Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge... 

Trainspotting.... 99 Bottles Of Blitz Beer On The Wall...

Packers Verses Vikings... 

December's Death Spiral Continues For The Vikes
As They Are Ready To Crash And Burn
And Although It's Somewhat Mystifying
It's Nothing They Haven't Earned

Chicago's Bears Didn't Do Anything Special
As They Dismantled The Vikings Monday Night
Other Than Preservere Through A Couple Mistakes
Though They Just Mostly Did Things Right

Minnesota's Ground Game Has Disappeared
And Their Defense Resembles Swiss Cheese
The Passing Game Does Look Pretty Good
But In That System It's Only A Tease

The Weeks Foe The New York Giants
Started The Season Off At Five And Oh
But Injuries And Ineptitude Contributed
To Just How Poorly Their Season Could Go

Eli Manning Has Shown He Has Feet Of Clay
While The Rest Of His Team Floundered As Well
Losing Seven Of The Last Ten Games
Turned This Powerhouse Into An Empty Shell

So Who Will Show From Either Team?
Will It Be Dr Jekyll Or Mr Hyde?
The Vikings Better Hope It Is The Former
Or They'll Wind Up Losing Out On The Playoff 'Bye'


Much Like A Playoff Game In The Snow
The Packers Dismantled The Seahawks Team
Once Green Bay's Guys Got Rolling
The Game Went As Smoothly As A Dream

Six Touchdowns From The Running Backs
Were An Oddity For This Pass-Happy Bunch
As Grant, Jackson And Even Ahman Green
Handed Seattle Their Proverbial Lunch

And It Wasn't Like The Defense Was Resting
As They 'Loosed The Dogs' On Matt Hasselbeck
Intercepting Four Of His Pass Attempts
And Three Times Nailing Him To The Deck

So Just Where Are The Packers Heading
Now That A Playoff Berth Has Been Secured?
This Week It's Off To Play The Cardinals
Where A Victory Is Far From Assured

Kurt Warner Has Proved That Yet Again
An Old Signal-Caller Can Have Great Success
Especially With A Team That Protects Him Well
And Doesn't Let Him Suffer Too Much Duress

Fitzgerald And Boldin Reel In His Tosses
While The Backs Can Move Them On The Ground
The Cardinals Also Can Boast A Ferocious Defense
That Won't Be Easy To Push Around


While The Vikes Are Watching Their Bye Week Hopes
Fade Like A Cheap Shirt In The Sun
The Packers Are Needing To Get Past The Cards
To Keep The Momentum For The Postseason Run

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

WELL - It appears that the late-season slump the Vikes are being possessed by isn't an anomaly after all.... wonder if they'll break it before next preseason. Meanwhile-the Packers are peaking at about the best time I can imagine, let's keep our fingers crossed... and congrats to all the Packers chosen for the Pro Bowl!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Packer Playoff Scenario's: There are 8 NFC playoff scenario's concerning the Green Bay Packers seeded positioning and opponent that will be decided by these 3 games this Sunday, the New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings, the Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys. No matter what happens during these games, there's a 75% chance, 6 of those 8 scenario's, that the Green Bay Packers will head back to Arizona for their opening playoff road game.

Here's the easy breakdown's first; if the Packers win, or Dallas loses, the Packers are guaranteed the 5th seeded slot and if Green Bay beats Arizona then the Packers will play the Cardinals in back-to-back weekends for the NFC wildcard round, most likely to be the following Saturday's NFC game. Rumors (and some applied logic) have it that the Cardinals, based on weak national TV audience ratings, are going to be slotted by the NFL for the Saturday game without regards to whom their opponent may be. It will most likely be the Packers.

After that it's a bit confusing, but here's a handy breakdown chart provided by Kevin Seifert over at ESPN's NFC North blog - Every NFC playoff scenario for Week 17 - basically the Green Bay Packers have 6 chances to play the Cardinals in Arizona, they have 1 chance to play the Vikings in Minnesota and 1 chance to play the Cowboys in Dallas.

One updated tidbit I should mention and insert here:  The Football Gods have decreed that the Vikings control the Packers playoff fate. The Giants vs Vikings game is on TV first, and if the Vikings actually win, the Packers are automatically going to Arizona.

So if you're interested in wanting the Packers to head to the infamous Minnesota Humpty-Dome, then you're going to be rooting for the Eagles to win, the Vikings and Packers to lose. If you want to head to Dallas, then you will want the Cowboys to win, both Vikings and Packers to lose. Any other combination will have Packers heading to Arizona to play the Cardinals. Right now, by default, actually by my disgust and my disdain for Minnesota and Dallas, I'll be rooting for the Packers, Giants and Eagles to win and let the playoff chips fall where-ever they may fall. The Packers are in the playoffs as a wildcard entry...

Yeah Baby! Go Pack Go!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


The best thing about "Brent" playing for the Vikes this year is that he got Childress a contract extension! We will be able to enjoy his inept coaching for a few more years now.

Jim in Chico, CA

Hey Packer Paul quit being a ho mo and remember the case of beer you'll be buying me when MVP Favre shreds the vaunted Packer D for 500 plus yards in the Metrodive. On to New Orleans baby!

Victor Viking

Note to Victor "ViQueen": I thought PACKER fans were the only ones who (allegedly) held a bottle of paint thinner in one hand and a beer in the other. The PACK will be ready to throttle Da-Queens should they face them during the play-offs.

You remember the old adage, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me and fool me thrice... FUCK YOU!?"
(Okay, perhaps the thrice wasn't actually part of that old saying, but it surely applies to Da-Queens and a potential PACKER/Vi-Queen face-off).

GO PACK GO and remember V.D. (I mean, V.V.) I would appreciate my case of "Spotted Cow" cold and ready for immediate consumption.

"CHEERS TO THE PACKERS!!" (Beer during the playoffs and Champagne for Miami.)

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Minnesota (8) for the ProBowl ?????
    * Jared Allen - defensive end, Heath Farwell - special teamer, Brett Favre - quarterback, * Steve Hutchinson - guard, * Bryant McKinnie - tackle, * Adrian Peterson - running back, Sidney Rice - wide receiver, * Kevin Williams - interior lineman
Its a terrorist plot.


Hey Lemondrop, this is what I was mentioning/lamenting about earlier when growing up in Eau Claire... the Vikings always have more pro-bowlers then every other team, but yet, THE VIKINGS HAVE ZERO SUPER BOWL WINS and it will still be zero after this season concludes...  BK

I love how every post is about how happy packer fans are that the Vikings lost. It seems that packer fans are more into seeing the Vikings lose than in the packers winning. The fact still is that the Vikings manhandled the packers twice this year and will do so again if they meet in the playoffs. Favre will destroy the packers weak secondary, for a third time this year. Go Vikes!

Adam, brother of Crazy Jesse

Hey Adam, you act like we Packers fans started hating the Vikings only after Brett Favre joined them... the Vikings a long time ago passed duh Bears as the main rival of the Packers and the sliding Vikes are doomed to failure anyway, but I'll take the high ground and believe that you knew that, and would have remembered it after pulling your head of BF's ass - Git The Shit Out Of Your Ears Son! The Vikings are going to be One and Done!  BK

Hey BeerKid, Thanks for the link to the playoff possibilities... the bottom line is that we have to win-out and if it means embarrassing Da-Queens in the process, so be it. Around here in "Minne-crap-o-lis" the Vi-Queen faithful are panicking and I can actually hear in the far off distance (over the daily flyovers near our office building) an occasional "THUD... THUD... THUD" as one vi-queen fan after another jump off their "Purple Haze Bandwagon" since last nights loss to Da-Bears. HA! F'N HA!!

This is "A-Typical" behavior for these so-called (ahem) fans. I would love to see a PACKERS/Vi-Queen rematch extravaganza and with that see a different "D" that we witnessed earlier this season. Memo to Coach Capers: "UNLEASH THE BEAST ON NUMBER 4!!!" Sunday's game in Arizona should have the appeal of a preseason game; but come the following weekend it's "GAME ON!"

Happy New Year PACKER NATION and GO PACK GO!!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Not sure what I feel better about, the Pack ripping up the Seahawks, or the Viqueens losing to the Bears. Any bets the Queens are one and done in the playoffs? Go Pack!! BTW, the Bears still suck.

Pack Fan in Texas

Looking at game replay, nobody destroys talent like Brad "The Chiller". Watching the vikes implode is priceless!


If we can't end up playing the Queens, I'm hoping that the Packers will end up as the 5 seed, and Dallas will end up as the 6 seed. That way, if both Dallas and the Pack keep winning, we would host the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game. Ice Bowl 2 !!


Btw, I am sick and tired of hearing about how Adrian Peterson is the "best runningback in the league". Please. He's a FUMBLE machine. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy is just another 'superstar' over-hyped vikqueen player that lands on the scrap-heap when it's all said and done (can you say "Daunte Culpepper"?). Nobody destroys talent like the Minnesota Vikings - LOL!

#66 Chica

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blast From The Past... 

Return To
Yuck-A Flats

Tweety &

Roadrunner &
Wile E. Coyote


Monday, December 28, 2009

Packers 2nd Place NFC North 10-5... 

Packers win in convincing style, 48-10 over the Seahawks, and clinch a wildcard playoff berth for the upcoming playoffs. I almost didn't see that coming after the dismal 4-4 start. Congrats to RB Brandon Jackson for having a 3TD day on 8 touches, with RB Ryan Grant adding 2TD's of his own. Granted it's just a win over a weak team, but it was a win to guarantee a playoff spot and the Packers delivered bigtime.

