Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quoth Lombardi... 

Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

TT Presents... 

The 2007 Green Bay Packers... Already pre-assembled, no free agency action required!

Unless there's some big secret plan to trade for RB Michael Turner of the San Diego Chargers, or a trade and a re-worked contract for WR Randy Moss of the Oakland Raiders, the Green Bay Packers with "one trick pony" general manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy have chosen to sit back and wait for the NFL Draft coming up at the end of April.  The one free agent signing, CB Frank Walker previously of the NY Giants to basically come in and be the nickel CB and to play on special teams.  Anything that keeps DB Patrick Dendy (with his lack of penalties put aside, was not an upgrade to departed DB Ahmad Carroll) back on the bench is a solid acquisition in my book.

But where are the Packers making the moves to upgrade at running back?  I'd love for the Packers to get the chance to take RB's Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch in the first round however unlikely, but my Packer tuned spidey-sense is telling me TT is going to rely on a some mysterious 3rd round pick who got 2 questions right on a paper test.  That leaves me assuming that the current stable of RB's, a "Rookie to be name later", Vernand Morency, Noah Herron, Brandon Miree, Arliss Beach and P.J. Pope are the answer to be Ahman Green's replacement.  That's a stretch... and like many of you, I'm not comfortable having my green and gold beliefs stretched that far.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Hey BeerKid,

Headlines for Packers, "Free-agent story stays the same"

Yea, I like the Packer fans that don't want to overspend in free agency. I think we are pretty much good to go at tight end, receiver, and really stacked at running back. I'm not sure there are or were any guys out there who would really help us out. I know we are one of several teams that have signed one or less free agents but we have Favre for another decade so we can take our time, conserve and build through the draft and wait for those REALLY good free agents who are REALLY cheap!!!

Feeling optimistic...

Live and Die with the Pack


Update: Another day and another whiff by the Green Bay Packers in free agency.

Fullback Terrelle Smith, who visited the Packers Tuesday and received an offer later on, has decided to sign a two-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals, his agent, Ryan Tollner said Friday.


If you want to see why the Packers have gone down hill, see the attached excel file. Especially from 2000 to 2004. Ugly stuff.


To summarize Frank's excel attachment, from the Packers draft in 2000 (Ron Wolf), we still have Bubba Franks, Chad Clifton, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, and Mark Tauscher.  From 2001 (retiring Wolf), Robert Ferguson.  From 2002 (Mike Sherman), Aaron Kampman.  From 2003 (Sherman), Nick Barnett.  From 2004 (Sherman) it's late rounders Corey Williams and Scott Wells.  From 2005 (Ted Thompson), Aaron Rodgers, Nick Collins, Marviel Underwood, Brady Poppinga, Mike Montgomery and Junius Coston and from 2006 (Thompson), just about everybody who was drafted.  Notable players gone from that list, Javon Walker, Na'll Diggs, Ahmad Carroll, Joey Thomas, B.J. Sander, Jamal Reynolds, Marques Anderson, Najeh Davenport, Craig Nall, Hunter Hillenmeyer, Terrence Murphy and a cast of hundreds.  Some of those were bad draft choices, some are disgruntled players who've moved on, some are injury-related releases and some players were released for reasons that make no sense.


Hey BeerKid...

Been reading all the articles, everyones comments ater articles for a while now, man is it getting old. TT this, TT that. Walker this... Wahle that. All these people posting the woulda, coulda, shoulda post, I can imagine what these dufusses are like in life.

The husband... Honey, the floor doesn't look like it got mopped real clean this time. Not that I'm ever going to mop it, but if I did, I'm sure it'd be much cleaner than that! Can you redo it?

The janitor at the courthouse... As the lawyer walks by, "hey lawyer guy, I've been watching all the news on TV about your case. I know exactly what you should do. I think you should plead insanity instead of not guilty".

I'm sure TT, Harlan, etc. have to get tired of all the experts telling them what they should do. Don't imagine all the mouths out there allow people without knowledge in there job, tell them how to do theirs!!! Hey mouths, I heard they are sending out questionaires soon to everyone in Wisc. so they can get a consensus and then TT and Co. will know what to do.....

