Sunday, March 26, 2006

Thirsty For A Draft? 

It's still the same old song and dance with regards to the Packers and the mock drafts that are out there.  Hawk or Williams, Mario or A.J., DE or LB.  There is one new wrinkle this week, a mock draft with the Packers taking Vernon Davis, the TE from Maryland.  Now that would be a daring move, but not really likely.  Bubba Franks is above average in blocking and in catching those short passes over the middle in crowded defensive backfields.  He's very dependable.  So would you draft a TE at the overall #5 pick to be a 2nd Tight End or to come in only on passing downs?  Even if this rookie is way above average?  The Packers other 2 TE's, only Donald Lee has shown some promise as stretch-the-field type of pass catching TE.  David Martin has never developed into a dependable season long TE.  Do you trade Bubba away for another proven defensive or even an offensive player?  Again, not likely.  The Packers would almost take 2 million cap hit if Bubba Franks were to be traded or released.  We need to use that money to bring in another free agent.

Do the Packers want Charles Woodson?  Why not, I would.  Ahmad Carroll wouldn't like it at first, but by moving him to Nickel-back or as deepfield floater on obvious passing downs, would allow him to break more on the ball.  His size wouldn't be as much of a difference and with his speed, his INT's would go way up.  Just a thought.

Here's some fun, the first 2007 Mock Draft LSUSAINT's 2007 NFL Mock Draft V. II, I love it, the Packers get another Top 5 pick - #3 - Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech.  My guess for 2007, Javon Walker will play extremely well for the Packers this year and next year the Packers will be picking 23rd in the draft.  They still might take a WR with their 1st pick next year.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State   I believe that Hawk is the top player on the Packers' draft board but Williams has to be a close second. Even with the resigning of Kampman, they would have to jump at the opportunity to bring in a pass rusher like "Super Mario" to take some of the pressure off KGB on the opposite side.

36.  D'Qwell Jackson, ILB, Maryland  

67.  Jason Avant, WR, Michigan  

Ryan McCrystal - Draft Ace

5.  AJ Hawk, LB, Ohio State   Have addressed many needs in free agency. Hawk would be that game changer they need on D.

36.  Taitusi Lutui, OG, USC  

Draft Guru's

5.  AJ Hawk, OLB, Ohio St.   The Pack grab the Hawk, who will make his presence felt from the first minute he steps on the frozen tundra of Lambeau.

36.  Brian Calhoun, RB, Wisconsin  

67.  Kevin Boothe, OG, Cornell  

Masked Lupagus - Draft Season

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina State   Super Mario has the skillset of a #1 overall pick: 4.6 40 at 295, an impact pass rusher.

Draft Daddy

5.  Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland   At nearly 6' 4"/265 and running in the 4.3's, and also a spectacular player, Duke Davis is arguably the best tight-end prospect to come down the pike since Kellen Winslow Sr.

36.  Thomas Howard, LB, UTEP  

67.  Babatunde Oshinowo, DT, Stanford  

Glenn "GJ&H;" Bernardi - Draft Daddy

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State, 6'1", 240, 4.5   Hawk would start immediately and fill a position of urgent need in Green Bay. If not Hawk or Williams, it would not surprise to see a back like DeAngelo Williams selected here.

36.  Jason Allen, S, Tennessee  

67.  Maurice Drew, HB, UCLA  

Stevenson's Scouting Service

5.  AJ Hawk, OLB, Ohio St.  

36.  Claude Wroten, DT, LSU  

NFL Guru's

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State  

36.  Brian Calhoun, RB, Wisconsin  

67.  Alan Zemaitis, CB, Penn State  

The Football Expert

5.  Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon   Top DT in this year's crop of defensive players. Big guy with athletic talent makes him draw a lot of attention.  Team Needs: RB, OT, OG

Inside The Eagles

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State   The Packers are apparently enamored with DE Mario Williams from NC State, but it is looking like he may be off the board by the time Green Bay picks at five. With a huge need at OLB, A.J. Hawk would be a perfect fit to help a subpar defensive unit. A.J. Hawk is a beastly linebacker prospect who may be the first defensive player selected come April. He combines good speed and instincts with insane tackling production. He is one of the most complete linebacker prospects since LaVar Arrington, and will immediately bring an Urlacher-type nastiness to the Packers defensive persona. His knack for making the big interception at Ohio State is also a plus. ALSO CONSIDER: Mario Williams

36.  Max Jean-Gilles, OG, Georgia  

67.  Orien Harris, DT, Miami  

Consensus Draft Services

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State   Maybe the most complete player in this years draft class, Mario Williams is a 6'7" 295lbs defensive end that has blazing speed and unreal strength, not to mention his technique is nearly flawless. The comparisons to Julius Peppers that you've been hearing are right on point, but the guy they call "Super" Mario is bigger. The Packers resigned Aaron Kampman to a nice sized deal, but word is that Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila could be moved to outside linebacker, making Mario a lock for the top 5.