I have just one thing to say about the Colts purposely tanking their game yesterday, may nothing but ill-will taint your playoff chances of reaching the Super Bowl. Now coach Jim Caldwell is tagged as a quitter.... and deservedly so. I have no respect for the Colts now, and very little for Peyton Manning... he should have pulled a "Favre" and refused to go out.

An interesting tidbit I heard on Packers radio this morning.... Brett Favre's last outdoors road win in cold temperatures was back in 2000 against the Bears. In 6 games since, he has 3 TD and 12 INT's.

Another interesting tidbit... with QB Aaron Rodgers throwing for 4000 yards, RB Ryan Grant with over 1000 yards, WR Greg Jennings with over 1000 yards, and waiting for WR Donald Driver to get his 1000 yards, and this foursome will be the only one's to repeat those yard markers in back-to-back years. Other NFL Teams have had foursome's do this, just never the exact same foursome, and never is back to back years. Oh yeah, Aaron Rodgers is the only QB for throw for over 4000 yards in his first 2 years as a starting QB. Go Pack!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Even though I HATE THE ViQueens. I'm hoping they beat NY, this Sunday..I believe as a life long Packer Backer, That we will have the last laugh over Favre and the Queens as The Vikes will all be sitting in there Lazyboys watching the Packers in the SUPERBOWL in 2010..PACKERS ROLL IN Arizona 35-10..


Sundown 74..


I can't take it anymore I defecting after 41 years as a viking fan, call me fair weather, call me what you will. I can't stand watching "Mr Noodle" anymore GO PACK GO!!!


Ha Ha haha... you know you can still hate your team without joining ours...  BK

In the Playoffs...Awesome! McCarthy is still a dumbass! His moronic challenges might cost the packers a game if they haven't already.

Lucky Luke

Holy crap! I asked Santa for a 28 point win over the Seahawks and I got a 38 point win?! Just for clarification I also asked him for a 17 point win over Arizona cuz I was a very good girl this year...let's see what happens!!! Let's ride into the playoffs in style.


Playoffs - YEAH BABY!! I thought this was kind of a cute quote from yesterday's js:
    Once Green scored, he did what all backs are supposed to do, a Lambeau leap. That almost wasn't the case for Jackson, who after scoring on his 13-yard catch and 6-yard run, chose not to. Finally, after his last score, he went and jumped in the stands.

    "It was kind of a flashback from '07, when I kind of missed on the Lambeau leap," Jackson said of a playoff game. "Actually, it was against the same team. Once I scored, that's all I was thinking about was, 'Ohhh, should I do it?' I was getting nervous. But A-Rod kind of boosted me over there and I did it."
#66 Chica

BK....Packers win for a playoff birth on Sunday, and the Queens dump one on national television, fulfilling their reputation as a late season slump waiting to happen. There is a Santa Claus!

Keep up the fine work...looking forward to another year...decade.....

Scott "Formerly Drunk On Water Street"

BK, I've got a dilemma. Thought you could help. I am watching the Bores shut down the Queens. A couple weeks back, for the 1st time since I was at the NFC title game against the Giants in January of 2008, I wore my #4 Packer jersey. I don't know what compelled me to do it, but that night the Veaklings stunk up the place. I thought it unusual and tried it again last week, and they laid another Nordic egg. As you can tell by the half time score tonight, the Boatkings are even managing to look bad in Sh*tcago. I am pretty sure their follies are directly correlated to my wearing the jersey. Here's where you come in. When the Packers meet up with Chokings in the 2nd round of the playoffs, should I wear the #4 jersey? (The alternatives are 66, 92, and 50).


Herm, nice dilemma to have to choose from.... I'd pick the one that would result in the biggest baddest partydown time of extreme fun... that would be #4 unless that #50 is a Johnny Holland jersey.  BK

Tasty Win!!! Seachickens >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


PLAYOFFS BABY, THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonny J

The Pack make the playoffs, seemingly playing well at exactly the right time. Gotta love it. That "clinking" sound is all the pitchforks being laid back to rest in their barns, and the smoke in the air is from all the villagers extinguishing their torches. Say what you want, but it is an indisputable fact that Messrs Thompson and McCarthy have built a playoff team in the post-Diva era. Now we can just hope that Minnie-hopeless ends up with the 3 seed, and we end up with the 6. GO PACKERS!!!!


That was cool when Jackson hid behind Rogers for that touchdown run. I don't know if I was having some kind of magic mushroom flashback but he looked about three feet tall compared to the other players. I had no idea he was that miniscule.... actually now that I think about it a midget would make a great running back. He could run between defenders legs and be really hard to tackle.

E Gunn

Hey Eric, That was a awesome call to "hide" Jackson as the Fullback... and I should have known that as soon as the word "grunge" was mentioned here.... one of the Gunn Bros. would show up and comment. Go Go Grunge Machine!!!  BK

3 things in life are certain:
  1. Death
  2. Taxes
  3. Jarrett Bush giving up another touchdown.
As Sir Charles Barkley would say " Aw, he's turrible, just turrrible..."


Hey Old School, Bush did get an interception... his first, so he's not completely worthless... just barely functionally.  BK

Nothing against Jesus, Mary, and Joseph (or Santa Claus), but is it noon Sunday yet? Sure would be nice if we could wrap up our Wildcard spot this weekend. GO PACK!! GO PANTHERS!!

#66 Chica

I hope you, BK, and everyone at Packer Palace had a great Christmas! Lucky me Lombardi-Claus was awesome enough to leave me a Lambeau Field cap, and the promise of an authentic Donald Driver jersey in the mail.

Almost had disaster around midday, opening the present from my younger brother (big 'Queens fan), and it was a purple shirt. Immediately I felt my blood starting to boil feeling it was a horrible joke and the base for the evening's fire, but lucky it was a Ravens Ray Rice #27 t-shirt (I went to Rutgers, and the man is a saint to me and everyone else there, though I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Pack keep him in check a few Mondays ago). A delayed Festivus miracle if I ever saw one.

Kevin - Snowbound in New Jersey

all packer/viking shit aside. Merry Christmas to you and the other guy associated with this blog. hey, if you can't put aside differences during the holidays, then the game has become too big - and after all it is just a game. as a blogger and writer, you guys have a great site (one of the best). i've always enjoyed visiting it and searching through its contents. good luck in the playoffs (i'm sure the Pack will make it). but not too much "good luck". honestly, i hate how Packer fans are divided this year - and families. and the state. is what it is, i guess. best of luck in 2010.

jeff ircink

Merry Christmas Jeff! You are always welcome to stop by and comment, just be prepared for snarky feedback against BF and the Vikes....  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "If you can accept losing you can't win. If you can walk you can run. No one is ever hurt. Hurt is in your mind."
"Merry Christmas!"

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nothing Left To Do... 

  ...'Cept Beat The Seahawks And The Cardinals!

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas to PACKER NATION and everyone have a "Green and Gold New Year!!!"

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

To Beer Kid, Beer Scout, and the rest of the Packer Palace faithful: Merry Christmas and a Happy Packer New Year!!

BK and BS, special wishes to you in appreciation for providing this uniquely enjoyable forum for us seriously addicted--err, I mean devoted-- Packers fans to Speak Out and Spew Off on. More football talk later - for now, let's all raise a glass of egg nog and toast our men of the Green & Gold. Cheers -

#66 Chica

Merry Christmas BeerKid! Christmas hugs to you and Packer fans that live here. Hugs to all of you !


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Beer Kid, Beer Scout, and the rest of Packer Palace Nation! Ya nailed it Chica #66 - we are hopelessly addicted!


Merry Christmas, Packer Palace. Beerkid and Beerscout: Have a couple of Tom & Jerrys on me.


This Week At The Rockwood Lodge... 

Seattle? Nevermind...  Happy Holidays From Big Jim McBob and Billy Saul Hurok.

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Vikings May Be Been In Coasting Mode
When They Took The Field In Charlotte Sunday Night
They Sure Didn't Look Ready For A Challenge
From A Panthers Team Spoiling For A Fight

The Panthers To Their Credit Weren't Intimidated
By The Vikings And All Their Big-Time Rankings
They Dug Right In And Went After Minnesota
And Wound Up Giving Them A Spanking

Peterson Never Managed To Get Loose
While Favre And His Boys Couldn't Connect
The Defense Seemingly Forgot How To Tackle
And Ultimately Wound Up Getting Decked

This Week The Vikings Are On The Road Again
In A Game That Should Be An Easy Win
But Playing The Bears Is Tougher Than It Looks
Could December's Curse Strike The Vikes Again?

The Bears Continue To Get Worse
As Injuries And Apathy Take Their Toll
This Is A Team That Crashed And Burned Early
While The Season Spiraled Out Of Control

The Bears Are A Team That Can Be Dangerous
If Given Just A Sliver Of A Chance
The Vikings Will Have To Recover From A Bad Loss
In Order To Regain Their Winner's Stance


The Packers Looked Like They Were On A Roll
While The Steelers Season Dangled From A Thread
And What Should Have Been A Low-Scoring Game
Became A High-Powered Airshow Instead

From The Opening Minutes Of The Game
When The Steelers Launched A Long Scoring Pass
It Was Clearly Not Going To Be Won On The Ground
While Receivers Were Running Free And Fast

The Green Bay Defense Did All They Could
And Could Even Throw Big Ben To The Ground

But When Push Came To Shove The Steelers Team
Toasted The Packers Until Nicely Browned

This Week The Packers Play The Seahawks
A Team That Was Supposed To Be A Contender
But Efforts Like Last Week's Loss To Tampa
Illustrate Why They've Become Pretenders

Once A Packers Backup Quarterback
Matt Hasselbeck Will Lead The 'Hawks Onto The Field
This Has Been A Tough Season For Him Physically
Even Now He Has Injuries That Aren't Healed

But As Much Trouble As Seattle Has Had
The Pack's Defensive Collapse Is As Big A Disaster
As Potential Postseason Opponents Will Study The Film
And Go For Green Bay's Weaknesses That Much Faster


The Vikings' Playoff Appearance Is Guaranteed
Although They're Stumbling On The Final Approach
While The Packers Hopes Rest On Winning Out
And Some Clever Gameplanning By Their Coach
Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

With the loss last week, the Packers' postseason hopes are a little more murky, while the Vikes' hopes for a first-round bye may well be slipping away... (hmmm.. who could imagine December QB problems...) No matter how the games turn out this week - Merry Christmas to you --

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Happy Holidays to everyone, take care that while your woofing down your food, opening the thousands of presents that Santa brings, and of course, drinking great quantities of your favorite beverages, that some moderation needs to be considered and even may be required, usually right before taking that nap.

