Monday, December 31, 2007

Packers NFC North Champions!!! 13-3... 

What a Sunday, the Green Bay Packers beat the Detroit "I'm barely trying" Lions 34-13, get to rest many of their key players, look good in their offensive and defensive play as compared to last week's game in Chicago, finish 13-3 in 1st place of the NFC North division, 5 games ahead of the 2nd place Vikings who finished out of the playoffs at 8-8, and 6 games ahead of 3rd place 7-9 Detroit Lions and cellar dwellers 7-9 Chicago (How in the hell did they beat us twice this year?) Bears. Great year for GM Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy and all the rest of the Packers Organization and Players. Well done.

Now on to the NFL Playoffs, the Packers get 1 week off before they host a playoff game on Sat Jan. 12th at 4:30pm EST at Lambeau Field against either the 3rd seeded Seattle Seahawks, 4th seeded Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the 5th seeded New York Giants. This will all depend on this week's NFC wildcard round playoff games. You have the 6th seeded Washington Redskins at Seattle (Sat 4:30pm EST), and the NY Giants at Tampa Bay (Sun 1pm EST). The 1st seeded Dallas Cowboys (Sun Jan. 13th at 4:30pm EST) await the lowest surviving seeded team, with the other team heading to the 2nd seeded Green Bay Packers. Any playoff game is going to be a tough game to win, so I have no favorites in either game this upcoming week. We'll just see what comes... and then who gets to go to Green Bay to play the Packers.

Guess who won the NFL Scoring Title with 141 points this year? Why it's Packers rookie kicker Mason Crosby. By getting 10 points (2FG, 4PAT) in the Packers-Lions finale, he was able to reclaim 1st place away from Patriots WR Randy Moss who had taken the lead with his 2TD performance on Saturday night. Hats off to Mason for a performance that did get shaky at times, but still was able to average 8.8 points a game and to come through with an incredible contribution to the Green Bay Packers 13-3 record. Well done! Bonus points for tripping that Lions Kick Returner A. Cason on the opening kickoff and preventing a Lions TD, it cost the Packers a 10 yard penalty but the Lions only ended up with FG on the drive.

My "Coach of the Year" choice? I would give it to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy for improving the Packers from 8-8 to 13-3 in a year where very few NFL analysts, who thought last year was an anomaly, gave the Pack a chance to finish above .500 this year. It's a tough call, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichek, has taken his team from last year's 12-4 to this year's eye-opening 16-0 undefeated record. I don't know of any NFL analyst's that predicted that the Patriots would finish worse than last year's 1st place finish. Now if you want give Belichek the "GM of the Year" award for great judgment in trading for both WR's Randy Moss and Wes Welker, heh, that's fine by me, the Patriots are the best team in the NFL this year, and Bill is responsible for improving their roster to make that happen.

Now on to the biggest question of the day: "Will the Magnum of Blue Chimay in the 'fridge make it until that Packers playoff game in 2 weeks?" Honestly, that's the question of the day...

Happy New Year! Drive and Drink responsibly.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


Today I'll finish painting my game room, or man-cave as my wife would have it. Green on top, gold on the bottom, with a one foot white stripe in the middle. And a mantle above the 42inch plasma that has a 20 year collection of autographed helmets, pictures and paraphanelia. What's my motivation, to torture my Chicago friends into coming over and watching the playoffs at my place. Gotta bring them to the true religion; I still hold out a little bit of hope for them. FAVRE 4 EVER and da Bears still suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and the Patriots (shady Brady and Bill Belicheat) suck too! check out this UTube video on the Pats:

Ryan in Phoenix

Having had the displeasure of living near Detroit for 14 years in the 70s-80s I loved that easy victory over the Detroit PussyCats. But Kid, I now have a real serious problem and I need some help. I will be in Singapore Jan 10-18, 2008. I believe there is an Asian network called GoalTV that carries most NFL games. But do you know of a local bar that will be open at 5:30 a.m. on Sunday (Singapore time) so I can watch the Pack win their first playoff game of the year?


Hey Goutman, believe it or not, google search shows a few possibilities, a bar named the Adrenalin Sports Bar, or within the mega sized 5 bars in 1 Devils Bar, they have a sporting section - The Sports Bar. Other than that, you'll need some suggestions from elsewhere. I used to drink Redhook's Nut Brown Ale at sunrise... certain beers are made for the morning. Have a great time.

NO, The Blue Chimay will NOT make it!! Nor should it!!! Nor will the lame ass patriots make it ALL TALK!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Big Ern, I'm thinking of heading over to my neighborhood brick store and grab some Chimay Red, or maybe a 6pack of Stone IPA. So the odds are favoring the 51oz magnum bottle of Chimay Blue surviving until the next game-day.

What a great win over the Lions yesterday! I certainly believe in carrying momentum into the playoffs! We are riding a 3-1 record in December, and our loss had more to do with weather and special teams blunders then ability. 2 wins and were in! Order the rings my friends!

Witt Dog

Enjoying it all, taking it all in - Playoffs are next - Cheers to a grand 2008! - GO PACK!

Joe from Ohio


I've been a viking fan since I was 7, 39 years. My brother defected to Green Bay 10 years ago after living in Minnesota for 40 years. I agree with everything you say at this point a couple of more years with Brad "Mr Noodle" Childress and his offensive staff lead by Elmo, and I might have to defect to the the Green and Gold. GO Green Bay! send Dallas and New England to the Abyss!! You forgot about firing a good wide receiver on C-mas eve.


Well, as much as I hate to kick the 'queens when they're down (yeah, right !) --I'm thinking we ALL need to send a big "Thank You" off to Zygi Wilf and his brain (damaged) trust, who refused to let Childress out of the Twin Cities a couple of years ago..... While Mike M has been a pleasant surprise to me and many others Childress has got to be the worst possible nightmare for any fan of the purple....yet because the queens managed to get over on the Giants -- he's going to be the coach there for a long time...

