Friday, June 23, 2006

Off To The Beach... 

During the coming dog days of summer you know where you can find us... at the beach.

BeerScout - Still Pack 4 Life!

At The Grill... 

You might also find us in the backyard hoisting up a few cold ones... Naturally!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Ladies Go To The OTA's... 

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Fütböl - Non-American Style... 

I've been watching the World Cup games in the morning for last week and I tell you, amid all the drama, there's certain aspects to their off-side rules that drive me nuts.  Name another sporting game where if on a 2 on 2 break, all the other defender has to do is run-away from the guy he's defending to automatically make that guy off-side if his team-mate trys to pass to him.  Can you imagine Donald Driver running down the sidelines and his defender chooses to run away and cover someone else and Brett Favre wouldn't be allowed to throw the ball to him, because it would make Donald offside because he took advantage of being un-covered.  Yikes!

Now in my old neighborhood if we had grown up playing Soccer, it would have resembled the Italian-USA match of the other day.  Blood, elbows, disputed calls, and that would have been one of our more polite games.  Which is why its funny when rival criminal gangs in Russia get together for a Rugby match, the Police thought a gang fight was happening.  It took hours to clear up the confusion and a warning to let the Police know the next time they have match.  Almost like us in the old days, though our neighborhood Police interventions only centered around playing in the elementary school front yard well after dark.  That was our edge of suburbia, enough kids on our end of the block to have football games against the kids from the other end of the block.  Tough, down in the dirt type football games, we played in the rain, we played in the first snowfall, we just played.  We played until our size and our weight made the games just to brutal to keep playing without pads.  It was our days of legend and glory.

Still, as I watch Brazil vs. Austria on Univision duke it out to a 0-0 halftime tie, no scoring, no fun.  I can't help but remember that Simpsons episode where Kent Brockman is calling a soccer game in a boring monotone voice, "he passes the ball to some guy, he passes it back, now he passes it to some other guy", and they cut to Spanish language booth and that Announcer is calling the game in a high-drama high-action voice.  I actually noticed something similar the other day with ABC's Al Michaels calling a match in almost that golfing-event hushed tone, and then turning back to Univision's coverage of the same match and hearing that Announcer going crazy like the world-class event he's covering.  Still, I'm not convinced that this non-American Fütböl is worth my time in the long run.  NFL Forever!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

One question for this week:  Who hurt their team more this off-season?  Brett Favre for alledgely taking a long time to make up his mind on returning to the Packers, or Ben Roethlisberger for riding his motorcycle around without a helmet?  My answer is Ben Toothlessberger.

Another question:  Are Packer Fans ready to be villified by other fans when our Offensive Line starts cut-blocking opposing defensive players?  How many players season will be ended prematurely due to one of these type of blocks?  It's always been one of the reasons why I hated Denver so much... (the other SBXXXII reason should be obvious to all)  One thing to consider is the cut-block is a legal block in the NFL.

I had missed that Dorsey Levens retired as a Green Bay Packer a few weeks ago.  You can catch an interview with him by Chris Havel and Harry Sydney over at Packer Net's WDUZ radio replay page.  Click on the Sportsline 6/13/06 show and look for it at the 00:15:45 mark.  Smart move by GM Ted Thompson for allowing this to happen. 

"Green Bay is where my heart is" - Dorsey Levens 

On the same Sportsline 6/13/06 show you can also catch an interview with rookie linebacker A.J. Hawk on his arrival to Green Bay.  It starts at the 1:00:20 mark.

Just some additonal comments on Sc8 becoming our 1,000,000th visitor.  Lemondrop has her suspicions "Woah. Did he break something, or just put a FREEZE frame on ya?"  Short answer, he actually did visit the website on the day in question when Packer Palace probably had it's 1,000,000 visitor come in and check things out.  Our incomplete records pretty much make it an in-exact science, and I had a much funnier picture of him that was originally was going to be used for his award too, but lost that in the hard drive crash a few weeks ago.  So yes, everything was rigged in his favor.

Thanks to all who sent their congrats...

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

F.Y.Finger Award Goes To... 

I can't just sit back and take this crap forever, take a look at what Krupka and Byrne went and published over at Real Football 365:

Krupka's and Byrne's early NFL Preview

31.) Green Bay - Arguably the worst team in the NFL. The front office is becoming a joke, which was evident in its handling of the Javon Walker and Darren Sharper fiascos in recent years. The ridiculous treatment the Packers allow quarterback Brett Favre to put them through, and the strange hiring of Mike McCarthy as the head coach. The only reason to go to Lambeau this season will be to drink beer and see the crumbling of a legend. 27, 28, 29. How many interceptions is that, Brett?

WTF!  Are the Packers really that bad that we are the 2nd worst team in the league going in to this new NFL season?  I can't believe that for a frickin' second.  Yeah, yeah, I can still be rather caustic over the hiring of Mike McCarthy over Jim Bates, and sarcastic on just about everything else the Packers tried to do this off-season, the many failings of GM Ted Thompson are all out there for everyone to see.  But the Packers are going to be worse than last year?  That was 4-12 and 5th worse in the NFL.  I don't know if our coach can coach, but nothing looks that bad on our horizon.  I see the Packers right there at 8-8 and the chance at wild-card spot for the playoffs.  That's far from 2nd to last.  Screw them!  Krupka and Byrne win our Fuck You Finger Award of the week!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser.

What I Did When I Wasn't Thinking... 

...of The Packers.

I spent a Saturday drinking some home-brewed Ale with Kai, Cliff (our generous host), Scott and Flippy.  Of course we were talking Sasquatch all day long.  And we remembered to grill up some Carne Asada over some open flame, perfection. Well, we drank more beer, and we talked more Bigfoot, we ended up drinking alot of beer and talking alot about everyone's adventures out looking for Sasquatch.

You should go check out Flippy's Moped Ride to Seattle.  A very funny story of a young man's dream to ride through the great Pacific Northwest while searching for Bigfoot and learning a few survival skills along the way.  It's over at his website:  And yes, that is a genuine authentic reproduction cast footprint of Patty, the female bigfoot of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. 

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