Take care everyone, we want you around for that Packers vs Seahawks game that eventually will come this Sunday.

Merry Christmas!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


There once was a QB named Brett
Who last year, blew up the Jets
Then he went to the Queens
Where he's played like a dream
But don't worry, he'll screw it up yet!

#66 Chica

omg... is that Matt Hasselbeck's *gulp!* johnsonville on this week's PackerPalace Rockwood front page? Beer Kid, if this is your attempt to throw a bone (no pun intended) to the females that come to this site, could you at least make it a full-monty of a hot player (or coach)? No offense, but Hass just doesn't do it for me . . .

#66 Chica

Hey Chica, that's BeerScout distinguishing and flexing his editorial content control... and no were not specifically throwing a bone (pun intended) to the ladies.... just pointing out some players have "little chubbies".  BK

I loved Leroy speaking out today on Farve. As big an ego that TT has, Favre's was worse. Leroy always played tough, smart football and spoke the truth. We need more Leroy Butler's on our current team.


Did anyone see the news lately? Apparently there is some kind of dispute between Brett Favre and his personal driver. I have to agree with Brett on this one.... his chauffeur has no right to talk to him like that.


Hey Jonny, I agree, paid attendants like Chilly the Chauffeur shouldn't be questioning the decisions of those above him like BF, who are technically in charge of the team.  BK

A missed field goal, so what?? There were missed tackles that helped lose the game, as well as missed assignments, dropped passes etc. It is a team effort. If they played as a team we wouldn't need to rely on a field goal to win a game. Now you can see how we felt in Houston with Capers running the whole show. Fast start with a slow fade.

Pack Fan in Texas

Seattle and the sweet taste of victory will help me forget last week's dismal result.

Clipped Wing Banquet - SeaChickens Helper >>>>>>>>>>>>>


I gotta tell ya here in Minnesota, the last couple days of the latest Favre soap opera has been so wonderful. Listening to the local sports station in denial...hearing more and more about how Favre continues to be a pig-headed, arrogant's like a 24/7 morphine drip. Whee!!


Hey Ruppert, watching the Vikqueens self-destruct has been my 2nd-favorite pastime during my whole life. Growing up in w. wisc., I spent half my life hearing sports radio talk about how the "Vikes have 22 pro bowlers on this years squad" blather... yet all these years and still no rings. I will admit one thing, the Vikings are my favorite 15-1 non-Super Bowl team ever!  BK

Well lets see how can we top that one. How about M Hass putting up 600 and we lose to the team that lost to Tampa........that we LOST TO! Argghh!

Scott in souptown

Well, it's two days before Christmas and all I can think about is the last 3 seconds of Sunday's game. Still can't shake it. Trying to move on...Giants are still winning and doing it in a BIG way so that's scary. Philly and the Cowboys are coming on too. WE NEEDED THAT WIN! Dear Santa, please bring me a win by 28 points in the Seahawks game, and a 17 point win in the Arizona game. I've been a VERY good girl this year!


Hey raychili, I know what you mean... and I'll be sure to add your wish to the bottom of my petition wish-list for Santa. The more the merrier!!!  BK

A lot of Packer fans knew the colors for a long time. Now everybody is beginning to see them. What colors? Baby Favre's true colors. These colors shown brightly when he blabbed his big mouth to the national media and aired his dirty laundry and backstabbed his coaches and the Packer organization. TT and MM could have stooped down to Lord Favre's level but they showed some class and kept their mouths shut. MM and TT kept their mouths shut about the time Favre said no AGAIN, after Favre had waffled back and forth forever, they were going to accept him back, send a jet down to Favre's home and bring him up for a welcome back party. Those examples are just a few of the many.

Favre and the media love to make excuses for him-like the injured shoulder he had last year when playing for the Jets which caused his donfall in December. What about the four previous years in Green Bay? What excuses then? His last five Decembers Favre has thrown just one TD pass out of 47 passes attempted. He has thrown 34 interceptions, 14 more than the closest active qb. His playoff record the last eight games is 2-6 and he is 0-7 in his last seven games when the temperature is freezing or lower.
Favre's diva, spoiled brat, selfish attitude is what the Packers had enough of, however. His changing of plays, negative attitude about drafting Aaron Rodgers, his reluctance to help A-Rod. There's more.

Now the Packers have a quarterback who appears to be the opposite of what Favre is all about. A-Rod could have also stooped down to Favre's level by revealing Favre's selfish attitude. He shows his classy character by always saying good things about Favre. A-Rod will probably win more Super Bowls than Favre. Let's give TT, MM, A-Rod, and the Packer organization credit for standing up and doing the right thing.

Corky DeYulio Packer Backers of Geneva, NY

I read it and wept. Ya, I know half of Longwell's kicks have been in the Metrodump...

The Drill: Accuracy of Field-Goal Kickers -


Hey Boz, Am I the only one who remembers that Longwell, although accurate, couldn't get his kick-offs to the 10 yard line in Green Bay? Maybe I haven't been drinking enough...   BK

For discussion: Do we trade Kampmen?? What could we get for him? Should we give him more time to adjust to the 3-4?? If there is no labor agreement will he be a free agent??


Hey dfarmer, Do we trade Kampan? Short answer: NO! Long answer: As Pack Fan in Texas pointed out above, Dom Capers defense's do the big fade at the end of the year. I'm starting to see why, personally I'm no fan of the 3-man pass-rush. Sure, if the 3 players are Reggie White, Grady Jackson and Michael Strahan all playing in their prime. Yes, I would love the 3-man pass-rush. That's not the case in Green Bay this year, however. If Capers is going to pull out the 3-man pass-rush during crunch-time of a big road game then OLB AARON KAMPMAN has to be one of the three. Besides, is rookie OLB Brad Jones really playing better then Kampman was earlier this year.... after several games, I can't say that. I want Kampman back!  BK

what a bunch of whiny babies. you're all as bad as the media. you bitch about wanting to move on and forget Favre and as soon as there's the smallest bit of bad news on him you all jump like wolves. you'd think you'd be worried about your own team getting into the playoffs. hypocrites.

jeff ircink

Hey jeff, whiners and hypocrites??? can anyone say projection! Anyway, I don't listen to anything a current Viking fan and Packers traitor has to say about my team, certainly not after his team has dropped 2 of 3 games.  BK

I'm aware you don't listen to me, BK. that's why you and this board are a bunch of hypocrites. you bitch at me when i write about Favre, telling me this is a Packer board only. they you and your readers bitch about Favre. look it up - hypocrites. oh - Merry Christmas. JI

Hey Jeff, so we like to complain about St. BF and we've always hated the Vikings... it is the Season. Merry Christmas.  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing - the result."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blast From The Past... 

The Tough

March Of The

Lord Of The

Great Moments In History... (Encore) 

1976 - The Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks in Milwaukee 27-20 in the 2 teams first meeting ever.

1996 - The Packers smack the Seattle Seahawks 31-10 on their way to winning SuperBowl XXXI and their 12th NFL Championship.

2004 - The Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks 35-13 and in a thrilling 33-27 OT win in the 2003 NFC Wildcard Playoff round.

2008 - The Packers snowplow the Seattle Seahawks 42-20 in the 2007 NFC Divisional Round playoff game at Lambeau Field.

more great moments...

Packers 2nd Place NFC North 9-5... 

Packers lose a wild one, 36-37 to the Pittsburgh Steelers and drop their record to 9-5, but keep their place as the 5th seed in the upcoming NFC playoffs and comfortably remain in 2nd place of the NFC North and will have almost no chance of catching the (lost 2 of the last 3 games) Minnesota Vikings.

What's worse, losing the whole game to your hated rivals and being humiliated in defeat, twice.... or finally thinking your team has the game won and then losing on the last play? I'm not sure... and it's Tuesday morning but I'm leaning towards the former.

Yeah yeah, I've defend K Mason Crosby a little... mostly by not calling for his head, and today I'm not going to either. His wayward misses are at least not shanks that bounce out-of-bounds short of the goal-line, OK, and the other part of his job is kick-offs... and whatever you think, he's not going to get replaced immediately (re-think the GB punting situation that evolved over that emotional on the spot crap) and coach McCarthy re-iterated that position before I could post this. Of course... when a coach tells you your job is safe.... warning lights are actually flashing.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Who the f*ck is Josh Bell?


Hey Ruppert, apparently Josh Bell is a player of such high quality that in a prevent defense he was left on that whole side of the end-zone by himself... or someone forgot to help him.  BK

Ha! you here that Favre screamed at Childress when he wanted to pull favre from the game sunday night versus the panthers? Looks like favre's wanting to run the show over in trophy-less minnesota !! What a frickin girl


After the 2 losses to the ViQueens this season... I can take this loss for what it was. An amazing game with an unbelievable finish that could have gone either way. Stay focused boys... the season begins in January!


aaaaarrrrrgghh !! Penalties and Prevent Defense !!

