Thursday, September 29, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Today's Laffer:  So I finally got around to picking up a Play Station 2 on the cheap and they even threw in a football game, NFL Street.  Obviously this is an older game, seeing that Joe Johnson and Cletidus Hunt were still on the Packers roster.  Now I can't play some of this stuff very well, but I did manage to move the Packer Offense down the sand beach and ended up having Brett Favre throw a TD pass.  Wow, I can understand how much fun it is to just wing the ball down the middle of the field and hope for the best, ala Brett in his actual games this year.  But the 1st play of my defense is what was funny, get this, they made C. Hunt the controllable player, and I was slow in reacting, but the blocker dumped his butt on his backside so fast with sand and maybe even some blood flying everywhere.  So much like real-life I couldn't stop laughing, I couldn't finish, I had to turn the PS2 off.  I just couldn't stop laughing.  Art does imitate life every once in awhile.  Praise the Creator that he's no longer on the roster.

I feel for Javon Walker and his injury.  I'm not sure its payback, because when everything was said and done, Javon only skipped the off-season work-outs.  It was all bluster and no action, so I'm not sure that Karma Pay-Back describes it accurately, but its obvious that Brett hasn't adjusted to his absence, he's still tossing that jump-ball pass down the field and none of our remaing WR's have the size to go up and grab the ball away from defenders.

Here a question for ya':  How many other NFL games have Ref's blown the whistle prematurely on a QB's fumble this year?  It's happened to the Pack twice in three games.  All games we ended up losing.  Those Bastards!  We might need to create a Kenny the Ref character here that we can off each week.  Hmmmmm, that would be pleasant... and so many ways to accomplish it.

Amy checks in and supplies us with the joke-line of the day... it's a classic. 

We might be doubled over in pain at the 0-3 start, but We're Still Pack 4 Life!


Come on man we gotta get it together.  We cant be losing like this.  This is not the 70s or 80s.  This hurts man. 

Your fan, PackerChick.

even when we suck were great 

pack 4 life

"Luke in Dallas" is right; the officials are ruining the game of Professional Football.

My wife and I went to the Tampa Bay game and I have never seen so many (70K plus) pissed off at the officials in my life. If we have professional football players on the field why don't we have professional referees also? I swear I saw those bastards ran off the field after the game, onto a "short bus" and headed back to "Prostaff" HQ's.

The fumble that was nullified by a "blown whistle" was plain and simple BULLSHIT! How could the head official even entertain the thought of reviewing the play if he knew it was a dead play?

No one heard a whistle and nor did anyone see an official waving his Mother Fucking arms during the play.

I'm sorry about being so frank about this, but those assholes who showed up to officiate the PACKERS/Tampa Bay game ought to thrown out of the Mother Fucking League.

The PACK will be BACK and for those fucking vi-queens, nice record, 1 and 2 arrested.

I'm out. Green and Gold for Life!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

I heard this yesterday on a Twin Cities radio station promo: 

    Is the weather fair, or did a Vikings fan just walk by? 


So Javon is finally "officially" out for the season.  Is it just me, or is that really supposed to fit in the "karma is a bitch" folder?  Just wondering. 

Best, Luke

Mental toughness is many things.  It is humility because it behooves all of us to remember that simplicity is the sign of greatness and meekness is the sign of true strength.  Mental toughness is spartanism with qualities of sacrifice, self-denial, dedication.  It is fearlessness, and it is love.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

OK, that's TWICE(!) this year that we've knelt on the ball before half time when LOSING the game!

Gee, you wouldn't want to have that 1:29 left with the ball on the 15 at the end of the game would you? Oh, no, you might do something wrong, someone might get hurt...GRRRRR.

C'mon Sherman, it's time to start acting like WINNERS, in particular at home, by not acting like you're content when losing by 4 points at half time.

Go Pack!

Did we even try a Screen Pass yesterday?  Did we pass the ball on 1st down even once?  Did we do anything that might have put the Tampa Defense off balance?  The game was there for the taking all day long... and nothing happened.  Arrrrrggghhh!

Now comes the ABC Monday Night Game in Carolina, we won down there last year, but we won't win down there with yesterday's play calling by Sherman.  Ouch!  It sucked really bad.  I'm Still Pack 4 Life!  Beer Kid

Hiya Beerkid! I read your site all the time. I have a point to make here about Sunday's game.

I know it's going to sound like sour grapes - but when, oh when, will the officiating finally hit rock bottom and start coming back up? It's getting to the point where it's not fun to watch the game anymore. We watch, but we might as well be watching a webcast since nothing we see actually matters after everything is called a holding, block in the back, or a pass interference. It's that, or what we see isn't called what it is at all. Why bother getting excited about anything these players do? It's all in the hands of these refs.

I think the play that changed the game isn't getting nearly as much press as it should. Tampa's QB clearly fumbles the ball deep in their own territory five yards in front of the ref then we run it in. This guy calls it an incomplete pass. Does this mean that we are to assume that a profesional referee can't tell the difference from 5 yards away? He had a better look at it than the camera did. And then, because he's a moron, the play is dead and a turnover is nullified. Sure, it's water under the bridge, but let's look up the stats as to how often Brett throws crazy interceptions when he's leading. He generally doesn't, so that call did matter.

Let's not forget later on when we got a free one. Al Harris was making whoopie with some guy while not even paying attention to the ball. He actually got hit in the helmet with the flag. (Personally, I thought that was really funny...) In any case, they picked it up. Ok, so you can't touch a receiver outside five yards, but trying to pull his pads off is cool? Whatever...

Later in the day, I saw another call in another game where a receiver caught the ball and rolled into the endzone. The ref marked the ball where the DEFENDER stepped out of bounds. They challenged it and got it right... but oh my lord... Is that even acceptable? He wasn't even watching the right pair of feet.

The point I want to make is this: We, as football fans, need to make some noise. This officiating is getting out of hand. I dream of a day when more than 30% of punt and kick returns aren't called back because of a block in the back that had no bearing on the play. I dream of a day where receivers and defenders play a contact sport and prove to the viewing public that they are both strong and fast. This is football, not just a track meet. I dream of a day that a 40 yard end around on the right side isn't called back ten seconds after it's done because the left tackle had his hand 3 inches around the side of somebody's shoulder pad for a second before he removed it. Holding is holding... if somebody has a fistfull of jersey, then call it, otherwise keep the flag in your pocket ref.

Oh and my personal favorite this year: Pass iterference with a receiver who is not even involved in the play. Automatic first and 10? Oh please...


Luke in Dallas
1,000 miles form Packerland.


Did you hear that Brett Favre can't get into his own driveway? Someone painted an end zone on it!

What do you have when you get 30 Packer fans in one room?
A full set of teeth!

People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

We've been getting our kicks listening to Chris Havel on WDUZ-The Fan over at Packer Net's WDUZ Radio replay page.  When Chris is paired with Harry Sydney, they make for a great Dynamic Duo that tells it like it is in Packerland.  It's refreshing!  Sometimes when a GM makes many mistakes over several years a-Haunting will be sure to follow.  Stay Tuned!

Up in cursed 49er land our friend has the same dilemma as our displaced friends in Illinois, there's a local team thats in 1st place who won't be their for long.  Puh-leeze!  The Bears?  Bwaaaah-hahahah-hah  Now down here in near-cursed ex-Ram ex-Raider land there's a ray of sunlight shining down on us.  Without a local NFL Team to suck the TV bandwidth, looks like the local Fox-11 Station is going to carry the Buccaneers vs. Packers game tomorrow morning.  Drunk and Stupid might not be the way to go through life, but it's a great way to go through a Packer Football Sunday partying in your living room.  Dunh Dunh D-Dunh Dunh-Dunht! Go Pack Go!

We're Pack 4 Life!

Hey Beerkid! Longtime fan, first-time writer...