Cause I read in the news the other day that they finally admitted they have no idea what they are doing and would really appreciate if the know-it-alls out there would help them down the right path!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Newsflash: This just in, the Packers sign every F/A available and are favorites to win the SB! They've actually cancelled the games because on paper, the Pack are just too impossible to beat!!! This time around, they've decided they don't need to play the games.
Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

A few thoughts to add to all those Randy Moss trade rumors that are floating around out there.  First, Raider Owner/GM Al Davis is going to have to come down from his asking price of a 1st rounder for Moss.  Second, Randy Moss is going to have to renegotiate his contract if he gets to join the Packers.  I can't believe in any way that Packers GM Ted Thompson would accept Moss's current salary of 20 million over the next 2 years. 

Now the Raiders are pretty tight against the salary cap right now, they will have to do something eventually if they keep that #1 pick in the draft.  Randy Moss becomes a obvious choice for them to jettison, but once Al's price comes down, and once Randy's price comes down, many other teams are going to get involved instead of just the Packers as it is now.

Now, are the Packers really offering up QB Aaron Rodgers as the bait to get Randy Moss into Green Bay?  Really hard to imagine that, it's been reported that Head Coach Mike McCarthy spends a lot of time with Rodgers, we know it's GM Thompson's first ever pick with the Packers.  Seems unlikely that he is trade bait, of course unless he wants out so he can go and actually play somewhere.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Happy Saint Patrick's Day from Big Ern in Sacramento! It's a GREEN-N-GOLD world baby!!!! I saw a clip on NFL follies that showed the b--rs commiting the longest run in the wrong direction in history, it was against the rams Oct.26th 1953 (I could have the date wrong but hey it's st.paddys day eh?) But still proving the dumpster divers are record setters however pathetic the record. P.S they also fumbled said run on their own one yard line and rams scored the td. GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!

BIG ERN said so!!!!!!!!

Hey Beer Kid, I was rocking the net tonight and found this image of Favre and Manning on the cover of Esquire Mag. I thought that shit was fake a for a quick minute man. Take a look what you think. What a trip man. Have a good one in the off season. Looking forward to the draft.

Das Wolf in NorCal

Amazing how young both Brett and Peyton look... and yes, football does still matter!

Frank Walker...big deal.

We need weapons! We need a back. We need Moss. We needed McMichael. We have Bubba...THE WORST TIGHTEND IN THE NFL!

But it is a big deal, the Packers are no longer sitting on the sidelines during free agency, they're participating!!!  I've felt frustrated that the coaching staff couldn't make the whole Ahmad Carroll fiasco work out, and Patrick Dendy may not commit big mistakes, but I'm not sure he'd be on any other teams roster.  Walker will be a crucial pickup if he can play as the nickel-back, and contribute on special teams.  The only thing I'll say about Bubba Franks, is that he is one of the most un-graceful runners up-or-down the field I've ever seen.

Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things, blocking and tackling.

Beannachtai na feile Padraig... 

Happy St. Patrick's Day

History Of St. Patrick's Day...

St Patrick's Day is celebrated on March 17th in commemoration of that historical figure's act of driving the Norwegians out of Ireland. It seems that centuries ago, many Norwegians came to Ireland to escape the bitterness of the Norwegian winters. Ireland was having a famine at the time and food was very scarce. The Norwegians were eating almost all the fish caught in the sea, leaving the Irish with nothing but potatoes.

St Patrick, taking things into his own hands, decided the Norwegians had to go. Secretly he organized the IRATRION (Irish Republic Army to Rid Ireland of Norwegians). Irish members of IRATRION sabotaged all the power plants in hopes the fish the Norwegians kept in refrigerators would spoil, forcing the Norwegians to a colder climate where their fish would keep. The fish spoiled, all right, but the Norwegians, as everyone knows, thrive on spoiled fish.

Faced with failure, the Irish sneaked into the Norwegians fish storage caves in the dead of night and sprinkled the rotten fish with lye, hoping to poison the Norwegian intruders. But, miraculously, the Norwegians thrived on this new concoction and dubbed the smelly lye-soaked fish "Lutefisk".