Scott from Chippewa Falls

I was in Austin, Texas last week. A couple cowboy fans saw my Packer briefcase and gave me some "guff". So, I mentioned "The Ice Bowl". Got a couple pretty good responses:
  1. "Why don't you guys should put a dome on your stadium?"
  2. "I was 11 when they played that game, and I'm still pissed!"


Well you can add "Mason Crosby" to the list of players who have the goods on our coaching staff (i.e. photos of "Theodore" and "Coach Yes Man" with Farm Animals). Unbelievable!!

PACKER PAUL - (Still pissed off in Minneapolis,MN)

Hey Beer Kid? Sad day for our Defense yesterday, giving up 503 yards in the air. Our pass defense was exposed... All an offensive coordinator has to do is take out Woodson, and the rest of our guys are not disciplined enough to not give up a big penalty. I still think our Kicker sucks... Go Packers!!

Vic in Long Beach, CA

Hey Vic, I"ve been able to slide by with the whole "our kicker hasn't cost us a game, yet" mantra and now although Mason Crosby wasn't on the field for that whole final drive that led to the Steelers win... his missed FG was 3 points that probably would have won us the game.  BK

I haven't felt this feeling since...since that game so long ago in 2007. The NFC Championship against the Giants. A game where you know you SHOULD win...A game you know you've won already and yet somehow it's yanked away from you. A win so easy that you already strike it up, but somehow through a miracle touchdown (or INT in 2007) the game is stolen away from you as fast as it was given. I feel physically ill after that game. I actually felt like throwing up after watching that clock tick to 0:00. In the end though I think it's going to be OK. I'm confident that we will hold their wild card position and make it to the post season. This loss may in fact light a fire under our asses. Hopefully this will unleash a beast that none of us have seen prior to this game. Even after this game I can say that I'm still proud of our Packers and can't wait too see them in the post season. GO PACK GO!!!

Also, Clay Matthews is filling in quite well in our 3-4 scheme. Keep it up Clay!!

K Daddy J




what I said last week..

fat oak

What the hell was that move Arodg made after he scored? Has he been taking show-tune dance lessons with Theo?


Unfortunately this happens with almost every good QB we play. Good QB's who can make adjustments and release quick passes tend to do well against us. Luckily there's not too many of them around. This was true even before we lost Harris, and its certainly true now. We have trouble getting consistent pressure rushing 3 or 4, meaning a good QB will find someone open. When we blitz, a good QB can pick it up and get off a quick pass. We'll need bad passing days by the opposing QB, the offense to be clicking and a few lucky bounces to go far in the playoffs. Doesn't mean it can't happen, so keep your fingers crossed.

Of course, we didn't really expect TT to actually fill the team with players that fit the 3-4 defense, did we? We'll just keep drafting for it over the next few years, hoping to get more Clay Matthews types....and we'll still be the youngest team in the league.

Beerkid, do you still believe we shouldn't at least bring in a few kickers to try out? Or a few shrinks to try and get Mason's head out of his ass?


I couldn't be more disappointed, who puts a "NEW" guy on the field in that situation and then provides no help? WTF is Bell doing in man coverage, Who TF is Bell? Where did the fricken pressure go? 2:00 minutes left, opponent has the ball on their own 20 and we stop any pressure and keep everything in from of us, everything in front of us leads to the ball on our 20 with time on the clock. And WTF has happened to Mason Crosby? We still have opportunities, thank god, we have to win-out! GO PACKERS


  1. It's TT fault that we are in this mess. We had Ryan Longwell. One of the most accurate kickers in NFL history. That was until TT "kicked" him to minnesota.
  2. If the turf is that bad at ketchup field, and it always is, Crosby should have had 3/4" spikes on his plant foot.
  3. Now we get to go through the whole "find kickers, bring 'em in, do the kick-off thing, ya, he missed, he's our new kicker, but he'll fix that" stuff for the next two years". AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
I'm hopeful we can get Aaron the support he needs to win games. Clay Matthews - What a beast! Go Pack, Go!


Ouch ! that was sore.... the game finished well after midnight over here but 503yds passing against us?


Hey Beerkid, Un-F'n believable. Are you kidding me? On the last play of the game, with 3 ticks left? We shot ourselves in the foot with our D making "stupid" penalties and allowing a 4th and 7 to convert to a 1st down and with the game on the line leaving Bell alone in the end zone without any help.

This was a game that this PACKER fan thought was a 99.9% loss when the NFL schedule came out, but we had Pittsburgh against the ropes, but we as fans have been continually "sucker punched" by a certain kicker who in my opinion cost us this game. Joe Buck mentioned during the game that the PACKERS were going to bring in some kickers last week to look over and evaluate. I say, "WHY THE HELL NOT?!?" I hope some of them were at the airstrip when the team unloaded in Green Bay last night.

I'm posting this note the morning after our devastating loss to Pittsburgh because I was so pissed off last night I couldn't even enjoy watching Da-Queens lose to Carolina (Okay, it did help a bit, but during the commercials I kept reliving our game in my head). FUCKING CROSBY... HE NEEDS TO GO!!

PACKER PAUL - (Pissed off in Minneapolis, MN)

The Packers stayed with a pretty good football team, but losing at the end is painful. I thought the Zebras were pretty unbalanced early and those bad calls likely contributed to the loss.

The Packers had a chance to win however and were unable to eliminate the penalties on that last drive. I am hopeful that another year of experience will help reduce the dumb penalties that we are are seeing this year. Who could have predicted a thousand yards of offense in a game with two pretty good defensive teams.


Hey draftfan, one thing that helps, it was an AFC loss that hasn't much of an affect on the NFC playoff race tie-breaking system, maybe under common opponents, but if a win is a win, then a loss is a loss.  BK

Worried about ya BeerKid. You still with us?


Hey Lemondrop, I'm here... no need to worry... sorrows are now completely drowned and looking forward to the Packer Sea-Chik-a-Dee game coming up...  BK

The Pittsburgh media is ripping the Stoolers, calling them losers and that they will be lucky to win another game this year.

Let's hope our offense wakes up and that they are on the mark about that loss count.


I wanna see the Packers get "PSYCHO" with the defense this week! I see a big day for B.J. Raji!


I am sure not going to look past the Steelers. They are going to be tough to beat for another loss. They have some good players and they have pride. They will play hard against the Packers. That being said, the Packers are maturing a little bit it would seem.

Some of the foolish things that they were doing earlier in the season have gone away to be replaced by some good football. This may not be the year, but they have added and developed some real playmakers.

That is what it takes to win in the NFL. There are plenty of solid players, but only a special few who can rip off a long run, take a short pass to the house, catch one on a leap at the goal line, pick one and take it in for six, strip the ball from the runner, and sack a mobile QB. We are getting there.


Hey BeerKid........... While Crosby has not been spactacular, he has not been terrible either over the last 2/3 years. Gotta be careful what we ask for, cause who out there can tell me who is the guy to get, because they can garuntee that he'll keep an 80% FG rate and not have a slump either. Crosby w/a little seasoning could still be something special????

Long Live the Pack!!!

The Pittsburgh Doughboy is slowing down, sacked 8 times in his last game and rumor has it he has been banned at every buffet in town.

Our D needs to make it 9 or better come Sunday.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "Mental toughness is many things and rather difficult to explain. Its qualities are sacrifice and self-denial. Also, most importantly, it is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It's a state of mind, you could call it character in action."

Saturday, December 19, 2009

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge... 

Maraudered! All Hail To The Green Bay Hypno Toad!!!

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Vikings Left The Cards Loss Behind Them
As They Roughed Up A Sagging Bengals Team
Never Letting Cincinnati Find A Bit Of Rhythm
Or The Chance To Build A Head Of Steam

While The Vikes' Reputation Is Offensive
It Was Their Defense That Dominated This Game
Showing Despite The Loss Of EJ Henderson
That 'Bully' Mindset Remains The Same

They Took Cedric Benson And His Running Game
Along With Carson Plamer's Passing Attack
And Crushed And Crumpled And Rolled Them Up
Finally Discarding Them Like A Sack

From Now On Things Get Easier For The Vikes
Without A Comparable Opponent Coming Into View
As Even Teams Like The Carolina Panthers
Who Should Be Tough Really Are Just Screwed

Carolina Lives And Dies With Power Running
And Tough Defensive Play Of Their Own
But Their Passing Game Leaves Much To Be Desired
Starting A Backup Quarterback With Talents Unknown

The Vikes Are Reverting To Their Power Game
Riding The Legs Of Taylor And Peterson
Though With Their Defense And Brett Favre's Arm
This Is A Team That These Days Is Playing Just For Fun


The Packers Faced Their Oldest Foes
On The Cold And Windy Lake Michigan Shore
Where They Physically Beat Up The Chicago Bears
As They've Done So Many Times Before

However They Didn't Make It Easy Of Course
Since That Wouldn't Have Been Their Habit
As They Let Chicago Mount A Rousing Comeback
Till The Bears Tossed A Pass And The Packers Grabbed It

After That It Was Just A Matter Of Time
Until The Packers Walked Off With The Win
The Green Bay Team Won This Game 'Ugly'
Here's Hoping They Don't Need To Do That Again

For The Steelers And The Packers
Playoff Hopes Hinge On The Number Five
Five Straight Wins Is Helping The Packers In
Five Straight Losses Mean The Steelers Are Just Alive

The Steelers Team Is Unrecognizable
As The Super Bowl Champs From This Year
While The Surprising Green Bay Packers Team
Is This Weeks' Reason For Pittsburgh's Fear

The Steelers Have The Reputation
For Basing Their Defense On The Blitz
This Year That's Not Working Out So Well
And They Are Taking Not Dishing Out The Hits

The Vikings Really Don't Need This Win
Although They're Going To Pick It Up For Sure
While The Packers' Goal Is Getting To Ten Wins
Which A Trip To The Postseason Should Assure

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

As the Packers strive to lock in a postseason berth, the vikes look to tie up a division crown. Will this be the week? Or will the Panthers shock the vikes? Only time will tell........

