Thursday, November 29, 2007

Heartbreaker... Heartbreaker... 

  Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 10-2...

"Heart Breaker, Doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo, Heart Breaker Doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo, I wanna tear your world apart" Mick and the Stones never had the Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys game in mind... but they pretty much sang it right. BeerScout picked a new bar, The Parlor, for watching the game tonight, and it was crowded, and loud, you could yell at the top of your lungs and barely hear yourself. A perfect atmosphere for a Thursday night game between 10-1 teams.

It was half Packers fans, half Cowboys fans, and somehow there was another half of Anti-Cowboys fans (Eagles and Broncos the most obvious), but in the end, it was all the cute Cowboys girls that gave us the most grief. For example, when I yelled out "the thing I hate the most about this game" her quick reply was that "because we're winning", nice comeback, but I was referring to CB Al Harris running around with his head up his ass not having any clue where the ball was, but she burned me. Then at the end, another cute one gave me the "I root for you guys when you're not playing us" and I'm left with the "well, thank you" but you know, I didn't mean it. Flippin' Eh! I gave them that old "see yah in January" which is all one can say at that point. No mistaken it, the Packers will end up as the #2 seed (even if Brett misses games due the dinged elbow and now revealed separated left shoulder) and the Pack doesn't fear anyone, so they'll be back in the NFC Championship Game against the Cowboys in Dallas again, you know, like the 90's.

The Cowboys beat us 37-27 and take away a few mistakes by Brett Favre, some odd play calling when it matter most in the early part of the game, outstanding play by backup QB Aaron Rodgers, who I've mentioned many times, is the 2nd best QB in the NFC North, and well yeah, they beat us. Flippin' Eh!

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!!!


I was so sure we were going to win that I placed a non-monetary bet a friend and now I gotta wear his phreaking Romo jersey to poker today (why God why!) instead of him wearing the Pink Favre jersey I ordered with overnight shipping (He didn't specify the color of the jersey). This is so humiliating! We are the better team! We would have won the game if it wasn't for the refs! Forward progress, my ***! Harris clearly stripped him! The refs were so inconsistent. We got called for every little thing, while they were bumping past the 5 on every play. 143 yards of penanties on ticky tack BS! The only way games will ever be fair to make every play challengable... and if you win your challenge, you should still be able to challenge. If you're wrong twice then you're out of challenges, but if you're right every time (as McCarthy was) you should still be able to throw the red flag. Anyhow, Go Pack and... the Bears still suck!

Ryan in Phoenix


At least the 2007 Cowboys are not nearly as much as a bunch of asswads as the 90s versions. Last night's game was downright sportsmanshipy.


No pass rush, no coverage, poor o-line blocking... We'll be OK. I give a lot of credit to Coach Mac. He doesn't hesitate to change players around (Colledge) if they aren't producing.

Lotta season left for T.O. to make an ass out of himself. My favorite Madden quote "Winning is the best deodorant".

Always wondered, "Do the stars on the cowgirl cheerleader uniforms stand for how many times jerry jones nailed em"?


Hey Boz, in regards to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, if they placed a star for every fan Jerry and his NFL Network negotiating tactics screwed over... it would be a map of the Milky Way galaxy

Beer Kid: I can't take Bigby much longer. He can't cover, he's slow, and he makes stupid penalties every week. He is a thug. I wish Holmgren were on the sidelines to grab him by the facemask and then send him to the bench like he did to Schroeder on national TV. How many 15 yard penalties does he committ before he finds himself on the bench? Terrible.

Frank - Real Stuff Sports

Hey Frank, they (who-ever they are) keep saying his aggressiveness makes up the few mistakes and penalties he gets in a game... but the ripping the helmut off the Cowboys player late in the 4th quarter... it was a frustrating game for everyone.

few thoughts BK. 1)why was the offensive game plan changed after the first drive? went from ball controlled passing to the long ball. do not these receivers lead the league in yards after the catch? and the gimmick plans? grant tossing back to favre for long incompletion into double coverage. 2)why such poor officiating in such a BIG game? the pick by harris on the first cowboy series. that is a potential 10 point swing. instead of the 'boys tying the game, the pack gets the ball near midfield and maybe drives for 7. that changes alot as far as momentum and play calling AND confidence in the young packers minds. also, the interference call in the 4th quarter on tramon williams. looked uncatchable and unintentional, just part of the game. one ref is calling incomplete one is not sure what to call. then they throw the flag as players are trotting back to the huddle! the camera was even moving back up field. that gave them a short 4 yards for TD. i guess the zone coverage on defense was due to the loss of woodson.

i agree with the outstanding play of rodgers. Looked like the true successor.
also, if that is all the cowboys have at full force/no injuries then i predict, if healthy, an NFC championship victory in DALLAS by the GREEN AND GOLD!

nashvegas packer fan

Did anybody else catch this priceless quote from Bryant Bumble last night? "The Cowboys don't want to see Al Harris banging on Terrel Owens all night." Everybody at our table looked at each other and burst out laughing. We don't want to see that either! That would be on a different channel altogether!! Bumble needs to watch his dirty little mouth. Heh. Heh-heh. Heh.


I think Favre's leaving the game and the Pack still having a shot at victory is the BEST thing to happen so far this year. Favre should realize even more that winning does not depend solely on him, and the rest of the players should gain confidence from the fact they were still in the game without him. Sure, 11-1 would've been nice, but this timely stumbling block cannot but make this Packer team better.

Besides, we're 10-2, would have to completely fold to avoid being NFC North Champs, and will most likely play one of our two playoff games at Lambeau. Whoo Hooo!

Ruvell Martin watch: one more catch, one more 1st down, giving him 13 of 14 for 1st downs to go with his 3 TDs this year.

(BK, A happy byproduct of the Greedy Bastards'actions: most of the old 90's game day regulars were assembled at the House of TV for the game. Brats and burgers were grilled, chili stewed, and noone was worried about being "overserved" Leine's. A great time!)

The Knievel is dead. Long live the Evel!

Go Pack.......GO!

Evel Knievel was an inspiration to all of neighboorhood kids and our classic banana seated Sting Ray bicycles. He was an X-Games guy long before his time.

Favre will play against Oakland. It was a funny-bone that lead to numbness in a throwing had that passes 95% of the time, forget the shoulder. Thankful to be 10-2, GO PACKERS!


Packer Paul - Just looked... Jerry Jones is on the NFLs NFL Network Committee. It's splitting hairs I know... He's still the devil incarnate, no question about that.

I Love Lamp

got a bit tipsy last night... passed out in the third quarter. Blasted night games. Well, as my friend Brent says, "you can't drink all day unless you start first thing in the morning". One thing I do remember, we all knew we odds against going 15-1 were stacked against the Pack. However, going 14-2 is much more realistic -- and with the Raiders, Rams, Bears, and Lions up next, victory shall be ours. GO PACK GO.

little too much captain in me


Bryant Gumble still sucks. Who the hell gave this guy a job as a football commentator? I would rather listen to Bill Maas on crack holding a hand gun to his biotches head than hear the hamster dribble that comes out of Gumbles blow hole. Geeez. "I do love Brett Favre though. If Brett Favre wasn't Brett Favre, then Brett Favre wouldn't be Brett Favre" (an actual quote).

J. Madden

Hey JM, the Bar was so loud I didn't hear 1 word from the TV Announcers... I count myself lucky.

Hey Madden - good catch. I was more annoyed that Bryant kept confusing the Packers and Cowboys. He was even making stupid quotes like "I was talking to head coach Mike McCarthy before the game and he was saying how Marian Barber is the center of the Packers offense." That, in conjunction with the complete 180 in our offensive strategy was too much to handle.

In other news - I did not find it odd that Brett couldn't make anything happen when he decided to play the Packers 2005 offense. Then he gets dinged and Aaron Rodgers comes in and plays the Packers 2007 offense and it works just fine. Is anybody with me in thinking that if we had come in there and played the same style we have been, we'd have been just fine? A Flea Flicker? WTF is that? Direct Snap to Driver... I can see that, but a freakin Flea Flicker?

All I really saw was that the offense McCarthy installed this year works. It works people! I'm just hoping that maybe he is planning to have to play Dallas again anyway, so why bother showing off the good stuff now? All tolled, it might be better to play in Dallas in January anyway.

Lastly - can someone please explain to me two things:

1) How can Al Harris take the ball away from TO, and that is somehow "not" a strip? I'm not saying anything... I'm just saying that would have been quite the momentum change early in the game.

2) How can TO score a touchdown and grab popcorn from a fan and "not" be flagged for using props or celebration or whatever? Again, I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying someone should see if the Line Judge's children are looking to get into any universities at which Jerry Jones has some pull.

I Love Lamp

Was it just me, BeerKid............. Or did it look like the Pack played to lose? Favre looked like shit lobbing long balls into double coverage. What happened to what they've been running all year? O-line sucked, College started out bad. They played basic defense.... they're saving the more sophisticated game plans for the BIG games I hope. One play there where T.O. stopped on the go route and Harris kept running.... looked as if Harris wasn't even paying attention. Dallas receivers running around freely. More pass interference penalties (doesn't surprise me w/Shotty Baby as coach), Collins w/another big play-less game and Bigby looking very average again. No pass rush. Maybe the Pack prefers Dallas for their passing game to Lambeau Field in January.... Either way they'll learn alot more from a lose than a win. They'd better be able to light it up against Dallas in the rematch or the NE Cheaters will stomp them in a SB. They'd better be able to make Dallas look as average, the next time around, as the Cheaters did.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey LLTP, yeah, I was ready to jump on the "Fire Schotty Now!" bandwagon after the game, but you know, the only way to stop Cowboys TE Jason Witten IS to have CB Al Harris leave his man in coverage and stop to cover the short zone, it's just that no other DB would ever pick up his man, and QB Tony Romo knows how to take advantage of WR's running wide open. S Nick Collins played horrible in his first game back, although I'll admit he looked hurt (shoulder, knee) but I'm looking forward to Aaron Rouse coming back into the starting line-up.

Injuries + penalties (granted some were bad calls) + O-line inability to protect the passer + D-line inability to get to the passer + barely average KO returns + below average KO covedage + confused DBs = 10 pt. loss. A welcome 10 day rest and a tune up game against the Raiders is just what the doctor ordered as a cure. Win out and beat the 'boys in the NFC Championship game - the game that will really count.


Injuries, tough breaks and iffy calls aside, the Cowboys won and deserved to win. That said I feel that the Pack would do better in a second meeting. Got to find a way to cover Witten though. He had too many drive sustaining catches.

Dave in St. Louis

A loss like this hurts, but I'm proud of the boys for hanging in there and making a game of it. And as a former Chicagoan... way to go Aaron.

One last thing... Sierra Nevada... nothing goes better with a Pale than a Packer game.


Ok.. so you beat us without Woodson and KGB, oh and... Brett Favre.. See you in the playoffs!

Fat Oak

Take the Bad with the Good. We are a young team but it's good to get important games prior to the playoffs and give us a little warm-up.

Favre, Reggie is looking over you so get well bud.


Looking Foreward to the rematch. Next time The Pack WILL win.






Hey Packer Paul, you should have been in The Parlor drinking Sierra Nevada (5 pints) and yelling as loud as you write, it was a good game, it was a frustrating game, they beat us when the Packers Defense was hurting bad, it hurts, but when wins like this were going around, you know eventually they had to come back around. But don't fear, there's no Reaper here and the Packers still have time to claim that Super Bowl prize

OH Lordy, this is a tuff loss. Is Brett OK?


Hi Lemondrop, listening to Brett Favre in the post-game radio conference, he said he banged his elbow, x-rays to come when they get back in Green Bay, but he separated his left (non-throwing) shoulder. He stuck around on the sidelines because the Packers only have 2 QB's, he might have had to come back in to take a snap. He also mentioned that in last years New England Patriots loss, he banged his throwing elbow much worse (more swelling) and he still played the following week. He gets 10 days to get ready for Raiders, and I'm no longer all that concerned about Aaron Rodgers' play anymore.

