Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Training Camp News... 

If you're looking for any Packers Training Camp news, here's a few links that may help you out. First off, Packers News.Com (GB Press Gazette) has an Insider Blog that's been centered around the last few days of training camp. Pro Football Talk has some Packers Training Camp News and the reports for all the team camp reports and like always, if you should be starting your viewing day at Packer Net's Article Page, they make it easy to get a quick rundown of the current Packers news.

It's only been a few days, and already concerns are jumping out all over the place. WR Donald Driver couldn't pass the physical because of sore shoulder. What's he been doing the last month? Donald is a one tough mofo who plays hurt all the time, but it raises some concern about his durability for the upcoming year. RB Vernand Morency is already out for 2 weeks because of bruised knee. Backup TE Tory Humphrey broke an ankle and will most likely be gone for the year. These are the skill positions of a team and it makes us wonder what GM Ted Thompson was thinking when he decided that there were no free agents of any quality that could have been brought into G.B. to beef up this Packers team.

It's good to hear that QB Aaron Rodgers appears to be playing well. He didn't get much of chance last year, breaking his ankle in the first real action he saw, but all we have ever said here at Packer Palace is that we're ready for Brett Favre to sit down, the day another QB on the team can outplay him now. Not out play him after 2 years of seasoning at the expense of wins.

Look at what the Denver Broncos did last year, sitting at 7-4 and in the drivers seat for a playoff spot, but yet unhappy with the play of QB Jake Plummer, so they put in rookie Jay Cutler, a lot of potential, but they finish 2-3 and out of playoffs. Do you really think the Denver Fans were excited about getting playing time for Cutler at the expense of winning games and making the playoffs. I wouldn't be, never. That makes its the last thing I want to happen in Green Bay.

Could this be the year that Aaron Rodgers is ready to actually outplay Brett Favre? Probably not quite just yet, but we are starting to reach the tipping point. That's all we ask for, you out perform the man ahead of you on the depth chart, and the fans will back you.

R.I.P. Bill Walsh - your philosophy on how to run an offense certainly has changed Green Bay (via his former assistant and our ex-head coach Mike Holmgren) and the "west coast" offense will never go away. Well, unless you're trying to implement some type light-weight zone blocking scheme, after years of being a power running team.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quoth Lombardi... 

Leaders aren't born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.

Overheard At Training Camp... 

  • That linebacker has rung so many bells he has a fan club consisting entirely of Avon ladies.

  • Our offensive line was so good that even our backs couldn't get through it.

  • Football is a game of inches, and that's how some teams move the ball.

  • Our linebacker is so strong he can pitch horseshoes while they're still on the horse.

  • We play in a dome stadium. We always prefer to kick with the air-conditioning at our backs.

  • Football is a game when 22 big, strong players run around like crazy for two hours while 50,000 people who really need the exercise sit in the stands and watch them.

  • The coach says his favorite play is the one where one of our players pitches the ball back to the official after he has scored a touchdown.

  • Pro linemen are so huge that it takes just four of them to make a dozen.

  • Our players have a lot on the ball. Unfortunately, it's never their hands.

  • We were in a really tough game. Our quarterback started praying, and we heard a distant voice say, "Please don't include me in this."

  • The place kicker missed his attempt at a field goal. He was so angry, he went to kick himself and missed again.

  • They call it their nickel defense, because that's what it's worth.

  • I knew that he was on steroids. His I.Q. and neck size were the same number.

  • Old quarterbacks never die. They just pass away.

  • We have so many players on the disabled list the team bus can park in a handicapped space.

  • This team employs their famous "Doughnut Defense" the one with the big hole in the middle.

  • This year I can assure you that we are going to move the ball. I just hope that it's forward.

  • The only way they can gain yardage is to run their game films backward.

  • He retired due to illness and fatigue. The fans were sick and tired of his coaching.

Thanks to Jokes N Jokes for sourcing the smiles... Encore, originally posted on August 1st, 2006.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quoth Lombardi... 

We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So we finally made it through the last dog days (no Vick pun intended) of summer and now the NFL Training Camps are starting to open. Yes, finally, football is here. The itch can be scratched, player fortunes made and lost, team fortunes gambled, so which fortunes will be lost. The Packers are going to be one of the youngest teams in the league again this year. But as always, will that translate into enough wins to gain the playoffs. It's been nothing since that playoff humilation at Lambeau Field the Vikqueens put on us 3 years ago. Maybe this training camp will reveal to us fans on what kind of talent the Packers have this year. You always have to hope for the best, now will GM Ted Thompson's lack of movement during the off-season be enough to get the Packers into the playoffs. Time will tell, i can't hardly wait.