Draft Studio

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State   This pick is a lock since the Packers have wrapped up Aaron Kapman to a long-term deal and released Na'il Diggs. A.J. Hawk is a 'can't miss' type of guy. He is an intense player who has a flawless character and is a strong leader. All of these components, along with his good showing at the combine and the Ohio State pro day, should push him ahead of Mario Williams and sway the Packers into drafting him.

Huddle Geeks

If you give me anything less then your best, you're not only cheating yourself, your coaches, your teammates, everybody in Green Bay, and everything that pro football stands for, you're also cheating the Maker who gave you that talent.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Gained, Retained and Gone... 

Here's a glance at what GM Ted Thompson has been up to this offseason with roster moves for the Green Bay Packers.  Re-signing DE Aaron Kampman and bringing in DT Ryan Pickett, and maybe along with both S Marquand Manuel and recently acquired LB Ben Taylor has solidified the defense, losing K Ryan Longwell may be the harshest loss of the offseason.  I'll admit, I'm sort of Old School on kickers, you don't need to spend millions of dollars for one, so at 2nd glance, it's probably a good thing the Packers lost out on Longwell, Adam Vinateri and the rest.  So it will be recently acquired K Billy Cundiff's job to lose.  We still have the draft coming up and it's starting to look like positive offseason for the Packers.

I waiting for Brett himself to announce his plans, not his agent, not the Packers, and not from the most eminent and esteemed Mike Florio over Profootball Talk.  Even though he is under contract, Javon has said he won't play for us again.  You don't hear much on the Packers interest with free agent's RB Najeh Davenport, DT Grady Jackson and G Grey Ruegamer, that must mean we're not to expect them back on the roster.  Now The young guys on both the offensive line, like Scott Wells, William Whitticker, and Offensive Guard To Be Named Later and on the defensive line, Cullen Jenkins, Colin Cole, Kenny Peterson will need to step it up quite a bit so the salary cap dollars can go elsewhere, for Charles Woodson maybe...

Players Gained, Retained
Marquand Manuel
William Henderson
Ryan Pickett
Aaron Kampman
Rod Gardner
Ben Taylor
Billy Cundiff
Tracy White
Kevin Barry
Kenny Peterson
Cullen Jenkins
Colin Cole
Najeh Davenport
Marc Boerigter
Mike Flanagan
Tony Fisher
Ryan Longwell
Craig Nall
Antonio Chatman
Paris Lenon

Brett Favre
Javon Walker
Grady Jackson
Grey Ruegamer

For another breakdown, go check out Steve Lawrence's Comings, Goings, And What They Mean article over at Packer Report.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

*Updated to reflect Najeh Davenport's decision to re-sign with the Packers.
*Updated to reflect Marc Boerigter's decision to sign with the Packers.

Black On Wisconsin... 

No, No, I'm not talking about GM TT's performance so far this football off-season, I'm talking about Comedian Lewis Black and his very funny rant on Wisconsin Drinking.  "I've been drunker here than any place else I've ever been in my life."

Lewis Black on Wisconsin Drinking*

You can find out more on Lewis by checking out his official website:

* - some explicit language

Friday, March 17, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

We all know that we all don't want another bad losing season to happen to the Packers.  So it's easy to get riled over the perceived lack of effort coming out of Packer Headquarters.  So far, GM Ted Thompson is pretty much doing a decent job of signing and recruiting better bodies to fill the Packer Roster.  Left hanging is Brett Favre and whatever he decides and whether ruffled feathers can be smoothed over with Javon Walker.  You think the big fat contract he wanted will still be there for him.  The new wish list: Brett comes back, Javon comes back, Adam Vinateri signs, and the Draft goes well.  Packer Party All Over Again!!!

Tonight's music is provided by The Sword - Age of Winters and Wolfmother - Dimensions EP.  My ITunes library is better off for having both of these bands.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life and Rockin' On!


William Henderson has been re-signed!! Praise The Lord!!

-Kevin, A Packer Fan In Eagles Territory Returning To The Palace After A Brief Hiatus (APFIETRTTPAABH)

One more shot at Thompson - Ya, maybe you’re right Big Oly 74, let’s give Ted a chance.

Let’s see now, hhhmmm “4-12”.  Ted, you’re fired!

Sooooooooooooo glad to see that got Pickett, resigned Peterson and Barry is just an OK (really like him, but he’s gotta pick it up this year).