The Pack went down swinging Like Glenn Miller, The Pack went down swinging Like Ali, The Pack went down swinging Like Lynn Dickey, The Pack went down swinging


Hey CW, nice Lynn Dickey line thrown in there... 2nd to none best arm, worst knees ever in Packers QB history

Quoth Lombardi...

There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

It's the biggest game of the year for both the Dallas Cowboys and for the Green Bay Packers, and the NFL Executives, the total bastards that they are, decided to use this game in the power-play to get every cable company in the USA to charge it's every single one of its customers 70 cents to carry the NFL Network. The Greedy Bastards (the NFL Executives) won't offer the citizens of the United States the NFL Ticket broadcast on Cable, restricted and recently extended to be on Satellite dish only, but hey, the biggest game in the NFC this year, and let's pigeon-hole the game so everyone will get angry and call their Cable Operators and demand that they put the most repetitive, lack of programming channel I've seen in a long time.

I watched the NFL Network constantly for about 10 days a few weeks ago... I'm not impressed. Oh it's cool to have the constant NFL talk continuously going... but it only took a few days to realize I was seeing and hearing the same things over and over and over. Isn't that cheerleader commercial, the hot promotional one, isn't that the commercial they used to launch their network last year? J.H.Christ! They still show it 4 times a day. Vary it a little, puh-leaze!

So the NFL is getting close to creating the proverbial 3 strikes and your out territory. First strike, they start talking about making more teams give up home games and play oversea's, combined with moving the Super Bowl overseas. That's a slap to the face of all NFL football fanatics. Did they charge 40-70$ a ticket for the London game earlier this year? My guess it was discounted way down to make sure the stadium was full, they should try that promotional gimmick with all the attendance-challenged teams here.

Strike 2, moving games to the Pay-per-view model, that's fine, I guess, but don't you think that this Packers Cowboys game should have been the Sunday night NBC game? NFL Network will get it's highest ratings ever, but then FOX or NBC would have come close to same thing, and that would have meant double to triple that actual viewership. Way to go greedy NFL Bastards, take one of your sure to have been Top-5 rated games of the year and move it to a bottom tiered access channel.

Oh by the way... Hey Greedy NFL Executives, how big is the fine going to be for the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization for not providing a quality field for last Monday nights game? The rain only made it worse, the field was total frickin' disaster before that. Laying new sod over the old damaged sod? Who's idea was that? Seriously, ESPN must want something back from the NFL for not providing a watch-able game, and if I was a Pittsburgh fan, I would ask for refund of my ticket for the Organization not providing a playable field for a football game. That mess was a complete joke.

Now for the actual Packers Cowboys football game that 2/3rd's of America won't have the casual chance to watch. The Packers still have injured players in KGB and Charles Woodson, both are expected to play, but will they be playing at near 100%. Rookie DT Justin Harrell comes into this game as the 3rd DT, it's time for him to step up. The Packers defense has been the bedrock strength to the Packers 10-1 start this year. QB Brett Favre and the Packers offense really shouldn't have any trouble with the Dallas Defense, teams have scored a lot of points against the Cowboys this year, so no reason to believe that Green Bay can't do the same. The Cowboys... they have a decent up and coming QB in Tony Romo, they have 2 aggressive RB's, they have T.0., they have a defense can play, it appears to be an even match-up, but it's the Packers time to make a move to claim the #1 seed for the NFC playoffs this year.

This weeks prediction: The Packers win a close one when Brett Favre throws a TD pass on the last play of the game and Packers come from behind and beat the Dallas Cowboys 27-25.

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

P.S. This week's lotto numbers might be 4, 20, 25, 31, 36 with 21 being the money ball. These numbers usually don't work for any lotto, but I like them none the less: 4, 15, 42, 66, and 92.

Brett Favre is going to have a huge game and someone else is going to step up. I am interested to see what kind of play calling MM comes up with. Packers 30 Cowboys 24

52 min to game time! Go Pack Go!!!!!

Witt Dog


Okay, I get the NFL network up here in Canaduh and I watch it on occasion. The thing that pisses me off the most about the NFL Net is the stupid promos over and over again. If I see that stupid Bears Super Bowl team again I am going to die. "We knew in that huddle that....." blah blah blah. Walter Payton did not get a SB TD. You suck.

Also I hate that they use stupid handycams to shoot there footage. It looks like shit. I can only imagine what it looks like in HD. A buddy of mine told me that they use NFL marketing INTERNS as camera guys in GB. You know the footage sucks if some snot nosed, or short skirted, just out of college marketing intern is shooting it, it sucks. Man their training camp footage was terrible.

I do like the NFL total access show and the Put up your Dukes show. Other than that, not a big fan. Pack 27 DallASS 10 - Go Pack Go!!!!

Hamilton aka Sign Boy


Beerkid, Living in Madison WI, we are getting royally screwed on the game. Christ, the Governor has to go to his kids house to watch the game. Mecca and Milwaukee TV markets are the only ones able to see it minus Satellite. I myself put up the dish a month ago in anticipation of the sloth like speed this issue was going to be resolved. I don't know how you can defend the cable companies? It is Charter here, and they want to put it on a special sports tier and charge another $12/month. All the NFL wants is the same deal they have with Satellite, keep it on a basic package. Charter's other main reason? They don't want to add more channels that people don't want. Really, before I gave Charter their day of reckoning I was informed that I was getting two gov't channels and another "Lifetime" type channel. For Vince Sake!!!! You are right about the money, and someone is going to make a shit ton. But you know what, I don't care. If I am guaranteed an option to sit in my chair or go to the bar and watch the beloved Green and Gold, the only thing missing is a ice cold Spotted Cow. And THAT I can promise you will be in my fridge or local bar. Prediction: Packers 41 Dallas 27 Romo 4 ints and our DEF scores at least one TD. Go Pack Go (and F&%@ Da Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Big Oly 74


Hey BK! Thanks for the lotto picks..... I'll give 'em a shot, what the heck. Two bucks won't hurt me.... & if I win anything substantial, you'll get 10%!

Here's a beef of mine. I still can't get over how they start these weekday games at 5:00. 5:00! Most of us here on the west coast aren't even punching off the clock yet! And now we have to somehow maneuver through traffic, (which usually is a 1-1/12 hr. commute anyway) to see any decent amount of the game! For me, once I get home, I still have about a 45 min drive to get to the Packer Club... so of course it's close to the 3rd qtr. by the time I can sit down, relax, and get into the game. Jeez! I mean, I know they bumped the time up for those on the east coast, but c'mon! What's one hour?! Keep the game at 6:00, this way we have a fighting chance to get home and see most of the game at least! Either way, if the game starts at 5 or 6, back east those people are already at home, relaxed and waiting for the start of the game.

Am I alone here on this one?.....

Anyway, even if I get there by the end of the half, I'm sure that whatever amount of it I get to see will still be a great game! I'm sure Harris will be all over T.O. so he'll only get a few receptions. They'll have to try to run it alot, which our defense will be all over that too! Go Kampman! Go Barnett! Go KGB! Put plenty of pressure on 'Schlomo' and their running backs, and we can wrap this one up!

#1 in the NFC!! Let's get that home-field advantage! Go Pack Go!!

Lady K - Packer Club of Hemet, Ca.


Yo, Beerkid... one little item that does not seem to be discussed much in the lead-up to the Dallas game... team speed! The Packers are the youngest team in the league, and with youth comes speed... and speed kills in the NFL. Our team could actually benefit from playing on the turf in Dallas. Imagine guys like Kampmann, KGB, Jenkins and Williams on the DL... their first step/burst is already killer, now add turf...the Dallas OL is all about power, their weakness is speed. LBs, same thing. The WR's speed and precision in an out of their cuts should also benefit... adding to an already dynamic passing attack.

I am stoked for this one...hey, add another "first" to the illustrious career of #4. Needless to say, I am taking Friday off. Chimay for you, Chimay for me... why stop at one, make it three!!

Scott "Formerly Drunk On Water Street"

Hey Scott, gotcha hooked on Chimay did I now... and you're right, the Packers do have incredible speed at all the positions on the team.

You gotta read this great story on the real ironman of professional sports Favre is the Ultimate Iron Man

Oh yeah, my prediction - Packers 34, Cowgirls 24.


Goutman, that's a great article, thanks!

i think it's terrible that we pay so much for cable and now some people will not be able to see the games. everything is about the almighty dollar i guess.


Hi Anna, just remember that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is in charge of this mess and it's his greedy ego that he put on the line for this game, now 2/3rd's of the USA is not going to even have a chance to be watching it, the NFL doesn't have another game ('cept the Patriots-Giants game on NFL Network last weekend of the year) that will come anywhere close to the ratings that this game would have gotten if it had been on FOX or NBC. The NFL has lost a large chunk of money on this game. The worst part is that they may not care at all on how they treat us fans.

Theres some good teaser videos I found on the game. Check them out, Packer fans.

same guy - Showdown I -;=user

and Showdown II -;=user

Gees----makes me wish it was finally Thursday Night! GO PACK GO!!!



Admittedly, the NFL's actions seem to be counter their own best interests (Profitable businesses are usually so despite themselves.), but $.70/month for the NFL Network? Big deal. Wouldn't BK pay $8.40 to see just this one game? How much will the bar bill be Thursday night? According to (, ESPN forces my cable bill up a whopping $30-35 per year, while the drivel on CNN mandatorily raises the total another $5. Wouldn't it be really neat if my cable invoice was composed of the cost of the channels I select for myself?

As for the game, Packers 34 Cowboys 24. Go Pack!

Take a Chill Pill

Only if I can wash it down with a glass of Chimay Triple... or Chimay Blue, or Chimay Red... I'll take three.

I’m sittin' over here in blackout land. I live in Wisconsin, but too close to the dark side (vikings). So, I got the NFL channel for an extra 6.00/month thinking I might get to see some replays of the blacked out games and some cool old skool games and stuff… boy am I screwed up. NFL network is operated by a bunch of just graduated, snot nosed, marketing geniuses that watched too many MTV shows at college. Most of it sucks.

  • 1) They play the same thing over and over and over again...
  • 2) Then they have shows on college football -What the hell is that? Shouldn't they be showing NFL stuff???
  • 3) They show NFL cheerleader tryouts -again what the hell is that all about??? If I want to watch a bunch of beautiful women jumping up and down, I'll order the smut channels. Shouldn't they be showing NFL stuff?

    The fact is that none of the NFL programming doofs know anything about what real NFL fans want - which is FOOTBALL!!!
  • 1) Show the 1949 championship game
  • 2) Show the 1961 championship game
  • 3) Do a documentary about the history of football
  • 4) How about the history of the “football” itself
  • 5) What about the history of stadiums around the league?
  • 6) How about the uniforms?
  • 7) How about some of the great personal player stories?
  • 8) How about the referees?
  • 9) What new technology are the trainers using to keep players healthy?

    It’s all about greed...pure greed.

    The game - The Pack will win with Coach Mike making the right adjustments at half and the players executing them... Ruvell Martin steps up and Nick continues his All-Pro year!!!


    Hey Boz, thanks for checking from the darkside of extreme western Wisconsin to shed some light on all this NFL money maneuvering.

    The overseas game in London was oversubscribed with over 500,000 plus tickets applied for, the basic ticket was advertised £35-£45 ($68-$87)with prices rising by $18 dollars each level but later the tickets rose in price, I applied for tickets in the band £55-£65 ($107 - £136) and there still more expensive tickets for sale....

    Apart from that Greetz to Pack fans from Scotland

    Go Pack !!!!!


    Hey Bobby, thanks for updating my understanding of the game in London, so there is enough interest that the NFL can charge top dollar and sell out their game. It's just that some of us don't want to lose a home game to an over seas neutral site, 1 game isn't an overly big deal, but the talk suggests the NFL is ready for many more. Now give us a 17 game schedule, where every team ends up at a neutral site game, and the NFL can move 10 games out of the USA if they want, just put the game on the broadcast TV is all I ask for, thanks again.

    Hey Beerkid, I couldn't believe what I read in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel yesterday. ESPN's Sal Paolantonio ranked the five most overrated quarterbacks in NFL history in his new book. Brett Favre was second on Sal's list. What crap is this. His reasoning was that "His image in the media has been hyper-inflated to the good ol' boy routine, and that's why people like him."

