Sunday, April 30, 2006

Packer Draft Summary - Day Two... 

Woah!  Nothing like throwing trades within trades within trades around like some kind of "Tribble's Gone Wild" video.  When we saw Mr. Critic Robert Lalasz throwing the "Trouble With Tribbles" phrase around too at his Nietzsche or Nitschke? blog, we thought that was a rather adequate phrase to sum up GM Ted Thompson's "let's out do last year" by instituting 5 trades along with Javon Walker for 5 additional Picks in this years NFL Draft.  Crazy!  But will this year's quantity override any kind of decent quality?  This might be a prime example of overdoing the trade-down all the time to gather more picks.  Perhaps that's way over-doing it. 

Let's take a look at what we did end up with this tribble-reproducing quantity of players, we finally took A.J. Hawk who has big upside and who can immediatley step in as one the starting LB's.  We now have 2 WR's, Greg Jennings and Cory Rodgers, who are also Kick/Punt Returners, a WR Will Blackmon who can play Cornerback, an OT Daryn Colledge who can play Guard, a G Jason Spitz who can play Center, a QB Ingle Martin who can also Punt, (watch out BJ Sander) and then some later rounders, OT Tony Moll, DT Johnny Jolly, FS Tyrone Culver and DE Dave Tollefson who'll be fighting for roster spots during training camp.  Hmmmm...

All in all, GM Ted Thompson may have done OK with this draft, beside AJ Hawk there isn't anyone who stands out.  I'm waiting to be proven wrong, I know you can't evaluate this draft so soon but at first glance it does appear to be just a little light-weight as far as drafts go.  Maybe you just stand with the picks you have.  Imagine which players we could have had (LB Thomas Howard and WR Chad Jackson, for example) at #36 and #37 instead of dropping to #47 and #52.  One should never substitute quantity for quality, one should always be searching for the proper balance between the two.  Doesn't look like Ted's Draft this year has the proper balance.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

With The 253rd Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
  Dave Tollefson - DE, 6-4, 263, Northwest Missouri State

Tollefson (6-4¼, 265) ran well at his Pro Day (4.75) and has some pass-rush skills thanks to his speed.

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Tollefson is a vastly underrated talent who had a banner senior season that he capped by excelling in the 2006 Hula Bowl in front of a national audience.  Spent three years away from the game due to shoulder and foot injuries, in addition to joining the work force. He went on to set the Bearcats' season-record for quarterback sacks and fell just short of the school's career-record...

Packers.Com Draft Bio

With The 185th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Tyrone Culver - FS, 6-0, 195, Fresno State

I think he is a good, solid football player...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

A key contributor while leading the secondary the last two years, the four-time Academic All-Western Athletic Conference has the quickness needed to cover any receiver on deep routes.  He called the secondary adjustments for the team and was labeled a "coach on the field" by the staff because of his field smarts and ball anticipation ability...

Packers.Com Draft Bio


With The 183rd Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
  Johnny Jolly - DT, 6-3, 310, Texas A&M;

Jolly is a good athlete with the quick feet, size and strength that are ideal for a strong defensive tackle at the point of attack. He does a good job of staying focused to burst off the ball at the snap and can shoot gaps to get into the backfield consistently

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Highly regarded by the younger players, who looked up to Johnny because of his competitive nature. A durable athlete, he started his final 35 games for the Aggies. His hard work in the training room earned him Aggie Elite status...

Packers.Com Draft Bio

With The 165th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Tony Moll - T/G, 6-4, 300, Nevada

He is athletic, but undersized. Green Bay must put weight on him. He has good strength.

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Was switched to offensive line in the spring and is expected to make an impact as a starting tackle in 2005. Started two games in 2004 as the second tight end and played in all 12. Caught five balls for 40 yards and two touchdowns...

Packers.Com Draft Bio


With The 148th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
  Ingle Martin - QB, 6-2, 219, Furman

Martin is a very athletic quarterback who has consistently shown the ability to avoid pressure/sacks, buy second chances and make plays on the move... became their starting quarterback (and starting punter) and carried their offense on his back...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Martin also established new Furman single season standards for passing yards (2,959), passing touchdowns (22), total offense (3,193), and touchdown responsibilities (25), while recording the third-best punting average in school history (43.2) in 2005...

Packers.Com Draft Bio

With The 115th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Will Blackmon - WR/CB, 6-0, 199, Boston College

Blackmon made the switch from cornerback to wide receiver in 2005, and he is best suited to play receiver in the NFL. He has the size and strength you like in a receiver and plays surprisingly stronger than even his good size says he should...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Already an established cornerback, Will made a bold move late in his career when he shifted to wide receiver as a senior. Known for his blazing speed and game-breaking ability as a return specialist, Blackmon sacrificed personal success for that of the team when he moved to the depleted receiving corps...

Packers.Com Draft Bio


With The 109th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Traded to Philadelphia

For 2 selections, the 115th and 185th picks overall.

With The 104th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Cory Rodgers - WR, 6-0, 187, Texas Christian

Rodgers is a junior who came out early for the draft. On film, he is clearly a talented receiver/returner with the talent to become a productive impact receiver in the NFL. He has good height for a receiver and has the jumping ability and hands to get up and pluck the high passes easily...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Cory is a dynamic return specialist who is also a player than needs to be accounted for by the defense every time he lines up on the field. Whether it is catching, running or returning the ball, Rodgers has proven to be one of the more electrifying players in the college game...

Packers.Com Draft Bio


Packer Draft Summary - Day One... 

So is Quantity better than Quality?  GM Ted Thompson ended up doing the obvious choice with the Packers 5th pick in the 1st round, he took A.J. Hawk the LB from Ohio State.  Should turn out to be a great choice for years to come.  GM Ted Thompson also worked out a trade with Denver for Javon Walker, trading him for the 37th pick in draft.  Here's where the big question comes in, the Packers had just traded the 36th pick in the draft to New England for picks #52 and #75, then they took the recently acquired 37th pick and the Packers 139th pick and traded it to Atlanta for picks #47, #93 and #148.  More picks are handy to have, but wouldn't you have rather had the players you would get with #36 and #37.  So as usual, our GM goes all trade-happy to generate more picks but ends up passing on quality players to get those extra picks. 

The Players that we did actually pick on the 1st day of the NFL Draft will probably do well for the Packers.  There's not really any questions about AJ Hawk, oh perhaps that he isn't really a Middle Linebacker, but we've been successfully using Nick Barnett in that capacity.  Both Daryn Colledge T/G and Jason Spitz G/C were drafted to beef up the interior of the Packers Offensive Line, hopefully they can adapt as it looks like the Packers have plans to play these guys in different positions then where they started in college.  WR Greg Jennings looks to be a decent receiver with some return-skills, at 5-11, not as big of a WR as we've been lead to believe that Coach Mike McCarthy wants.  LB Abdul Hodge, another Big-10 player big-effort player for our defense.

Once again, GM Ted Thompson has taken his original 7 draft picks and turned them into 11 draft picks.  But will this trade-frenzy on Day 1 of the draft deliver for the Packers this year?  As a Packer fan for life, I've got nothing but time to find out.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

With The 93rd Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Traded to St. Louis

For 2 selections, the 109th and 183rd picks overall.

