Friday, February 23, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Just some things off the top my head for Packers GM Ted Thompson to consider this morning:

GM TT - You already know this but it's time for some reinforcement, sign DL Cullen Jenkins, at least for 1 year, at least for the 4 years he and is agent seem to want, do not insist on a 6 year deal. Do not release KGB, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla is still needed, there's plenty of cap-room, the defensive pass rush needs him.

GM TT - It's time to extend LB Nick Barnett's contract, wrap him up for a few more years, he's drifted dangerously into that Al Harris "I'm underpaid" realm. He's too good and too reliable to lose. With Barnett, AJ Hawk and Brady Poppinga, the Packers are settled at Linebackers, no need to spend the farm on that Ravens LB Adalius Thomas, but then... no, don't spend the cap money on LB, go fortify other positions, and we're not talking about WR Randy Moss either, we'll wait for Koren Robinson to report.

Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


The bears STILL suck!

BIG ERN said so!!!!

Thanks BIG ERN, we've all said it a million times but nobody's said it better...


Beerkid, I was watching some mid 1990's Packer games the other day and was startled at what kind of a rocket arm Brett had. I have watched every throw he has made since he got to Green Bay, but I never stopped and looked back. Don't get me wrong I will take Brett over any Quarterback ever, even now, but it is really noticeable how his velocity has dropped down a bit. I think it is true with any athletes that your game must change a bit with age. Some aspects for the better, others possibly for the worse. Maybe with some better options at Tight End he will let it fly again like he used to.

Back in the day you could barely see the ball on the TV. Now he looks like other cannon arms around the league, instead of the Gigantic Howitzer he was. I really do think the Vegas odds on the Pack going to the Superbowl are a bargain right now at 24 to 1.

It is really going to suck when Brett retires. Rodgers looks a lot more like Scott Hunter than Bart Starr. I fear we will be right back in the 70'S. Go get em Brett Baby, and please don't make this your last year.


Yo Dave, I agree with you that the Packers will have a very hard time replacing Brett Favre at QB, the Packers got lucky (with Ron Wolf's Insight) that first time, Don Majkowski was decent, but Brett turned out to be better, it wouldn't be safe to count on such luck again. My long-time mantra has always been "You can buy a good coach, you can buy a good defense, you have to get lucky at QB", and nothing better describes the Packers of the middle 90's. Now I get to curse the ground you walk on for making me think about ex-QB Scott Hunter for the last few days... Damn you.



sharing a couple shots of driver at practice the day before the game.

james and baby went :)


Hey Gwyn, thanks for the pics, hope all is well with you and your family - Still living and loving Hawaii?


Beerkid, Looking for some good entertainment? Still relishing the Bears loss in the Superbowl? Want to read about the off season drama with the Bears? Check out blog. I have been posting on it for the last few days, it has been fun! I will say, it is fun to be bantering with the Bears fans.

Check it out, have some fun! The Bears Still Suck,


Yeah, the Bears Still Suck, they can't get a decent QB, won't pay their coach what he's worth, couldn't win the big game... yup, they suck alright, that's why the NFC North will be available for the taking this coming year.

There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again.

Some Rex Jokes...

Researchers at the University of California say that a chemical in male sweat sexually arouses females. Finally, some good news for Chicago Bear QB Rex Grossman.

How cold is it? It is so cold in the Midwest that Chicagoans are shaking like Rex Grossman watching Super Bowl XLI clips.

Maytag recalled 2.3 million dish washing machines. Now the Maytag repairman isn't the loneliest guy on earth, Chicago Bears QB Rex Grossman is.

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 29-17 in a brutal game for Bear quarterback, Rex Grossman. How bad was it? At the end of the day, Kevin Federline's commercial had a higher quarterback rating than Grossman.

The Indianapolis Colts defeated the Chicago Bears 29-17 in a brutal game for Bear quarterback, Rex Grossman. Grossman dropped so many balls he was named an honorary Chicago Cub.

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Packers Joke... 

