Sunday, September 30, 2007

Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 4-0... 

Was the ending ever in doubt, no, not really. We stuck to our Chimay's and Stone Pale Ale, while the Packers stuck to there short-passing attack and pretty much ran it effectively. QB Brett Favre had that wild down the field throw into double-coverage that he loves, early on, and it was intercepted by S Darren Sharper of the Vikqueens, luckily for us fans, there was 5 yard illegal contact penalty that gave the Packers a do-over. Brett continues on his career record extension of most TD passes, now currently at 422, and the Packers get the win 23-16. Yeah Baby!

Special mention goes to our punter John Ryan. He misses the call-off on fake punt, finds no one to pass to, cuts back into the middle, high-steps out of potential tackles, gains 7 yards for the first down. It was a key play, that series led to a FG that put the Packers up 13-6 at the time. Also did you notice that rookie WR James Jones has 18 catches in his first 4 games. That's a Packers record, puts him on pace for 72 and that would beat Sterling Sharpe's Rookie record of 55 catches.

Wow, Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is a beast, unbelievable that Vikqueens head coach Brad Childress only bothered to run the guy 12 times, sheeeeesh, that RB can run, run hard, and he was making the Packers run defense look so lame. Throw in the 2 dropped INT's by S Nick Collins and CB Will Blackmon, and the fumble between Favre and RB Ryan Grant and the Vikqueens almost had the chance to make a game of it. The Pack defense tightens up at the end, and S Atari Bigby does come up with the deflected INT to finally put this game to rest. Packers beat the Vikqueens, 23 - 16 in the Metrodome and move out to 1st place NFC North at 4 - 0.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

All is right with the universe.


Looking forward to a good Bears vid this week beer kid. Lets kick them Bares while they are down..... stomp on 'em even. Sorry Bears, They are who we thought they were, Super losers!


BK, Okay, I am totally geeked about the game on Sunday. For some reason a lot of my friends are viqueen fans (I refuse to capitalize viqueen because they do not deserve it) so last week I went on a smak fest and challenged them all to wagers. Only two took my bet, out of around 10, and another guy wanted three touchdowns. Needless to say I did not give three but I now am expecting some Leinies and a free lunch. It seems that the queenfan does not stand behind their team like they should.

Anyway, BIG WIN. 4-0 baby. As the greatest wrestler of all time, Ric Flair, says, Whoooooooooooo!!!!! I am looking forward to the game this Sunday against the BearsStillSuck.

Congrats to Brett and getting the record so now we can concentrate on getting wins. Brett looks great and is inspiring to all those young players.

Now I hate to get negative, but, I think the reason the run game sucks so bad is that stupid zone blocking scheme they are running. The Pack have the talent in RB I believe but they need to go back to the old blocking. Line up and kick the other guys ass. Just my opinion.


Hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hey Hamilton, I agree in some ways, the ZBS brought in all those young guards who are not power-running types of blockers. They can pass block pretty damn well. I saw a breakdown on one of the Packers forums where the speculation was the backup guards were more of a power type blocking unit. But eh, when some defense shuts down the passing offense, then the Packers will find their running legs.

That was awesome, game was on TV over here and i got to see my all time hero pass for the record TD (and most importantly) win the game to move my beloved Packers to 4-0.

They made it a little more exciting than needed though with all the dropped INT:s and Fumbles. Bring on Da Bears !

Thomas in Sweden

Hey Thomas, good to hear that you got to watch the Packers game, and the you're right, all the euphoria was dimmed a bit just when we thought the game was a lock, so we ordered another round of Chimay and Stone Pale Ale and a Packers victory was obtained. Go Pack!

Save a key defensive injury, no reason the Pack i'nt 10-6/11-5, and lessen Barry Sanders comes outta 'tirement (for a Ring), Brett be the Most Valuable.

Already thinking #4 MVP #4

Think it were Bradshaw sayed modern QB's simply run plays radioed them. Ain't it sumpthin' many Favre's big TD's've come off audibles, i.e., Rison's only Favre TD rec, last and this week's to Jennings, and others too numerous to 'member. Aside: how long an NFL Network program showing each of Favre's TD passes?

Out on a Limb Searching for a Dead Horse to Flog

Hey Dead Horse to flog, On #421, I did like the audible to the TE on the right side of line, Donald Lee (I think, maybe it was Bubba Franks), almost hand-delivered, Brett had to run up to him and tell him to go straight to the sidelines and pull that safety from the middle of the field with him, and voila! WR Greg Jennings is open for a TD on an easy drag-slant play curling in on the goal line. Now that audible was awesome...

BK, Congrats Brett You DA MAN!!! Hope you dig the attached scan of my favorite bumper sticker!

How sweet! Work was pretty quiet today! Way to go #4!!! I absolutely agree, that Adrian Peterson is a beast! What in the world was Childress thinking keeping Adrian on the bench?? Whatever it is, I hope he keeps it up!!! GO PACK, GO!



What a wonderful day.........this is the sort of day that reminds me just how lucky I have been to have watched Brett Favre play and become the legend he really is....

Congratulations to The Packers team and especially to you Brett...and thank you.


Hey BeerKid, I hope you enjoyed watching that game. We made it a little too interesting IMO, but I'll take 4-0 anytime. Anyway, I don't mean to bug you w/ constant plugs, but I think you'll get a laugh out of my post-game blog observation that BRETT FAVRE IS REALLY A ZOMBIE!! Have a good Victory Monday,

Bobby O'Shea

Hey Bobby, I love your blog name of "Green Bay, Booze, and Broads." That's a F'ing great name! ...and now added to the Links Page.

Quoth Lombardi...

You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn't mean a thing. That's for the fans. You've got to win the war with the man in front of you. You've got to get your man.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Blast From The Past.... 

Viva Los Packers

Fishing Bait

Tentacles II

Unusual Road Signs...

Hey BeerKid,

Packer Fans making their first trip to the Humpy Dumpy Dome should be made aware of unusual road signs in the area:

Here's a couple more:



Packers Tribute To The Warriors... 

** email being passed around for the last few weeks that's worth reading **

This came from a great friend who is a Packer fan and lives close enough to go to all the Packer games in Green Bay. Pass it on... we NEED more reality and be grateful to those who serve us all. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

    "Some things don't change they remain the same." "It appears we have appointed our worst generals to command forces, and our most gifted and brilliant to edit newspapers. In fact, I discovered by reading newspapers that these editor/geniuses plainly saw all my strategic defects from the start, yet failed to inform me until it was too late. Accordingly, I am readily willing to yield my command to these obviously superior intellects, and I will, in turn, do my best for the Cause by writing editorials - after the fact."

    - Robert E. Lee, 1863    (AMEN!)

When I read this and thought about how things haven't changed, I had to tell you about yesterday's salute to those who have been awarded the Medal of Honor. Before the Packer/Philly game, all of the recipients, who had been having a convention in Green Bay all week, were brought out onto the field. As soon as the announcer identified the group, the 70,500+ fans stood and cheered. They cheered again as the WWII recipients were introduced, then as the Korean War guys stepped forward, and a mighty roar came from the crowd when the Vietnam men were introduced. I thought the cheering would never stop and that, finally, the people who served in Vietnam were getting the accolades they deserved years ago. The more recent recipients were similarly received. and all seemed overwhelmed with what was happening. An Army gal sang the National Anthem, and four jets swooped over the stadium just afterwards.

That wasn't enough, though. Miller Brewing always has a special break at the end of the third quarter when they go to the north endzone, dubbed the Miller Zone, and catch four people in the stands for prizes. The last guy they introduced had just come back from Iraq, and the crowd again went wild. They applauded and applauded. The entire thing was something else and a wonderful tribute to all the people in our armed forces. To sit among this mass of people giving tribute to those who have helped gain the freedom for us to do so is an unforgettable experience!

** email being passed around for the last few weeks that's worth reading **

Flogging A Dead Horse... Best Of 

Three NFL football coaches on vacation were set to face a firing squad in a small Northern South American country. The first coach, Mike, a Green Bay Packer was placed against the wall and just before the order was given he yelled out, "Earthquake!" The firing squad fell into a panic and Mike jumped over the wall and escaped in the confusion.

The second coach, Lovie, a Chicago Bear was placed against the wall. The squad was reassembled and Lovie pondered what he had just witnessed. Again before the order was given Lovie yelled out "Tornado!". Again the squad fell apart and he was able to slip over the wall.

The last person, an alleged Viking coach, Brad, was placed against the wall. He was thinking "I see the pattern here, just scream out something about a disaster and hop over the wall." He confidently refused the blindfold as the firing squad was reassembled.

As the rifles were raised in his direction Brad grinned from ear to ear and yelled... "Fire!"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flogging A Dead Horse... Best Of 

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Well you won't be surprised that some of the NFL Pundit's are all predicting that the first undefeated team to lose will be the Packers this week in Minnesota against the Vikqueens. Nahhh, 'aint gonna happen this week Jack! The Packers may not be able to do any power running, something that was always needed to win in the Metrodome in years past, but the Vikqueens only have an above average RB, the rookie Peterson (who by the way was on the sidelines during a possible key drive late in their game last week, and a couple of big DT's that have always antagonized Brett Favre and the Packers offense.

This time, I think the Packers are going to go with the empty backfield and shotgun position many times just like last week. Make the D-Linemen run around right from the beginning, and maybe the Packers will get a chance to run the ball effectively later on in the game. This Sunday, it's going be all Pack all the time.

Packers beat the Vikqueens 27-12 and continue on their undefeated way in 1st place of the NFC North.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

What's wrong with San Diego? What's wrong with the Giants? What's wrong with the Eagles?

I can't believe what I'm hearing on ESPN et al! Nobody is giving any credit to the Packers for beating these losers! It's all about what is wrong with them!

I know what's wrong with them... their schedule! They played the Packers! HA!

Pack for Life - BeerScout


Wow, What a weekend in Green Bay. I left half my liver in the parking lot at Anduzzi's if anyone finds it!!! That was the funnest of my 8 trips to Green Bay. Took two rookies with this year and converted them. Hope we can beat the shit out of those Viqueens. Go Pack Go.



O.K., I do think Favre will break BOTH records (TD passes AND MOST INTERCEPTIONS BY A QB) but the Vikings will win in a close one. I'll say Vikings by three. Unfortunately, if Favre break Marino's record, we will ALL have to hear about it about 10,000 times next week and 9,000 will be from John Madden alone...ugh.

Even though I'm a Viking fan, I still get a laugh from and enjoy your Rockwood flicks.