With The 75th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
  Jason Spitz - C/G, 6-3, 304, Louisville

Spitz is a quick-footed center who can get through to the second level quickly when he is uncovered and can seal-block the linebacker out of the play. He shows the quickness and toughness to make aggressive wham/trap blocks on the fill linebacker and can pull around the offensive tackle to seal the outside...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Spitz is a versatile and physical athlete who can play both guard positions, in addition to having experience at center. An intelligent lineman who recognizes coverages and has great field awareness...

Packers.Com Draft Bio

With The 67th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Abdul Hodge - ILB, 6-0, 235, Iowa

Hodge is a very good athlete with all the physical tools you could ask for -- very quick feet, excellent acceleration, top playing speed and an explosive closing burst to ball. He consistently reads and reacts to the play quickly, and he has the speed to take advantage of his instincts and make big plays. He is very tough and aggressive...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

College's version of Baltimore's Ray Lewis, Abdul has been a sensational leader for the Hawkeyes since stepping into the starting lineup as a sophomore. He teamed with outside linebacker Chad Greenway to give Iowa the best tackle tandem in the collegiate ranks...

Packers.Com Draft Bio


With The 52nd Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
  Greg Jennings - WR, 5-11, 196, Western Michigan

He is one of the few players at the position with no glaring weaknesses. He is a very good athlete with the foot quickness, balance and agility to make plays once he has the ball in his hands...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Despite becoming only the eleventh player in NCAA Division 1-A history to gain over 1,000 yards receiving three times in a career, this versatile athlete toiled in relative anonymity throughout his collegiate career. Still, when you look at his production as a Bronco, you can see that he ranks with the nation's elite...

Packers.Com Draft Bio

With The 47th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Daryn Colledge - OT, 6-4, 298, Boise State

Colledge is a very good athlete with the quick feet to get off the ball and set to block fast. He has the rare ability to get through to the second level in a flash, can deliver a good initial blow to the linebacker, and has the athletic ability to maintain out in space...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

One of the strongest Broncos in the weight room, setting school records in the power clean (438 pounds set in spring 2005), hang clean (464 pounds set in spring 2005), and back squat (665 pounds set in spring of 2005)...Also holds strength record on the offensive line in the vertical jump (35.5 inches in spring 2004)...

Packers.Com Draft Bio


With The 37th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Acquired from Denver for WR Javon Walker

Traded to Atlanta with the 139th pick

For 3 selections, the 47th, 93rd, and 148th picks overall.

With The 36th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
Traded to New England

For 2 selections, the 52nd and 75th picks overall.

With The 5th Pick In The Draft... 

The Green Bay Packers Select:
A.J. Hawk - OLB, 6-1, 247, Ohio State

Hawk was a very enjoyable player to grade, because he is consistently around the ball and makes a ton of plays. He was the leader of Ohio State's defense, and consistently stepped up and made the big play when the team needed it most. He is a thickly built linebacker with the rare acceleration, playing speed and closing ability that few linebackers have...

NFL.Com Draft Profile

Regarded by many as the best defensive player in college football, the two-time All-American was a model of consistency throughout his Buckeyes career. He led the team in tackles in each of his three seasons as a starter... Recipient of the Lombardi Trophy and named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year by the league's media...

Packers.Com Draft Bio


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Packer Palace Predicts... 

So another draft is upon us, and with our cheese-laden turban of prognostication, we can see that all the choices seem to narrow down to DE Mario Williams, LB A.J. Hawk, TE Vernon Davis or trade down.  There are almost no other scenario's.  According to the NFL Draft Value Chart the Packers 5th pick is worth 1,700 points.  Handy thing to have with the way GM Ted Thompson keeps you guessing.  So is there any real drama to the Packers draft this year?  Yes, there is.  With Brett Favre confirming his return, and the free-agent acquisition of Charles Woodson, there's some energy starting to eminate from Lambeau Field.  You can feel the Packers getting better, improving their roster.  Playoff run to come.  So here's how we see it all laid out:

What the Packers should do:  Draft OLB A.J. Hawk - If DE Mario Williams is off the board as expected, Hawk will still be there, and let's not quibble over whether you would pick a LB at #5, he's a great a top 10 choice and how could you go wrong, he would become another huge improvement for the Packers Defense.

What the Packers could do:  Go after TE Vernon Davis, combine him with Bubba Franks and they would make an incredible 1-2 punch for Packers Offense, on 3rd downs, as the main TE in passing situations, Vernon would be stretching the field like no other TE has ever done.  Bubba's an awesome blocker and great at catching passes in crowds short over the middle.  Then watch for the Packers to go for a true Middle Linebacker in the 2nd round, Ohio State Bobby Carpenter if he's still available.

What the Packers could also do:  Use Javon Walker in trade negotiations in the 1st round.  All kind of interesting things arise when you start going off on trade-scenario's.  GM Ted Thompson's M.O. is to create extra draft picks by trading down, and then repeating the process.  How about trading Javon and the 2nd round pick to get back into the bottom of the 1st round?  He turned 7 picks into 11 picks last year.  This year he only has the same 7 picks again, but only 5 are available for use in trade scenario's.  The 2 compensatory draft picks the Packers received at the end of the 5th and 7th rounds can't be used.  But we can expect at least a few later round trade-down for more picks.

What the Packers won't do:  Draft one of the QB's available in the early part of the draft, either Vince Young or Matt Leinart, depending on if either would be available by the time the Packers draft 5th.  Jason Cutler could be available in the middle of the 1st round.  They won't consider OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson either, with both starters Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher, backups Adrian Klemm and Kevin Barry who both want to start, so both will try to play "guard" this year, the Packers are overloaded with Tackles. 

So it all comes down to this.  We'll ride in on the horse that everyone else is riding and predict that the Packers will take A.J. Hawk, Outside Linebacker from Ohio State, with the 5th pick in the NFL Draft.  Safe pick, a player the Packers could really use on their defense.  Now what will the Packers do with their draft this Saturday?  It's going to best experienced while drinking in heavy moderation. 

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Oh we're a day late and a dollar short, Brett makes it "official", so we can finally all rest easy now that good ol' number #4 is back at QB for the Green Bay Packers.  GM Ted Thompson summed it all up quite nicely:

"I think he said, 'I'm coming back up there.' And I said, 'That's good news,' " "That was pretty much the gist of our conversation."

Charles Woodson has decided to come to Green Bay.  7 years 52 Million.  But it's going to work out more like 3 years 18 million.  No actual signing bonus, but over 10 million is guaranteed.  He will be a big upgrade in the defensive secondary and he wants to play offense.  That was a key factor to him signing here.  I wonder if he'll still want to play WR after Brett breaks a few of his fingers during training camp.  Actually, can Brett still break fingers on his WR's with his throws?  Probably...

It may not look like it now, but missing out on Lavar Arrington may be one of those "blessing-in-disguise" things.  If he's got bone-on-bone action going on in one of his knee's, brace-supported or not, how could you expect him to make it through the whole season without an injury?  I don't think you can...

Hey Juan, we'll get our Brats and Beers tailgatin' going on, or go local, like all those nights long ago when we headed out late night to Alberto's (Albertico's, Albierto's or was it Roberto's?) for the Carne Asada Burrito and hot carrots.  I can never find quite find that perfection up here in L.A.  Definitely a San Diego thing. Late.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Nice to see the Packers got Woodson to beef up the defense for Favre's farewell tour. I'd also love to see Charles catching some passes like he did in his Michigan days...and if there's anyone who can complete a pass to a defensive back, it's Brett Favre.