    What a crock of shit. How can a player be overrated when he holds just about every NFL passing record, been selected to 8 pro bowls, 3 time MVP, Super Bowl winner etc etc. As for why he's so popular. It's not the "good ol' boy," granted he is, but my guess is that he's a straight shooter, he plays the game because he loves it, the durability, the amount of effort he puts forth, he's not afraid to take risks, and he's a clutch performer. Favre is a normal guy that any blue collar fan can relate to.

    Paolantonio should look at what he bases overrated quarterbacks on. As for overrated ESPN analysts, Paolantonio ranks #1 in my book.

    Jay - Oak Creek, WI

    Cheeseheads Make Better Lovers...


    ...stayed in a hotel (in LaCrosse) over thanksgiving, watched the game like most people -- with family and friends. When I opened the hotel room door to leave friday morning, at the doorstep I noticed the complimentary USA Today newspaper. On the front page, A PHOTO OF TOM BRADY. What the? I guess I missed the Patriots game on Thursday -- wasn't aware that they played... just another jab that makes me wonder: when will the Pack start to get the respect they deserve??

    about time

    to: "Long Live the Pack!!!" -- I too was in Vegas before the season, and placed a $25 bet on the Packers to win the Superbowl. The odds at the time I placed the bet (in April) were 30-1...!!! Needless to say, I still have the ticket in my wallet, but thought for sure i'd have thrown it away by now. If the Pack does win the SB and I can cash in my bet, I'll use the money to pay for the playoff tickets I must have (which are on sale now!! go to fuzzy's tickets online and get yours!!!) GO PACK GO!


    We'll clobber them! They killed Kennedy!



    Just wanted you to know about my new book just released on Brett Favre. Go to: Mark McHale Football - Get one, you will really like it. Thanks,


    Top 5 reasons dull-ass sucks....'s in texas. #2."americas team" are you sh#t'n me?, if thats America pull over and let me off!.... #3.romo is a little girl,remeber his pathetic attempt at that goal-line rush last year at the seahawks then he cried like an 8 year old with a skinned knee!...and they say he's "FARVE-esk".... #4. t.o. 'nuf said. #5.They aint' the PACK!!! Caliber teams show class and don't need to be chatted-up by has-been running back commentaters. t.o,romo,snow-globe...lets roll!!!

    Big Ern said so!!!!

    Vote for Brett Favre and Aaron Rouse! Quarterback, and Rookie of the week!
    If Brett wins, it means $5,000 to the Childrens Hospital of Wisconsin!It would be his 5th win of the year!


    Like most of us who visit these pages I secretly feel Im the biggest Packer fan in the world (truth be told I might not even be in my own house, my girlfriend can be quite intense) but I prone myself on the ground and avert my eyes to the true master fans...Mr & Mrs Wayne Scullino (I am not worthy)

    Lets get on the band and get them voted into the Hall of Fame. No disrespect to the the other nominees but think about it, leave everything to follow the Pack after an 8-8 season ? True fandom of the highest order ! (maybe good luck charms ?)

    Hell lets do better than that, doesnt someone have a job for these people... they'd be better imagrants then some that are coming in now.

    GO PACK GO and win the " America's Team Bowl"


    Hey 30-to-1........... That's one bet we'd all love to see you win!!!!! Good Luck!!!!!

    Long Live the Pack!!!

    As BK, you can maybe tell, I love to mess around with pics in Adobe. Here's another.
    Use it if ya wanna. Hugs to ya from Wisconsin,

    I believe the Master is going to take the learner to the task. 11 AND 1 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO.


  • Quoth Lombardi...

    It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men.

    Packers Verses Vikings...

    Sunday's Game Out In The Meadowlands
    Was A Massacre Of The Highest Degree
    As The Vikings' Offense Scored Two Touchdowns
    While Their Defense Racked Up Three

    Manning And The Giants Watched Helplessly
    As The Vikings Kept Them Stuffed Into A Hole
    Crushing Any Hope Of A Comeback Attempt
    And Never Relinquishing Control

    The Vikings Now Feel The Playoffs Are In Reach
    With Detroit Being The Next Team In The Way
    The Lions Of Course Are Licking The Wounds
    Inflicted By The Packers On Turkey Day

    When These Teams Played Before This Season
    To Say The Game Wasn't Pretty Would Be Too Kind
    As The Lions Won The Game With A Long Field Goal
    After The Vikings Let The Game Go Into Overtime

    Detroit However Has Lost Three Games In A Row
    And If Minnesota Wins These Teams Will Be Tied
    As Once Again The Lions Pull Their Usual Collapse
    And Watch Their Successful Season Wave Good-Bye


    On Thanksgiving The Lions Took An Early Lead
    As The Packers Had An Inauspicious Beginning
    Then As Has Happened In Other Games This Year
    They Righted Themselves And Wound Up Winning

    Many Have Eagerly Awaited This Week's Contest
    As Both Dallas And Green Bay Are At Ten And One
    While Others Have Been Dreading This Week's Game
    Knowing The Series' History Hasn't Held Much Fun

    Like The Packers, The 'Pokes Are A Mixture
    Of Talented Players Both Veteran And Young

    Both Have Talented Groups Of Receivers
    And Their Quarterbacks' Praises Have Been Sung

    It's Going To Be Like The Old Saying Goes
    "This Game Will Won Or Lost Down In The Trenches"
    The Defenses Will Be Extremely Important
    As Will The Players Coming Off The Benches

    Can The Packers Contain T.O. And Jason Witten
    And Shut Down The Dallas Running Game?
    Will Driver, Jennings And James Jones Run Free
    Or Can The Cowboys Make That Group Look Tame?

    For Once The Contest Deserves All The Hype
    As “Super Bowl Contender” The Winner’s Anointed
    These Are The Best Teams The Nfc Has To Offer
    And Football Fans Aren't Going To Be Disappointed


    The Vikings Should Easily Be Able To Win This Game
    Which Greatly Increases Their Chances Of Tanking
    The Packers Will Have To Fight Tooth And Nail
    But Should Move Up In The Contender's Rankings.

    Carl "Gator" Nelson
    Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    Hey BeerKid... 

    Will the Packers beat the Cowboys in week 13?

    Anonymous 77

    Hey Anon-77, Thanks for your question but the Packers have injury questions to several key players that will influence the answer to a question like this, and it's too early in the week to get a good grasp on who will play and who will not, so we thought we'd ask the Magic G-Ball and get it's prediction for the big match-up this week on Thursday night. So I gave the first shake and awaited the response.
      BK: Magic G-Ball, Will the Packers Beat the Cowboys this week?
      GB: You didn't ask the question quite right... Ask again.
    Now I'm thinking that's an answer I wasn't aware of as being even on the floating piece of plastic within the G-Ball thing, but hey, I can be formal and more precise. So I shake and shake and await it's next response.
      BK: Oh great Golden Magic G-Ball, will the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the week 13 match-up in Dallas Thursday night.
      GB: What's the spread?
    What's the spread? I'm thinking you're the magic ball, you need me to tell it the current odds for the upcoming game. What the hell, so I look it up, as of Sunday night it's expected to be around "Dallas favored by 6 points". Maybe this thing is broken, but I try again.
      BK: It's expected to be Green Bay +6.
      GB: So then you know it's less than ideal to ask a question you already know the answer too. Are you sure you want to ask again?
    This is where you're supposed to call the time-out but this alleged golden sphere of wisdom was starting to rile me up, getting close to the level of the loud mouthed drunken Vikqueen fan with a Super Bowl tattoo... the moment demanded an immediate escalated response, So I let it spew.
      BK: Hey Golden G-Ball of supposed magic tell me true. What do you say to Ryan Grant rushing for over 90 yards? What do you say to both Donald Driver and Greg Jennings having over a 100 yards receiving? What do you say to Cowboys QB Romo throwing 2 INT's? Will the Packers win the game? Will head coach Mike McCarthy continue his brilliant play calling and adjustments. Will the Cowboys rush for over 130 yards? Will the Packers defense have more than 3 sacks? What do you say now, are you a Magic G-Ball or not?
      GB: Yes.

    That's all the answer I need...

    BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

    Blast From The Past... 


    Nothin' Left
    To Do


    Saturday, November 24, 2007


    I was driving in Los Angeles when I heard this on the radio this morning... AUSSIES GO PACK! Australian "Cheesehead" Packs up for Green Bay

    You can read more about the family at his blog site here which also includes home movies he's made about his experience: The Once In A Lifetime Fan


    Friday, November 23, 2007

    Packers Beat Cowboys... 

    Stevens Point
    Daily Journal, WI

    Monday, Nov 14, 1960

    The Cumberland
    News, MD

    Monday, Jan 1, 1968

    The Ironwood
    Daily Globe, MI

    Monday, Oct 9, 1989

    Thursday, November 22, 2007

    Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 10-1... 

    "Fiiiiiiiiire! Smoke she is a rising... Fire!" A line from a song by The Cult, today it could be a line for the Packers offense, one that is smokin' hot, or it could be the plume of smoke coming from the Detroit Lions as their season starts to crash to the ground. Packers win 37-26 in a Thanksgiving Day near rout at Ford Field in Detroit.

    Oh, it started ugly, Packers QB Brett Favre tripping and fumbling the ball past RB Ryan Grant for the Packers 1st play of the game. The Lions were then held by the Packers Defense to just 2 FG's and a 6-0 lead. Aaron Rouse stepped in front of Jon Kitna's pass which led to Brett Favre on the next play audibling out of a planned run and hitting WR Greg Jennings on 11yd slant that gave the Packers the lead at 7-6. A fine 5yd run by Ryan Grant and a short Mason Crosby FG and the Packers stretched their lead to 17-9 at halftime.

    The 2nd half saw Favre throw 2 more TD passes, one to WR Ruvell Martin and another to Greg Jennings for his 2nd of the day, 2 short FG's by Mason Crosby, the defense relaxing a bit, WR Donald Driver getting 10 catches for 147yds, Ryan Grant having 2 big runs and finishing with 101yds for the day, and the Packers rolled to a win 37-26.

    The Cowboys are up next, and with injuries to DE Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (ankle), CB Charles Woodson (toe), DT Colin Cole (broken fore-arm), S Aaron Rouse (knee) and T Mark Tauscher (ankle) it's going to make this game a little tougher for the Packers to win. The next few days will tell us how serious some of these injuries are going to be, with both the Packers and Cowboys at 10-1, home-field advantage for the NFC playoffs is on the line.

    BeerScout had an observation that may prove to be underneath all the motivations for this game, "The Cowboys want to win this game more than the Packers, Dallas doesn't want to come up to a cold Lambeau Field in January for a playoff game, where as the Packers have no worries about the weather in Dallas come January." I have no doubts about that. Go Pack!

    BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!


    Holy Lombardi, BK! I re-read your prediction of the score for today's game; good grief! Do you also give out lottery numbers?!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Bring on the Cowpies! Go Packers!

    Lady K


    Hey BeerKid................ If I remember right, the Pack were 16-1 odds to win the SB, in Vegas at the beginning of the year. I thought for $50, what the hell, not the end of the world to lose $50. I wish I would have placed that bet, not a bad payday if it happened. Then again the NE Cheaters look unbeatable and have all the Packs' defensive calls on tape....

    Long Live the Pack!!!

    Wow! Pinch me, 10-1. Seems like only 4 - 6 months ago some fans were pissed because we didn't get Moss, no big FA running back and Ted was a big a loser. I am pleasently surprised to say ALL PACKER fans should be extremly Thankful. GO PACKERS!



    Tramon Williams.........YOU ARE MY HERO!!! Roy Williams........YOU ARE A CHUMP!!!


    lemondrop, LMAO at Kitna the cowardly lion!!!!!!!!!!


    Little "d" gets theirs next - See everyone next Thursday night!

    Joe from Ohio

    Ok... we have MORE WEAPONS then the Cowgirls, we have a BETTER DEFENSE than the Cowgirls AND we have Brett "FREAKIN" Favre. I am not getting cocky, but we should drop some SHOCK & AWE on the Cowboy nation and send a message to the NFL next week that we are for real and will NOT be denied!


