Monday, February 28, 2005

Ole's Been Shot 

  To those in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and for that matter the rest of the country, I must report the sad news that Ole was SHOT.  He was up by the Canadian border on his 4-wheeler cutting some trees, when some rangers looking for terrorists spotted him.  According to the news reports, using a loudspeaker, they shouted to him "Who are you and what are you doing?"

Ole shouted back, "OLE........BIN LOGGIN'!"

Ole is survived by his wife Lena and good friend Lars.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

March Calendars... 

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Here's 2 great websites for daily NFL info - Ben Maller's Sports Rumors & Notes, and Mike Florio's Pro Football Talk.  Something new, everyday.

So last year in July, I predicted that the Packers would win the NFC North with 12 wins and the Vikings would come to Lambeau for the early rounds of the Playoffs and lose 28-20.  Well, the Packers won the NFC North, only had 10 wins, and we lost that damn playoff game in Lambeau to the Vikes.  I've seen much worse predictions than that, including the one where "Okay if you can see 12 wins for the Packers with less talent then the Vikings, I would think the Vikings would have at least 15 wins this year. I mean it's just simple logic."  Like anybody would want to listen to logic from a fan of the best 15-1 non-superbowl team ever.

Duane, you and I are on the same wavelength, no need to panic and draft a QB in the first round this year, the Pack should be drafting defense, defense, defense.  After all, the day Brett does retire, our defense will need to be much better than our offense. 

There are more episodes of "The Matrix:GB" series in the works, and we've been trying to find out where our favorite Packer Analyst TCB (Me & Mr. Walker) has run off too - he promised us a season-ending evaluation of the Packers.  Still patiently waiting...  

...and have we gained anything when Moss bolted to the Raiders only to have Muhammad show up in Chicago?  Pack 4 Life!


beating the vikings in the playoffs and winning 12 games

Hi All, Well, for the past three off seasons (what off season?) the draftniks have been feeling the panic of Brett Favre's "imminent" retirement.  Good thing the Powers That Be at 1265 Lombardi don't panic.  I surely don't see them taking a high-round passer from this year's QB-weak field.  Maybe if someone falls to the third round, or even Day Two. Even if Favre decides to call it a (Hall-of-Fame) career, my guess is they find a serviceable veteran and assess the Nall/O'Sullivan/McBrien trio this year, and see what that means for Draft Day 2006. 

Hey, Lemondrop. Hang in there. Only five months til training camp.  Duane in Almost God's Country

Here's the Raider's new logo BeerKid..

Hopefully Randy and that tub of lard Warren Sapp get along!!!  DiGiTaLB25

Hey beerkid, glad to see you back at work.  Love your new Rockwood video.  Posted a link to it on some Vikings boards where, as you might imagine, it was met with mixed reviews.  Keep that good stuff coming.

Latest news atop the Vikes boards is that the Cowboys might be interested in Moss.  Rumor has it tho that Moss would hate playin' for them b/c they passed on him 2X in the draft after promising to take him #1.  IMO it would be a fitting finish to his punk NFL career--like a sentence to football pergutory.

The Yikes are in so much disarray right now one's almost gotta feel sorry for them.  Not enough that would-be-buyer Reggie (I'm a fooler) Fowler publicly embarrassed himself during his NFL intro, but now the press is rippin' his business history.  As much as Yikes fans despise their cheapo owner McCombs they're startin' to feel like they might be stuck with the lame duck for another whole year.

Of course, this news follows Pepper's "enough's enough" comments at the Pro Bowl, not to mention that, according to the recently released ESPN poll, even Vikes fans hate the Vikings.  (now that's an oxymoron, no?).  They ranked their own team #81 out of 90 teams.

Wish I had your talent.  I'd make a video out of all this stuff and post it, post it, post it.  Just too funny.  vixtalkn

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Thirsty For A Draft? 

