Sunday, January 29, 2006

1968 - Packers 33  Raiders 14 

1967 - Packers 35  Chiefs 10

1966 - Packers 23  Browns 12

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Last week we had the incredibly confusing scenario surrounding Jim Bates.  After being passed over for the head coaching position with the Green Bay Packers, he gave an interview where he said things "it was tough", "it's a blow".  A disappointed man.  When it became clear that Mike McCarthy as the new head coach, was not going to be able to retain Jim Bates as defensive coordinator.  A fan favorite was gone. 

A situation that was hard for us Packer fan's to understand.  Then Ryan Z, a self-described "long time Palace lurker" came up with a simple 4 word phrase to sum the whole Jim Bates situation up perfectly - "dude banging your ex-girl" - which prompted Luke to suggest to us that we annoint, errh appoint Ryan Z as one of our new "Simple Worldly Analogy Cheesehead Correspondent's, and we have.  Congratulations Ryan Z!  You've taken a confusing complicated situation and reduced to a simple phrase that we can all understand.  The next time I have a drink, I'll be saluting you.  Cheers!

As far as changing the Packers uniforms, it really isn't a good idea, although I agreed with Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren way back when, they wanted to de-yellowize the pants and make them more goldish.  Like Notre Dame or more like the transition the Rams did with their yellow to gold change.  But truly, I love the Forest Green and Schoolbus Yellow the Packers currently have.  Nothing to change since Vince Lombardi introduced a major uniform change, he brought us the Green and Gold to replace the long history of Curly Lambeau's Blue and Gold Packers. 

Oh to be drunk and listening to Peter Murphy in EC again... "whirlpools whirl, dragnet's drag, hell is not the fire, hell is your belief in yourself as the higher", that was called Heaven back then. 

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

I'm not sure if you have such a position, but if you choose to create "Simple Worldy Analogy Correspondent", I would like to suggest you appoint Ryan Z.

That "dude banging your ex-girl" really cleared up any ambiguity there may heve been.

And it was funny.


Hey there BeerKid, Gracias Amigo! Cheers to you for the annointment. It is an honor since I've been a long time Palace Lurker.

Long Live the Palace!!!!!


Ryan Z

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Sounds like what McMCarthy is sayin over an over and over and.... Packer People. Also much used lately is "due diligence": by Wolf, TT and Coach McCarthy.

One wonders if its just a mantra or real philosophy. Guess we'll see.

Hopefully, TT has summa wut Wolfie had, namely, the ability to "discover" the diamond amidst the rough.

Wettin My Reed in EC

Didn't Peter Murphy say, "Fleeting actions precede our motions."?

Presently Drunk in EC

Hey I have been a Packer fan from day 1. I have seen ups and downs and we will get more wins and get better but the uniforms change is in my thoughts. When was the last changes made to the uniforms? The Brewers and Bucks have changed in years past and don't get bent out of shape over thoughts I said, a uniform change, not a color change. So ease up. Bears still suck, you lion fan you.


Like I said before if you want new uni's be another teams fan! or paint a 69' Chevelle cream and barbie pink! In this day of killing Christmas and job out-sourcing leave the last one true American thing, my PACKERS, alone! John Wayne is rolling in his grave.


You know what? I'm not sure about this whole uniform change business. I believe Mr. T would describe it best as "jibba jabba".

In any case, I feel obligated to opine. Why? Because I always do.

First: Why change? Are the Packers so universally unpopular that we need to market them better? Please keep in mind that this is an organization that has lines of people waiting for Lambeau field tours in July. JULY for Pete's sake people! That's pretty popular.

Second: What the heck would we change them to? We've changed before by making three stripes on the arm versus two and that sort of thing. I agree we could make the gold more, well, gold. Maybe the green a darker green. Nothing can ever change about the logo though. I always enjoy finding one of the other teams ( e.g. the Georgia Bulldogs) who admittedly took the logo after having seen it on Packer helmets. (Something about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery...) The only problem with this little plan though is that you can't have bright yellow helmets like we do if the pants are gold. If we have gold helmets, then we're Notre Dame wanna-be's. Or we could just go back to leather helmets. To hell with the facemask calls. While we're at it, let's just have solid gold metallic uniforms with a forest green helmet. That would be slick. And then cover Lambeau with bright blue astroturf.

Lastly: I agree that the Brewers and Bucks went through uniform changes and nobody made a big stink about it. But let's keep in mind that they did that when both teams were so awful that something needed to change. Also, let's not forget that they switched the Brewers across leagues because at the time, they figured nobody would care. The Packers are still very much "on the radar" and I don't think the fan base at large is in the mood for a change. I could be wrong though. If I am, then email beerkid and let him know.


A game that requires the constant conjuring of animosity.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Almost God's Country Breakdown... 

Hey Packer Palace Faithful,

For a few weeks now I've been trying to get myself to punish myself by revisiting my projections for the 2005 Packers season. (Oh, go ahead; they're in the September 2005 archive, along with yours.) There's good reason for my procrastination: The horrendous season (shudder) that ensued. What I've decided, after much deliberation and alcohol, is to instead try to digest what happened and look forward through my green- and gold-colored glasses, and try, try, try to get a handle on what is to unfold. we go.

As much as none of us wanted to believe it, the R-word was in play for the 2005 season. Ted Thompson refused to pay top dollar, even if deserved, for top-tier free agents, whether our own or someone else's. Wahle, Rivera, Sharper: see ya. OK. Gotta get the cap under control for the future. He jumped on a projected top-five draft pick in quarterback Aaron Rodgers. OK, eventually we're going to need a quarterback for the future. He took advantage of a dreadful spate of injuries by rotating a casting call of prospects through the roster. OK, we've got a lotta positions to solidify for the future. He jettisoned a head coach who had won 58% of the games he coached and brought three NFC North titles home. OK. For the future?

Well, (tired cliché warning) the future is now. And the future holds a shitload of questions. (THAT is the beer talking folks.) These are the questions as I see them. I don't have answers any more than you do.

Who, among the Packers' twenty (twenty!) free agents, fourteen unrestricted, will Ted Thompson resign? And how much is he willing to loosen the purse strings? Aaron Kampman? Talks stalled at the end of the year. Ahman Green? Will he be willing to compete for the starting job? Kevin Barry? Rod Gardner? There's going to be cap space. What will Thompson choose to do with it?

Cap space. This begs the most complicated question: If Brett Favre decides not to come back for his two-hundred-whateverth start in 2006 (cap space = twenty-five million dollars), will new head coach Mike McCarthy, offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski, and whoever the QB coach is be able to develop Rodgers into a serviceable starting quarterback this year, or ever? And if Favre does come back (cap space = fifteen million dollars), will McCarthy, et al, have the pelotas to say to him, "Brett, that was a boneheaded thing to do, and don't ever do it again! Dammit!"

Will Javon Walker come back full strength? Losing Walker so early meant that he would have a full year to rehabilitate for the 2006 season. Here I have confidence. Whereas players in the past might be tentative after such an injury, these days surgical and rehabilitation advances make it common to see players return to the game stronger and more dedicated than ever.

Will Ahman Green return to form? Sometimes a player appears to be in decline when he's really just. worn. down from niggling injuries. (Huh, huh. I said "niggling".) Could it be his season-ending quadriceps injury will turn out to be a good thing? (Also see: free agents, Ted Thompson, above.)

Is Samkon Gado the real deal? It seemed like it, and an off season of learning in Green Bay can only help. And what about the rest of the RBs?

Can the offensive line be upgraded (See Ted Thompson, above) and then learn the new blocking scheme from Jagodzinski and holdover OL coach Joe Philbin quickly and well enough? It's an effective, albeit controversial system, so it should help the offensive game.