What the heck was up with that crack-smokin', prostitute-chasin', scissor-slashin' jerk - Michael Irvin - talking smack last week about Brett Favre? Irvin was trying to stir up some controversy that Favre should apologize to Javon Walker now that he's out for the season without a big new contract...

Look, we all hated to lose Javon, but to lose him with a huge contract would have been an even bigger disaster. And having some loud-mouthed has-been pick on a team when they are down just shows how little class this jerk has. Here's a nice site devoted to hating Michael Irvin, even if it's old...

Pack 4 Life!

from a GB-native and share-holder (now living in cursed 49'er land)



Week 3 and already a must win thats Buccs web site should be show to the Packers players to fire them up but sadly Mike Sherman can't start a fire with gas lighter and some wood let alone fire up the Packers never mind what happens.

we're pack 4 life

just been to they doing a blog with 3 players writing on it, Wells, Barnett and Longwell. Funny what longwell said Hello to all. Big week for some of us as it was the Packers golf tourney this past Tuesday. Nice know he more worrying about golf then to kick the damm ball.
Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about.  They didn't do it for individual glory.  They did it because they loved one another.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

There's nothing like kicking a Viking fan (again and again) when he's already down, maybe even for the count.  But then again, weren't we saturated with how the Super Bowl Bound Vikings were already penciled in for the big game.  Well, the Packers may have gotten off to a rocky start, we have looked pathetic, we lost both games by a combined 16 points.  The Stupor Bowl Bound Vikings have looked so much worse, losing by a combined 40 points.  Ha!  I wouldn't go tattooing a Super Bowl trophy on to my fat gut just yet.  Come January, this doesn't look like the year (again) for the Vikqueens to keep their dreams alive by going 0-5.  They have no chance to even win the NFC North.  We're sitting here in last place at 0-2 but how can we not be in the drivers seat to win the Divisional Title for the 4th year in a row?  Anyway now that Vikes are down on the ground, we're just going to pile-on a bit more...

Q: Why wasn't Jesus born in Minnesota?
A: Because God couldn't find three wise men.

Q: Why did Daunte Culpepper get so excited after he finished his jigsaw puzzle in only 6 months?
A: Because on the box it said from 2-4 years.

Q: Why is it a good idea to bring a Viking fan along to a Packers game?
A: You can park in the handicap zone

Q: What do you call a sober Viking fan?
A: A liar.

Q: What's the difference between a dead Packer Fan lying in the road and a dead Vikings fan lying in the road?
A: There are skid marks in front of the Packers fan

When brilliant Head Coach Mike Tice was asked if his team's opening 2 losses were an "anomaly", he replied "that's just the way we "anomaly" lose games around here."

There's some more Vikqueen piling-on at Flog Me... Again.  The NFC North is ours for the grabbing...   We're Pack 4 Life!

Minnesota Vikings Football Schedule 2005 (Revised)

Sep 25 - Bloomington Junior High School
Oct 02 - Cub Scout Troop No. 101
Oct 16 - Minnesota Academy for the Blind
Oct 23 - Crippled Childrens' Home
Oct 30 - St. George Home for Wayward Girls
Nov 06 - Girl Scout Troop No. 69
Nov 13 - Minnesota V.D. Clinic Post #3
Nov 21 - Anoka Boys Choir
Nov 27 - Korean War Amputees
Dec 04 - VA Hospital Polio Patients

Rule Changes From Last Year
1. When playing the polio patients, the Vikings must not disconnect any leg braces.
2. When playing the girl scouts, the Vikings must not eat their cookies.
3. When playing the blind academy, the Vikings must not hide the football in their jerseys.
4. When playing the Korean War Amputees, the Vikings must not file any protests about players with one leg being harder to tackle.

Rules the Same as Last Year
1. A Vikings touchdown (this is when the ball is carried over the goal-line for all you fans who have never seen one) is still worth 21 points.
2. The Vikings will be allowed 27 men on the field at all times.
3. The Vikings will be allowed to substitute with band members at any time during the course of the game.

Name Changes
The Minnesota Vikings name will be changed to the Minnesota Tampons, as they are good for one period only and don't have a second string.

Coaching Changes
Head Coach Mike Tice will be replaced by former pornstar Linda Lovelace. She will no doubt blow a few but she won't choke on the big ones.

I just had to pass this along. The shaky Packer start to the season isn’t so bad when the Vikings look as horrible as they did on Sunday. Enjoy!


Hot off the wire in Minneapolis: "Minneapolis police reported that some individual attempted to "egg" Mike Tice's house last night.

An empty egg carton was recovered at the scene. Two eggs hit Mr. Tice's house, three eggs went over his house and hit his neighbor's back door, two eggs hit the houses of each of his next door neighbors, and the remaining three eggs were found broken on the ground near the carton from where the individual threw them.

Based on the evidence found at the scene, police officials have put out an APB on Daunte Culpepper."

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

You have to see this! The Bucs INTRO.

and this one also.... EBay - Reggie White Candy Bar

Just another week in the life of a Packer Fan. Keep rootin'

Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will all be judged by only one thing, the result.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Crash and Burn!  That's our Packers.  Nothing will ever come easy for this bunch.  0-2 last place NFC North, now last year we started 1-4, so we know there's a chance that this season can be recovered.  But something needs to change bigtime!  No matter what you're smoking, Ahmad Carroll is better than Joey Thomas, so quit dicking around and get Ahmad ready to play some NFL Football, please.  Mark Roman or Earl Little?  It's time for someone else besides Roman.  Last year they wouldn't play Bhawoh Jue to keep from hurting Roman's psyche.  But when is he going to come around?  He always has a strong training camp and then falters mightily during the regular season when it counts. 

Now on the (very) offensive line, we have 2 problems, Bubba Frank's contract kept him out of most of training camp, he's nowhere close to being NFL ready, you know, blocking, running routes, catching balls, and now he's going to be out this week.  That effects the running game, and boy does it show.  Ask Ahman.  David Martin, time to step up your play, buddy.  Klemm or Whitticker?  Whitticker or Klemm?  The Packers lack of screen passing probably comes right down to these two guards lack of playmaking ability.  Either these guys can't do it or Sherman's playcalling really is lacking.

But the season is young, there's still time for these young guys to step up and make something of this team.  Brett wants these guys in the playoffs, but will they jump up on the horse and ride it in with him?  Shit be bringin' it Hoss! 

We're Pack 4 Life


can any one on our D get a fucking turn-over

Well. After the it's-just-one-game Lions game I had to withold judgement until I saw another. I saw another, in person no less. I took my lovely wife on her first pilgrimage to Lambeau for the Browns game and said on the way, "If the Packers can't win against the Browns, at their home opener, with a Reggie White tribute, Favre set to join the 50,000-yard passing club, and US being there, I'll have to be worried." I'm worried.
Paris Lenon is missed more than anyone expected, so get well soon, Paris! Brett's "comfort food", Bubba Franks is questionable with the sprained knee, so get well soon, Bubba! Michael Hawkins is apparently still too raw (didn't see him on Sunday, unless I just missed him) so get well-done soon, Michael!

On the bright side, the Lions appear to be a mirage, Kyle Orton is not likely to pull a Roethlisberger on us this year, and Daunte Culpepper is lost -LOST!- without Randy Moss. The NFC North title is there for the taking. So: GO, PACK, GO.

Duane in Almost God's Country

correction: Why on Earth did I say in my last "contribution" that Paris Lenon was missed. Na'il Diggs! Na'il Diggs is missed! - DiAGC

Packers Suck - GO BEARS

0-2 Now, but my feeling is we will be back to .500 by the time our bye week comes around (Packer Paul's prediction: 3-2 by week six) * I think the PACKERS will be firing and hiring another Defensive Coordinator after this season (unless things really turn around), other wise it's "Bye Bye Bates."

Mark Roman did a wonderful job last Sunday against Cleveland with his interpretation of a "door mat"... He did nothing to prevent Cleveland's Heiden from getting into the end zone.