GO Pack, GO!


Beer Kid, I’m getting Riled up over here on the west coast. I really have only one thing to say:

We absolutely have to sign Adam Vinateri. If we overpay for any free agent this year, he is the one.

I don’t care if we pay $5 million plus. Can’t win with out him.

…and god dammmit sign William Henderson!!!!!

P.S. an open letter to Ryan Longwell:  Dear Ryan Longwell, I should have known you was a little bitch back in ‘99 when I met your California candy-ass at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Banquet back in Eau Claire, WI. I should have handed out a “Critical Beatdown” right then and there ( I mean…I would have if Ross Verba wasn’t standing next to you at the time!) Bitch.

Ryan Z

Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Beannachtai na feile Padraig...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Beer Kid,

Jesus H. Lombardi!! Lets give Ted a chance...

Why can't we just let this man try and do his job? The media, the fans and anybody else that thinks they know something about football will not leave this guy alone. Lets go over the "stupid ass" moves the man without eye lids made:

Whale/Rivera: Until this past week, I have heard that we should have resigned not just one of these guys but both. Does anyone understand that these two mopes received 2 contracts that Montoya and Munoz would have been overpaid. We had no chance.

#24th pick: Somebody please give me a player that should have been taken here. Other than the steroid guy from NW, there was nobody. Rodgers needs to be serviceable. No more, no less 2005 Draft: This group will not grade out for at least another 2 years. So this is a non issue.

McCarthy: He hasn't even ran a practice yet, c'mon!

Sharper: OK, he missed on this one but I think we can agree that he was a cancer just waiting to grow.

"The OG Replacements": Yep, he stunk up the place with those two mopes.

Bubba: If you have a problem here, you are just looking for issues to bitch.

Favre: What else do you want Ted to do about this? I hope he comes back, but he needs to make up his mind pretty quick. #$&^ or get off the pot Brett!!!!

LongShanks: He was not happy here. The hold was late, The ball was held at the wrong angle, BJ doesn't wear deodorant. Excuse after excuse for missing kicks. He is 31, but he is no Jan Stenanrud! It sucks he went to the queens, without Dante it is going to be a longer year than they think up there.

Free Agents: Until Brett makes up his mind, TO Jr. stops crying and the attitude of the Green and Gold change from the media, Every potential free agent will factor this all in before making up his mind about playing for the Pack? Legacy, History and Tradition can only go so far. Manuel, I will take 5-6 guys like him. above avg., young and hungry players. Anyone see how New England was put together?

The Feeding Frenzy: An overview, there is only one player (Witherspoon) that I think the Packers should have over paid for. It hasn't even been a week, and there is more money being tossed than an intense Ship Captain Crew game. Not one of the healthy players were anywhere near the equivalent of Reggie White. E. James can't play in the cold, so just get that out of your head.

Brees: Why Brees? Well, this means that super Mario is now very much in play before the Pack pick. I think it is the biggest break they could get. AJ Hawk should be the pick. Just plain filthy good football player and most importantly a LEADER. That is something the Green and Gold can't afford to pass up. And an ingredient needed to win any kind of championship!

If you are now thinking that maybe you should give Teddy boy a chance, then that is great. If not, you sure have some organized ammo to shoot at him. Keep this in mind, so far he is still doing better than Sherman....

Big Oly 74

I'm with you Boz; Ted Thompson is an incompetent baboon. Ted needs to GO and GO NOW before he destroys this team. If he fails to re-sign William Henderson and restructure a well deserved contract for Javon, then he has definitely FAILED as a G.M. in the NFL. Green and Gold forever,

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Hey Ho BeerKid and Packer Fans. It seems the Mudducks are going to have new uniforms for the 2006 Season. Will they be Hot Pink? Will they change the Horn to a Boat? They are working with NIKE on this from what I have read. Anything to try changing their image from last years fiasco is what I am thinking. Sometimes you can't 'purty' up ugly things no matter how ya try!
CHEERS to all....


PS. (Tapping-fingers-holding-breath) Anyone hear from Brett?

Check it out. A great link to watch Packer News feeds.

Has the Adam Vinatari roumor got any legs? Great cold weather kicker. Teddy T would be a fool (is he?) not to take a pass at him.

And what's this about the Vikes talking to Nall and Henderson? Lessee, they got Sharper and Longwell, and tried to get Kampman. Sounds like their personnel staff hasn't had an original thought in quite sometime. Cheesehead wannabees?

By the way, I'd like to see Henderson back in the green and gold for at least one more go-around. Maybe I'm just sentimental, but he's a dependable workhorse, and can always be counted on to catch the swing pass. Ya just gotta admire a guy who keeps his head down, does his job (very well) and loves doing it. He's a throwback to an earlier time when you scored the touchdown, handed the ball to the ref, and jogged back to the bench ala Jim Taylor, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, etc.