  We certainly are, so now that we poured over 33 mock NFL Drafts (thoughtfully provided by Footballs Future ) for the Green Bay Packers, we can see that most (almost half - 16) are predicting the Packers to take a defensive lineman.  Of course its no secret that the Packers haven't had a pass rush in years, so its a toss-up between Dan Cody of Oklahoma, Shaun Cody of USC, David Pollack of Georgia, and Matt Roth from Iowa, all are the early favorites.  Another 9 drafts went to the defense for a LB/DB, of those, 4 went for SS/LB Thomas Davis of Georgia, a "LB trapped in a safety's body".  Now that sounds like someone D-Coach Bates could work with, a hard hitting safety.  Now we wouldn't draft a QB in the 1st round this time, but this years early leaders are Charlie Frye from Akron, and Alex Smith of Utah, with Purdue's Kyle Orton showing up in the later rounds. 

So if you're thirsty enough, have a cold draft on us.

24.  Shaun Cody, DE, USC  Cody is a very good pass rusher, but his size and ability to hold at the point is a great compliment to Gbaja Biamila on the other side.

Robert Davis - Footballs Future

24.  David Pollack, DE, Georgia

Draft King

24.  Alex Smith, QB, 6'4", 210, UTAH  Tall physical specimen with a head for the game and accurate passing arm. Intelligent player who makes the right decision with the ball.  Coupled with his running ability, he will be a coveted young QB.  GB needs: DE, LB, CB, QB, RB.

51.  Brandon Browner, CB, 6'4", 200, Oregon St

58.  Vernard Morency, RB, 5'10", 215, Okla St

Inside The Eagles

24.  Justin Tuck, DE, Notre Dame  Tuck has the size to be an down lineman, but also the speed and athleticism to be a pass rushing outside linebacker.  The Packers need a high energy guy like him on defense to compliment KGB.

50.  Odell Thurman, ILB, Georgia  Thurman would push Nick Barnett to outside linebacker.

55.  Bill Swancutt, DE, Oregon State  A hard worker who's stock is on the rise.

Draft Ace


Heard's Football Report

24.  Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma  Okay, so Brett Favre isn't going to retire yet.  Everyone seems to be screaming how Bubba Franks is going to be a free agent this year too.  If the team can't resign him, they may look to pick one here.  For now, I'm giving the Packers Cody.  It seems every year they're spending middle round picks on defensive ends, and none of them have panned out.  Cody might finally give them an end that can play both the pass and the run.

NFL Draft Blitz

24.  Matt Roth, Defensive End, Iowa  With Ahmad Carroll and Joey Thomas getting another year under their belt defensive end seems like a good spot for the Packers to look for talent.  They will be losing some people along the offensive line but I expect the Packers to look in that direction later in the draft.  Roth's work ethic and strong Senior Bowl gets him into the first round.

51.  (From New Orleans)David Baas, Offensive Guard, Michigan

58.  Kyle Orton, Quarterback, Purdue

D.J. Boyer - Football.Com

24.  Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma

Michael Abromowitz - The Football Expert

24.  TE, Heath Miller, Virginia

GJ&H; & Bitonti - Draft Daddy

24.  Charlie Frye, QB, Akron

48.  (from New Orleans) Josh Bullocks, S, Nebraska

56.  Kevin Burnett, LB, Tennessee

Draft Gurus

24.  Channing Crowder, ILB, Florida  The Packers need a lot of defensive help, whether it be along the line, at linebacker or in the secondary but Crowder would seem to be the top talent available on that side of the ball.  Nick Barnett has had his well documented struggles and the team would like to move him outside but before they can do that they need a replacement in the middle, which is where Crowder factors in.  Crowder, who was able to enter the Draft after his sophomore season because he delayed his enrollment following high school to rehab from an injury and thus it has been three years since his high school class graduated, has everything you look for with the only concerns being durability and experience.  The Packers could also use an upgrade over Aaron Kampman at left defensive end so someone like David Pollack, Dan Cody or Justin Tuck would be a solid selection as well.  With each passing season Brett Favre sounds closer and closer to retirement so the time is now to bring in an eventual successor before it is too late.  The team has flirted with the notion of snagging a future signal caller in each of the past two drafts, first in 2003 with Rex Grossman and then again last year with J.P. Losman but ultimately either didn't have the chance or decided against it so this could be the year with Charlie Frye of Akron an interesting possibility late in the first round.

51.  (f/NO)Matt Roth, DE, Iowa  An excellent value pick here and would be an upgrade over Aaron Kampman at left defensive end.