Go Pack!


Hey BeerKid, My thoughts before the draft. First, it's good to have Favre back. (TV's gonna love the farewell tour) Second, I hope they ship Walker for a first round pick. He's a fucking idiot. The pro's wait til they've had at least a couple good years and the year before their contract is up, start quietly mentioning signing a long term contract or they'll opt for free agency....and that's what works!! If he's been aound T.O. much....he's probably already too warpped. And they better get a first round pick for him, cause the team that trades for him will be paying him like one, I'm sure. Or let him rot.... Draft... 1st pick. Hawk or Davis...they say defense wins championships. 2nd...with the LB's offered this year, I'd pick another, and fill out your starting LB positions once and for all!!!! 3rd....I'd say OG, but supposedly you will not need great players too block the new scheme, so I'd start picking best available... there's free agency too, to fill holes as the club improves and you can see where you need players. TT will do a good job for GB. Just look at his personality and you just know he has a (rigid) plan that he's going to follow, like it or not. (like the Seahawks...I think it will reap very good results for the Pack, give him a little time to find and get the pieces together though)

Long Live the Pack!!!



ROB-Mokena Illinois

Beer Kid, Yes.......Favre is coming back. I was right in the middle of trying some new moves on the old lady when is reported on Sportscenter. Needless to say the "old lady" wasn't to happy when I jumped out of bed threw on my Favre Jersey and went to the Fridge and started chuggin beers eh.....Lets hope something special happens.

Go Pack Go.


BeerKid, the Charger game is on a Saturday!! I am saving up my pesos - no golf, no expensive wine, no weed, no adult on get the point - its that important! I can't wait to attend my first Packer tailgate party. I am bringing my brother and our friend, the King of Green, smoking the Madagascar Thunderfuck.

On another note, I am a little bummed that we didn't land Arrington, and I think Brett's indecision had something to do with it. Not all, but some. I am done with No#4. Sorry, I would like only to remember the laser bullet pass he threw in the end zone against those two Bengal's defenders back in 92-93, but his b'atch attitude these last few seasons, and that's the point -this has been developing over the last few seasons, thanks to teachers pet Sherman - that I have no love for Favre anymore. I am one Packer Backer that has no tolerance for any action that negatively affects this franchise. We are more than a football team. We bleed Green-n-Gold. We are a testimony to something bigger than ourselves - the Green Bay Packers.

After talking with my brother, I am convinced we need to draft Vernon Davis. Linebackers are a dime a dozen, and A.J. Hawk (no offense - I think he is great) is not SO talented that an opposing team is going to have to account for him ala a Reggie White. Vernon Davis on the other hand is faster than any of our wide receivers and demands accountability from a defense but really cannot be covered. We have so many holes that it would take three drafts to fill them, so a freak at tight end will make any quarterback Favre or Rodgers that much better. Anyways, this coming Saturday is a draft party. I am dying to see what Thompson does...I haven't been this interested in a while.

Here's to hoping we draft no Terrell Buckley, God bless our troops, keep them safe, and GO PACK!

Juan in San Diego

Terrence Murphy is gonna retire, he has a back problem this changes the draft. If they trade Javon which he is gonna do cause hes a cheap ass, to Denver we will get 2 first round picks,He really needs to pick up Arrington if we trade walker cause hes gonna trade the pick for more draft picks that means no Hawk, so we are screwed at Linebacker. They will need to draft wide recievers may i suggest 3- Chad Jackson Florida- Brandon Williams and Jonathen Orr out of Wisconsin I bet they will do real well.


Robbie Mokena Ill

P.S. Thompsons a Dumbass

more piling on from Sportspickle:

Brett Favre tells waitress he needs another 45 minutes to look over the menu.

Brett Favre entered his fourth hour of deciding what he would like to eat for dinner this evening at a Waveland, Mississippi, Olive Garden with no end in sight.

"Brett and his wife got here around 5:15 pm and I was excited to wait on them," said Mindy Payne, the Favre's waitress. "But this is getting a little ridiculous now. My shift was over two hours ago and I'm still waiting for the guy to make up his mind. It's really rude on his part. Not only am I supposed to be home by now, but other people want a table."

Favre said he is close to making up his mind, but needs a bit more time. "Supposedly the kitchen closes at 11 pm, and that makes me feel kind of rushed," said Favre. "I'm close to deciding on an appetizer – the fried calamari – so I'm getting there. As for entrees, though, I don't have a clue. I'm hoping they'll come up with some great new menu items by the time I have to decide and it will make my decision a lot easier."

The Olive Garden's manager, Mike Redd, said he may have to decide to ask the quarterback to leave. "It's tough to ask a local legend like Brett Favre to leave your establishment," said Redd. "But he's taking advantage of our goodwill. He's been here for going on five hours and hasn't paid a dollar yet while we're losing business because we can't get other customers to a table. I've really lost a lot of respect for the guy."

Love the site -- Go Pack!  D.
When general managers make draft mistakes, their teams lose games.  When they make a mistake on a quarterback, they lose their jobs. 

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thirsty For A Draft? 

Here's the last of the NFL Mock Draft predictions that I've accumulated over the last few days.  The choices still seem to remain between OLB A.J. Hawk and DE Mario Williams, with TE Vernon Davis getting some mention.  Overall looking over almost 100 mock drafts, you do see certain trends, those who predicted that Williams would be available to us, had us taking either a guard or linebacker with the 2nd round pick.  Those drafts with Hawk taken in the 1st round, pick a guard or running back.  With Mario Williams expected to be gone before the Pack's 5th pick, everyone is starting to expect us to take A.J. Hawk.  That's my order of preference, Williams 1st, Hawk 2nd, and Vernon Davis a toss-up 2nd choice.  I don't like trading down from the 5th position, the other team would have to be giving away the farm for that to work out, and I'm not sure 2 later 1st round picks qualifies as giving "away the farm".  Now with one more week to go and anticipation drenching all of us with its constant drip, drip, drip, will the Packers leave us fans all-wet or rising up safely to higher ground...  Expect nothing to be revealed by GM Ted Thompson or from anyone with the Packers.  It's going to be a long week.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State  There continues to be some sentiment that the Packers could take a flier and grab one of the quarterbacks at this pick. But if Brett Favre is coming back next season, it seems very unlikely they would carry Favre and two first-round quarterbacks. And if Favre is returning for a Packers team built to win, then it isn't likely the team would spend such a high pick on a quarterback that will sit on the bench. Moving back a few spots is not out of the question, but if Green Bay stays put, Hawk becomes the latest plug in a defense that is looking better by the week.

Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports;=yhoo&type;=lgns

5.  Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland   The playmaking TE would add another dimension to the offense.

36.  Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio St.  

67.  Abdul Hodge, LB, Iowa  

Robert Davis - Football's Future

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State   With Hawk off the board, they decide to take the other best defensive prospect in Mario Williams. Would be a huge addition to the line with his freakish combo of size and athleticism.

Hiero - Football's Future Forum

5.  Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon   If the Packers can add Ngata to go along with ends Aaron Kampman and Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila and new defensive tackle Ryan Pickett, the team would have the beginnings of a formidable front. Ngata is extremely quick and will create havoc inside.