Les Edwards

I'm not saying I agree with every move Mr. Thompson has made in his first 14 months on the job, but I do want to know one thing. Where the hell were all you Thompson Bashers the last 4 years when Mike Sherman was performing as the worst GM in the history of this team!?!?!?

Teddy should have kept Wahle. But then again, why did Sherman not wrap him up in a deal BEFORE his contract ended and he was officially a free agent?

Mike McKenzie. Joe Johnson. Do those names mean anything to you all? Man, the whole B.J. Sander fiasco should have cost him his job. Sherman's draft highlight was Javon Walker, and that doesn't even look too good right now, does it? Sherman is the one most responsible for this team having the lowest aggregate Wonderlic total of any team in the league. He drafted marginally talented and stupid people (Are you listening, Ahmad Carroll?).

The highest draft pick on the entire D line is a 3rd round pick. Odd, considering the only job Sherman really had in his 5 years with the team was to build a defense for Favre's last shot at another ring.

And Sherman did all this while basically maxing out the salary cap each year.

When it's all said and done, Thompson might end up as a rotten GM. But at least he isn't sticking the team in salary cap hell to do what he's doing. If Sherman got 4 years the way he performed, this guy deserves at least that.

Frank G. - Howell, MI

Javon Walker you arrogant Florida State piece of shit. Shut your mouth and go to work.

What makes you think Thompson is going to trade you. Why should he. You are a free agent in 2007, a banner year with the Pack will get you a lot more money then sitting a year out. That is if any Packer QB will throw your lame ass the ball.

You suck and you actually don't deserve to be a Packer.


Let's face the facts about Ted. After much thought and a half dozen beers (Clavin theory - beer makes you smarter)I have come to grips with what is going on in the frozen confines of Lambeau's front office. Ted Thompson was brought here to rebuild a franchise. Not win now by reloading. Note to Brett -- Thanks for the memories (I think he is done and I can't blame him).

Sherman let this thing go to far so that we have no choice but to rebuild and if we have anything to be mad about it should be we did not face the music that Mike was bad sooner.

Thompson has been hailed as an evaluator and an efficient administrator. He was in Seattle when they drafted well and cleaned house and now the Seahags are on top of the NFC.

So while the few remaining shreds of the late 90's glory move on (and this happens in sports) the new guard will come in and return us to our rightful place.

I hope for the legacy of Ted Thompson to be this:
Draft well Mr Thompson and clean our house (he got rid of the awful Sherman and he will trade JW)and that will lead our storied franchise back to glory.

I remain patient for results but impatient for progess. Cheers,

Green Bay Wonk in MN

Beerkid... can you believe Javon's shit. Well, that "9 score on the Wonderlic" brain shines through the darkness like a beacon. Can a kid get any more stupid than this jerk......

Trade him for something of worth, or sit his winey ass to make it 2 years he doesn't touch the ball...should make for some interesting offers. See Ya,

Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Ted Thompson is a fucking dumbass he gets rid off the best kicker in packers history to the fucking Butkings WE HAVE 20 MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS GETTING RID OF CHATMAN WAS BAD TOO WALKERS COMPLAINING THIS IS THE END OF A GREAT ORGANIZATION I SPEAK FOR ALL OF US PLUS SAINTS SIGNED BREES AND ODDS ARE THEY GONNA TAKE MARIO WILLIAMS THAT BLOWS on the plus culpepper is playin in miami. havent commented in a while i was burnining my anger


There is no room for second place.

Football Wedding...

Two guys are talking about their boss's upcoming wedding. One says, "It's ridiculous, he's rich, but he's 93 years old, and she's just 26! What kind of a wedding is that?"

The other says, "Well, we have a name for it in my family."

"What do you call it?"

"We call it a football wedding."

The first asks, "What's a football wedding?"

The other says, "She's waiting for him to kick off!"

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dear Ted, 

I hope to Vince I’m wrong, but “What the Hell is continuing to go on out there Thompson”?

As of Monday morning March 13, Longwell’s gone to the queens, and Nall and Henderson are visiting their too looking for a deal!

Three parts to football:

1)   Offense – You pissed-off Brett by not giving him any support last year and dumping Bates.

2)   Defense – What made the Packers special and in the top 10 last year, Jim Bates – You got rid of him.

3)   Special Teams – Packer’s All-time scoring leader and one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history – you got rid of (he’s only 31).