A Packers fan was driving down a country road when he came upon Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings football players hitchiking on the edge of the road. He told the players to jump in the back of his pick-up truck. He then drove down the dirt road rather fast and lost control of the truck as they were going around a curve, sending the truck into a lake.

The Packers fan scrambled to the surface and swam to the bank. When he looked back at the lake, the three football players were still sitting in the bed of the truck looking frantic. As the truck began sinking the Packers fan yelled for the Lions, Bears and Vikings players to get out truck.

To which they replied, "We're tryin' to get out, but we can't get the dang tailgate open!"

A Vikqueen Joke...

A man walks into a store and says, "I would like a purple hat, purple pants, a yellow sweater, and some white shoes."

The clerk says, "Are you a Vikings fan?"

"Yes," replies the man, "How did you guess, by the color combination?"

"No," answers the clerk, "because this is a hardware store."

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Here's something worth reviewing from last week over at PackerNet.Com's WDUZ Radio Replay page.  It's Sportsline's Chris Havel and Kevin Garthwaite interviewing Green Bay Packers DE Aaron Kampman.  It's their radio show from last week on thursday - Sportsline 2/15/07 - The first segment is mostly Packers talk but you can jump to the 10:30 minute mark to hit the start of Kampman's interview.  Aaron's fresh off his playing in the Pro Bowl out in the Hawaiin Islands.

He spent some time while out there visiting some of the Marines stationed in Hawaii.  He even got to fire off some rounds with a 9mm and an assault rifle on the practice range (we hope) and there is some Packers talk eventually, he mentions that things look exciting for the Packers based on the 4 game winning streak to close the year, thats why Brett Favre has come back to play another year.  With Brett playing again, it's triggering all kinds of positive vibes for the team.  Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Hey Hey Mr. BeerKid............. Two updates in two days, you gettin' in the draft mood??? First things first, you see Denver snatched up Bates a bit ago and they have Carroll and Walker too. Sure wish to hell they'd take Shotty Baby too!!! Draft thoughts I have are TT is going to pick the best player available plain and simple.... he doesn't reach. Then he'll see if he can fill through free agents at a price he likes in the spots where he has needs for them. Alot are picking the Pack to pick a RB 1st and some of the rhetoric has them saying they are picking offense for Favre this year. The truth is that is more likely a smoke screen, cause they are needing DB's. They couldn't even hardly get together a dime unit and the starters are thirty plus, your looking to groom replacements. Manuel was worth a shot, he didn't cost much which is good shopping in my book and if you think the defense at the end of the year is the one that'll show up next year, maybe you do have all your D players and Manuel turns out as a steal. I love Fergy, but I think his time might be up..... Hell of a special teams player (they need that) and received some cheap shots, he's a tough guy. TE Martin gets one year contracts if I were doing it and there'd be roster bonuses for being in the lineup each week, the guy has ALWAYS been hurt!!! They need TE, DB, S, WR, and you can never have too many DE/DT's. So back to the beginning, they have enough needs, he can pick best available on the board. Better quit before my time is up, I hate when I write a long one and it doesn't go through..... waste of time.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Forgot to mention BeerKid....... Glad to see Harris' new contract and like the way it was designed. He didn't want to break the bank, just something fair. The only way it could have worked out better is if they came to him and let him know they were redoing his contract, without him having said anything or even knowing. That said, I used to believe the players should honor their contract that they signed and wondered why they don't just do short ones anyway. The teams can release them whenever they want anyway. But after seeing that Bates and Sherman got paid for doing nothing and about 4 million total, you can't blame the players. They could have added incentives to Walker's contract to allow him to receive pay equal to his play. Then he'd still have to earn them. But as long as teams can tear up contracts at their discreation....... players should be allowed to renegotiate if they're out performing their contract. After all, you hate to be a seventh rounder, starting WR (named Colston) out performing 4/5 of the NFL and get paid in the bottom 5th, especially for the next 3-4 years.

Long Live the Pack!!!
Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

Some Bears Jokes...

Q:  How do Bears Fans practice safe sex?
A:  They get rid of all the animals that kick.

