Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Lull Before The Packer Storm... 

Here I was, lost at sea, floating down amongst the swells, towering walls of water all around, no hope of ever sighting the land of NFL Playoffs, and then a shimmy off the coast of Miami, a Packers win over the Dolphins, and our once unraveling season is now again floating up a giant swell of optimism.  Is that playoff-land I just barely see on the horizon? 

It starts by beating the Arizona Cardinals at home today.  It continues against the Bills with a tough but winnable road game in Buffalo coming up next week.  And as crazy as that all sounds, the Packers are putting themselves in a position to save their season by getting a chance to win 2 games and head into the match-up against the Vikings in Minnesota with an even record of 4-4.  Here comes that surge of optimism that we all felt before the season began, it's time to ride this wave to the playoff promised land.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Quoth Lombardi...

The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Packers Beat Cards... 

Stevens Point Daily Journal
Monday, Oct 15, 1928

Portsmouth Ohio Times
Monday, Oct 5, 1936

Charleston Gazette
Monday, Nov 2, 1942

Great Moments In Packer History...

1929 - After beating the Chicago Cardinals 9-2, 7-6, and then 12-0, the Packers go on to win their 1st NFL Championship Title.

1936 - After beating the Chicago Cardinals 10-7, 24-0 and tying 0-0, the Packers go on to win their 4th NFL Championship Title.

1939 - After beating the Chicago Cardinals 14-10 and 27-20, the Packers go on to win their 5th NFL Championship Title.

1962 - After blanking the St Louis Cardinals 17-0, the Packers go to win their 8th NFL Championship Title.

1967 - After beating the St Louis Cardinals 31-23, the Packers go to win their second Super Bowl and 11th NFL Championship Title.

1982 - After a strike shortened season, the Packers beat the St Louis Cardinals 41-16 in the SuperBowl Playoff Tournament.

2003 - With the Arizona Cardinals amazing come from behind win against the Minnesota Vikings 18-17, the Packers win the NFC North.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Chimay For Me, Chimay For You... 

Packers Win! Packers Win! We beat the lowly Miami Dolphins 34-24.  We were kicked out of our usual wide-screen area of The Daily Pint and forced to crowd in the front corner... but we would do it again.  W.U.S. was on site and filming, that's World's Ultimate Sportsfan, (some lame foosball, pool, shuffleboard, darts, whatever) and they brought in several strippers, ah sorry, that's models, to show off their nice white wife-beater t-shirts.  So our poor lonely sports bar which has usually 7 guys (4 Packers fans, 2 others and a bartender) was overflowed with about 80 people including an all-time high of 11 women(6 models, 3 others, 1 Packer Fan, 1 bartender) that somehow made all the Chimay Triple's taste just a little better than usual.  Combine all that excitement with a Packer win and well, it takes until Monday night to get the fingers typing again... Oh yeah, I only lasted for about 2 hours at work today and it took 3 hours of nap-time this afternoon to get moving again... I blame it on the cold uncooked (maybe, maybe precooked, canned, lead poisoning) chili I had a halftime... Not, I mean definitely not the over abundance of Beer, and absolutely not the Baby Blues Bar-B-Q Memphis Ribs with 'slaw I had post-game that left me wanting much, much more... within walking distance for me, and they deliver.

The whole 3 Stages to wearing your Green N Gold Packer Gear around in public came about last Wednesday at work when I stopped by co-worker Bonnie's office, and after one glance at my bright yellow Packers stencilled t-shirt with the black stocking cap with the G logo on front upon my head, and she wanted to know if I was trying to one-up the Steeler Guy (Shawn) over in video, in spirit appearance, it being a Wednesday afterall, a noticeable non NFL sportsday to even the non-sports aware.  I was pretty much able to explain the whole 3 stage philosophy and how I was down in the 3rd stage somewhere laughing at myself in regards to my Green N Gold daily work wear.  She already knew I was goofball... not hard to jump that up to being a Packer Clown.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


If anybody asks...I gave you Monday off, Beer!!

In expectance of your ill condition due to the sweet Packers Victory.

It takes one to get to two and two to get to three and now bring to Flambeau the sorry Denny Green and his band of desert misfits... in his honor, I think we should 'crown our asses'

Drinks are on me!!!

Packer Wonk in MN

Thanks, I gave your recommendation to my Boss... He's a Bears fan so we will see if it works...

Comments from Ferguson's agent about going on IR.

There's something going on up there," Overstreet (Ferguson's agent) said. "I don't know what it is, but I can tell you this: When he got hurt, he had played three quarters and they had thrown him one ball. Koren Robinson came in, and they threw him eight balls in less than a quarter. So that, to me, speaks volumes.

"I don't know what it is. I know he's a hard worker, but it's definitely something. Maybe it's Brett (Favre). Who knows?"

I can tell you what speaks volumes is having T-Rex arms,continually getting the ball taken away from you by smaller D-backs, always getting hurt, never gaining separation, and having the lowest wonderlic score in years. It is hard to teach a player go have the passion to take the hit, or go up and fight for the ball!! Finally, it is even more difficult to make a dumb guy smart.

