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Thursday, September 09, 2010           

Packer Palace Predicts 2010...
Friday, August 27, 2010 -   So I'm finally getting around to the big blockbuster prediction for the NFC North this year after waiting a few weeks longer than usual, my previous modus operandi was to predict away before the 1st Packers pre-season game, when you have no knowledge of injuries, cuts, etc... so this year the ol' beer-stained and cheese-encrusted magic crystal ball should be able to give us a clearer picture of what's ahead.

After all the Packers have played 3 preseason games, un-even in many respects with the 24-27 loss to the Browns, the 27-24 win against the Seahawks, the 59-24 crazy fun 3rd game against the Colts, the one where the starters played for the 1st half and into the 3rd quarter, the game that's supposed to be a good indicator of what the Pack will be playing in the regular season to come. There was a lot to like in that game, plays and schemes you know are going to work well this year.

So what does the crystal ball reveal, first off, it says "hey beerkid, you locked those win-loss records in weeks ago and haven't changed them since". Yeah, that's correct, I didn't need the Blitz Beer stained and Cheddar Cheese encrusted ball to come up with that. I was just using a prediction tool for confirmation of events to come from beyond the bend of time and space... ... and I got it!

Packers go 12-4 with a near walk away with the NFC North Title. Vikings will continue to struggle to match what they accomplished last year and slip down to 9-7, with the Bears following at 7-9, and the Lions go cellar dweller for another year, improving to 4-12.



Yep, that's as sure of a thing as any Blitz Beer stained, Cheddar Cheese encrusted, drenched completely with the Green-N-Gold Koolaid prognosticator can predict. Packers roll... Vikings fade... Bears duh Bears... Lions last. That's going to be the 2010 NFC North Final Standings.

...now tell me how I'm so messed up that it's obvious I must be wrong:



In Your Prediction!
BeerKid - Always Pack For Life!

*** Before you all get carried away with telling me how wonderful and accurate my predictions are... you just might want to gaze at this first: BeerKid's Side-by-Side Analysis.


All the pundits are picking the Pack to go to the Super Bowl putting a big green and gold target on our backs. Lets see if we can live up to the hype. 2010 prediction: Packers 12-4 win division, beat the NY Jets in Super Bowl. I'm just saying.

Jared S

I got the Pack at 11-5 for the season. Winning the North and not even having to play the queens in the playoff because they do not make it. I will take the queens at 8-8, the Bears at 9-7 and the Lions at 5-11. That is how I see it. Pack in the Super Bowl vs whatever piece of crap they put up there. Go Pack Go. Brent Favre can get bent.

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

vikings 9-7
packers 8-8
bears 8-8
lions 6-10

packers will sweep vikes this year!


Pancakes: 12-4
Viklings: 10-6
Burns: 8-8
Lions: 5-11

I think the division is a little better overall.

chaz whitehurst's hair

LIONS 6-10


I'm on board for the Packers and MN. I just can't see everything going right for the Queens like it did last year. I think the Lions might win another game or two and Chicago might only win 6 games. The Lions gotta do better one of these years. ...right? ...anybody?


I think you are right on tne money!

Joe from Ohio

I like your predictions Beer Kid! I think 12-4 is eminently doable for our Pack. Can't wait for it all to begin!!

#66 Chica


Packers 12-4
Vikings 9-7
Bears 7-9
Lions 3-13


I have the Pack at 16-0 and the Queenies at 4-12.


Everything right except I think packers will be 13-3 or even 14-2


I agree with the PACK taking back the North. I just want the games going though Lambeau to the Super Bowl. Thursday may start the Regular season, but the only game I care about is on Sunday. GO PACK GO!!!

PACKERS 14 - 2
Vikings 9 - 7
Bears   8 - 8
Lions   7 - 9

Lee from Saint Marys

Oh magic pack-ball... Will the Lions will amaze the world and go 8-8, Duh Bears last at 6-10, Favre is benched before bye week?

Signs point to yes


Looking forward to the start of the serious stuff, 12-4 would do me too, division champs will do fine. We will be watching/listening over here in Scotland. Go Pack !!!



You are a savant! Can't mess with these.


12-4 is good
Vikequeens 10-6
chic AND Det 7-9
watch out for detroit


Beerkid your predictions are right on.

Baraboo Mike

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