Nick Barnett had a terrible game and Coach Sherman needs to look up the phrase "clock management" and act on it's meaning and not assume that Brett will lead the team into the end zone for a quick six and an extra point to boot.

I think Coach Sherman ought to relinquish his play calling to Rossley and concentrate on what is actually happening out on the field and on the sidelines.

Unlike vi-queen fans, I have not given up on this team. I never will.

After two weeks of losses, the majority of "queen fans" are jumping ship (again) and calling for Mike Tice's head here in Minnesota.

We PACKER fans stand by our team, in good times and bad.

The PACK will be BACK and in the playoffs with another NFC North Division Championship Title, and the intensity to win and the desire to succeed will return and carry our team to the next level.

Green and Gold for Life!


Don't find anything wrong with your posts buddy.You keep telling 'em. See ya on the Wire.... Never noticed your msg brd before.

Go Pack Go. Semper Fi.


I guess we should get used to it. With the exception of the Extra Large Helmet wearing nickelback cast-off from Philly, our DB's are young, inexperienced, pussies when it comes to tackling, and just plain suck. That pass to Edwards is just a sample of what is going to come this season. Then another pass to the slow white tightend at the end of the game. I thought for a minute, that it was Doug Evans trying to tackle him. Head down, arm out, sliding to the ground. Please trip over me!

The Offensive line looked fairly good again, and will only get better. Favre had plenty of time to throw. Sherman has got to go.

Frank in the D.
Please visit us at

...oh my! What is happening to my Packers? At least I can say that the offense did do a better job of protecting Brett this week-as compared to last week against the kittens. However, I'm beginning to wonder if this is what it to be expected this season, considering we have a new defensive coordinator, and our offense still needs much help. However, what is with these guys that get the opportunity to fill in for an injured player, and they are so lackluster, dropping balls, misreading cues, etc? This is their golden opportunity, and they go down the drain! Again, I also have to blame Sherman for alot of this; not giving good play calls, and not putting his foot in these guys' a--. Everytime you look at him on the sideline he seems so nonchalant. I want to see him get ticked on the sideline, make some heads roll....and if he keeps this up, I feel he shouldn't be allowed to fulfill the remaining period on his contract. In fact, I don't see why he was given an extension!!

I have to wonder if Brett will want to come back next season if he has to work with a young team that isn't coordinated. He gets hit/sacked, they lose too many games, etc. He may just want to hang it up after this year if this keeps up, and I don't want to see that! He still has that rifle, it shouldn't go to waste. If Brett does retire, it's not like the team will get better. They'll have Aaron Rodgers, who's young and inexperienced-it'll take years before him and the team will become a unit....Now I will say that I feel Brett won't want to go out like this, so he might just stick it out one more season. But some things have to change, and change quick!

I feel considering what he's been to this team, and especially what he's been through the last few years, he deserves to have a year with no drama and be able to go out on top. So far this doesn't look like that year, so hopefully he'll stick it out for next year.

Let's see what we can do against Tampa next week. I'm still a little leary, they're a young team overall, but they're playing well together. It's at home, so let's hope we can get a 'W' in the books this week.

All hope is not lost yet. We started out last year with one win, and then four straight losses, and still won the NFC North. It just shouldn't always be this hard to attain. We need to cruise for a while.

Anyway, enough of the ranting/venting. If anyone reading this lives in southern california- riverside county in particular, I'd like to invite you to come and join us at our Packer Club. We meet in Hemet, Ca. at the TWJ Sportsbar, right next to AMF Bowling at 2850 W. Florida Ave. (behind Big 5 Sporting Goods) We have weekly raffles, and it's a whole lot of fun. Lots of the gang are from WI,(De Pierre, Sheyboygan, Milwaukee, Appleton, etc) and formed this club many years ago.

Each year, at the first Viking game of the season, we have our BRAT FEST GAME. Complete with brauts/kraut, hot dogs, sides, and desserts. Our raffle is usually quite big as well. This year we will have various plaques-of our NFC North Title, one of Brett, and others. Also, we have a beautiful leather Packer jacket to give away. So come on out and have fun with us! Bring a friend.

PLEASE NOTE: The club address on the website is from last year and hasn't been updated yet. We changed locations this year, so please refer to the directions I provided in this posting.

The website address is and should be updated soon, with photos of goings-on at the club from this season, in addition to the new address being posted.

Feel free to give me a call if you are interested in joining us, and need directions to Hemet from where you live. (951) 283-8488 (Danielle) Go Pack Go!!!!

Lady K,

Packer Club of Hemet, So. Cal.
What the hell is going on out there?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Packers 24 Browns 26 

Time to Pack it in. When a TE runs down the middle of the field with a DT chasing him, when you're trying to get the ball back. Missed tackle and everything. Brownies spanked us bad. Last second touchdown or not. We're now 0-2 last place NFC North.

So ends our 1st attempt to Live-Blog the Packers game with a BlackBerry from the OverUnder in Santa Monica, California. We're Pack 4 Life!

Packers 7 Browns 19.... 

End of the 3rd quarter and the Packers haven't done anything that could convince me that they want to win this game. Absolutely nothing.

Packers 7 Browns 13... 

It's halftime! Packers just are not pulling it together. Defense looks OK but they haven't come up with a big play to give the Offense some momentum. The Redhook ESB's and Anchor Steam's are flowing though...

Packers 7 Browns 7... 

Its the end of the 1st quarter and its all tied up 7-7. Packers offense had one decent drive and the defense has its usual assortment of penalties. After the cheap turnover on Brett's bad pass, the defense holds the Brownies to a FG - It's now 7-10.

Live From The OverUnder In Santa Monica... 

I don't do fantasy football. The Vikings losing is my fantasy football!

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Juan oh Juan, I wouldn't worry about drinking and posting and looking like an ass.  That happens every other day around here.  Just because you were able to rhyme Andy Baggot's last name with something other than Maggot, don't go kicking yourself, but if your regret is heartfelt, then welcome back to being a Human Being.  Otherwise you were dead-on, Walker came back into camp because of all the money he was going to lose, it certainly wasn't based on anything that Favre said months earlier. 

Which brings us to the Editorial Policy here at Packer Palace.  Send in an image or write something for us to post, we might, then again we might not.  We might correct your spelling errors, we might not.  We might correct your grammar and punctuation errors, we might not.  We might remove some offensive words, but generally we won't, that's only happened maybe 3 times in over a year.  So go ahead and drink heavily in the safety or your own home, write in to us, and don't worry because we're watching your back.  Most of the time.

We were once under the conspiratorial influence that the Packers were trying to force Brett to retire.  There were simple hints like trading starter CB McKenzie for 3rd Stringer QB O'Sullivan last year, or drafting 1st round QB Rodgers instead of taking the best Defensive Player on the draft board.  When defensive help was needed, the Packer's went after a QB instead, twice.  The Packer's lose to pro-bowl caliber Guards and now don't seem to playing the 5 best Offensive Linemen on the team.  Yes, we were once under that conspiratorial influence that the Packers were trying to force Brett Favre to retire so they could begin the rebuilding Youth Movement thats coming.  Although we're not sure on whatever would give us that idea...

Packers Suck!  Yeah, we tend to play badly in Detroit every year.  Disappointing but hardly a surprise.  Oh yeah the Browns suck too, but there's a very good chance that the Browns suck more than us.  They shouldn't be able to run against our new defensive scheme, Dilfer's passing game hasn't scared anybody for years, if ever.  Reggie White's Number 92 is being retired at Lambeau Field today, so the Pack should be high on emotion and very active on the field.  Unless we're sleepwalking, expect the Packers to win by 16 points or more.  Baby, it's going to be a blow-out! 

We're Pack 4 Life!

Ok Beer Kid, I have put the bottle down now.  Note to self:  Don't drink and post it makes me look an ass...