Q:  Why do Bears Fans like smart women?
A:  Opposites attract.

Yo Chicago Bears lovin' Mama's so dumb, she brung a spoon to SUPER BOWL XLI

The Feeling's Mutual... 

Chicago Public School Class Picture

And One Last Joke...

Mark was complaining to an ex-teammate about his first trip to the Super Bowl and how hard it was to get any sleep the night before the big game. "I was awakened at one, two and four in the morning by a drunk cheerleader banging on the door and screaming," he recalled.

"That's terrible," said his ex-teammate. "How'd you ever get any sleep?"

"At five a.m. I finally unlocked the door and let her out," replied Mark.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So Easy, Even A Vikqueens Fan Can Do It... 

Brett does a commercial online here for Bergstrom Automotive:

He pops up and says it... so wait a second for him. "It's so easy, even a VIKINGS FAN can do it!"

Gotta LOVE that guy!!!


*** Special thanks to Lemondrop and also to Michelle for informing us of this funny Bergstrom Automotive's spoof rip-off of Geico's "It's so easy, even a Caveman can do it" commercial in targeting the Vikings with Brett Favre, much to the delight of all us Packers fans.

Thirsty For A Draft... 

It's that time of the year again.  It's time for all the NFL Mock Drafts to start flourishing all over the internet.  This year we have the Green Bay Packers drafting in the 16th position of Round 1. 

This definitely places GM Ted Thompson in his most-favored role, King Trade-maker.  Being in the middle of the round will give the Packers GM some flexibility as he wonders whether to take one of the top 2 RB's, either Adrian Peterson of Oklahoma or Marshawn Lynch out of California.  With Ahman Green getting older, and currently a free-agent, it's time for the Packers to draft a RB. 

Other player positions to consider drafting are going to be at WR, S, DL, TE, hell you can even throw LB and CB in the mix as well.  It's still early in the pre-draft season, and quite a few weeks until the actual draft weekend coming April 28-29th.  So we have time to speculate... Draft a RB, draft a S, draft a WR, or trade down... or sit tight and take the best player on the board, no matter what his position, well excluding QB.  Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


16.  DeMarcus Tyler, DT, North Carolina State.

Pro Football Talk

16.  Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC - Driver and Jennings are solid, but a go to performer has to be found.

48.  Tanard Jackson, DB, Syracuse

Robert Davis - Football's Future

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - A common phenomenon I have noticed in the NFL is teams with lackluster talent somehow finding a way to win a few more games than they probably should, thus taking them out of contention to land the type of elite player in the draft that they still need. Unfortunately for the Cheeseheads I'm afraid that might be the case with Green Bay this year because even though they finished with a .500 record at 8-8 they are still probably among the bottom 5-7 teams in the league when it comes to overall talent. That doesn't mean they can't land an impact player here though and Marshawn Lynch would be a terrific addition to their young offense. Similar in some ways to Laurence Maroney, Lynch has very good size, is a big play threat and some feel he might be equal or even perhaps superior to Adrian Peterson as a prospect. The Packers have plenty of needs though so you can't rule out a wide receiver, a defensive back or a defensive linemen but Lynch is a good value at this point and he could be the long-term heir apparent to Ahman Green.

47.  Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami - A first round talent who will be able to provide immediate help at either safety or cornerback.

Scott Wright - NFL Draft Countdown

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - GB has bigger needs than RB but Ahman Green certainly is not the player that can handle the load anymore. Lynch can make plays with his hands and feet and would instantly upgrade the RB spot and give someone Packer fans can count on for years. This is a match made in heaven and is the ideal situation if the 2 safety prospects are off the board

Olympia Martin - Football's Future

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Lynch is just the kind of electric rb they need on offense to take some of the pressure off Favre. I am pretty sure Favre will be back for at least one more year, and he is gonna need a RB other than Green who is still solid, but not the playmaker he used to be.