Is Bob Sanders the poor man's Jim Bates? He's going to preserve the defensive scheme that Bates introduced last year. Will he be able to continue the upward trend? Continuity is good. I'll wait to see what kind of player changes (See Ted Thompson, above) occur before I get really excited. (Disclaimer: The NFL ranking of 7th in the league for the 2005 Packers' defense is misleading. They got better, but we all know they weren't really that good. Al Harris did a mah-velous job shutting down opposing teams' number one receivers (until he just. wore. down), but they did lose 12 games against some not-so-stellar offenses. Check out for some stat-geek analysis to see how teams and players really compare.)

Can "oldster" coach Mike Stock elevate the special teams to at least respectability? This might have as much to do with improving personnel (See Ted Thompson, above) as it does with coaching, but field position cannot be undervalued.

Speaking of GM Thompson, what happens April 29th and 30th during the draft? We all have our preferences (A-J! A-J! Len-dale! Len-dale! Mar-yo! Mar-yo! D', that one just doesn't work. Sorry.) I'm thinkin' it's gotta be defense, but you just never know how things are going to shake out.

And, can a Coaching Extreme Makeover give us the optimism to expect a return to NFC North dominance? It will be an extreme makeover. Not since 1992 has there been so much turnover, yielding so much trepidation amongst us, the Packer Faithful. Is the R-word applicable to the 2006 campaign, or is this just a transition year? The future depends on whether the coaching changes at hand represent a glorious confluence of untapped talent and energy, or an incongruous assemblage of no-talent pretenders. Tired cliché warning: Only time will tell.

Thanks for your time.


Duane in Almost God's Country

What the hell is going on out here?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Well there is one good thing about Bob Sanders getting promoted to be our new Defensive Coordinator, well, two things, he's no Bob Slowik and it's unlikely that he will be interviewing for a head coaching job next year.  Any other D-Coordinator candidate that Coach Mike McCarthy might have wanted, was either running a 3-4 defense, sure to cause some 1st year problems for everyone, nevermind the fact that we struggle to have 2 quality LB's on our roster, let alone 4, or was a former head coach who would be sure to want to become one again some day, that includes our former coach Jim Bates.  Now the question begs to be can Bob Sanders up his coaching level to satisfy the Packers and continue the improvement our Defense made last year, it will help him quite a bit if we take a defensive player with the 5th pick in the draft.  Take Mario Williams the DE if we can, Sanders is a former D-End coach, a match made in Packer heaven.

One of the funniest things I've heard this week is that if Mike Sherman gets another Head Coaching job that he would bring in Jim Bates to be his D-Coordinator.  Huh?  If Bates thought that he could be a better coach then Mike McCarthy, why would he go work for a guy that he already knows that he's a better coach then?  Remember, GM Ted Thompson brought Jim Bates to Green Bay which everybody thought was to replace Sherman, if not immediately at least eventually.  Looks like that's what Jim was expecting too.

One last thing... is Robert Nunn still one of our defensive coaches?  Did I miss something?  Did he leave with Bates?  I just noticed at Packers.Com that he's not listed on the coaches roster and it shows the update for both Bob Sanders and Winston Moss.

Just in case anyone still thinks that there's football still going on, I'll go with the Seahawks to show up the Panthers 32-26, and the Broncos to somehow beat the Steelers at the end, 24-23. 

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Hey now Packer Fans,

It sucks that we lost Bates. I myself wanted like holy-hell for him to stay. However, his decision to leave is probably for the best. He seemed chapped that he was looked over for the Head Coach position. He would probably resent McCarthy, and that would lead to more drama down the road. It’s kinda like the dude that’s banging your ex-girl. No matter how good of a guy he is, you will always think he’s a douchebag. It’s just best we move on. Besides, it’s not like he’s the only person in the world that can put together a good D. I think we’ll be alright( besides if we win 5 games next year, it’ll be an improvement!) Churrrrrch!

Ryan Z
Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Hey BeerKid...

I was wondering what you thought of all the moves the Packers have made as far as coaching goes? You know that my take on it for the longest time was that of to hire Jim Bates. Now, I'm willing to givie McCarthy the benefit of the doubt for a least of year or 2 but It was just that they didn't hire bates. I mean, TT had to know that by hiring McCarthy, Bates would jolt. Last year Bates had at least 6 or 7 d.coordinator jobs on the table but took the green and gold for a few reasons, for 1 he liked the challenge of bringing a low ranked defense to the top and 2 he had the vision to know Sherman had a short contract and likey would be ousted baring a lengthy postseson trip and he had the fastrack to the job. Theres no way McCarthy is worth loseing Bates over. Now I don't hate TT like most people, I didn't have a huge problem over not getting Marco (Rivera) and (Mike) Wahle back b/c Marco is 33 with knee problems and Wahle was owed a 10 million bonus. I also respect his draft skills and the way he brought Seattle back to a respectable team via the draft and had a good draft class his 1st year with Nick Collins, Brady Poppinga, Mike Montgomery and a future starter in Aaron Rodgers, but the move to bring McCarthy over Bates makes me sick.

The other thing I didn't like was before the Bates dismissal, McCarthy started firing off defensive assistants yet those were guys Bates hired last year. McCarthy had to know that by firing off Bates' own assistants that would further make Bates want to quit. The LAST thing I want to touch on is the firing of offensive line coach Larry Beightol. I understand a new coach likes to bring in his own staff as McCarthy has done with Winston Moss and Mike Stock and Jeff Jagodzinski but the firing of Beighbol was ludacris. He's one of the the best o-line coaches along with Alex Gibbs, Russ Grimm and Hudson Houck. He turned 2 pathetic guards Adrian Klemm and William Whitticker and turned them into respectable lineman. Pathetic firing, you don't fire Beightbol in my opinion.

Go Pack Go, Ryan C

Hey Ryan,

R-E-B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G-!  I was also ready for Jim Bates to take over the reins of head coach of the Green Bay Packers, that's what we were led on to believe was going to happen when Mike Sherman left town.  In some aspects we would have been better off with Sherman and Bates (and Brett Favre) for another year, but you don't hire a new head coach, a new o-coordinator (thank God on that one) and let your d-coordinator go along with taking a QB in the 1st round last year instead of defensive player who could start, and now rumored to be enamored with a RB at the 5th pick instead of another d-player who could start, unless your R-E-B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G-!  Mike McCarthy is going to be a decent choice as a head coach of team that's rebuilding.  The Packers should have made a more concerted effort to keep Mike Wahle around, they could have adjusted some contracts to create the salary cap room to do it, even hampered by former GM Sherman's bad moves on Joe Johnson, Cletidus Hunt (over Vonnie Holiday!?!?!) and Jamal Reynolds.  Nick Collins was the only rookie that impressed me on any level, Brady Poppinga might never be the same after his knee injury.  Grey Ruegamer and Scott Wells should have been the 2 guards since day 1.  Adrian Klemm is a backup tackle just like Kevin Barry who could be a starting right tackle on another team. 

I don't think that former LB coach Mark Duffner and DB coach Joe Baker were really Jim Bate's guys.  New D-Coordinator Bob Sanders and Robert Nunn were the 2 guys that followed Bates up here from Miami.  But firing D-coaches without the D-coordinator's involvement can be a little risky and definitely not a smart thing to do.  From listening to Packer Radio it sounded like Larry Beightol was yelling a little too much at the Packers O-linemen, they tuned him out, and that's as much his fault as the players involved, always listen to your coach.  That's McCarthy's call and if he knew he was going to bring Jagodzinski in as a o-coordinator, must have consulted him at some level and then he decided to let Beightol go.  It's a new era and the Packers are R-E-B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G-! 