I watched the replay on Tivo at my brothers house and focused on the first half, and the play calling was actually good.  We just had a penalty ever time we did soemthing decent and Brett missed a couple of long ones.  I still think Brett looked bad, real old, like the working out didn't help that much so he is in fast decline, but I can't fault Sherman for the play calling.  The team just did not execute.  That has to stop this weekend.

I still disagree with Andy Baggot's article on Walkers loyalty, but I was out-of-line on my comments.  My apologies to you Andy and really anyone that had to suffer through my stupid post.  Go Pack!

Juan - San Diego

the team is a dick for what they are doing to Farve

Can't wait for this Sunday, but I'm nervous about the Brownies they suck but the Pack sucks more...
Confidence is contagious.  So is lack of confidence.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

With the loss to the Lions still lingering on our minds, its time to turn our attention to the Cleveland Browns coming to Lambeau this sunday.  This is that "Tonic for the Troops" game that the Packers need to regroup with.  A team that we know is weaker than us.  Heh heh heh eh.  We heard Monday's announcement that Coach Sherman will replace Ahmad Carroll in the defensive backfield.  So will it be Joey Thomas or maybe Michael Hawkins?  Will it matter?  Even with his penalties, Ahmad might still be a better CB than either of those guys.  Seriously...

So we did hear one other interesting comment yesterday, I'm sure many of you have thought of this.  Last time I checked, the concept is to have your 5 best lineman play together, so let's put Grey Ruegamer back at Center, move Mike Flanagan to Guard, and have either Kevin Barry or Adrian Klemm or Will Whitticker take the other guard spot.  How much worse could it be than last week's effort?

After watching both WR Antonio Chatman's and RB Travis Fisher's "lack of awareness" during the 4th quarter on several key plays, I started wondering how they outplayed Andrae Thurman and Walt Wiliams to keep their roster spots.  Bewilderment might be the better word for it.

Just bobbing and weaving around all the holes while bleeding Green and Gold... 

We're Pack 4 Life!


Can't wait for this Sunday, but I'm nervous about the Brownies they suck but the Pack sucks more...

Hey BeerKid, long time no post.  Luv your site.  True Hero in my eyes.

Yeah, the Pack stunk more than lindberger (or whatever you call it) cheese but what else did we really expect?  Kudos to Bates for fielding a defense better than anyone expected and poo-poo for Sherman.  When a team has that many stupid penalties who else can you blame and the play calling sucked.  Favre looked old, like Marino did his last couple of years.  I know he he is hurting about the Hurricane but as a professional he needs to focus for three hours so in the end he can better help his family and the community.  He really played bad.  The way he looked he needs to retire tomorrow...

For those clamoring for Rice - shut up!  Thompson has the youth movement in full swing and its the right thing to do.  If Ferguson and Co. cannot step up - ship them out.

To Andy Baggot sportswriter.  Walkers loyalty did not hurt him you dick... He was playing to the contract HE signed and his injury was unfortunate but it was football.  As a fan, props to Walker for doing the right thing and reporting.  It is always team first in life.  Andy Baggot can't understand that, nor will he ever.  There are winners and losers, but like Rosie Perez said in White Men Can't Jump, "sometimes when you lose you win", and Javon Walker won a whole lot more than f'ing money Andy *aggot!

Juan - San Diego

Hey Packer Fans, I am well over the Packers-Lions game.  Altho, I admit I was a wreck watching it.

I watched it from the floor in front of the TV,
    from the love seat,
    from the hallway,
    from around the corner in the kitchen,
    from under a Packer Throw,
    from the bedroom TV.

I watched that game from every position in my house, short of looking thru a window.    It didn't help!!

Reading all the articles on Brett, this sums it up for me best:  (Regarding all the tragedy he has faced the last year and ½ .. with Katrina devasting his homestead)..  "If you're down to Minnesota in the third quarter," he said, "I can always remember it's been a hell of a lot worse."

Gotta LOVE him for that statement !!!!  Lets all stand BESIDE him -- not behind him with sharp words and sticks.  ......are you all WITH me on that???????  Lets hear a " GO PACK GO "  Packer Hugs to all.


Well the PACKERS offense had some bad moments (too many F'n penalties) last Sunday against the Lions; but we will kick their ass in December in Green Bay on the Frozen Tundra.  Today in Minneapolis, Coach Mike Tice apparently showed up at a local T.V. station DRUNK.  He was belching and his speech was slurred during the taping of a sports segment.

I guess he must have sold a ton of his "Super Bowl tickets" since their PURPLE PRIDE ASS's will not be there to play in 2006 and he was out celebrating his huge payday.

Class act.  I guess someone had to pick up where Moss left off.

And to all of you "Queens fans" chiming in about the PACK and our 3-Time MVP sucking, go piss up a rope and choke on your Mother F'n 0-4 record in the Big Dance Assholes.

I bleed Green and Gold

Packer Paul - Mpls, MN.

Thanks for ending on a postive note.  I liked what I saw on our defense and they will only get better as the year goes on.  If special teams can show that the performance on sunday wasn't a one game wonder, they will give us a chance.  I think our offense which was completely embarressed on sunday will come out and put up some good numbers.  I am sorry we won't have Walker, but Driver, Fergie and the rest will have to step up and we have our new highly paid TE in Bubba that has to be used more so he can earn that big contract.  We only lost one weapon.  Yes it was a big one, but Brett has othere.  Biggest thing is the Offensive line must learn to jell and fast or Brett will get killed.  He was rushed all afternoon, Sacked four times, and was limping again. Folks say that Brett should have run those two yards and gotten a first down, I said the way he had been hit all day, maybe he couldn't.  If Rogers is our Backup, we are in for trouble.  Nall could have handled this better.  Rogers needs this year to get use to our offense, and then next year make him the backup.  I am glad Carroll has been benched.  He needs to learn to stop grabbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the Jerry Rice Idea.  Favre to Rice sounds pretty good right about now.

Oh shits, we gots ta do somethin' quick!!

I bleed green and gold.  The Pack will get it fixed.  It is only the first game.  They will be NFC North Champs. 





Penalties, penalties, penalties.

I would add the game plan sucked... 3 step drops with passes in the under 10 yard area and long down the sidelines.  How about some intermediate range passing... deeper crosses and outs?  Bubba in the seam does not cut it.

The defense was surprisingly improved, I thought, but it was after all Joey Harrington, so the jury is out.

Did I mention the penalties?

Favre and Packers usually play like She-at at Detroit, but on the bright side we got this game out of our system a lot earlier than in past years.  Pack still finishes 11-5 and destroys the Kittens in the rematch Dec 11 on the Frozen Tundra.

I thought Holmgrem replaced me

chill its only week one there's 15 games still to come

ok, if your not a packer fan, get off this website, you still lose, and the Pack still wins....

Pack for Life
We would accomplish many more things, if we did not think of them as impossible.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

What A Game!!!  Wow!  What a game, huh?  What's that old saying, you know the one: "Young players make mistakes, Veteran players make mistakes".  That's the one I remember, infinite wisdom that it is, and it sure does describe yesterday's Packer performance.  How often do you go out to the bar to watch the Packer game and you're left just totally numb, shell-shocked, completely stunned.  Thanks A Lot Packers!  Nice Job.  Way to just about ruin a fine day for drinking in heavy moderation.

So go ahead all you Lion fans that have been smacking around here at our expense, you beat us at Ford Field, it was a home game for you, no big deal, shit happens.  We'll get our chance for some revenge served up cold on Sunday night December 11th, an ESPN game at Lambeau.  Kittens, bring your mittens.  That will be the 2nd win in our 5 game season ending winning streak to end up 11-5 and NFC North Champions, again, 4th year in a row.  I know I know, I might be flogging a dead horse here, but when you're talking about the NFL Playoffs.  You have to ride whatever Nag can get you there.  Right?  We're Still Pack 4 Life!