I'm not sure I have seen any one man get outcoached and outclassed, or do less with more than brad "Mr Burns" childress.... the man who benches his #1 weapon (Adrian Peterson) for the first series in a game they HAVE to win in order to have any chance for missing the team bus, yet allows D smith to play without discipline after he's found passed out in the street, admits to the cops that he's been smoking and has pot in his possession, becuase "he wants to investigate the facts". Smith has responded by putting forth a couple of the least-inspiring, lowest effort performances I have ever seen a DB put out in the past couple of weeks......

Way to go Monty--er--Brad. I'm looking forward to having you in the North for a long time!

Coach Carl

13 and 3... It has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Going into the playoffs with a VICTORY is always nice; right Dallas? Oh, that's right. Me bad.

Here are a few more things that have a nice ring to them…
    “The NFC North Division Champion Green Bay PACKERS”

    “Da-Bears and Da-Queens are outside looking into the playoffs.” YES!!!

    “Brett Favre, Co-MVP?” (With Tom Brady perhaps)???

    But the cherry on this PACKER fans Sundae would be… “World Champion Green Bay PACKERS!”
Enjoy the week off everyone, sit back, relax, have a few cold ones and let’s run the MO-F’n table to the SUPER BOWL!!!

Happy New Year Beerkid, and to the rest of our PACKER NATION.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Quoth Lombardi...

All right Mister, let me tell you what winning means you're willing to go longer, work harder, give more than anyone else.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

It's the last regular season game of the NFL year, and it brings the once 6-2 (and now 7-8) Detroit Lions to town. Green Bay has the 2nd seed wrapped up, with no chance for change in seed positions. Detroit's not really playing for anything, they can't make the once almost a-given playoffs, maybe they play to get to .500 at 8-8, maybe they play to win in Green Bay for the first time since 1991 (pre-Brett Favre era), mostly like they play like the Packers did in Chicago last week, with the "I don't want to be outdoors" attitude that got the Packers smacked. The Lions will play like there ready to call it a year and head home to play with the kids.

Problem is what are the Packers going to do, are they going to play like their ready to take 2 weeks off and prepare for their 1st round Playoff game at Lambeau. Are the Packers going to continue the musical chairs play with Colledge, Sptizer and Coston at both O-Guards positions? It's a safe bet. If RB Ryan Grant wants to get a 1000 yards rushing (he needs 101 more yards) this year, he better do it in the 7 attempts or so that he gets before Coach McCarthy rests him for the playoffs. Expect the coach to rest many of his players eventually, so this going to be a ragged game of players trying not to get hurt, trying not to be to cold, and many players off the bench getting extensive playing time.

Makes it hard to call, but heh, we'll call it for the Packers to end their season on a high note, get their 13th win of the season, and get ready for their playoff opponent in 2 weeks, call it Packers 23 Lions 12 and the Lions going home with another losing season. Happy Holidays! Go Pack Go!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


well....hat's off to the Patriots; they've proven that if you have an easy schedule, you too can have the perfect season. So, what do they get? A lifetime supply of Kraft foods?

Lady K

Hey Lady K, I don't like the Patriots... but I do believe that they have earned their 16-0 record. Now I'll start rooting for the Colts to win the AFC, and just like the way you shut up a loudmoth Vikqueen fan, by using the line "best 15-1 non-Super Bowl team ever", we'll be hoping for the new tagline for the Patriots... "best 16-0 non-Super Bowl team ever", it's harsh, but I'd take it.

EF' tha patriots,it seems only yesterday they got caught cheatin' and now tom "I make babys and leave"brady is "un-official" MVP???What?? get past the lowly giants then claim your perfect season. I HATE YOU Douchebag patriots too(next to the b--rs of course)Remember 1996-97 you HOES?!? Eat shit and die!!!!

Big Ern said so !!!!

Hey BK, So, are you saying that the ref 'cared' enough about Barnett that he took him down in an effort no to give him a flag? (awwww) I misjudged the 'ol softie!

Yeah, I agree, that if an older, shorter, out of shape guy can take him down like that, that's a concern, no matter how funny it looked on TV. Is he gonna toughen up in time for the postseason? hmmmm...... I bet Nick's still taking a lot of flack on that one in the locker room!

Lady K

Hey LK, oh I don't know if the Ref cared enough to give ol Nick a hug, but the Ref's are supposed to break up fights, and the locker room jabber should be merciless, he went down way to easy.

Hey about time, I'm going to the game too. Not sure if we will make it to the Stadium View bar, but it should be fun! Go Pack!



Hey Lemondrop, Oui Vey it is, then. I tried..... it's my way to 'be a lady' and not curse. It's working so far.... I'll just make sure I get the vernacular right next time.... thanks for keeping me in-the-know on the lingo! Beat the Lions! Bring on the playoffs! Go Pack Go! Ya der hey!

Lady K

P.S. By the way, BK, nice to hear a ref is finally being held accountable for his actions on the field. I heard they fined the ref $8K for bringing Barnett down with his WWF moves. Now, if only they'd only fine some of those refs for the stupid foul calls they make.....

Hey Lady K, I'm still believe that Nick Barnett was about to incur a Personal Foul for jumping into and woofing in a Bear Players face, it's taunting, it's a penalty and the fact the Ref took him down so quickly, makes me question Nick's toughness, seriously, then whining about filing a grievance, WTF is that, our MLB appears to be all bark and no bite, no toughness, and that's not a good thing.

...heading out to Green Bay to see what I thought when I purchased the tickets would surely be Favre's swan song and a team that we all would be saying "just wait until next year" about. Funny. Jerome F. Hammes from sandy eggo is meeting me there to kill some brain cells (only the strong survive). Anyone who can stop by the Stadium View bar: look for the guy in a packer hat with a beer in his hand (ok, both hands)... i'll buy you a cold one. Can't wait to see the girls behind the bar. Hope I remember the game.... but wait, that's what photos are for, right?

about time

Hey About Time, you are correct, only the strong brain cells survive an onsite Green Bay Packers game day and you can send any of your more interesting pictures here, if you want... and a guy in a Packers hat with beers in hands... it might still be tough for anyone to spot you in a crowd of Packers fans.