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So the inevitable happened, new head coach Mike McCarthy wasn't able to persuade Jim Bates to stay on as defensive coordinator.  Looks like that large beaming light at the end of the tunnel just became a tiny pinprick.  As fans we had expectations this year that didn't come close to being fulfilled, mostly do to injuries to key personnel.  Now with everything that has transpired in the last few weeks in regards to the coaching situation in Green Bay, I'm having trouble finding high expectations for this coming year.  Change for the sake of Change, will sometimes just bring Troubled Times.

There is absolutely no reason to make any changes to the Packer's uniforms.  None what-so-ever!  Unless merchandising sales for Packer gear falls so far off the charts, due to a lack of zeal in it's fanbase over the recent changes.  So expect that to be the next move from our esteemed general manager Ted Thompson as he tries to alienate the other half of the Packer Nation.  How about Teal and Pewter?  Screw that!  Green N Gold for Life!  Let's drink to that...

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!



1. Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
2. Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. See Synonyms at belief. See Synonyms at trust.
3. Loyalty to a person or thing; allegiance: keeping faith with one's supporters.
4. often Faith Christianity. The theological virtue defined as secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will.
5. The body of dogma of a religion: the Muslim faith.
6. A set of principles or beliefs.

Read that? Now have some. This is the Packer team we love, not the one we resent. It's not like we won't have plenty of time to tear these folks apart if they screw up. Just lay off for Pete's sake. The '05 season isn't even done yet and I'm seeing people write us off for next year. We're gonna get a decent draft pick, Javon is going to be back. We've got our choice of three talented running backs, and Brett might even return.

I'm not saying anything, but at least the Dallas fans down here are foolishly optimistic that "Big Bill" is gonna bring the trophy home every year. Sad to say, but maybe we've got something to learn from them.

Luke - 1,000 miles from Packerland

seeing steve smith (was he not that guy al harris stopped when we played in week 4?) kick the bears ass was the most funniest thing on tv over the weekend


I recently saw a message about re-designing our uniforms and that idea sucks we'll end up looking all gay like the rams or the stupid seahawks I really hope no one takes dan the "packerbacker" seriously cus if we go the route of all the teams who think it's the uniform that does it we will suck too whats next? hey dan if you want new uni's go be a sorry viking fan you traitor!






Hey Beerkid.... Thanks for the answers. Nice site you have!!! I stop by every morning. It's like one stop shopping for Packer news!!!

Bottoms Up!!!!

we are so screwed bates left now we need to draft defensive in the first round ill take A.J Hawk for defense and Lendale White for offense. Deangelo williams is to small 5-9 hes a third down back

GO PACK GO-Rob-Mokena Illinois

Beerkid, Now that Bates is out the door, which way is the Senator going to go? Rumors are flying on Singletary. I don't know, how you can trust this guy to scheme against his beloved Bearshits? The saying I live by, "Once a Bear, always a Bear". Keep looking Senator....

Also, how about the one and done Bears. It doesn't matter how good your defense is when your opponent has 16 weeks of football to breakdown and you have the offense of a youth football team. All Fibbies obtained another reality check that will last for sometime. How can anybody expect an ex-florida QB to lead you anywhere??????? DA BEARS STILL SUCK!!!!

Green and Gold

Beerkid, Sorry my man, but now I am REALLY PISSED OFF. Now Dr. Strange Teddy "Did To Much Coke in The Eighties" ran the only good thing we had going in Green Bay. "Captain" Jimmy Bates, and I quote from a news worthy internet source," In Bates' only season with Green Bay, the Packers ranked first overall in pass defense and seventh overall in total defense", now that shit looks bright! When I was a kid I always remember my Mom saying, "Now why'd you have to go and do that for?", Well Teddy, " Why the hell did you have to go do that for!"

Bates deserved that head coaching job and if the Packers even start to begin resembling the play of the Forty Niners and any way, shape, or form we are in store for some pretty shitty football. I live out here by S.F. and the Niner games SUCK ASS. I hope all this anger ends up being wasted energy because I am sick of drinking Evan Williams and going to church praying this shit will be ok. Teddy there's a turnip truck leaving Green Bay get back on it and get the hell out of town.

Das. Wolf

Good friend Steve and I are on the same page as "The Palace" - We were well, not happy NFL Owners. What we know from the surface:

1) Why not Bates? Excellent "PROVEN" performance!
2) Mac was here in the forgettable year of 99! Brett's worst!
3) Don't great defenses win Championships?
4) Mac's Head Coaching experience? Zip.
5) Didn't the players respond positively to Bates?
6) He's been in GB for a year to see what's going on.
7) What proven performance has Mac got? Too young.
8) Thompson's got his own agenda, and I don't think it's one we agree with.
9) According to Scott, Brett wants to be wooed back. What? that's "journalism" talk.

Thompson - Don't like em'. He didn't do a thing to make this team better this year. Purposely let the ship flood so he could rebuild it "HIS" way. Sherman didn't stand a chance regardless of record.

Teddy's got three to four years at the most. John Jones is President this year and next he gets CEO too. He'll "Burger King it" too. John will flush the system so he can claim his fame. Don't like Jones either - his background is "JOURNALISM".

Harlan and Wolf should take the hit for overloading Sherman to begin with - but they won't. Not a Sherman lover, but if he would have dumped Rossley, he would have been OK.

Hate to say it, but Uncle Bob ain't so great. Vince said it back in 68', "Ya can't HC and GM at the same time!" They burnt Sherman out. Simple as that. But Uncle bob's got his "plaza" dedicated right there at Lambeau.

On the lighter side... Family went on vacation to the garden island of Kauai, Hawaii. Duke and I found Rob's Sports Bar in Lihue (la-who-ee) to watch the Pack play the Seahags. At 8AM, Dave and his family from GB were there sporting a sea of "pink hats" Pretty cool! Both my Mom and sister are breast cancer survivors. Dave told me then that a little green and gold birdie told him that Sherman was gone.

Thanks to Rob for the Loco-Moco! Told em' about the Palace! Got some photos I'll "Packerize" for the Palace. Thanks to Inter-Island Air for the doors-off flight! GO PACK, GO!


Hotel room the night before the Packers' shareholder meeting....$95

Hotel, dinner and tickets to the Packers-Buccaneers game...$300

Living in Chicago and watching the Bears have their asses handed to them at home in the first round of the playoffs...

If you give me anything less then your best, you're not only cheating yourself, your coaches, your teammates, everybody in Green Bay, and everything that pro football stands for, you're also cheating the Maker who gave you that talent.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hey BeerKid, 

Is Reggie White the only player to have his jersey retired in more than one stadium?

I know the Packers won three championships in a row twice: 1929, 1930, & 1931 and I believe, in 1965, 1966, & 1967. Has anyone else accomplished this feat?

Lastly, the trophy that you receive for winning the Super Bowl... Was that named for Lombardi prior to it first being given or was it later named for him?

Thanks for any answers you might have.

Long live the Pack!!!!

Hey Long Live The Pack!!!!

Yes, Reggie White is the only NFL player to have his jersey retired by two NFL teams, The Green Bay Packers during a game in September 2005 and the Philadelphia Eagles during one in December 2005.

No other team has won 3 in a row. The Dallas Cowboys (1992, 1993 & 1995) and recently the New England Patriots (2001, 2003, 2004) have both done it 3 times in 4 years.  Which is a little better winning percentage than Vince Lombardi's Packers (1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, 1967) 5 NFL Championships in 7 years. The Pittsburgh Steelers (1974, 1975, 1978, 1979) have done it 4 times in 6 years.

The Super Bowl Trophy was renamed in 1970 in honor of legendary Green Bay Packers head coach Vince Lombardi. It was originally called the "World Championship Game Trophy" when the Super Bowl was originally named the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.