To think we had the opportunity to trade this joker!!!! Lets hope the end has come for "Fergie" in Title Town.


Hey Camp, you're right, Fergie's been the ultimate tease since he was drafted in the 2nd round by Ron Wolf, but it sounds like the coaching staff still wants him for next year - yikes!

There IS an answer to our Packer prayers. Today it came in the form of Farve to Driver...Farve to Green, etc. Tsk Tsk OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH !!! What a great day to be a Packer fan, huh Beer Kid?

Packer hugs to all FANS ...oh, ya, you too. :)


Hey BeerKid .. first game I've actually got to watch in a while at home. First thing I noticed... how inept both teams looked!!! Next, I was surprised at how many empty seats there were in the background in the Miami s
Hey BeerKid.....this forum has problems.... take a few minutes and you can't get it sent in time.... I'm not sure what got sent last. Some partial probably made it...........

Who really knows if that comment form works day in and day out, you can't get too wordy or it breaks down which looks like happened to you - twice... so when doubt send an email, we don't publish anyone's email address anyway, and just ask Lemondrop how the slow the turn-around time here is, everything's "slow-club" as we used to say.

Hey BeerKid............ I don't think it's a good idea to force anyone to do something they don't want to do. They'll just have a bad attitude the whole time. That said I like your idea that he should be honoring his contract, like it or not. My thoughts along with that are, since he is being paid for this year, they might find a happy medium and he could consult.......... that wouldn't require too much of him and maybe he wouldn't have to even be around.... maybe just watch some tape at home and send in some reports, etc. Their defense looks like it could use any suggestions it can get!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

We ended up paying Jim Bates off for not reporting to work... It's one thing to be disappointed and quit, it's another to thing to be paid a million dollars to do that.  I like Jim Bates, I wanted him as our head coach, but he's coming off in a less than positive light right now...

The Campbell Soup contest is up and running again this year. The NFL team with the most votes gets Campbell's soup donated to their local community food banks.

The Packers have won the last three years - let's make it 4 years in a row.

You can vote once per day from the same computer. Be sure to share with all your "Packer" friends.

Click away! I can't believe the Steelers and Bengals are ahead of the Pack..... especially the Bengals!

I think last year the Packers had to rally and out click-battle the upstart Steelers and this year the Bengals are trying to one-up their hated rivals the Steelers, and that's left the Packers in backwash at 3rd Place, 3000 votes behnd the Bengals and 15,000 behind the Steelers. Click People Click!


Hey Kid,

A real spirit lifter today, en so?!?


Leon, this spirit is soaring towards the troposphere... 2 wins are better than 1. I'm greedy for more Packer wins.


That was one of the funniest entries (The 3 stages) into the PackerPalace history. I think what makes it so good is that for many of us it is so true!!

Glad to celebrate a Packer victory!!

From one Packer Clown to another "Wear the Green and Gold Proudly" or at least fake it for this year.


Damn BeerKid,

I love that shit about being a Packer clown. I think about that shit too man especially living out here near San Francisco. Winer fans are almost as bad as Queen fans. When their team sucks they don't even care, but they'll always clown your ass about your team sucking ass. What sucks about the deal is because they really truly don't give a fuck about their team you can say whatever you want to them and it don't phase them. But if those fools play the Raiders and win shit man the next day at work you see fucking dusty ass JJ Stokes jerseys, Young, and my personal favorite is the fucker with the T.O. jersey cocking off and flexing. I too am a Packer clown. Taking massive shit.

Fucking love the break down.

Dirty Das.


I see you put the Glick the Can on the web site, but THE PACK is still behind in third place. Please Beer kid put the word out again for the Greatest nation to come and click the can for the PACK. The Cheesehead Nation and the Packer Nation let click every day. The numbers will go up. WE still have the Greatest Football team and we don't want to loss Click the CAN. Let's start Clicking and don't forget to go on and send our Great team on to the Pro Bowl For click the can

For the Pro Bowl:

Thanks Beer kid, together we can click our way to the top.

Lee, Saint Marys, GA

what retard said that the bears win over arizona was bad. that is the greatest come back in nfl history retards. last time i checked that packers cant even win one game so dont say anything about the bears sucking.

I'm pretty much the main and only retard around here... frickin' greatest comeback in Bears history against a crappy team who had you by the balls and then dropped to their hands and knees and stuck their asses up in the air for ya' - that's so lucky the only thing I can say is I hope lightning strikes where you walk. Repeatedly.  :-)

BK..slippin? or what. Its hours past the Packers win, the site hasn't changed. I am worried. BK PHONE HOME!


Like I may have mentioned, it was a Chimay for me, Chimay for you kind of drunken Sunday Packer Game experience... 2 wins baby!!!

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The 3 Stages... 

There are 3 stages to wearing your Green N Gold Packers colors.  Stage 1 is when you expect the Packers to win and they actually do win week to week.  You wear your Green N Gold around to show off your team spirt to the rest of the NFL viewing football world.  Monday through Sunday, easy thing to strut around and be obnoxious and even a little bit arrogant when your team's on top.

