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Sunday, September 30, 2012           

Presagin' Packer Prognosticators...

Q:  After the replacement referee debacle in Seattle, are the Packers ready to play this Sunday?
A:  All Signs Point To Yes.

Q:  Based on that answer, do you expect the Saints to be 0-4 at the end of today?
A:  Outlook Good.

Magic Gold G-Ball

Yeah that was an ugly finish to last week's game, but today the 1-2 Packers get the 0-3 Saints at Lambeau and one would think that the Packers are pissed off enough to blow New Orleans off the field.

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking... The Packers offense is at least equal if not a little better than the Saints offense. The Pack's defense is definitely better than New Orleans defense, and with the Ghost of Lombardi hanging over the field that should lead to a game that's close early on, but then stretches out into a 33-17 Green Bay win. Go Pack Go! Time To Start The Playoff Roll! Go Pack Go!

Beer Kid
Posted by BeerKid / 8:48 AM