Viking Fan

Hey VF, I do believe that most of us in Packer Nation are definitely not looking forward to hearing John Madden going on and on and on with his smooch-festing blather on #4, our only choice is for Brett to throw 4 TD passes against the Vikes so that maybe, just maybe Madden won't have much to talk about on the subject coming up next week against da Bears.

GREEN BAY PACKERS - 24 vikin's - 7 and the position of those cute little "handle-bars" on thier helmets will come in handy after the game!! P.S your next bears.

Big Ern said so!!!!

Packers - 38
Vikings - 6

Write it down and call your bookie..

Bobby O'Shea

Hey BeerKid, Any idea where I can get a recording of the 'Go Pack Go!' jingle that they play at Lambeau during the games? I've tried finding it, the closest thing I've found is a newer, more rocked-out version by Butch Vig who is from WI. The other one is the correct version, but it's mixed in with interviews/sounds of the game on the 'Packer's Greatest Hits' cd. I can't use that one.

I want to record it so I can play it at the club when we're watching the games!


Lady K - Packer Club Hemet

Does anyone out there have the original Go Pack Go audio file? Many thanks if you do... oh and I love that version by the 6-Packers... Go Pack Go and Rock and Roll!

What a weekend. San Diego is still in a stupor. Wife has forgiven me - kind of. Sister in law is still brewing. The groom at Saturday's wedding who was harassing me for wearing my Packers tie (purchased by Mother in Law, so Sister In Law and Wife couldn't say anything about my choice) will now have to live with it in his wedding photos. While I don't want to let go of this one, we need to beat the Vikings next week. Pura Vida!

Keg Man

Hey Keg Man, that's simply awesome...

Hey BEER KID! Another week another record seems to fall, This is simply amazing to watch Favre week after week. He seems like he is 27 instead of 37. I think he may throw over 40 TDs this year and even be considered a serious MVP candidate! As for the rest of the NFC no one is really making headway except Dallas. Doesn't this seem entirely like the early nineties when San Fran, Denver, Pittsburgh, NE, Dallas and Green Bay were all division leaders?? The defense is getting better every single week. I'm still hoping for a running game. DeShawn Wynn looks solid. I like Brandon Jackson on 3rd down. I still want Koren Robinson to come back!!! How about trading for a tight end right now, come on Bubba you cannot drop TD passes. My Prediction Green Bay crosses the Mississippi and wins a tough one; 17-3 I give former packer Longwell 3pts. Brett does not break the TD record rather savoring the feat for next Sunday Night VS. our hated rival the Chicago Bears on Sunday Night Football in front of a great television audience. 4-0 will be excellent! I have tickets. This is a good, good football team. To all those TT bashers out there, go get your ice fishing poles out and go fishing. The Pack is on track for the Playoffs! GO PACK GO!


Hey Packman, as a kind of the most of the time TT Basher extraordinaire I'm still waiting be proven wrong, I love 3-0, but the Packers can't run effectively against anyone, so far. It was a big off-season question mark, and guess what, it's become an even bigger question mark as this young season has progressed. The pass offensive has always had the chance to be explosive, and it got some life this year. The defense has improved over last year, so yes, TT gets some credit for retaining key players, he gets some credit for the players he's drafted, but the fact that this has all been done at the expense of running the ball, I think it's a problem. Teams that can't run the ball almost always never go deep in the playoffs. Now with all that crap said, I like how the Packers are playing, it has me optimistic about what can be done this year. I'm waiting for TT to prove himself right, and to prove me wrong. Just don't mind if I'm going to have some fun along the way, anyway.

Hey Beer Kid, Buy a Mac and all those troubles and worries go away. Kinda like when you sit down with a fine pilsner on Sunday and watch Number 4 demolish the Queens D. Ahhhhhh, let's all imagine that for a second and on Sunday watch Brett make it a reality. Go Pack Go!!!


Packer Palace is split in it's loyalties, BeerScout is all Mac (MacBook Pro laptop), all the time, but yet a major chunk is done on Windows, that's my 25lb Dell Laptop, so ummmm, so then I now also have a 12" Powerbook G4 laptop that hooks up to my TV and gets a lot of video/movie recreational use. So Packer Palace is a 2 Mac laptop vs 1 PC Laptop battle, elegance vs. grunt work, and I'm pretty sure you know which one's are used for which.

Newsflash! Still no respect. Packer only 2 point faves over the Queenies!!!

Actually, that's okay. Let the asshats and the tinfoil beanies underestimate the Green-And-Gold all season. Nothin' like sneaking up on the pundits- straight to the top, you sorry MF's! Go Pack- 4 ever!


Les, I don't think the Packers are going to have any trouble with the Vikings... None whats-so-ever, all I want is a win in the dome.

Sunday........... at the DOME. Wake UP Beer Kid... I think the Piraat shoulda worn off by now. Liven this place UP please. Just a faithful reader.... hehee, and Demanding now, too, dammit.


Hey Lemon, you know how it goes, the best Packers week of all to get riled up about and then work responds by demanding and draining you of your life-source. I'll be limping (if required, otherwise I'll be walking proudly) into the bar to watch the game, but I'll be there, I'll be watching a Packers win!

Holy liver failure Beerkid. What a weekend. We tried to drink all of the beer in Anduzzi's, crawled across the parking lot to the Days Inn three nights in a row and had a totally crazy time at the game.

And by the way that guy with the 4 gallon Jack bottle handing out chugs on the way up to the Oneida gate..... thanks.... I guess.

This week is huge, beat the Viqueens and go 4-0. Huge party at my house....... I brought home enough 7 years Cheddar and fresh curds for all of us, if you want to come out!!!!! 4-0 Beerkid.... sounds great!!!!


Hey Husker, I stand in awe... great fun, great game. The Vikes are going down, down, down to the cellar where their whining won't be heard again until a chill November day in G.B.

Piraat ale is definitely good( and potent)If your lookin' for another rude brew try "Skull-splitter" another micro-brew at 10% that is great! CHEERS GO PACK!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Thanks Big Ern, we'll take the recommendation under advisement, right now it looks like the 2 big bottles of Chimay Triple are on tap (well, it's a chilled glass) for Sunday. Crap, we'll be in a bar watching the game this week, so it's Chimay Triple for post-game (it's early afternoon in L.A.) celebrations. Go Pack Go!

Quoth Lombardi...

Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.

Packers Verses Vikings...

Brett Favre Tied The Touchdown Record Sunday
But Couldn’t Break It While At Home
There Is However A Delicious Irony
That He’ll Probably Do It In The Metrodome

For Some Of The Worst Games Brett Has Played
Throughout His Long And Storied Career
Have Occurred In That Accursed Place
Where Good Teams Go To Disappear
The Vikes Stumbled To Another Loss Last Week
As The Chiefs Found The Way To Defeat 'Em
They Dug Into Last Year’s Film
And Found The Easy Way To Beat 'Em

The Minnesota Run Defense Was So Fierce
Larry Johnson Could Hardly Gain A Yard
And Even When It Looked Like There Was A Hole
A Viking Filled It And Hit Him Hard

So How Did The Chiefs React To This
When There Was Just Nowhere To Go?
In The Second Half They Dropped Back
And Let The Quarterback Look Downfield And Throw

While It Didn't Look Like ‘Dante To Moss’
Nonetheless It Proved Effective
Because It Appears The Vikes’ Pass Defense
Might Be Just A Bit Defective

The Vikings' Offense Did What They Do Best
Which Is Giving Young Mister Peterson The Ball
He Responded By Running For A Hundred Yards
An Even Scored On A Perfect Call

With Tarvarius Jackson Sitting Out
Kelly Holcomb Was The Man In Control
And Minnesota Fans Had Truly High Hopes
This Might Put The Vikings On A Roll

Too Bad It Didn't Work Out That Way
Much To Coach Childress' Chagrin
As The Passing Game Fell A Bit Short
Of Producing A Vikings' Win

Throw In An Aggressive K.C. Defense
Then Add A Couple Of Minnesota Coaching Gaffes
And It's No Wonder The Vikings Came Undone
During This Game's Second Half
The Chargers Came Into Lambeau Field
Bringing With Them The Reigning Mvp
An Amazingly Talented Running Back
Known League-Wide As “L.T.”

The Green Bay Defense Watched Him Closely
The First Time The Chargers Snapped The Ball
Then The Packers’ Defense Swarmed All Over Him
And Proved That They Could Answer The Call

With The Running Game Somewhat Bogged Down
Drew Brees Put The Ball Into The Air
And Every Time It Came Back Down
Antionio Gates Was Standing There

But The Chargers Never Quite Got On The Roll
That Could Have Spelled Green Bay’s Doom

Courtesy Of The Packers’ Defense
That Never Gave Tomlinson Running Room

Mike McCarthy Carried No False Illusions
As His Team Stepped Out Into The Autumn Sun
The Game Would Be Won Through The Air
For This Packers’ Team Can’t Run

The Chargers’ Defense Must Have Had A Chuckle
As They Planned To Put The Hurt On Number Four
Because At Times Green Bay’s Guards And Tackles
Have Resembled Revolving Doors

But Somehow That Offensive Line Responded
Keeping The Chargers Off Their Quarterback
And Brett Came Through By Firing Darts
In A Predominantly Airborne Attack

Three Touchdown Passes Were Tossed By Brett
While The Chargers’ Defense Was Held At Bay
A Late Interception Even Set Up A Scoring Run
Showing That It Was The Packers’ Day
The Vikings’ Team Is Headed For Their Bye Week
After Which Their Schedule Gets Pretty Tough
And Going In With A Record Of One And Three
Isn’t Going To Be Good Enough

Though Nobody Runs Against The Vikings
How Can This Team Contain Green Bay?
For The Packers Freely Admit They Don’t Run Well
And Will Be Content To Pass All Day

Meanwhile There Seems To Be A Scoring Drought
Afflicting The Offense Of Those Vikings
Though The Offense Has Caught Up To The “D” In Touchdowns
There’s Not A Lot Going To Coach Chilly’s Liking

So Far The Packer’s Defense Has Been Exposed
To Some Pretty Potent Teams This Season
If They Don’t Appear To Take The Vikings Seriously
That Might Be The Reason
Can The Packers Get Though This Game
With Their Unbeaten Streak Intact?
And If The Vikes Don’t Look Much Improved
How Will The Minnesota Crowd React?

The Vikings’ Coaches Look Out Of Touch
Or Maybe Childress Is Just In Denial
But The Packers Should Walk Out With The Win
And The Best Start They’ve Had In A While

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Flogging A Dead Horse... Best Of 

Flog Me Again Archives...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 3-0... 

A seasoned brew at 3.0! Piraat voodoo comes to the emotional rescue!

BeerScout - Pack Graphics 4 Life!