Hiero - Football's Future

16.  Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State - Bubba Franks struggled through the worst season of his career in 2006, while David Martin can't stay off the injury report. Miller would be considered a bit of a reach here, but he and Miami's Greg Olsen are considered the only two tight ends likely to create an instant impact. Miller, the better blocker of the two, is also a productive target over the middle and could ease the pressure on a mediocre Green Bay receiving corps.

Rob Rang - The Sports Xchange

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California

Lou Pickney - Draft King

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Analysis: I could easily see the Packers trading this pick away to get multiple picks (possibly a low 1st round pick and a middle 2nd round pick). Lynch is a talented back but off the field problems could keep them away. Also, GM Ted Thompson is all about player character and building a team with multiple draft picks. The Packers would like to draft either Nelson or Landry but it is unlikely that they'll drop this far. If the off the field problems settle out and Lynch is available at #16 expect the packers to select him or trade down.

48.  Zach Miller, TE, Arizona St.

78.  Michael Johnson, S, Arizona

Brian Tollcot - NFL Daily

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Even if Ahman Green returns to Green Bay, the Packers have to look to the future. Its been a long time since Brett Favre could carry a team and until they establish a running game that can take over a game this team isn't going to be a serious contender.

47.  Jon Beason, Outside Linebacker, Miami

Ryan McCrystal - Draft Ace

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Lynch is the complete package. He can pound the ball up the middle and also has the speed to turn the corner and burn by linebackers and d-backs.

One Bar - Draft Season

16.  Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State - A wideout is at the top of Brett Favre's wish-list.

East Coast Sports News

16.  Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU - Injuries to Jennings last year exposed how thin the Packers were at wide receiver. Bowe has a slow burst off the line but excels quickly to excellent top speed, and possesses the strength to break solo tackles in the open field, resulting in big plays.

Sports Outlaw

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - If Lynch is here, like Peterson to Houston, he's gone. With an aging Green, Lynch has the opportunity to step in and be a threat almost instantly, and in all realism, is the best fit for him in the pros right now.


16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California

48.  Michael Griffin, DB, Texas

Great Blue North

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Green is a great player but has had nine hard years in the league and his production has declined.

Draft Daddy

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - RB is the obvious hole on this team. Lynch will be the starter from day one.

Michael Abromowitz - The Football Expert

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Outstanding runner and could go higher come April. Green is aging and Lynch is a homerun hitter that The Pack hasn’t had in a while.

Jared Donnelly - The Football Expert

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - With Ahman Green aging and suffering from injury (and probably gone), it is time that the Packers started tending to the future of their running game. Lynch would be good fit for this team and could help the Packers develop a two man rushing attack which would help them on offense.

Bryan Dietzler - The Football Expert

16.  Reggie Nelson, S, Florida

Joey Bures - The Football Expert

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Could go with Justin Blalock to solidify the offensive line but Lynch is a special player and they can’t pass on him. The total package with size, speed and hands.

AJ Krow - The Football Expert

16.  Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC - Lacks the speed to make impact as downfield threat, but has great hands and runs impeccable routes.

Junk Yard Jake

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - I don't know if Lynch will slip this far because he might be the best running back in this draft. With an aging and often injured Ahman Green, this is a need pick and the Packers will be more than happy to snatch him. They won't be on the clock long with Lynch still on the draft board.

46.  Justin Blalock, OG, Texas

Rob - NFL Draft Site

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Ahman Green rushed for more than 1,000 yards in 2006, but he turns 30 in February. The Packers need to find a long-term replacement as soon as possible. Marshawn Lynch is a steal at No. 15.

46.  Greg Olsen, TE, Miami - Bubba Franks has gotten progressively worse over the past few years, so the Packers could be looking for a tight end on Day 1.

78.  Steve Smith, WR, USC - The Packers need a legitimate No. 3 option at wide receiver; Robert Ferguson just isn't cutting it.

Walter's Football

16.  Marshawn Lynch, RB, California - Ahmad Green will be a FA this year and with his history of injuries and fumbling he likely won't be back as the starter. Lynch replaced J.J. Arrington at Cal and proved to be an even better RB. He runs with power for his size, has good vision and a quick burst. He should keep Farve around for at least one more year.