    "The Packers put four games between themselves and the Lions (6-5) with five games to go, all but locking up the NFC North title. The Packers eliminated the Minnesota Vikings from title contention and can cross the Chicago Bears off the list with a Bears loss or a Packers victory."

    I didn't notice that we eliminated the Vikings from title contention yesterday... my season's goals are complete! A win in Texas would just be gravy!


    Awesome Year for Packer fans!!! Brett is playing best Season of his Career for all those Nay sayers! SWEET!! Amazing amount of Brett supporters even none Packers fans here on SunCoast Fl... Proud Cheesehead!

    Scott Z


    We will work out our injuries & be OK!

    Chuck C

    Packers are so much more balanced this year than years with Mike Sherman. The departure of John Jones still confuses me as I do not live in The Great State of Wisconsin, so I am sure I am out of the loop on this. Maybe the front office kept it so quiet. Was is a Thompson versus Jones philosophical conflict?
    Please enlightening to the truth about this... Go PACK Go

    lance s

    Hey Lance, here's a nugget of info from Packer Chatters that may or may not be true, Paul Hornung subbed for Bob Harlan at a speaking event, he's quoted as saying "Bob Harlan could not make it tonight because of an emergency meeting down in Chicago. He is down there to hire the new Packers CEO." Like I've said before, it's a grab for more power within a organization during a time of great change. No one knows how it's going to turn out.

    Quoth Lombardi...

    Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a loser.

    A Special Request...

    To anyone that may be able to help, I am looking for a copy of the TV broadcast from the Packers Nov.18th game against the Panthers, as it was my son's first pro game and his first chance to see his life long hero Brett Favre play.

    One of my son's good friends was killed in a car accident on my son's 19th birthday. That incident gave his mom and I a real pause for thought. We were reminded that life is so fragile and fleeting and sometimes we get so caught being caught up that we don't take the time to do the things that really make life special.

    That day we we decided to buy two tickets to the Green Bay Packers game against the Panthers. Not living in Wisconsin, It required my son and I to fly from California to Chicago and then drive to Green Bay. A bit of a journey but well worth the effort.

    Game day was everything we could have hoped for and more, from the moment we arrived at Lambeau field (8:45AM) the day was electric and the fan spirit was something that has to be experienced to be believed. There we sat in a raucous sea of green and gold, me in my Bart Starr jersey and my son in his Brett Favre jersey watching the game we both love. A father and son moment that neither of us will ever forget. My son, Sam made sure to stop at the souvenir vendors and get all his friends Packer beads and memorabilia, including the obligatory cheese head for himself. He couldn't have been happier.

    We returned to California the following day and he rushed to work to tell everyone about the trip. Unfortunately when he returned to his car he found that thieves had broken in and stolen all his newly acquired memorabilia, including his prized Brett Favre #4, green, home jersey. From walking on air to being kicked in the gut. This kid was crushed.

    I will of course replace the jersey and try and help him find the other souvenir items where ever we can but what I would really like to get help with is a copy of the TV broadcast, as we were told that there was a close up on the crowd that included he and I. I think it would be something that he would treasure forever and unfortunately we were so caught up in being caught up by the excitement of attending we never set the game to be recored back home.

    I know that the games can not legally be recorded and sold but I am more than willing to pay for someone's time, the dvd disc and the shipping if anyone still has the game recorded and can make me a copy. Thanks in advance and go Pack go!

    Rick Doughty - 714-342-3994

    Happy Thanksgiving... 

    Happy Hunting!

    Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Speak Out Spew Off... 

    Headed down the road to absolutely nowhere. That's the NFC North Title chances for the Chicago Bears, for the Minnesota Vikings, and for the vastly improved but on a 2 game losing streak Detroit Lions. The Packers won last year in Detroit, in fact the Lions have only won twice in the last 13 meetings between the two teams, both in Detroit, only winning once on Thanksgiving, with the Packers having also won once on a Turkey Day match-up in Detroit during that time-span.

    So I don't see much of an edge for the Lions in any phase of the game, now I can freely admit that the Packers sitting at 9-1 has raised my expectations to the point that I'm expecting the Packers to win-out the rest of their games this year. So for the early Thanksgiving Day game between the Packers and the Lions, I'll throw out a prediction that the Packers win 37-29 in a wild-ass shoot-out that will leave everyone in Wisconsin talking for about 24 hours until we set our eyes on the next Thursday game. Go Pack!

    BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

    Well here we are, sitting pretty with only five weeks to go. Yes just "5" weeks to go! We can clinch a first round bye and home field advantage if we win in Detroit and Dallas. Both of these games determine Green Bays road in 2007. Win and they control thier road to glory, lose and play like weenies thwn they will squeek into the playoffs. Detroit can be beat, the Dallas game may be the biggest game of the Year! Win and we may be host for the NFC championship and then onto Arizona! . Oh by the way the Patriots can be beat, put some pressure on Brady and watch the Packers win thier 13th World Championship!!!!! go pack go



    Kitna as the Cowardly Lion - Go Pack Go!


    I know it dosn't really NEED to be said but has anyone else noticed THE BEARS STILL SUCK?!!? Wow you couldn't shake a stick without hittin' a brand new Ur-lacker jersey a few months ago, now you can't go to a thrift store without seeing dozens! AWESOME job Lovey! Keep it up!

    Big Ern said so!!!!

    Hey Big Ern, thanks for checking in and reminding us of the normal balance of the universe - yes, the Bears Still Suck!

    Thinking there's a "clutch" Packer receiver whose name is not heard on Fox, ESPN, or the NFL Net? So am I: Ruvell Martin. Of his 11 catches for 170 yds, 10 have been for first downs. In fact, of players with 11 or more catches on the year, only Chad Johnson betters Martin's 90.9% 1st down ratio. Hell, Ruvell would be a starter on most other teams. Big Five: who ya gonna cover???

    #82 Booster


    The Green Bay Bounty Hunters:

    Bobby O'Shea


    Ted Thompson recently said, "I believe this now even more than when I started that you're not hiring the coach or the Xs and Os or the system, you're hiring the person,..." (Leadership in tune - McCarthy, GM Thompson work well together)

    I then read of the apparent divide between the Packer Executive Committee and Board of Directors regarding the hiring of Bob Harlan's successor. (Pete Dougherty column: Search for CEO concerns board members)

    I remember Ron Wolf saying his foremost criteria in player recruitment was character; he looked first at the person, not the persona. Sounds like what Thompson was saying.

    I wonder which side, in the Packer presidential hiring process, reflects the Wolf/Thompson philosphy.

    The PEC's focus on NFL experience seems it may represent a Big Business approach (see aforementioned link for the most influential PEC members), as opposed to the BOD's focus on understanding who and what the Packers are, which seems to mirror the person not persona impetus.

    This decision is an important one for the Green Bay Packers, but most of the happenings seem to be out of public view. One would think the Packers' owners deserve more "sunshine" on this process.

    What thinks you, BK?

    I thinks that I'm surprised that the Packers are 9-1 and still improving their play. I'm surprised that GM Thompson has picked a very good head coach in Mike McCarthy, and as for all the rest of the tension over "the changing of the guard" in the front office, well it's a prestigious job to have, running the show in Green Bay, so it's just regular old normal everyday football biz-ness, that's what's going on.

    What do Packers' fans have to be thankful for?? NINE and ONE, baby, that's what !!!!! Of course there are a multitude of other things as well, but you know what I mean... Maybe those Viking fans might have to look a little harder...

    Happy Turkey Day to everyone!!!!

    Carl "Gator" Nelson


    Quoth Lombardi...

    Mental toughness is many things and rather difficult to explain. Its qualities are sacrifice and self-denial. Also, most importantly, it is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It's a state of mind, you could call it character in action.

    Packers Verses Vikings...

    Watching Daunte Culpepper In The Metrodome
    And The Number Of Yards For Which He Threw
    Then Fumbling The Ball Away At Games' End
    Must Have Given Vikes Fans A Sense Of Deja Vu

    With Chester Taylor Providing The Yardage
    And With T-Jack Minimizing His Mistakes
    The Raiders Discovered That Even The Vikings
    Could Dish Out More Than They Could Take

    Now The Vikes Will Head Out To New Jersey
    To Play The Giants This Holiday Weekend
    With The Giants' Running Backs Pretty Beat Up
    Its One Of The Mannings The Vikes Must Defend

    To Be Truthful The Giants' Running Game
    Wasn't Going To Be The Key To A Home Team Win
    Unless The Vikings Can Keep Them Grounded
    The Giants Will Probably Beat The Vikes Again

    This Will Be A Chance For The Vikings To See
    If They Have In Fact Made Any Real Progress
    As Michael Strahan And The Giants' Defense
    Try To Exploit The Minnesota Offensive Mess


    Sunday Felt Just A Little Unreal In Green Bay
    As Fans Enjoyed Sitting In A Mid-November Sun
    There Was No Snow Or Mud To Be Seen
    And The Packers Were Sitting At Nine And One

    The Game They'd Just Watched Was A Demonstration
    Of How The Packers Managed To Get To This Point
    As The Offense Defense And Special Teams
    Seized Their Chances And Did Not Disappoint

    This Week Is A Renewal Of An Old Tradition
    In Which The Detroit Lions Host The Packers
    Detroit Always Takes This Game Seriously
    Often Changing Roles From Patsies To Attackers

    This Year The Lions Really Started Well
    But Of Late Have Reverted To Their Usual Form
    Their Running Game Has Simply Disappeared
    And The Need To Throw Long Is Now The Norm

    While Jon Kitna Is Pretty Good At The Long Ball
    And Even Though His Team Is Terrific At Receiving
    The Green Bay Defense Will Be Coming At Them
    At Great Speed From Looks That Are Deceiving


    The Score Of The Game Out In New Jersey
    Is Going To Make Vikes' Fans Feel A Little Bitter
    While The Packers' Record Will Move To Ten And One
    Leaving The Lions Buried In Their Season's Litter

    Carl "Gator" Nelson
    Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

    Blast From The Past... 



    M&M; and the
    CandyAss Factory

    Monday, November 19, 2007

    Packers Beat Lions... 

    Wisconsin State

    Monday, Nov 25, 1940

    Wisconsin Rapids
    Daily Tribune

    Friday, Nov 27, 1959

    The Daily
    Globe, MI

    Friday, Nov 28, 1986

    Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 9-1... 

    We had our supplies for this Packers vs. Panthers game, half a can of peanuts, 6 pack of Stone IPA, and a large bottle of Chimay Red. Now all that we needed was a blowout game by the Packers that would send us back to our favorite bar for the 4th quarter again, just like last week's game against the Vikqueens. We were counting on it.

    The Packers started out slow, backup CB Tramon Williams took a pooch punt on the hop by the Panthers kicker, with a great block by DT Johnny Jolly, and an escort by DE Jason Hunter and 94 yards later the Packers are up 7-0, another 2 big TD plays to TE Donald Lee, another TD pass to WR Greg Jennings, and long bomb to WR Donald Driver, a decent rushing attack with RB Ryan Grant and the Packers were up 28-3. We started to pack our bags... but then an interesting thing happened...

    The Packers defense relaxed a little bit, maybe with thoughts on the short week and the Turkey Day game against the Lions this Thursday, allowing the Panthers to score their 1st TD of the day, and then again when the Panthers marched the ball down the field in 14 plays, 12 of them runs, and scored their 2nd TD of the day, cutting the score to 28-17. Brett Favre and the Packers offense finally put K Mason Crosby in a position for him to make his 1st FG in 3 tries, making the final score 31-17 and the Packers in 1st place of the NFC North at 9-1. Winning only makes us thirsty for more...

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


    Hey Packer Pack... we are driving from Toronto to Detroit for the Thanksgiving game. Does anyone know where the GB team will be staying the night before the game? My daughter would love to get some autographs on her cheesehead. Thanks!