Ahoy there! We're Coming Aboard! Here's today's lineup of fine, fine beers! Just went it got grim and ugly, just when Brett and the Packers sort of blew that 4th and inches at the goal-line with a 1930's jump pass play that fell incomplete, just when the storm clouds of fan discontent reached out to rear it's colossal darkness from over the horizon, BeerScout finally decided to break out the Piraat Ale (Aye matie's, it's 10% by vol. and mighty fine tastin' to boot) with 3:51 to go in the game, and well, you can thank us for helping sink the San Diego ship today. Our constant toasting for positive karma influence for big plays helped the Piraat's, errh the Piraackers, ummm, helped the Packers finish the 4th quarter with some bad-ass attitude and a huge 31-24 victory over the San Diego Chargers at Lambeau Field. First Place, NFC North, 3-0, Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

I too, try and use "Karma" stuff. A new led-flashing-light-when-you-pick-it-up-to-drink Packer beer mug and a yellow ref flag (weighted in the center) seem to be the working MAGIC this year. PS... I threw the flag more than Triplette and Co did against the Chargers !!!! (#?*@#$^&!# grrrrrr) GO PACK GO



Hey BeerKid, That was a great win and my hat goes off to the entire team and coaching staff. Favre played about as good as he can at this point in his career and the coaching staff had an effective game plan and the team ready to play.

I still wonder what this team would be like if we had a running game. This is going to be a problem for us as the season goes on if we can't field some type of credible running game. Victories over the next couple of games will start to make believers of the East Coast talking heads!!

CAMP - Live and Die for the Pack

Hey Camp, the eastern talking heads are already moving on to the next area of doubt with the Packers - now the opposing defenses will take the Packers short passing game away - whatever, it's not like the Chargers had a big rushing attack yesterday when everything was said and done... overall, it's looking like the Packers are slightly above average team in the NFL and a 7 game winning streak and a 3-0 record this year to go with it.

Hey BeerKid..... It's good to be wrong on my prediction. The Packers still have a long ways to go yet. Much improvement is needed and with their youth and how early in the year it is, it'll be interesting to see how they look at the end of the year. Liked the shovel pass this week.... Need to keep the team morphing week to week. Just too competitive to do the sameo' same'o. Two pet peeves came to me this week..... I hate the empty backfield. You need that back there to keep the defense honest and/or help with blocking.(4th and inches,come on) Also I remembered back to how Sherman would always take time outs to get the ball back before halftime, but with his mediocre defense, they'd usually give up the first down and help the other team w/their timeout. Couple other thoughts..... Was thinking about last year and the Saints, I remember thinking, the Packers are going to get there slowly, but the Saints got there fast and there's no place but down now.... how's that going to play out. Also, wasn't that hit to the legs of Losman by NE Cheaters Wolfolk illegal??

Long Live the Pack!!!

I'm not sure I like the empty backfield either... but Coach McCarthy said he liked it in yesterdays game plan. I'm an old-school guy... I want 4 wide-out's and a Dorsey Levens like guy (is this Morency, Jackson? I like Wynn in this role, maybe) in the backfield, stretch them out and run the ball. Might be the only way for this team to have rushing success.

Hey guys--I take back all of those things I was saying about Greg Jennings... it looks like he's a real player after all!!

I don't mind being wrong about things like this!!

Coach Carl

Hey BK, big win for us. Next game will also tell us alot about our team, our coach and our season. we have proved we can pull an upset, but any team can do that from time to time. Putting away a bad Vikes team without playing down to that level is the next big challenge. It would be easy to let down after a big win over a contender, but these are the kind of games we cannot take for granted.


Two big points to make! 1. Changing your uniforms makes you look STUPID, win or lose! Look at the sorry rams, Bengals and Bears. When you get 3 or more uni's you dis-respect your team, your town and your daddy (if you have one)... #2. I really hope we (Packers) keep out of the so called football gurus mouths (Kornheiser,and any EX-football player-turned commentator-and BULLSHIT analist) Let's play PACKER football, hit em', score, and win!!!!! STAY FAITHFUL... GO PACK GO!!!! Who's next?

Big Ern said so!!!!

Big Ern, I can honestly say that Green Bay's throwback uniforms are "who cares?" - it's from the era of the "Bay Bombers" and the blue -n- gold... yech! Now those Eagles uni's from 1933 were absolutely hideous, godforsaken ugly... The Swedish Women's Team might look good in those colors, but not NFL players, but then they did score 56 points against the Lions today, still after further review, they're ugly. If there's one thing the NFL is consistent on, it's ugly throwback uniforms. The Redskins in throwback yellow, ugly. The Steelers last week in brown and yellow, ugly! The Vikqueens in purple, always ugly. It's Pine Forest Green and SchoolBus Yellow for me.

"Who's next?" Why next up is the Vikqueens in Minnesota, and they are going down, going down... Who needs to run the ball when you can throw on almost every play. Be Pack 4 Life!

Just a heads-up for all us fans.

Greta Van Susteren’s “On the Record” tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 9:00 CST on the FOX News Channel. After the game interview with Deanna Favre….first Greta (she's an Appleton WI girl) talked to her and then a short time later Brett walked in and joined the interview. She did the interview at Lambeau Field in the box from which Deanna and Brett’s family watched the VICTORY over the Chargers.


Kid, what's with the lack of attention to the great game played by the O-line. They're the ones who helped Brett tie that TD record against the Bolts. Lots of time to let those pass catchers get open - even on short patterns. Gotta love those guys.


Ok, let's see if this goes through this time. BK, I've had the hardest time lately sending emails, etc. In fact, I just tried fixing the problem w/Norton as they recommended on the site, still doesn't work. So now I am sending this to you from my email as opposed to sending it right from your website.

Anyway, yeah baby! 3 and 0! What else can I say? Except that you NEVER count the Pack out! I checked the Expert Picks last night on ESPN's website. They ALL had picked SD to win this game. Whatever! We showed them! Can't wait for this weekend... bring on the ViQueens!

Go Pack Go! Number 1 in the NFC North!

Lady K - Packer Club Hemet

Hey Lady K, yeah who know's why things work some days, and not other days. IE screwed up some paypal links I setup at multiple websites... unless you trigger some security feature that's hidden... Go Pack GO! 3 and 0 baby!!!!

Quoth Lombardi...

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So does a light contact training camp, brought into Green Bay this year by head coach Mike McCarthy, set your players up for more injuries? Look at the Packers squad, this week WR James Jones pulled his hamstring during practice, like another Packers WR Greg Jennings, the only healthy WR's on the team are Donald Driver, Ruvell Martin and Chris Francies. So is it the new reporting rules that make it look like so many players on the injured list, or is it the light training camp that has left many Packer players not in a true football conditioning shape?

I'm getting excited about watching 7th round pick RB DeShawn Wynn play. He seems to have that hesitate and burst running style that the ZBS requires. 2nd round pick RB Brandon Jackson might fit better in the 3rd down role. Sooner or later, you would think original 1st string RB Vernand Morency will get on the field, unless he needs season-ending knee surgery.

Hmmmm so the NFL finally receives and destroys those illegally obtained tapes that the Patriots and Bill Belichek have been using all these years. I'm so glad NFL Commish Roger Goodell made his decision on the penalites for the Patriots before reviewing all the information. Like I've said so many times before, they got off easy, no declaration of cheating, no declaration of ever trying to do it again, and Belichek gets his contract extended in the deal. How nice, wonderful, they were cheating for years and years and years and they get off easy.

With the Chargers coming in to Green Bay, the Packers are going to have to play an almost perfect game to beat them. I think they will, the Packers defense is solid, the offense will struggle to score points, but the score should be something like Packers 23 Chargers 21. Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Packers 21, Bolts 17

Charles Woodson will score a td.


Lets git er done!!!PACK 16- chargettes 7 and a safety for Hawk! and extra bonus of the relese of sean"too short shorts"merrimans secret sex tape of him and grossman at soldier field...."I swear that cameras is off rexy".

Big Ern said so!!!!

I see the mention of the Chunky Soup Click for Cans contest... let's keep inmind that it starts on Oct 1 this year. Let's just jump out to an early lad a stomp on the hearts of any comepetition.... It's something to brag about and it's for a good cause........

Coach Carl

BeerScout - on further consideration you're okay in my book. 'kid - when is Greg Jennings going to play some football.


Hey SuperYooper, It's up in the air Jones or Jennings hammie is in better shape or will heal the quickest and be ready to play this week against the Chargers... My guess is that both will play, or we're being misled on how serious these injuries are.

Well 10 0f us heading that way from the land of the Corn......Look out Anduzzi's. L.T. stands for Lost Time....the Pack's defense is coming to play. Are you kidding, giving us 6 points.....I will take Brett and the Rooks, and Jennings should be back.

Looking forward to a great weekend in Green Bay. See you at Duzzi's, The Bar, Stadium View, and Favre's. On Saturday I will be sporting Husker gear, but by Sunday I will be all Pack. Go Huskers, Go Pack, Go Badgers!!!!!


Go Go Go, the Chargers can be beaten... by the way, BeerScout also has Husker blood flowing through his veins, his dad graduated there.

Hey Beer Kid. I hope the other Packer Fans are going to and helping our Packers in voting for them at:

VOTE FOR COACH McCarthy, Wynn and Brett.

Come on Packer Fans it's that time again to keep our Packers high on the board. Thanks Beer Kid for everything.

Lee "St. Marys, GA."

We tried... the voting is over, although we helped stage a 3rd quarter comeback, the Browns QB Derek Anderson gets the final nod for the Fed Ex Air player of the week. I got the feeling that Brett will be nominated a few more times this year... and then there's the Chunky Soup Title for us Packer fans to defend to come later this year. We'll be back...

Hey BeerKid.... My prediction for the game. Chargers 27, Packers 10. The AFC is far superior and the Chargers have played two of the five toughest teams in football (they, being one of them).

I don't know what the problem is with the Packers O-line. They really don't have much for excuses. Bigby doesn't appear to be able to make an INT if the ball hits him in the hands. The defense has gotten off the field too much from stupid penalties and dropped passes (Eagles). That makes them way overrated and against teams with a combined record of 0-4. Run defense is poor and the pass defense was looking a bit like the ones from the past with the penalties and wide open receivers running around. (Shotty Baby) Lucky it's early in the year and they have time to get things right.