58.  Kyle Orton, QB, Purdue  It is high time this team begins developing Brett Favre's heir and this guy has all the tools.

Scott Wright - NFL Draft Countdown

24.  David Pollack, DE, Georgia  Pollack has a storied history at the University of Georgia, as a playmaker.  He's been described by some as the "Urlacher" of the defensive line.  Green Bay has a prominent need on the defensive line, as they released Joe Johnson and Jamal Reynolds at the beginning of the season.  Pollack provides a solid pass-rushing presence, as well as an apt run defender.  He is an every down player who could easily develop into one of the leagues top defensive lineman.  Green Bay would be able to plug him into a starting role, almost immediately.

50.  Kyle Orton, QB, Purdue  Brett Favre is almost 100% he will play another season, but the Packers need to bring in a young, talented QB for him to groom before he does retire.  Kyle Orton has had many ups and downs during his career, but he was a definite gun slinger this past season, and would serve as a very good backup to Favre.

55.  Barrett Ruud, ILB, Nebraska  The Packers had some trouble stopping the run this year, and many seem to think that Nick Barnett is more well-suited to play on the Strong Side.  They could easily look to address this early on in the draft, as the depth at MLB is not great this year.  Barrett Ruud has been extremely productive and is a fierce competitor. He's got a lot of heart, but lacks coverage abilities.

NFL Draft Studio

 24.  Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma
 51.  Charlie Frye, QB, Akron
 58.  Barrett Ruud, ILB, Nebraska
 89.  Alphonso Hodge, CB, Miami-Ohio
119.  Dan Buenning, G, Wisconsin

NFL Draft Showcase

24.  S, Thomas Davis, Georgia  The Packers could finally try to draft Favre's replacement, but with their cap situation regarding Darren Sharper we expect that he'll be looking for employment elsewhere unless he re-structures his contract significantly.  Thomas Davis is essentially a LB trapped in a safeties body and he can provide a big-time presence in the deep secondary.  GB Needs: TE, LB, DL, DB, QB.

Paul Baitinger - Ask The Commish

24.  Thomas Davis, OLB/S, Georgia

Andy Egyud - Fantasy Football Toolbox

24.  DT, Anttaj Hawthorne, 6-3, 295, Wisconsin  Hawthorne will improve the Packers troublesome run defense.

Huddle Geeks

24.  Bryant McFadden, CB, 5'11, 185, FSU

Fantasy Tailgate

24.  Brandon Browner, CB, Oregon State

Pro Football Draft Editor in Chief The Prez

24.  Thomas Davis, SS, Georgia

Pro Football Draft Senior Editor Tim Sabatke

24.  Heath Miller, TE, Virginia

Pro Football Draft Senior Editor Brian Amyx

24.  Thomas Davis, SS, Georgia

Pro Football Draft Senior Editor Andrew Wynne

24.  Shawne Merriman, DE, Maryland

110% Football

24.  Marlin Jackson, CB, Michigan


24.  Justin Tuck, DE, 6'4", 260#, 4.7, Notre Dame

Draft Notebook by Stevenson's Scouting Service

24.  Matt Roth, DE, Iowa  Jim Bates’ defense puts pass rushers in a position to get after the quarterback with maximum effectiveness.  With Roth matched up wide, flanked by Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, the Green Bay pass rush could enjoy a resurgence.

Our Lads

24.  Dan Cody, DE, Oklahoma  The Packers may be tempted to grab a young quarterback but main focus should be a defensive end to take some heat off KGB.

Draft Season

24.  Eric Henderson, DE, Georgia Tech  Packers want to add a pass rushing playmaker.

Draft Insiders

24.  QB, Kyle Orton, Purdue  Succession planning in the event Favre hangs 'em up this year or next. Orton, tough and strong-armed, was well on his way to Heisman consideration before the minor hip injury slowed him in 2004.

NFL Report

24.  DL, Shaun Cody, USC

Q.I. Sports

24.  Dan Cody, Defensive End, Oklahoma

On The Clock

24.  Matt Roth, DE, Iowa  The run on pass ruhsers continues.  Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila needs help in getting to the quarterback and Roth's motor never stops going.

