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Friday, March 19, 2010           

Packer Palace 2009 Prediction Awards...

We asked you to tell us where we were wrong on our 2009 Packers Season predictions last September, and almost all of you stepped forward and obliged us. So to wrap up one of the loose ends from last year, we here at Packer Palace recognize and award absolutely nothing but honors to the following for their amazing abilities:

2009 Prediction Top Honor

is awarded to

Favre Fan

NFC North Prediction (W-L)

Vikings: 12-4
Packers: 9-7
Bears: 8-8
Lions 4-12

Favre Fan

2009 Prediction Runner-Up's

are awarded to

Minneapolis Packer and Billyboy Packer Fan Since 1965!

Vikings 10-6 (vikings sweep pack, win tiebreaker)
Packers 10-6
Bears 8-8
Lions 4-12

Minneapolis Packer
VIKES 11-5
LIONS! 4-11


2009 Prediction Somehow Right Honors

are awarded to

Dave in St. Louis, Ruppert and Das.Wolf - Pissed In Norcal

Packers split with Bears, sweep Lions and Viqueens, finish 11-5 1st in NFC North.

Dave in St. Louis
11 wins people. Come on... we get the NFC West, Cleveland, Cinci, Tampa, and Dallas comes in the middle of November (why the hell don't the schedule makers EVER have Dallas come in December?????). That's gotta be 11 wins.

11-5 because 11-5 never happens always 10-6 or 12-4! Odd Numbers!

Das. Wolf - Pissed in NorCal

So thanks to the above Honoree's, the Vikes 12-4, the Pack 11-5, duh Bears 7-9, the Lions 2-14, and to the rest of you who out-predicted us Prognosticators here at Packer Palace, and that pretty much was everybody. Points to BillyBoy for going with the Lions at 4-11, how devious, it was an advantage when figuring the tie-breakers. Now we get to wait, highlighted by the Draft, and then to see what fun the 2010 Packers season will bring us this coming fall when the games begin.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

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