Sporting News War Room

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State   Hawk is clearly the top linebacker in this draft and fills a position of urgent need in Green Bay.

36.  Davin Joseph, OG, Oklahoma  

67.  Brian Calhoun, HB, Wisconsin  

Stevenson's Scouting Service

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State   The Packers have their eye son three players: Ferguson, Williams, and Hawk. There is an excellent chance one of these players will be available at the 5th pick, and with Williams and Ferguson off the board Hawk is the obvious pick. Michael Huff also will get some consideration.

36.  John McCargo, DT, N.C State  

67.  Derek Hagan, WR, Arizona State  

Draft Ace

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State   Regardless of Brett Favre’s long awaited decision, the Packers need to improve a subpar defense. It’s been reported that the Pack really want DE Mario Williams from NC State, and if Leinart goes second overall, they may be able to grab him at five, even though he’s probably worth more. The Packers have KGB and Aaron Kampman, but neither show the athleticism and potential that Mario Williams brings to the DE position. A fierce pass-rusher with good size, when Williams’ motor is running, he shows signs of Julius Peppers of the Panthers.

36.  Max Jean-Gilles, OG, Georgia  

67.  Thomas Howard, LB, Texas-El Paso 

Consensus Draft Services

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State   Top linebacker in the draft. Has blazing speed with a knack for getting interceptions. Strong tackler that instantly upgrades a defense.

Inside The Eagles

5.  A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio State   This is a franchise that is stuck between two worlds, nearing the end of the Brett Favre era and still trying to compete for one last Super Bowl with him yet also trying to get younger and build for the future. The strains of this plan became very evident a year ago when the Packers chose Aaron Rodgers, an heir apparent to the franchise icon, in round one when he unexpectedly fell into their laps. While that struggle will likely continue until Favre finally hangs up his cleats it won't have any affect on this choice. When all is said and done this will likely work out very well for the Packers because they will more than likely be able to address their most glaring need, linebacker, with the top rated player at the position. Former first rounder Nick Barnett has a firm grasp on one of the jobs but Green Bay might very well be in the market for two new starters outside with Ben Taylor, Brady Poppinga and Robert Thomas currently battling for spots on the first unit as of now. Not exactly anything to get too excited about. Anyone who saw a Ohio St. game this past season knows what a force A.J. Hawk can be and he is the rare linebacker who can seemingly dominate and control a game. The team would also strongly consider Mario Williams if he somehow fell this far, which is doubtful at best, while Michael Huff and maybe even Haloti Ngata could garner interest as well. At the end of the day Hawk would seem to be the ideal match, giving them a great leader and playmaking presence on defense.

36.  Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio State   Follows in the footsteps of Antoine Winfield, Shawn Springs, Nate Clements and Chris Gamble.

67.  Charles Spencer, OG, Pittsburgh   The losses of Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera last offseason hurt this team in a bad way in 2005.

Scott Wright - NFL Draft Countdown

5.  Mario Williams, DE, North Carolina State   This seems to be the most difficult pick to predict up to this point. The Packers like both Mario Williams and A.J. Hawk. All reports seem to favor the team going after Williams, who many believe is the best defensive player in the draft, and possibly the best player in the draft period. One thing is for sure, he is going to terrorize Quarterbacks for many years wherever he ends up. Other Prospects - A.J. Hawk, D'Brickashaw Ferguson

The Sports Outlaw

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State   This is the obvious choice. Hawk is a stud.

36.  Nick Mangold, C, Ohio State   Joins best friend AJ Hawk.

Michael Abromowitz - The Football Expert

5.  Mario Williams, DE, NC State   The Packers will be ecstatic if the Draft shakes out this way. Super Mario would be a #1 overall pick any other year, but because of the depth of this draft, combined with schemes and needs, he falls right into their lap at #5. Mario and KGB. That’s scary.

Luke Easterling - Gridiron Central Magazine;=view&id;=21&Itemid=53

5.  A.J. Hawk, LB, 6-1, 240, Ohio State   A.J. Hawk dominated the NCAA all season long. Against Texas earlier in the season Hawk ran roughshod with 15 tackles, two sacks, an interception and a forced fumble. He didn't stop there. Hawk finshed the season with 109 tackles, 7.5 sacks, 13 TFL, and 1 INT. Hawk has great instincts to go along with a football intelligence that can't be taught. A.J. has an intensity that makes players around him better. Green Bay was first against the pass on defense but 23rd against the rush in 2005, so the D would be more than happy to see Hawk roaming the middle.

36.  Charles Spencer, OG, 6-5, 352, Pittsburgh  

Peter - NFL Mock Draft US
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bang Cartoons... 

    is back with the Brett Favre Hostage Watch - Day 73.

You can give credit to the Packer Pundit for reminding me to check-in with the guys from Bang Cartoons every once in awhile.  They can be awfully funny even when picking on our poor Packers.  Don't miss the Chmura whack! at the end.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

I don't know of anybody who can sum it all up better than The Onion can:

Packers To Favre: 'Take Your Time, Asshole'

Green Bay Packers front-office officials have informed three-time MVP Brett Favre they can wait for his decision on whether or not he's planning to retire for "as long as it fucking takes." "This is a big decision for Brett Favre, and we can't deny that he's the heart and soul of our team, the most important Packer, the most important person in all of America, and the center of the whole entire universe," Packer general manager Ted Thompson said Tuesday. "It's not like we have to make any major decisions that all hinge on whether or not he's returning, after all. We'll just ride around on our lawn tractors on our farm in Mississippi while we wait for him to make up his goddamn mind." Favre would not say when he might announce his decision, admitting that he was "too much in awe of what Mr. Brilliant Genius Thompson did with the 4-12 Packers last year" to commit one way or the other.

Genius satire is at it's best when it can capture the mood so brilliantly.  Gotta love The Onion for providing this week's expert analysis.

Did you know that if the Packers don't bring in and pay Charles Woodson or Lavar Arrington, there in danger of being under the NFL Salary Cap.  The situation for GM Ted Thompson would be worse if Brett Favre decided to retire also.  Come On Teddy Boy!  Why in the hell you sitting on your hands.  You're going to have to overpay to get some players to come to Green Bay and so just do it already!!!.  You wasted last year in your supposed grand rebuilding plan by retaining former coach Mike Sherman, so what makes you think you've got more than 2 years remaining to create some winning playoff bound teams.  You've got this year, so sign Woodson and Arrington, finally upgrade Javon Walker's contract, rework Brett Favre's remaing contracting to create more space and go get some Offensive Lineman. I sure in the hell hope your not in over your head, because it's starting to look like it.

On to preseason football, Hey Juan, I sure hope that Packer-Charger preseason game falls on Saturday, that would make life much easier, give all day to drink before the game.  You should send an email to me so we can eventually formalize our plans for the game.  There will be plenty of Packer fans tailgating in the parking lot just like every other time the Packers have come to San Diego.  Excellent time for everyone.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


I think what favre said so far is right the o line is still very poor but I don't think there is any one out there who could be better. I still think this year is going to be fun.