Since you’ve been here Thompson, you’ve “junked” the few things that this team had going for it. Now you got all the fans money, and you’re sitting on it. As a Shareholder (2X) and Packer Partners Club of Champions Member, I’m extremely disappointed with your performance. You should be fired.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Oh Javon Where Art Thou Brains? 

Javon, Javon, Javon.  Your Agent is supposed to create all the trouble.  Your supposed to hang out in the background and maintain some kind of plausible deniability.  Let the Agent stir things up and get your contract negotiations moving.  Yeah, we know, simply put, Javon Walker outperformed his contract 2 years ago.  His injury last year in the 1st game of the year may have now made him more even as far as whether or not he's now outperforming his current contract.  But you know, he'll outperform his contract immediately upon taking the field and catching some passes.  You would think that the Packers with all the current cap room were looking to finally take care of Javon and give him a new contract, injury or not, new agent or not.  What happened?  Something must have... We've hardly heard from him lately and then the first thing that comes out is that he has no interest in playing in Green Bay and that he'd retire rather come back, and he's pissed-off at Favre too.  What?  Javon you better start paying attention.  Based on what we watched all season long last year, who do think that Brett Favre kept launching all those deep down the middle jump ball type passes too?  We all wish it was you, you would have had 100 catches and 2000 yards then... still can happen this year too.  Well not if your playing at being a "Baby T.O."

The Packers Modus Operandi on contract extentions for players with 2 years left has generally been not to do anything until the December of that year and to work with whatever current cap room is left over.  Brett Favre may have been the only exception as he was outperforming his contract at the time too.  Javon's agent at the time (who will not be named) couldn't wait that 8 months or so until December, and created last year's offseason tirade.  Generating most of the ill-will that's still felt today, and apparently re-inflamed anew.  Truth be told is that Donald Driver and Robert Ferguson make more money than Javon Walker.

Hard for the Packers and GM Ted Thompson to avoid some of this, the CBA needed to be dealt with first.  Now with all this new cap room available and free agents to sign and other contracts to upgrade and a draft coming up, we get slammed.  Instead of hearing of positive news about the Pack re-signing some of their players.  We get Javon Walker's upset and wants out and it even hasn't been a week yet into the 2006 NFL Season under the new agreement.  Arrrrrggghhh!

Some good news for the defense, DE Aaron Kampman has re-signed before testing the free-agent waters and the Packers have signed former Seahawk safety Marquand Manuel to a contract and have brought him to be a starter.  Where does this leave current safety Mark Roman?  Probably right where he is.  He has a relatively low salary at $800K and with a $975K salary cap number, the Packers would gain only about $600K in cap space if he were to be released.  He'll remain on the roster and do his usual stand-out preseason performance to gain the starting job.  Then back to the rather mundane regular season performances that we've seen from him for the last 2 years.  Let's hope that Marquand Manuel can become a starting safety and is not this year's version of Arturo Freeman and Earl Little, we need a decent free safety back there on defense.

And Ryan Longwell is now a Viking?!?!?! More reason to hope the league schedules that 2nd Viking-Packer game to be at Lambeau Field in late December... Heh heheh heh eh.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


WOW!!!  Kampman is back in the fold.  Shakes up the draft a little and then again.... not really.  Crazy to let someone like Super Mario go by in the draft, as hard as it is to find great D-linemen, but they pretty much have their two ends.  You could line Kampman up at tackle on passing downs, next to Mario.  That's alot of money to be sitting around though and one of them won't be happy with a part time role.  Maybe you could keep Kampman inside next to Mario and play with a smaller line up as the base.  They'll have a rotation anyway.  I think the odds increased that they might pick Hawk now and if they can pick up a big time LB in F/A they could end up with a pretty formidable LB corps.  Three PLAYERS there certainly can make your D-line look Super too!!!  Been nice to see Mario and KGB race to the QB... though KGB seem to be having more trouble getting there these days.  I'll bet they still pick Mario..... you just cant let those go.... they'll figure out a way to use them all.

Long Live the Pack!!!

What a jack ass Walker is.  Packers should not trade him they should put him on EBay

What a baby.  Fu*kin A!
     Walker wants Pack to let him explore trade options

Walker: "I just don't feel like this is the best place for me to be right now.  I really have no interest in... playing for Green Bay again."
Ryan Z

Friday, March 10, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Understanding Favre!

I personally understand Favre's thought of possibly retiring. Lets put you in his shoes. You have a job that you can possibly work until your 38 if your lucky. You one of the best at what you do and your 36, you've faced personal adversity outside of work, but the company you work for dosen't surround you with the personell you need to be successfull. What would you do?

I would do what Favre is doing. He still loves the game, but his family needs him, and wants him to play. He doesn't need to play for records just championships, and unless the recievers stay healthy, and we improve our gaurds, running game, and defensive personell, why should he come back.