Be Pack 4 Life!


Hey BeerKid!

Well, once again the TC season approaches. Some predictions from your fellow Water Street stumbler:

James Jones will eventually earn the #3 spot……if not to begin the season, then during. His game will remind many of Sterling Sharpe. Throw him an 8 yard pass, watch the first defender be manhandled off at contact, where he then gains an extra bunch of yardage. Also, hands like butter, and strong taking the ball out of the sky. This guy will excite.

I believe that Brandon Jackson will also contribute significantly. Sweet feet, great moves and vision. But watch for an inspired DeShawn Wynn to be the power back we desperately need.

Frank Walker will solidify the nickel/dime package, and deliver some big hits along the way.

I look for our defense to build upon last year’s finish and be one of the better in the league by year’ end. The DL and LBs will create opportunities for the secondary with their aggressive play.

O-line will be the most improved aspect of the team. A season under their belts, and an off-season of strength and conditioning will have this group opening things up for us.

Favre will play one to two more years after this season.

Hope all is well out your way…drink a Chimay and enjoy the pre-season.

Scott – “Formerly Drunk On Water Street”

I always like the young guys on the Packers roster, I just excited about my belief that it's not going to be enough to get to the post-season. Many of them will have to step way, way up for the Packers to be competetive this year.


Lemondrop here, wilted, but TG for AC..?... in Northern WI.
Taken today...

and then this...

only green turf spot found in my lawn. Lord, HELP us. Even the Great Lake Superior is evaporating.

BRING ON the BEST 1 of the 4 seasons we are s'posed to have here... FALL... FOOTBALL... and the Green Bay Packers!


Please HURRY!


Stay cool Lemondrop, drink plenty of beverages, most of them alcoholic, and soon the Packers will be here along with the cooler weather, well, after August is over anyway.

Even as hot as it is in july the bears still suck!

BIG ERN said so!!!!!

Hey Big Ern, some traditional sayings will just never go away, and those are the same one's I like hearing every day of my life... so yes, da' Bears Still Suck! no matter what the temperature.

I want more bickering between beer kid and scout!!!

is that air your breathing

Quit encouraging trouble, I know who you are...

lions will win 50 games in the new 17 game format! over the next 20 seasons.


Here you are again, If I didn't know better I would guess you're related to demented Matt Millen of the Lions, that's a big black mark against you, but at least your predictions are more realistic than QB Jon Kitna's.

Hey Beer Kid, Until I seen this I never realized that having Meathead Mike around was actually
kind of fun and very entertaining and just so easy. Check out Meathead Mike in this Seahawks Rookie video I found over at the Kissing Suzy Kober blog. Fucking Mike and the nuthuggers.


So fucking funny man. Have an excellent 4th. I'M DRINKING BEER!

Das. Pissed in NorCal

Yeah I miss Mike Holmgren too... he seemed to have the right chaotic I'm almost insane mode that good coaches need to have the players behind him and all on the same page. Mike Sherman's only great moment was when Warren Sapp sucker-blocked Chad Clifton well off the active play, it takes emotion to lead a team. I want to see of it from current head coach Mike McCarthy.


BeerKid, Happy 4th of July Fellow American!!!



Way behind on the emails this month, Happy 4th of July to anyone still celebrating, our fireworks display was in low-level fog clouds, so the we had the frosted glass effect to the display. Oh, yeah I guess I was walking in the waves of the ocean as I was observing all this. Party in Moderation!!!


Beerkid, What happened to Packer Babes? It was really a fun addition to your site.


I never noticed anything wrong with women in Packers jerseys posing, but that was just a link to another website - www.packerbabe.com - and it does look like its gone forever, or he forgot to pay his bill.

Our fearless leader gave an inspirational 19.5 minute speech justifying his slow and unimpressive approach to free agency and unseen need for offensive fire power. I think the following paragraph from the Green Bay Gazette is what will lead me to feeling better about the Thompson strategy and coming season.

"I want you guys to be clear on this, because you're my bosses," Thompson said. "We want to win, and we want to win now. We like where we are, we are getting better, and like I said, through the individual growth of our team, some new additions and just toughness, I think we're going to be fine. We're going to win some games."