Then comes stage 2, that's when you are expecting the Packers to win week to week, but the team is not living up to those expectations.  You only start wearing your colors on Mondays after a Packers win on the previous Sunday, or maybe the Friday before a big game against a long-time foe.  Some of your Packer gear actually starts to gather dust.

But it all comes full circle when stage 3 arrives, now your expectations for the Packers to win week to week fall into the farsical realm of impossibilities, your team is a joke, so you're back to wearing your Green N Gold gear Monday through Sunday just to be funny to the rest of the world.  You've become a Packer Clown.

I'm in stage 3 right now...

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Hey Everyone.....Let's not get too overly excited this year. TT is on a plan and I'm sure he didn't plan to plop four (almost five) rookies into the starting line up and go win the SB this year!!! I'm sure he thought they'd be pushing for a play-off spot or he probably wouldn't have signed Woodson. Who would have thought with adding talent, the defense would have nosedived 20 spots.... I'm sure he thought the defense would keep them in the games until the offense got going a started making the plays to win. That said, loses, while we don't like them, does get them a shot at better studs come draft time. I think TT will do a much better job with his ones than the others in the past... Reynolds, Carroll, etc. And this is what you have, when changes happen. Sherman and Bates would never have been comfortable staying on, as most everyone wouldn't be. So this is what we have, I think personally that next year they make the playoffs and hopefully start pushing their way to the SB from there. As for the bye week, I sure got alot more work done around the house on Sunday, BeeerKid! Hope they sent the DB's and LB's to the jugs machine and receivers meeting for a while. And I hope they make a shit load of popcorn and set those boys down to watch the whole "96" season. Maybe they'll learn something and some will rub off.

Long Live the Pack!!!

PS - Where is last years DB coach, Joe Baker? Maybe they need to put in back in the spot? Shotty baby can hand out Gatorade and spend his free time analyzing the last three years as the Lion's DC, and what went wrong?

Hey Long Lived, this brings up the question of why Lionel Washington wasn't just put in charge of the secondary this year, instead of bringing in Kurt Schottenheimer for the same dual role type coaching assignments that Lionel had last year with Joe Baker.  I have no answer... except by all appearances that last years Lionel and Joe were better than this years Kurt and Lionel.  Don't get me started on the whole Jim Bates thing again with his buyout in the news this week... what ever happened to the "your under contract - get your ass in here in coach the defense" leverage the Packers had over Jim...


Well Beerkid, We all saw this coming ... except for that dumb ass Ted Thompson.

What a waste.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

News from official Packers team site (Oct. 17, 2006) -- Green Bay Packers wide receiver Koren Robinson was suspended without pay for a minimum of one year for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. The league's action came hours after Robinson pleaded not guilty to charges of drunken driving and fleeing police stemming from a high-speed chase in August...

Hey Packer Paul... No, we all saw it coming, we all knew (no matter how deep the Green N Gold hue to our glasses are) that Koren wasn't going to make it through the whole year before being suspended... It just feels more like a double whammy because Robert Ferguson is gone with an injury at the same time.  I'm not quite sure I agree with Brett Favre's line about not allowing suspended players from using the team facilities... but Koren's position coaches should be able/allowed to remain in constant contact with Koren if he wishes it to be so... a year is a long time though.


Hey Beerkid, Check out the uncensored press conference of Denny. Here's the link:

What'd you think they were? I always thought that they were that team that rocks the regular season sometimes and losses in playoffs. Just like the Viqueens. WE GO WE WIN!

Mahi Mahi its what's for supper. Fuck those dudes.

Das. Wolf Nor Cal Ripper

Hey DW, this is much more funnier now that the fired coordinator (and scapegoat for the loss) has filed a grievance against the Cardinals, saying that head coach Denny Green was calling the plays most of the 2nd half.  Denny Green never really won any big games with the Vikings either... Thanks to Radiochelle for also providing the youtube link.


Well-the league finally made it happen
Koren Robinson was suspended for a year
It's not a surprise to anyone but him
Though why that should be isn't very clear

This week the packers travel to play the dolphins
Another one-win team that isn't very good
They'll provide green bay with their second win
Or at the very least they should

Those fins will throw out Joey Harrington
As Daunte Culpeper once more will 'ride the pine'
What a mistake for the dolphins’ management
To believe that his knee was fine

The packers didn't get much time off
Even though they are coming off their 'bye'
Coach McCarthy felt it important to have practice
And it's hard to fault his reasons why

The running game has been spotty
And the passing game has been as well
Has the defense addressed it's problems?
Only time will tell.......

While the Packers should be able to win sunday
If they can survive the stifling Miami heat

Coach Carl

This week's full poem by Coach Carl is available at:


Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

About That Bears Win... 

Now that was one lame 2nd half effort by the Cardinals in last night's game - Arizona Head Coach Denny Green said it best,

"The Bears are who we THOUGHT they were. And that's the way we took the damn field. Now if you wanna crown them, then crown their ass. But they are who we thought they were. And we let them off the hook." 