Last season it was like quick sand the farther tha packers sank they didn't have the personell to get out.

Mike Bigari Grand Rapids Mi


Football is the only thing I know to talk about.

Thirsty For A Draft?

So the NFL finally settles their CBA with the Player's Union and with that nice 9 million jump up in the salary cap who needs more than 5 picks in the NFL Draft when you got almost 30 million in cap space and you are now free to sign all of the free agents you want.  Including many of your own.  If the Packers can re-sign DE Aaron Kampman, they might then go after LB A.J. Hawk in the draft.  Kampman leaves, they almost will have to take DE Marion Williams at #5 instead.  We have a chance to bring in some players and be playoff competitive again, it might be hard for GM Ted Thompson to convince players to come to Green Bay, but that's what he's paid to do.  So load up the roster and the future be damned, I want the Packers to win this year.  No more of this 4 - 12 down in the cellar crap.  The alternative: We can build for the future by by playing QB Aaron Rodgers, Trading Down from #5 in the Draft, letting Kampman, Longwell and others go and replacing them with street free agents.  What that be?  A 3 - 13 year.  Do that and the Packers will be so far behind all of the other teams in the NFL that there would be no way that they could make the playoffs.  I'll take the load up the team and take Brett Favre deep into the playoffs plan.

All the Mock Drafts have the Packers taking either LB A.J. Hawk from Ohio State or DE Marion Williams from North Carolina State.  Very few exceptions.  I've fallen into the re-sign Kampman and draft Hawk camp.  Just about anybody will improve this team's roster, however...

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


5.  A.J. HAWK, OLB, Ohio St.  It was a very disappointing season for the Cheeseheads due in large part to injuries and free agent defections but things could be looking up, especially if they are able to add an impact player like A.J Hawk to their roster. The Green Bay defense actually overachieved in 2005 and did much better than they probably should have with the talent they had to work with but you don't win the Kentucky Derby riding a donkey and this team simply doesn't have the horses on defense that they need to compete. A.J. Hawk was as productive and dominant of a linebacker at the college level as a senior as you will ever find and is an impact player who can control a game, which really is rare to see from the position. There is talk that the Packers might be in the market for two new starters outside and the addition of Hawk would give the team the identity and leadership on defense that they currently lack. Defensive end isn't nearly as glaring of a need as linebacker with Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila already on one side and the team looking to bring back overachiever Aaron Kampman on the other but with that said it might prove hard to pass on Mario Williams, who has a chance to be truly special and one of the best players at his position in the entire league. The Hawk vs. Williams debate will probably rage right through Draft Day but Green Bay really can't go wrong with either and should be able to land an excellent player here.

Scott Wright - NFL Draft Countdown

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State  After his combine performance, Williams is pretty locked into the top 6. Green Bay has a glaring need for a talent like him at defensive end, so it would hard to see the Pack passing up on Big Mario if he is available here.

Allen Trieu - NFL Draft Showcase

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State  We've flipp flopped on this pick again. Mario Williams did nothing to hurt himself at the combine, but A.J. Hawk is a 'can't miss' type of guy. He is an intense player who has a flawless character and is a strong leader. All of these components, along with his good showing at the combine, should push him ahead of Williams and sway the Packers into drafting him.

Huddle Geeks

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State  Aaron Kampman is a free agent and Mario Williams is comparable to Julius Peppers. This pick should be a no-brainer, and even though they have a need at OLB, Williams is still a better prospect than Hawk.

36.  Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota  With the introduction of a Zone Blocking Scheme to Green Bay’s offense and the loss of Green and Davenport, Maroney is ideal for the Packers. He can start right away as the feature and speed running back, Gado can be the power back for them. The Packers will have a better running game than what they had with Green and Davenport.

67.  Rodrique Wright, DT, Texas  They need a DT to replace Grady Jackson. Rodrique Wright was part of a National Championship team and is a very talented DT with some motivational issues. McCarthy should be able to get rid of those issues and this defense should be a lot better with another guy to plug the middle.

Scar's Mock Draft

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State  Best defensive player on the board. Packers need help on defense. The last DE to have this much potential in a draft: Julius Peppers

Michael Abromowitz - The Football Expert

5.  LenDale White, USC, RB  With Ahman Green and Najeh Davenport both free agents, this pick makes perfect sense, and if the reports are true, this is Green Bay's guy. White is a bruiser with great speed who'll take plenty of heat off Aaron Rogers. Yes, the defense is still soft, but it seems the Packers' front office believeswithout a running game, it won't matter who's playing QB or on defense. 

