Friday, June 29, 2007

Packers Beat Giants... 


Monday, Jan 1, 1962

Daily Courier

Monday, Dec 31, 1962

Rated R... 

* fucking (4x) * shit (3x)
* pissed (2x) * crack (1x)

We've been Rated R by the system. It's an intricate analysis that has deemed 4 words used several times on the front page enough cause to give us the "R" rating. Go check it out, it's goofy, but it allows you to put in any website's URL and it can give you some analysis on the content of said page, in other words if there are any bad words used there. Here's some other results from Packer Palace's more popular pages.

* hurt (4x) * hell (3x)
* suck (1x)

The Quoth Lombardi Archives some in with a healthy PG rating. Vince was always trying to be inspiring and walk the path, but his "what the hell is going on out here" line would be funnier if it had been "what the fuck is going on out there". Well, maybe not, maybe we'll just leave the master of quotes alone, sounds good to me.

* dead (20x) * dick (6x)
* gun (3x) * ass (2x)
* bastard (2x) * slap (2x)

Now the Joke Archives pages come in with the all dreaded NC-17 rating. All over 6 words, and it's really 5 words because I'm pretty sure that the use of "dick" comes from a few Dick Cheney hunting jokes. Some might say that Dick deserves the NC-17 rating anyway. I don't remember voting... it was one of those alcohol-related incidences.

* dead (28x) * gay (2x)
* asshole (1x)

Nothing less could be expected that the Flog Me Again Vikqueen Archives would come under the NC-17 rating also. All of it deserved no doubt. So be forewarned if you wander into either of these nearly funny pages, they've been rated NC-17.

* hell (1x)

At least some of the pages come up as G-Rated, most notably it's our little shrine in the corner devoted to Sasquatch. I like that, Bigfoot is safe for the whole family. You can believe that.

* ass (3x) * suck (2x)
* slap (1x)

The August 2006 Archives is one of our many monthly archive pages that slip in under the overall rating with a not to harmful and yet safe PG-13 rating. Nothing like a little slap-ass humor to keep everyone enthralled but help keep the censor's away.

Of course now that we all used the bad words again and over again that had been listed above in this post, one might now suspect that Packer Palace will now be bumped officially up to a proud, but legit NC-17 Rating. With your help we earned it. Now, does that make us not-safe for anyone to stop in?

Online Dating
* fucking (5x) * ass (4x) * pissed (3x)
* shoot (2x) * fucks (1x)

Like I said, it's an intricate analysis... And these are all words that I have used many times to describe some the of the non-moves made by the Green Bay Packers this off-season.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day... 

On Halloween's Past... 

Update: Hey Beer Kid, I shot that video of number 4 at Holmgren's house for the Don Beebe Show back in the day. I love to see it over and over again. Those were the days. Hey, if you want a better link to it, I have it up on my Vimeo account. Have a Packer Great day! Go Pack Go!!!

Hamilton AKA Sign Boy (when I lived in Green Bay)

Originally BeerScout found this little gem tucked away on, Packers Halloween Fun. Brett Favre, Don Beebe and Frank Winters visit then current now former Packers head coach Mike Holmgren's house on Halloween Night. The video from YouTube is a bit rough and out of sync, but the story is pretty funny.

With many thanks now going to Hamilton in Edmonton for supplying us with a cleaner version of the video.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life

Quoth Lombardi...

People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Classic Wisconsin... 

Classic Wisconsin's Mike Bie has come out with a new book - It Happened In Wisconsin. One of the many stories from all the different decades of our beloved State's existance is the classic Packers Bears "Instant Replay" game, here's a quick blurb from Mike's website:
Upon Further Review: Four Minutes in Titletown-1989
Forty-one seconds remained. Majkowski would have to pull another desperate play out of thin air. Twice before he lost the ball in scoring position.

Do or die again, this time for the game.

On the next play Majkowski dropped back to pass. The Bears came hard. Majkowski escaped the pocket, his mullet flying. Trace Armstrong gave chase toward the Packers sideline. Majkowksi could hear the 260-pound man behind him. The quarterback started to bring his arm forward, resigned to throwing the pass up for grabs and hoping for the best, when Sterling Sharpe entered the corner of his eye moving left to right. Majkowski cocked his arm, bought another second, and drilled a pass off balance.

Sharpe caught the ball in a den of astonished Bear defenders

Oh yeah, WR Sterling Sharpe caught the ball from QB Don Majkowski and the Packers won that game 14-13. I think that's the Sunday where my friends were hiding the Jaegermeister from me all game, keeping me from drinkin' in my own living room, but it was an awesome win and it triggered great controversy for the Packers Bears rivalry with the "was he over/not over the line of scrimmage when he threw the pass". Does anyone know if the Bears Organization still puts an "asterisk" next to the game? Ditka insisted he always would. LOL.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Packers Beat Steelers... 

The Blizzard, PA
Marion Star, OH

Monday, Oct 8, 1951

The Daily

Monday, Sep 20, 1965

Post Standard
Syracuse, NY

Monday, Dec 25, 1995

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