Update:  In response to LLTP we went looking and found some stuff you might find interesting.  Fuzzy's got a fauxhawk!  Check out that irrationally over-exhuberant 45-10 prediction!


ps- I agree with Cameron in NYC's comments...we've got weapons! (prays for Favre) Add to both lines and more Defense!

Speak Out Spew Off...

All time great Sports Cliche's from a new coach when he faces the media for the first time:

I'm excited about this opportunity.

I'm looking forward to the challenge.

I have high expectations for this team.

This franchise has a great winning tradition.

We've got a good, solid foundation to build on.

We're going to right the ship.

We're going to get things turned around.

These fans deserve a winner.

This is a great sports town.

Beer Kid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Kid the more I read about this team, the bigger the knot gets in my stomach. I was on another Packer website and the topic was who should we send to NFL Europe? My response was simple "TED THOMPSoN"........ Please make him go away.... Please.


If Jim Bates does not stay the defense will drop back into mediocrity. And for everyone who thinks that we should draft Lendale White or DeAngelo Williams knows nothing, the packers need to draft one of three player, either Hanoti Ngata, Mario Williams, or A.J Hawk. The Best defensive prospect in the draft is A.J Hawk, and we need another Linebacker to go with Barnett and possibly Poppinga. If Jim Bates stays and we take Hawk and maybe get a few D-Line players in free agency , Favre stays and Samkon makes progress then I think we will be a playoff team next year.

Cameron - NYC Pack 4 Life

Hey Beerkid, I was surfing the web earlier and I found a joke that hasn't been around much. Maybe in the spirit of the playoffs you could post this on the site. Thanks!

Kevin - A Packer fan in Eagles territory

A Chicago Man Dies And Goes To Hell

When he gets there, the devil comes over to welcome him. The devil then says, "Sometimes it gets pretty uncomfortable down here."

The man says, "No problem. I'm from Chicago."

So the devil goes over to the thermostat, turns the temperature up to 100, and the humidity up to 80. He then goes back to the Chicago man to see how he's doing. To the devil's surprise, the man is doing just fine.

"No problem...just like Chicago in June," the man says.

So the devil goes back over to the thermostat, and turns the temperature up to 150, and the humidity up to 90. He then goes back over to see how the Chicago man is doing. The man is sweating a little, but overall looks comfortable.

"No problem. Just like Chicago in July," the man says.

So now the devil goes over to the thermostat, turns the temperature up to 200, and the humidity up to 100. When he goes back to see how the man is doing, the man is sweating profusely, and has taken his shirt off. Otherwise, he seems OK.

He says, "No problem. Just like Chicago in August."

Now the devil is really perplexed. So he goes back to the thermostat, and turns the temperature down to MINUS 150 DEGREES. Immediately, all the humidity in the air freezes up, and the whole place (meaning Hell) becomes a frigid, barren, frozen, deathly cold wasteland.

When he goes back now to see how the Chicago man is doing, he is shocked to discover the man is jumping up and down, and cheering in obvious delight. The devil immediately asks the man what's going on. To which the Chicago man replies...





Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things - blocking and tackling.

Thirsty For A Draft?

Now that the Packers have a new coach in Mike McCarthy, will that change who General Manager Ted Thompson has in mind for the No. 5 pick in the upcoming draft.  You'll hear me rail all day long that the pick needs to be a defense player, first choice is Mario Williams or next A.J. Hawk, depending who is still on the board.  If neither, then maybe I'd go with Jimmy Williams the tall safety/cornerback out of Virginia Tech, or Tamba Hali the DE from Penn State, or possibly DeAngelo Williams, the big running back out of Memphis over LenDale White from USC.  I certainly wouldn't advocate trading down with the pick, well, I wouldn't trade out of the top 10 picks anyway.

So here's a refreshed list of mock drafts and we'll be able to see what kind of consensus will be reached on the Packers possible pick, then watch it get blown out of the water in reality when the Packers finally get to making their pick.  After all, 2 years ago only 1 mock draft had the Packers taking Ahmad Carroll, in the 2nd round, and last year there were a few who had us trading way up to take Aaron Rodgers, and yet he fell a long way down to us.  So for what it's worth, here's some possible Packer mock draft choices for this year.

Beer Kid - Still Pack 4 Life!


5.  D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia  The Pack could take just about anyone here and you couldn't fault them for it, cuz their needs are endless. So in this mock I'll have them grab the big boy from Virginia.

Masked Lupagus - Draft Season

5.  Mario Williams, DE, No. Carolina State  The Packers fill one of their many needs... HB LenDale White will also be considered here.

Al Fronczak - East Coast Sports News

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State  Despite the Packers being ranked 7th in the NFL in total defense last season, they won't pass up Hawk, who is a difference maker on that side of the ball. Expect him to make a big impression in his first season under the tutelage of Jim Bates.

Huddle Geeks

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State  They could also go left tackle here too, but Hawk is the gritty smash mouth linebacker that the Packers need.

Huddle Geeks Staff

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina State  Green Bay needs serious help along their defensive front. Mario Williams is a very complete physical prospect, though, he's had questions regarding his productivity earlier in the season. He does, however, bring a playmaking defensive lineman to the team, and that's something the Packers just haven't had enough of since the late Reggie White.

Adam Steinebech

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State, 6-7, 290  Green Bay needs to improve their defense first if they want to be a playoff team. Defensive line and linebacker are both big needs, and this pick could be between Williams and A.J Hawk. Williams set NC State records with 13 sacks and 23.5 tackles for losses this season. He has similar size to Carolina's Julius Peppers, and is rated just slightly below him at the same stage.

Michael Robinson - VIP Sports Edge

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State, 6-7, 285  There are several options and needs for the Packers here but the best value here would be in the selection of Mario Williams. Williams has the unique combination of size-speed-and wing span that few posses. He draws comparisons to Julius Peppers in stature and skill, with the added benefit of coming out a year early. Mario would provide immediate impact and needed big play ability to a defense that lacks in both areas. Williams selection would go a long way to quickly building the Pack's defense to a playoff caliber.

Ken Becks - Fantasy Football Toolbox

5.  DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis, 6-2, 205  Right now I see the Packers thinking about A.J. Hawk or one of the big defensive ends with the mombo no. 5, but I think they take DeAngelo Williams here. Farve will finally hang it up and they can rebuild the offense with Rogers and Williams. D'Brickashaw Ferguson could also go here, once again a new coaching staff will dictate which hole needs to be filled first for the once proud Packers.

Crazy Canuck

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State  Hawk is the best linebacker to come out of the draft since LaVarr Arrington in 2000. The Packers may be tempted to bring in an offensive lineman or running back to tempt Favre to return. If Favre is already gone by April however, they've got to look to defense, and Hawk is the type of player that you can build around.

37.  Max Jean-Gilles, OG, Georgia 

Draft Ace

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State  This kid is brilliant against the run and pressuring the QB. He’s not a liability in coverage either. Hawk will be Defensive Rookie of the Year. He is tenatious against blockers and knows how to finish his tackles. Defensive Rookie of the Year, OH YES! Defensive Rookie of the Year!

Fuktardo - Green-N-Gold

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina State 

37.  Justin Blalock, G, Texas 

69.  Joseph Addai, RB, LSU 

Mike McCollom - Football.Com

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State  Green Bay needs to begin rebuilding its defense with the No. 5 pick, and Hawk would bring the talent and leadership skills that the unit lacks.

Sporting News War Room

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State, 6-1, 238  Hawk is a rare combination of size, speed, power, and football instincts. Capable of playing inside or outside, rushing the passer, stuffing the run, or in pass coverage, he gives the Packers the opportunity to play him inside and Barnett outside. Too good to pass.