Ever hear about karma? 17-3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THE LIONS WIN THE LIONS WIN now go cry in your beer and cheese

talk is cheap lets go out there and beat them all.  pack 4 life

I have no idea what happened on Sunday.  Instead of the defense being the big upset it was the offense.  I have no idea who was calling the plays and I'm really getting tired of these damn screen passes.  Brett Favre didn't make the best decisions either.  But he didn't have time to choose another one because the offensive line is like a chinese fire drill.  Is it to early to judge cause I don't think the Lions are that good.  Are the Packers contenders and can Brett Favre be dominate this year?  Somebody leave a post and let me know.  Please.

fuck the Pack

Dead wrong.  Try reversing that record.  5-11.  Sorry, but they are pitiful.  Favre will retire rather than go through another year like this.  They did nothing in the offseason.  Thompson wants to rebuild through the draft like Wolf did...  what a joke.  Wolf brought in key free agents when they needed them.  Reggie White, Sean Jones, Beebe, Dotson, Rison, Keith Jackson, Seth Joyner, etc, etc, etc.  Until this Packer team steps it up in free agency, they are going to be on the bottom of the NFC.  There is no rebuilding through the draft in this day of free agency.  Even New England goes out and brings in the free agents every year to help their club.  A joke.

Cocaine is a helluva drug!  Get help today.

Packers played like crap against the 48 year old virgin's team.  They will finish 5-11.  Favre's final season.


Goodbye Favre.  Way to spend the last season going down in flames.  Hello to a decade of crappy Packer teams.

Lions will be 11-5

You don't realize just how bad the Packers are this year.  It pains me to say that we are in for an extended period of lean returns.

only 3 points against the Lions.....  what the fuck.

Man, those fudgepackers really looked great.  How many points?  3?  no 3?  no not only 3 points.  You mean Brett Favre didn't throw a touchdown pass.  No, really.  You mean the team that's going to win the NFC North just kicked your fudgepacking ass?  No.  It can't be true.  Is it?  Oh my God it is true.  The best team in the North not only wiped Ford FIeld's turf with your fudgepackers, but they are all alone in 1st place!  I think I got a new title for your movie.  The 48 year old Quarterback, because that's how old Brett Favre looked out there.  Kiss my Ass Fudgepackers.

least one thing the Super Bowl 2006 Champions Vikings lost today.  :)

HiYa Beer Kid (good to see ya) I am glad I didn't eat much before that Lions game yesterday, nor did I have any appetite halftime or afterwards.  3 POINTS?  ya, but, then, ---- 14 penalties for 100 yards?  and, cuz, well, ----- Carroll and his hands?  well, gees, cripes, ---- BJ Sanders blunder?  duh, doh, grrr, --- Excuse me if I am stut-stuttering.  I am still trying to figure out what happened?  (looking forward to your infinite wisdom here)  Lemondrop

Well the lions won their superbowl Defense wasnt half bad except for penalties, same ole story, farve has a bad game packers have a bad game.  Defense suprised me much better than expected I'm pumped.  d-line played very well.  as did the o-line, this is gonna be fun.  I love the PACKERS........

No Javon bring in Jerry Rice he knows the west coast he's disciplined.  Give the legend a chance....
We didn't lose the game.   We just ran out of time.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Packer Palace Predicts... 

Sunday, July 24, 2005 - Now that the dog end of an offseason gone by has finally come to it's conclusion, and with the start of Training Camp, we can finally shut away the sound of those horns baying in the distance that had plagued us for weeks and weeks.  It's July, it's summer, we're drinking, and that means we've started to gaze drunkenly into our crystall ball again.  Its a bit blurry but it sure looks familiar.

The questions for this year's Packers are almost the same questions as last year.  Did the Packers Defense improve, even a little bit?  Besides new Defense Coordinator Jim Bates, Uh, No it hasn't.  Will the Offense still be able to run up some points to win games?  With 2 new Guards and Javon holding out, its still a Yes.  Will we be raging alcoholics, wedded to the Blitz bottle, by the time the Packers 2005 Season is over?  Practically guaranteed!  With all that in mind, and toss in what's been revealed to us from a season yet to be played, its seems the Packer's lucky number this year is going to be 11.


Packers  11-5
Vikings  10-6
Lions  8-8
Bears  5-11

Yes!  We can see 11 wins for the Packers this year.  The NFC North Division Crown for the 4th year in a row.  A home game again for the Playoffs.  Despite all the problems every one else likes to point out, we still see the Packers kicking some NFC North Ass again this year!  Simple as that.  We're Pack 4 Life!

Tell us where we're wrong:

Final Update: September 11 - Times Up!!!  It's pre-game Sunday morning, Packers are going to visit the Lions at Ford Field today for victory number 1 in this upcoming season.  Lots of Lions fans jumping in with their 2 cents worth.  After reading what was sent in its not worth even that 2 cents one might say, but whether we're wearing our cheeseheads or not, our math is always accurate, our head's are always clear (except when we're drinking), the Packers are going to win 11 games this year, enough to finish 1st in the NFC North Division.  Everyone else, just like Satan, queue up in line behind us. 

Hey "FischInMIch", the Lions are 48 year old Virgins because they haven't won a Championship since 1957, and technically, they have never won a Super Bowl.  We stand by our calculations.  Lions are pushing 5 decades since they last joined the big dance.  Errh, that's technically worse off than the Vikings.

We're Pack 4 Life!

We'll first of all you wear cheese on your head, I'm sure it's to keep all that beer your brain is floating in warm. Second, picking on the Lions is kinda like picking on the handicapped. Finally, Favre's game streak will end this year along with his career due to a terrible offensive line. He will then retire and cruise the country in the MaddenCruiser as John Maddens personal ball washer...we in Detroit will stand and salute as your team desends back into the obscurity of the late 70's and 80's were it belongs. Lots of Love Lions Fans. Vikes 11-5, Lions 10-6, Pack 7-9, bears ha ha ha

I can't tell you where you are wrong, because you are 100% right. I am hoping that Mr. Sharper play is so good this year he receives his walking papers at the end of the year. Can't stand the guy.

Hello Mr Bill Tremblay, I wanted to tell you myself that we are coming to kick your lions ass.  I will see you at the city.

Green bay Blows...

You bunch of losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see what happens on Sept. 11th. 2005! Quit living in the past! Brett Favre is old and he shaves his legs. How gay is that?

Nice having a sister that was in a drive by shooting. I heard they do each other, just like all those hicks.

Green Bay SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!! GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fontes RULES!!!!!

     submitted by James M.

Cute little edition of the Lodge this week ... and I even laughed, occasionally ... but perhaps math wasn't your strongest subject in school?

How typical of an illiterate Wisconsonite hick. You mention Detroit's last championship, but joke that it not being a Super Bowl was a "stupid technicality"... then go on to call them "48 year Super Bowl Virgins".

Super Bowl 40 is scheduled for 2006. Where did the other 8 Super Bowls go?  No less... funny... but accuracy is a vital part of smack.

Good luck on Sunday... and may both teams escape without injury.


Update: August 31 - It's the night before the last pre-season game and everything's starting to jell into place.  We the fans, need just a decent game against the Titans by both the Offense and Defense to give us a bit of hope going into this year.  You're not supposed to judge a team by its preseason, so... we won't.  Screw that!!!  So far the Packers have lived up to every out-of-state prediction that's been presented.  Lack of inspiring play by Guards, Safeties, Corners, Linebackers, D-Linemen, even Brett.  But its time for a reversal of fortune, and with us, nothing ever changes.  11-5 for the Pack, NFC North for the 4th year in a row.  We're Pack 4 Life!

maybe 8-10 wins

This site rocks!  You're turning me into a Packer fan...  but that's better than a saddlebag full of rattlesnakes!!

you're definitely thinking with your heart and not your head.  I would love for you to be right.  If we win 8 games we'll be lucky.  Unless of course, Bates hasn't shown the true defensive scheme...  GO PACK GO!!!