And yes I am still stewing about the NE Cheaters. Video taping gives Belichek the ability to slow motion the tape and decode the hand signals frame by frame and probably future ones as well of current coaches he has film on. If he deciphers the basic keys of how they're made they'd have to design a whole new system. Next, he doesn't have to cheat w/them all game.... just steal one here and there on important plays. Simply teaching his players what to look for to identify run, pass, zone, man, etc. makes things alot easier. Belichek should be thrown out! BAN BELICHEK! BAN! BELICHEK! BAN BELICHEK! BAN BELICHEK!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Ok, no question this is the biggest game of the year! If the Packers win at Lambeau against the Chargers they can easily make a push for the playoffs. Yes this game has playoff ramifications (they all do) but this game will put them in the drivers seat for the first half, a nice positionto be in and they hav'nt played a divisionalgame yet. I really believe they have a legitimate chance to win Sunday!. The Chargers have several "Key" players injured. The Packers have a few who did not practice but will play. I hope that the crowd is totally into the game. I do have a complaint though; I was at Lambeau during the Draft Party and I was not happy with our 1st round draft pick. Harrell has not suited up and it doesnt look as if he will in the near future. I like Corey Williams and I would sign him ASAP to a 3-5 yr deal. I would have traded our 1st round pick to Cleveland for the 2nd round in 2007 and thier 1st in 2008 that would have gave us 2 1st round picks in 2008, albeit Cleveland's final record this year it may turn out to be a top ten pick. I like Ted Thompsons drafts and he is building a winner. I just caught SI's power rankings and the Pack is rated 5th in the NFL!!!!!! Lets hope the pack dominate Sunday and are victorius! GO PACK GO



I'd like to congratulate Brett for setting the "Most wins record" (long may it grow!!)--and also the rest of the team for playing hard enough to be 2-0!

Coach Carl

Quoth Lombardi...

There's only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything. I do, and I demand that my players do.

Packers Verses Vikings...

For Five Years The Vikes Have Owned The Lions
They Were Sure Last Week's Game Would Be The Same
But Mistakes Helped The Lions Take Them Into Overtime
Where That Ten- Game Win Streak Went Down In Flames

This Wasn't A Game Of Domination
It Was More Of A Struggle To Be Endured
With Ten Total Turnovers And Nineteen Flags
Neither Team Looked Very Good To Be Sure

This Week It's Off To Play The Kansas City Chiefs
A Team That Makes A Living On Larry Johnson's Runs
Since The Vikings Run Defense Thinks It’s Pretty Good
This Game Is Sounding Like A Lot Of Fun

The Vikings' Quarterback Spot Is Up For Grabs
Since T-Jack's Groin Is Going To Make Him Sit
That's Good Because The Chiefs' Dominant Defense
Guarantees Whoever Is Back There Will Be Hit

The Kansas City Passing Game Is A Little Weak
Although Against The Vikings' "D" They Should Do Ok
For Unless Minnesota's Pass Defense Steps It Up
The Chiefs Will Try To Throw The Ball All Day


While Playing Against The New York Giants
Brett Favre Picked Up Win One-Forty-Nine
Giving Him More Wins Than Any Other Quarterback
Which Suits The Packers And Their Fans Just Fine

The Record-Setting Game Started Slowly
As Green Bay's Offense Couldn't Pick Up Steam
With The Problems With The Packers' Runnng Game
Making The Offensive Coaches Want To Scream

But At The Start Of The Third Quarter
Brett Completed Fourteen Passes In A Row
As The Packers' Offense Hit Its Stride
And Put On Quite An Impressive Show

Lambeau Field This Week Welcomes
The San Diego Chargers And Their Back "Lt"
Who Is Having Such A Slow Start To This Season
He'll Find It Hard Repeating As The League's Mvp

But The Packers' Defense Will Be Ready For Him
And To Keep Phillip Rivers From Hitting His Groove
Except For The Tight End Antonio Gates
The Receivers Are Slow And Have Almost No Moves

The Chargers' Defense Has To Be Licking Their Chops
As The Look At The Packers' Porous Offensive Line
Though If Green Bay Contains San Diego's Linebackers
They Should Come Through This Test Just Fine


Those Thinking The Purple Defense Can Win This Game
Are Going To Wind Up Feeling Cheated
While In A Game That Should Be Very Close
Favre And The Packers Will Continue Undefeated

Coach Carl
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

BeerScout Needs Redskins Tickets Cheap! 

Strange as it sounds, BeerScout has NEVER been to Green Bay. I'm coming back to Eau Claire from Los Angeles, so I'm trying to correct that wrong by taking my girlfriend Susan to the Redskins game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay on October 14th. Anyone got tickets? Click on the Packer Palace EMail link above and let me know (through BeerKid). We're 2-0 baby!

BeerScout - Pack Graphics 4 Life!

Update: OK, look for me at Brett Favre's Steakhouse tailgate before the Redskins game because I need to make up some money I spent on tickets at the all-you-can drink beer tap! I'll be wearing, what else, a Packer Palace tee shirt!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 2-0... 

Wow! Can you believe it? Wow! Packers blow the Giants out 35-13 and win a big, big game. Wow! Brett Favre played the expected solid game you would want from a veteran and RB DeShawn Wynn might have just exceeded any first impressions I had and delivered on some hard running plays. Oh, how could I forget, the TE's. Bubba Franks and Donald Lee coming up with Big Catches for TD's. All around solid game from the Packers, a nice win to move them to 2-0 and first place in the NFC North.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


The "G"-men???You cupcakes have some nerve associating yourselves with our exclusive letter,we'll be taking that back ladies...Oh and that sting you feel is AJ Hawks foot lodged up your porky QBs' 5th avenue, CHEERS!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey BeerKid..... I've been told Belichek has a real nice video collection from the visiting cheerleaders locker rooms, that he keeps at home!!! Rumor has it, he has a nice collection of up-skirt shots from his hidden shoe camera, of many of the 6-10 year old girls in the Boston area. Off to the Super Porn Bowl!!!!!!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Well the tapes I heard the Pack rec'd from Belichek, were the ones on the Giants defensive play calling and well, ummm, and there were beer drinking cheerleaders on the tape too, but it speaks for itself when viewed in that light that the Packers were then able win the game going away. Almost as if Brett knew what was going to happen on every snap of the ball... hmmmm... makes you go hmmmmm.... ha ha.

Great rant!!! Hey BK, you can get 59,200 results by Googling "BELICHEAT"!!! GO PACK, GO! Oh, what interpretations does Belicheat have of the rest of the NFL Rules? Goodell better ask!

Cut, that's a wrap!


P.S. This is awesome! YouTube - Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat

Hey Boz, Another song from Ryan Parker on youtube - If you like that one you should like his Brett Favre "The Legend of Lambeau" song too.

Here's the link supplied from www.ProFootballTalk.Com showing Fox sports analyst Jay Glazer explaining it all via video on youtube - Patriots Cheating Video. Watch for yourself...

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

I love the way things fell into place. Let's hope it can continue. Second half adjustments were key - but it would still be nice to have a running game. How far away are Morency and Jennings?

Nice to have Special Teams, too.

BTW, did Woodson look a little out of sorts or is he just over the hill?


Hey Les, Woodson wasn't the only Packer who was slipping around and picking himself up off the ground. The defense adjusted by halftime. I don't know with RB Vernand Morency's knee, he practices 1 day and he's declared out for the game the next day. Probably the same thing this week. WR Greg Jennings should be ready to go this week, unless he aggravates his hamstring during practice this week. But I'm just guessing...

Hi BK, Looks like Brett is nominated for player of the week.

He's behind a bit in the poll, so I thought I'd forward these links to you so the rest of the Packer faithful can get on the ball.
To read the story on Mike McCarthy - To Vote
To read the story on DeShawn Wynn - To Vote
To read the story on Brett Favre - To Vote

Lookin' forward to the San Diego game this week! If the offense can protect Brett, and the receivers can properly run their routes, I think we've got a real good chance of making this a 3-0 start. Oh yeah, of course the defense has to put a choke hold on Tomlinson, and blitz like crazy! Go Pack Go!

Lady K, Packer Club of Hemet, So. Cal.

Brett's no longer behind in the voting, currently rolling with 41%, but I voted for him none-the-less. The voting mechanism isn't there for the Coach or Rookie of the week, couldn't tell if voting was closed, or yet to be opened, or some problem on my end.

The head we be in Lambeau this week. Just watch my shitty ass Huskers get the asses handed to them by USC in Memorial Stadium... so I hope all goes well in Lambeau this week. Hey I will buy you all a beer at Anduzzi's this weekend.


Hey 'kid, do you know what New York and Los Angeles have in common? ...neither one has a pro football team


BeerScout, you ain't no Packer fan ... never been to Lambeau ... sheeeeet. I'll be at the Redskins game too. Coming all the way from the east coast. I'll be the guy with the petition for Goodell asking that he give the Pack the NFC title once they beat the Redskins

In BeerScout's defense, he has been to every Packers regular or preseason game that came to Los Angeles or San Diego since 1992. He does have some Green N Gold blood flowing through him...

spread the word!

vote for Brett

I have 3 times now... Brett's still leading the vote.

Hey BeerKid.... After getting back from a fishing trip and doing some reading on this Belichek spying thing........ Something stinks!!!! I don't know what it is...... But something is off!!!! If you consider the $100K fine and five game suspension the Dallas coach got for enhancers and Rose getting banned for life for betting on other teams games, this is almost a non-punishment from Goodell!! It's a joke, it should have been closer to him being banned!!! I read Belichek got an extension from the NE Cheaters... think Kraft had a problem thowing in a extra $500K for him to pay the fine???? Goodell shouldn't have even bothered w/a punishment if this is it. It just shows that cheating does pay... but appears only for certain people.... hence the stink coming from this whole thing!!! I've decided I'll refer to them as the New England Cheaters for the rest of my life and hope through conversations and so on, that it starts to catch on!!!!!! It was flagrant cheating on Belichek's part and a total lack of punishment on the NFL's part!!!! I hope someday to walk into a strange bar and ask whose playing if a FB game is on and the response from the strangers are "it's so-and-so against the NE Cheaters!!!!!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Didn't Belichek just sign an extension to extend his contract out to 2013? There's nothing the NFL can do about that... and so Belichek gets off easy and well compensated, and only his coaching legacy is in jeopardy now, deservedly so. Hard to vote someone into the NFL Hall of Fame when they have largest fine in NFL Coaching history for cheating in their file.

Another Grand victory! DeShawn Wynn looks like a bigger,stronger Dorsey Levens! i like the mix of Jackson and Wynn at RB also the FB from Boise State played very well. I think we have a chance against San Diego if we contain LT and Gates, and we DO NOT have any turnovers!!!I want to see Jennings and Koren Robinson on the field!I hope the crowd gets into it, 3-0 would exceed my expectations so far. Go PAck GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, Wynn did look really smooth running the ball, even Ryan Grant looked good on that swing/screen pass he caught. The Packers RB's might be really young and in-experienced, but at least us fans are starting to see why the Packers Organization appears to be comfortable with them all.