Hey BeerKid, Sure could be a nice looking defense if you were to slide Arrington in w/Barnett and Hawk. Those three studs could draw a line in the sand!!! Add Woodson at corner and Carroll to the slot and your solid there!! Safeties are improving!! That leaves teams to attack the D-line as the weak link, and they're young and with a good rotation, they should stay fresh the whole game. I'm sure the LB's would chip in and help the D'line some. Maybe the Postons' would would deal better if they were dealing for both clients....they could shave a little off. I know you think Favre is the best thing since the wheel, but he'd have to put it on the line this year, if he'd end up with this cast. I'm a little worried about a guy having what it takes when he's half retired, in his mind, already (a few years now). We'll have to see if Favre gives Arrinton a call....Reggie would have!!!!

Long live the Pack!!!

Beer Kid, it would be an honor to attend a Packer game with you...I will save up my 'picking strawberries' in the field wages so I can buy the beer...I don't want Packer fans to misunderstand my rant against Favre, but unless you living for someone else other than yourself - you really are missing the point. Vince preached that, and what did we win but three Championships in a row! Football is the ultimate oxymoron game - Your a stud athlete but your better when you sacrafice yourself more, because you do what is necessary for the other 10 guys to succeed...Favre is hurting this franchise. We blame Thompson, but who is going sign knowing Farve doesn't know what he is doing? Another shot to the Chumura bashers - shut the fuck up - careful on blasting a man. If I was in his shoes - feeling strong (bench pressing 225 30+ times), making money, best friend is a 3-time MVP, coming off a Pro Bowl, the feeling of indestructibility would probably have me hitting on a 17 year old...Favre could have called him just to say - You fucked up, Mark. What were you thinking?, but he didn't. Pretending your boy doesn't exist, or dropping your brother in a time of need (of forgiveness or understanding) ain't cool! Fuck you'all, blasting Mark for his mistake, but you would have done the same you pridefull fucks! Careful what you say you wouldn't do - because the truth is you probably would.....

Juan in San Diego - Peace Out Beer Kid - This site absolutley ROCKS!

Hey there! Would you or any other Packer fans be interested in a Road trip to Miami? The Packers are playing there on Oct 22nd Sunday 1pm EST.

Since that's my town, I'm hosting Packerfans from all over to come down. I'm buying a block of 20 tickets and I have fans from a couple different message boards who are going to fly down for that weekend. We'll do some partying the night before, tailgating before the game, and watch some Packer football.

I'm at 17-18 seats right now, I'm trying to get over 20. Do you know anyone who'd be interested in a road trip?

Here are some more;=article&sid;=28&mode;=ℴ=0&thold;=0

This is going to be awesome, I thought I would share it with you.


The Balls Of Sports...

1. The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL.

2. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING.

3. The sport of choice for front-line workers is FOOTBALL.

4. The sport of choice for supervisors is BASEBALL.

5. The sport of choice for middle management is TENNIS.

6. The sport of choice for corporate officers is GOLF.


The higher you are in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Self-Generated Escalating Mini-Tornado... when NFL Football Reporters take notice on a friday afternoon that a little-known Charity that Brett Favre helps out is having it's Annual Press Conference in Tunica, MS. on Saturday at 9am on it's State of Affairs.  Contributing to this whirlwind is the Spokesperson for the Charity telling the AP Reporter "You'll have to get up early to get the Scoop" hoping to generate some publicity for her Charity's cause, only to have the Reporter jump to the conclusion that Brett is ready to make "The Decision".  It was a Press Conference for the Charity, it wasn't about Brett's decision, that's why Brett was pissed that so many reporters showed up Saturday morning.  He knew the Self-Generated Escalating Mini-Tornado was in town...

Check out Chris Havel's and Harry Sydney's comments on the situation over at's WDUZ Radio Replay page.  Click on the Sportsline - 4/10/06 and give it a few minutes to launch and fully start playing (It took almost 2 minutes on my DSL Connection), then you can skip ahead in time to about the 11:25 mark and listen to the 1st hour of the Show.  You will begin to understand.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

On any given Sunday a conspiracy can be advanced.  Oh not the serious conspiracy stuff where jailtime's involved, but the looney-tune conspiracy stuff.  When explained to Luke in an email, "yeah, that's quite the chess game you have spelled out there." came back his abbreviated reply.  Well, Luke got the short version so let's see if we can expand on what I see as going on around 1265 Lombardi Avenue in Green Bay.  Everyday, every reporter that crosses Brett Favre's path is the one who thinks they can get the "The Decision" from him.  So we have this self-generated escalating mini-tornado spinning around Brett everywhere he goes.  Lot's of media attention focused on the Packers.  General Manager Ted Thompson and newly hired Head Coach Mike McCarthy are very new to this inevitable attention that comes with a long-time favored player ending his storied career.  They don't appear to be very comfortable at the moment, perhaps even clumsy is best word that you can come up with. 

But as Mike Florio over at ProFootballtalk.Com put it, even with all the Lord Favre bashing, everything still points to the fact that Brett is coming back for at least one more season with the Packers.  The many national games is the just released NFL schedule hints at it.  Sure some of those games have *'s next to them, so they can be moved off of national exposure if Brett is gone, but a Brett Favre Farewell Tour would be great for national TV ratings.  Another thing, stop the "he wouldn't be playing for a Super Bowl and would be only playing for the money" talk, every player in the NFL is playing for the money, and Brett is no different.  Besides he has 10 million awaiting him on the table.  You wouldn't turn that down, I wouldn't turn that down, Brett's not going to turn that down.  Experienced players don't like playing for new coaches, explains some of the shunning of Green Bay by most of the free agents this year, I think that explains some of the perceived hedging by #4.  Lastly, 29 Int's or not, Brett still is the best QB on the roster, for all the potential of Aaron Rodgers, at age 36 Brett still has one of the strongest arms in the NFL.

So there's only one thing that Brett Favre needs to discuss with Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy right now concerns the #5 draft pick.  If Brett retires were the Packers planning on trying to get one of 3 QB's (M Leinart, V Young, J Cutler) with that pick, or planning on taking another player (M Williams, AJ Hunt, V Davis, or worse (in my opinion) trading down for more picks.  I think the Packers are just hedging their bets, Brett comes back, serious try for the playoffs.  Brett doesn't come back, longshot to make the playoffs.  So one person says Brett has a "decision deadline" this weekend, like all the previous 10 weekends, another person says that Brett can take all the time in the world to make up his mind, he's earned it.  So is all of this media circus being allowed to stretch out so that the Packers can disguise what their up to concerning their overall #5 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft?  Maybe Luke was right after all.  On any given Sunday...

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

P.S.  Thanks to Boz for the above Vince Lombardi pic, here's his original with the What Vince Lombardi Think's rant prominently displayed. heh heh eh...

Favre calls a news conference and then ask why everyone came? Duh..... Then ask what the Packer's have done to improve themselves. There are weak spots that could be improved... Some might say that a QB that throws 29 picks is a weak spot???? What did Favre throw for TD's to the other team last year was it four? That's what, 17% of his TD's for the year thown to the other team. Look in a mirror Mr. Favre. Careful what you ask for when asking management to fix the weak spots. You play because you want to. Used to be the top QB's of the drafts went to rotten teams and retiring wasn't really an option, so they'd go a build up a team. Now with the Mannings', you can bypass that. And none of them had a Reggie White come to their teams. I wouldn't feel to bad for yourself Farvy boy. TT is very methodical...he'll put together a good team. I hope he can let himself pay the extra when the missing piece comes along. I'd like to see them get Arrington if they can get him for value, because I think they'll end up with Hawk and those three LB's could improve the backfield and line...and ultimately challenge the defense to improve. Lastly I think Favre will be back and I'd like to see him come back for the farewell tour. He deserves that.

