For Some Reason It Feels This Week
That Monday Night Will Turn Out The Same

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

WOW!! hard to believe that this week is here already! While it would have added something to have both teams be undefeated, this game is STILL for first place in the NFC North (the home of REAL football). Hopefully Al and Charles can bring back some fond memories for Brett--some of those games where it seemed everything would get picked off........Go Pack!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Speak Out Spew Off... 


Who knew Boy George was a Queens fan? Figures.


Alls I have to say is TT better hope his boy A Rod whips the snot out of the queens tonight or his days are numbered.

On a similar note, A Rod, kick the snot out of those blonde headed, braid wearing, no super bowl having, play in a stupid baggie dome, no bathing, smelly ass, always next year, rent the oldest future hall of famer for a season, purple wearing bastards Monday night. You are the man I have complete faith in your abilities to humiliate that stupid ass steroid using team. Screw the queens and that traitor douchebag number 4 brent favre. Go Pack Go!!

hamilton aka Sign Boy


Does it surprise any of us Packer fans that Brett now has ailments from hang-nails to gonad reminds me of golfing with my Dad, he would only use four clubs, driver, 5, wedge and putter, if he beat me, well then he beat me with only 4 clubs, and if I beat him, well then he only used 4 clubs. Come on Monday Night already!!! GO PACKERS



I see Brent's "probable" for the game. It would be kind of funny if he wimped out and didn't play. It might give me hope for his eternal soul.


this is ridiculous. I have a hell of a lot of $ bet on this game with "Packer fans" who hope the Vikings win. This concept is alien to me. Say what they will about Thompson & McCarthy I don't give a fuck if it was Hitler & Bin Laden in charge you NEVER EVER HOPE FOR THE PACK TO LOSE.

Bottom line if you bleed green & gold you never ever want them to lose. I could expound 4ever but just wanted to make a point - PS send the zone blitz early & often & adjust accordingly

UP pack fan

Good Luck to the Pack this weekend against the Vikes! Your friends @

NFL Smackdown

Ok BK, wish me luck. My friend from MN and I are gonna go for broke! Couldn't find tickets for the Packers/Vikings game on Nov. 1; nothing on Ebay was under $500, Fuzzy's tickets are sold out, and StubHub is a joke! Soooo, we're gonna drive over to Lambeau and see if we can find someone selling theirs at the last minute.

If not, I guess we'll go over to Fuzzy's Pub, or somewhere else where they'll let some out-of-towners come in watch the game! GO Pack GO!!

Lady K




I'm just throwing it out with it whatever you want, but in 1999 (while McCarthy was the QB coach in Green Bay FWIW), Favre faced the Seahawks under his old mentor and coach, Mike Holmgren for the first time. Favre was so pumped up, so jacked up to beat Holmgren, he threw in a dud performance (14-35 with 4 INT's).

Tell me he isn't jacked up to beat the Packers this Monday.


Just when I didn't think there were anymore records for Favre to break, he sets the record for "Most Lies by a QB in NFL History". Formely held by (insert your joke here) ie,Vick, Marinovich, Ryan Leaf etc.....


Just checking in, been a while since I posted last. I just want to put it down right here, I have not been more up for a Packer game in a while. I keep playing the remember the titans scene. "I want them to remember the night they played the Packers" Keep Favre from beating every NFL team...Jennings already said it...Win this one for A-Rod. I'll be in Vegas for this one...I want to feel Wisconsin shake all the way from there come late Monday night...Go Pack
    "Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn't do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another." - Vince Lombardi

Salutes from western Nebraska. I have never wanted a win for the Packers like I want this one. I had a brett farve big head and an autographed "my way" poster in my office. Now there are holes in the drywall. How any Packer fan can root for Minnesota just turns my stomach. I heard William Henderson on NFL radio today it was awesome. He says "I will text Diana and ask how the kids are, but I will not call Brett until the end of the season". He talked about several ex players that feel the same way. I have a "friend" that is a Vikings fan driving all the way up here from Dallas to watch the game at our Packer bar, I want it to be a long drive home. Go Pack Go, Go Big Red



Does anyone realize Favre has beaten every NFL team except the Green Bay Packers? IF Favre wins Monday night, I think he will be the only player in modern NFL history to have won a game against all 32 teams?

Lets keep THAT record off the books - Go Pack!!