48.  Greg Olsen, TE, Miami - Bubba Franks just isn't what he used to be as a receiving threat. Olsen is a very capable receiver and run blocker which is good news to the Packers as they need an upgrade in both of those areas.

Bryan Pinkston - Draft Connection

I'm here because we win. You're only here because we win. When we lose, we're gone.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Predictions In Review... 

aka "Reality Bites" back at BeerKid's 2006 Prediction. 

Sure we predicted that the Packers would finish 9-7 with a divisional crown, and they had to win out with 4 straight to make it to 8-8 and 2nd place in the NFC North, plus we had the positions and records of the Lions and Vikes switched around.  Hummpff! Sorry if I shrug my shoulders, but with a glass of beer still firmly within reach, let's do a little review of the predictions that trickled into Packer Palace last August.

The best lines:
   Bears 13-3
Packers 8-8
 Vikings 6-10
    Lions 3-13

Packers 9-7
   Bears 9-7
    Lions 6-10
 Vikings 3-13

"At least use some common sense when you try to sound smart by predicting the season. My advice, put down the beer..."

"Vikings 3-13??? What are you guys smoking??? The Vikes will have another winning season and will have a shot at winning the North."


Dave - St.Louis "Vikes 6-10"

"I wouldn't count the Lions just yet..."

"Packers might start slow due to the relative youth of the team but will end the season with a surge..."
Make sure to come back again this August when we'll throw out this year's exciting bold prediction for the 2007 Green Bay Packers from a smoke-filled room with beers firmly in hand.  Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Update:   Oh let's not forget some of the Magic G-Ball's predictions from last September...

Will the Packer win the NFC North Division this year?
Indications say Yes.

Will the Green Bay Packers finish 9-7 this year?
Consult me later... Don't bet on it!

Will the Minnesota Vikqueens finish 3-13 this year?
Answer unclear, ask later... No.

Do the Detroit Lions have the worst coaching staff in the NFC North Division this year?
Prospect Good.

Do Da' Bears still suck?

It was just as inaccurate and accurate as all the rest of us were... and it's easy to get the Bears Still Suck! part right, no one needs a crystall ball for that.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Surprisingly enough, I actually watched the NFL's Pro-Bowl Game yesterday on CBS.  Packers pro-bowlers DE Aaron Kampman and WR Donald Driver represented well.  It's got to be close to the last all-star game ever played by the NFL, so I almost had to watch, for historical reasons.  QB Drew Brees dislocated his non-throwing elbow during the 2nd series, and luckier still, that amidst all the eased-up play, the occasional hard hit, no one else suffered any serious injuries.  So how long before the NFL just announces it's Pro Bowl Team and doesn't actually play the game?  Soon, would be my guess.

Do the Packers need WR Randy Moss to elevate their offensive game and give the Packers a decent shot at winning games in the playoffs?  Until recently, I might have been a little to gung-ho at bringing Moss in to Green Bay.  BeerScout did a decent job of convincing me otherwise yesterday.  It's mostly about the WR's already on the team, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, umm.. injured Robert Ferguson, umm.. suspended Koren Robinson and ummmm.. Ruvell Martin, Carlyle Holiday and Chris Francies.  Uh-oh, I think I just convinced myself that the Packers don't have a #1 WR on their team.  Let's see, you can make the case that Driver plays like a #1 WR, and he does, no mistake about it, but he's more of #2 guy in the way he can run routes and the way he can position himself all over the field.  Jennings and Ferguson are also "only" a 2nd and 3rd WR kind of guys, and Martin, Francies and Holiday, yeah, some potential maybe to be the 3rd or 4th WR's.  Which leaves us with Koren Robinson, he fits and plays the #1 role, but he's going to miss games and he has to be re-instated by the NFL.  That leaves a huge question mark at WR.

