Saturday, May 27, 2006

While We Were Asleep At The Wheel... 

Our 1,000,000th visitor passed through the doors.  Since the early days of 1996 when 20 visitors in 1 day would send us off on a drinking spree for days and days, to the high point when we smacked the Seahawks in the playoffs a few years back when 15,000 of you came to see us one day.  We thank you all.  Now seeing that it's really only about 20 of us that generate all the traffic to Packer Palace by repeatedly visiting over and over and over.  We were forced to sift through the website log wreckage to discover that our one millionth visitor is none other than our friend Sc8.  Which then caused us to immediately toss the yellow flag and declare that we have an ineligible choice for the award on the grounds that he grew up north of Detroit and is a die-hard Lions fan.  Oh he claims the Packers are his 2nd favorite team, and his favorite games to see were when the Packers came to town to play the Lions.  He likes Brett Favre... Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Blah, Blah, Blah.  So after careful review and upon recognizing and considering that he does sit around and party with us when watching Packer games, and he does play alot of the Packer players in his fantasy leagues.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Blah, Blah, Blah.  So after strong consideration we have picked up the yellow flag and declared that an award can and will be honored to:

Packer Palace's 1,000,000th Visitor

is here-by known to be


"My lifelong dream is to go to Lambeau Field, and to have a steak at Brett Favre's Steakhouse... Wait?  What?  I didn't win tickets... WTF!" - Sc8

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Disclaimer: All parting gifts and awards have been negotiated, signed, and coupons redeemed so that above awardee's residence on the living room couch is and has been acknowledged to have been extended well into the Summer.

Vince Lombardi Monument... 

Bay Green, WI - Tired of confused and lost tourists clogging up their secluded and cozy neighborhood in the central Wisconsin wilderness, the citizens of Bay Green Wisconsin are finally fighting back. 

"Everyone keeps coming here and looking for Lambeau Field." 

"It's crazy!  No one can find the city of Green Bay on the map."

"We didn't know what to do, so someone finally suggested we make a big sign showing the way to Green Bay." replied local resident Butch McNally. 

"So all 17 of us got together and we decide to commission a local artist to sculpt the local landmark into a giant Vince Lombardi monument pointing the way to Green Bay."  Unsurprisingly after meeting the local residents involved that "Playing with the dynamite was the best part".

Butch also responded that "It worked for awhile, we were left alone, but now I think more people are coming to find us because of the monument." 

"Guess we'll have to open a little gift shop and take advantage of all the attention." he replied after much further thought. 

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mini-Camp Breakdowns... 

Cliff Christl has a great breakdown on some of his observance's from the 1st, 2nd and now 3rd days of the Green Bay Packers Mini-Camp - Cliff Christl Packer Insider Minicamp Report - Camp 2, Day 3.  Keep scrolling down for more wisdom from Cliff on all 3 days of the Packers mini-camp.

Then go check out Chris Havel and Johnnie Gray with their take on the Packers 1st day of mini-camp over at Packernet's Radio Replay page.  Click on the link for the Sportsline - 05/19/06 show (for me, I still have to wait almost 5 minutes before any audio actually starts to play), skip ahead to about the 15:00 mark and make sure to listen to the interview with Wayne Larrivee that starts at about the 1:28:00 mark.

Finally, head on over to the Packers.Com multimedia page for the after camp practice interviews with Coach Mike McCarthy and many of the players who've been participating.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Some quick notes on the current Packers' mini-camp that's going on:

Rookie OG Daryn Colledge, is in the new O-lineman mold - quick, light, tall, rangey, and having the ability to not only make the 1st block, but to move on and make the 2nd block that the new zone-blocking scheme will demand.

Will Whitticker is playing Left Tackle for the 2nd straight mini-camp due to injuries to Chad Clifton and Adrian Klemm.

Someone quick get Ahmad Carroll his boxing gloves back, after 2 punches thrown at 6-5 WR Ruvell "Gumby" Martin during practice.

Not a complete surprise that S Mark Roman showed up for camp. You know, he's actually still the starting Safety until currently injured Marquand Manuel, or someone else beats him out.

DT Donnell Washington finally gets to practice, and former NY Giant DT Kenderick Allen is looking better and better.

Aaron Rodgers is getting most of the QB reps and seems to be having accuracy trouble with his deep passes.

Here's more detail on Minicamp Report - Camp 2, Day 1 by Packer Insider Cliff Christl over at Packer Plus Online.

It's good to know that WR Donald Driver has always considered himself and played as the No. 1 WR on the Packers over the years.  Now that he's the highest paid WR on the team, everything sort of feels back in balance at that position.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

nice to see driver get this payday, he works his butt off and right beside favre and henderson. he shows you what it means to be a packer. think we all know what ted thompson is doing by giving money to driver and kampman this off-season. you work hard then you get paid well.
If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm.


A Beautiful Young Woman, BeerScout and BeerKid are in a bar when a fly lands in each of their beers.