I will take 2 losses to the Bears if it means we win the Division every year.

Windy City Packer Fan

Hey Windy City, it would be a tough cross to bear, but yes, I also would trade 2 losses to da Bears for the NFC North Division Crown, every year.

Michigan vs Ohio State. One of these teams can win the National Championship but if it lost to its hated rival that year, then it is considered to be a so so season by their fans.

Packers vs Bears. Bears can lose all of their games except the 2 Packer games and it is considered a successful season by their fans. Ain't rivalries great!

Being a glass is 1/2 full person that I am, this past game vs Bears has all the similarities of the Bears going in the tank against us on New Years Eve last year and making the Superbowl. Only difference is, the Pack will take on this role a bit further this year and defeat the Colts in the Superbowl (are ya surprised I didn't mention the Patriots who are beginning to suck worse than the Bears)


Hugs to ya Lady K. You have to live in Northern WI or the UP to know we all spell it "Oui Vey" Gotta get that Finnish-Norwegian-Yooper slang der, and ya see now? Like the movie Fargo, ya dat hey der. ROFL. GO PACK GO !


Hey Lemondrop, whether you spell it "oy vay" as Lady K first did, or "oy vey" as BeerKid edited it too, or "oui vey" as the F-N-Y's up der do, it's still "oh crap!" to all of us.

PREDICTION: neither the Cowboys or the Patriots will make it to the super bowl. Just got a hunch... a feeling... GO PACK GO

about time

Hey A.T. does that mean it's a Packers-Colts or Packers-Steelers or Packers-Jaguars Super Bowl?

Hard to believe that the regular season is coming to an end-so soon. Fortunately for some of us, the postseason looms, while for others it's only a faint possibility...

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Hey Coach Carl, as always, Thanks... Seasons Greetings!

Quoth Lombardi...

They call it coaching but it is teaching. You do not just tell them... you show them the reasons.

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Washington Redskins, Whose History Started
With The Franchise Of Duluth’s Eskimos
Brought That Legacy Back To Minnesota
And Dealt The Vikings A Near-Fatal Blow

For A Period Of Time In The Past Few Weeks
Minnesota's Future Was In Their Own Hands
Then They Lost To The Redskins Sunday Night
To The Disappointment Of All Of Their Fans

This Week They Have To Face Denver’s Broncos
A Team That's Collapsed Right Down Its Heart
They Can't Stop The Run Which Suits The Vikes
As Taylor And Peterson Will Tear Them Apart

It's When Jackson Puts The Ball In The Air
That Vikings Fans Will Catch Their Breath
For Minnesota's Passing Game Has Not Impressed
And Can Best Be Described As A Mess

Jay Cutler Is Becoming A Good Young Quarterback
But Denver’s Receivers Give His Patience A Test
The Backs Are Solid But Not Outstanding
Though Their Production Has Been Spotty At Best

The Vikings Will Be Watching The Scoreboard
Hoping And Praying For Help From The 'Skins
But Coach Childress Must Keep Them Focused
For Nothing Will Help Them If They Don't Win


The Packers Were Ready For The Cold And Snow
But Couldn't Overcome The Lake Michigan Wind
Which Let A Bears Team That's Not Very Good
Push Them Around And Pick Up The Win

This Week When The Packers Welcome Detroit
It's Going To Again Be Cold And Snowing

The Big Difference Between Last Week And This
Will Be The Force With Which The Wind Is Blowing

In A Way The Loss Will Serve Green Bay Well
Giving The Coach Excuses To Do Some Butt-Chewing
Keeping The Players Up On Their Toes
And Making Them Pay Attention To What They're Doing

Detroit's A Team That Can Play Pretty Well
If Any Sort Of Breaks Manage To Go Their Way
Although Injury Has Decimated The Offenive Team
That Defense Always Comes Ready To Play

The Green Bay Packers Have Won The Division Crown
And Is Regarded As The Number Two Seed
Those Poor Lions Will Become The Whipping Boy
As Green Bay Gets The Winning Momentum They Need


To Have Even A Slight Hope Of Making The Playoffs
The Vikes Must Avoid Blowing Off Their Own Toes
While The Lions Will Provide Win Number Thirteen
As Into The Postseason Bye The Packers Team Goes

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blast From The Past... 

Butter Ball


48 Year Old

Spew Off Speak Out... 


two words...... oy vey! Let's hope that our 'bad' games are now out of our system. We need to get back into a rhythym next week against Detroit, so we leave no doubt that this loss was just a fluke, and we're ready for the post-season.

We're still 12-3, which is saying a lot, considering 2 years ago we were 4-12, and last year 8-8. This year we clinched the NFC North title in 13 weeks, we're heading into the playoffs as the #2 seed,....not bad at all. We just need to shake this loss off, and come out swingin' from here on out!

Was that Brandon Jackson that was running some plays in Sunday's game? I didn't get to see the entire game, but if I'm right I thought I saw him take off from the line of scrimmage a couple of times, running through the defenders and getting some decent yardage....could be of some help to Grant and our o-line.

Saw a guy in the store tonight wearing a Bears jersey and hat. Walter Payton's. Anyway, I razz him and tell the cashier not to serve him for being a Bear's fan. He then says, "No. I'm a Packer's fan. I grew up in Milwaukee and I am a big Packer fan. I just really like Walter Payton." Hmmm....Could've fooled me! Even the cashier laughed at that one! I told him no self-respecting Packer fan would be caught dead in a get-up like that. What the heck?! Has the world gone mad?

Go Pack Go! Merry Christmas, God bless!

Lady K


The Packers are fine, there is too much worrying in Packer land.