Long live the Pack!!!

Brett Favre is really tarnishing his legendary image by acting like such a little bitch. It's really simple: if he wanted to play it wouldn't take him 5 months to figure it out. Basically, he's already quit in his heart. He's absolutely killing this time and it's time to part ways. If wants to get back the Superbowl so damn bad, he should start by NOT throwing footballs to players wearing the opposing team's jerseys. Step 2 would be to request a trade. We could his contract money to build a better team. He's not bigger than the franchise so he needs to go mow his lawn and suck on crawfish.

Hey Beerkid, Why the hell would Chewy ever think that anyone on his team would publicly support a dude accused of raping a girl on her way home from the prom? Yeah I'm sure Brett was sitting home looking at his daughters thinking yeah Chewy's a sick tight end that makes it alright, I'm a shoe in for the Hall of Fame and I think I'm going to go public and support a dude accused of rape. Nobody on that team came out and supported Chewy because he was wrong. Dude just because you paid some people off don't mean you didn't do it! Stop running your mouth Chew Chew boy nobody had nothing to do with you after that sh*t!

Das - Always Pissed in NorCal

I believe you have come to the wrong city, Mr. James Ringo is now the property of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Quoth Favre... 

From Brett Favre's 9am Press Conference Saturday morning in Tunica, Miss.

Favre Says He Still Hasn't Decided On Future. - MSNBC/AP

“I don’t know why you guys wasted a trip down here. The Packers and I will make a decision at some point soon.”

“Maybe we don’t get back to the Super Bowl, I don’t know that, but I’d like to think we can compete for it,” Favre said. “I want to feel like we can compete for the Super Bowl, not just say that to say it.”

“When I left after the season, yeah, it was tough to be excited about football. But it’s in my blood,” Favre said. “As time has passed, I have forgotten a little about the 4-12 season and think more about the good times. If I decide to come back and play, that’s really what I’m deciding to come back to — the fun.”

Here's the link to OnWisconsin.Com's Audio and Video coverage of the press conference.

Quoth Lombardi...

Tell him to ask me.  I'll give him the answers.

A Pro Football Coach...

A pro football coach walked into the locker room before a game, looked over all his players and said, "I'm not supposed to let you guys know this in advance, but because we have the lowest wonderlic average score in the league, some Reporter is going to try to surprise one of you and ask you a simple math question today.  So we're going to practice first before going out there and this way no one will get their answer wrong.

So the coach turned towards one his star players and said, "Okay, so what's 2 + 2?"

The star player thought for a moment and then he answered, "4?"

"Did you say 4?!?" the coach exclaimed, excited that he got it right.

At that, all the other players on the team began screaming, "Come on coach, give him another chance!"

Friday, April 07, 2006

Green Bay Packers 2006 Schedule 

8/12 @ San Diego Chargers 9:00 pm State
8/19 Atlanta Falcons 7:00 pm State
8/28 @ Cincinnati Bengals 7:00 pm ESPN

Tennessee Titans

3:00 pm


9/10 Chicago Bears 3:15 pm FOX
9/17 New Orleans Saints 12 noon FOX
9/24 @ Detroit Lions 12 noon FOX
10/2 @ Philadelphia Eagles 7:30 pm ESPN
10/8 St. Louis Rams 12 noon FOX
10/15 Open Date 12 noon FOX
10/22 @ Miami Dolphins 12 noon FOX
10/29 Arizona Cardinals 12 noon FOX
11/5 @ Buffalo Bills 12 noon FOX
11/12 @ Minnesota Vikings 12 noon FOX
11/19 New England Patriots 12 noon FOX
11/27 @ Seattle Seahawks 7:30 pm ESPN
12/3 New York Jets 12 noon CBS
12/10 @ San Francisco 49ers 3:05 pm FOX
12/17 Detroit Lions 12 noon FOX
12/21 Minnesota Vikings 7:00 pm NFLN
12/31 @ Chicago Bears 12 noon FOX

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off with DiAGC... 

OK, boys and girls, time out.

I know this is a frustrating time of year for those of us who bleed the Green and Gold. While we all know there is no “off season” any more in the NFL, let’s not get too worked up about what is, and is not, happening with our beloved Packers. I’m here, with your permission, to at least try to be the voice of reason.

Regarding Mr. Ted Thompson, sophomore General Manager: I believe he has a well thought out plan that is predicated on one founding principle: don’t overpay at any position. Just because the new labor agreement gave the Packers and every other GM a salary cap windfall doesn’t mean he is going behave like a ten year old who just found a twenty dollar bill. I hear the cry, “Just sign somebody for cripes sake!”, but here’s a case in point: Charles Woodson. Let’s say you like Mustangs. You have a couple. One’s a strong 1998 model that just seems to get better with age. Fastback. Still looks good. You’ve also got another newer one that you got a pretty good deal on, but it just isn’t the performer you thought it was going to be. You might be in the market for an upgrade.

Now, stay with me, you just hit five numbers in the lottery. Not the jackpot but the hundred thousand dollars. You happen to look on Ebay and there it is, a 1998 GT Mustang SVT Convertible. That thing was HOT when it came out. Bidding is hot. But, it’s been in a couple of accidents, and the last few runs at the strip just aren’t impressive. Plus, it seems like everybody bidding just won the lottery. Well, you’re smarter than that. You know what an aging Mustang SVT convertible is worth so, you took your look, but let somebody else overpay for this one. There will be more Mustangs on the market. And more Corvettes, and more Escalades and even more grocery-getters (that’d be kickers).

Now, this analogy goes all the way back to Wahle and Rivera, because even then Thompson new the salary cap was going to go up just from the new TV deal. I applaud him for sticking to his guns. You’ve got to plan your work and then work your plan.

Another hot-hot-hot button has been the whole Favre-should-just-make-up-his-freaking-mind thing.

A. The $3 million bonus is a non-issue. The rescheduled “deadlines” are bogus. The Packers pay the bonus if Favre is on the roster (under contract) on whatever date, but only if he doesn’t retire before the regular season starts. If he doesn’t retire he will be under (whatever) center for the Packers come September.

B. There’s a lot of speculation about him forcing the issue, trying to get cut so he can go to a “contender”; that Thompson and McCarthy already know he’s coming back and they’re putting up a pre-draft smoke screen; or that Favre doesn’t want to come back to a 4-12 team. First, the 4-12 team is an anomaly. An aberration. The exception to the Favre-Era Rule: Non-losing Season Record. Period. When da Bears went 13-3 a few years back who among us didn’t say, “Ya, well, dats fine fer dis year, but dey’re going to suck like usual next season.” So why wouldn’t we think on the same lines about our Packers after last year’s unusual season.
And he is not trying to force the team to release or trade him. He’s said he would never don a different uniform and I certainly believe him on that count.
Does management know already? Who cares? If he stays they draft a mid-round quarterback, if he retires they draft a mid-round quarterback and find a mid-range veteran and make Aaron Rodgers the designated starter.

C. Mark Chmura’s rant: Chewy, just shut the fuck up. We loved you during the Super Bowl run. We felt for you when you busted your shoulder, but then you got in a hot tub in your underwear at a high school beer party with your old babysitter and got so horned up you dragged her in a bathroom and had your way with her. You are welcome to whatever opinion you have about Favre’s future, but just shut the fuck up.