No shit, but that's Cardinal Football for you.  Bears still Suck!!!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Beerkid, Our team is young and that is reflected by the plays we need to make (both players and coaches). If I were to spin this I would look at our record.

Week #1 -- loss to the Bears -- total domination but (gulp) which team has not been dominated by the Bears. THEY STILL SUCK!

Week #2 -- New Orleans -- One that got away? Against a team that is now on the top of their division. Some times emotion can turn those few plays that make a difference in a game.

Week #3 -- We did what we were supposed to do and beat a team that is less than ours.

Week #4 -- Philadelphia -- lost again to another division leader. A good football that lost a good game to New Orleans

Week #5 -- St Louis -- another division leader. A play here or there again.

In summary, some think our record could easily be 3-2. Youth and inexperience, emotion and passion.

I agree that the young coach needs to do whatever he can to spark some confidence in this team. Put points on the board when you can (bad goal line choice against Philly...even though we were down big). Mike (I call him this since respect is earned not provided in a title) has pulled back the reigns on his HOF gun slinger, but allow him to make crucial plays (3rd and 1) instead of challenging the manhood of your boyish OL. Small steps are required here and when the emotion and confidence start to build, we will see those plays here and there that decide NFL football games will start to go our way.

I think this team can achieve 8-8. We have to turn around the home record. I can see us winning 4 out of the remaining 5 there (Arizona, New England, NY Jets, Lions, and Vikings). 3 out of the last 5 road games is tough considering but a guy has to have hope (Miami, Buffalo, Seattle, MN, and Chicago). That would bring us to 8-8, no playoffs, no division title. But a solid season for the young bucks to learn what it takes to win in the NFL.

Last thing, I think could help...bring Troy Vincent home to WI. If you don't agree we could use an upgrade at Safety, then we should have drinks and discuss it. We loved him as a Badger and he can play here until the end of his career. This is probably not in Ted's plan but he has a 4-year plan and Vincent would be retired by then. Other problem is Vincent probably wants to go to a team that is not going to be 8-8 at best.

Drinks on me!!

Packer Wonk in MN

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Remembering George... 

George W. Calhoun, a man that we here at Packer Palace are trying to model our lives on, the first one to really push the idea of Green Bay Packer Football and heavy drinking.  Here's one for you George!!!  May your name always be remembered in the annals of Packer lore.
  Cal went on the road with the Packers as traveling secretary and publicity man.  He treated the big city sports editors just like he did the boys in John Coppes saloon.  And they ate it up. First thing he'd do when he arrived in town was order multiple cases of beer and cakes of ice and fill his bathtub with both.  Then he'd get on the phone, to Red Smith at the Herald-Tribune, Art Daley at the New York Times.  "The Packers are in town: the beer's in the tub; come on over."

Cal's hotel room would be the mecca for all the famous sports figures while the Packers were in town.  And next day the New York Times would carry a full column by Daley on "The Big Bay Blues, The Professional Lindbergh Team With the College Spirit, The Davids of the Sports World," all spoon-fed to the writer by Cal.  Other pro teams were lucky in those days to get a paragraph in the Times when they came to town.

from the obituary for George W. Calhoun by John Torinus of the Appleton Post-Crescent.

Appleton Post-Crescent
Sunday, Dec 15, 1963

Winnipeg Free Press
Thursday, Dec 28, 1961

Speak Out Spew Off... 

What really bugs me is that on 3rd and 1 play late in the 3rd quarter during the Rams game, we blow it with an overly predictable call (run left for -2 yards) and then have our esteemed head coach Mike McCarthy gives out the "We need to make a play" quote.  Phreakin' Eh!!!  Call a damned play that will give your offense the chance to "make a play".  Don't forget that fiasco at the end of the Eagles game - trying to stuff the ball in on 4 straight goal-line running plays - it failed, it accomplished nothing, call a gawd-damned play fake and throw the ball and maybe your team - the Packers - will finally make that play that wins games.  Act like you can coach.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


stand up and fight! oh yea and cover somebody

Ouch....this one hurt. Again, IF we would have made a few plays, we COULD be 3-2 (St. Louis, New Orleans). BUT...we aren't making those plays, so the fans share in the disappointment.I spent the weekend watching the game in the beautiful Wisconsin Dells. Fall colors, water parks, great supper clubs, etc., etc... The majority of the guests were from Chicago; and I realized something this weekend...while the Bears fans should be happy for themselves and the Bears' success up until now....all they want to do is hang around and proclaim 'the Packers suck.' I remember the 13 (thirteen) year run of above .500 seasons (a superbowl victory and 3 NFC title games mixed in there) where our joy was out of the fact that our team DOMINATED. These Chicago f*cks can only tear down our Packers. Didn't anybody tell them that they are the (gulp) best team in the NFL so far? I understand the confusion associated with playing for a championship...a strong desire to win the LOMBARDI trophy. I don't hear about teams thirsting to win the Halas trophy. Only half the damn teams in the league have a shot at it anyway!Rant...rant...rant...

The Bears Still Suck,

Windy City Packer Fan

P.S. Didn't everybody have the Colts penciled in to win the Super Bowl last year at this time?