The Beautiful Young Woman, disgusted, pushes the beer away and demands a new one. 

BeerScout, picks the fly out and keeps drinking. 

BeerKid grabs the fly, squeezes it, and shouts, "Spit it all back out you little bastard!"

Friday, May 19, 2006

Height Chart... 

Thanks to AChilWil for forwarding this gem into us.

Two Weeks Ago Tonight...

F**kin' Windows!!!!  Two weeks ago on a day off I'm busy cranking away on several things on my old plowhorse (Dell P4-1.8ghz 512mb 23lbs) of a laptop that's half of the computer power that keeps Packer Palace alive, throws up the "blue screen of death™" while silently mocking and parroting it's "unknown volume", "unknown volume", error at me.  @#$*@#%#$!!!

Might as well have just shot me with a f**kin' raygun.  I can usually save data and recover information off damaged hard drives... not this time.  Anyway still fumin' and doing my best to recover - been drinkin' Chimay and overplaying Kyuss' Welcome to Sky Valley at overly loud levels.  Nothing like a little Desert Power Rock to help release my computer frustrations.  Neighbors be damned!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

I had the whole week to let the draft settle in.  GM Ted Thompson sure does make the former GM Mike Sherman look so incredibly inept.  Amazing isn't it. 

There were a few of us who got upset with the Packers not using the draft pick acquired from Denver for Javon Walker and using it on WR Chad Jackson, instead trading that pick to NE Patriots and having them draft Jackson.  Well I have a new perspective now, after listening to Chris Havel and Harry Sydney talk about this situation over at Packer Net's Radio Replay Page, just listen to the Sportsline 05/01/06 show.  Basically, WR Greg Jennings that we took later in the 2nd round, has much better hands than Chad Jackson.  So we traded down and took a better pass-catching WR.  Fine.  We'll see how that works out in the long run.  Even though GM TT's whirlwind tribble-spawning draft last week left us dazed and confused, after a week of contemplation, we like what the Packers have done.  Go Pack!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!  Party Hearty!  Remember, when you drink, always drink in heavy moderation and take alternate transportation home, the only wheel you should be gripping at the end of day of drinking is the white porcelain bowl in your bathroom.  Skoal!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Hey Beerkid, I was actually pretty pleased with the way the draft went this year. Now we'll only have to wait about 2-3 years to see if any of the O-Line prospects pan out. It seems like it takes about that long to develop players at that position. That's why I would have rather went through free agentency to fill those positions on the roster. Rooks always get beat in the trench.

I was pissed about not taking Chad Jackson. I was screaming at the TV, "TAKE JACKSON YOU MORON, TAKE HIM, FRUIT CAKE TEDDY, TAKE HIM... JACKSON...AHHHH" . And then we politely traded that pick to New England they took him real quick. They know quality when they see it. He seemed like a player that would have had an immediate impact on the offense and been a perfect replacement for Javon "The Back Stab Man" Walker. I do agree with you that quality rules out over quantity but in the end it always seems like the 5th and 6th round dudes you never heard of end up being studs in the NFL. So maybe with all the big busts that NFL produces it is better to take a tons of guys and see what pans out.

Things are looking up.

Das. in NorCal - DECEMBER 10th, 2006   GREEN BAY 27 SAN FRANCISCO 14   I'll be there.

Chad Jackson? Kidding, right??! All he does is run fast in a straight line. Shitty routes and not physical. MM is going back to a true WCO where Jackson's skills would be useless. Our WRs must: 1. run precise routes; 2. block; 3. have RAC ability. All the things that Jackson does not possess, but which Greg Jennings does.

TT played this draft like a cheap fiddle, like a drunken trollup at bar time... you get the idea!

P.S. I will take Abdul Hodge over Thomas Howard any day of the week.

See Ya,

SW - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

You'd think w/the 5th, 36th and 37th'd have three fine players to add to the team. We have one, anyway. I don't know how big of a gap their is between the top 5 (give or take) difference makers each year and the second tier and the second tier to the guess is alot between the top and second and probably not too much from the second to the rest. But with those picks the Packers had this year, I expected them to have some of the names I've been looking at all week. Then again I don't expect TT worked his way up to a GM in this league because he's an idiot. There is alot that we don't know I guess......We'll see how this draft was a few years from now!! I think the LB corps is in good shape for years to come!! I'd like to see Hawk on the weak side w/Barnett on the strong. I know they picked up a F/A LB and figure Barnett in the middle, but I think that Hodge might be a player and end up middle LB.... I think they've just made themselves a top defense this year!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

The trade to the Rams sucked, we should've got a 4th and 5th not a 4th and 6th. Bar that its been a good draft am happy with the picks as you can tell by the picks from this year and last year Thompson likes to pick players who got something to prove and are hungry for it. Good to see walker GO, Denver get's there T.O. in the end

Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things - blocking and tackling.
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