What I'd do – Draft Williams or Hawk. Don't fall in love with a running back and go after him too early.

36.  Claude Wroten, LSU, DT

67.  Charles Spencer, Pittsburgh, OG

103.  Terna Nande, Miami (OH), LB

Curtis Popejoy - Draft Board Insider

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State  They could also go left tackle here too, but Hawk is the gritty smash mouth linebacker that the Packers need.

D & J NFL Mock Draft

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina St  The Packers will love Mario Williams. KGB struggled last year and his relationship with the organization is becoming strained. Mario gives them the ability to get rid of KGB and it adds a new face to the franchise. When Favre retires the fans are going to need a new attraction and Mario could give them that. His size and speed will make him a great player in the NFL, making him a safe pick this high in the draft.

Jonathan Hardin - NFL Draft Connection

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina St  The Packers could use a RB if Ahman Green doens't return, but they really need defensive help, and a dominant DE is always a better draft value than a LB, so the Packers take Mario to beef up their DLine.

Jon Taylor - NFL Draft Connection

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio St.  Hawk will go along well with Nick Barnett. They already have 2 solid offensive tackles and 2 solid defensive ends, so I think they will pass on Mario and D’Brick . It will be hard to pass on Hawk at 5. NFL Comparison: Brian Urlacher. Also Consider: Mario Williams

Dave Carey - NFL Draft Connection

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina St  A.J. Hawk's a solid player who really can help a team immediately, but he doesn't match the potential of Mario Williams. He' 6' 7" and about 270 pounds and can really help out any team like the Packers.If he's matched up with Gbaja-Biamila, this will be a scary team next year and most probably will be one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Ahnaf Ahmed - NFL Draft Connection

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina St  Mario Williams is a dominating end hence the name Mel Kiper Jr. gives him "Super Mario". He is around the same grade as Julius Peppers with his size, speed, and strength. The Packers defense had a good looking year but with Kampman being a free agent and Brett Favre's future uncertain, the Packers need to stack the defense so that Aaron Rodgers will have a much easier time winning because they will have a great defense if they build up a little bit more in the next two years.

Chris Jensen - NFL Draft Connection

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio St.  Hawk is just what the doctor ordered for an attitude stricken Packers team. He is a motivated leader that is always around the ball. Instincts can't be taught, and Hawk will provide the Packers defense with a much needed boost at the play maker position. Mario Williams will be temting, but the Packers need a player like Hawk. He's as reckless and driven as a young Brett Favre.

Shane Stanton - NFL Draft Connection

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio St.  Green Bay needs help on defense, they'll get their pick of Mario Williams and A.J. Hawk. Since KGB is already a pass-rushing threat for them, they could use a force to put at the next level. Hawk and Barnett will make a great LB tandem for years to come. Hawk is a winner and will be an instant fan favorite in the NFL. Although I do see someone (SF, Buffalo, Detroit) trading up here to get a shot a D'Brickshaw Ferguson.

Kevin Barnhill - NFL Draft Connection

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina St  The Packers need defensive help on every level. Williams is the probably the best defensive lineman in this year’s draft. At 6’7 and around 290lbs, Williams has the rare combo of size, speed and strength. They take the DE over their other interests, due to elite defensive lineman being much harder to get than other positions. OTHER: A.J. Hawk, LenDale White, Trade down.

Ken Walsh - NFL Draft Connection

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio St.  Defense is what the Pack need and will get a lot in Hawk who is speedy and can take on the ball carrier 1 on 1 and he will be great for the Packers defense which is sad because I dont like the Packers.

Arik Hesselink - NFL Draft Connection

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio St.  The Pack could look in a number of directions in this year's draft, as they need help in many areas. But their defensive performance last year was dreadful. Hawk is a defensive player that can be a difference maker and an impact player right away. This should be the centerpiece for the rebuilding of the Packers D.

Anonymous - NFL Draft Connection

I don't care what people say about me as long as I win, that's what I get paid for.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Pack Cappage... 

Everything you wanted to know about each Green Bay Player and the overall Packer Cap situation can be found at the (Unofficial) Green Bay Packers Salary Cap webpage:

The only players who could affect the Packers salary cap negatively if traded or cut, are Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Chad Clifton, Al Harris, Nick Barnett, Ahmad Carroll, Terence Murphy, and Bubba Franks.

Interesting if that we cut Adrian Klemm (you know, last year's free agent Tackle we tried to play at Guard) we would save 1.2 million in cap space... Hmmmmmm...

Beerkid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Quoth Favre...

But there's more things involved, and I love to play the game, but I want it to be at a high level, I like to know our team's going to compete at a high level, and just kind of you know, gut instinct, and it hasn't told me anything yet.