...well Beerkid, at least we're better than the Raiders!!

And we're not in last place in the NFC North! The Lions have that distinguished title!

I am still stickin' to my prediction of 9-7. See, I've figured it out. What we are doing is getting our 6 losses out of the way now. (yeah right!)

What's interesting to me is how many teams are members of the '0-4' & '0-5' club....dang! what's goin' on in the NFL?!

Hey Big Ern, I'm working on getting tickets to the SF game, hope to see you there!

Lady K, Packer Club of Hemet, So. Cal.

Who was the other DB 1st or 2nd rounder that was jettisoned last year and picked up by New Orleans I think ? Not a very good draft regardless.

Bill M

You could be referring to Joey Thomas, the CB who couldn't catch a lumbering TE in a 60yd dash... or when told to tackle the WR in the field of play to help run out the clock, picked the guy up and swung him around and out-of-bounds to stop the clock.  Definitely a wasted draft...

Well, we’ve made it to the bye week--and while the Pack is at 1-4, maybe, just maybe this will be the chance for hem to get themselves on-track---- Have a great Sunday off !!

Coach Carl

Although I appreciate the attempt to one up the originator of the Lombardi Shot, you are forgetting the key ingredient to the Pardi. Bacardi! Better late than never.


Bacardi may taste good with everything, even with a soon to be empty glass, but everyone knows I now drink Chimay Triple at every party!

It’s time to go online and vote for the Packers on Chunky Soup’s Click for Cans campaign! The Pack has won the past two years, and the Packer Nation needs to go and vote and make the Pack have a winning season at something! ; )

Heck yeah, I’m Pack 4 Life


Packers are behind the flippin' Bengals. Vote!!!!!!

Not now! Thanks to my 3 votes the Packers are in the lead again!


The game meant nothing, yet it meant everything.

Bart Starr

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Slapped by Prophecy... 

It was there, the game, and the instant before the Packers 3rd and 1 attempt, during that moment before the ball was snapped, the future of the game was revealed in a pang of anguish that was realized by 89% of those watching and 100% of those playing for the defense of the St. Louis Rams was that the Packers were going to call a run off left-tackle that ultimately resulted in a 2 yard loss and tipped the balance of the game and took away any chance the Packers had for winning the game.  Yeah, BeerScout, Rob, Patti and Chris (a Raider fan, but be true to your girl) looked upon me in dismay at my outburst, and the fates revealed the outcome of the game in that instant, prophecy had reached out and slapped me hard.  The game had been lost, no amount of cheering could overcome the karma of that one play when the momentum of the game hung in the balance and the Packers we're lulled into thinking that an off-tackle run would fool and confuse the defense and win the yardage for a first down.  I knew the play, the defense knew the play, most of the free world watching knew the play.  We punted, they scored, we lost.  1 - 4  Packer Reality Bites!!!

I said it a 100 times in the bar (to no one in particular) so I might as well say it here... which Packer player this week gets the "Ahmad Carroll setting Precedent" of being cut for bad play - Charles Woodson?  2 back-to-back penalties and a dropped interception.  Al Harris?  Burned for a TD and another dropped interception at a key moment in the game.  It's not like the Packers won the game so we can overlook the bad play.  You shouldn't start a precedent of cutting players for bad play if your not going to apply it evenly game to game to everyone on the team.

Kudos to Noah Herron for having a great game when the oppurtunity was giving to him.  It was a nice surprise... but 5 positives taken from the game don't mean squat when you lose.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson finally got together and gave Ahmad Carroll the heave-ho and released him from the team.  I don't know, I don't like the way everyone wants Ahamd to be the scape-goat for the loss last week in Philly.  There is absolutely no way that someone on the roster is going replace him and play as effectively.  Everyone around keeps pointing out all the penalites and mis-coverages... but you'd think that someone would already beaten him out for his roster spot.  No one did.  Why?  Ahmad was very fast and very good at tackling.  So I'll be waiting to see how brilliant this fiasco is going to turn out for the Packers - I'll be waiting for this "roster move was beneficial" to be proven to me. 

So for now, don't overlook that this Green Bay Packer Coaching Staff can't play-call a game and making Ahmad the scape-goat for it all is just trying to cover up the fact that the Coaching Staff kept leaving Ahmad out there by himself without any free safety help, that's called bad coaching, that's called not adjusting to the game that unveiling in front of you, that's not NFL-Caliber, but apparently it's the way of Green Bay Packers. 

Another thing, Brett Favre takes a licking and just keeps on ticking.  Whether or not he had pinched nerve or slight concussion... He was still aware enough to notice that even though he wanted to keep trying to play hard and win, his own coaching staff didn't want to give anymore effort in that direction, what else explains having Aaron Rodgers come in and start handing the ball off down by several touchdowns.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


What in The Heck is Goin On Out there!

That's exactly what us inquiring Packer Fans want to know... All we want is a win today against the Rams.