O.K I just downloaded my jesicka "jinx" simpleton photo from and I guess that's all I can do besides this B.S has driven up the Vegas odds on us winning the big show so place your bets NOW true-believers!!! Hats off to PACKER PAUL! EAT SHIT BEARS I HATE YOU!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

o excuses: "The bears still suck", and "from time to time, we play a little lame", you know, just like the song. This lovie smith thing has gotta stop though. 75 years from now, Packer fans will look at the stats and see that a bears coach with the name "lovie" has pretty much owned the packers. Thats what sucks.
We can go into the lions game with expectations of playing our starters into the third quarter then hand it off to the back-ups.

Most importantly - we gotta stay healthy for the playoffs!!! Doc Mac and Pepper always do a great job. They are the best! WTF: Its obvious now that the NFL Network and Pro Bowl selections are controlled by "the evil gremlin - jerry jones"!

Still proud to get a couple really cool Lambeau Field shirts and a Packers ornament for Christmas...


Two comments from out West... One, the Packers really need to work on their cold game faces! When teams like Seattle or Tampa come to Lambeau, we want them to be trembling at the thought of playing in our OUR cold weather - and amazed that OUR players don't seem to mind the temp. Looking at Brett and the boys on Sunday, I certainly would not be afraid to play them in Lambeau next month...

Two, take that middle screen pass OUT OF THE PLAYBOOK!! Run a screen to the outside, or just dump the play in favor of a short passing play. But if I see one more bad pass into the middle of the field with two defensive lineman nearly intercepting it, I'm gonna hurl. This play has been failing all year.

But don't get too down, Dallas looks pretty shaky these days. And the Giants, Skins, Vikings are limping in at best. Go Pack!

J Spunk Lindow

Here is a recent A.P.article about the "fossil" who put Nick Barnett in a head lock during last Sunday's game against Da-Bears.
    Packers' Barnett to file grievance against referee for takedown

    Packers linebacker Nick Barnett has filed a grievance with the NFL protesting the force that referee James Quirk used on him in Sunday's game, NFL Network's Adam Schefter is reporting.

    Barnett, who wants the league to take action, claims this is the third incident that Quirk and his crew have been involved in regarding a physical incident with a player.

    Packers coach Mike McCarthy said he spoke with NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira earlier this week about Quirk's takedown of Barnett during an on-field scuffle in Sunday's game.

    McCarthy praised Pereira but wouldn't reveal details of their conversation.

    "I'm comfortable with the conversation," McCarthy said. "That's something I can't share."

    On Monday, McCarthy said Quirk acted "totally unprofessional" when he grabbed Barnett by the neck and wrestled him to the ground. League officials haven't announced any action.

    "I'll tell you what, I've never seen anything like that in all my years," McCarthy said. "I didn't see the whole thing but I thought the official was totally out of line the way he grabbed Nick around the neck and pulled him out of there.

    "There was a lot going on throughout the game on both sides of the ball after the play was over. Their offensive line was getting after Nick a bunch down the stretch. And that goes on in these types of games. I didn't see all of it but I saw the end of it. I thought it was totally unprofessional. I thought it was totally out of hand."

    Before filing the grievance, Barnett said he didn't want to cause any further trouble and was letting McCarthy handle the incident. He even joked that Quirk might have a future in professional wrestling.

    "I got in a choke hold, I couldn't really breathe a little bit," Barnett said. "He got a good one on me. I don't know how he got under that face mask, but he got a good hold on me."

    The Associated Press contributed to this story.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Hey Packer Paul, I didn't realized how serious Nick feels about the takedown, at the time I was laughing too hard at what happen, you know, that Referee probably saved Nick a Personal Foul penalty, Nick was upset and he was starting to woof in another players face. Here's another story on the situation: NFL tells ref actions against Barnett 'over the line'

Number 4 is Number 1: According to league officials, the No. 4 Favre jersey is the all-time bestselling jersey in the history of the game. More than Johnny Unitas, more than John Elway, more than Joe Montana. More than any of the other greats who played the game.

League officials, as well as representatives of the NFL players association, who track sales for royalty purposes, regard specific sales numbers as state secrets. But a league official confirmed that Favre's jersey is the No. 1 selling jersey of all time.

Here's the full article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:


Quoth Lombardi...

The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays... 

Monday, December 24, 2007

What A Waste Of Time That Was... 

   Packers NFC North Champions!!! 12-3...

It was supposed to be payback time. The Packers still had a chance at the 1st seed in the NFC Playoffs, the Bears were missing some starters on defense, with an offense that had trouble scoring. Then the Packers fell flat on their faces, missing DT Ryan Pickett, the Bears had no trouble running up the middle of the Packers defense. With the high winds, the Packers punt team looked like a unit that was assembled from some kids waiting in the beverage line. So concerned about covering Devin Hester that they forgot to a basic thing, like block. What a mess that was, and you have to imagine that it was something that the Bears came into the game targeting.

Did you notice that the Packers were playing musical chairs with the 2 Guard positions again, it's a mistake to not just pick the 5 O-lineman early on in the season and scheme around their strengths and weaknesses all year long, if you want a unit to have some cohesiveness, you can't be swapping them around every other game. Please, one of these days, I wish Brett Favre would actually step into a pass, instead of all this dancing around as he throws the ball, he might become accurate again. It looked like he didn't want to be there in the cold and wind, something analyst Troy Aikman kept pointing out from his pre-game conversations with Brett. In fact the whole Packers team looked like they wanted to be somewhere else. As a fan, I want a crappy weather playoff game at Lambeau field, then a perfect weather road game in Dallas, even if some of the players act indifferent.

So the Bears blow-out the Packers 35-7 in a windy Soldier Field and the Packers have created, in one out-coached, out-performed and out-prepared game, some serious doubts about the stability of this years Super Bowl run. Go Pack, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Please Drink in Heavy Moderation!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Well Da-Bears won the game, but the PACKERS won the battle. While Da-bears players clean out their lockers after next Sunday’s game, the NFC North Division Champs will be heading into the Post-Season with a first round bye. Put that in your MO-F’n pipes and smoke it Chicago.