Also BeerKid... If a college team gets caught in some violations, they ban them from bowl games for a few years. Belichek knowingly cheated and I would assume has been game-planning that for the players to use... I think the NE Cheaters' should be banned from Bowl games for a few years!!!! But like I said, something stinks, it's like he knew he'd get off OK if he were to get caught.

Long Live the Pack!!!

The NFL's problem is they don't want to penalize the players or stir up any trouble with NFLPA, so there trying to restrict the ramifications to just the Patriots Front Office, and the trouble there is that Bill Belichek is Head of Football Operations and Head Football Coach. I like the 2 for the price of 1 suspensions... but the league must have thought it was going to be overly harsh, because like I said, they lost a draft pick but gained 1 million in cap relief. They didn't get penalized in any true meaning of the term.

OK BeerKid... Last one on this, I promise!!! In college for blatent violations like this they'd receive a 2-3 year suspension from Bowl games and lose scholarships. I wonder if the players would stay on w/the NE Cheaters if there were to be no SB opportunities for a couple years? The NE Cheaters can go sign a free-agent to replace their 1st round pick easy enough...

I think the fans need to push for an end result on this blatent spying act. Belichek (God) needs to be banned for obvious cheating or they should recieve a three year Bowl suspension... None of that other shit that Goodell imposed does shit!!!!!!!!! Anything less is a direct insult to the fans and players!!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

I could write another 50,000 words on this subject... but I'll spare everyone and besides, if the NFL is really looking at past occurrences, then the Packers-Patriots game from last year will come up again, and I'll get my chance to spew off thousands of more words on this.

HIYA HOWDY BK and all, Found this little gem, here --> ESPN Soundtracks with Brett Favre

It will definately bring a smile to your face. ENJOY !!! 2 and 0 - Go PACK Go !!


Thanks Lemondrop, Brett's a sideline comedian...

Quoth Lombardi...

Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Spew Off Speak Out 

The Cheating Patriots. Yes they got off incredibly easy, there's zippo on past transgressions, there's zippo on a sincere apology, there's zippo on saying they would never do it again, there's just the Belichek smirk about "time to move on" - what crap. Without any suspension of the head coach, there's no penalty at all. There were no gray area's of the rule, there's only his lies and thinly veiled non-excuse. Did I miss the declaration of guilt? Did I miss the declaration that the incidences with Green Bay, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cincinnati are just sour grapes from angry losers? Time to move on... Bullshit. It's very obvious this illicit video was being used on field before halftime adjustments, why wouldn't there also be video taping at the beginning of the 3rd quarter to see if the defense had changed it's signals. If the team did change, the Patriots would break the code again, maybe get 2 or 3 plays where they know exactly what the defense is going do. Woe to the team that didn't change it's signals at halftime, the Cheats would have gotten maybe 15 plays where they knew exactly what was going on. Now we find the genius is being sponsored by breaking the rules.

They been actively cheating for years and they get nothing in penalties, it's just so f*cked up I'm done talking about it. Everything they've done is tainted by their cheating agressively despite the rules, despite being warned, despite having this guy stopped repeatedly, they've cheated worse than the Bronco's did to win their 2 superbowls. Tainted! It will never be time to move on with this.

Okay, okay... Some Packers talk, it's the 2nd game of the year and injuries are already all there is to talk about. RB Vernand Morency still hasn't hasn't made it through 2 consecutive practices. After a full practice on Wednesday, he's back to doubtful for the game on the Sunday. WR Greg Jennings hamstring had it's setback during Thursday's practice. WR & emergency backup QB Carlyle Holiday sits with a swollen knee is not practicing and now TE Donald Lee has joined the list, his practice was limited because he has a hurt knee.

It's the Giants who have injuries problems on a different scale when compared to the Packers. The Giants have already lost several starters before the year began. This Sunday it's a good chance that QB Eli Manning will be out, but then maybe not, he might be able to go, but you have to wonder if he would survive any kind of big hit put on him by the Packers defense. Otherwise you get the big guy, QB Jared Lorenzen getting to start. The question with him, is not how much the Packers defense will be putting big hits on him, but whether when they hit him can they knock him down to the ground. He's bigger than almost everyone on the Packers Defense. Packers should still win the game. Packers 26 Giants 17.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

P.S. Here's the link supplied from www.ProFootballTalk.Com showing Fox sports analyst Jay Glazer explaining it all via video on youtube - Patriots Cheating Video. Watch for yourself and then you'll see why the NFL bans this type of videotaping.


Didn't we already know the pats suck? We've proved it once I think! Now every one else knows... Just watch you'll see Michael "dog-killer" Vick in one of their tin-foil silver uniforms in a couple of seasons, hell they took moss. P.S pats, you suck.

Big Ern said so!!!!

They should forfeit the next time they face The Pack!


Their coach should be suspended for 6 games. But the NFL has bowed to Kraft and allowed him to get away with it unscathed. I'll say it again, the New England Patriots are the most ethically challenged organization in the NFL.

Sorry Mom, but "WHAT THE F*CK?" Beli-Cheat only looses a draft pick and a $500K fine for CHEATING? ANY TEAM would give that up for three Super Bowl Wins!!!

I don't get it??? What did I miss BK????? Why in the hell didn't Beli-Cheat get his as kicked out of football for good??? He's the COACH!!! HIS TEAM CHEATED - ask Pete Rose about "betting" and his life now. Hell, that wasn't even as bad as CHEATING!

This is absolute BOVINE EXCREMENT!!! Oh, ya, I guess it already said that on the "CHEATIES BOX". Oh how I wished we played the New England "Polaroids"



I've said I'll I can say on the subject...

Whaddaya think about about Charles Woodson getting a few plays at WR against the NYG? He did it at Michigan - back when UofM was a major power.


All it might take is for one more WR to go down and Charles might get his chance to play offense. The Packers might decide the near fatal accident with Al Harris on special teams might have already made the point moot.

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quit your freaking whining everyone, there is a reason everyone covers there mouths with playcards!! Also, they still have to play, they were stealing DEFENSE signals. In baseball we would call this smart, and therefore so do I!


Breaking the rules is breaking the rules. Yeah, It's smart, huh? One might say it's smart to use "racial taunting" to gain a competitive edge against your opponents, take them off their game, fluster them some. To me, that would despicable and dishonorable thing to do, but somehow I get the feeling you would consider that another "smart" way to gain an edge.

The Pats are one of the darlings of the NFL and the media. The fact that the punishment does not fit the crime comes as no surprise to me. Much like most media in this country, if they tell the public day after day the cheating was not that bad, 95% of America will be believing it the next day. ESPN says something and some how it is fact. The NFL will get cover from the East Coast Sports Network. They should have their coach suspended for the year and be banned from the playoffs for this season.


Hey Camp, I agree...

Quoth Lombardi...

Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.

Packers Verses Vikings...

The Hometown Opener Of Any Football Season
Should Be A Time Of Anticipation And Hope
And When Your Team Just Flat Lets You Down
You Can Sometimes Feel Like A Dope

Green Bay Packers Fans Have Known That Feeling
In Two Of The Past Four Years
And The Thought Of Losing To The Eagles Sunday
Would Have Reduced Most Of The Faithful To Tears

This Year However Philadelphia Filled The Shoes
Of The Team Breaking Their Fans’ Hearts
Due In Large Part To The Packers’ Defense
While The Offense Got Off To A Somewhat Shaky Start

This Week It’s Off To The Meadowlands Of New Jersey
To Take On A Battered Giants Team
That’s Had Such A Streak Of First-Week Injuries
The Coaching Staff Must Want To Scream

This Is A Game That Can Convince The Skeptics
The Packers Should Be Ranked In The ‘Upper Crust’
But Unless The Offense Really Steps It Up
This Chance May Well Turn Out A Bust


The Atlanta Falcons Came To The Metrodome
Not Knowing How Much They’d Miss Michael Vick
But They Hoped Joey Harrington Could Carry ‘Em
While They Sorted Through Their New Bag Of Tricks

Too Bad Those Tricks Didn’t Fool Minnesota
Who Picked Off Two Balls And Ran Them In
Which, Combined With Peterson’s Catch And Run,
Allowed The Vikings To Chalk Up The Win

But With The Way The Vikes’ Offense Faltered
It’s Good That The Defense Saved Them Again

Though This Week They Have To Travel To Detroit
To Face Those Lions In Their Den

It’s Not The Sort Of Place To Take A Rookie Back
To Face A Defense Waiting To Do Him Harm
Ready To Run The Vikings’ Ball Carriers Down
And Force Tarvaris To Beat Them With His Arm

With Kitna Delivering The Ball To Johnson And Williams
It Won’t Matter If Bell Can’t Find Many Holes
The Lions Will Use The Pass To Gain The Momentum
That Will Help Preserve Their Winning Roll


The Lions Won’t Be Able To Run The Ball
But Their Passing Will Fill The Bill
While Beating Even As Battered Team As The Giants
Will Provide The Packers Fans With Thrills

Coach Carl
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

BeerKid's Got A New Pair Of Shoes... 

Finally was teased and enticed enough to buy a pair of Croc's and some socks from

They work very well for tromping around the house and the occasional showing off at work, like today for example.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Those are the gay-est and dumbest looking shoes and socks I have ever seen.

"You know how I know you are gay? Because you wear crocs with socks."

Frank L.

Hey Frank, thanks, but you're gay for saying that. Am I gay for saying that? You like Coldplay!!!

Way to go Beer Kid! I'm a flip flop man myself, so I've had to settle for Badger Flip Flops. I did get my little girls - weiner dogs - Packer Jerseys which they wear and terrorize everyone else in the condos.

Keg Man

Hey Keg Man, "condo terrorizing weiner dogs", sounds like fun... Never got used to flip-flops, the Crocs and Packer socks are my way of upgrading to actual footwear, seeing I do prefer to walk around barefoot most of the time.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bill Beli-Cheat!!! 

Update:   NFL Says It's OK To Cheat! Won't Cost You Anything. You Might Even Get A Net Gain Out Of It!

What a joke! $500,000 dollar fine for Coach Belichek, a laughable $250,000 dollar fine to the Patriots Organization, a loss of a possible late 1st round draft pick, conditional, or it will be a 2nd and 3rd rounder.

What are the odds that if one went back and looked at sideline tapes of every Patriots road game, you would find this "press photographer" wandering around with his video camera. Can NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claim that they even bothered to look at past events? It sure seems like this punishment is only for the "attempt" to cheat in last week's NY Jets game. I need to hear from the Commish that the Patriots having been doing this for years.