Paul Donaghy - LionBacker⊂=2005-mockdraft

24.  Alex Smith, QB, Utah  Smith has declared he will enter the draft after an outstanding junior season for the Utes.  He has size, speed and a great arm.  The chance to learn under Brett Favre will make his decision look even smarter.

Fox Sports War Room

24.  QB, Charlie Frye, Akron

Ben - Hail Redskins

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Oh were not bitter... We're just laughing at the Vikings at your expense!  Heh heh eh!  And VixTalkn, we're not really a chatboard but your opinion's are more than welcome.  Go Pack!

BITTER BITTER BITTER.  boo fricken hoo packer fans! GO VIKES!

Hey beerkid, this is a really cool site. I don't quite understand it tho. Do you place all the posts? Are all the videos and pix yours or do people send 'em to you. Is it a chatboard? I'm not going to mess it up by sending opinions if it's not a chatboard.  VixTalkn

Hey guys,

So weird to see the palace so desolate.... somebody out there spew off already!!  Anyway, since there isn't too much Packer news to talk about right now, does anyone have an opinion about where Moss may be going next season?  Or do ya think the new ownership will keep him for a while longer?  Personally I hope I am witnessing the beginning of his professional downward slide.  Anyone with that kind of 'professionalism' should be canned!  But of course, this is the current world of pro sports so in reality I don't think I'll see him gone any time soon.  Scandal, money and shock value are all that counts.  Whatever fills the seats. 
Take the NHL as a perfect example of what can happen when anything is made to be more important than playing first for the love of the game itself.  Here, we have greed getting in the way of just playing the game and making a decent living while doing it.  (Have sports players forgotten what a blessing it truly is to be able to have a job where you get paid to do something you love?!) And of course, the owners want to apologize to the fans, saying this isn't our fault; and that we have been great supporters of the game.  Of course it's not our fault, idiots!  Save the sap and the snow job for someone who cares!  We know this isn't our fault. It's your fault, and the faults of the players/agents/sponsors who all want a piece of this pie. We are actually the ones who cover the tab for you, and you just want more.  So you raise ticket/food/beverage prices, parking, etc. and it's still not enough.  You should make your players EARN their pay before you just pay them out of the shoot.  I've never had a job where I get paid large sums of money before I do one thing to prove my worth.  What world do these people live in??  That's what happens when you have everyone's hand in the dish.  Hey owners!  Hey sponsors!  Take a lesson from the only professional team in sports that isn't franchised.  See what we did with Mike McKinzie?  Don't put up with petty disputes-if they're not happy, send em packin.  You can do that when your priorities are straight and it's not always about millions of dollars! Move on with business. It's nice when you can make a business decision and move forward with it, not having to answer to a bunch of 'yes men' all the time!  Do you REALLY think Mike's happy down in N.O.? I don't think so! He'll never come close to a playoff game while he's down there, and now other teams don't want him because he's damaged goods.  He's ruined his reputation because of his petty antics. That's what he get's for shootin off his mouth, and not being a team player.  Jeez! Get a clue!

On a more pleasant note, glad to hear about the coaching/managerial changes that have been made lately.  Let's hope that they will prove to be fortuitous.  We are so close.  Just get our offense on the same page, and light a fire under the long as Brett comes back next year I definitely see us going further in the playoffs next season--dare I say even the Superbowl.  Ok, maybe I'm just being a little too hopeful, eh?  But seriously, we've got to come out next year making a statement.  Not just for Pack fans, but for the NFC as well.  We can't let people assume Philly is one of the only few strong teams in our conference. We know better than that.  Lady K, Hemet Packer Club of So. Cal.

Hooray! Yip Yip Yip!  Its still alive!  That pic of Moss?  Is that a hot dog in his fro? or his 3rd grade Gym shorts! Just Curious, and Happy to see some life at PackerPalace!  Remember Spring & Easter are around the corner - I can tell you for sure WHEN that is, as soon as I see my "Favre" Tulips pushing thru the snow.  Ya...I am one of those, gotta name the flowers.  THINK SUNNY!  Lemondrop

hey there

Hey BeerKid.. thanks for posting my 10 random thoughts.  I didn't think that you would post that entire manifesto!  Anyway, if you ever need some space to fill, I have plenty of fuel and Viking hatred to make a guest commentary every once in a while.  As I said before, I go to school at Marshall University!  Pity me!!!  THANKS, Johnny Blood, Huntington WV

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Heh heh eh! the Packer off-season does seem like Groundhog's Day.  Nothing! Over and over again, until the draft.  heh heh eh.