What I really like is setting goals that are achievable. "WE ARE GOING TO WIN SOME GAMES"!!! I F------- hope so!!! If we want to win now where is the effort to get some offensive talent on this team??? I am thinking the improvement in "toughness" from short armed , T- Rex Ferguson is going to be amazing this season.

I hope like all Packer fans we do more than win some games. I want to win the division as a goal for a minimum. This guy is like a company trying to play down earning expectations so people find it acceptable when they don't make it. I am thinking the variables such as individual growth and just additional "toughness" will lead to our goals/not!!!!

Again, I hope for the best but this coach needs to be held accountable. If he is successful this season hats off to TED and his defenders. I will live for the PACKERS like I always have and if he leads us to the division title and the playoffs you can tell me I have been to hard on him. If not his slow rebuilding plan needs to be brought to an end. I have a bad feeling with what is going on with Packer management we might be stuck with TED no matter how poorly he performs.

I know I am a broken record on this issue, but I am blown away we continue to do nothing to bring talent to the Frozen Tundra.

Live and Die for the PACK


Hey Camp, TT's "win some games" is a great qualifier for the upcoming season... I'm just about over the lack of off-season the Packers had, and now I'm getting ready to watch the upcoming season unfold. I just hope I'm not watching and rooting for a young team to "win some games" instead well-rounded team that's playoff bound.

Wait, you know if just 8 young players (R.Martin, V.Morency, B.Jackson, M.Underwood, B.Poppinga, J.Harrell, G.Jennings, N.Collins) step up and have above-average performances this year, then the Packers will be post-season bound. Yeah! Aw crap... that line sounds almost crazy, but yet somehow I hope...

Ferguson could get cut this year - he's finally in the position where the Packers get a "net gain" on salary cap space concerning him. With all the young WR's it's finally bye-bye for Robbert is my guess.


BeerKid, The Palace must be restless with the Football season ready to start. I can feel the rumble from Clark Hinkle Field here in RF – 251 miles away.

Joe and I went over to the GBP HOF Induction Ceremony for Robert Brooks and LeRoy Butler. Trip started out on Friday night at the new “Champions Sports Bar” located behind Brett’s Steakhouse. It’s OK, LeRoy, Robert, and Free were there to sign auto’s for $25. Met the “Fence Painter” (aka, Christopher), ya know the guy that paints the fence on Lombardi Avenue with a different saying every year? “Christopher” assured me that the new one will be done for the first home season game on September 9.

Saturday AM, we saw Coach Mike and Uncle Bob at Lambeau, but that was about it. We got to the Ceremony at Lambeau about 4:50 PM. Lotta cool (expensive) stuff on the silent auction. Didn’t see any players or notables until the start of the ceremony. Daryn Colledge signed my new “wedge”.

GBP Offensive Rookie of the Year Greg Jennings and Daryn Colledge.
GBP Defensive Rookie was, of course, AJ Hawk.
Miller Brewing Players of the Year – Donald Driver (DD) and Aaron Kampman

GBP HOF Fan this year was from NJ. He didn’t really seem to be that “excited”. Anyway, Free started off with the introduction of Brooks. He did a nice job with a few laughs mixed in. He’s gotten a lot better about respecting the GBP organization in the past couple years. Brooks gave a nice speech, kinda serious. He talked about how he took Free under his wing and stuff.

Then John K. Anderson – ESPN, originally from GB, spoke a little, then LeRoy took the stage. He is pretty funny. Told a story about Bobby Bowden coming to see him at his home in the “projects” and getting ruffed-up and falling off the couch. After the ceremony we saw Brooks and John Anderson outside, they signed my wedge and Joe’s helmet.

To top it off on Sunday morning, we stopped over across the East River from Lambeau Field and visited the resting place of Earl “Curly” Lambeau at the Allouez Cemetery. Pics attached. To put it simply, “It was very humbling to see the almost “unmarked” gravesite of a man who has done so much for Green Bay, Wisconsin, the NFL, and football itself”. We paid our respects with a quite moment and a simple “Thanks, Curly”. I urge Packer Fans to stop by when in GB. The Packer history is part of the allure…
All in all, it was good.


Boz & Yogi

Guess “Vick” is the top pick on the Fantasy Dog Fighting League Boards...