Matters became even worse for the Irishmen when the Norwegians started taking over the Irish potato crop and making lefse. Poor St. Patrick was at his wits end, and finally on March 17th, he blew his top and told the Norwegians to go to Hell. And it worked. All the Norwegians left Ireland and moved to Minnesota.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So much to say about so little free agent action coming out from Green Bay that I've gone and come full circle... One of the best headlines from earlier this week was "Green Bay expecting visits from No One", General Manager Ted Thompson is either some brilliant strategist or a total loser, hard to tell. 

I am convinced he wouldn't have made the move to sign Reggie White or made the move to trade a #1 pick for Brett Favre.  That's something to think about really hard, the Green Bay Packers now have GM in charge who's current philosophy of sitting back and letting all the action die down before jumping in to interview 2nd level candidates is... It's for losers!  The Packers may have finished at 8-8 and that may sound competitive, but remember, the Packers were 4-8 and that's more reflective of what kind of team the Packers were last year.

Although there is really nothing happening from the Packers side of things, to catch the day's latest news here's a great website to start at - PackerNet's Daily Articles Page.  As always, Pro Football Talk's Rumor Mill Page as all the latest innuendo and rumors surrounding the NFL.  And if its a true free fall overload mode you're looking for, try checking out the Packers News Forums where the ranting and raving is in epic form this week.  Gawd! It's fun to be a Packers fan.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Beerkid, Why is everybody all ass chapped over the lack of movement by Teddy? Will somebody please tell me who he should have signed? If you can find the Morel out of the pile of crap, please let me know.

Dom Rhodes : We have 4 back up RBs already
C.Dillion: What is he 40?
T.Henry: Some argument, but one good year and 4 crappy ones doesn’t excite me.
A.Green: Sentimental, and by far the best RB available. Ted made the right move here, too much money for 30 yrs. Old??
J. Lewis: C’mon, the dude is 29 going on 37.
McGahee: Cancer in the locker room and mechanical knees can’t be a big help.
Daniel Graham: I dare anybody to argue this ass clown
D.Martin: WTF!! When did this guy turn into Tony Gonzalez????
McMicheal: Never left St. Louis , but he would have filled the “Beating your wife” spot in the lineup.

Here are a couple of guys:
R. Droughns, RB: Best year was with Denver , and the signing of Lewis could make him expendable.
Mike Doss, S: Could be the missing piece in that secondary. Some depth at CB would be nice as well
Dominique Byrd, TE: Young stupid kid that made some mistakes. But, he is quick and has talent. They signed McMicheal, so he might be released.

Oh yeh, they have the 16th pick in the 1st round. Lynch maybe there, but Michael Bush is the steal…. Hang in there Beerkid, crack open a fresh and frosty and enjoy the off season.

Whatever happened to Dave Roller???

Big Oly


BeerKid, Many times I am too critical of TT, but could someone send in a email, phone call, or even smoke signals to Green Bay to let him know the free agent signing period has started. Maybe the man behind the screen, "oh yea, Ted is not the great and powerful OZ" could stop losing players through free agency and sign some players. I don't know if free agency under the TT period means we lose players and replace them with unproven and unheard of backups or it is just a cruel joke for Packer Fans. I am all for building your team through the draft, but there have been some players in free agency that would have helped us now.

Let's hope the radio silence in Green Bay comes to an end soon.

Live and Die for the Pack,


Hey Camp, I kept hearing how free agency was really weak this year and it's a good thing that GM TT let at least 20 players I saw who looked like upgrades at certain positions pass without any consideration, so that must mean that our WR's are going to be Driver, Ferguson, Jennings, and other to be named later, the RB's are going to be Morency, Pope, Beach, Herron, WTF!!!!! This strategy is insane...


Hey BeerKid..........Enjoyed the many times Henderson left a DB laying on the ground by himself after he simply jumped over him, class act. Wished Green could have come back too. But that's the way it is and I have faith in TT. You start wrapping up too much money in a few great players and an injury to one or two of them takes care of your season. The cap makes it even. You have to decide if you want some greats mixed with OK's or goods all around, two deep for injuries. It's a mix and match kind of thing. I hope he wants a good demoralizing defense too. But I think they pound the run blocking into the O-linemen again this off season and get that geared up. And if they have Moss, Robinson (later), Driver and Jennings for receivers, that helps the running game. A couple good draft picks and players, they could be very scary. If the D plays all year lake the last four of last year and the running game churns.