Brett Sucks

Joe From Ohio


HEY BEERKID, As you know, like Scott "Formerly Drunk on Water Street" I too have to put up with the NFL's BIGGEST "Fair weathered fans" known to this "Rock" we call "Mother Earth."
I have confidence that the PACKERS will prevail at the "Humpty Dump" on Monday night (And, for the record I haven't even had my usual after work "Captain/7" (no ice) while I'm typing this, but you know damn right that I will soon enough.

Shout out to SFD on WS …I truly enjoy listening to the Vi-Queen "whine line" after every defeat of theirs on their local "Sports Homey" AM radio station (You know the one) and I will savor listening to those Horse shit fans call in and run every player, coach and our once beloved #4 under their "purple pride short bus" after their dreams of going 16-0 have vanished.

Another shout out to: #66 Chica … after the end of this season and after the dust from the Super Bowl has settled, it will be interesting to see what happens to Coach "Yes Man" and the "Village Idiot" TT. You brought up some good points about what Thompson's legacy will be by not backing down after Brett reconsidered his initial decision to retire and come back after a 13-3 record and lead the team to the "promised land" and bring home the hardware, but instead he traded Brett to the J-E-T-S...JETS-JETS-JETS and Aaron became our starter under center.

I agree with former PACKER Great, Jerry Kramer that the organization pushed Brett out. I believe that the "Village Idiots" full intention from the beginning after he took over as G.M. was to get rid of every player who ever played under Holmgren.

Had things been different in the summer of 2008 and Thompson and McCarthy set aside their egos and "reconsidered their decision" and took #4 back, the PACKER HOF may have in its procession another Lombardi Trophy on display. That's a lot of "what ifs" but then again, "what if" Aaron had accepted his role as so many had before him and continued to wear a headset and hold a clip board on the sidelines while the Greatest QB of all time lead another team to the Super Bowl in 2009 after being so close and with "plenty left in the tank" I might add.

I would like to believe that Aaron would have taken another year of limited playing time and a potential Super Bowl ring over a dismal 6-10 record. I would also like to believe that he's a bit classier then to demand a trade if #4 had been allowed to return.

I've worked up a powerful thirst, so let me just conclude by stating that Ted Thompson's legacy will be that he traded the best player the organization, fans and team had ever acquired (Thank you Ron Wolf) or have ever seen play the game.


PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.


Beer at Dome - $8
12 pack at Dome $96
07 Packer Favre Jersey - $125
Packer Viking Tickets in Dome - $200
Watching Packers Beat the Vikings and Favre - $atisfying
Converted my Favre Jersey to a #4 Schneidman Jersey - PRICELE$$


Brett Favre's foot problems | Stem from placement in his mouth | Far too frequently |

Foot in Mouth Disease Haiku

Nice mid-week presser, Brett. Ya lyin' sack-o-sh*t.


I just read where BF says he no longer wants revenge against the Packers, but only to win a championship. That is a pipe dream of every Viqueen. I hope the Packers are wanting to show him some revenge, as we know what it is like to be a champion. Go Pack. Show no mercy Monday!!

Pack Fan in Texas

Save the TaTa's. It's all good. If that pink-cleated Dramaqueen ends up being a pick-flickin Packers bitch, the Queens will be issuing him a brass bra and pigtails to complete the ensemble.


win the friggin' game so that I can witness an entire state turn into a quivering mass of goo, Like Wisconsin already has. Come on cheesies, get over the jilted lover syndrome. And BTW, you are going down HARD on Monday night at the hands of "Brett Favre, the Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame Quarterback."


Purple Haze, we'll see... we'll see, you must have been one of those that went cryin' and screaming for joy when Chilly brought BF into Winter Park from the airport... We'll see who's laughing last.  BK

Here is a freebie | For all Packer bars out there | "Favrey Wallbanger" | (Royalties accepted:)

Favre Drink Haiku

They STILL make Walters? Dude...even as an unsophisticated swiller of suds....any suds, the cheaper the better as volume was key back then....I had to subdue the taste of that crap with a generous slice of citrus during Tuesday/Thursday $2 all you can drink for two hours at the Stables and other Water Street institutions.

Every day holds the prospect of suprise, I guess...and Walters still being consumed is one of them!

Scott "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Hey Scott, I believe some guys noticed the lapse in protecting the copyright of the Walters brand... and revived it very recently in Eau Claire... sort of tastes the way I remember, which isn't saying much. Although it was preferred over Leinies... my old-time fav's were Walters Eau Claire All Malt and Leinies Red, Auburn Ale, Northwoods, wow, Leinies had a few Specialties that were above average.  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "If it doesn't matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?"

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Blast From The Past... 

Go Go

Farm Film

That Magic
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