HEY HEY BeerKid....whats going on? Its like that movie Groundhogs Day in here. Peek in ..same day Next day - peek in - still same day Spooky Twilight Zone-y kinda thing. GET SOMETHING GOIN !

---------------please? Lemondrop, bored in Wisconsin.

Hey beerkid.. i really need to vent about some things.. this is a long post but oh well: Now that I'm about as over the Vikes game as I'm ever going to be, here are a couple thoughts about the current state of our team (and a couple other random harpings):

1) Thank God in heaven for Jim Bates and Ted Thompson. Bates seems like a tough a$$ D coordinator who WILL get his boys fired up (maybe even Cletidus Hunt!!). I really believe that we have playmakers on defense, but for whatever reason, can't play as a unit. As far as Thompson goes, he's a Holmgren protege and eats, sleeps, drinks football. And hell, he can't get much worse as Sherman was as GM.

2) One more year? I really believe in my heart of hearts that Brett will come back for one more year. If he doesn't.. then go and get Hasselbeck. He can get the ball and score anytime playing for the Pack.

3) We need to find out real fast if Carrol is the real deal or not (same for BJ Sander). Gay played fabulously for the Pats.. much better then Carrol played in any game this season, so if he doesn't pan out, admit that he sucks, trade him to the Oompa Loompa league and get someone else. I think Ahmad could be a good one, but Jesus stop holding the Wide Receiver!!!!

4) Is there any way to keep Wahle and Rivera??? I love my fatties on the O line, but if it was up to me, keep Wahle.. he's got more years ahead of him then Marco does, even though I have all the respect in the world for Marco, if you have to choose one of two equals.. go for the younger, bigger guy.

5) Trade Cletidus Hunt to wherever Moss goes so they can smoke up together. Way too much money for what we get out of him, and we have some intriguing young DT's coming up behing him (ala Cullen Jenkins).

6) Get KGB lower lip reduction surgery. I love the guy, but he's just an embarrasment to himself when he talks.

7) Randy Moss smokes crack and beats up women. You heard it here folks. My landlord here at Marshall used to have a tenet by the name of Randy Moss, and a couple days before the draft, he caught him smoking crack in his apartment. My landlord is a little on the cracked out side himself, but at this point, I'll take his word for it on this one. Maybe Randy wasn't bending over to moon the Green Bay fans, but maybe he saw a couple snowflakes on the ground that looked like crack rocks!!! Oh yea and Randy likes to beat up his girlfriends! Do I have sour grapes.. Of course not!! =)

8) Never let some hip-hop douchebag do the NFL halftime show again. Paul McCartney rocks.

9) This has nothing to do w/ football but d*mnit how do the Badgers lose to the gayest team in the land.. the Golden Gophers. I know its a long college basketball season, and we'll still go to the tourney and Minnesota probably wont but it still pi$$e$ me off!

10) I'll end this on a positive note. Lets hear it for.. Edgar Bennett!! I love this guy. Class act, I hope LeRoy Butler finds a better coaching title w/ the Pack here in the near future as well.

Alrighty thats it for now. Thanks for bearing w/ my pointless ramblings.. I feel much better.. I love this site. Its a beacon of light for me in the darkness that is Randy Moss fan country (West Virginia)! Keep on keepin on'! Johnny Blood in Huntington, WV

Some Old Jokes... 

Q: What does a stolen car and the Vikings have in common?
A: No Title.

Q: What separates the one good team from the bad teams in the NFC Central?
A: The Wisconsin border.

Three Bear fans and three Packer fans are traveling by train to Champaign for the Monday Night Football game. At the station, the three Bear fans each buy tickets and watch as the three Packer fans buy only a single ticket between them.

"How are three people going to travel on only one ticket?" asks a Bear fan. "Watch and you'll see," answers a Packer fan. They all board the train. The Bear fans take their respective seats, but all three Packer fans cram into a rest-room and close the door behind them.