That said, Green was a good back and TT offered him fair money...... I'm not sure, like Henderson, he was quite the right fit though. He wasn't very good at spotting the cut backs and ran up close and behind his lineman. A little bit of a slipped block and an arm would get him. Martin always got hurt when he'd have to play. Not much of a back-up if he can't back up the spot. They really haven't lost much. Morency will shine..... you watch. He's not real big, they could use three of him and rotate some. TE and D in the draft! Might be surprised this year.

Long Live the Pack!!!

It's rumored that the Pack offered Green 5 million to play this year and he went for the 2year money in Houston, heh, Mike Sherman actually may have done the Packers a favor, and I will really miss the solid play of FB William Henderson.  But did you hear that Miami gave TE David Martin 1.5 million bonus to sign... hah hahah hahah ha hah, eh, that's funny stuff.


Beerkid: This sucks. Brett isn't getting any younger and the Packers haven't had many offensive weapons since the mid-90's. We go through the wait last year on Favre and then lose Walker, a legitimate weapon. We replace him with a rookie and our offense sucks. We then go through the annual Brett wait this year, and then we lose Green. Who can TT replace him with? Unless we get McGahee out of Buffalo, there is no one out there that will come close to the production that Green would have given us. Lynch Schminch. If we land him and TT doesn't trade the pick, we get a rookie, who will probably hold out, and won't know the offense until week 7 or 8. Henry just signed with the Broncos, so we have Duckett, Chris Brown, or a fat Jamal Lewis to pick from. Great. Noah Herron and Morency. Great move TT. You summed it up. It isn't your money. Well if it isn't your money, THEN SPEND SOME OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Horn? Are you kidding me? 35 years old. That is 5 years older than Ahman Green. I can outrun Joe Horn. Why not try and land Marc Boerigter? Oh, wait TT tried that already.


Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.

Monday, March 05, 2007

This Baht's Left The Cave... 

Ahman Green has fled the belfry and headed off to join the Houston Texans for a contract that on paper is 4 years 23 million.  It sounds excessive, maybe, and it sure didn't take long after BeerScout's plea for Ahman to consider the Green Bay retirement circuit and the money that can guarantee's after football's over. 

Ahman instead has chosen to head for Texas, where he can join former Packers head coach Mike Sherman.  Good Luck!  And for all of you out there who believe he's an aged old broken down RB that isn't worth that kind of money, I disagree, this is going to hurt the Packers offense, and for what it's worth, everyone in the NFL is overpaid, and GM Ted Thompson should have overpaid to keep Ahman in Green Bay. 
Say... isn't RB Jamal Lewis available...

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Pay Ahman... 

Why retiring as the ALL TIME leading rusher for the Green Bay Packers is worth 10 million over the next 40 years.

Ahman Green is just 45 yards short of an all time Packer record and I want people to know it.

To the Packers. Pay Ahman. Fans WANT to see their favorite players (who've put their butt on the line for years) retire wearing their team's uniform and establish SOME of the glory that Pro Football and the NFL had in the past.

And to Ahman, don't be fooled by a quick couple of million. Retiring as a Packer means you'll have a job (and income) for the rest of your life! I'd bet that could work out to just a few cool million beyond what the Broncos might entice you with.

The Packers need to establish some respect and pay good people who deserve it.


BeerScout - Sasquatch are Real!

Updated Packer Wallpapers... 

  Click on the Photo for the 1280x960 JPEG FREE Wallpaper Offer!

  Click on the Photo for the 1280x960 JPEG FREE Wallpaper Offer!

  Click on the Photo for the 1280x960 JPEG FREE Wallpaper Offer!

I was just messing around one day and came up with these 1280 x 960 re-sized wallpaper images of George Bartell's awesome rendering's of Green Bay Packers Ray Nitchke, Jerry Kramer, and Don Hutson.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!
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