Today’s loss exposed a few things, our punter (who hails from Canada, eh?) apparently did not play in too many cold games up-nort, eh?? I was also wondering why Ryan did not put some gloves on before he kicked a few into the opposition. Receivers wear gloves, right?

I was baffled that Coach McCarthy kept Brett in as long as he did when it was apparent that the game was well out of reach.

I was also dumb founded that some “85 year old NFL official” would put a choke hold on Nick Barnett while separating him from a potential “fist-to-cuffs” with some MO-F’n Bears player. WTF?? I am sure that Coach McCarthy will have something to say to the head officials of the NFL about THAT spectacle.

Both teams had an even playing field with the weather conditions, but it came down to da-bears wanting it more. GO PACK GO and EAT SHIT CHICAGO!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.



Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Big Ern... actually it's WTF! As in What-The-F*ck! happened at Soldier Field yesterday.

Uggggggh!!! What a mess that was??That was the worse performance I have seen in years. I had to turn the TV off after the urlacher TD, I went out into the Blizzard and beat up a dumpster. What in the hell was that crap! I can understand that the weather was a factor but the Packers are supposed to win in these conditions. I hope they havnt peaked already before the playoffs "that and injuries are the two things that worry me most". The last timethey played like this was against the JETS a few years ago. To make matters worse there is a foot of snow at Lambeau Field and its still a blizzard with more snow in the forcast. Bring your snow suits! Ill be venting for awhile as the Bears sweep us this year. We are going to the playoffs. Harrell did a fine job filling in for Pickett. Grant contiinues to impress, sorry Deshawn Wynn. I hope alot of subs get in the Detroit game. The Packers ill be fine. Merry Christmas, Go Pack Go



Hopefully they get this game out of their system. Everyone can have a bad game, but it sure makes me wonder what they may play like at Lambeau in the cold and wind. Maybe going to Dallas for the championship game isn't so bad after all. Go Packers and the Bears still suck.

Tom H - Sioux Falls, SD


Just a quick note about what a joke it is to see so many Cowboys in the Pro Bowl, especially K Nick Folk. Crosby easily should have gotten the nod. Thanks for being my island of sanity in the ocean of diarrhea that is the Dallas media.

Mike -- Pack Fan in Big D

To the Beerkid and to the rest of our loyal “PACKER NATION.” Have a Blessed Holiday and a “Green and Gold New Year!” GO PACK GO to the Super Bowl!!

PACKER PAUL- Minneapolis, MN.


Great site to share some love for Brett Favre.


The Bears Still Suck. And so does the Chitty-City. I am officially in mourning right now, till this game wears off. Merry Christmas to BeerKid and everyone here.



I love you guys but that was one hell of a way to roll over and hit the snooze button for an hour.


Hey Chris, Love Stinks! yeah-yeah... I did not notice one Packers player who appeared to really want to be out there playing for a no. 1 seeding, especially not Brett.

aily pint? In santa monica? on pico? haven't been there in years.... used to go all the time when I lived in hermosa. Me and Jerome FH put our quarters down for next on the foosball table... so drunk... and beat the guys who had run the table the entire night. I refused to play again... JFH and I stumbled out undefeated. Good times... damn good times...

about time

Hey A.T. that's the place, it's a bit empty on Sunday mornings, but they're kind enough to almost always give us the big projection screen to watch the game. Love the foosball story, BeerScout and I have a similar story with us holding a pool table all night long, we weren't playing all that well, we just never lost, had the whole bar rooting against us at the end, I think we lost the last game when they turned off the lights and took back our drinks, and threatened everyone with expulsion.

Quoth Lombardi...

Teams do not go physically flat, they go mentally stale.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blast From The Past... 

The Brews

Cheddar! Cheddar!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So we're back to Bears Week for the Green Bay Packers, and it's as close to an anti-climatic game as you can get. This year for sure, the Bears suck. Bears coach Lovie Smith is still playing bandleader to the QB carousel that's been going on for years in Chi-town. Grossman, Griese, Orton? Yeah, we're back to the Packers backup QB Aaron Rodgers is the 2nd best QB in the NFC North. The Bears defense? Well the Bears defense is pretty much not that impressive this year, they lost a few of their DT's and it just hasn't been the same for Urlacher and his Crew.

The biggest mistake of the year, was whatever half-time adjustments Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy did to shut down the Packers offense in the 2nd half of this years earlier match-up against the Bears, a game the Packers lost 20-27. Otherwise you might have to say that his adjustments and game-plans are what should make McCarthy the Coach of the Year in the NFL.

Congrats! to CB Al Harris, DE Aaron Kampman, WR Donald Driver and QB Brett Favre for being named to the Pro Bowl. Names missing from this group are LB Nick Barnett and CB Charles Woodson, and I would put K Mason Crosby (leading the NFL in scoring as a Rookie) should have been there too. 11 Players from the Cowboys? 7 Players from the Vikqueens? 2 LB's from the Seahawks? Yeah, and then only 4 from the 12-2 Green Bay Packers.

Back to the Bears, the Packers do have revenge in mind, the Bears defense is easily exploitable, their offense can't score to save their lifes (or their jobs) and you contain special teams player Devin Hester, or don't even kick or punt the ball in his direction, it won't matter, the Bears offense can't score points. Packers win in Soldier Field, ummm, win easy in Chicago with the Bears already huddled up and hibernating for the season. Nothing's easy, but call it Packers 30 Bears 9.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

At least Kyle Orton has a sweet neckbeard!

Bobby O'Shea

Help! I am trying to obtain a VHS tape or DVD of the Packer/Raider game of December 9, 2007. My husband, Marty, was at Lambeau with his 94-year old grandpa - for the first time. Marty traveled from Oakland to be there see the Pack win! I was in charge of taping and messed up and don't have the game. I know how much it would mean to Marty to have the tape to relive the memory.

Can you help me? Thanks.


Hi Dawn, We spent that day at The Daily Pint watching the game, but I believe there will be someone who passes through here that can help you out. To contact Dawn, send me an email at and I can put in contact with Dawn. Thanks in advance.