    Hey BeerKid! Excited about the big game in Motown this Thursday... love that weekday afternoon pigskin! I have to say though... I can't wait for Pack-Cowboys next week... Definitely the game of the year for Pack fans. Have to's tough here in Patriots country... New England North in New Brunswick, Canada... All I hear about is The Pats... Can't wait to get that Super Bowl rematch...hoping for the same result as last time! Saw a poll at Fox Sports that everybody might be interested in... The question: Who's the best team in The NFC? The Pack are BLOWING away the 'Boys. Check it out at

    Pack 4 Life in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

    Tony Smith

    Geeze, first Max, and now Jim Ringo. Think about the anchor to those great Lombardi lines. With the famous "Packer Sweep" it was Ringo who had the toughest block, snapping the ball and hooking the defensive tackle so he could not penetrate the line while the guards pulled. It was Ringo who blocked for Taylor & Hornung. They are starting to leave us now, all those Packer greats. Thanks for all the memories Jim Ringo, you were one of the greatest.

    Old School Fan

    Hey BeerKid.... Did I see the new punt returner today??? Woodson won't lose you any games, but Tramon Williams might win you a few!!! Maybe he's a Hester in waiting.... I hope they try him. Looking forward to the next two games.

    Long Live the Pack!!!

    Alright one stupid cat down one to go!

    Big Ern said so!!!!

    9-1.... I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!


    Beerkid!!!! What a terrific day to be in Green Bay!! Sunshine-a touch of chill in the air,an outstanding special teams play early on and a dominating Packers win... except for the overly-lubricated woman losing her breakfast, lunch and about $40 in beer in the row ahead of me (thank Vince I was UPhill) it was perfect... Onward to the second of three "blue" teams that the Pack has to crush in this fortnight...

    Carl 'Gator' Nelson

    Went to my first home game this year and what a great win. Prior to each kick off, the Packer's kick off team would do a little dancing out on the field while they were waiting for the commericals to get done. I enjoyed watching them and my grandson, who was at his first Packer game was really getting into it and was ready to dance with them on the last kick off, but then they didn't do the dancing. Then this morning I read in the paper that the refree told the Packers to cool their dancing routine otherwise they would be flagged for excessive celebration. What a bunch of bull s**t! Waiting for the time out to get done, keeping the crowd fired up and just having a good time with the fans, that's excessive celebration?? Where or who can I contact in the NFL to tell them what I think about this crap??? On to Detroit!!


    Friday, November 16, 2007

    Spew Off Speak Out... 

    It's 3 hours to game-time and I thought I better get some gameday thoughts going here. Packers QB Brett Favre finally gets to face a QB that's older than him, that's 44 year old Vinny Testaverde, in what has to be an unbreakable Old Timers QB Duo NFL Record, Brett's 38. It won't matter, the Panthers are an average team with no QB, and throw that "trap game" crap out the window, maybe in Carolina, but in Green Bay this should be as close to a cake-walk as the Packers will get this year. For no obvious reason 'cept that my Green and Gold glasses are on, the Packers will win easily, rolling away from the Panthers in a 29-14 rout that will have Packers fans across the Western United States screaming at FOX TV for changing to another "more competitive game".

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


    Hey BK, I just read that Brett is currently leading all QB's in ballots/votes for the ProBowl! However, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are right behind him. So please encourage the Packer faithful to get online and vote! This is definitely Brett's year!

    Here is a link to the story:

    Go Pack Go!

    Lady K - Packer Club of Hemet, Ca.


    Looks like a good game to rest some of the injured. They looked like a play-off team last week. A little more work and experience and they might start to look like a SB team. Wonder if Nicky C. will get that safety job back from Rouse??

    Long Live the Pack!!!

    Packers by 14 against Carolina! I will be in the 5th row! Can't wait. Go Pack Go!

    Witt Dog


    you are the best team that I ever saw.

    Gage B. age 12

    Hey Gage, thanks for stopping by, and although we are not affiliated with the Packers, you are correct, this year's team is the best you've ever seen. For some of us older folks, they are close to the 1996 Super Bowl team. Go Pack!

    When will the Packers start getting the respect they deserve? All season long, the "experts" have been propping up any team that sports a short winning streak, even if it's against weak teams (see: NY Giants). I don't know what is better -- the Packers being "off the radar" and not being in most conversations (on TV/Radio) as a true contender, OR if the talking heads gave the respect to and backed our Pack.

    Then there's Stephen A. Smith on the radio last Monday (listened as I drove home from the game). He absolutely went off on Brett Favre, saying basically that we should all shut up about him -- he doesn't want to hear another thing about Brett Favre. Geez... afterall, it's Mr. Favre's best year statistically to date, he's breaking records left and right, and the team is kicking ass, all at the age of 38. If not now, then when is it ok to talk about Brett Farve?? Comments??

    about time

    Hey About Time, if the Packers keep winning then all the talking heads will come around, ask the Lions, they were crying for respect and then they went to Arizona and lost. Notice how the talking heads weren't doing the shut-up about "Colts-Patriots", crap that was all week long, hell, by the game started I turned it off, I was no longer interested. At least the Brett Favre talk isn't over the will-he won't-he retire, we at least have a few months before that starts again. Be Pack 4 Life!

    What a blessing to have Ryan Grant enter our backfield Corp!! It is nice to see a guy who can see a hole and run with a purpose. Everyone starts to believe, the team, the fans, and the press, when you have a running game. It changes everything. This team can make some noise in the playoffs. Outside of Favre, Grant may be the most important part in the machine and he needs to stay healthy. Hats off to MM for keeping this team rolling!! Live and Die with the Pack



    HHMMMM why would McCarthy bring A Brooks in for a workout, friendly gesture or something in the works.


    I'm finally getting back to normal after enjoying my best Packers - queens game in years. 34 - 0! Man oh Man!

    Beerkid, I recall you had a nice flash video a while back dissing the queens. It was a song that went something like "Never been there" and it was a dis on how the queens have never won the Superbowl. Do you still have it? Go Pack Go!

    Georgia Packer Fan

    Hey GPF, oh we still have it, here's the link to Never Been This Far Before, an all time Packer Palace fan favorite.

    Yog and I are going to the game. Oughtta be a blast!!! Vinnie might be old, but he can still wing-it and he's a sharp QB, but the D's gonna get-em. Prediction: Pack 31, Kittys 17. Send some pics and details!!! Here comes 9-1 BK!!!



    Well, watching the Pack stomp all over the Queens was one of the greatest FAN experiences I have ever had at Lambeau! Not the best football game, but by far the best time! I haven't sen that place rockin' like that since the playoff game against the Seahawks! THE PACK IS BACK! THE PATS ARE WACK!



    Hey - your site is pure fantastic genius!!! I haven't laughed so hard in a LONG time.

    Thanks Beer Kid - Keep up the good work.


    BeerKid, Need some help. Going to the Rams game, and we are in dire need of a Packer bar. Can you throw the question out to Packer nation? Thanks,



    I think the most important thing now is not to look past ANYONE! We've done very well,and I am so impressed with Grant and Favre (as well as the entire team) That it's easy to dismiss "carols-gina" or the other crap teams we'll see soon.....I just want to beat seven shades of crap out of dallas to shut t.o's stupid ass up so bad that I'll kiss my mother-in-law right on the lips if we win!!!!But let's beat those lame cats first. Pucker-up Big Ern is comin' for Thanksgiving!! GO PACK GO!!!!

    Big Ern said so!!!!


    Was there anybody out there who REALLY saw last week's blowout coming?? I thought it was a very pleasant surprise, that's for sure. Onward and upward to the Pack's 3 games in twelve days, and the vikes to........ well...... facing Dante in the Oakland game.

    Carl "Gator" Nelson

    Quoth Lombardi...

    The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender.

    Packers Verses Vikings...

    Self-Delusion Can Be A Risky Thing
    As The Minnesota Vikings Just Found Out
    After They Strode Confidently Onto Lambeau Field
    Only To Later Stagger Off After The Rout

    While The Injury To Peterson Didn't Help
    There Was No Way To Save The Vikes
    As The Defense Failed And The Passing Was Awful
    And There Was Just Nothing For Fans To Like

    Thirty Years Ago The Vikings Fell To The Raiders
    In What Proved To Be Minnesota's Last Super Bowl
    Yet This Week When These Teams Meet Again
    Both Are Trying To Escape From A Deep Dark Hole

    The Raiders Aren't Faring Any Better
    Than The Team From The Frozen North Has Done
    Neither Can Settle On A Starting Quarterback
    Meaning Their Offense Is Dependant On The Run

    While The Oakland Raiders Play Well In Spurts
    They Seem Unable To Hold A Lead
    And Since Their Defense Isn't A Whole Lot Better
    They're In A Very Tough Spot Indeed


    The Packers Dismantled The Viking Team
    Displaying Every Skill That They Possess
    From The Coaching Right Down To Special Teams
    Green Bay Showed Themselves To Be The Best

    The Scheduling Gods Like Many Others
    Work In Strange And Mysterious Ways
    The Packers Now Start A Very Strange Stretch
    Featuring Three Games In Just Twelve Days

    The Carolina Panthers Are First In Line
    And Are Ready To Step Boldly Into The Fray

    For Their Sake They Have To Look Better
    Than In Their Loss To The Falcons Sunday

    The Panthers Are Just A Mere Shell
    Of A Team Recently Considered Among The Best
    Free-Agent Defections And Injuries Took A Toll
    -Bad Coaching Has Done The Rest

    On Offense They Can't Get Anything Going
    Even After Vinny Testaverde Was Exhumed
    And The Emergence Of The Packers' Running Game
    Must Have That Defense Feeling Doomed

    Since Brett Favre And The Packers Team
    Posess The Best Passing Game In The League
    While The Panthers' Defensive Backs Are Good
    They May Wind Up Dropping From Fatigue


    The Oakland Raiders' Struggles Are So Bad
    The Vikes Actually Have A Chance To Win
    While In Green Bay The Pack Is Favored
    And Should Cover The Point Spread Once Again

    Carl "Gator" Nelson
    Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

    Click For Cans... 

    It's Chunky Soup's Click For Cans Voting time again... as in don't stop voting just yet, it's not over. The Packers are kickin' ass at the top of the leader board, and pushing to be up by over 1 million votes on the entire rest of the field. Go vote, and don't forget to play the Kick For Clicks game.

    Go here - Click For Cans - and vote today!

    So go and vote often, everyday on every computer at your disposal. You can go here to Check the Standings.

    Be Pack 4 Life!

    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Blast From The Past... 

    Ted Vincent's
    Pack Scratch Fever

    Cat Hunt 2004:
    Let's Get It Started

    The Cat
    In The Spotlight

    Sunday, November 11, 2007

    Vikings Suck Sucka's... 

    Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 8-1...

    Packers win 34-0 over the Vikqueens. How earth-shattering, how A.P. is out and can't finish the game. How many KGB big play sacks, how thorough can a team play and humiliate, ahhh yes, HUMILIATE a division opponent, that's humiliate as in 34-0, Packers win 34-0 and continue to own 1st place in the NFC North at 8-1.

    As BeerScout said... "while watching, we were forced to leave the premises because they were switching to "a more competitive game." Which is why we finished watching the Packers kick ass at The Daily Pint."

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


    Beer shit!! Let the media keep kissing Dallas/Romo ass....just adds more fuel to the Packers already white hot flame. Money says Favre plays 2 more years, unless...of course....we win the SB before then. Hey, we can dream! This team gets better each and every week, and MM is quite an innovative tactician. Go Pack!!

    Scott "Formerly Drunk On Water Street"


    Vote for Brett Favre, Ryan Grant, and Coach McCarthy!


    Even the folks in lalaland know we're America's Team:,0,3894193.story?coll=la-home-sports


    F**k Randy Moss. Tom might need him to pad his stats, but all Brett needs are five guys who want to play. I'll take Donald, Greg, James, Koren and Ruvell any day of the week. Spend that and/or draft pick on a tailback, tight end or lineman. We got the hardest working receiving corp in the league!

    Big Perm

    You gotta read this... the purple bandwagon is again empty (and probably burning by now). Heh heh.

    Les - Janesville, Wi

    Where's Alexander this week? Just wondering.