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blast From The Past... 

Steeler Sunset
On Geico Bay

Pissburgh Logo

The Steely

Monday, December 14, 2009

Packers 2nd Place NFC North 9-4... 

Packers sweep the Bears by winning the 2nd matchup 21-14 in a game at Soldier Field that the Packers sort of dominated in a slow, easy, step by step way that still allowed some doubt to creep into we Packer fans minds when the Bears went up briefly at 14-13, but at the end of the game, CB Charles Woodson and S Nick Collins had their INT's, LB Clay Matthews had his sack, and the Packers ran to their 9th victory of the year and helped cement their playoff wild-card positioning by moving up to the 5th seed. Yeah baby!

Kudos to RB Ryan Grant for showing some life just as the chorus of naysayers were gaining some acoustical ground. He's not a great RB, but he's over 1000 yards for the season and is the best that the Packers have on the roster. It was a nice strong showing and that opening 62 yard run. Awesome. Great blocking and I just love watching slow Safety's chasing our Running Back's all the way down the field. I should add that RB Brandon Jackson is starting to look solid as the 3rd down back, and as much as I like Ahman Green, he was needed much more in the earlier part of the season when Jackson was injured then now, but is showing that while he's healthy, he can still contribute.

The Bears are imploding... first they take a time-out, then when that's over, questionably challenge a call on the field and lose. 2 TO's gone in one moment, but best of all, in the offseason they traded the farm for QB Jay Cutler who's playing worse than those who went before him. How awful is that? Bears fan are yearning for the grand old days of the Rex Grossman/Kyle Orton QB's of Doom combination. At least with those two duh Bears had reasonable hopes of chasing a .500 record. Now, not so much... Priceless! I'll stopping laughing about this sometime in the next decade... maybe. The Bears Still Suck!

Another week, another game, and the Packers keep their slow-moving steam-rolling pace heading in the proper playoff direction and next up comes the road game in Pittsburgh against the Steelers, now moved to be the nationally televised late game on Fox this coming Sunday. Go Pack Go!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Vote Ryan Grant for Fed-Ex Ground Player of the Week!!

Kevin - North Jersey

He's Jay Cutler Parody Song, sit back with a brew and enjoy. GO PACK GO!

packman Gus

So I'm sitting in that piece of crap they call soldier field yesterday, wearing my #7 Majic jersey, and it's getting a little tight in the 3rd quarter. The Bear fans and the Pack Boosters are dialing up the venom and it looks like things could get ugly. Then I say, "hey we have something in common now that we can both share, we all hate Brett Favre". And with that the fans of both teams unite into a rousing redition of "Brett Favre sucks!". It was a magical Christmas moment.

Joe Francis

Hey Joe, sounds like great times... Schnapps inspired I bet. Hilarious....  BK

Whew. Closer than I would've liked, but the Gummy Bears still suck . Really, the true final score of the game should have been 28-14, as the zebras completely robbed Greg Jennings of that TD in the endzone. I can't believe even after a review they claimed it wasn't a TD! Hope the Packers send that one into the League Monday morning as it was such a bogus call.

So Beer Kid ... have you changed your opinion of Crosby yet? Everytime there's a kick of 40 or more I have to cover my eyes. Eek!

A win is a win is a win. Dom Capers for President!!

#66 Chica

Hey Chica, Mason Crosby has been unreliable... but so far, he hasn't cost the Packers a game and I see absolutely no reason to get rid of him and bring someone else in at this point of the year... mostly because what TT did to our punter position that went from average with former P John Ryan to worst in the league with current Jeremy Kampinos. I fear TT would do the same to the Kicker position if pressed to make changes now.   BK

Hey Beerkid, I'm with #66 Chica (on both points). Greg Jennings had a TD but the Refs apparently received some "Lovey Money" for their efforts in keeping the game close (I mean, what else could it be???) and Mason Crosby is a stiff. It is time to look elsewhere for another kicker who is more reliable (As well as a new Special Teams Coach). Sundays game could have come down to a F.G. had Da-Bears come back and tied the game and sent it into O.T. and then what?

We will need EVERY opportunity to win out and go deep into the post season and if our kicker (who does nothing else but) can not deliver then it is time to show him out of town.

GO PACK GO and let's roll up Da-Steelers on Sunday.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Hey Packer Paul, I'm still unsure about Jennings almost TD catch and how the rules go about ruling going to the ground when making a catch, even when stripped of the ball and then tackled to the ground after 3 steps as in Jennings case. It was great defensive play. As for kickers, I do see that Washington's new kicker seem to do OK for his debut, so maybe there's another kicker out there for the Pack... I still doubt.  BK

Well, well...look who has the 3rd best record in the NFC. Another gritty effort from the Packers. Looks like they're figuring out how to win. Certainly not a very pretty win, but we went over that topic last week. Rodgers and the offense weren't sharp, but the defense made up for it. And another 4th quarter comeback win for Aaron Rodgers. Let's keep marching.


BK you know I luv the Pack.The Packers dont have a greedy or stingy owner too deal with, our beloved has a uniqueness in that all we have to do is put a great team on the field. no real profits too reap just a great football team. so there's no excuse for not being very very competitive every year. Except for the people running the show.and I don't care about brett/Vikings, The focus for Packer fans everywhere should be whippin the ass of every team we face....


Hey Chilwil... agreed. We both love the Pack and we both don't believe (on different levels) the organization does enough to create a go deep into the playoffs contending team every year.  BK

Red Zone failures are the standard and not an abberation. This game should not have been close. Woodson continues to amaze. Cutler's play was like an early Christmas present that gifted this win.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "All right Mister, let me tell you what winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, give more than anyone else."

The Bears Still Suck... 

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Vikings Were Feeling Pretty Good
And There Was No That They Shouldn't
As They Prepared To Roll Over Arizona's Cardinals
With No Reason To Think They Wouldn't

Early In The Game It Looked Like Things
Were Going The Typical Vikings' Way
They Got A Quick Turnover Which Led To A Score
Ho-Hum Another Average Vikings Sunday

The Cardinals However Had Other Plans
That They Put Into Play With Heart And Hustle
And Tough It Hasn't Happened In Some Time
Minnesota's Team Quite Simply Got Outmuscled

This Week The Minnesota Team Will Face
One Of This Season's More Suprising Teams
As The Cincinnati Bengals Have Shown Themselves
To Be Far Better Than They Originally Seemed

With Carson Palmer Directing The Offense
And Big Cedric Benson Toting The Rock
The Bengals Are In Fine Position
To Provide The Vikings Another Shock

Minnesota Really Should Come Out On Top
According To The Arguments Of Rhyme And Reason
Although A Cincy Upset's Not Out Of The Question
In This Topsy-Turvy Football Season


Not Unlike The Packers, Baltimore's Team
Started This Season Somewhat Underachievieng
But Unlike The Ravens, Green Bay's Team
Have Convinced Fans It's Ok To Resume Believing

Monday's Game Followed A Familiar Pattern
With The Packers Dominating The Early Going
Even Though So Many Penalties Were Called
It Looked Like The Skies Were "Yellow Snowing"

But In Order To Be Honest The Packers Didn't Dominate
From The Kickoff Until The Game's Big Finish
For The Ravens Made A Strong Run Late In The Game
Until "Popeye" Rodgers Finally Ate His Spinach

For Almost A Hundred Years These Teams Have Met
Starting Way Back In The "Roaring Twenties"
Between Them The Level Of Animosity His High
And There Is A History Of "Chippy" Plays A-Plenty

In The Opening Game This Year The Packers Won
As Green Bay Threw A Last-Minute Touchdown To Win
They Hurried, Hit And Harrassed Cutler And The Bears
And Should Have No Trouble Doing It Again

Chicago's Team To Be Frank Is Just An Awful Mess
The Sort Of Team That Leaves Coaches Unemployed
And The Players And Fans Are Feeling Miserable
While Enduring A Season That Cannot Be Enjoyed


With The Famous Defense, Brett And Adrian Underachieving
Coach Chilly May Have Legitimate Cause For Concern
While The Packers Team Will Use This Week's Win
To Spur The Push For A Postseason Return

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Is the Packers' run for real? Can they not only keep it up, but if so, can they make a run in the postseason? Now is the Cardinals game just an anomaly - or is it the beginning of a far too familiar pattern, both to vikings AND Packers fans?

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Presagin' Packer Prognosticators... 

Q:  Do The Bears Still Suck?
A:  You Can Rely On It.

Q:  Will The Packers Win?
A:  Outlook Good.

Magic Gold G-Ball

I agree with the Magic G-Ball, The Bears Still Suck! Packers win in Chicago today, 26-13 or so and keep their position in the NFC wildcard race. Pack 4 Life!

Beer Kid

Friday, December 11, 2009

Speak Out Spew Off... 

It's been an odd Bears week...

I guess I'm expecting the Pack to just go ahead and roll the Bears in Chicago this Sunday so I'm not feeling the usual vibe and getting that near-hysteric excitement level going... so attention Green Bay Packers!!! Follow through on this for me.