Home Field Advantage is sounding pretty good right now!! Man, Talk about getting snubbed! How do the Vikings get 7 players in the Probowl? To me the ProBowl is a vacation for the players, it not even an official game due to rule modifications ect.. hell you want to make it interesting for me to watch, have the Cheerleaders do a mini survior/obstacle course competition I'll tune in for that. Guys who should have made it: Barnett,Crosby,T.White (special Teams) of course Jennings and Clifton,Woodson and Ryan. I would have even put Wells in there. It does not matter anyhow, what matters is if your named "All-Pro" by the writers.

This team has tremendous Special Teams players , that was evident in the Draft! TT gets my nod for "Executive of the Year"Management. and McCarthy for "Coach of the Year" This team is going to the NFC Championship barring any "Injury or major fallout" The team has to much talent not to. Dallas will falter and loose their final two games giving the Pckers home field advantage!!!!!!!!

Prediction: Packers 37 Bears(still suck)9 (3FG). Jennings has a career day with 3 TD 151 yds, Grant/Morency 90yds Blackmon TD punt return. Kampman/KGB 4 Sacks. Merry Christmas, Go Pack GO and go Jessica Simpson



Merry Christmas!! What a week that's just past, and with a better one coming up ! Will Santa bring a sixth-straight win to those bad boys from Minnesota, or will Joe (Grinch) Gibbs and his 'Skins change the plans for New Year's travel?? And speaking of traveling, will the Packers extract a measure of revenge from those $^^&*^% Bears, and continue to strive for home field, or will Lovie and the boys hand the crown to Dallas?? Tune in Sunday to find out!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

This was too good not to send.....


Please send the link below to anyone you know going to the Carolina or Washington games against Dallas. First round bye AND homefield... Go Pack!


here is nothing in this world like a great rivalry!I feel like we should really give yogi and boo-boo something to ponder this off-season like the memory of a 100 point loss at home or having to watch us win the superbowl or even urlachers sex change operation video tape! GO PACK GO!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Here we go again... i'm reading a blurb: "NFL'S HOTTEST TRIO: PATS, COLTS . . . AND VIKES?" I guess people are still going out of their way believe in and give respect to just about everyone but the 12-2 Packers. That's alright... WALK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG F'N STICK, right? We'll sneak up on them and the next thing you know... SUPERBOWL 42 - victory shall be ours.

about time

I'm Glad you mentioned Koren Robinson, That guy is a HUGE boost. The Packers are getting Healthy.... Like St. Vincent Says: Confidence is contagious... So is lack of confidence. The 'boys are starting to sweat.


Great game indeed. Good win. That big day we gave up to Jackson however, remains is a little troubling...


RE the Pro Bowl selections. Congrats to the Packers fab four who got the nod. But I gotta say there must be a good lawyer out there willing to bring one hellava federal lawsuit against the NFL on behalf of Crosby, Clifton, Barnett, Woodson, Jennings, et al. They were definately robbed in a matter affecting interstate commerce. All those pissant Viqueens on the NFC squad - what's up with that? I hate morons.


Vote Crosby, Bigby Players Of The Week!

Jerome FH

The Green Bay Packers apparently can forget about winning home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. Representing the National Football Conference in the Super Bowl also seems to be a pipe dream.

The Packers simply just don't have the talent to achieve either goal - if you put much stock in the Pro Bowl selections released on Tuesday.

Green Bay, 12-2 and tied for the second-best record in the National Football League with the Dallas Cowboys, saw just four of its players - quarterback Brett Favre, defensive end Aaron Kampman, cornerback Al Harris and wide receiver Donald Driver - named to the NFC team. All but Driver were named starters for the all-star game, which will be held Feb. 10 in Honolulu.

That total tied the Packers for eighth in the league with the Chicago Bears, the last-place team in the NFC North.

Just in the NFC, the 9-5 Seattle Seahawks had six players selected, the Minnesota Vikings - whom the Packers beat twice this season, by a combined score of 57-16 - had seven, and the Cowboys will send an NFL-high 11. Even the 14-0 New England Patriots only have eight players going.

"I guess people are overlooking us," Driver said. "I think a lot of guys are upset that they didn't go. A lot of guys are mad. If you look around this locker room, there should have been at least nine or 10 guys who should've went."

Jerome FH commented: "F'n bullshit". I couldn't agree more.

about time

Quoth Lombardi...

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

Packers Verses Vikings...

For A Team Striving To Make It To The Playoffs
The Vikes Looked Underwhelming Monday Night
As The Bears Battered And Intercepted Them
And In General Played Them Pretty Tight

While The Vikings Came Away With The Win
For Most Of The Game The Outcome Was In Doubt
If They Don't Look Better In This Week's Game
Washington May Be Able To Knock Them Out

The Redskins Who Visit The Dome On Sunday
Are A Team Also In Wildcard Spot Contention
They Need To Beat Minnesota To Make It In
And That Is Exactly Their Intention

There'll Be A Backup Behind The Center
Though He's No Rookie But A Wily Old Vet
And Clinton Portis Is Running Well
While The Receivers Are Fast As Jets

Both Defenses Are Tough Against The Run
So The Passing Game Might Turn The Tide
With "T-Jack" Appearing To Regress A Bit
The Advantage Might Be On The Redskins' Side


The Rams Had High Hopes Sunday Afternoon
Of Playing A Game They Could Enjoy
But The Packers Rolled In And Beat Them Up
Using Almost Every Weapon They Could Employ

Brett Favre Threw Two Touchdown Passes
Ryan Grant Ran Into The Endzone For A Score
The "Atari" Game Yielded Two Interceptions
As Defensively The Pack Owned The Stadium Floor

Chicago's Bears Are A Team In Dire Straights
Coming Off An Ugly Loss Last Monday Night
Somehow They've Gone From Playing In The Super Bowl
To A Group Who Can't Seem To Do Anything Right

The Running Game Is Just A Memory
While The Air Attack Looks Like A Delusion
The Defense Gives The Impression They Are Ok
In Reality That Is Just An Illusion

Earlier This Year Green Bay Blew A Lead
And The Bears Got Away With A Win
Leaving The Packers Thirsting For Revenge
Anxious For The Chance To Pound On Them Again


The Vikings Are Riding A Five-Game Streak--
This Week The 'Skins Will Bring That To A Stop
While The Bears Will Futilely Do All They Can
But Green Bay Will Come Out On Top

Despite How The Football Games Turn Out
Smiles Should Abound For So Many Reasons
It's Christmas Week And May All Enjoy
The True Blessings Of This Wonderful Season
Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

100 Reasons To Hate The Bears... 

I found this a few months ago while surfing around some Packers Football forums to see what was going on, specifically I found this post by BackThePack over at the Times Four forums. Just had to share...
    1. When you leave Soldier Field after watching the Bears play, you suddenly realize the Chicago Stockyards smell clean and good by comparison.