Have you ever played on a team where you are the only player who is any good. I think everyone has been in that position a time or two in their life. I will tell all those that want to sit Brett that he is in a similar situation. He is getting older but he is not the Packers main problem. Those of you that think Mr. Rogers is our savior may be right, but I don't he is better than Brett in 2006. Does Brett try to do too much and win the game by himself? "Yes" I will fault him for that!! Does he have to throw the ball to receivers who might not even suit up on many teams? "Yes" Does he have running backs and receivers who when thrown the ball many times during a game tip the ball up in the air for potential interceptions and at best let it fall hopelessly to the ground? "Yes" Does he have receivers who get little if any separation on routes that may or may not be run the same way twice? "Yes" Does Brett throw into tight coverage? "Yes" because if he didn't many times there would be no one to throw to. Does Brett play for a team that has little or no consistent running game, thus letting your competition sit back knowing you have to throw to move the ball 40 - 50 times a game? "Yes" Do I need to go on? regarding the line, coaching, field position from special team, etc.. etc....

I am not saying Brett does not make mistakes. I am not saying that he is as good a player as he was when he was younger. I am saying this guy is the one thing that keeps many of us Packer faithful believing the flame is not out in Green Bay.

We have watched him play like a gladiator for years. He has played under conditions where many of us would have went home and cried, yet he went out and performed for us. I will tell you that as long has he is willing to put on the Packer jersey I will feel privileged to say I saw Brett Favre play!!


I DO believe in dinosaurs,even though I go to church.I don't believe in the Easter bunnie even though I have personally seen those wierd eggs.We are running into the same problem as last year(s)If Favre won't sit down when he starts that interception BULLSHIT then maybe Mc Carthy needs to grow a sack and sit the man down!?!Also Carrol has been fucking up ever since he got here he needs to be put on a plane with woodson and sent to ANYONE who will give us ONE good defensive player on a bright side Poppinga looked better and my man Hawk did well except for being badly de-cleated on an eagles sweep run earlt on but still did good.Like I said this is football not fairy tale time I'd rather suck and get better next year than semi-suck from NOW ON!!!!!!

BIG ERN said so!!!!!

Hey BeerKid...... Your right!!! Either they are doing some pretty vanilla stuff or they just are just so ineffective doing it, they look bland. A couple things going through my mind as I read about Carroll..... First, did they try to trade him for a draft pick? And I'm afraid to think about the "what if" another team picks him up and has a DB coach that gets him straightened out and he turns into something!!! They fired Shottenheimer once..... they can do it again!!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

The Pack had it! If they could've stopped the game after 2 1/2 quarters; but those damn officials insisted on playing 4!

I saw some positive things in the first half; there is no question we are the youngest team in the league.

To put a different spin on all of the national Favre talk; he is a guy that could easily go to another team if he wished (a contender, for example) You know that any request he made to be traded to a specific team would most likely be granted. However, Brett has stated that he just loves to play, and wants to play for the Pack. That speaks volumes about what the Packers are not only to him, but to all of us. He is clearly one of the players that over their career has become a true Packer, much like us fans. Think of all of the other greats that bounce to a few teams, never really identifying with the franchise they played for. We are lucky to have such a large group of alumni who are proud to say they donned the green and gold.

Oh yeah, I'm still sick of hearing from those bears fans. Isn't it ironic that their ultimate goal is to win the LOMBARDI trophy? That's right, the Halas trophy is awarded for winning the conference....even Seattle has one of those.

The Bears Still Suck

Windy City Packer Fan


where is the passing, rushing, and defence for the packers, actually its never been there

Not since the time of Reggie White and Fritz Shurmur anyway.

Great Packers/rams video!!! Go Curly!!! George is right!!!

Yogi and me are going to over to GB this weekend to see the Pack get back some home field revenge… that playoff game in St. Louie about 5 yrs ago still hurts…

Great rant on the Packers/eagles game. My rant from Jan ‘06 is lookin’ like I’m a Kreskin or something…

Oh ya, Joe Theisman sucks!



Brian, have fun at the game this week, if things go right I'll be wearing the new bright yellow Packer t-shirt from Mom at The Daily Pint while celebrating my birthday.  Frickin' Packers better win the game to make the day complete, Eh.

I agree with you Beerkid, Tony Kornheiser is an asshole. I think he's trying to be the next Howard Cosell or something. Well I have news for you Tony, "you aint no Howard Cosell." The least this asshole could do is buy a frick'n rug, not for his "dome" but for his "pie hole."

Tony (and Ted Thompson) need to GO!


PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.


i my name is joe my favorite website is because its true they do suck, you should go to it i highly recomend it.

The 4-0 Bears have climbed to No. 2 in Vic Carucci's power poll, following their dominant performance on both sides of the ball against the Seahawks in Week 4. Full Story

Video: Week 4 in the NFL | Bears rout Seahawks 37-6

Power Bears


Joe, you jumped the gun on the #2 in the Power Polls, if you waited a day or two you would have noticed that the Bears are no. 1 in several other's, like the "Do the Bears Still Suck" poll where I believe "yes" was the No. 1 choice.

I am looking for some shirts that say "Viqueens Suck" on them. Have any idea where I can get them. Go Packers.