    Luke in Dallas

    LOVE IT - I love the second half schedule as well!! P.S. The Lions really looked good yesterday

    Joe from Ohio

    We fart in the Vikings general direction! Green Bay, Booze, and Broads

    Bobby O'Shea

    Hey Bobby, sort of like leaving them in one's own exhaust... now when a Vikqueens fan opens his mouth, we can just say "34-0" to shut him up.

    Hey Sharper....Nice catch!


    Hey David, that was Sharper's best pass defended of the game, stopping his own team mate from intercepting Brett's under thrown pass. Thanks for the Pic. Ummm guys, Ruvell Martin has it.



    Hey Chris, yeah I hate the switching to "the more competitive game" FOX TV strategy during the Packers Vikings game yesterday... We made it safely to the bar and got to watch the 4th quarter with some other friends who bolted to the favorite watering hole quicker than us. Someday, I want a Packers only oriented NFL TV Package, now that I would buy.

    Romo vs. Favre? Shoot-out. Should be the game of the year at that point.


    Hey D34, it's coming, that big matchup against the Cowboys is coming. 2 more teams to beat first, the already over-used "trap game" spittle for the game against the Panthers, then the Lions on Turkey Day, everything is looking good for the Packers



    Hey BeerKid....... Imagine if the Pack would have signed Moss. Then they'd have Driver, Jennings, Jones, Moss, and Robinson as their five deep. Can you run a five receiver set the whole game? The way the running game is going.... maybe you could.

    Long Live the Pack!!!



    Hey Timmy, Timmy Timmy Timmy Timmy... and one last thing about the Packers 34-0 blowout of the Vikes, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy... Timmy!

    PACKERS WIN!! PACKERS WIN!! Yeah baby! Bring on the Panthers! Hey Beerkid, Just wanted to send some pics of the gang. We held our annual Brat Fest today, and boy, what a game! One pic is of the whole brood, and the other is of our 'Packer Chicks' squad.

    I wanted to put out the word to anyone who lives in Hemet/San Jacinto, Temecula, Murrieta/Menifee, Perris, Moreno Valley, Banning, etc.

    Looking for a place to go and watch the Packers? Come hang out with 'The Packer Club of Hemet'! We are an officially recognized fan club by the Green Bay Packers organization. We meet each game day at:

    The Wheelhouse Grill, 2860 W. Florida Ave., Hemet Ca. 951-652-9968 (right next door to AMF Bowling Center on Florida Ave, near Sanderson)

    Unlike other sports bars, where if you're lucky, you'll get to huddle in the corner with a 20' tv, we take over the whole place! Nothing but Cheeseheads and the big screen in the middle of the room! Food and drinks too. There is no membership fee to join, just come and join us in cheering on the Pack! Most of the gang are former Wisconsinites, and would love to share their stories with you. Nice family atmosphere. We also hold weekly raffles for all sorts of cool Packer stuff! Hope to see you there!

    Below is a link to a map with directions to the club: Map Directions to the Wheelhouse Grill

    GO PACK GO!!

    Lady K, - Packer Club of Hemet


    Good look again guys this week. You should probably beat us, being that we are using our third string QB. Regardless, the games are usually close and this is the best rivalries regardless of what Bears fans think.


    Hey BleedsPurple, missed getting your comment up before the game, not having Winfield, Rice and using a 3rd string QB were pretty obvious signs that the Packers were going to win, not too many of us were a expecting the Packers to roll, but 34-0 was a thunderous roll.

    Quoth Lombardi...

    I don't think there's a punch-line scheduled, is there?

    Saturday, November 10, 2007

    TV Distribution Map... 

    If you're outside the normal Packers game viewing area, and looking to find out if the Green Bay Packers football game in on TV, then we've found the website for you, Now this guy's a Patriots fan but we're willing to give him a little lee-way in this case, because he is creating easy to understand, color coded NFL TV distribution coverage maps that show what game is on your area.

    Just as we were making plans for heading to the favorite game-day watering hole, I had to do one last check and much to my surprise, I discovered that the Fox TV Station in Los Angeles finally came to it's senses last Thursday, and decided to ditch the Reggie Bush/Saints Rams game and replace it with the Packers Vikqueens game. Boompda da da dada dada dant Go Pack Go!

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

    Thursday, November 08, 2007

    Flogging A Dead Horse... Best Of 

    A Minnesota Viking family of football supporters headed out one Saturday to do their Christmas shopping. While in the sports shop the son picks up a Packer jersey and says to his older sister, "I've decided to become a Packer fan and I would like this for Christmas".

    His big sister is outraged by this and promptly whacks him round the head and says, "Go talk to mother". Off goes the little lad with the Packer jersey in hand and finds his mother. "Mom?" "Yes son?" "I've decided I'm going to be a Packer fan and I would like this jersey for Christmas". The mother is outraged at this, promptly whacks him around the head and says, "Go talk to your father!"

    Off he goes with the Packer jersey in hand and finds his father. "Dad?" "Yes son?" "I've decided I'm going to be a Packer fan and I would like this jersey for Christmas". The father is outraged and promptly whacks his son around the head and says, "No son of mine is ever going to be seen in THAT!"

    About half an hour later they're all back in the car and heading towards home. The father turns to his son and says "Son, I hope you've learned something today?" The son says, "Yes, Dad, I have." "Good son, what is it?" The son replies, "I've only been a Packer fan for an hour and I already hate you Viking bastards."

    Speak Out Spew Off... 

    So it's been another hated-rivalry week, and this upcoming game on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikqueens should be a good one, from the Packers Perspective. Yeah, the Vikes have the Beast in their backfield, rookie RB Adrian Peterson, things could get tough for the Packers Defense, but then again, the Vikes have a coach who thinks K Ryan Longwell can make 58 yard FG's. So even if the Vikqueen Players show up and play well, expect their coaching staff to blow several calls that the Packers will definitely take advantage of.

    Some concern for the Packers is that just when RB Ryan Grant started to establish himself, he's gets a concussion, which limits his practice time, which limits the ability for him and Brett Favre to get their hand-off exchanges down. Rumors had it the Packers had declared open try-outs for the Guard positions, but in the end, it's still Daryn Colledge and Jason Sptiz, with Tony Moll, Allen Barbre and Junius Coston backing them up. The Vikes have a few things going for them, fat aggressive DT's, loudmouth S Darren Sharper, an up and coming WR Sidney Rice, but who can stop the Packers 4 WR's or the surging TE Donald Lee. Packers win, 29-17, and continue their grip on 1st place in the NFC North.

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

    Hey, my mother and I are in town for an unfortunate family emergency but realized we might have the opportunity to witness a game in Titletown. Not sure we can afford $300 each per ticket. Any good leads on the best place to tailgate and watch the game on big screen tv's?

    Packer Virgins

    Virgin, I've only been to the Redskin game a few weeks ago, but am sure it's typical of most games. My description would be that the ENTIRE TOWN near Lambeau, along with the parking lot at the stadium is one gigantic party. There are several large restaurant/bars in the area too. I wasn't looking for big screens, but I doubt you'd have any trouble finding somewhere to watch, with a few million brats to choose from as well. Have fun!

    tirademan (aka beerscout)


    I love when the PACKER haters come out of their closets and step away from the drive-thru windows to share their lame comments about the greatest team of all time The GREENBAY PACKERS!!!It means we've probably just crushed your "team" or your ex (who you still cry over) is dating a Packer fan and is finally happy! So keep the comments coming and remember it's the VINCE LOMBARDI trophy ladys!!!

    Big Ern said so!!!!

    Beerkid, I just wanted to express what a great website this is. Besides the official GBP website this is hands down the best website for Packer Fans. My kids and I enjoy the "Rockwood Lodge" videos thanks for keeping them PG13, I love the vintage packercana which is so important! Keep up the excellent work! GO PACK GO



    Hey Beer Kid, I hope you don't mind that I posted your temperature conversion chart to our forum... Love it. Great stuff!

    Corey B

    Hey Corey, not a problem, it's not mine and I don't remember which forum I took it from a few weeks ago. It all goes around and comes around again and again. Check out Corey and Aaron's Packer Transplants podcast over at CheeseHead TV every week.

    Metrodome "the Yugo of stadiums." HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!


    Packers are going to represent the NFCN like the Bears couldn't do. Lambeau Field and Brett Favre are winning ingredients for success. Go Pack Go!



    Its Queenie-Week again. (perk) Is that a Broom I see for the 2nd year in a row, SWEEP? Be Green and Gold, Loud and Proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Simply incredible, The Packers (And Great Teams) find ways to win! Special Teams continue to dominate in every way. Jon Ryan has to be considered the best punter in the NFC. 57.5 avg.Last week WOW!! Crosby has shaken of the bugs and continues to be accurate and strong legged too, 6th in the NFL in touchbacks! I like the aggresive DB's and D-line, there are potentially 3-5 Probowlers on Defense. Ryan Pickett is very underrated and is a clog in the middle. We need a huge game from him against the Vikings. Hawk and Barnett need to stuff Peterson and not let him get going. I tip my hat to TT who has signed more FA than any other team over the past 3 years,(64) Ryan Pickett, Woodson, Robinson, Krause, Bigby, Jenkins and Tracy White(quietly dominating on special teams) to name a few.

    Is it me or does Krause remind you of Chumura, minus the hot tub of course! Im not dissing Detroit but I think they are Paper Tigers we should have no problem against them on Turkey Day although it will be a tough game. That is usually Detroit's Playoff game on National TV. They ran up the score against Denver minus Jay Cutler after the 1st QTR. I think the Packers continue to DOMINATE and beat the Vikings, 23-14. The defense and sloppy Lambeau Field will hold Peterson to a pedestrian 70 yds. Koren Robinson returns one to the house! Packers Win. Let the Tailgating begin!!!!!! See you at Lambeau the following Weekend against the Carolina Panthers and Grandpa Testaverde!

    Ps I was the guy holding the sign "Trade up" in the Green Bay Gazette paper during the Draft Party at Lambeau right before the Vikings took Peterson and Buffalo took Lynch! Grant will be fine, Wynn should be regulated to 2nd team,3rd down situations. Brett Favre MVP, Jerry Kramer HOF. Speaking of which we have three candidates this year! Harlan, Wolf and Leroy Butler. NE can be beat. Go Pack Go!



    packers suck


    I am going to take Alexander's mom out to a nice seafood dinner and then never call her back.

    Luke in Dallas

    Hey Luke, you know if Alexander had said "the packers o-line sucks" or "the packers db's suck because of their penalties" it would have been accurate, ah it's nothing to worry 'bout, they crawl out from under everywhere every now and then.

    Half way through the season and I am just going to soak it up. It's time to savor these moments this week and get ready for the second half of the season.

    Look for the Pack to blow out either Minnesota or Carolina at home! Then on to Dallas!

    Witt Dog

    I had a great discussion with my 21 year old son as to which fans we love to hate. Basically we both agreed that our top 5 are as follows:

    #5. Raiders- I can't imagine anyone in that group in the "black hole" having enough brains to count their ears and come up with the same number twice.

    #4. Broncos- Orange Crush? C'mon, I mean naming yourself after a bottle of pop?

    #3. Bears - Someone is going to get hurt jumping on and off that bandwagon. Hopefully most of their fans still have the sales receipts so they can take all the clothing back they bought last year.

    #2. Cowboys- We all know who "America's Team" is, and we don't have to proclaim it.

    and # 1... Vikings - I mean really...playing in a dome, that obnoxious horn blowing when something exciting happens, (like a virgin buying a hot dog), and talk about fickle fans! I mean who can honestly cheer for such a team?

    Old School Fan

    @Old School Fan: There are virgins in Minnesota?


    To Old School Fan:

    Amen to that, especially #2. Obviously, I live in Dallas. I heard on the radio yesterday that for the first time in team history, they are sold out for the entire 2008 season on a season ticket basis.

    So wait - if they have the "best fans" and are "America's team", then how come we've got a waiting list many many years long just to have the privelege to be the next person who takes the next available season ticket seat. The Packers haven't sold a single game ticket in how long?

    The Bears, obviously are easy to hate, as are the Viqueens.