As history has proven repeatedly.... The Bears Still Suck!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


Enjoyed the cows pulling the "sleigh" in this week's Rockwood. Hmmm... in my relatively brief time coming to this site I see a pattern with these Rockwoods that almost always involves a 'vehicle' of some sort with various Packers players, personnel, and other relateds piled on-board. :-)

Weather for the game at Soldier looks pretty tame, temperature and wind-wise, for this time of year. This so-called "lockerroom material" that Raji and Kreutz were exchanging was tame as well. *Yawn* Is that the best they could do? OK, whatever - let's just get the job done and get outta there with zero injuries. GO PACK!! (GO BENGALS too!!)

#66 Chica

Hey Chica.... the animation pattern is either squashed, burnt, blowed up (real good!) or chopped up. Otherwise we let our imaginations run freely... We've often compared our animations to Tibetan Prayer Flags... and often spark small sacrificial fires to appease the Football Gods. Go Pack Go!  BK

On my way to that piece of crap they call solider field. Wearing the #7 Majic jersey today and packing the schnapps. GO PACK GO

Joe Francis

Hey Joe, Packer Games and Schnapps ----- Go Go Go Joe Go!!!.  BK

Greetings packerfans, I'll be watching the Pack from Cowboy Bill's in Key West (on vacation from Sacramento). GO PACK GO!


I realize "you play the teams in front of you" But all of this beating up on a bunch of suckass teams/ injury riddled teams is all great n all but reality will sooner or later rare its ugly head and we will once again face the eventual fact that this seasons success will only insure the fact we still have Mc Fathead as head coach for another season.Whooohoo just great


Hey Chilwil, the Pack has beaten up the same teams that the Vikes have beaten up on. Where-in there lies the rub, although similar seasons, the Vikes have shown the Pack that they are 2nd tier (Cowboys, Ravens look 2nd tier... hey! Packers may be best of the 2nd tier - woohoo) by whomping on us twice. The Pack looked better in the loss to Tampa Bay than in either of the prove yourself big matchup games against the Vikes. Also, with an alleged "coach in waiting" already on staff in Dom Capers, are you recommending the Packers upgrade to him over McCarthy? Beyond all that, the uncapped year and the desire to limit expenses during said year, are going to almost guarantee that the Pack will keep both TT and MM around rather then pay them to go away...  BK

Look at him.
Sitting There.
Shit-eating grin on his face.
Yeah... he's not retired.
He's just taking a vaction.


Hey Hysen, that must be an oldie but a goodie, well for half of us it is. Just goes to prove that old warhorses don't go down easy when there's a game to be played.  BK

Ready for some major Bear suckage this weekend! GO PACK!


OK, all of you TT bashers who are mad at him for "letting" Favre go, start looking at things in the right perspective. If he had decided to stay with Favre he would be known in a few years as the GM who let Aaron Rodgers go. If Favre had come back A-Rod would most likely have not stayed. How would that be for Packers' fans to see the guy that was drafted in the first round and was groomed for three years become a superstar for another team? Favre would finally "retire" and the Packers would probably be left in quarterback hell. I doubt that Favre would have led the Pack to a Super Bowl. A-Rod has a future with a good chance to beat Favre's Super Bowl win total. Give TT some credit. He has built a talented, young team and stood up for his prinicples.

Corky DeYulio

Hey Corky, I'm in the "don't completely mind that BF was (after everything that happened, finally) let go but yet I don't believe that TT does enough" camp. At least TT has BJ Raji and Clay Matthews in the "what have you done for me lately" account ledger.  BK

BK...just need some time on the Packer Palace couch for counselling. I've really stuggled with the Brett Favre thing. I'm a UWEC grad who lived in MN for a while, I truly dislike the Vikings. My favorite non-Packer moments related to football involve a last minute catch by AZ, taking a knee against Atl and losing in OT, everything Dennis Green ever said, 4 super bowl losses, and a boat ride on Lake Minnetonka all associated with the Vikings. Over the years I have been dissapointed as Longwell and Sharper chose to associate themselves with the Vikings. Their Favre aquisition has been pure agnony for me. I have personally invested much in Brett, and seeing him in purple is nothing short of horrific...and yet I watch him as much as I can and find myself rooting for him and also laughing when he threw pics. But after all of the Favre lamentations, I can't help but feel gratful that we have A-Rod.

I grew up watching Lynn Dickey and then suffered while the packers slogged through a bevy of funny to consider that we once though Majik would take us to the promise land. Which is why I am so grateful for A-Rod. Would I love to have seen Favre lead to the Pack to the Super Bowl at age 40+? Yes...but the reality is Favre likely is not likely to have brought us much more success than A-Rod, and with out Aaron, we would likely have face years of re-living the late 80s and early 90s waiting to find and answer at QB. Look no further south than Chicago to be reminded of how very painful that can be. In the mean time I hope Favre does amazing things, the Pack win the Super Bowl, and the Bears continue to suck.

I feel better already. Thanks.

A Rod

Hey A Rod.... yup, I know those trompin' grounds pretty well, quite a few of my friends were Vikings fans when I was around, anyway, for you, for anyone, the couch is open 24/7.  BK

I think the Packers have to be in consideration for having one of the best front 7's in the league. Da bears are in worse shape than when we met them in Week 1. I hate to get cocky about this because it's Lovie and the team's Superbowl, but I just cannot see how they can beat the Pack. If we lose it will be because we beat ourselves (cliche, I know, but true). Otherwise, if we're on, I see lots of interceptions for crybaby Cutler and a lop-sided victory for the Green & Gold. Memo to ARodg: The mantle of "Bearkiller" is yours to take over now - Go git 'em! GO PACK!! A noon start - yay!

#66 Chica

Hey Chica, this short week stuff has messed with my rhythm for celebrating Packers Bears week in its entirety, I feel cheated by losing a day. The Bears Still Suck!!! The Bears Still Suck!!!  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time."

Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge... 

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow... aka I'm A Gummy Bear!

Blast From The Past... 

From The Valley
Of The Giant



Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Packers 2nd Place NFC North 8-4... 

It's been a few days... The Packers take their big but penalty-sloppy 27-14 win over the Baltimore Ravens in to the short week preparations for the road trip to Chicago this upcoming Sunday. Green Bay is sitting in control of the 6th seed for the NFC Playoffs, and I guess its going to come down to whether or not you want the Pack to be the 6th or 5th seeds, probably depends on whether you expect the Vikings to be the 2nd or 1st seeds. I want the Pack to go through Minnesota, more likely chance of a win, before they have to go through New Orleans, provided the Packers win their opening wildcard round playoff game against either Arizona or the NFC East trio of Dallas, Philadelphia or maybe New York. My bets are down as Saints, Vikings, Cardinals, Eagles, Packers, Cowboys for the NFC seeds... with only 4 games to go.

One concern after Monday night's win, is the status of DT Ryan Pickett. He left the game early, and I've gotten use to the 4-man combo of Cullen Jenkins, Johnny Jolly, BJ Raji and Pickett being the D-Line. They've played better than expected after the switch to the 3-4 d-alignment and its going to hurt the Pack's chances if one of the four go down for any length of time. Who's the 5th d-lineman, I guess that would be rookie Jarius Wynn.

Big Win!!! Go Pack Go!

Oh, would most of you quit bagging on K Mason Crosby... what do want GM TT to do? Get someone of P Jeremy Kapinos quality in here to take over kicking duties... yeah, I don't want that either. Wait! K Shawn Suisham of the Redskins is available.... Wait! Washington got rid of him over the same reasons that Crosby gets bagged on in Packerland. Get over it. Crosby is the Kicker this year and more than likely next year too...

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!


The Packers have to solidify kick off and punt coverage and eliminate the penalties if they want to go all the way..Now that Favre is starting to show his true colors (key interceptions to blow the game), I expect the Vikes to start their "End Of The Year Flame Out" as usual.

Fat Oak

Looks like the Bears are more banged-up then the Pack. Should be a gritty battle with the Pack slicing and dicing Cutler. GO PACK!!! Don't fall apart this early in the hunt.


Missing Persons Report... Justin Harrell..."justin fun!"

Joe Francis

An ugly win over a good team is beautiful. Aaron Rodgers is turning into a very good QB before our very eyes. That 2 minute drill to end the first half was great. He absolutely STUCK some throws in there, both then and later in the game. He's becoming big time. And how about the rookies on D? Matthews, Raji and Brad Jones...who drafted these guys? Woodson, once again with maybe the play of the game, tackling McGahee for a loss on the play before Tramon's redeeming INT. This team is coming together. And the Bears still SUCK!!!


Wow! That was almost like a playoff game atmosphere last night! It's been awhile since I have seen the crowd so perfectly intune with what was happeneing in the game!!! The refs blew a few, and nailed us on a few too, but in the end, we are finally winning the games we are SUPPOSED to win. Bbbrrrrrrrr, it was cold but it's only gonna get colder! GO PACK GO!



BK....what's shakin', man? Seems this team has found itself defensively, and the offense is showing greater balance than at any time this season. I like how things are shaping up. This may be one of the great rookie classes in GBP history given the early returns of Matthews, Raji and Jones.

And I will just say it....if Aaron Rodgers were the ONLY pick that panned out for TT, his reign would be a success. We have our next rock star under center...something half the teams in this league have been trying to for years after their last great one.

Hope all is well in sunny Cali as we brace for our first snow of substance of the year in the Twin Shitties. Be good, my friend....or not....your choice.