Speak Out Spew Off...

With all the upheaval that going on right now with the NFL and their Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Players Association, it's understandable that Brett Favre doesn't want to make his decision on playing another year or two until this works itself out.  Sure he's due a 3 million payment this month, but I don't believe his contract language will allow him to claim the payment and then retire without having to give it back.  GM Ted Thompson's comment was that the payment is more than just a "being on the roster at the time" bonus.  Brett wants to play, Brett wants to come back.  He wants the 10 million he'll be owed.

Now, will the Packers make roster movements that will entice Brett to come back and run the offense for another year to two?  The way the CBA is now, a lot of players are going to be cut very soon because the Cap didn't go up as much as everyone expected.  Well, teams like the Raiders and Redskins expected the Cap number be much higher.  Teams like the Jaguars, Packers, Vikings are all under the cap by 10's of millions of dollars.  We can benefit by all this chaos, but only if we spend the money to bring quality players in.  Along with the upcoming NFL Draft, this is what Brett Favre is watching the Packers on. 

Packers cut LB Na'il Diggs.  They we're going to anyway, whether they were under the NFL Cap or not.  They also cut WR/PR Antonio Chatman sighting that they wanted bigger, tougher WR's on the team.  Don't expect WR Terence Murphy back either from his neck injury. 

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

so does Favre wanna leave? tying to get a trade? if he does then he's a jackass. last off season he had a go at Walker when he wanted a new contract or to be traded. Favre's doing the same thing if you ask me, his heart's no longer in Green Bay. I hope am wrong...

I am sorry to see Chatman go, he had heart, but if we can get walker fit and well, we're going to have some good WR's - Walker, Driver, Gardner.

Favre this....Favre that......Yadda, Yadda, Yadda. I like Favre fine but I've tried to make the point before, Reggie White led us to the Super Bowls. Holmgren had a big part too. Favre and alot of other players complimented them nicely. Reggie personally called free agents and got them to come to Green Bay...Favre hasn't personally called anyone. Favre throws 29 INT's and Sherman basically says "you'll have that". Holmgren is back to Super Bowls and Hasselbeck looks more like Favre than Favre. Favre got lots of stats off touch downs from 3-5 yard play action passes. The Denver SB, Favre threw an INT the second series and fumbled on the third. Even Reggie and Co. has a hard time saving Favre when he digs them holes like that. Maybe I'm too hard on him, but I think history is showing us the truth. I guess I'm getting tired of the daily Favre retirement questions. Your going to need a complete team to win SB's. Favre is just a little piece of the can win with the Dilfers' too!!!!!!!

Long live the Pack!!!

to play or not to play... watch the video.


So... There's gonna be no salary cap in 2007. Is this good or bad for the Packers? Right now, we're not spending very much, but it's been made pretty clear that is because Sherman put us in a tough cap spot, therefore mandating some of the casualties of last year's off season to get us in a more cap-favorable position.

Check me if I'm wrong, but while everybody else it throwing the heavy players overboard, we can hold on to everybody because of our position. We may even e abl to scoop up some of these players who are getting dumped.

Additionally, one will have to consider the likely event of a one year capless NFL. The Packers are also poised to handle this as well, aren't they? I remember an article last offseason talking about how they have finally reserved for a full year of operations with no income at all. In the case that there is a predictable single-year capless span, would it not be a good idea to go out and purchase some contract help with the intention to keep the players that actually perform?

I just wanted to hear your thoughts - and anybody elses - on this.


Sounds like "Cullpecker" is grasping at straws with his situation.

What the story fails to mention is that the "Captain" of one of the "Love Boats" turned himself in.

Culpepper, Williams claim charges discriminatory wire reports

MINNEAPOLIS (March 2, 2006) -- Lawyers for Minnesota Vikings players Daunte Culpepper and Moe Williams accused a prosecutor of racial discrimination, saying he charged black men but ignored possible crimes by two white men in the team's boat party scandal.

The attorneys served a motion March 1 on prosecutor Steven Tallen asking for the dismissal of charges against the two players, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press. Tallen did not immediately return a call from The Associated Press.

The Star Tribune first reported the story. In an interview with the newspaper, Tallen denied that race played any role in his decisions on charges.

Culpepper, Williams and two other players face trial on misdemeanor charges of indecent conduct and lewdness for their alleged behavior on two cruise boats last October on Lake Minnetonka. They have pleaded not guilty.

In their motion, defense attorneys allege Hennepin County sheriff's investigators have evidence that a boat captain and another man -- both white -- engaged in indecent conduct but were not charged.

Da-Queens Suck!

Packer Paul - Minneapolis, MN.

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