    Here is my current conundrum. Do we hate the Lions? For so long, they have been so bad it was almost like a pity thing. Even when they beat us, it was passed off as a fluke. I think I can hate them. In fact, I'm sure of it.

    Luke in Dallas

    Hate to say it, but I think the Pack will win in a close one. Hope "All Day" can pull another record breaking performance this week at Lambeau!

    Vike fan from Kentucky

    It's finally time for the renewal of this great rivalry. Will AD be the key for the vikes? Will Brett lead the Packers to their fourth straight win over Minnesota?? Tune in Sunday and see...

    Now--in terms of shameless self-promotion... I'll be autographing copies of Packers 'verses' Vikings at the Mariner Mall in Superior on November 10-11, and at the Holiday Craft and Gift show at Shopko Hall in Green Bay on November 15-16.... Stop by and say "hi" if you are around either spot!!

    Coach Carl

    Quoth Lombardi...

    Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

    Packers Verses Vikings...

    Even The Vikings Were Taken Aback
    By The Performance They Witnessed Sunday
    As The Rookie Phenomenon Known As 'A.D.'
    Put His Amazing Talents On Display

    The Single Game Rushing Yardage Record Fell
    To The Speed And Talent Of This Young Man
    Leaving The Chargers' Defense Far Behind
    No Matter How Hard Their Players Ran

    Brad Childress Has Finally Gotten The Message
    That If It's 'A.D.' That His Offense Features
    Not Only Is The Press Going To Be Much Kinder
    There Will Be Butts In The Metrodome's Bleachers

    The Vikes Even Managed To Pass The Ball
    Though Not All That Far Or All That Well
    It Almost Seemed That With T-Jack Out
    Brooks Bollinger Makes That Offense Gel

    The Hallmark However Remains The Defense
    At Least When They Are Stopping Running Backs
    There Aren't Many Teams That Are Better
    At Slowing The Opponent's Running Attack

    Due To The Efforts Of That Vikings' Defense
    The Chargers' Were Never Able To Get In Synch
    And For The First Time In Almost A Month
    They Looked Like A Team That Just Stinks

    Despite Bringing In Ladanian Tomlinson
    Who Happens To Be The League's Reigning Mvp
    The Running Game Never Managed To Catch Fire
    And His Frustration Was Plain To See

    The Question Remains, "Is This A Mirage?"
    Or "Could This Be The Start Of A Welcome Trend?"
    These Questions Should Be Answered Sunday
    When Against The Packers They Try To Defend


    It's Pretty Surprising To Many Observers
    That Green Bay Doesn't Take One On The Chin
    After All They Don't Run The Ball Very Well
    But Somehow Keep Racking Up The Wins

    Last Sunday The Packers Went To Kansas City
    To Let Favre Try To Finally Beat The Chiefs
    And Though The Game Was A Tough One
    That Goal Was Reached To His Relief

    Even With A Credible Effort To Run The Ball
    (One That Didn't Work Especially Well)
    It Still Took Some Heroics At Games End
    Before The Kansas City Team Finally Fell

    Once Again It Was The Tight End's Hands
    That Nearly Proved The Packers' Undoing
    A Chronic Problem That Has To Have
    Green Bay's Defensive Coaches Stewing

    While Tony Gonzales Is One Of The Best
    He Managed To Pull In Far Too Many Balls
    Running Bigby And Poppinga 'Round In Circles
    Almost Every Time He Got The Call

    The Chiefs' Ground Game Never Got Rolling
    As Johnson Proved Easy For The "D" To Find
    Yet A Late Touchdown Pass To That Tony Gonzales
    Left The Packers A Little Behind

    A Beautiful Deep Arcing Spiral Thrown
    Into The Streaking Greg Jennings' Hands
    Took The Win Away From The Chiefs
    And Caused Pandemonium In The Stands

    But There Was A Little Too Much Time Left
    And The Chiefs Fans Were Thinking "...Perhaps..."
    But A Touchdown Return From Chuckie Woodson
    Cemented The Kansas City Collapse


    This Sunday The Vikes Will Pack Up Peterson
    And Whoever Can Stand Up At Quarterback
    Making The Trip To Lovely Lambeau Field
    To Take On Brett Favre And The Pack

    There Won't Be Too Many Surprises
    When These Two Rivals Again Meet
    The Packers Will Count On Brett Favre's Arm
    The Vikings On Peterson's Feet

    The Packers' Defense Is Up For The Challenge
    Of Running Young Adrian Down
    Knowing That If They Can Just Contain Him
    They'll Receive League-Wide Praise And Renown

    Minnesota Is Great At Stopping The Run
    But The Packers Don't Run Much At All
    The Problem For Their Defense Comes
    When The Other Team Is Throwing The Ball

    If The Vikings Have An Achilles Heel
    It's The Plays When The Ball Is Passed
    Oftimes On Offense And On Defense Too
    Their Play Leaves Everyone Aghast

    And That Of Course Is The Packers' Forte
    Just Putting The Football In The Air
    And That Is Going To Happen Often Sunday
    Due To Darren Sharper's Foolish Dare

    The Packers Receivers Don't Have Great Speed
    But They Have Moves That Let Them Run Alone
    And Run They Will Right Down The Field
    Until They're Dancing In The End Zone

    While This Game Is Going To Be A Tough One
    There's Really No Question Of How It Will Go
    Green Bay Just Has Too Many Weapons
    And Should Beat Those Vikings Don'cha Know

    Carl "Gator" Nelson
    Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

    Wednesday, November 07, 2007

    The Best Fan Value Experience... 

    31st Best (of 32) Fan Value Experience...

    Wisconsin Temperature Conversion Chart... 

    60 above - Floridians wear coats, gloves and woolly hats. Wisconsin people sunbathe.

    50 above - New Yorkers try to turn on the heat. Wisconsin people plant gardens.

    40 above - Italian cars won't start. Wisconsin people drive with the windows down.

    32 above - Distilled water freezes. Lake Michigan's water gets thicker.

    20 above - Californians shiver uncontrollably. Wisconsin people have the last cookout before it gets cold.

    15 above - New York landlords finally turn on the heat. Wisconsin people throw on a sweatshirt.

     0 - Californians fly away to Mexico. Wisconsin people lick a flagpole.

    20 below - People in Miami cease to exist. Wisconsin people get out their winter coats.

    40 below - Hollywood disintegrates. Wisconsin's Girl Scouts begin selling cookies door to door.

    60 below - Polar bears begin to evacuate Antarctica. Wisconsin's Boy Scouts postpone "Winter Survival" classes until it gets cold enough.

    80 below - Mt. St. Helen's freezes. Wisconsin people rent some videos.

    100 below - Santa Claus abandons the North Pole. Wisconsin people get frustrated when they can't thaw the keg.

    297 below - Microbial life survives on dairy products. Wisconsin cows complain of farmers with cold hands.

    460 below - ALL atomic motion stops. Wisconsin people start saying "Cold 'nuff for ya?"

    500 below - Hell freezes over. The Minnesota Vikings finally win the Super Bowl.

    Sunday, November 04, 2007

    Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 7-1... 

    The Packers behind the play faking of Brett "Pump Daddy" Favre, hang tough through several mistakes and win going away with the last 17 points of the game to pound on the Kansas City Chiefs 33-22.

    Be Pack 4 Life!

    Packers will go all the way this year but i sure wish i could hear the game online any tips here guys?

    Napa Valley kid

    Hey Napa Valley Kid, the only place the NFL allows the radio game to be broadcast is at NFL.Com and their Field Pass Subscription. I subscribe it's OK, it's archived if you ever want to re-listen to a game. For 3 hours of pre-game and up to 3 hours of post game radio commentary, it's hard to beat, just click on the Listen Live button.

    Holy Moly, Beerkid! The NFC North is getting in...ter...esting. Adrian (not the one in Chicago) Peterson looks all but unstoppable, but back in the friendly confines of Lambeau Field (and with me in attendance cheering my Green-and-Gold a$$ off) the run-stuffing defense will rise to the occasion and stop him. And leaves all but nothing for the Viqueens to score with. Then the Lions, but first things first.... Pack4Life



    Honest guys.... I TAKE back Every bad name I have called Woodson. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO 7 and 1 BABY! How GREAT is that!


    That's two weeks in a row I've been pacing late in the game. Any chance we'll get a "peeyourpantsforthepackers" website going?

    Luke in Dallas


    They simply find a way to win every week! - Next week - shut down Adrian Peterson & go to 8-1


    Wow they tried,the ref tried,the colts tried THE FORCES OF EVIL have been pushed back for one more week!!!!!Lets' go out and WHIP those scumbags at home next week!GO PACK GO !!!!!! "F" that "guru" he sucks too!!! Beat the qUEENS!!!! and get some of that pretty blonde hair!!!!!

    Big Ern said so!!!!

    kansas city...... kansas city, now i am drunk........i had a few to many toddies because the PACK won.

    This team has chemistry, this team has guts, and this team has brains. I was cussing Mcarthy for not going for two and making it 13-7. But if we wouldn't of got that late TD we would of won by 1. Nice job coach,nice job players!!!!!!! Nice job fans. I was in Denver last Monday and there was not a ticket to be had. 30K Pack fans had bought them up. Looked like a great turnout in KC too. Sundays have not been this fun for a long time.


    I do enjoy watching the wins pile up, but not being able to shut down a tight end is unnerving. I also worry about facing Peterson next week. He will leave a lot of cleat marks on the Packers d-backs.


    The most impressive thing that I'm seeing this year compaired to others , is the ability for the Pack to finish strong in the 4th quarter . And as always , another great game for the fans to watch . GO-PACK-GO!!
    I'll be at Lambeau to watch the Pack take on the Queens . Can't wait !!!!!




    where can i get a downloadable version of the "go pack go" jingle played at the stadium?


    Hey Beloit, This might be what you're looking for: Go Pack Go

    Hey Napa Valley , I,m a life long Packer Fan of 49yrs. and now live in Mn. So to get every Packer game , I subscribed to Sirius Radio , lots of sports radio and all the NFL games to listen to , and you can stay up on all the info of all the teams 24/7 . And one of the best things I like about it is that no matter where I am I can listen to every Packer game crystal clear . Hope this helps . Signed Packfan


    Shut down AD next week and coast to the victory. 8 in the box 80% of the time and the Vikings have no passing game at all. Also, Whats up with Bigby? I thought Ahmad Carroll was on the field lately. Who would have guessed 2-0 and this "west coast road trip"? I sure hope this isn't the high point of the season.


    i was very pessimistic of this years team but as mellonhead mentioned the 2007 group has chemistry. i thought the wins were some flukes at first but damn, it looks like the real deal with a bunch of young guys.

    i don't think our team will make the bowl this year but there's always that chance. hope farve hangs on for one more season.

    pardon the spelling as one hands frucked up but does have green and gold velcro around it.


    Hey Saratoga, I would think everyone is pleasantly surprised... we see all the mistakes that need improving, but yet the Packers are 7-1. Amazing...

    Nobody f*&^s with "The Jesus!"

    Bobby O'Shea

    I was wondering at the beginning of the year why we kept so many DTs on the roster. seems to me this may be an excuse to use them. line up in a 5-3 and get bigby off the field. he hits hard but has no clue how to play football. put in 3 DTs and let our #1 draft pick Harrel and let him prove his worth. I think we can survive this game with one safety as long as we can stop the run.


    Hey Jeff, the Packers still have a DT they haven't played, Daniel Muir, so not only do we have a bunch of good ones, we have an extra one riding the bench that we couldn't let go of.

    Have your fun come Turkey Day we are gonna kick that old man's ass up and down the field and win the NFC North. We will pund old man Favre's head into the ground until he cant stand.(Plan subject to change due to Brett might die of old age) I cant wait for Thanksgiving. Brett will regret coming back and the Lions will win the NFC North!

    Detroit Tom

    Hey DT, good to hear from you, Brett Favre might be an old man, but there's no way the Lions are winning this Turkey Day game, the Packers are the contenders, the Lions are just pretenders. My Thanksgiving Day is already planned out, first watch the Packers win, 2nd is surviving the afternoon long food-coma.

    You guys are going to love me for this...