Sounds like a great time, thanks for sharing the stop at Curly Lambeau's grave, that's pretty cool, and it's probably a good idea that it's not a well travelled tourist destination. Loved the pic's you sent. Thanks again. I don't have anything nice or decent to say abut Vick, I worked for too many years at animal hospitals and a few emergency animal clinics to ever think that abusing any kind of pet is OK from any perspective. Vick let his property be used for this, he almost had to have financed it all, and it's very telling that his cousin who lived there was not indicted, but more than likely is on the "turned" witness list. Fighting dogs for gambling and enjoyment is one sickening thing, but it goes beyond the pale on how they electrocuted and tortured some of the other dogs there. It's just way beyond the pale of any kind of decent human behavior. For all I care, Michael Vick can just go fuck off!

Quoth Lombardi...

The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

A Word From Our Sponsor...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Recommended Late-Night Reading... 

Tonight on Packer Palace's Recommended Late-Night Reading list we offer to you our extra-special Green and Gold printing of:

Super NFC North Stories, Vol 1.

A fan-friendly collection of football stories, featured in this edition is awe-inspiring tale of one man's vision to face the trials and tribulations that only the NFC-North can provide, and his amazing play at redemption, The Old Man Rises... from our favorite long time QB of the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre.

Also featured in this volume, is the non-inspirational play and single-digit rated junior leaguer from the often bad windy city, duh Bears QB Rex Gross,Man (as often is his play) with a tale that will sure to put you to sleep, Da' Silence of the Da' Bears, no mayhem, no murders, just some drunken ex-players run off the team. This story is recommended by the Sleep Research Society for those nights when you can't get the rest you need, guaranteed to knock you out cold.

More stories to wow and amaze you, the startling story of a another old man's desire to out play them all to claim the crown, The Illusionary Man, this utter fantasy comes from another Motor City Madman, Detroit Lions QB Jon Kitna, the new and improved 50 TD man. Also included is a harrowing mis-adventure tale from the Twin Cities by relatively unknown QB Tavaris Jackson, Do Fear The Reaper. Somehow he's at the controls of the perennial non-Super Bowl appearing Minnesota Vikqueens and don't you dare be afraid of the results, it's the way head coach Brad Childress game plans. Dead Man's curve never looked so good.

Many, many more sensational football stories from the old-time Blackest and Bluest division of NFL Football, the NFC North. It's something that you and your family will cherish for the rest of your lives... Don't wait to Buy Now!

Be Pack 4 Life!

Now A Word From Tonight's Sponsor...

Hey Norm, Pass Me Another Curly's!

Quoth Lombardi... 

If you can accept losing you can't win. If you can walk you can run. No one is ever hurt. Hurt is in your mind.

But, Yeah...

BeerScout, only someone like you, who sees government and media conspiracies around every corner and who is currently off on a "Search For Sasquatch Expedition" (but yet somehow agree's with every non-move made so far this off-season by GM Ted Thompson of the Packers) would notice some alcohol related symbol down in the corner of a poster from the 1950's. Myself, I was just thinking of the drinking of a cold beer and the partying. I'm having the last of those Stone Pale Ale's you left in my 'fridge. Skoal! to the U.S. Brewers Foundation and their Beer Belongs... Enjoy It! philosophy, and well, Skoal! to you too.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yeah but... 

...what's that Masonic-looking wheat chaff and star symbol thing-a-ma-bob in the corner? er, never mind...


Beer Belongs... Enjoy It! 

In this friendly, freedom-loving land of ours... Beer Belongs--Enjoy It!

Beer and Ale - America's Beverages of Moderation. Now that's a sentiment that we here at Packer Palace are totally behind, well as long as the prefix "heavy" is placed in front of the word moderation, so yes, we're completely on board. And did you know that along with an enthusiastic Packer Palace, Beer and Ale is sponsored by the United States Brewers Foundation.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Presenting The "Ice Bowl" 

The legendary Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys "Ice Bowl", at the time a NFL Championship game, is something that I thought that always summed up everything that Packers football and Wisconsin weather can achieve in bone-chilling weather, a Packers win. This game is one of the NFL's greatest ever, so when I ended up gathering some newly found pictures on the internet to go with those found long ago, it was time to bring them to Packer Palace for display. So for your viewing pleasure, click on the above pic for the 4 different angled shots of the play where Bart Starr takes it upon himself and QB sneaked forever his way into Packers history, and 1 great picture of the fans tearing down the goalposts after the game. So Sweet!