I'm a Packer faithful from St. Louis.  With my Show-Me mentality, I'm having a tough time being ultra-positive about the upcoming season.  I say Packers 10-6 at best.  That may be enough to win the North or at least qualify as Wild Card.

everywgere, everywhere retard

your wrong don't get me wrong I love the PACK but lets be honest with ourselves the Vikings are going to be at least 12-4.

Hey Im a Packer faithfull trying to plug his website.  For everything you need to know about the packers and the whole NFL of course go to first, but then you can check out my site  Thanks and oh yah I predict and 11-5 season for the Green and Gold.

Vikings win division not Packers...

Packers prediction pretty accurate, assuming that number 4 fellow does not get injured

5 wins 1 loss vs North Division
6 wins 4 losses vs non conference

Packer Cricket

Update: August 26 - The NFC North is ripe for taking by the returning champs - The Packers.  Coaching will get our defense to play better than last year's, we've all heard by now how ex-coach Slowik changed his defense after a few games which left the players confused, so with new coach Bates that will be enough for the Packers to get one more win than last years record 10-6, that's 11 wins this and the NFC North 4 times running.  In comes a prediction of 11 wins for the Vikqueens, very optimistic of you, we expect them to have a rough year (gasp! Choke! Choke!) w/o Moss to toss the ball too, we were going to revise their win total down to 8, but Culpepper will run for 600 yards or something, so we'll leave them at 10 wins this year, 2nd in the NFC North and probably a wild-card playoff entry, and we're never wrong, we just keep running out of time to get things right...  We're Pack 4 Life!

I'm Sick of the Critics saying the Pack can't take this division and make the playoffs I mean c'mon were in a division with the choke artist Vikings, the Bears couldn't move the ball if there lives depended on it and the Lions can't win in General.  Thanks, GO PACK

The Vikings will continue to choke...  the Lions still have Joey Harrington...  and the Bears still suck! 

Packers 12-4, 4X NFC North Champions!

Your Wrong

I can see the Pack going 9-7 and maybe get in the playoffs as a Wild Card but this is the year that the Vikings will win the NFC North (I say 11-5) and if the "D" shows up will be World Champions.  SKOL VIKES!!!!

Update: August 18 - Another week, another prediction for NFC North Champions 4 years in a row.  Nothing new there, that has been scribbled all over our walls all summer long.  And from one Cheesehead to many others, we have noticed that Brett has been a little erratic on his deep throws, they always come up a little short, even on that great adjustment catch for a TD by Donald Driver last week against the Chargers, that just might have been another one of those under thrown balls.  But 1st preseason games are just that, preseason games, now we'll hope that Brett's off-season condtioning will help out his long-ball accuracy.  It's going to be needed this year if the Pack have any hope of going deep into the Playoffs.  Stretch the field!  We're still Pack 4 Life!

I believe that we will win the division and that we will go 11-5 or even 12-4.  GO PACK...  PACK 4 LIFE

I always have I hopes for the pack, but with an Aging favre, making some bad decision (I'm sure you remember those home run ball interceptions last year), bad defense, and sherman in his last year, I dont see the pack doing that good, maybe 8-8

"I love Rex Grossman" hehehe......

You're absolutely wrong!  The Packers are going to win 12 games this year!  From one cheesehead to another, GO PACK GO!!!

Update: August 12 - Ugly is as Ugly does.. The Pack win 10-7 on Longwell's 53yd FG with a new holder (and 3 missed FG's by the Bolts) in the on again off again rain.  Not many bright spots, a great adjustment by Donald Driver on Brett Favre pass for the Pack's only TD.  Maybe Mike Montgomery can play after all.  Maybe Nick Collins can play too, after all, he did get his hands on the ball when it was thrown right to him, not a guaranteed thing when your talking the Packers secondary.  We too would like to see Brett Favre end his career with a Super Bowl win in Detroit on the Lions turf.  Will our Defense support such a run?  We expect it.  Don't you?  Lots of questions to be answered this year.  We can help...  We're Pack 4 Life!

Ok, let me tell you, I am a true Packer fan like the rest of everyone else here, but, as much as I love the Packers, they best they will do is 8-8, but more likely go 6-10 or 7-9.  They probably will miss the playoffs, and as much as I hate the Vikes, they will win the NFC North...  But hey, that doesn't mean I'm abandoning the Pack, cause I'm Pack 4 Life!

Brett's final season, 16-0, celebrate championship #13 on the Lions' home field.  Hell Yeah!  Go Packers!

It is inevitable.  Face the unpleasant truth.  Our beloved Packers are in a stage of "moderate decline" and have no chance of going to the super bowl and winning 9 games should be applauded.  We have been on top or near the top longer than expected.  The party cant last forever and won't.  Brett will eventually slow down.  Green will eventually rush for less than 1000 yards.  Our defense will eventually get manhandled.  The eventually is upon us.  This is a sad truth, but all of us can look forward to rebuilding and getting back to the top with new favorite players, coaches, etc.  I love this team and will forever!!!!!!!!!

Update: August 9 - Well the season must be getting close, the national pundits are claiming that the Packers looked awful this last week in the scrimmage against the Bills, well they did, but hey, its early, we love being underdogs, we're just laying down our bait right in front of them.  There's nothing optimistic about it, we're sticking with 11-5, NFC North 1st Place.  We're Pack 4 Life!

God I wish I could be that optimistic.  But with too many unanswered questions, I'm going 9-7 and a wildcard berth only because Brett wins 3 by himself.  Long live #4!

Update: August 3 - Its starting to become one of my daily routines, and that is going to Packer Net's WDUZ The Fan re-broadcast radio show listings.  For those of us who are not there to watch the Packers Training Camp in person, its a great way to catch up on some of the activity and chatter thats currently happening. 
It always takes a physically and emotionally healthy team to do anything in the NFL Playoffs, just witness the Packers effort last year, WR's struggling to stay healthy, a Defense that looked shattered half the time, and it resulted in a 1st round home playoff loss to the Vikings, who have always sucked, but is it time to finally recognize that saying "The Bears Still Suck" is no longer a derogatory term, because its now a fact... We're Cheeseheads for Life, We're Pack 4 Life!

WE AIN'T.....

Your not wrong, your right and the Vikings suck.

A physically and emotionally healthier Favre and Walker back... its going to be a 3-way "dog-fight" to the end between the PACK, Queens, and Lions... its up to the Defense!  Go Pack.  Schrades

Your not except for the fact that if Bates is as good as billed, and Javon Walker and ole Grady Jackson will come and play hard, these young corners improve just slightly 13-3... Green and Gold Forever... in FARVE we trust...

Update: July 30 - If the Bears can beat the Packers so bad that it counts as 2 losses, heh heh eh, be sure to email us a pic of you partying in victory - we'll post it here, if it happens, otherwise you're going to look more like the guys on the right, LOL.  Leo breaks down what we're up against this year with our 1st place schedule and finally, we've been contacted by GOD!  We always knew we were on the Guest List.  May we be twice-blessed and injury free.  We're Pack 4 Life!
bears will go 17-0 (they beat the packers so bad once it counts as 2) wins packers go 0-17 (they lose to the bears so bad they get 2 losses) vikings go 10-6 lions go 8-8.



You give the Vikings too much credit.  They will improve to 9-7.  The Bears will be the best 5 and 11 team in the NFL.  My favorite Bear victory will be against the Vikings.

Despite a tougher schedule late in the season the Packers shine late in the year due to depth.  Young guys who don't get as hurt and learn from their earlier mistakes.  They drop an easy game early but go 3-1 in November baffling everyone.  Eleven is a good number.  Over half the games have a national audience.  Injuries as always have the greatest effect on the number of wins.  Bill Shipp

Packers 11-5 my ass.  More like 12-4.