Which is why we have all the Randy Moss talk coursing all-over the Packer Nation.  The Packers need another big-play WR to play opposite Donald Driver, and I don't know if that WR is currently on the team.  But BeerScout did convince me of this... and that's Randy Moss is not it!  Well, at least not without a complete 180 on his past attitudes and behaviors, the non-blocking, the non-running of routes, otherwise he's a big-time, big-play WR who stretches the field and I bet would love that opportunity to run down the field and catch all those hail-mary type passes that QB Brett Favre loves to unleash every once in awhile, oh hell, Brett does it all the time.  The real question is how will Randy ever be able to convince any of us fans that he has done that "complete 180".  Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Hey BeerKid! Long time no talk!! I just have been focusing on my 'walk' and trying to put everything including Packer football in perspective. Battling my sin and the devil is hard but man, I am still always checking out the site.

I had to speak up about the Randy Moss rumors. I have seen so many Packer fans saying they won't watch the Pack if we trade for Moss...Fine, I understand. I know they know his past but put aside their judgements and the chance to win more games for just a moment and think God may have plans for Randy in bringing him to Green Bay. I am not saying he his going to be a Packer, but sometimes the good Lord has other plans...Just maybe Randy is supposed to learn what he needs to learn and just maybe it is everything right about the Packers that is going to teach him this. I personally hope so, not just because he could make us better, but that we will all have a chance to witness the impact that Brett and company will have on this young mans life.

I know we often think sports transcends real life but in reality it is God that transcends our understanding. Here is to compassion and understanding resulting in just more than wins and losses.

Juan in San Diego

Hey Juan... I'm fairly confident that GM TT won't want to inherit Moss's contract as it currently is... so it's 2 things, good behavior by Randy Moss and a re-worked contract.  Nothing wrong with a little a compassion, it was extended to current WR Koren Robinson last year, although he didn't have the personal history baggage against the Packers that Moss has.  It's all about winning now, no matter how much a GM may want to rebuild through the NFL Draft.


Hey BeerKid......... This time of year is almost as exciting as the season. I feel better on Monday mornings though. It's hard to say what this team needs. I think a play making TE and S seem to make a big difference in the good/great teams. Is Collins that guy, was this just his sophmore slump?

First, I think you sign Moss if he seems to have his head on straight. You don't get many opportunities like this. GB is small and all FB, so I think staying out of trouble should be easier.

Second, I'm curious to see if Carroll is starting for Denver after their CB got killed??? Haven't heard anything about him for a long time....... That sets them back a bit.

Draftwise, you can never go wrong with a good DE or DT with the legalization of holding....... I'm sure the Pack will pick a kick returner again around the 3rd. This time with better results hopefully. Maybe you can invite the other guy back again and see if he's gotten things figured out yet. They'll get there....... They will.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey Long Live... remember that S Nick Collins played SS his first year (Mark Roman was FS) and then switched to FS last year when S Marquand Manuel was brought on to the roster.  He's the fastest, best-tackling S on the Packers defense, and they need him to play better this year.  The Packers off-season needs are many, but re-signing DL Cullen Jenkins, drafting a starting RB (I'd love Ahman Green as the 3rd down back) and improved TE play would be the best places to start...


Lets get randy moss,let's sign him for a season,then let's get the title back home where it belongs finally drop randy off at burger-king in kentucky or new mexico and change our phone number and mail him a belt to keep his drawers up.......But lets' WIN first!!!

randyraider pic supplied by DiGiTaLB25BIG ERN said so!!!!


He's NOT the guy--he's a turd, pure and simple. He has only performed at that "monster level" that everyone like to talk about for a very few years early on in his career....for the past few years his bad ankles/feet/attitude have absolutely killed him in the NFL. He's lazy, nasty and a coach-killer.
He disappears in postseason games, and always has. He's talked about changing his stripes in the past but has been unable to do so.....

Why in the world does everybody talk about how he'd come to Green Bay and "change his game, work hard and keep his mouth shut"??

Add to this the fact that he's due to make 21 million in the next two years--and while it's the dumb-ass sort of thing that tt might do, even HE couldn't try to pass this one off.