Be Pack 4 Life!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

17 Games... 

If the NFL, along with the Green Bay Packers, are seriously considering going to a 17 game season schedule in the now expectant near future, here's some other things that everyone, like all the rest of us, are going to have to consider:

1.) The 17th game is almost going to have to be a NFC-AFC inter-conference game, otherwise you're going to be messing with the Playoff Conference Tie-breakers. If you have one NFC team for example, the Cowboys play the Bronco's, and you have another NFC team, the Packers play the Buccaneers (former NFC Central rivals, I wouldn't be personally against this being the Packers 17th game) this extra game for the Cowboys wouldn't effect the NFC playoff positioning, but it would for both the Packers and Bucc's, it's an imbalance.

2.) Even with the extra game a NFC-AFC matchup, that wouldn't necessary be the game that scheduled for a non-NFL city, whether in the USA or not. The NFL could still provide any game it wanted to from a team's schedule.

3.) Part of the rumored reason for more interest in the extra 17th game is that the NFL Europa experience is over for now, and that makes more interest in milking more revenue from existing sources. Besides, the oversea's interest in actual real NFL games has arrived, Mexico City for certain, probably London and pick any of the German cities. In the USA, you'll have interest from San Antonio, Los Angeles, perhaps the Packers would play there extra game in Milwaukee, although that creates a bit of a home field advantage if a team is still in their general region.

4.) This might also might be the time to have a player's salary be broken out to include not only the extra 17th game, but a "game-check" for attending which ever of the team's mini-camps that designate, you know the drill, where it's 100% voluntary but somehow mandatory for the players to attend. It's time for the players to be paid for this work (you can finally include shoulder pads and light contact) and the team will be able to with hold this money for players who want to sit out or not attend for other reasons.

5.) With another game, the TV Money, the sponsor money, will be a larger pie to work with for salary cap purposes. You could expand the rosters, certainly the game-day roster. The teams are going to need more players to fill in for injured players that will come from extending the season.

6.) I'm not worried so much how about an extra game will effect season records. Eventually, seasonal and individual records is going to have to be based on the number of games averaged in. It's the only way to account for adjustments of the historical 12 game, 14 game and maybe soon to be 16 games seasons of the past, will make to the records book.

So I think that adding the 17th game is a going to be win-win situation for both the NFL League Office and for the Players. I think we Packers fans are going to have no objection either to adding an extra game. There's so many of us that where-ever the NFL sends the Packers to play the Cheddar Nation will be there in force.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Quoth Lombardi...

It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you've got to have is faith and discipline when you're not yet a winner.

Happy 4th Of July... 

Quoth Lombardi...

Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tonight's Featured Presentation... 

Tonight on Packer Palace's Monster Horror Chiller Theatre we are presenting our extra-spectacular Special Extended Green and Gold Edition of:


Featuring none other than our favorite cast of Green Bay Packers. "Who's My Offensive Playmaker Besides Donald" QB Brett Favre, "Asleep At The Master Switch" GM Ted Thompson, "All Energy All The Time, Mr. Excitement" Head Coach Mike McCarthy and What Happened to my Replacement? How's That Again?" CEO Bob Harlan in riveting roles of exciting all encompassing in-action.

Stay tuned as this unusually un-suspenseful titillating Packers off-season careens into a climatic close with the start of Training Camp. With a special guest non-appearances by Randy Moss and many others that can't be named.

Don't miss out, don't even think to blink, it could all be over. So don't miss this very special encore presentation of The Day The Earth Stood Still In Green Bay by Packer Palace's ever lovable sponsors of high quality products, Blitz Beer, Meat Slicers Club Card and Acme Meat Packing.

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Uncle Mike Wants You... 

To Kick Some Ass.

No matter how this off-season went for you and your expectations, you always have to be prepared "to kick some ass" with Uncle Mike and the Green Bay Packers.

So we're incredibly excited to announce that Packer Palace will again for the 11th year in a row be one of the "sort of but not really, and never ever going to be anything close to being Semi" Official Super Bowl Prep Stations for the Green Bay Packers. So do your part in full, and start Super Bowl prepping by constantly quaffing some of your favorite beverages all summer long.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Quoth Lombardi... 

Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.
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