Robert Wright - FF and NFL Draft Review

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State  A.J Hawk is a third year starter, and he has led the team in tackles since his sophomore season. As a junior, he was named to everyone's All American lists after finishing the season with 141 tackles, 8 for loss, and two interceptions. Hawk is the prototype at linebacker. He's strong, physical, and plays with a nasty streak. His best asset is the way he approaches the game and the intensity he plays with. Hawk will stick his nose anywhere the ball goes and most of the time comes up with the tackle. He is a very good athlete, with very good closing speed, and makes plays sideline to sideline. This is the draft the Packers should have used to pick a QB. Given that they took a QB in the first round last you don't expect that this year. The Pack's defense needs improvement, they may even need a running back (because of free-agency), but maybe they can grab one in the free-agent market. Hawk would give this defense a major boost.

Braindon - Football Scoop

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State  This team needs almost everything. But they have some options on offense so defense has to be the focus and they really just need a “best-available” on that side of the ball. And Mario is the man. They jump all over Hawk if he makes it here, and if they feel the need to get a LB more, Demeco Ryans isn’t a bad choice.

NFL Draft Home

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State  The big question for the Packers remains the future of Brett Favre, and if he returns, he will want additional playmakers on offense, as well as help on the offensive line. But the Packers have neglected their defense for too long, and could use a little more toughness to smack around the Bears' three headed monster of Thomas Jones-Cedric Benson-Adrian Peterson, as well as the rest of the backs in the Black and Blue division. A midwest kid goes to a midwest team, and all will seem right in Wisconsin for a few months, until the Packers watch Demeco Ryans, the Alabama 'backer, play like Brian Urlacher for the San Francisco 49ers, and the Milwaukee talk radio will go nuts for passing on him.

Lefty - Billy's Brain

5.  Vernon Davis, TE, MARYLAND  Look for the Packers to add a TE if not Davis because of who filled their coaching vacancy

Biff Johnson

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State  The 2005 season couldn't of ended quick enough for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. Defensive coordinator Jim Bates has done a pretty good job with this defense. Jim Bates had Zach Thomas with the Dolphins, and I feel that A.J. Hawk can be an even more productive linebacker than Thomas. A.J. Hawk is the best senior defensive player in this draft. Hawk was all over the field making tackles against Notre Dame in their bowl game.

Mike Neubauer
I'm here because we win. You're only here because we win. When we lose, we're gone.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Update:  I've been spending all day re-listening to Sportsline and Fanline Packer radio broadcasts at PackerNet.Com about the hiring of new Packer coach Mike McCarthy.  Actually, I spend every week there...

Update:  If your interested in hearing the news conference of both and GM Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy, here's the Packers.Com mulitmedia link.

OK.  This morning brought a little bit of clarification to the coaching situation in Green Bay.  Chances are that Mike McCarthy will turn out to be a much better coach then Ted Thompson is a GM.  Only the old proverbial "Time will tell" is left available to us fans on this situation.  I think yesterday I was a little upset (OK, OK, I was pissed, and buzzed) over the whole Jim Bates interview and him being not the choice.  After reading the article out at, I was convinced that the man I wanted to be coach was about to become coach.  He didn't... and NOW it really is up to new head coach Mike McCarthy to convince defensive coordinator Jim Bates to stay.  Give him a raise and a contract extension, why not, the Packers seem to give away money to someone they want run out of town, why not give some of that money to someone you really, really, really want to stay. 

So let's get the ranting and raving out of our systems, and just let the chips fall where there going to fall, the Packers are going to still be our beloved Packers.  What else are we going to do?  So blow off some more steam and chill down with a cold brew, works for me everytime.

Beer Kid - Still Pack 4 Life!


This Guys Irish, He'll convince Bates to stay. Ted Thompson will sign a a free agent ( that you'll actually recognize the name) The Pack will Trade up in the second to get the Poor mans Reggie Bush" Calhoun . Every thing will be exciting in Packerland again... Unless Ted Thompson Fucks the whole deal up?

Mike from the town of Cliford

Happy New Year to all Packer fans.


McCarthy ran the #3 Offense in New Orleans in 2003. I think he might be a diamond in the rough.... but I'm keeping my fingers crossed... He did work for Ray Rhodes!

I think we should take LenDale White in the draft. 3 touchdowns in the Rose Bowl. 26 touchdowns most in the country this year. 156 points also #1 in the nation. USC record 57 career touchdowns and he's a junior! "Favre hands off to White...White jumps for the goal...touchdown!!! PACKERS WIN! PACKERS WIN!

Tony - Moncton, New Brunswick - Pack 4 Life Canuck

Beerkid, I completely hear you loud and clear even after I brutalized a six pack. I was like what up with hiring Marty Morningweg Jr. This dude better grow back the grub stash and remember that you always choose to receive the ball in overtime because this shits about to get real rough if Teddy "Burning Tree" Thompson's decisions don't pan out. Remembering the 80's, praying Bates stays, and going to church this Sunday to light a candle and say a prayer to St. Vince.

Piss Drunk in NorCal - Das. Wolf

Above all else we can't go about judging a book by it's cover. The NFL is all about Cinderella stories... the guy no one knows takes a team everyone has abandoned and suddenly transforms them into a complete powerhouse. We all saw John Fox take the 1-15 Panthers, and in 2 years, have them in the Superbowl. Who's to say McCarthy can't do the same?? The Packers have all the weapons to do the job... lets see how the season unfolds before we shun McCarthy.

Kevin - A Packers fan in Eagles territory

Hey Beer Kid! Love the site, it's the best for Pack addicts like us.

Do you think that if you were interviewing for a job as prestigious Packers Head Coach, you would at least spell check your mission statement? "I AM HONORED AND PRIVILEGED FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEAD THE GREEN BAY PACKERS ON A NEW JOURNEY BACK TO THE PINNACLE THAT BARES THE NAME OF 'COACH LOMBARDI.'" Let's hope he meant "bears the name" and that he doesn't "bare" the Pack to humiliation.

STILL PACK 4 LIFE! - Duffman

Excuse me but Mike McCarthy isn't a bad coach he coached Brett Favre - hall of famer, Joe Montana - hall of famer, Jake Delhomme - Good, Marc Bulger - Good, Aaron Brooks - average, and Alex Smith who you don't know is any good so don't be so one-minded

GO PACK GO! Rob - Mokena Illinois

First time blog, long time follower. I am frustrated by the powers that be in this Green and Gold organization. I am not sure we fully grasp that defense wins these days. Back in our storied past, we swept the ball around the end to glory (I would suffice to say our Defenses back then were not too shabby) Then we were led back to our rightful place when a first time ballot HOFer came to Green Bay on a call from God (again another defense that was not too shabby). I love Brett Favre and am thankful for all that he has given the faithful, but I am here to discuss defense. We let Ray Rhodes go (unfairly in my opinion), now we will lose, what seems to me another pretty good defensive mind. I swear, if we draft on the offensive side of the ball come the 5th pick, we will know exactly where Ted stands. In two years as stated on this site, mostly likely for him it will be the unemployment line.

I am going home to drink as well. Sincerely,

Green Bay Football Wonk

In 1992 the Packers' new General Manager fired the incumbent Head Coach the day after a disappointing 4-12 season. He then hired the San Francisco 49ers' offensive coordinator and traded for an unknown sophomore quarterback he'd had his eye on, who led them to a Super Bowl Championship 5 years later.