Shortly after the train has departed, the conductor comes around collecting tickets. He knocks on the rest-room door And says, "Ticket please." The door opens just a crack and a single arm emerges with a ticket in hand.

The conductor takes it and moves on. The Bear fans saw this and agreed it was quite a clever idea.

After the Packers defeated the Bears, the Bear fans decide to copy the Packer fans (as they always do) on the return trip and save some money (not wanting to be out-done by a bunch of green and gold idiots). When they get to the station, they buy a single ticket for the return trip.

To their astonishment, the Packer fans don't buy a ticket at all. "How are you going to travel without a ticket?" asks one perplexed Bear fan. "Watch and you'll see," answers a Packer fan.

When they board the train, the three Bear fans cram into a rest-room and the three Packer fans cram into another one nearby.

The train departs. Shortly afterward, one of the Packer fans leaves his rest-room and walks over to the rest-room where the Bear fans are hiding. He knocks on the door and says, "Ticket, please."

A bear walks into a bar in Billings, Montana and sits down. He bangs on the bar with his paw and demands a beer.

The bartender approaches and says, "We don't serve beer to bears in bars in Billings.

The bear, becoming angry, demands again that he be served a beer.

The bartender tells him again, more forcefully, "We don't serve beer to belligerent bears in bars in Billings."

The bear, very angry now, says, "If you don't serve me a beer, I'm going to eat that lady sitting at the end of the bar."

The bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve beer to belligerent, bully bears in bars in Billings"

The bear goes to the end of the bar, and, as promised, eats the woman. He comes back to his seat and again demands a beer.

The bartender states, "Sorry, we don't serve beer to belligerent, bully bears who are on drugs in bars in Billings."

The bear says, "I'm NOT on drugs."

The bartender says, "You are now. That was a barbitchyouate".

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A Warning For Men... 

Police today warned all men who frequent clubs and parties to stay cautious when offered drinks by women.  Females are using a date rape drug called "beer" to target unsuspecting men.  This drug comes in liquid form and is available nearly everywhere.  "Beer" is used by female predators to persuade hapless male victims to go home with them.  Women need only persuade a man to consume a few of these "beers" and then ask him home for no-strings-attached sex, a simple approach that renders most men helpless.  After several "beers," men will have sex with even unattractive women.  Often men awaken with only hazy memories of the night before, a horrible headache, and a vague feeling that something bad happened.  Some really unfortunate men are even separated from their life's savings in a scam called "a relationship."  In extreme cases, females have entrapped unsuspecting males into long-term servitude through a punishment called "marriage."  Apparently, men are much more susceptible to this scam once "beer" is administered.

Forward this warning to every male you know.  And if you, or some man you know, have fallen victim to this insidious "beer" and the predatory women who administer it, rest assured:  male support groups exist in every major city where you can discuss the ugly details of your encounter in an open and frank manner with similarly affected, like-minded guys.  For the support group nearest you, look in the Yellow Pages under "Golf Courses."

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Brewer's Edition:

Wow BeerKid, I think I was at that game!  Was it against the Orioles?  I saw that one, and those men you mentioned were the last Brewers I knew by heart and position!!!  "Molly, Molly" chant.. and that rockin Robin Yount, hmmm, he was good looking!  RIP O'Great Ones.  (thats retire in pride)

I wasn't able to hand catch a ball, I was up in Nosebleed Heaven in the old stadium, if you ever had to walk the catwalk to your seats, you know where I was!  Glad to hear Me & Mr. Walker will soon make an appearance. Always like TCB's tales.  I agree with your thoughts on coaching and 'specially the Brett Favre 1 more year statement!  Wise words from a fellow Packer fan!!  Happy Groundhogs Day :)

It was against the Orioles, back on July 17, 1980.  Brewers lost 1-0.  A classic roadtrip from Eau Claire to Milwaukee for us 2 18yr olds, our younger brothers, and a younger cousin, no adults.  Great seats behind the 3rd base dugout for the game, after watching Cecil Cooper foul so many balls up to the 3rd deck of County Stadium, we finally went up there and I was able to catch one with my bare hands.  Ahhh, to be 18 again...
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