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Monday, August 01, 2011           

Packer Palace 2010 Prediction Awards...

We asked you to tell us, for the 2nd year in a row, where we were wrong on our 2010 Packers Season predictions last September, and so most of you, like me, stepped right up and blew it big time! Tough to find an accurate prediction, let alone an outright winner.

So again like last year's Packer Palace 2009 Prediction Awards, we're forced to wrap up one of our loose ends from an off-season of no NFL Football, we here at Packer Palace recognize and award absolutely nothing but the highest honors to the following for their amazing abilities:

2010 Prediction Top Honor

is awarded to

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

I got the Pack at 11-5 for the season. Winning the North and not even having to play the queens in the playoff because they do not make it. I will take the queens at 8-8, the Bears at 9-7 and the Lions at 5-11. That is how I see it.

Pack in the Super Bowl vs whatever piece of crap they put up there. Go Pack Go. Brent Favre can get bent.

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

2010 Prediction Runner-Up

is awarded to

Jared S
   All the pundits are picking the Pack to go to the Super Bowl putting a big green and gold target on our backs. Lets see if we can live up to the hype.

2010 prediction: Packers 12-4 win division, beat the NY Jets in Super Bowl. I'm just saying.

Jared S

2010 Prediction Somehow Got Something Right Honors

are awarded to

FlcnHgtsPckr, BILLYBOY and Gravedigger
  vikings 9-7
packers 8-8
bears 8-8
lions 6-10

packers will sweep vikes this year!

LIONS 6-10

I have the Pack at 16-0 and the Queenies at 4-12.


So thanks to the above Honoree's, Hamilton aka Sign Boy for edging out Jared S on the Super Bowl Prediction. FlcnHgtsPckr for the "will sweep Vikes" line, BILLYBOY (2-time awardee) for "LIONS 6-10" and Gravedigger for almost nailing the depth of the fall for the Vikings. Final NFC North Standings looked like this: duh Bears 11-5, the SB-XLV Champion Packers 10-6, the Lions 6-10, and in last place the Vikings 6-10.

Our predictions, like duh Bears, suck!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Posted by BeerKid / 10:18 AM