In fact, looking at the 2006 season, he made 7.5 million, caught 42 balls (for 178,000+ each) and scored an amazing 3 touchdowns (2.5 million each)..while alienating the fans in Oakland. IN OAKLAND !! Where dysfunction is personified, where the concept of "Just win baby" is mouthed by babies in cradles (which would explain why they don't know how to do it anymore) and Al Davis and Elvis share a skybox for most games. He alienated THIS bunch....what would that tell you about how well this would go over in WI??...After all the talk about 'maturity and teamwork' he's just randi--turd deluxe......

and VS: Donald Driver? Check out these stats that I looked up (on my God, I REALLY need a life !!)
Randy Moss - 42 games, 151 catches, 2325 yards, 24 TD's
Donald Driver - 48 games, 262 catches, 3724 yards, 22 TD's
Randy Moss - Upcoming salary for the next Two years - $21,000,000
Donald Driver - Upcoming salary for the next Two years - $5,600,000

110 more catches--and equivalent amount of touchdowns more consistent ability to start/play,

all for roughly 20% of the money.....give me Donald Driver over ms moss ANY day and especially twice on Sundays !!

Coach Carl -


Once you agree upon the price you and your family must pay for success, it enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent's pressure, and the temporary failures.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bears Lose, Bears Lose, Bears Denied!!! 

The fans of the NFL leading 12 NFL Championships Green Bay Packers were able to watch the Super Bowl XLI in mild amusement as the Chicago Bears were unable to get their 10th Championship.  Indianapolis Colts QB and Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning, along with a strong running attack from RB's Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai (with thanks to the Offensive Line) were able to outlast the Duh Bears 29-17 in a rain drenched mistake filled game down in Miami. 

Chicago was led by RB Thomas Jones and a surprisingly very average Chicago defense led by LB's Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher.  Added along with the usual ineptness from QB Rex Grossman during key 4th quarter stretches, allowed Indy to make the ending of this game completely anti-climatic.  Rex's 68.3 QB rating for the game sounds suspiciously like the team's combined IQ score.  Bears lose, Bears lose, Bears lose.  The Bears Still Suck!  Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Thanks again to G-Man for the Bears logo and Bears billboard pics featured on this post.

The Bears Still Suck... 

Holy crap as I swear my way through this "better-lucky-than-good" first quarter I see this broke back garage kiss commercial and realize this "super" bowl is a comedy I feel better and the wings and Anchor Steam beer is on it's way home the man BRETT FAVRE is back, and next year will be dynomite!!! CHEERS to ALL Packer faithfull I LOVE YOU and I yell when ever I see one of us!!!!!!

BIG ERN said so!!!!!!!!

As usual... the Bears offense after the big opeing 92 yard kick-off return for a TD by Devin Hester could manage to score only 10 points, even with the short field, they could only get close enough for a longish 44 yard FG.  Bears Suck! ...and I was drinking Chimay with my wings.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Speak Out Spew Off... SBXLI 

We finally made it.  It's the last NFL Football game of the year and it's Super Bowl XLI time!  It's six hours to kick-off and we're just hanging out and getting ready to get the days festivity's ramped up to maximum levels.  Boo-Yah!

Lot's of questions today, do the Indianapolis Colts have the high-powered offense to go against the Chicago Bears overpowering defense?  Will Bears QB Rex Grossman be able to lead the Bears offense against a decent Colts defense?  Will the Bears defense score?  Will the Bears special teams score?  Will the rain in Miami make any difference on how the game is to be played?  Way too many questions to be answered...

One of the Bears fans at work asked me who I was favoring for the super bowl game, I mentioned that every team I wanted to win in the playoffs so far has lost... his quick reply was "Well, don't you dare cheer for us then."  Heh heheh heh heh I just might because when it comes to Duh Bears, it's my nature to spite...

But it's really going to be the Colts I want to win today, although my cheering is going to be the "against the Bears" type cheering.  You know, heckling and jeering for the Bears to totally turn-out a Turkey type game performance, lay an egg, big zero, Thanks-Giving day all over again, that type of Turkey-Day.  So... Go Colts, Go Peyton, along with an overloud "The Bears Still Suck!"