In 2006 the Packers' new General Manager fired the incumbent Head Coach the day after a disappointing 4-12 season. He then hired the San Francisco 49ers' offensive coordinator and…and what? I don't see a Super Bowl ring on this coordinators finger, and I don't see any unknown sophomore quarterbacks that Ted missed out on in last years's draft. I guess we'll have to wait for the announcement, but I'm guessing McCarthy "wowed" Thompson the way Sherman did Wolf back in '02. It's just too bad we'll probably never know how good the defense could have become under Bates, either as Defensive Coordinator or as Head Coach. Pack4Life!

Duane in Almost God's Country

I think McCarthy reeks of mediocrity if even that. I think Thompson was trying to pick someone for Favre. OK, if your thinking Favre and a couple players will put you in the Super Bowl next year (which really is the only goal each year). I thought Mangini was the guy for SB's and the SYSTEM he would bring(which is the one winning SB's almost every year now, even with a slew of injuries). Me thinks..... we'll probably lose Bates. About three years from now the Pack will be hiring a new coach and GM. Mangini goes to the Jets and does wonders. And the rest of us keep getting older and the 12 paks keep getting empty.

Long live the Pack!!!!!!!

I am not sure if its good or bad or to just cry but he(McCarthy) will be working with better players here then he had at 49ers or the Saints. A few things we got to wait on before we can judge McCarthy or Thompson like who is going to be the new coordinators and who will Thompson get in as far as free agent and draft and the 2006 season I feel deeply sorry for Jim Bates. Roll on 2007.

still pack 4 life - but that's football

I hear you Beer Kid - I don't know how to react. I am disappointed with Thompson not going with Bates, but there must be something about the guy. It's now two pro teams who had him in their grasp and for whatever reason... I definitely think he should pursue another head coach position, wouldn't you? He's loved by the fans, so that may be reason enough not to take a defensive coordinator position somewhere else. It will be interesting to see how things unfold, but I for one think everything needed to be changed. We were not going anywhere, and frankly I grew bored with everything being the same. Although we may go backwards now, at least we are making moves in an effort to get us back to our rightful position as the leagues premier franchise.

GO PACK!  Juan - San Diego



I'm scared. say it isnt so that TT is about to hire a head coach who's offense is statistically last in the league. Tell me I'm fuckin dreamin, please. i'm gonna puke.


bates new leader of the pack mooch offense coach new sack man super mario sign kampmen move him to inside

How is it the Pats can plop in a couple rookies in their offensive line during the year and be pushing for the Super Bowl with alot of other injuries also ........Coaching that's why!!! Thompson needs to interview the Pats D-coordinator. I'm sure alot of good stuff has rubbed off on him from that organization. And, maybe some of the pitiful clubs from the NFL can stand a chance if everyone keeps raiding the Pats coaching ranks!!!!

Long live the Pack!!!!

Hey beer kid, I love your site!! I was wondering when you might update the Packer Babes portion of your website? It's a nice little distraction that always brightens my day!! Keep up the great work on your website!! GO PACKERS!!!!!

cardinal 1989

Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit.

Hershey's Makes The Very Best Chocolate...

Thanks to W.S. for making this a truly Happy New Year!  Says he ordered this via the Hershey's Online Catalog and they followed through no problem.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Packers To Name New Coach... 

The Packers are set to announce on thursday or friday that Mike McCarthy will be the new head coach.  I'm stunned, I can't decide if GM Ted Thompson has found a hidden jewel or will soon be made into a fool.  McCarthy's track record hasn't been all that great.  You have Aaron Brooks in New Orleans, you have Alex Smith in San Francisco, two QB's that didn't develope on any level that I noticed when McCarthy was there, so where will that leave us with an un-developed Aaron Rodgers waiting in the wings?  Here's the article from the Green Bay Press Gazette - McCarthy set to become coach

This is bad news for Defensive Coordinator Jim Bates who also told the Green Bay Press Gazette that he was disappointed ("It's a blow!") by GM Ted Thompson's decision - Bates says he’s out of running.  Bates says that he had been holding back on Head Coaching interviews elsewhere thinking that Green Bay's Head Coach position was waiting for him, now he'll be looking elsewhere.  That's very bad news for us Packer fans, it will be incredibly unlikely that Jim Bates will return as a defensive coach now. 

We'll all have to let this play out and see what the new season will bring for the Green Bay Packers.  I remember being excited when Mike Holmgren was brought to town.  But this?  I feel like I have a front-row seat on the Titanic and I'm already wondering who are new General Manager and new Head Coach will be in 2 years... What a potential mess, I guess it's time to drink myself into oblivion and see what tomorrow brings.

Beer Kid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thirsty For A Coach? 

Interested in the list of who GM Ted Thompson is going to hire as the next Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers?  Here's a great breakdown of the The Men Who Would Be Coach by Pete Dougherty of  Reading between the lines and based on the order of the interviews and a little information gleened off of the Packer's radio network.  It's Jim Bates job to lose, or maybe it's better to say that someone needs to impress General Manager Ted Thompson much more than what he already knows on what Jim Bates can bring to the game.  After all, didn't Ted Thompson bring Jim Bates to Green Bay in the first place.

We all suspected last year that he was brought to Green Bay to eventually replace Mike Sherman, and all it took was 1 year.  So you'll be able to find me out dancing in the street the day the Packers make Jim Bates their next head coach.  Go check out the full article, The Men Who Would Be Coach.  Here's a brief breakdown on each of the possible candidates that will be interviewed:

Sean Payton - Assistant Head Coach/Passing Game Coordinator, Dallas Cowboys. Is a protégé of Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden and Dallas coach Bill Parcells. Worked with Gruden as a quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia in 1997, and for Parcells the past three years.

Maurice Carthon - Offensive Coordinator, Cleveland Browns. Good motivator who gets on players when others won’t. Never called plays until this season with Cleveland...

Ron Rivera - Defensive Coordinator, Chicago Bears (2004 to present). In five seasons in Philadelphia, was exposed to the Ron Wolf-Mike Holmgren organizational style that Eagles coach Andy Reid adopted from his time with the Packers.

Mike McCarthy - Offensive Coordinator, San Francisco 49ers. A former quarterbacks coach with a strong personality who appeared to have a good relationship with Brett Favre in his one season coaching the Packers’ quarterbacks.

Wade Phillips - Defensive Coordinator, San Diego Chargers, (2004-05). Well respected NFL defensive coordinator who’s been in the league for 29 seasons, including five as a head coach.

Russ Grimm - Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Coach, Pittsburgh Steelers (2004-05). Known for a hard, no-nonsense approach to playing and coaching, would bring discipline, toughness and a big personality.

Tim Lewis - Defensive Coordinator, New York Giants (2004-05). Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Coordinator 2000-03; Former Packers cornerback was a first-round draft pick (11th overall) in 1983...

Jim Bates - Defensive Coordinator, Green Bay Packers. Highly respected, high-energy defensive coordinator who has coached every defensive position group in the NFL.

Which one of the above candidates do think that Brett Favre will come back to play for?  I see only one name down at the bottom of that list that he might consider to be enough of a reason for him to return for another year, and one Steve Mariucci who is not on the list.  Bob Fox with Packer Report wonders about that omission too with Where's Mariucci?  By the way, Brett is still the best QB on this team, especially if he does the same off-season conditioning that he did last year.  No doubt in my mind about that.  He shouldn't make any decisions until the Packers name a new coach either.  No doubt in my mind about that.

Beer Kid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Thirsty For A Draft?

So after accidently checking in on the mock drafts last week, I decided to spend some more time looking a few of them over this week.  Most agree that the Packers with the 5th pick in the draft need some Defensive help, with needs also at Running Back and Offensive Line.  So without much more preamble here's some of the more interesting mock drafts I came across.

Beer Kid - Still Pack 4 Life!


5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State  So many holes on this team, that they have to take the best player available.