High hopes offensively.  With any improvement defensively the Pack will dominate.  Bad coaching will keep the Bears and Vikes out of contention.  Keep an eye on the Lions, pieces are falling into place there.  GO PACK!!

Javon is back, so add at least one more win.

The thing is, Green Bay has a helluva tough stretch mid-season that could pretty much kill any hope for us. It starts out well, but coming out of the bye week, there's games @MIN, @CIN, vs. PIT, @ATL, vs. MIN again, and then to cap it all off, @PHI before playing some scrubs to finish off the year.  That stretch right there will make or break Green Bay, and unfortunately I see quite a lot of improvement in the division (Bears are looking a lot better than people give them credit for, but the Vikes' offseason acquisitions are all salary cap casualties, injury-prone or past their prime, with the exception of potentially talented LB Napoleon Harris).  It's difficult for me to be optimistic for anything better than 9-7 or so, and am pretty much banking on a strong finish and good seeding in the playoffs to do anything of note this year.

But then again the defense could be much better than everyone expects and with Favre making a push to retire while on top, anything could happen.  At least this isn't baseball or college sports, where we can pretty much expect the same ol', same ol' at the top.  Thus, yet another reason why football is the best sport in the world.  GO PACK!  - Leo

Update: July 29 - Now that both Grady Jackson and Javon Walker have reported to Training Camp, everything is starting to fall into place.  We just hope that Javon doesn't pull a Sterling Sharpe and hold-out the saturday before the opening weekend game against the Lions.  We had enough trouble last year when Mike McKenzie finally reported and then basically pouted and whined the whole time.  It's hard to win championship's when you're players are focused on money.  We're Pack 4 Life!
I definitely know that the Packs are not going 2 win division this year, I have no problems with the offense except for Farve getting 2 old but that is now fixed since Rodgers is here but I thought a big mistake was getting rid of Rivera, and Whale they're some of the best in the league and thats not going to help.  And geting rid of Darren Shaper biggest mistake I've ever seen defense is getting definitely worse! I actually think the Lions or Vikings are going to win division.  I think the Lions are going to have a really good team this year but it will be close.

I couldn't agree with you more

between 10 and 12 wins... im more confident now... now that JAVON HAS ENDED HIS HOLDOUT!!  PACKERS FAITHFUL REJOICE!

I can't.

Love the Pack, but.... I'm afraid the Walker holdout will be a downer and the Lions and Vikes will be improved.  WE screwed up in the off season and will pay for it this year and next.  The Lions will win the Divison and the Vikes will get in the Playoffs.  This will be Shermans' last year.

Update: July 26 - Alright here we go, for those of you who missed it, you can see that we came close to calling it (with many others) last year - "We can see 12 wins for the Packers this year.  We can see winning those last 2 road games in Minnesota and Chicago.  We can see the Vikings coming to Green Bay in the early rounds of the Playoffs and losing 28-20." - 1st Place NFC North, 10 wins, won those 2 road games and hosted the Vikings at Lambeau in the 1st round of the NFL Playoffs.  We just forgot to predict that the Packers would have healthy WR's for the playoffs.  Now with this year's first responses, the Bears just don't impress me enough, let alone that QB Rex Grossman will make it through the year, he's limping now and I'm sure that knee will hurt every single day the rest of the year.  The Lions will be one of those weak 8-8 teams with Garcia playing QB, you know, after we spank them on ESPN, they'll win their last 3 games.  The Vikings may have gotten new players, questionable how much better but their coaches have gotten worse, plus No Moss!  We're still defending Divisional Champs until someone knocks us down.  Not this year.  We're Pack 4 Life!

11 is correct

Spot on brothers and sisters!

Not far wrong, I think it will be a 10-6 season, already starting to have nightmares about Vick when we play the Falcons, with Jim Bates you know the defense will play harder.  One other thing that needs sorting out and that is Mike Sherman, give the guy 3 more years.

It certainly is difficult to tell whether the Pack will have a great defense this year apart that I think it will be good.  Anything is an improvement.  I will say that Jim Bates did a hell of a job in Miami, considering the talent they had and also considering they beat the Pats on that last MNF game.  I am certainly impressed and welcome Mr. Bates to Green Bay.  That warped and sad defense we saw last year is hopefully a thing of the past.  Albeit, Mr. Carroll does need some refining and keeping his grubby paws from incurring yellow laundry on the field.  Truly, I look forward to the new and improved Pack defense.  Lord knows, we know how to put up points, but let's concentrate on preventing the teams (especially the other 3 NFC North) points!  THOSE BELONG TO GREEN BAY!!!!  Chris  DFW, TX  PACK4LIFE

Bears will be better than 5 - 11... I still hate them though! Lions can not possibly win 8 games... no way.  Thanks,  Vic  Long Beach, CA

Better.  How bout 12-4.  The rest of the division is weak.  We will run away with the NFC North as usual.  We seem to be the only team there.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Packers Gone Wild!!!  GM Ted Thompson has now released TE Ben Steele and FB Nick Luchey and replaced them with our Practice Squad favorite Vonta Leach and former Dolphin TE Donald Lee.  We have no problem with the Luchey-Leach swap, Nick always seemed to be a little overweight and a little overpaid for what he contributed.  Vonta looks like the next William Henderson.  Ben always had the look of a tight-end about ready to jump into that 2nd TE spot the way he could move around, but he just never seemed to be able to hang onto the ball.  Now will Donald Lee be playing ahead of or behind TE David Martin, another player we've been waiting a long time to see something from.  Now or never, David.

When we heard that story about Cletidus giving the the bye-bye handwave to Coach Jim Bates backside several weeks ago when asked to do some of the stretching exercises that the rest of the team was doing instead of sitting on his ass, we knew he was gone, gone, gone then.  So his release was no surprise.  He's just lucky that Vince Lombardi wasn't his coach, Vince would have bounced his butt out into the middle of Oneida St. over that diss. 

So now here comes the season and we've got one of the youngest defenses we've had in a long, long time and guess what?  It will be still better than last year's 25th ranked team.  It's true.  We're Pack 4 Life!

Thank you Ted, no more Cletidus Hunt.  I think the trade was good one, Chris Johnson has done nothing in Green Bay, sadly, mainly to do with being injured.  When ever you can trade a 7th round player who'll never play in the NFL for a 1st round guy who has played in the NFL then in my book its a good trade.

Oh yeah, one more thing Nick Collins looks great so far.

Hey.  Packerchick here, I love your Detroit Lions cartoon.  I howl everytime I see it.  Keep it up.  Lets see more.

Hey Guys, I have been a big fan of your site for years.  You were a huge part of my original inspiration.  I just launched a site dedicated to Cheeseheads, The Packers and Wisconsin, Cheesehead University.  Please take a look and if you feel so inclined... The Dean's Office Page tells the story as does the blog. 

Thank you & be well, Craig P.  Head Chancellor
The only place success comes  before work, is in the dictionary.

Almost God's Country Breakdown... 

Seems like since the admittedly ugly playoff loss to the (b-o-o-o-o, h-i-s-s-s-s) Vikings virtually everyone who makes a living analyzing the game we love has given up on the Packers as a serious threat to retain the NFC North title.  They rightly point out the high-profile defensive acquisitions made by the aforementioned Vikings, the continued progress by the Lions and the relative off-season inactivity by the Packers as evidence that this will be the year the team from Green Bay finally slides back to a Ray Rhodes-esque 8-8 record.  So, what else is new?  We've been hearing that for years now.
I don't see it that way.  Let's look at the season ahead by starting where we left off last regular season, 10-6, and go from there.