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

*All pics in this post supplied by G-Man who's spent a busy week having fun with Photoshop... Thanks!

Hey Beerkid!  Long time since I've checked in.  I stop by once a week or so, just don't have too much to write about... you know how it is.


Lookin forward to next season already!

Lady K - Packer Club of Hemet


Well true-belivers we got the man back for at least one more season!No stupid speculation, no bullshit!  Let's play some REAL football!Let the rest of this pay-as-you-play league have thier grossmans and mannings I'll take the dude with real cahones!  My only problem now is the wait till the new season.  Feels like an eternity, but,damn it sure looks good now people!!  Heres to BRETT FAVRE!!!  CHEERS!!!  GO PACK GO!!!

BIG ERN said so!!!!!!!

Yup, it's going to be long off-season of anticipation... Will GM TT build something around Brett for this year?


Has anyone else ever noticed that from the neck up, Peyton Manning looks like a thumb?


I feel like a fog, not that it matters. I've pretty much been doing nothing , but eh. Today was a loss. I haven't gotten much done for a while.

I've just been hanging out doing nothing. I've basically been doing nothing worth mentioning. Shrug. Pretty much not much exciting happening today. Today was a complete loss.

Anonymous Bears Fan!

Oh wait, the above is just some spam email we received this week... but when they mentioned "today being a complete loss" I mistook it for being Bears Fan's writing in with his SuperBowl XLI prediction. ;-)



Well--it’s finally here...21 weeks after the season kicked off, here we are waiting for Super Bowl 41....I’d like to thank you all for putting up with these poems for these months....and we’ll see you all next year !!

Carl ‘Gator’ Nelson

Coach Carl, Thanks for sharing your literary insight with us this year...


Pack vs. Vikes - SB XLI Edition...

Beginning during the 'dog days' of last summer
With days spent sweating under the blazing sun
Every player has been trying to get to Miami
And to play in Super Bowl Forty One

From the AFC comes the Indianapolis Colts
With their famous quarterback Peyton Manning
This year they've managed to hit the 'homer'
after all those years of postseason 'fanning'

They're making it in through the wild card gate
This has only happened eight times before
Four of those teams went home as champions
While the rest were simply shown the door

Indy's team has caused much head-scratching
As they've looked both like champ and clowns
Going undefeated for nine straight weeks
Before faltering as the season was winding down

Chicago's Bears represent the NFC
Following a season with thirteen wins
They won this game a decade ago
And long to be champions once again

Why doesn't the NFC's best record buy
Chicago's blue-collar team much respect?
Truthfully these Bears are still a puzzle
Depending on which Rex Grossman they expect

And quite a quandary he'll present again
Just like he's done throughout this season
He's either very good or simply awful
With no middle ground or rhyme or reason

The rest of the offense is very solid
And their defense is without peer
Those Bear running backs can grind it out
Then hit the speed and disappear


Those Colts just love to change the play
After they have stepped up to the line
Hoping to keep the Bears' defense guessing
And giving Peyton’s' arm a chance to shine

The Colts would love to slip a tight end
Right down the middle of the Bear's zone "D"
Whether Brian Urlacher can keep him contained
Will become one of this game's bigger keys

Indianapolis will try to run - and fail
As the Bears will crush them at the line
While the Colts' inability to stop the run
Will cost them big this time

Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning
Surely feel their time to shine is due
But take the Bears - they'll win this game
And the Colts will go home feeling blue

Coach Carl

Quoth Lombardi...

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious.

Brett's Back... 

As announced earlier this week... Brett Favre has decided to return for his 16th year with the Packers (17th in NFL) and go for his 222nd consecutive start at QB and to break Dan Marino's TD record and George Blanda's INT record. 

We here at Packer Palace have always felt that #4 has had some kind of inter-changeable cloned body thing going on behind the Packers scene.  Indeed, how else has #4 been able to withstand a career long beating but able and wanting to keep on playing?  Maybe it's his bayou blood.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!
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