Look, $250 grand fine is what, the salary of a practice squad player. It's completely nothing. A $500 grand fine for the Coach who instrumented this all, who claimed that there were gray area's in the NFL rule that specifically states against such endeavors, his fine is still nothing, Bill Belichek now has a topic for his speaking tours, he's going to triple the money he just lost. Which 1st round draft pick are they losing, they own the 49ers 1st round pick, their's is expected to be one of the last 5 picks. Add the gain in salary cap space for other players from losing that 1st round pick, probably over a million, and you see, the Patriots and Beli-Cheat have gained a net $250,000 from this whole fiasco.

Like I said, the penalty for what they've been doing is a total joke! All NFL Teams were warned against this, the Patriots specifically went out and did it anyway on opening weekend. They barely got slapped on the wrist for it.

Be Pack 4 Life!

P.S. By the way, the teams with legitimate complaints about this practice besides the Jets, are the Packers and the Lions (twice in the same 10 minutes, the guy came right back after being told to stop), Marvin Lewis has had radio outages on key drives, and the Eagles, after the 1st quarter in the Super Bowl, have commented on how the Patriots threw screen passes on every single defensive blitz. There's sure to be more teams that will complain now and rightly so. Tainted doesn't even begin to describe the Patriots "dynasty" under Bill Belichek now.

P.P.S. How much uproar over such a light penalty from the NFL fans before Owner Kraft instills some discipline of his own? Right now the chance is almost totally nil, but one can only hope he comes to his senses. Right now it's been difficult for me to adjust to the fact that the Oakland Raiders and Al Davis are no longer the most ethically challenged organization in the NFL, the New England Patriots are.


Bill Belichek, now Bill Beli-Cheat, when the NFL specifically tells the teams not to video tape the other teams defensive coaches signals during the game, and then you allegedly go out and do that to a former assistant coach's new team, how can one describe the utter arrogance of that act. So big surprise that Security came swooping in and confiscated the video camera and sent it sealed in a box to NFL Headquarters and the Commissioner.

We've now heard again about the incident in Green Bay last year... the guy with Patriot on-field credentials acting strange enough and appearing to be violating NFL rules was told to put his camera away, questioned (about what we don't know yet) and then this guy returned to the still-film photographers area of the Patriots sideline. You have to imagine that this has happened at every game the Patriots have played for years and years. How tainted are all these wins if they were breaking rules to do it.

Former head coach Dennis Green summed it all up pretty well on one of the Sports Radio shows I heard the other day, he basically said that "Coaches in every organization aren't stupid, everyone's thought of video taping the other teams coaching staff's to gain an edge, that's why there's a specific rule against it!"

There's also rumors and innuendo about mysterious radio transmissions during Patriot games, alleged to come from the Patriots placing wireless microphones on their defensive players so as to better hear the other team's QB and O-Line making their audible play call adjustments. That's called cheating.

If assistant coaches are suspended 5 games for trying to keep their girlfriends happy, you have to think that the NFL Commissioner has set a precedent level, and how can we expect anything less than a 6 game suspension for head coach Bill Belichek and 2 game suspensions for any other coaches involved and I would have to say outright firing of some the administration staff that had to be aware that this was going on. They should lose a first round pick next year and I think that the organization of the Patriots should be fined 5 million dollars. Leave the salary cap alone, leave any forfeiture of games alone, leave roster and practice squads alone, go after those where the blame belongs.

So the penalties for this behavior should be: Belichek 6 game suspension, loss of next years 1st round draft pick, and 5 million dollars in fines.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Great win for the Pack, lets shoot for 2-0 now. With the G-men banged up the Pack better stay focused and hungry and get a win. If they ASSume this is an automatic victory now they could be in for a rude awakening.

Also, thought you might like this image regarding the Pats cheating (if no one else has previously sent it to you)


How awesome was that win? I drove 32 hours, 2000 miles up and back to lambeau field. The atmosphere was crazy and the fans were NUTS! I went with an Eagles fan who was so mad he didn't talk the whole way back. Not one word.

Our defense looks GREAT. I have a feeling we are going to see a lot of 10-7 wins this season.


Man that was a great defensive game hopefully we can get some recivers and put some points on board and prove that giants dont have that great of a defense the cowboys ran all over them but also da boys arent as great they think


Clarification to my comment: It was under "Packernet". Some asshole was going on and on about how the Packers had no chance against the Eagles. From what I could tell, he usually wtoes columns in Philly about professional wrestling. I'm going to keep further comments to myself...


Got this from someone else: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.


Winning ugly or losing pretty--- what would I take? A WIN IS A WIN. We lost a few games last year where we played well - did not help us in the end. This win, ugly or not will. Yes I agree that TT should have signed Moss -got some help for Favre. I could rant about their stupidity. AND Yes at times the offense Sunday made me cringe. But it is what it is and we beat the EAGLES ... And I live in Phili and all week prior I was getting crap about how they were going to kill us. Heck -- the Eagles themselves exuded overconfidence pregame. But we won!! Ugly or not - I loved going to work Monday. My comment to them when they critcized our offense or Favre being washed up -- rather be 1-0 than 0-1!!


I'm sure you've seen this, but here it is again anyway !!

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Quoth Lombardi...

Teams do not go physically flat, they go mentally stale.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 

Packers Win!  Packers Win!  Packers Win!

Packers beat the Eagles 16-13 on a near game expiring 42 yd FG by rookie Mason Crosby. It was a big day for Crosby who also added 2 more FG's from 53 and 37 yards. The Packers Defense played some actual tenacious D and the Special Teams came through with some big force-fumble plays and with some decent return yardage too. Green Bay Packers Win over the Eagles 16-13, break the 5 game losing streak to Philadelphia and win their Lambeau Field home opener for the first time in 4 years, and yet best of all, they start their season 1-0 and in a tie for 1st place in the NFC North.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Hey Beer Kid, Between the great Beer specials and packer celebrations "Shots" of homemade concoctions at Gentleman Jacks in Little Chute, WI it was a grandiose celebration!!!

The defense came out strong something to keep building on!! Favre was pissed off in the 1st QTR we need more of that throughout the year! Go Pack Go!!!!!!


Hey Packman, there's a large portion of Packer Nation that believes that QB Brett Favre plays better after a hard hit. Confirmed again in this last game.

I was very impressed with our d today. Nice job boys. Favre was awesome and unimpressive at the same time, but I think that Number 4's biggest fault this year will be the play calling of the head coach. He always seems to call that stupid up the middle when everyone in the stadium and watching at home knows its coming, and what the hell was that call at the end of the first half?

Oh well, PACK WIN, UNDEFEATED BABY! On to week two. GO PACK GO!!!!

Sign Boy aka Hamilton

Hey Ham, head coach Mike McCarthy doesn't make many mistakes, and when he does you don't see them repeated... let's hope his clock management skills improve, and of course, his play calling skills improve too...

Happy for the win, but the offense looks horrible. Oh to have an over-the-hill, washed-up Randy Moss. Oh to have someone with the first round pick other than a DT that does not suit up. Oh to have a healthy Ahman Green right now. Thompson, I wish you knew what you were doing, I wish I knew what you were doing, and Bubba is still the worst TE in the NFL.

Frank L.

Hi Frank, yes, to think that TT could have easily finagled both of these players onto the current roster... but the woulda coulda shoulda time is over and you've got to now dance with the one's your with.

Ahh yes!! The bears in LAST PlACE... the way its meant to be! Defense looks Great... Brandon Jackson and Favre will get going and so will the rest of the offense. GO PACK GO!!!



Great victory and unexpected when examining the schedule before the season began. I second Frank L.and his opinion on washed up Ahman Green and that old guy with a bad attitude Randy Moss. With the offensive we have, I am sure neither of these guys would have helped out. Oh, what could have been. Our running game is terrible and I wish I saw a something positive with the line or the backs. The D lived up to our expectations and played a great game. Our offense owes them a round of drinks for keeping us in this game.


Hey Camp, the offense definitely owes both the Special Teams and Defensive Players all a drink or two... I'd love to have some veteran playmakers at RB and WR to help out Brett and Donald... but TT has plans for something else. I can't hardly wait to find what they are.

The disaster we call our general manager has shown the world what bad management can do! Is he being paid off by the Bears? Vickings? This year He will lead this team into the saddest season of all our lives!


Hey Larry, Winning ugly hasn't convinced many of us that the Packers are poised to become offensive juggernauts this year and this incredibly awesome lucky win won't change that.

Beating the Eagles at home at Lambeau is certainly a morale booster and should definitely propel us forward very strong against the giants @ home. Defense is looking good promising some very good games! offense needs some work but we know that our beloved Pack will come through.

Go Pack!

Chris in D/FW, TX

How y'all doing Chris? We've got a great chance to go 2-0 now that the NY Giants are hurting with many of their key players out for the coming G.B. game. The offense doesn't seem to be able to run-block effectively, but they do all right when the passing game is needed. All of us Packers fans are probably going to have to get used to this while "winning ugly" concept... it seems to be at the heart of the TT/MM philosophy.

All the way from Denmark: GO PACK GO!!!

What a wonderful way to kick off the season! What a game for debutante Crosby!

"You may think you're right, but that doesn't make you less wrong."

Big Dane

I like your quote Big Dane... use it on Bears/Vikqueens/Lions/Various NFL fans every day of my life... Thanks for checking in, I used to have a special love for the regular Carlsberg Brew... and many nights ended with drinking Elephant Malt Liquor... now I've gone Trappist and started quaffing large amounts of Chimay. Skoal!

...before everyone starts whining about nt having randi, let's see what he looks like after a few weeks. If there is whining to do, how about tt sending us into the season without any improvement to the O-line or without an experienced RB??

What a treat to see an opening day win, though...and as of this AM, some of the hot rumors I've seen say that neither Brandon Jacobs OR Eli Manning are likely to play next Sunday--who says timing isn't everything !!


A win is a win is a win.....

It helps for the O-Line to make some blocks so any RB can run through the holes, but when you have young in-experienced RB's who cut the wrong way in the open field, it makes you realize that you need some veteran players in key skill positions, otherwise your just winging it on potential.

So... Under the "links" portion of this site, how come we can't see the article talking about how the Eagles are a lock anymore?


Hey Luke, big win for the Pack, I know your not referring to "this site" as Packer Palace 'cuz we never would have bothered to put up any link to anything related to the Iggles, but it wouldn't surprise me that every Philly site is pulling down all of their pre-season hype... but the season's young and hype is all that some teams only have left.

Tenacious D indeed!!! Every tackle mid-field or at the line Atari Bigby is there! (polio-malu who?) We get that running thing down were there also.... Bubba? I'm f**k'n watchin' you son! Catch one-drop one ain't gonna cut it! BUT hey we won it feels good!and after watching the giants last nite I'd say 2-0 is a real possibility! GO PACK GO!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!!