Akhhorus - HailRedskins

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, OSU  This is another team with a lot of needs, but this is a great pick. He’s brilliant against the run and pressuring the QB and he’s not a liability in coverage. Mark it down, Hawk will be Defensive Rookie of the Year this time next year.

the Fent! - HailRedskins

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State  I wouldn't be surprised if the Packers take Laurence Maroney or LenDale White with this selection; Ahman Green is injury- and fumble-prone, while Samkon Gado has yet to prove himself in the NFL. However, Green Bay cannot pass up on a prospect like A.J. Hawk. The Packers' linebacking corps is among the league's worst. Hawk would instantly become a starter.

Walter Cherepinsky - Walter's Football Site

5.  Laurence Maroney, HB, Minnesota  Ahman Green will be gone and his backups are just average.

Al Fronczak - East Coast Sports News

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio St.  Hawk would be an immediate upgrade and impact performer for the GB defense.

Robert Davis - Footballs Future

5.  A.J. HAWK, OLB, Ohio St.   Scouting Report: It was a very disappointing season for the Cheeseheads due in large part to injuries and free agent defections but things could be looking up, especially if they are able to add an impact player like A.J. Hawk to their roster. Defensive coordinator Jim Bates did an excellent job with the talent he had to work with but you don't win the Kentucky Derby riding a donkey and this team simply doesn't have the horses on defense that they need to compete. Linebacker is of particular concern with both outside spots needing to be upgraded so it wouldn't surprise anyone to see them look in that direction with this choice. Hawk is as productive and instinctive of a linebacker as you will ever find and is seemingly always around the action, so bringing him in to be the leader of this young defense would be an excellent move by the Packers. When he was with the Miami Dolphins Bates had an All-Pro captain in Zach Thomas and Hawk could play a very similar role for him in Green Bay. A premier defensive end such as Mario Williams would be a great pick and would draw strong consideration here as well but a top playmaker like Hawk is exactly what this team needs from both a talent and attitude perspective so he is the pick.

Scott Wright - NFL Draft Countdown

5.  D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT, Virginia  The Packers offensive line play in 2005 was the main reason for so many of their players having disappointing fantasy seasons. The addition of Ferguson will help solidify the line and jump-start the Packers running game. It will also play a part in getting Brett Favre to return for another year.

Huddle Geeks

5.  AJ Hawk, LB, OSU  Green Bay is in a mess right now with all their problems. Will Favre retire? Is Rodger gonna be the guy? Who will coach? etc. One question that I can answer is that AJ Hawk is a stud and a playmaker who will make any team better on defense his rookie season.

Steve Bovard - PhinFever

5.  A.J. HAWK, LB, OHIO STATE  Brett Favre or not, the Packers defense is in need of some major improvements. A.J. Hawk is a beastly linebacker prospect who may be the first defensive player selected come April. He combines rumored 4.4 speed with insane tackling production. He is one of the most complete linebacker prospects since LaVar Arrington, and will immediately bring an Urlacher-type nastiness to the Packs' defensive persona. His knack for making the big interception at Ohio State is also a plus.



Consensus Draft Services

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC St  Could very well be the top DE in this draft. A monster of a player with decent size and pass rushing ability. Needs: RB, QB, OT, OG

Jules Pilla - Inside The Eagles

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State 

37.  Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota 

69.  Roger McIntosh, LB, Miami FL 

Hollywood14 - Footballs Future

5.  Jimmy Williams, CB/S, Virginia Tech  The Pack have spent a lot of draft picks trying to solidify their secondary in recent drafts. Their dream scenario would be AJ Hawk, but with him off the board, Williams is the likely pick. He could be the guy to eventually start opposite Ahmad Carroll at one corner spot, or Williams is versatile enough to project to Strong Safety where the Pack also have a need. Mario Williams is also a possibility but I think Jimmy is the Williams that fills a bigger need.

Allen Trieu - NFL Draft Showcase

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State  ANALYSIS – A RB was looked at here but none were really top 5 material past DeAngelo Williams and Reggie Bush. Mario Williams is the pick here because Aaron Kampman is a Free Agent and it is questionable if he re-signs with the Packers.

Scar's Mock Draft - Footballs Future

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina State  A consistent pass rush would do wonders for the development of their young secondary and Mario Williams is the best defensive end in college football.

James Alder - About Football

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Calling Dr Strange... 

So the coaching carousel continues on.  I would guess that GM Ted Thompson is just trying to improve on every position is the organization below him and if he has to talk to 20 coaches over 2 months then that's what he'll do.  I'm trying to figure out if Jim Bates being interviewed last is a good thing or a bad thing... and maybe this new GM does come across as little strange, in the end we'll judge him by his results on the new coach and the upcoming draft and that's all that matters.  How harsh can the results really be?

Still Pack 4 Life!

Thanks to Das. Wolf for sending his "Ted as Dr. Strange" image and thanks to Jimi for everything.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

I think I know now how GM Ted Thompson is going about this hiring a coach business.  Very similar to the way he drafts.  Get as many candidates as you can because you just don't know what might turn up and impress you.  That doesn't impress me, however.  If he didn't have someone picked out already to replace Mike Sherman then my neighbors about to hear Vince's favorite yell bouncing off their walls - "What the Hell's going on out there!".  You bring in some rookie coach from college and what kind of season can you expect, another 4-12 season.  You bring in Wade Phillips???  We have a great defensive oriented coach right now that should turn out to be a great head coach - Jim Bates.  We finally get a defense back up to a presentable level and we're going to start messing around with that?  I join Packer Paul with a WTF is going on in Dr. StrangeTed's Mind!  Maybe's it's all subterfuge and misdirection, but I think there's only 1 or 2 coaches that Brett Favre will find enjoyable enough to come back play for.  You want something that might be irresistible to Brett?  Head Coach Jim Bates with Steve Mariucci as Offensive Coordinator.  I could be happy with that.

There was 1 commentor who sent in the whole Sherman-Rossely angle that reflected on Sherman's firing.  Sorry dude, not only did I accidently delete your email after reading it, I think I ended up marking it as a spam email too.  Truly sorry, but the dial-up slowness that helped cripple my dexterity with your email is gone and we're functioning smoothly on DSL now.  You're welcome to send in any new spewage you might have to contribute. 

Some additional thanks to all the rest of you who've stopped by here over the seasons, during this last New Years Holiday weekend we actually had our 900,000 visitor come through the door.  Small numbers by some standards, but we are continued to be amazed that we have any repeat business at all.  We're humbled by all of your presence... Now Dammit!  Hire Jim Bates and end this about to be circus that always surrounds hiring a coach.  Especially when it looks like you have no plan at all.

Still Pack 4 Life!


Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy Packer Palace. The team was 4-12, but you are always undefeated when it comes to great humor. Thanks again.


We really need a high pick, favre looks like he's gone you can tell by the way he left Lambeau, we can still get a really good pick if dickhead thompson doesnt screw it up, wtf for firing sherman his first losing season so what? he must hate him for some reason

GO PACK GO-Rob-Mokena Illinois

OH MY GOD NO. Wade Philips. He couldn't coach his way out of a pop warner league. Hire him Ted and you will be put through a hole in the ice. Oh for cry ay eh.

something to put a smlie on ur faces:


Think I'd hire anyone (including the water boy) from the Patriots. Injuries, no problem. Tough opponent... design something new to stop them. They're steady and have required teams to play their A games, the last four years, to stand a chance. They're thinking outside the box. That said, I'd be very happy if the Pats never win another SB along as I'm alive...... They've had their share for awhile..... We want the Pack to have the most championships!!!!!

Long live the Pack!!!!!