Scott "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

I don't know if I can take it anymore. I love that we won, but every game I go from thinking, "we look really good, we actually might have a shot at the Super Bowl" to "oh my God, how have we won any games this year?" Local high school teams have less false start penalties. Where's the discipline? And can someone tell Williams that holding onto the arm of a receiver in front of the ref is a bad idea? He could take a lesson from Hawk. On the last interception Hawk ran with the receiver, looked up for the ball, and KEPT HIS HANDS OFF until he could reach up to grab it. At least the O-line is protecting Rodgers a little better. If we could just eliminate the stupid plays we've got a shot....Saints should have lost to the Redskins, the Queens looked like crap....anyone can win the NFC this year. Why not us?

Chica's right - Awesome aerial pictures.


    As part of the NFL's "flexible scheduling" plan, the Week 15 game between the Packers and Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday, December 20 will be played at 4:15 p.m. ET on FOX. The game was originally scheduled for 1 p.m. ET. The NFL will utilize flexible scheduling on Sundays in Weeks 11-17. Flexible scheduling will ensure quality matchups in all NFL Sunday time slots in those weeks and give teams a chance to play their way onto primetime and into the late-afternoon 4:15 p.m. ET time slot on CBS and FOX.

    For each of the flexible scheduling weeks with the exception of Week 17, the NFL will announce the start times of games on Sundays no later than 12 days prior to that weekend. To ensure a Sunday night game and doubleheader games with playoff implications in Week 17, the flexible scheduling decision for that Sunday may be made on six days notice. The flex schedule game time changes for this Sunday (Dec. 13) is St. Louis at Tennessee on FOX at 4:05 p.m. ET.

GOD BLESS DOM CAPERS!! I am struck by how refreshing it is to hear media talking heads praising our #1 defense up and down. When was the last time we heard that? Credit ultimately goes to the 'evil' Ted Thompson for bringing in a big-name REAL defensive coordinator. This defense is exciting to watch! They were *smothering* Flacco all night long.

The Packers could be taken more seriously as a contender if they weren't completely outrageously out of control with the penalties, and if they would tighten up their special teams. Those are the two biggest weaknesses on this team.

Nonetheless, a few things: 
  1. TE J. Finley - He's wearing Bubba Frank's old number. Bubba had hands of gold (particularly in the end zone), but he was a virtual statue on the field. This Finley guy has mobility - he can move! Before and after the catch! This is a dynamic that we haven't had in our offense since probably Chewy. Great weapon for ARodg.
  2. CLAY MATTHEWS! What a stud!
  3. MR. RODGERS NEIGHBORHOOD. Favre groupies and psycophants be-damned, we have got ourselves an astute, unbelievably poised and mature QB who can LEAD this team into the future. I am absolutely pinching myself at what a find this guy is. I hope other GBP fans are doing the same.
  4. Mason Crosby SUCKS. This is the ONE thing that I will totally slam TT for. Ryan Longwell should still be kicking for the Pack. Period.
  5. Memo to Baltimore Pigeon players who attempt to jump into the Lambeau endzone after scoring: Huh?! "GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE!!" ...'nuff said.
  6. One of tonight's trio of talking heads (it wasn't Gruden) complimented that, with about 12 minutes to go in the 4th "the Packers fans are still here - they haven't left". Hello?! Get a clue, please.
  7. Since when did *Matt Millen* become an "expert" worthy of putting in the talking-head role? This guy ran the Motor City Kitties franchise into the toilet. Now we're supposed to listen to his opinion? ESPN must be scraping the bottom of the barrel... Put *ME* in, for heaven's sakes!
  8. I think any NFC team right now is totally beatable, except for the New Orleans Saints.
#66 Chica

OK. this message is to Ted. Who I know follows this website. I have been tough on you because of Brett. But Aaron is playing great. Your draft picks are playing super. So as of now, you are absolved of past transgressions and you are to be given credit for being tough and thick skinned and doing the right thing. Ted Thanks. Dan. ps You were graceful when the Vikes won twice. They won't win the next time.


Packer Paul, Hope you and your wife had a wonderful time...what am I saying?! Of course you had fun!! Go Pack Go! Roll over the Ravens!

Lady K

You know...sitting here, the morning after the Queens got destroyed, on national TV by the mighty, fearsome Cardinals is almost as good as the day after a Packers win. This is the same Cards team that Tarvaris Jackson lit up last year. Man, I wonder why Favre looked so terrible? I guess he's no Tarvaris Jackson in December. Go Pack tonight!!! Smoke the Ravens evermore!!!


I think I have come full circle. I started the season thinking we could make it to the Super Bowl after watching the team in pre-season. After the loses to the Queens and Tampa I was wondering where the bottom was. I think if we pick up a victory Monday night we are back on track to making a run in post season. The home field advantage of Lambeau's mystique, Packer fans, and colder temps, may be just enough to get us a victory.

This is the must win game of the season.


Well, the Vikes (and Brent) have started their downward spiral, and it's time for our own ARod (the better one) and the Pack to kick it up a notch! GO PACK AND BEAT THOSE BLACKBIRDS!



Is it just me, or do we have Jack Black playing right tackle?

Joe Francis

Hey Joe, it was looking exactly that way to BeerScout and myself too...  BK

Heading over on Hwy. 21- Monday morning to the Packers 4th win in a row... (hopefully). I think the defense will eat up Flacco just like the Cowgirls & the Lions..... This is my 1st game with my father at Lambeau & no matter what the score it will be historic for us! Big snowstorm is what I predict! Packers win 24 - 17 with 2 defensive TDs GO PACK GO!



God Bless the Chicago Cardinals!!! 'queens middle-linebacker EJ Henderson (the anchor of their D) goes down to boot. And it looks like "All Day" only "speeds" when he's in a car anymore (queue up better punchlines than mine where this is concerned). He certainly didn't do jack tonight. Between his fumbles and the fact that several teams (including the Packers) this year have disabled him and taken him completely out of games, I have to say I'm not sold on his "greatness" just yet.

This is shaping up to be an interesting December of football, indeed. As I've said all along, there is lots of football to be played folks! BRING ON MONDAY NIGHT!!

p.s. - Those aerial pics of Lambeau are simply breathtaking. One more reason why this site ROCKS!

#66 Chica

Hey Chica, we at Packer Palace realize that we owe a lot to those of you who trample through here and leave their mark all over the place...  BK

Lambeau has a new game opening tune. You can listen to Welcome to the G force here,


Hey Lemondrop, pretty raunchy, pretty rowdy, it made me listen to Rob Zombie/White Zombie for over an hour afterwards...... amazing how many "go pack go's" one can fit in almost anywhere to any song. but don't you worry about me... I've safely moved on to Killing Joke.  BK

My current job driving a taxi has kept me from seeing the last 3 games, when possibly the Packers have played a little better, seems the penalties are still around though, and special teams are not what they should be which is at minimum average. I did see a little of the Baltimore game and they struck me as a markedly more disciplined team than our own, I think it will be a real good game, but I like Baltimore to win, obviously hope I am hugely wrong, its time we gave someone a humiliating beating.

I may be the only one who thinks this, but it would mean more to me to beat the Vikings, this year seemingly in my dreams, and I mean preferably kick the p**s out of them, than to win the Super Bowl, and certainly more than merely getting to the Super Bowl. I do remember the delicious beat down the Falcons put on a seemingly indomitable Vikings team in the NFC championship a few years back. Beat them to a pulp. Its always satisfying to see that entertaining SKOL Viking guy with a look of astonishment and bewilderment on his face, and to hear that SKOL Viking horn completely silenced. Not hard to silence their fans, they absorb defeat readily. (And back in reality folks, I really do like such Minnesota people as I had known in the business world, tend to be an enternaining, educated, and civil lot) And just before waking from this dream to see Brett make a public apology for his treacherous traitorous acts. (Though I would also have the decency to admit he is still the most entertaining player in team sports to me, and I suspect most Packer fans). Its just while he is wearing those vile colors while not enjoying him I want to see him taken out clean and final, he ain't gettin up. Deacon Jones style. While in Hattiesburg area last week visiting my sister, I was tempted to put a notice of Traitor on his front gate out on Highway 49, with the numbers 15 and 66 on it, and maybe a 36 for Leroy, who doubtless while having very deep affection for Brett, called his traitorous ass out for now merely being meat for the grinder, he is our enemy, nothing more.

I believe his Green Bay legacy is forever tarnished, and will become tarnished further with each success while wearing Purple. And the day will come when it will matter to him. Either that or he will have to convince me how whoever is the Green Bay general manager, how he was guilty of doing anything but his job going all the way back to the drafting of Aaron, or the failed pursuit of the then highly controversial and south end zone butt wiper Randy Moss. Until then Number 4 you remain guilty as charged, history will show me to have been right, without fresh information your apology is expected. Sod all those who distort the facts into the Packers closing the door on him or expressing their pro Brett opinions in all block letters.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there."

Monday, December 07, 2009

Presagin' Packer Prognosticators... 

Q:  Will It Be Cold And Snowy At Lambeau Field Monday Night?
A:  Signs Point To Yes

Q:  Will The Packers Emerge Victorious Over The Invading Baltimore Ravens?
A:  Signs Point To Yes

Magic Gold G-Ball

The Packers can prove to the rest of the NFL that they are at least Pretenders (to the Crown) with a win over the Ravens tonight in Green Bay. If the weather goes ugly, with snow and cold conditions, the Packers can still eke this one out in that traditional everyone looks like their in slow motion skating on thin ice game play that the Lambeau mystique is supposed to bring in home field advantages. Pack win 23-13 and keep their playoff seeding, contending, evermore.

Beer Kid

Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Forward From Joe Oliva... 

    Greetings, Well, no Packer game today, so here's a little distraction.

    I shot this just before the start of the Packers-Cowboys football game on November 15th. The jets are Navy F-18 Super Hornets. Of course, I was in another aircraft above it all. The American Flag was on the field for less than a minute. ...not bad for a "Joe less than #1".