D. Put a fork in him, he’s done. Well, he’s not an NFL Most Valuable Player any more, that’s given. But let’s look at some statistics (no eye-glazing, I mean it!)

Average touchdown-to-interception ratio was 31 to 19.
Average completion percentage was 65%.
Average yards per season was 3725.
QB ranking by Football Outsiders was 8th in th league.
Passer rating by the NFL was 91.4, 8th in the league.

Does anyone really believe that the 2005 NFL season marks the athletic demise of one of the most consistently high performers at the quarterback position? Just because we’ve seen him perform game after game after game for so many seasons does not mean that he is quarterback-old. Someone, somewhere, some time ago, after some research declared that QBs decline after age thirty-eight. You know what that means: ONE MORE YEAR. ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR!

As you may have heard me say before, I hope Brett Favre declares that he is coming back for the 2006 season and it will be his last. I can’t wait to watch all the Favre haters “enjoy” the Farewell Tour.


Duane in Almost God’s Country


Don Pierson Article:  Finally a writer who gets it! Most of the so called “experts” out there should not be in charge of a broom, no less a sports column.

Favre, Packers in no-win situation

Packer fan in NashVegas

Here's another Don Pierson Article from 2004 - This is why it's surprising to NOT see the same attitude this year from #4.

Favre won't back off

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Mark Chumura is a ***. He should ** **** another high school girl ***** **'* ***.

great site you have, been visiting it for years.


It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Listen, I was a big fan of Mark Chmura's, great player, stuck it out on the Packer bench in the early year's and then developed into one of the best TE's that was playing the game at the time.  But it was only himself who placed himself into the position that led to his quick exit from game.  It forced the Packers to draft Bubba Franks in the 1st round that year, lucky for us that worked out very well.  So now out of the blue we see that Mark is whipping out the "he didn't call me" and "he's selfish" talk on Brett Favre's current lack of decision on returning to play another year, to resurrect himself back into the Packer family, but calling Brett out... Shit, I don't even know what to say about it. 

Brett Favre is the best QB on the team.  How many of you out there are willing to go the-Over on Brett throwing 29 Int's this year?  Not me.  I think it's safe to go with the-Under on that.  Last year was an anomaly.  Our new coach, Mike McCarthy won't allow it to happen, which makes it hard to explain why the last coach didn't step in and stop it.  Benching #4 last year during the INT run might have gone a long way to settling our current situation with him this year.  Last year Brett actually got excited to come to training camp at the end of summer, of course he wasn't invited to any of the mini-camps, so that might explain why, but will Brett really leave 10 million on the table? 

That's why it's believed that Brett has already told GM Ted Thompson and Head Coach Mike McCarthy that he will be returning.  With all this commotion and subterfuge and confrontational quotes from all the parties involved just leads me to conclude that the Packers are trying to confuse their possible Draft Choice selection at the end of this month. 

Finally, I big yell-out to my half-mexican brother from another mother.  Hey Juan, getting ready for that 1st preseason game against the Chargers?  We are.  I do believe the small handful of us up here in Los Angeles are planning on coming down to San Diego for the game.  So We'll definitely have to get in touch with you and anyone else who might be in town and start a Packer Party.  ¡cervezas para cada uno!  ¡Skoal!

Muchacho de la Cerveza - Still Pack 4 Life!


Beer Kid, After hearing Chewy’s diatribe on how Farvra left him the learch, I almost puked. His neighborhood, alcohol, hot tub and 17 year olds that look/act like they are 21 are a very bad mix. Brett had no choice but to distance him, can’t be hanging with stupid people, not good for the image. During the trial he must have been having flash backs to the days when he, Frankie “Bag O Doughnuts” and Brettina would slippy slide down to Milwaukee on the off days and just tear up the eastside and downtown areas. Booze, Babes and morning arm chewing that these three guys performed were legendary. If you miss the old days that much Chewy, call Blaize Winter and Lester Archambeau to go pick up some chicks.

Can someone tell me how anybody can say that Brettina is a great teammate? Puts the team first? Loves the Green and Gold? Fuck him. I guess that entire hand holding, chin dabbing and ass wiping has finally started to take its toll. I want a winner, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Quit throwing into to triple coverage, make an effort to run 2 yards for a 1st down, change your mindset when you are down to your 23rd Tailback and 8th Wide Receiver. Right now, he is the best we got. In the past I would support and back Brettina in anything. Not anymore.

Two final things:

1. His hostage situation is killing this team in Free Agency. If he would make up his mind, Teddy might be able to sell something other than a 4-12 record.
2. Maybe Javon is on to something? Maybe it is Javon we should be backing and making him feel at home? Yet who knows for all we know, we could be 3 steps away from the haloed days of the late 70’s early 80’s………..

Big Oly 74

Here I am again to say....check out Yahoo sports mailbag, the fans are all over Favre. And yes, I too would like to add another winning season to my legacy if I could! Except to have a legacy, you have to have something extra-ordinary. His name won't last long because he only won 1 SB w/ a #1 defense!!!! His 3 MVP's will keep his name around some. Gosh...Gee....Wizz,,,, We'd all like to walk into Favre's situation with Reggie White calling all the Keith Jackson's and Santana Dotson's of the world to get them to come there. But most QB's are drafted to shitty teams and have to fight their way through it!! Farve got a good deal...just hope he plays out this retirement thing for a few more months and gets all the attention he can get!!! Gotta pad the legacy stats if there's easy pickins!!!! After watching the Pack for 30 years (I liked Dallas the first ten), I look at Reggie as the most awesome and I think Dickey as the most fun!!!! Hey BeerKid......

Long live the Pack!!!!!

Mark Chump-ura, there is a guy with a lot of credibility! He sounds a lot like newt gingrich and tom delay rolled into one. “I’m not going to say this to throw the guy under the bus, but this is a guy from my arrest to my acquittal never called me one time." What a fool. He did throw Favre under the bus, but hey, he prefaced it so all is okay. Chump-ura is a sexual predator. Why would anyone, no less a public figure like Favre, associate himself with Chump-ura then or now? He was acquitted, yes. However, that does not mean he is not guilty, it means a guy with a lot of financial resources, was able to hire the best defense attorney available, and raise doubt in at least one juror’s mind. (All of this playing out after Chump-ura refused to meet President Clinton, because Chump-ura was so disgusted by the President’s behavior.) He is a sleaze and child molester. Farve has done some special things in Wisconsin and Mississippi through his foundation and other activities. Favre has transcended beyond the public life he has as a football player and helped perhaps thousands of unidentified people all without asking for attention or fanfare. Chump-ura basically raped a 16-17 year old. Enough said!


Packer fan in Nash-Vegas

Suck my Chmura you has been. Who cares what you think of Brett Favre. What did you want him to call you up after you been accused of raping a 17 year old and ask you "how was it".

Another thing different subject. The media and their infatuation with the Brett Favre will he or won't he retire. For two years now in every interview he is asked the question "is this your last year?" "are you going to retire?" etc. etc. Don't you think that maybe he gets a little tired of answering that during the seanson when he should be getting questions about the game. And maybe just maybe he and the Packers know if he is going to retire but they are just messing with the hacks and the sports talk idiots and also not showing their hand before the draft.