"Un-F'N Believable Beer Kid ..."  I chimed in not long ago to have a "Fire Ted Thompson" campaign and I would like to offer my services to be the "Campaign Manager" to oust this "Clueless MO-FO" out of Green Bay.

Thompson did absolutely nothing after Holmgren unloaded him to the PACKERS as G.M; unless you want to mention how he lost Wahle, Rivera and Sharper to free agency and had an ineffective draft and failed to pick up anyone with substance to free-agency from around the league.

What a worthless piece of shit he has turned out to be.

Firing Coach Sherman was NOT the answer. With over 14 free agents on our roster now and a "Legend" who is thinking about retiring well before his "tank is empty" who knows who will show up at training camp.

"Hey Ted and Bob (Harlan), why not hire Mike Tice? You both probably think he's some Fucking Genius too??"

I would like to call on those who are outraged with the piss-poor decisions Ted Thompson and Bob "It's time NOW to retire" Harlan to write the Green Bay Packers organization and voice your outrage and disappointment.
Green Bay Packers
1265 Lombardi Avenue
Green Bay, WI. 54304
Green Bay Packers
P.O. Box 10628
Green Bay, WI. 54307-0628
This PACKER fan plans on doing just that.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.



Beerkid, Long time no write... however I have been coming in to check on things every now and then.

Question:  What was your take on that 'salute' Brett gave as he left the field? Didn't seem like just a 'thanks for the support' kinda thing. It gave me a bad feelin in the pit of my stomach.... kinda like a 'thanks for the memories, now goodnight' kind of salute-don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to crash the party. Believe me, I don't like what I'm insuinating here either, but...

Please Brett, say it isn't so! It just isn't looking good. Deanna was up in the stands cryin', he even looked tearful. Now, I understand that all that love and support can be emotional. But this whole thing just had a feeling of this being a last hurrah, as opposed to just being overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Packer News even stated that Brett addressed the players in the locker room before the game, and was 'tearful' Now, to me, that doesn't sound like someone who is just glad to be ending this season, and looing forward to being back next year to right the teams wrongs...... I just don't like where this is goin.....

Now to be a bit more positive, there were plays he had on the field that afterward he was all fired up on a good play, yelling at guys like Chatman for making dumb plays, just like we're used to seeing him be on the field. His actions don't say he's ready to go anywhere. So this gives me some hope that he isn't ready to hang it up just yet. Oh, the agony of having to wait for his answer!

And I have to say it. I'm not ready for Rodgers yet. I still want one more year. He's still got it, and Thompson needs to put the right people around him to get the job done. Hopefully the football gods will be kind and we'll see him suit up next season. (however, I have a feeling the gods are 'on vacation', and won't see this email in time to make any difference) Please let me be wrong! : )

A very somber Lady K, Packer Club of Hemet, So.Cal

and as for Packer Palace's 2005 Prediction for the NFC North, I think the below commentator's sum it up perfectly.  Beer Kid



Winning is not a sometime thing;  it's an all time thing.  You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time.  Winning is habit.  Unfortunately, so is losing.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Sherman Cheese-Whizzed... 

Well that didn't take long.  Coach Mike Sherman has been dismissed from Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers.  He gets 6.4 million dollar going away gift courtesy of the 2 years left on his recently extendeded contract.  Here's the story from ESPN's Len Pasquarelli: Packers' Sherman loses job after first losing season.

Just one day after completing the franchise's worst season since 1991, the Green Bay Packers on Monday dismissed head coach Mike Sherman.

"At the end of the day I felt like we needed to go in a different direction," Packers general manager Ted Thompson said at a news conference.

and here's more from Packer Plus - Sherman fired as Packers coach.

"Seasons like this are never easy," Thompson said. "They require a lot of thought and consternation. But at the end of the day, I felt like we needed to go in a different direction. ... I do think in the long run, this is what's best for the Green Bay Packers."

Here's the audio link at Packers.Com so you can hear the Packer News Conference: Sherman Relieved Of Coaching Duties.

Well, I guess its time to start speculating on who the new coaching candidates are going to be and whether Brett Favre will want to come back for another season.

Still Pack 4 Life!

We Want The Ball, And We're Going To Score...

Matt Hasselback's infamous quote from a playoff game 2 years ago was revived and used against him last sunday during the opening coin toss, from Notes: Favre wants the ball, and Packers do score by Greg Bishop and José Miguel Romero of the Seattle Times.

The first came during the coin toss, when friend and mentor Brett Favre mimicked Hasselbeck from two seasons earlier. After the Packers won the coin toss, Favre repeated what Hasselbeck said before overtime started in the first-round playoff game at Green Bay two years ago.

"We want the ball," he said, "and we're going to score."

Hasselbeck said Favre called him before the game and offered a heads-up. Favre also came through on his prediction, while Hasselbeck did not.

Brett was only able to generate a FG on that first offensive drive of the game, but it held up and the Packers won their 4th game of the year, 23-17 against the 2nd string of the Seahawks.  Donald Driver came through with a big game and set career highs with 86 receptions and 1221 yards for the season. On both offense and defense it showed that the Packers wanted to win the game.

Now what to do with Coach Sherman, I have it on first hand knowledge from Packer Bar Friend Tom, who spent most of the week back in GB, that the fans in Green Bay are about ready to revolt if GM Ted Thompson doesn't fire his Coach this week.  Like everyone, I have mixed views on this.  2/3's of me wants Sherman gone gone gone, last year gone, but the other part of me wants him back.  He has to be replaced by someone better, right now for me, that's only Defensive Coordinator Jim Bates.  I don't think we need ex-Lions Coach Steve Mariucci brought in as a head coach or offensive coordinator.  He might be a more conservative play caller than the current Sherman-Rossley combination is now. 

One thing that's fairly clear is that the Packer Players want Coach Sherman back, here's some post-game comments:  Quotes from players, coaches from on both Coach Mike Sherman:

Donald Driver: “I want him here. I think he’s a great coach..."
Nick Barnett: "I definitely believe Coach Sherman has the support of his players. He has the support of me. He’s a great coach."

and QB Legend Brett Favre:

Aaron Rodgers: “Hopefully, he’ll be back for one more year to enlighten my vocabulary.”
Noah Herron: “Not too many people can say they took a handoff from the best quarterback ever.
Ryan Longwell: “The guy’s got nothing to prove. He’s the best quarterback I’ve ever seen. He can certainly go out in style.

Like the chant from the game yesterday at Lambeau Field - "One More Year... One More Year..." Certainly for Brett Favre, maybe for Coach Mike Sherman as well.  Time for GM Ted Thompson to make the decision that will provide us all with our money's worth this off-season.  Happy New Year!!!

Still Pack 4 Life!

Rob, Don't Jinx Us By Revealing The Plan! be updated later on sunday.  No talking...

we dont need DE's in the first round we need fucking offense we need Reggie Bush, or DeAngelo Williams or that RB out of Auburn, we need recievers 2 cause they showed what they are without Javon Walker. If the Texans win sunday and we lose we'll be 3-13 and then they'll go to strength of schedule and who has the hardest one out of all of them. US! We can get Bush.

GO PACK GO-Rob-Mokena Illinois


Well, "The Plan" didn't work out.  I can't root for the Packers to lose, so I just mouth-off in other mis-directions and hope for everything to take care of itself.  There was a possible star alignment of cosmic proportions that could have resulted in the Packers having the Number #1 pick in the NFL Draft this spring, but that just wasn't going to happen this time.  Oh, Rob's enthusiasm for the No. 1 pick didn't jinx us, there just wasn't much of a chance that "The Plan" was going to happen. So the Packers win the final game against the Seahawks 23-17, to finish 4-12 and yet we will still have the #5 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.  Not legend... but acceptable after what's transpired all year long.

Still Pack 4 Life!
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