Matt S.

Matt, try these websites...

Hell, I don't know... make your own!
Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.

Great Moments In Packer History... 

1937 - In there first ever meeting the Green Bay Packers torched the Cleveland Rams 35-10 in Cleveland, and then again the following week in Green Bay 35-7.

1944 - After beating the Cleveland Rams 30-21 and 42-7, the Packers go on to win their 6th NFL Championship Title.

1961 - After beating the Los Angeles Rams 35-17 and 24-17, the Packers go on to win their 7th NFL Championship Title.

1962 - After beating the Los Angeles Rams 41-10 and 20-17, the Packers go to win their 8th NFL Championship Title.

1967 - After beating the Los Angeles Rams 41-10 and 20-17, the Packers go to win their first Super Bowl and 10th NFL Championship Title.

1968 - After whipping the Los Angeles Rams 28-7 in the Western Conference Finals, the Packers go on to win their 2nd straight Super Bowl and 11th NFL Championship Title.

1982 - After letting the Los Angeles Rams get out to a 23-0 lead at half-time, the Packers come roaring back and win the game 35-23.

1996 - After smacking the St. Louis Ram 24-9, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl XXXI for their NFL league-leading 12th NFL Championship.

Packers Beat Rams...

Appleton Post-Crescent
Monday, Oct 31, 1938

Sheboygan Press
Monday, Nov 13, 1944

Sheboygan Press
Monday, Oct 22, 1956

Blast From The Past... 

Favre Inside

GB Smoked Ram

Lack Of Ram!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Speak Out Spew Off... 

After a tough first half where Philly allowed the Packers to remain in the game, the Packers finally get blown away as expected 9-31.  Just some quick points on the game:

  • Where's the Pass Rush?  When you have to rush 7 to get some penetration, you do end up with McNabb running for big gains.
  • Ahmad Carroll got picked on repeatedly, he sucks, but he does not suck enough to be kicked off the team.  What?  You're going to tell me that Al Harris, Charles Woodson, Nick Collins, and Marquand Manual played better than Ahmad?  If they did, it wasn't by much.  Nick Collins was 10 steps away from "helping" Ahmad Carroll on that one touchdown pass, that's not much help.  Where was the Pass Rush?
  • Does Brett Favre need glasses?  Why is he always under throwing his WR's by 10 yards.  It would help if David Martin could have made a play on the under thrown ball.
  • Do we really not want the defense to shift around so our young o-line blockers in the middle won't get confused on who they block?  No wonder our offense is at such a disadvantage.  The Packers aren't even trying to create defensive shifts to take advantage of.
  • Can our Blitz's be any more obvious?  The Packers Defense made very few plays in the 2nd half.
  • Our offensive and defensive play calling just plain sucks.
  • Al Harris' cheapshot facemask penalty was uncalled for.  How is that any worse than what Ahmad Carroll does.
  • RB Vernand Morency is making me wish that Samkon Gado (or even Najeh Davenport) was still on the team.
  • I was happy to see Brett Favre pissed off on the sidelines when they pulled him out.  He never gives up and keeps playing hard until the bitter end, no matter how hopeless.  So it was good to see him pissed off that the Coaching Staff had given up on the game.
  • I'll take Joe Theisman by himself over ever having to listen to golf-announcer Mike Tirico and blow-hard Tony Kornheiser again, they're so awful they make Joe sound good.  It was the first time I've seen all of them together, it makes a sad sight for the tradition of Monday Night Football.

    Let's just re-sum up the Packers effort, 1st half, great effort, almost not expected, the score could have been more favorable.  2nd half, The Packers just totally (34 overly offensive swear words deleted by the Editorial Staff) and (another 28 overly defensive swear words deleted)!!!  What else can I say?

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


    Dear Palace,

    I think we can safely say we got out coached. One coach motivated his team at the half and made adjustments, the other coach had his familiar deer in the head lights mask on. We have some apologists in the Milwaukee area who are now carrying water for this debacle of a management and coaching staff. They continue blaming the state of the team on Mike Sherman. I hate to tell everyone but this Packer team is rotten from the top down. I am not one of the people that buy into the fact that to rebuild we needed to drop to this level. All I want to hear is how "Mike and Ted's Excellent Adventure" ends. I am sickened by this chapter of Packer history. I now admit it is time to rebuild and the only way to get off on the right track is to rid ourselves of Mike and TT.

    Live and Die with the Pack


    It does appear that the only place the Packers are rebuilding is the Coaching Staff... and by the way, I used to have to chase this guy around whether it was tackle football on the grass or in the snow, or touch football out in the street, you almost never got your hands on Camp when he put his mind to it.

    Just got back from the game BeerKid... I'm asking myself......where did the shovel pass and screen go?????

    Long Live the Pack!!!

    The Packers are rebuilding, so you'll have to excuse the lack of intelligent play calling by the offense and defensive coaching staffs on the fact that we're rebuilding!  How is Brett Favre going to know what the defense is going to do so when the Packers don't put someone in motion, or move offensive players around, to make the defense shift their players, I believe the idea is to exploit the defense's weakness.  Ummm, not the other way around.