Yo Big Ern!!! Don't want to get ahead of ourselves, but things in the universe are aligning to the Packers favor... I saw both Bigby and Nick Barnett flying around at top speed and hell yeah, I like it alot!!!



Whew! Can the Pack really do that all season? Porous offensive line, all special teams and defense? Of course not, but it's nice to see the home opener with a big "W" and the Bearskis drop one (or was it Rex dropping more than one? Heh, heh, heh....)

Les E.

Hey Les, The Eagles do have a decent aggressive defense, like the Vikqueens, like the Bears, like many teams in the NFL, so the Packers aren't going to win many games with only 40 yards rushing for the game, there are however, some things I want to be wrong about...

Packers win and McNabb loses! Awesome! It's been a long time since we had good D and Special Teams. Thompson has assembled a team with a lot of young talent, like it or not TT bashers. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve criticism, but he could be doing a hell of a lot worse job finding talent, too.

Time to quit bitching about Green and Moss. It's over... This team can win with the talent it has. I'll have one more beer now.

Packer Homebrewer

Hey HomeBrew, McNabb loses... Grossman loses... Packers in 1st place... I think I'll have one more beer now too.

Glad we won, but we would be better off the Green still running the ball. Don't understand why Thompson let's good players go without anybody at least as good to replace them.


Hey Mark, You know the only reason TT let Ahman Green go was money and freeing up cap space (that we have an abundance of) and was not thinking about winning games, truly, hard to say it's all about winning today's game when you're throwing rookie talent into most of the skill positions, but I ain't no GM and I'm trying not to play one on the web... Another thing I haven't succeeded at yet. Be Pack 4 Life!

Finally my man I was sick of getting our asses kicked by those yard birds from Philly. God Damn right my man all special teams points for a win. It's about time special teams pulled it weight around here. They owe, they owe!!! I hate nobody more than the McScab!!!

Das in NorCal


BIG ERN said so!!!!

Greetings from Sweden, great way to start the season, if the defense can keep this up it might be a very interesting season. Nearly had a heart attack at the end of the game (can only listen on RealAudio, game we got on TV was NE vs. NYJ)


Hey Swede, Welcome to Packer Palace, nice to hear from some of our world-wide fans, hey, send me an email (this goes for you to Big Dane) for I've come across some info that may help you guys out on game day. Be Pack 4 Life!

Check out these Packer fans
too Funny!

Field Lambeau

Yeah it's goofy, sure it's funny they fall through the backdrop. My question is that this is obviously an outtake, so where's the finished video? If anyone knows, drop us the link.

Those were the kinds of games the Pack lost last year, the way I see it, we are already 1 game ahead of last years team.


Hey Diener, we take the wins any way they come to us... Go Pack!

I never thought I'd be praying for Vernand Morency's return! We need a little more experience in the backfield. I am loving Donald Driver even more this year. This guy will go across the middle and catch anything! Certainly hope Greg Jennings comes back and we find a way to stretch the field and get open! Still, A great week to be a Cheesehead!!

Witt Dog

Quoth Lombardi...

The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it.

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Duhn-Dudda-dahhhhh!!! It's Here! The NFL Football season has finally arrived. It's the Eagles vs. the Packers at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. A long off-season of many doubts, unsure draft picks, almost no free agent signings and voila!, you have the 2007 Green Bay Packers.

Will it be enough to win 10 games this year. We think so, the running backs and wide receivers are young, young, young, but the Packers defense looks to be more than solid this year, so we here at Packer Palace are expecting big things from the team this year. Packers should win this opening game 23-16 or so...

Now do be careful using our advice to place money on the Packers, (we always lose, so we stopped doing that ages ago) unless you win a huge amount, then you'll owe us big time. Go Pack! Smack the Iggles!!!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Hey BeerKid.... Looking forward to the beginning of the season!!! Kinda fun not knowing quite what to expect. I think they need a little seasoning. Look at all the years the last SB team took to finally take it all. But that said, I think we may see alot of up-and-down, on-again-off-again play or they may pull off a couple big wins early and start to believe, and away they go!!! Appears they finally have a young base starting to emerge and the future is starting to take shape. They still need a stud or two yet, but I think this year needs to be a playoff year and fill in the missing pieces to make a push next year. Alot of the year depends on the O-line!!! Also the NFC needs to gain some ground on the AFC, it's getting redundant!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

BeerKid, Best wishes for the season... the Packer Palace's season, that is. And the Pack's, too.

Mike B.
Classic WI


Packers are undefeated this season! Watch the Packer games at:

Pickwicks Pub, 21010 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, 818-340-9673

See you there!

We keep saying that we're coming up and over the mountains to visit one of these Sundays... maybe for an afternoon game.

What in the HELL is tt doing???? OK, boys, let's hit the season with THIS collection of running backs:
  • The supposed old-timer, who was an afterthought pickup last year and is currently probably too hurt to play....Vernon Morency
  • The rookie-who is going to be playing with the last vestiges of a cuncussion provided by his OWN teammate....Brandon Jackson
  • The Longshot-the guy who WAS hurt and who, according to the TV folks-just wasn't able to do much....DeShawn Wynn
  • The fullback converted LB...Corey Hall (or is that Corey Feldman....)
  • and a couple of guys that nobody but their Mom has EVER heard of (but we'll trade for one of them anyway)......

tt has to GO!!! NO OL imporvement, NO improvment at WR and NO RBs on the roster.......yikes!

Coach Carl

Hey Coach, you might have been "over-dramatic" but you have pointed out some glaring needs that were not truly addressed with veteran players that could come in and help right away. This year will be still be fun and worth watching. Be Pack 4 Life!

Everyone calls this team down, favre's too old, they have no running game. Bullshit. You wait N see what we can do. Clavin Johnson was the next Jerry Rice. I havent seen him do JACK. Thats in preseason too. And as long as DA-BEARS ( barf) have GROSS-MAN they will stink. Minnesota, please - dont even bother.



I'm with you Chuck, although I'm stretching it out to 23-16, although that haunting impression from last year's opener at home is floating around somewhere...

Hey BeerKid..... Packers 17, Eagles 14. I think the Pack want to set the tone for the whole year and for all the home games. And the law of averages says they're due to beat the Eagles any time now!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Low scoring battle between common foes... hmmmm... I like the defensive battle idea I'm just going to jump in with the idea that both teams defenses will be helping their offenses score more, more easily.

BeerKid, Are ya ready for some football??? Oh ya, us too!

The backyard here at Lambeau West is ready as you can see from the pics of our backyard.

Get this - The viqueens game might be blacked-out here in the twin cities cuz’ they couldn’t get it sold out by noon today!!! So the NFL Office gave them an extra 24 hours to try to get it sold out!!! How lame is that??? Damn, I wished they wouldn’t have given them the extension…, if it gets blacked-out, then they’ll show the Packer game, YEAH!!!



Hey Boz, like the yardwork you've done... and the Fox affiliate in the Twin Cities had to buy the last 400 tickets, even with the extension, to get the Vikqueens-Falcons game on TV. Vikqueens fans are lame.... Remember, they first tied this game into the annual Packers-Vikings game and still couldn't sell it out without help from the NFL.

WOOO-HOOOOO !! All of the waiting and wondering comes to an end !! Time
for the REAL DEAL !!

I'm working to redesign the photo sections of the website -- once that's done -- look for new photos and other new content...

Carl 'Gator' Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Hello again Coach, it is time for the real deal. Time for some Packers Football.

Quoth Lombardi...

There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again.

Packers Verses Vikings...

Some people say that time moves "on cats' feet"
While others say "time flies when you're having fun"
Somehow this offseason got past most football fans
While we were out enjoying the summer's sun

Which is not to say that the time was boring
What with trials and indictments left and right
If it wasn't Pacman 'making it rain' for the strippers
It was mike Vick doing things that just aren't right

Fortunately up in Wisconsin and Minnesota
The lawmen didn't cause too much of a clamor
As players from both the packers and the Vikings
Managed to mostly keep themselves out of the slammer

The devoted fans of both these teams
Were anxious for free agency to begin
For both teams had needs and a ton of cash
And they waited for the spending to begin

But neither team got too involved with that
For reasons that no one quite understands
In fact the level of participation
Could have been called 'sitting on one's hands'

So whether the philosophy proves to be right
Both are striving to improve themselves from within
Which while noble and probably more cost-effective
Will probably preclude either team tallying many wins


The Vikes chose a new direction this year
As they showed Brad Johnson the exit door
Trusting the team to young Tarvaris Jackson
Although he has only thrown a couple scores

A lot of hopes and expectations are riding
On the shoulders and arm of this young man
It remains to see if he has the talent
To do the things they think he can

And just who will his passes go toward
That seems to be the question of the week
His receiving corps is pretty undistinguished
And lacks the sort of downfield threat they seek

Chester Taylor was the Vikings' iron man
Carrying the ball as many times as he was asked
However he wore down at season's end
From the punishment of that giant task

He'll have more help when the season starts
As young Adrian Peterson will also run the ball
He was considered one of the draft's top backs
And is very excited to answer the call

The Vikes will get some extra defensive help
As players who lost last year to injury return
Which is a good thing because opposing passers
Found the Minnesota defense extremely easy to burn


The Packers welcome back some familiar faces
Though not as many as most fans would have liked
Sometimes it's hard for us to understand
Why guys like Ahman Green are told to take a hike

The Packers' running game is a little suspect
As none of the backs is an established starter
But rookie Brandon Jackson will probably get the nod
Which will hopefully make him try a little harder

Brett Favre has returned and is looking sharp
But the question is just to whom he will throw
Donald Driver has a somewhat injured foot
But it sounds like he'll be good to go

Bubba Franks needs to really step up his game
Last season's sensation Greg Jennings must do the same
Out of the rest of the Green Bay receiving corps
James Jones is going to become the household name

For most of the season the Packers' d was inconsistent
Though they ended last season on a four game streak
It remains to see if they had improved that much
Or the opponents really were that weak

AJ Hawk will lead the linebacking corps
Which should be the strength of the green bay team
The secondary will improve with Atari Bigby's addition
While the defensive line should be a coaches' dream


The Vick-less Falcons come to the Metrodome
Hoping to put the offseason’s turmoil behind
Joey Harrington is now the signal-caller
Giving Atlanta a new dimension to be defined

The Vikes can’t take Atlanta lightly
As coach Childress should be well aware
For if the Falcons should pull out a win
He’ll be missing the rest of his hair...

The Packers open the season at Lambeau field
With Donavan McNabb bringing the Eagles in
Green bay has had their hands full with them
Could it turn out hat way once again?