    Packers Radio Network link:

    Johnny Basu

    Hey JB, I don't know about love, but I'm starting to develop a man-crush...

    Oh yeah, baby!! Bring on the Queens! I don't think we'll have any problem stopping Peterson. Man this feels good! Finally having a great season.....been too long!

    Lady K - Packer Club of Hemet, Ca.

    Quoth Lombardi...

    Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

    Thursday, November 01, 2007

    Spew Off Speak Out... 

    Kansas City, Kansas City here we come... The Packers are off to another AFC West road game, after beating the Broncos in Denver, the team heads to Kansas City to play the Chiefs. Another hostile environment, another very average team. The Chiefs are 4-3 and tied for 1st in their division, but if the Packers play somewhat normally, this game is theirs for the taking.

    Stop the Packers offense from throwing to the TE's and Brett will wing the ball down the sideline. Lay off and try to stop the Packers slant passes, and we are now able to hand the ball off to current starting RB Ryan Grant and with his aggressive running style, he can actually gain positive yardage. The Packers are starting to balance out, the Chiefs however have some problems. Oh they got DE Jared Allen tearing up the opposing O-Lines and sacking QB's left and right, they have RB Larry Johnson who is another tough runner, shoddy tackling by the Packers won't get it done this week.

    So look for the Packers to have another consistent game by both their offense and defense, and even though it's a back-to-back road games on short week, expect the Packers to somehow pull this game out. Let's say 26-20 and 100 yard games for WR Donald Driver and RB Ryan Grant. Go Pack!

    Side Note: This week if the Packers beat the Chiefs, Brett Favre will have beaten all 31 teams at least once. Both Patriots QB Tom Brady and Colts QB Peyton Manning accomplished this feat last week, and this will probably be the last chance that Brett lines up against the Chiefs.

    Best Line From Last Week Revisited: During the introductions for the Packers starting offense by RT Mark Tauscher, while introducing QB Brett Favre referred to him as "Vinny Testaverde's Dad". Hilarious, even funnier because Vinny is 5 years older than Brett.

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


    Howdy BeerKid...... Everyone is picking KC. I'm picking the Pack. I think the team steps it up to get Favre this win, so he'll have beaten all 31 teams. Hopefully he helps them some.... they'd have looked a little better in a couple games if you take away a couple stupid INT's (Bears-Urlacher and Washington-at least one under thrown ball that should have been a TD turned INT). In the end......fate says one of the kickers will have to decide this..... 31-28 Packers.

    Long Live the Pack!!!

    Hey Long Live the Pack, yeah that's been bugging me too... I'm now starting to think that the final score is going be more like a 26-13 Packers win.

    The Packers have 197 times the amount of clicks the New York Football Giants have. Green Bay has a population of just over 100,000 and New York City has a population of over 8,000,000. Thats an 80-1 ratio. Green Bay IS America's Team, sorry Dallas.


    Well, Deiner34, I believe that us Packers Fans have felt were America's Team since the 1960's, we just sort of overlook those gaps between Lombardi and Favre, go Green N Gold! America's Favorite Team - The Pack!

    Fair analysis. Fact check though... the game is in Missouri! (Yes, it matters!)


    Hi Carolyn, lets call that now corrected mistake a "dropped word typo", I was just singing along to an old song, not trying to start a border war in K.C. (But if helps the Packers win this Sunday then I will.) I must have re-read that paragraph a hundred times and never noticed, earlier this week I lost a beer bet to BeerScout over what state Arrowhead Stadium was in. It's not like he knew, it's just that I was... hmmm... wrong. Thanks for checking in.

    Packers topped 1 million Clicks at at approximately 1000hrs CDT, but the Colts are hanging in at second with 372K. One might think this years' Soup Wars over, but at 18th with around 13K Clicks the Patriots lie. Best pour it on til the end of the year.... just to be sure.

    Go Pack!

    1. Green Bay Packers 1,020,396 * 2. Indianapolis Colts 379,585

    This is simply outstanding !! Packer fans should be proud of the response we make to this promotion....I've been touting it on various Packer boards since it's inception 5 years ago--and I have NEVER seen the total cans get over 1 MILLION before..... NOW-the fun part could well be that since we got over 1 million in 31 days...can we get to TWO million in the 45 days this promotion has to run????

    Great Job Packers fans !!

    Coach Carl


    While we're looking at the click counts, I think it's important to note that we are a full million clicks ahead of Chicago. I really wonder how we do this...

    Luke in Dallas

    Hey Luke, it is amazing that we Packers fans will continuous repetitive things, like voting to give cans of soup away. Myself, I have 3 computers I vote on each day, and damn, I've only made the 70 yard FG twice. Keep Voting!

    Hey BeerKid........... Another one in the books. Wynn reminds me of TE Martin, you need a back-up for the back-up. Martin must be havin a BIG TIME in Miami!!!

    Being a young team, the Pack should have lots of room for improvement weekly, which they will need. Interesting exchange from the guys from the pregame. Talking about how far the Pack could go this year and one of them mentioned SB, maybe. I think TJ? chuckled and said "it don't matter" and the other guy asked "what do you mean" and he said "you know what I mean". So w/that I say the Pack better commit the second half of the season to being able to put up 35 on a regular basis cause if they get to the SB, the team they'd play will be able to do that and probably more. Don't want the Pack getting turned into the Vikings or Bills. Let's get this thing fine tuned and rolling along, it's time to start dominating and putting games away, not just winning.

    Long Live the Pack!!!

    Hey LLtP, Yes, putting games away, that would be nice, the Packers have certainly had the chances, and we're all happy with the 6-1 record, but it's noticeable that there's much room for improvement.

    It was great seeing "Chump Bailey" get beat with Brett's pass leading to our first score to Jones; but watching him unload on the first play from scrimmage in O.T. for the winning T.D. was an F'n thing of beauty.

    Now it's onto K.C. and after that hopefully another W at home against da-queens. I'm taking the wife and kids to da-queens game. I hope it's as memorable as last nights MNF extravaganza!!

    GO PACK GO to the NFC North Division Title and beyond.

    PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

    Hey PP, no hope about it, the Packers are going to beat the Vikqueens again, have fun at the game

    Love the weekly videos. My daughters suggest next time you do a Bronco's short, you use the theme song for "my little pony".

    Keep up the good work,

    Dean - Rhinelander

    Hey Dean, we'll take your daughters recommendation under advisement, and if we get to play the Broncos again in our lifetimes... 6 years or another SB, will be the next time.

    Those bombs thrown by Brett on Monday night were 45 yards and 51 yards in the air and right on target to in stride receivers. Ohhhhhhh Babbbyy!!! MNF got the highest ratings of the week just in anticipation of heroics by #4. BeerKid, now how many Packers Sunday games do you think will be moved to the NBC SNF time slot?


    Hey Goutman, I'm expecting the Packers to keep winning, but the teams they play could be real dogs, and they might push any games to the later time slot. Maybe the Carolina game coming up, otherwise it might not be until the last game of the year against the Lions.

    Love your web site. I pass it along to all Packer Fans I can find. Keep up the excellent work. I don't know how you do it, but keep it up.

    Extreme Cheeze

    Hey Extreme Cheeze, it helps that there is 2 of us, and bunch of you guys out there. It's easy

    Hey Beerkid! WOW what another great performance by Brett!!!! He keeps adding to his lore. If Tom Brady had more interceptions Brett would be considered a canidate for MVP. I am going to ask all the talking heads to keep questioning Brett's arm strength and lack of a running game! I love it when this team never gets the respect it deserves, each week they keep building and get better and better. My only quips might be when McCarthy did not call a time out after the Kampman sack at the end of the game. We would have had about a minute to get Crosby in range. He needs a little clock management fine tunning. I was also disappointed by the holding penalties by Spitz , thats two weeks in a row our O-Line has faltered. I like the aggressivness of Bigby, his "kicking the football" in the 4th qtr was inconsolable but I blame it on his youth. We bit on seven "count them" seven bootlegs. I hope they keep this tape for the future.

    Ryan Grant is a tough RB, this will be his opportunity to shine the rest of the season barring injury. I would like to see Morency and Jackson on 3rd down. K-Rob inson should be ready to go against the Chiefs. Where is HAWK and KGB, Barnett is the most underrated LB in the NFL, if he doesnt make the probowl this year its rigged. Dre Bly and Champ Baily were burned like cheap "Burritos". I like our CB duo tenfold. This team is good, they have won 10 of their last eleven games. Ted Thompson has made some really good moves, I would like another tight end, What about putting Poppinga as a TE like NE does with Vrabel. I usually do not start talking playoffs until after Turkey Day, but it is hard not to start thinking about a Division Crown! My prediction, McCarthy wants this win big on his former team, 28-10 Packers WIN!!!!!Defense will have a huge day!!!!4 turnovers. Go PACK Go



    Favre is HOT!


    ATARI..... BRO!!...... WTF MAN!!??!! Just play D and don't be a JACKASS!!


    Hey Chris, I expect S Atari Bigby to play better this week, he still so much better than the previous years players at that position.

    yeah..... a real site for real fans. I'm stuck here in Nevada and having to deal with niner fans and raider knobs. It was really sweet one Monday night a couple years ago when the black hole of Oakland became a stomping ground for the Packers and Brett's game of his life. Cheers to you all and drink some Blitz (haven't had a Blatz in years).

    Ozaukee Guzzler

    Hey OG, thanks for stopping by. We all remember that game in Oakland from a few years ago. Schlitz, Blatz, Chimay Triple, it's all beer to me.

    Quoth Lombardi...

    It is essential to understand that battles are primarily won in the hearts of men.

    Packers Verses Vikings...

    Once Again The Vikings Came Up Short
    As The Eagles Came Into The Metrodome
    Short On Yards, And Plays, And Points
    And So Took Another Frustrating Loss At Home

    This Week The Chargers Roll Into Minneapolis
    Ready To Give The Vikings Team A Jolt
    Because After A Less-Than-Stellar Beginning
    They Now Resemble Their Helmets' Lightning Bolt

    Much Like The Vikings Use Young “Ad” Peterson
    The Chargers Depend On The Legs Of Their “Lt”
    The Play Of Both These Talented Running Backs
    Should Provide Quite A Show To See

    The Chargers' Phillip Rivers Is A Very Good Quarterback
    And While His Receivers Can't Be Classified As Great
    They've Just Acquired The Talented Chris Chambers
    And Of Course Still Can Count On Antonio Gates

    While The Viking Run Defense Can Be Impressive
    The Chargers' 'D' Is Also Known To Be A Force
    So Both Teams May Well Have To Win Through The Air
    And The Vikes Just Can't Do That Of Course

    Since The Packers Had Never Won In Denver
    The Broncos Tried To Preserve The Status Quo
    Driving For A Last Second Game-Tying Field Goal
    Before Brett's ‘Ot’ Bomb Dealt Them The Fatal Blow

    This Week The Road Trip Continues
    As Green Bay Heads Off To Arrowhead
    Engaging Kansas City On Their Home Field
    Where The Stands Resemble A Sea Of Red

    The Chiefs Will Be Well-Rested And Well-Prepared
    As They Return To Action After Their Bye Week

    Bringing An Offense That Has Regained Its Potency
    After A Start That Was Looking Pretty Weak

    The Kansas City Running Game Has Been Improving
    And The Passing Game Is Based On Their All-Pro Tight End
    This Should Cause Concern Among The Packers’ Faithful
    Because That's One Of The Few Things They Can't Defend

    One Other Thing Emerged For The Pack On Monday
    A New Running Back Made His Presence Felt
    Green Bay Is Hoping He's Not A One-Hit Wonder
    But May Be A Hidden Ace That They've Been Dealt

    If It Comes To Be That Ryan Grant
    Can Become A Significant Running Threat
    The Receiving Corps Can Become More Effective
    And Take A Little Of The Pressure Off Of Brett

    No Matter What Their Fans Would Like To Hear
    The Vikings Don't Stand Much Chance Of Winning
    And It's Just Too Bad For The Chiefs
    That November Will Have Such A Bad Beginning....

    Carl "Gator" Nelson
    Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

    Blast From The Past.... 

    King Of The Grill

    High Plains Chef
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