Now the typical media reaction is "well we are tired of hearing about Brett Favre and he is just doing this for attention" etc. etc. This is how media reacts when they can't get no information to spew on about.

With that being said Chmura shut your pie hole and Brett I can't wait to see you in a Packer uni, next year.

Also a big hi from Nebraska to the gang at Anduzzi's, see you in a few months!!!!!

FIRE THOMPSON! Packer killer, Rivera, Whale, Flanagan, Longwell, Walker, Jackson, and soon to be Favre. Next it will be us fans... Millions to spend for the first time, and he is sitting on his ASS! Allen could have helped, Moulds for 4th round pick come on loser !!! Keshawn ?

Thompson the next Millen!!!! What a loser!!!!!!! Sign someone!

Beerkid, it's the half-mexican from San Diego - Juan, Hola, que tal? Maz cerveza por-favor!

Just read the Chmura article and couldn't agree more. I read the same quote from Favre about cutting him and I too was like man, that dude is playing the prima-donna roll. I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but Fuck Favre! this franchise is way bigger than a any one player, and I don't wan't Favre back. I like the direction the team is going (defensive) and tell stupid to leave his 29 picks at home. I do not care what anyone says, or what excuses he may have 29 picks is a retard in pro football. Worse yet, there were three plays last year, most notably the first Lions gams where Brett Pussy could have run for a TD or at least the first down, but the little b'atch from Southern Miss decided to look gay, and throw a stupid pass for an incompletion. This chump is no John Elway. Brett is too spoiled and weak to even do what Elway did to us in the SuperBowl when he took the shot from Butler to get the first down. Brett won't do that no-more. Those of you who thought Sherman was good - this kind of shit is an example of Shermans lack of leadership. You do not favor anyone above the team - NEVER.

Peace Out Beer Kid - You Da man - Luv the Site.

Remind me again who this Brett Favre guy is please. JUST KIDDDDDDING
Sure as ever the snow in Northern Wisconsin is finally beginning to be HISTORY and Spring looks like its coming. (Our last storm gave us 27" in March)
Woo Hooey...SPRINGTIME. No Bugs yet, no scorching humidity. ---and also, no news on the QB situation.

Keep up your chin Packer Fans. And Happy Easter to everyone, too.


There it is folks......I've been adding my two cents about Favre for a while now. Read the Chmura article in packernet. He says Favre has an ass full of himself too!!!!! Favre's been soaking up this media coverage and this whole retirement thing for a few years now...can't tell me he doesn't like it or he'd say no comment and get this whole stupid thing ended. 30 INT's are rookie QB #'s and the coach should have been on him last year!! He must think himself King Favre!!! Coach can't touch this!! Not good when your old buddies haven't anything nice to say about you. I know I've seen enough Favre retirement stories over the years...I'm about ready to puke!!

Long live the Pack!!!

Confidence is contagious.  So is lack of confidence.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Here's something guaranteed to curl your toe's this weekend.  From Mike Florio's Rumormill Page over at ProFootballTalk.Com:


There's yet another twist in the ongoing confusion regarding the status of Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

Now, Favre will hire a new agent.

And the agent, we hear, is Miami-based Drew Rosenhaus.

A league source tells us that Favre submitted to the NFLPA on Friday a letter terminating his relationship with Bus Cook. Favre is expected to sign a representation agreement with Rosenhaus after the five-day waiting period passes.

The purpose of the move is unclear, since Favre is under contract with the Packers and has expressed no desire to get more money. It's possible that Favre is hoping to play for a team with a better chance of winning in 2006, which he recently has said will be his final NFL season (if, of course, he decides not to retire).

Sounds like Brett would rather be released instead of retiring.  I don't know how all the rest of you feel on this, but I feel if, and a BIG IF it is at that, if any of this is true and Brett Favre has hired the ultimate help-me-get-out-of-here agent.  I feel like I'll be looking at #4 from across a burnt bridge, even on April Fools Day.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Interesting to hear Favre's remarks that he's waiting to see what the team is going to look like and if they've done enough for him to come back for one last year. All this as free agents deciding who to sign with, look at the Packers trying to figure out what they'll be looking like this year not knowing who the QB will even be. Feel like I'm watching "Dumb & Dumber". I think the guy needs to decide for himself, reguardless of anyone or anything, whether or not he wants to make a fairwell trip this year.

Long live the Pack!!!

Cut from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I really like the last sentence. Love your blog.

Sunday, March 19, 2006 - Tony Grossi - Plain Dealer Reporter

True story during Super Bowl week in Detroit:

Willie McGinest and a few acquaintances are squeezed in a crowded elevator in the headquarters hotel. Door opens and Desmond Howard walks in. From the rear of the elevator, McGinest says, "There he is, the man who beat us." (Howard's 99-yard kickoff-return touchdown sealed Green Bay's 35-21 win over New England in Super Bowl XXXI.) Grinning from ear to ear, Howard replies, "All it did was start you guys on your roll." Yes, McGinest eventually experienced three Super Bowl wins with the Patriots. But it was obvious the one loss still burns in his mind.


ok what the fuck is up with Javon Walker is he and idiot, yes he just got off a career threatening injury and he thinks a team will sign him, he is full of himself. I personally hope he dies if he goes to another team. I do think favre will come back, we cant get super mario but we'll get A.J HawK

GO PACK GO-Robbie-Mokena Illinois

Vince (All Packer Alum), Vince, what the hell is going on! The pride to be a Packer is gone. The allure and mystique is gone. Our talent is leaving or demanding trades. Vince, what the hell is going on!

Vince, help us during the free agency. I'm more optimistic in the last few days. Retaining Henderson is a huge plus. We need a good center (Flanagan). And of course, as Ryan Z stated, sign Vinateri for his clutch kicking. Vince, I think I hear you calling.

Vince, we need to have an outstanding draft. Send your wisdom, leadership, anything we'll take it.

John Brockington 42
Teamwork is what the Green Bay Packers were all about. They didn't do it for individual glory. They did it because they loved one another.

These Two Strangers...

are having a drink at a bar. The one orders a beer and drinks it down rightaway and then sighs with pleasure. He immediately walks over to the window jumps out and floats to the ground. A minute later he walks back in and sits down next to the stranger.

The stranger can't believe what he just saw and asks for an explanation.

The other man explains that when ever he drinks this certain kind of beer it makes him feel so good he feels like floating.

The stranger has heard enough and orders the same beer and drinks it right down goes over to the window and jumps out, splatt!!!

The bartender looks over at the guy left at the bar and says, "Superman sometimes you're such an ass".

Hey BeerKid...

I have been looking everywhere, and I can't find what the 2006 nfl draft picks are for Green Bay. I want to know all of Green Bay's picks. If you could find this out, I would be very thankful.


Hey Adam,

Now that the compensatory picks have been giving out, here's the Packers current draft picks.  7 picks in 7 rounds, 2 choices in the 5th, no choices in the 6th round, and I'm pretty sure you still can't trade those extra comp. picks.

R1 - 5th - 5th
R2 - 4th - 36th
R3 - 3rd - 67th
R4 - 7th - 104th
R5 - 6th - 139th
R5 - 33rd - 165th (compensatory)
R7 - 45th - 253rd (compensatory)

You can check out the NFL's Draft Tracker for the rest of the NFL Teams.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!
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