    3. The Bears have been hated from the very beginning. Someone in 1921 wrote that the Bears were "strongly disliked in every city in the league, except Green Bay and Rock Island. In those places they are hated."

    23. The greatest linebacker to ever play in the NFL coming from the University of Illinois was Ray Nitschke and not Dick Butkus. What's worse, Nitschke didn't even play linebacker at Illinois…he was a fullback.

    36. Chicago was founded by a bunch of people in New York who said, "Gee, I'm really enjoying the crime and the poverty, but it just isn't cold enough� Let's move west."

    42. After all of the years they coached together in the NFL, Curly Lambeau never once shook hands with George Halas following games between each other.

    61. The "Super Bowl Shuffle" alone should be enough for anyone to hate the Bears.

    79. When a 1989 game between the Packers and Bears was correctly decided in the closing seconds with the use of instant replay, giving the Packers a victory, Bears coach Mike Ditka and Bears' management were so angry that they ordered their pubic relations department to place an asterisk by the score of the game in the media guide, signifying that it was an "instant-replay game". The notation remains in their annual media guide still today.

    90. In the 1940's and 1950's, Packer players were reminded to keep their helmets on while they sat on the sidelines because Bears fans liked to throw things at them from the stands.

    93. There's very little more enjoyable than listening to Chicago sports radio the morning following a Packers victory over the Bears.

Here's the full list - 100 Reasons to Hate the Bears.

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

Nobody Has Done It Better.... Encore 

NFL Championship Histories
Green Bay Packers  12-3

1929  1-0 1st Place  
1930  2-0 1st Place  
1931  3-0 1st Place  
1936  4-0 Boston Redskins 21-6 
1938  4-1 New York Giants 17-23
1939  5-1 New York Giants 21-0 
1944  6-1 New York Giants 14-7 
1960  6-2 Philadelphia Eagles 13-17
1961  7-2 New York Giants 37-0 
1962  8-2 New York Giants 16-7 
1965  9-2 Cleveland Browns 23-12
1966 10-2 Kansas City Chiefs 35-10
1967 11-2 Oakland Raiders 33-14
1997 12-2 New England Patriots 35-21
1998 12-3 Denver Broncos 24-31
Chicago Bears  9-5

   1921 1-0 1st Place  
   1932 2-0 Portsmouth Spartans   9-0
   1933 3-0 New York Giants 23-21
   1934 3-1 New York Giants 13-30
   1937 3-2 Washington Redskins 21-28
   1940 4-2 Washington Redskins 73-0
   1941 5-2 New York Giants 37-9
   1942 5-3 Washington Redskins   6-14
   1943 6-3 Washington Redskins 41-21
   1946 7-3 New York Giants 24-14
   1956 7-4 New York Giants   7-47
   1963 8-4 New York Giants 14-10
   1985 9-4 New England Patriots 46-10
   2006 9-5 Indianapolis Colts 17-29

Great Moments in Packers History... Encore 

1929 - After blanking the Chicago Bears 23-0 and 14-0, Packers go on to win their 1st NFL Championship Title.
1930 - After beating the Chicago Bears 7-0 and 13-12, Packers go on to win their 2nd NFL Championship Title.
1961 - After beating the Chicago Bears 24-0 and 31-28, Packers go on to win their 7th NFL Championship Title.
1965 - After humilating the Chicago Bears 49-0 and 38-7, Packers go on to win their 9th NFL Championship Title.
1966 - After beating the Chicago Bears 17-0 and 13-6, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl I.
1967 - After beating the Chicago Bears 13-10 and 17-13, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl II.
1996 - After beating the Chicago Bears 37-6 and 28-17, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl XXXI.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quoth Lombardi...

The Bears Suck...

Quoth Big Ern Said So!

The Bears Still Suck!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Packers NFC North Champions!!! 12-2... 

   First Round Playoff Bye Secured

Thanks to some excellent field position all game long, the Packers were able to contain the St Louis Rams with a 33-14 pounding that left the 30,000 or so Packers fans in attendance screaming "Let's Go Pack! Let's Go Pack!" clearly audible to all of us fans watching the game on TV. What's more fun on a Sunday then to embarrass a team on it's home field by spanking them 33-14, but showing up and out-cheering their fans, perhaps even out-numbering them in the stands, and you get several disgusted Rams Players wondering in their post-game interviews if they had attended a road game. Rams LB Will Witherspoon said "It's a sad story" and among many RB Stephen Jackson's comments, this howler "We were playing at Lambeau". Bwa-ha hah-ha ha - Behold the Power of Cheese.

Thanks to Koren Robinson for some excellent kick-off returns, thanks goes to Will Blackmon who returned 3 punts for a total of 30 yards, these 2 players along with those players blocking for them, basically set up the Packers offense on the short field all day long. So this is one of those games where you get to ignore the stats, poor rushing game for RB Ryan Grant, average passing game for QB Brett Favre with 2 TD's 2 Int's, it gave the Rams an almost 12 minute possession edge. The Defense got their pressure and sacks, but gave up a big rushing day to Rams RB Stephen Jackson, although in the end, the Packers cruised to a big 33-14 victory, and with help from both the Eagles (by beating the Cowboys) and Panthers (by beating the Seahawks), have secured the 2nd seed in the NFC Playoffs, with a now slightly better chance for the 1st seed position.