Head Coach Mike Sherman. Make note of what you just read, or, more importantly, what you didn't read:  "General Manager and Head Coach" Mike Sherman no longer exists.  (I swear he was saying "we" last year when discussing his take on the team, whereas this year he's saying "I").  Bob Harlan, the architect of all that is right in Titletown, revealed as he introduced new GM Ted Thompson that Sherman had been bothered to the point of distraction from game-planning by the Mike McKenzie situation. No longer having the GM responsibilities, and the incumbent headaches that go with them, will allow him to concentrate on his Head Coach responsibilities exclusively.  Since I believe the dual role cost the team at least one game last year I'm predicting the solitary role will result in at least one more win this year.  Result:  11-5.

Quarterback Brett Favre.  The off-season focus after he announced his return for the year was on his working with a trainer to get into shape for the year.  And in shape he got, arriving at training camp quite possibly in the best condition of his career. This is good since it will probably extend his career a year or two.  However, he will still throw a couple of I-can't-believe-he-did-that interceptions to offset the couple of I-can't-believe-he-did-that touchdowns.  So, status quo:  11-5.

Wide Receiver Robert Ferguson. While all the attention was diverted to Javon Walker, Ferguson quietly recovered from his season-ending neck injury, had laser eye surgery to correct near-blindness in one eye, and got himself into fantastic shape.  Having the equivalent of three starters at receiver results in one more win:  12-4.

Offensive Guards Adrian Klemm and Will Whittaker:  Whittaker is yet another seventh-round find ala Mark Tauscher and, before him, Adam Timmerman.  But, being a rookie, he will make mistakes.  Klemm seems to have found his spot if he can stay healthy, but will never equal Mike Wahle's athletic ability to pull to the opposite side.  Those issues and the general lack of cohesiveness on the line will result in at least one game lost by inability to run the ball:  11-5.

Defensive Coordinator Jim Bates.  For some reason he reminds me of the late Fritz Shurmer, and that has to be good.  If he has half the imagination Shurmer to get the most out of his players, albeit less talented than the stable Shurmer worked with, it will improve the overall defense to the tune of one more win:  12-4.

The Defense. So many things to consider.  Cletidus Hunt is still Cletidus Hunt.  That's bad.  Grady Jackson is still Grady Jackson.  That's good, when he's able to play.  Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila is still Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila.  That's good, but I'd like to see him produce in more meaningful situations.  Darren Sharper is still Darren Sharper, but he's no longer on the team.  That's good, since he has a prima donna attitude not supported by his performance.  Nick Collins looks to be an upgrade over Sharper, but he is a rookie.  That's bad.  (See Will Whittaker, above.)  The linebackers are made over.  That's... who knows?  Al Harris is still Al Harris. That's definitely good.  Ahmad Carroll is still Ahmad Carroll.  That's definitely bad, unless Joey Thomas unseats him as the starter as the season moves along.  Overall I see this unit too much like last year's, even with the personnel changes:  12-4

Special Teams.  Not much to talk about here. B.J. Sander is much improved, but that only puts him the company of last year’s stop-gap punter, Bryan Barker.  (Sander is lucky he won the place- kicking holder sweepstakes, or Ted Thompson might have looked for an available veteran.)  No other significant changes on the "third side of the ball":  12-4.

The Vikings:  I have said before that the Vikings will not be as improved on the field as they are on paper.  Having said that, I do see them improved enough to return to the home-and-away season-split pattern we have become accustomed to against our most dangerous rivals:  11-5.

That was a long way to go to come up with the same predicted record as you, Beer Kid, but it's nice to see that we agree.  I also see the Vikings improving on last season's 8-8 record, but only by two games:  10-6.

The Lions:  Are Still the Lions: 7-9.
The Bears:  Are still the Bad-Luck Bears: 6-10
Thanks for your time, and Go, Pack, Go!

Duane in Almost God's Country

Brett Favre Fourward Foundation...

If any of you are interested in helping out those affected by Hurricane Katrina, Brett Favre's Fourward Foundation might be the place for you to start.  Stop by and give a helping hand to those that are in need.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Cuts Have Been Made... 

Wow!  General Manager Ted Thompson has taken out his axe in his attempt to get the Packers down to their final 53 man roster.  It's now official!  It's a genuine Youth Movement on defense in Green Bay.  The Packers have finally let under-achiever DT Cletidus Hunt go, salary-cap damage be damned, the surprise to us was LB Ray Thompson being cut, even with the trade with the Rams for LB Robert Thomas.  That leaves 6 veterans with over 5 years of NFL Time:  Grady Jackson, Al Harris, Earl Little, Kabeer Gbja-Biamilla, Mark Roman, and Na'il Diggs, now that's a youth movement.  We know what the Offense can do, but Jim Bates has his work cut out for him now.
On the Packers Offensive side, the only partial surprises was letting go one of younger running backs, Vonta Leech or Walt Williams, and keeping only 5 Wide Receivers when Terence Murphy and Antonio Chatman aren't quite ready to go because of injuries, and getting rid of both backup Tackles, cutting Bedell, and trading Morley.

You can listen to GM Ted Thompson's press conference from yesterday at Packers.Com - Packers Reach 53-Man Limit.

Here's the cut list from Packers.Com:
     GB has traded CB Chris Johnson to the StL Rams for LB Robert Thomas, a fourth-year veteran.  GB traded T/G Steve Morley to the NY Jets for a future undisclosed draft choice.

The team has released the following players:  QB J.T. O'Sullivan, RB Walt Williams, FB Vonta Leach, WR Craig Bragg, WR Sam Breeden, WR Jamal Jones, WR Andrae Thurman, TE Sean McHugh, T/G Brad Bedell, T/G Joe Hayes, DT Cletidus Hunt, DT James Lee, DE R-Kal Truluck, DE Seante Williams, LB Corey Jenkins, LB Nick McNeil, LB Ray Thompson, CB Chris Day, CB Leigh Torrence.

The team has placed the following players on injured reserve:  S Todd Franz, RB Joey Harris.

Let's hope several of these promising players like WR's Bragg and Thurman, DE Williams, and LB Jenkins end up on the Packers Practice Squad so they can be ready for activation later in the year. 

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Packer Prayers... 


Now I lay me down to bed
A wedge of cheese upon my head.
Allegiance to the Packers I promise to keep
And cheer them on while I'm asleep.

If I should die, don't let me wonder,
Bury me beneath the frozen tundra.
But, Lord, before you take my soul,
Let me see the Pack in the Superbowl.

Forgive me, Lord, for those I've hated,
The Cowboys and Viking they're overrated.
The streets of heaven, so I've been told,
Are paved for us in green and gold.

If I get to heaven I'll have only one wish,
A big screen TV with a satellite dish.
I pray for this, Lord, for only one reason,
To cheer on my Pack to a winning season.

I'll close this prayer by thanking you, Lord,
For listening to me and the time you afford.
But one more thing -- please remember the Bears,   
Because that's a team that hasn't a prayer!

submitted by both Lee C. and Lemondrop


Our Favre,
Who art in Lambeau,
Hallowed be thine arm.
The bowl will come,
It will be won.
In New Orleans as it is in Lambeau.
And give us this Sunday,
Our weekly win.
And give us many touchdown passes.
But do not let others pass against us.
Lead us not into frustration,
But deliver us to Bourbon street.
For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFC,
and the glory of the Cheeseheads,
now and forever.

Go get 'em.

Copyright © 1996 Dresden Loves The Pack


Go, you Packers, go and get 'em.
Go, you fighting fools, upset 'em.
Smash their line with all your might
A touchdown, Packers, fight fight fight!
Fight on, you Blue and Gold, you glory,
Win this game, the same old story.
Fight, you Packers, fight,
And bring the bacon home to old Green Bay.

Mood Swings...

Dear Beer Kid,

My husband is not happy with my mood swings. The other day, he bought me a mood ring so he would be able to monitor my moods. When I'm in a good mood it turns Green and Gold, just like my favorite team, the Packers. But when I'm in a bad mood it leaves a big fucking red mark on his forehead. Maybe next time he'll buy me a diamond.

Sincerely, Bitchy in the Badger State.
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