    Hey BeerKid,

    Something is putrid in Packerland!!! I can smell it from miles away. When your "D" drops from 10th to 30th and your pass "D" goes from 1st to 30th... something is wrong. I know those rankings are a little deceiving as the pass "D" wasn't too tested last year, but they've added 3 good players in F/A and another in the draft, with some up and comers already in place.... not to mention this is their second year in the system now. Inexcusable how with all that that they haven't at least stayed about the same, even with the loss of the fiery Bates!!! I noticed that Harris left out Sanders and Shotty Baby as good coaches they have and he's not sure why things aren't going well.... Hmmmm.... Funny thing how the players have been clamoring for that Lionel Washington as DB coach since before losing McKenzie and the Packers keep replacing with a pathetic/unwanted new coach. There's some problems somewhere........

    A couple other things..... Why don't the Pack follow up the hard count with a ball snap? They're getting the "D" to jump, but they don't follow up and the player is able to step back and reset himself again..... Wells tried to catch them last week with almost horrendous results..... poor coaching for the intangibles. Also I wonder if McCarthy spends a little time watching the Sunday games to see how the big boys do it from more of a fan's stand point? I think he could learn alot. Lastly, I'd be extremely surprised to see the Pack stay any closer than within two touchdowns of the Eagles, but then again, I thought Cincy and Seattle would show much much better than they did..............

    Brewskeeeeeeez to ya Kid!!!!!

    Long Live the Pack!!!

    There were several chances for that hard count snap the ball, make them offsides, maybe one of o-lines guys should just stand up when someone jumps offside, that still should make it a neutral-zone infraction on the defense, no need to snap the ball.


    Thanks for the link and the kind words; I'm not nearly worthy. Prediction for tonight: short passing game neutralizes Jimbo Johnson's blitz scheme, opens up some semblance of a running game, Favre goes deep late for TDs to Jennings and Driver. Packers win 34-33 (they'll still make us squirm).


    Us fans sure did "squirm" alot last night, anyway you judge a website on what it's doing in March and April, you weren't annoying your readers with bad jokes and endless words of pre-draft analysis like we were here.
  • I don't think there's a punch-line scheduled, is there?

    Monday, October 02, 2006

    Live-Blogging Tonight's Game... 

    For any of you out there that might be interested, the AOL NFL Sportsblog has brought it to our attention that one of their guys at NFL Fanhouse will be live-blogging tonight's game between the Eagles and Packers.
      In case you're around a computer during tonight's game, Fanhouse is live-blogging the game tonight.

    Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles Live Blog

    Our guy MJD updates his blog throughout the telecast, and it's a little easier to stomach than Joe Theismann. Hah.

    Seth W.

    I totally agree with Seth's comment on Joe Theismann, so I'll will be checking them out tonight while game partying up at BeerScout's house. Eventually we will get around to adding the AOL Packers Sports Blog to our links page. Go Pack!

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Did We Win An Award Again... 

    or something?  Thanks to our soon to be newly acknowledged friends over at the Brats & Beer blog for pointing out that we are "...the most entertaining destination on the Interweb for anyone with a love for the Green & Gold."  Thanks guys we appreciate that.

    They also point out that we have many fans who also contribute to the website, but everyone always overlooks BeerScout and his thousands of hours setting up most of the graphical and storyboard development work.  Thanks to all of you, thanks to BeerScout, and thanks to the crowd over at Brats & Beer for throwing a little "props" our way.

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

    Packers Verses Vikings...

    One of the things said about Brad Childress, was that he seemed a little ‘bland’, and after watching his Vikings’ offense, that’s a little easier to understand.

    While Brad Johnson has been quite accurate, there has been a factor lacking, which of course is making the big play, and getting points from all that attacking.

    The defense has been doing all it can, keeping opposing offenses at bay, but unless they have some scoring support, more games will turn out like Sunday’s.

    The Bills have only won one of their games, but last week looked to finally be on track, running and passing nearly at will, but mistakes kept dragging the Bills’ team back.

    The Buffalo offense is more than ready, to give the Vikings defense lots of trouble, and without an offensive turn around, Minnesota’s problems could be set to double.

    With their backs against the wall, the Packers took on a Lions team, who were feeling just like Green Bay, that a win might just be a dream.

    Well that dream turned into a nightmare, as Brett Favre returned to a younger form, when touchdown passes were quite plentiful, and Packers’ wins were more the norm.

    But true to form that Packers team, couldn’t put the Detroit Lions away, as they had the ball at game’s end, because Ahman Green fumbled it away.

    The Packers now will take on the Eagles, in a game played Monday night, the Eagles have to be anxiously waiting, the chance to put out Green Bay ‘s light.

    Brian Westbrook has been amazing, and Donovan McNabb has been likewise, the Packers’ defense will be hard pressed, to keep up with these guys.

    The Vikes are going to have to score in order to keep up with the Bills, while Philadelphia’s Eagles will exploit, the Packers’ many defensive ills.

    Carl "Gator" Nelson

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