Some thanks goes to Lee for thinking of us on his email 'forward' list... and hell, the real thanks goes to Joe Oliva, who can take some pretty awesome pictures and this one of the 100 yard flag in Lambeau Field is just, there must be better words to describe this, but this image is just super-phreakin' awesome! Click on the above pic for more - Joe has 6 images from that day above Lambeau Field (including 2 at night) at his website - Lambeau Field, November 15, 2009.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Dreams... we all have them... and I'm not referring to the Green N Gold Super Bowl Dreams we fans have for our team the Green Bay Packers. No, it's the other lingering dreams that reveal a little about our inner workings. Take my dream this morning, well, it starts more with Chica's mentioning of can't wait for game-day Monday, and it's only Tuesday morning. Knowing I had a few comments to post, and feeling all warm and cozy under the covers, I was reluctant to wake-up.

I was taken back to my old IT job at Columbia Records, tromping around the offices, not recognizing anyone, when I get the "Hey there you are. Tell me what's up about the Green Bay Packers. What's going on?" Now, let me preface, that working for Sony/Columbia Records revealed quite a few NFLer's reprezentin' quite a few teams, and fantasy players, so I used to get questions like this all the time and you know how we Packer fans like to BS about our team. It was a fun job. So what's my answer in my dream about the Packers, 1st off, I give the "what you heard about the problems in management our true". Not sure what that meant exactly, I believe it was from an earlier more troubling dream about the Packers MM, TT & MM triangle. But here's the kicker, what's my real answer in my dream.
    "What's really bothering me about the Packers is that this is the 2nd Sunday in a row that they're not playing and it's driving this Packers fan cuckoo"
Complete with finger twirling next to the ear motion... so Chica, I know how you felt on last Tuesday, but look what can happen to you (waiting for a Monday Night Game) by Sunday. Crazy Packer Dreams, Inc.

Which leads me to my all time "Crazy Packer Dreams™". I used to travel alot, almost every weekend spent out of town, and during the NFL season, my travel coordinator at work, she was happy to keep home on most Packer game-days. For every time I went to Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix or a large metro area, I would end up working in Colorado City, TX or Garberville, CA, small town USA. So one time, obviously in a hotel room, my all-time Packers dream went this way... I'm at Lambeau, the crowd is cheering, I'm cheering.... the dream moves me to the sidelines, crowd still cheering, I'm under a canvas tent, crowd still cheering, Packers take the field, I can see them, Brett Favre with ball in hand leading the way on to the field, the crowd goes crazy, I go crazy with enthusiasm... and then through the roar of the crowd, muffled at first, then louder comes this booming voice.... "God wants you to do this.... and God wants you to do that...." and I'm going insanely crazy, "NOOOOOOOOOOO" the Packers are on the field. No time for sermons.... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and I wake up on the hotel bed, it's 5am in the morning, and some local regional sunday morning tv show is on - yep, fell asleep saturday night watching a sports show on channel whatever.... wake up sunday morning to a, umm, aaaah, a non-sports tv show on channel whatever. I think I was in Las Vegas New Mexico, maybe it was Roswell. A classic for the "Crazy Packer Dreams™" nightstand drawer. Go Pack!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

P.S. - Some of you know this and other my suspect this, and other are WTF is going around here, but the truth is, when the Packers take break, the Editorial Staff at Packer Palace takes one too... we however, use a multiplier greater than 1 to calculate against the Packers length of vacation and use that to figure out the length of our bye week break... even if it's an alleged mini-break.


Hey Beerkid, My wife and I are on our way to the "Shrine" for Monday Night's game against Ray "SLASHER" Lewis and the Baltimore Ravens.

Our special teams had better improve. Too many stupid penalties (Blocks to the back) and they are giving up too many return yards for the opposition. Mason Crosby has enough leg, but he needs to work on lining up his F'n field goals. There is NO excuse to miss an indoor field goal unless it's blocked, tipped or faked...

Prediction:  PACKERS: 28 - rAvEnS: 24 GO PACK GO!!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

It is snowing in Houston. That may be a sign that hell is about to freeze over. Does that mean we can get rid of Moose and Squirrel, and get a real GM and Head Coach? Go Pack!!

Pack Fan in Texas

I think Zebrie Sanders (Florida State Lineman) just made one of Ted Thompson's list of top draft choices next year:

Greg T, Minneapolis

Hey Greg, you would think at some point an OL is at the top of the Packers wish-list... you would think. Here's Zebrie's profile over at Scout.Com -;=8&c;=1&nid;=2216144 - You dawg Greg T... I should have looked at that first before posting it.... heh heheh heh eh. Florida State Lineman Doesn't Move After Snap. Nope, he didn't move... no 5 yard penalties for false start from this kid...  BK

Word to the wise.... huge Viking fans are not to be trusted.


Hey Lemondrop, you must trust him a little... you didn't use the term 'mud-duck' to refer to him or his team.  BK

I hope TT will remember that Woodson and Pickett were both obtained via free agency. Luckily for us we had almost no one competing with us for their services or they'd be playing elsewhere. It's time he learned from his mentor and get into the free agent market once in a while.


BK - You and I are saying the same thing. So should we trade Kampman for what we can get or keep trying to get him to adjust???


Hey dfarmer, I guess I'm saying is that we kept KGB with an extremely high salary and he was nothing more than a pass-rushing DE --- Kampman is more and can do more than that... but that is what he's best at... I have daydreams about both AK and CM3 as the Pack's premier pass rushers working in tandem to much consternation of the opposing offenses.  BK

Is it Monday Night yet? *sigh* I need to get a life. Until then - GO PACK!!

#66 Chica

The Vikes and Saints have the strongest teams in the NFL and just might end up playing for the chance to compete in the Super Bowl. Of course the reason they play the games on the field instead of on paper is that sometimes things just don't work out the way everyone expects.

Who would have thought that the Packers would make it all the way to the final game of the playoffs without having to beat the Cowboys, only to get beat by Favre and his throw to the Giants defense. Then the Giants go to the Super Bowl and beat a team that everyone thought would win it all.

The point is that there are a number of teams who could put things together for the last few weeks of the season and make a run to the Super Bowl. Based on the three game streak, the Packers are one of those teams. They will need luck, but they have enough playmakers to get the job done.


I was wasting some time surfing the net and came across your site. Now I should warn you, I'm a huge Viking fan, but I love your site. Some very classy stuff!!! Thanks.

Chad R

Hey Chad, we won't hold it completely against you that you've been a life-long Vikes fan (unlike some specific #4 fanboys I can think of) and yes, thanks, we are the perfect classy site to waste time surfing at.  BK

Vote for Aaron Rodgers! Fed Ex QB of the week - - $1000 will allocated to the local Green Bay Safe Kids coalition if Aaron wins.

David aka IronMan

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can."

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Bears Visited Mall Of America Field
And It Looked Like They'd Come For The Shopping
Because Their Offense Never Got On Track
And Their Defense Sure Didn't Do Any Stopping

The Vikes Put On Quite A Passing Clinic
As Brett And The Boys Turned The Bears Inside Out
And Those Few Times The Bears Were On Offense
The Vikings "D" Changed A Close Game To A Rout


This Week Minnesota Heads Off To The Desert
Although Not For A Midwinter Vacation
But To Face A Team That Was In The Last Super Bowl
Even If This Year's Record Is One Of Frustration

Arizona's Team Won't Come Out A Winner This Week
Unless They Come Up With Some New "Cards Tricks"
Or Though Some Strange Twist Of Karma
Favre Starts Throwing His Usual Number Of Picks

Sometimes When A Team Gets Onto A Roll
It Doesn't Seem Things Could Work Out Much Neater
For Example With Arizona's First-String Qb Damaged
The Vikings' Setup Couldn't Be Too Much Sweeter

Like It Not These Vikings Are Rolling
Heading Full-Stride Into The Postseason
Given That Everything Else Is Almost The Same
And Obviously Brett Favre Is The Reason


Thanksgiving Has Become The Traditional Day
For Turkeys-And The Lions- To Be Dispatched
And Once Again Last Thursday In Detroit
The Lions' Plan For A Victory Party Were Scratched

It Really Wasn't Detroit's Fault They Lost
As They Gave All The Effort That They Could
But When The Final Tally Was Done
It Turned Out They're Just Not Very Good


The Packers Wound Up With A Long Weekend
Giving Them Time To Get Ready For Monday Night
As They Take On A Tough Baltimore Ravens Team
That Beat The Steelers In A Game That Was Tight

This Game Will Challenge The Packers Defense
As The Ravens Have Three Outstanding Backs
The Rotation Of Ray Rice And His Partners
Will Keep Green Bay's Defenders Under Attack

But Baltimore's Passing Game Is Suspect At Best
And Is The Weakest Spot On This Football Team
While Joe Flacco Is Good Young Quarterback
His Receivers Must Make Him Want To Scream

The Packers Look Like They've Found Themselves
And Are Playing More Like We All Expected
Putting A 'W' In The Win Column This Week
Will Go A Long Way Towards Getting Them Respected

There Isn't A Lot That Can Worry This Vikings Team
As Their Opponents They Continue To Subdue
While The Packers Need To Keep The Ravens Grounded
As It's A Wildcard Spot That This Team Pursues

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

As the season moves into it's last five weeks, many questions remain:  Can the Packers maintain the level of success they've been enjoying for the past few weeks? Can Brett Favre continue to defy the odds and only throw the ball to the guys in the purple hats? Can Green Bay get into the postseason? or not? Stay tuned the answers will soon become clear!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

This Week At The Rockwood Lodge... 

Ray Lewis' Full Moon Bar-B-Q

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