The Packers defense will have to be first-rate
For the Philly offense is going to be
While the packers can’t afford to make any mistakes
Against a traditionally stingy Eagles ‘d’

In a game that won’t be very pretty
Look for the Falcons to somehow eke out the win

Coach Carl
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Quoth Lombardi... 

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Packer Palace Predicts... 

Saturday, August 11, 2007 -So with the incense from last year's "Age of Aquarius" fairy-book 4 game winning streak over lesser opponents to conclude 2006 at 8-8 still smoldering and infiltrating our awareness, it's time to throw on our "magic hat" and push away the veil that precludes most from seeing what is to come this year in the NFC North division.

We love the Packers, we hate the Vikqueens, Bears, Lions, no big secrets there, and even with all the young guys expected to fill important roles for the Packers this year, something we do expect to happen, will it be enough to overcome the alleged strength of the Bears for the Packers to claim 1st in the division this year. Ummmm, short answer, "Yes". Look at our division, which QB would you rather have running the helm to start this season, Lions Jon Kitna? Vikqueens Tavaris Jackson? Bears Rex Grossman? Seriously, backup Packers QB Aaron Rodgers may be better than those 3 guys, our answer is Brett Favre is the best QB in the NFC North this year. The Pack's defense is going to be awesome to watch this year, it almost makes you forget the RB's and WR's are almost all untested, but ready to deliver, they can just let Donald Driver lead them the way.

So when we poked and prodded, and then ripped a hole in time itself, to allow us to peer around the edges of the veil, we can easily see the Bears slipping this year, they suck, always have, their defense will be OK, their QB's not OK, and it won't be enough for them this year. What was revealed? What did we humble conjurers find waiting? The number revealed for the Green Bay Packers this 2007 year is "10", as in 10 wins, and a home playoff spot to start contending for the Super Bowl.

 Packers  10-6
     Bears  10-6
      Lions    7-9
   Vikings    4-12


The Packers are going to win the NFC North, tied with the Bears at 10-6, but the Packers will own the tie-breaker on some 3rd/4th level tie-breaking statistic. Lions? The soon to be best pair of WR's in the game, but it's not going to be quite their year yet. The Vikes? We don't see much happening there at all, just the basement cellar for their divisional chances.

So it's time to bring it on and throw it around some more and give us your best shot, it's NFL Football time. Leave us your name, leave us your forecast, tell us where we're wrong:


In Your Prediction!
BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

Last Update:
Sunday, September 9, 2007


not looking too good for the Bears to get to 10 wins 7 might be as good as it gets for them...


Brain says: 8-8 Bears, Minnesota, Packers, Lions - Heart says: 10-6 Packers, Bears, Minnesota, Lions


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Even after the first 3 pre-season games and the first round of roster cuts, we still like the Packers chances this year. The WR's are young, but Jennings, Jones and Martin are showing their skills, the RB's are still in a mess, but the Packers O-Line can't run block with any power anyway, but they can pass-block, so expect a lot of short passes to the RB's and TE's this year to help offset the lack of a power running game. The defense looks tough as nails, the DB's and D-Line look better than last year. So we're still sticking with the 10-6 and 1st place prediction in the NFC North for the Green Bay Packers this year.

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!


Personally I am more worried about the Vikings than that! I think they have a great D and a good O line. 2 tuff RB's and we have no idea about their QB. The easy thing to say is he will suck but if you look at it in the case of the glass is half full, he's untapped talent and could be around for years. The Bears will be very good again this year. The best D in the league, Hester is a man child and, just me, but i thought Benson was a better RB than Thomas Jones. So long as he can stay healthy. They should be right there contending for the Superbowl with New Orleans and Dallas for the NFC. Detriot to me still doesnt have it. They may put up some big numbers on offense but there D is terrible. Especially their D line. The Bears, Pack, and Vikes all have above average O lines and will run up and down the field on that team. I'm not expecting much from them at all this year.

Now, the pack, they should be tuff. I am a pack fan all the way but a football fan too. Sometimes I think pack fans are only pack fans and not football fans. For us to win the division this year is not thinking realistic. I'm not at all impressed with the coaching staff here and don't trust them. Brett is great but he's older and just cant gunsling like he use too. with no elite running back and still a very young, but improving O line he will have to do a lot. I think he will have to do too much. I like the way he's not trying to throw the perfect ball on every play anymore and that should cut down on his turnovers.

The Division should look more like this Bears 12-4, Packers 9-7, Viking 9-7, Lions 6-10

Go Pack!


Packers 10-6, Queens 9-7, Bears 9-7, Lions 9-7

The Great El Moldo de Californio

Packers 14-2

Anonymous 7

Viqueens: 0-16

Anonymous 73

the Pack have a really hard schedule this year

Anonymous 137

Update: Monday, August 13, 2007

Packers 10-6, Beers 10-6, Liars 8-8, Viqueens 5- 11

An added bonus is that brian urinelicher will pop a neck-vien during a monday nite game after finding out mike dicka is NOT interested in him "socially".

BIG ERN said so!!!!!

Sc8's forecast is that the NFC north, the black and blue division is the worst division through the first eight games. The bears will be the only team with more than three wins. Then in a miracle second half and the packers get some cold weather bliss and win 7 out of 8 to win the norris division and knock the yogis out of the playoffs!




Lambeau mystic returns in 2007, Pack go 7-1 at home and 3-5 on the road, the 3 road wins are against divisional opponents, so its all good.


I'm looking forward to Green Bay winning the NFC North and getting to the play-offs. I want to see all those Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy haters eat their words. I like it better when all of the Packer Nation is behind the team One Hundred Percent. I'm sick of the doubters.

Homers Rule!!

I think the defense will be much improved with the ongoing improvement on the defensive line and strong play by our young linebackers. They will keep us in most games. If our offense had improved half as much as our defense we would be a contender. The tougher schedule will create a problem of taking it to that next step with regard to our record. I predict the Packers finish 8-8.

Live and Die for the Pack!



After watching the first preseason game against Pittsburgh, I think our defense will be ranked in the top 5 or 6. Jenkins and Kampman are going to the Pro Bowl along with AJ Hawk.

The WR's have to get more separation if Favre is going to do well. If not, we will see more tipped balls and more interceptions that aren't Favres fault.

A RB needs to take control of this opportunity and take the spot!

Packers 9-7

Witt Dog

Bears 11-5, Pack 10-6, Vikes 7-9, Lions 6-10

Packers will get the wild card


You are right on :)


Games are won in the trenches and with a D-Line like ours, it's possible we can be NFC North champs. We are going to have to rely on the D a lot this year, but you are right about one thing..... it will be fun to watch.


The NFC North reminds me of the old NFC Norris days, pretty mediocre. I hope the Pack surprise me.

Bears 10-6, Pack 9-7, Lions 6-10, Vikes 6-10

Dave -- St. Louis

PACK 10-6, BEARS 8-8, LIONS 5-11, VIKINGS 5-11

That's it folks, the slipper will fit. Time to shut up and start supporting our Green & Gold!!


Hey BeerKid... The schedule shows that the Pack should win around 10 games. Don't care what the other dinks in the division do, so I won't predict them... Some thoughts:

It was nice to see Rodgers scramble, I think the QB "needs" to do that every so often!!! Liked the contract thing w/Driver. If a guy is doing well for the Pack, give him some money. Don't have to make him the highest paid player, just appreciated.

Just think... if your out shopping for names to fill holes all the time, the Pack might have just went ahead and passed over the Kampmans' (5th round?) and Jenkins' (F/A) of the world. I'm not sold on TT but the guy must know something to get where he is and he knows alot more about the team than we could hope to ever gleen from a few games and articles. Building your team to win in the trenches is a winner but can MM coach outside the box???

Which brings me to a question someone might be able to answer. Do the Pack have a route that they run off the slant? They run that pattern so much that it'd be nice if they had something set up, so Favre could pump-fake, suck the CB in and have the receiver reverse direction for the big play (or something like that).
Lastly, I'll quit boring you finally with a pet peeve I have. The straight-arm in the face mask. Just think if the D can't be in the face mask, neither should the O be allowed.

Long Live the Pack!!!

I like the way you think, and I'm tired of all the naysayers. Do I wish TT had done more to bolster the offense? Without a doubt. But I like our young offensive line with one more year of the blocking scheme under their belts, and I think that after some growing pains early in the season our RBs will run to daylight as the unheralded guys in Denver have done for years. Also, I really like what I'm seeing out of WR James Jones, and believe we could be in good hands with him, Driver and Jennings. Look for some struggles early on, then things will smooth out later (but not as late as it took the OL to jell last year).

The defense will ROCK. Even without Harrell, who so far is NOT looking like the second coming of #92. Great OL, great LBs, great CBs, a ? at safety but nice-looking prospects. This too shall work out. GO PACK!!!



Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Packers Beat Eagles... 

Stevens Point
Daily Journal

Monday, Oct 30, 1933

Appleton Sports

Monday, Nov 12, 1962

The Sports

Monday, Nov 16, 1992

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quote For The Week... 

"I like the Packers as a surprise team, even more so than the Detroit Lions".

Chris Mortenson on ESPN Radio after commenting with Bill Parcells on how that neither of them would be surprised if the Green Bay Packers finished 1st ahead of the Chicago Bears in the NFC North this year.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cut's Have Commenced... 

Currently, here's "The 53" Man Packers Roster
  • QB - Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers
  • RB - Vernand Morency, Brandon Jackson, DeShawn Wynn, Korey Hall, Ryan Grant (from Giants), John Kuhn
  • WR - Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, James Jones, Ruvell Martin, Carlyle Holiday
  • TE - Bubba Franks, Donald Lee
  • T - Chad Clifton, Mark Tauscher, Tony Moll, Junius Coston
  • G - Daryn Colledge, Jason Spitz, Allen Barbre, Tony Palmer
  • C - Scott Wells

  • CB - Al Harris, Charles Woodson, Frank Walker, Will Blackmon, Jarrett Bush, Tramon Williams
  • S - Nick Collins, Atari Bigby, Aaron Rousse, Charlie Pepra
  • LB - Nick Barnett, A.J. Hawk, Brady Poppinga, Desmond Bishop, Tracy White,
  • DE - Aaron Kampman, Cullen Jenkins, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, Jason Hunter, Michael Montgomery
  • DT - Ryan Pickett, Corey Williams, Justin Harrell, Colin Cole, Johnny Jolly, Daniel Muir

  • K - Mason Crosby
  • P - John Ryan
  • LS - Rob Davis

Updated to reflect the recent placing of RB Noah Herron on IR, and the addition of FB John Kuhn.
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