Thursday, September 30, 2004

Quoth Nitschke 

That was probably the most brutal football game that I have ever been in.  I know that it was.  The weather was terrible, and the field was frozen, and the wind in Yankee Stadium was just terrible.  It really was the coldest that I ever played in.  The weather affected me more than the Ice Bowl game that was played in Green Bay. We had humiliated the Giants the year before, and they were playing in their own backyard, and they went after it.  I was just a real tough game, the way football should be played.  Playing it, and watching it now, it was the most physical game that I've ever seen.

-Ray Nitschke, on the 1962 NFL Championship Game, in The Glory of Titletown

Monday, September 27, 2004

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Get rid of Sherman....get rid of Slowik.  The calls suck, the scheme sucks and the coaches suck.  They made the Bears look all pro and they are a bunch of overpaid babies.  They should all get a real job and football is not one of them. 

We feel your pain brother...

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Me and Mr. Walker 

  TCB - Contributing Writer for Packer Palace.

Can anyone out there tell me when last the Detroit Lions were in sole possession of the lead in the NFC North/Central?  Was Truman president?  That’s where the Big Cats of the Motor City are sitting right now.  I’ve always said I want to spend my next life as a lion  You sit around the Serengeti, chilling out most of the time while looking really cool, and every now and then one of the lionesses in your vast harem has to chase down a zebra with a sore knee so you can eat first.  Sounds like a winner to me, and for the first time I can remember in one small sense I wish I were a Lions fan.  Then my team would be leading the conference with a glistening 2-0 record against the frightening Chicago Bears and the positively terrifying Houston Texans.  But then I’d be a Lions fan as well, so scratch that.

The Packers let a big one slip by on Sunday.  Sure, the Bears don’t suck as
much as they used to, and this year they’re running an offense that does NOT resemble what the Division I-AA Yale Bulldogs run in my home town of New Haven, CT.  evertheless, there is no excuse losing to the Bears at home right now, and the Packers may live to regret this one as much as the Arizona loss in 2003.  In this week, Mr. Walker and I will go over the painful Bears loss, look at the upcoming Indianapolis Colts, inquire about a new motto for the Packers, and comment on a few other NFL issues.  Go Packers! 

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Quoth Lombardi 

Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser.

Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.

Vince Lombardi

Friday, September 17, 2004

Me and Mr. Walker 

  TCB - Contributing Writer for Packer Palace.

Now that one REALLY makes the 4th and 26 feel bad, doesn't it?  One stop against Philly in the playoffs and then on to Carolina?  Perhaps the Panthers were playing that much better at the end of last year, but to these eyes it looks like the Packer O-line could have decided that game as easily as it decided the first Monday night game of this year.

The 24-14 final score does a poor job of describing how the game looked.  Linebackers and safeties were doing nearly all of the tackling of Ahman Green in the run game.  Favre was only bothered by a rush a few times.  Had the Green Bay secondary shown slightly better hands, there would have been four Panther turnovers not two.  At the same time, there were some scary moments on defense where a single missed tackle would have been seven points.  After talking about this weeks decisive win, my ever present friend Mr. Walker and I will look at the Packer secondary, the upcoming games against the Bears, and a few other tidbits on the NFL horizon.  Go Packers! 

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Another Shot Of Green... 

We have another Contender for Packer Palace's Favorite Shot.  First we had Mike Pileggi's Lombardi Shot, and now we have an entry from Craig.
   I give you props for making a Lombardi shot.  But how can you have a Lombardi shot with it not being of a Green origin.  yes you add lime but it doesn't give it much green. Try this out.  I have been making this shot for a few years and it has gone over very well with my customers.  All it is 1/3 Midori (melon liquer) 1/3 non carbonated bar sour 1/3 amaretto (any kind).  Mix in a shaker tin.  Shake very good.  The strain into a shot glass.  Very good and smooth Shot that has no bite one bit.  It all so gives you the green that the shot should have. 

Packers for ever.

But Craig, we need to know, what's the name of your shot?

Update: Craig is thinking that we should just simply call it "The Favre".  We like that, now it will be easy to justify ordering 4 at a time.

Oh Butch Where Art Thou? 

BUTCH!!!   Email Us!  Don't make me show the bottom half of this picture from the Old Home.  You have 30 days to respond.  And for godsakes, don't make me post any of those gay porno pics of you. Hi Betsy, Amy, Angie, Jeff and thanks goes to Scott for the pic.
Beer Kid, Beer Scout, and Butch walk into a bar and the barman offers them a challenge, "If you can sit in my basement for a whole day I'll give you free beer for a year."

So Beer Kid says, "Easy.  I can do that."  But he walks out after five minutes and says, "It's impossible, you got a swarm of flies in there."

So Beer Scout goes next and tries his luck, but he can't take more than 10 minutes.

Finally Butch goes in and comes out a day later.

The others ask him how he did it.  He said, "Easy.  I took a dump in one corner and sat in the other corner!   Now give me the first of my free beers."

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Flogging A Dead Horse... 

Did you hear that the Post Office has recalled all the Viking commemorative stamps?

Word has it that people couldn't figure out which side to spit on.

Copied and pasted directly from GBNC Packer Forum, thanks Gnadenhutton.

Flog Me Again

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Me and Mr. Walker 

  TCB - Contributing Writer for Packer Palace.
Once More, For Real This Time!

We’ve finally made it! Pre-season is over, from now on, each one counts.  No Mulligans, no “we just need to avoid a few mental mistakes and we’ll be fine,” no more seemingly bizarre plays called considering the down, distance, and personnel.  The Packers didn’t set the woods on fire in the means nothing season, but they were a grand success in the one place that matters--the injury report.  Other than a few players who would not have started anyway, like Donnell Washington and Chukie Nwokorie and Tim Couch, the Packers had no serious injuries going 1-3 in August.

This week, my stalwart friend Mr. Walker and I take a look at the final roster cuts, the defense, and the upcoming opening week game at Carolina.  I’ll be watching that game in glorious HD with Mr. Walker at my side and a pot full of brats boiled in Guinness on the stove.  If only I had some beer cheese soup and a case of Leinenkugel’s longnecks, I’d think I was back in Wisconsin.  But I’ll have to make do with Scotch and Brats.  Go Packers!

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