Did you know that Packers K Mason Crosby is leading the NFL in scoring with 130 points... Did you know that WR Greg Jennings catch of Brett Favre's blimp bouncing 44 yard TD bomb (the ball might have traveled higher in the air then distance down the field) gives him 12 TD catches on just 50 receptions for the year. It's a big win for the Pack! There's still 2 games to play, at Chicago and home to Detroit, no time to let up. Let's Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Beerkid, I just want to thank my fellow Packer Backers that went to St. Louis . We drove down from Madison , and it started in Springfield . First there were two cars, then 5 cars and by the time I filled up the Truck and gave some liquid back, I had 10 other vehicles sporting the Green and Gold. The snow was blowing, and there was nothing but smiles everywhere. We could have been on Oneida at 9 am on a Sunday. Right then and there, I knew this was going to be a special weekend. Laclede, Union Station and Westport are three clusters of bars/restaurants in town. ALL dominated by Packer fans. Did I mention that by this time it is only 4 p.m. on SATURDAY?

Sunday was a sea of green and gold. I heard the TV guys where showing all of the fans in attendance. I have traveled to quite a few games, and not since ’96 at Detroit have I seen this type of invasion and energy. I mean, you could feel the energy 1 hour before kickoff. 12,000 no shows(I knew a couple of guys that could have used those tix) 30,000 people wearing Green and Gold, how embarrassing for the Rams. To come out for warm ups and be booed in your own building?? Not two fat guys by the entrance, the entire Packer faithful stood up and booed. It was one great day.......

Big Oly 74


what a great game against the rams, I was wasted!

drew b

Well it looks like a 2nd trip this year to the Mecca that is Lambeau field will be a reality for me. I will be there, God willing, for the Detroit game. From the panhandle of Nebraska to the Frozen Tundra. By the way it is 897.47 miles from my address to 1265 Lombardi Avenue.

This team has been so special to watch. Getting to watch #4 one more time live is the greatest Christmas present I have ever recieved. Thanks Michelle.


I am soooo glad we have a team that is totally unselfish when sharing duties as a group. You don't see anyone moaning and groaning that they don't get to start, or they don't get the ball enough, etc.

Lots of teams nowadays have players that cry and complain, instead of doing whatever it takes for the 'W'. If it means letting someone else catch more receptions, fine. Making a block for someone, sure. That's what being a team is all about. And we do that, baby! I can't recall ever seeing a player get all ticked because they were open and someone else got the ball. If it resulted in a 1st down or a touchdown, that's all that matters. When Jennings catches a ball, everyone is happy for him. If it's Martin, Driver, Lee, whoever, they are glad that a score was made for the TEAM! More points on the board!

My point in saying all this is: I noticed again how T.O. was cryin' on the bench again yesterday because he wasn't gettting enough touches. From what I saw, when the ball was thrown to him, he wasn't producing much anyway! 2 INT's, several drops, and some throws he couldn't even get to! So, when you're having a bad day, let someone else on the team pick up the slack! It's not all about YOU! There's 52 other guys on this team, and they have a lot to do with whether or not you win or lose a game as well. So let someone else have a go at it. I saw Witten had a pretty good day, but did T.O. congratulate him? HECK NO!

I feel our cohesiveness will be an advantage to us when we get in the playoffs; we do whatever is necessary to get the win, and we don't cry about it! We pick up guys that are having a not-so-good day, and we fight. I am so proud of our team! A bunch of classy guys, all the way around! Way to go Packers!

Lady K


Wow I could ALMOST kiss the eagles for letting the rest of the world see that tommy or tony or whatever his name is has only one thing on his mind and it ain't football.So I guess I should thank dumbass daisy duke for the win!!!One more like that and they'll be the boys who COULD HAVE BEEN.Let's get that home field guys!!!!let boss hog and those texas types wipe them selves out!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

It's final - we win.

Best fans ever.

Luke in Dallas

So what if Steven Jackson had a good day,another "W" for us. We choked down several dozen Blitz "wannabee's" at Gators Dockside in Jacksonville FL, very Packer Fan Friendly. It's alright Ryan, just shake off the fumble and don't get gun shy you have Millions of Pack Fans rooting for your butt to run all over everyone's defense. Don't forget I love you guys.


Hey BK, Came across this 'annonymous' preview/opinion of Brett from the beginning of the year, on

Wish I knew who that guy is..... jerk! Well, he's eating his words now anyway! Whoever you are, be a man, and put your name down when you come out and say crap like that! Stand behind what you say, and don't hide behind your 'annonymity', you pansy!
Long live the Pack!

Lady K

P.S. Thank you, Carolina, for beating the Seahacks!

Quoth Lombardi...

Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Spew Off Speak Out... 

Here we are, 13 games into the 2007 NFL Football season and the Packers are sitting pretty at 11-2, already NFC North divisional winners, heading to St. Louis to face a Rams team that's having an off-year due to several key injuries to QB and RB. It's been announced that QB Marc Bulger is now starting, but he's has rib injuries healing, but it shouldn't take long for the Packers defense to knock him down a few times and put him out of the game.

The key to the game is how the Packers offensive line plays. Will they make the adjustments that a sure-to-be aggressive Rams defense is going to bring. Will the O-Line be successful blocking for RB Ryan Grant, allowing him to have a big game and keeping the defensive pressure off of QB Brett Favre.

Packers can claim a 1st round bye when they beat the Rams and if the Seattle Seahawks can lose a road game to the Carolina Panthers. No time for the Packers to let up, with games at St Louis, Chicago and home to the Lions, the Packers have an excellent chance to run out the season with wins.

So even though the Rams are known to be heavy blitzers on defense, even though QB Marc Bulger is starting, even with WR Torrie Holt and RB Stephen Jackson, even with the Packers having clinched the NFC North and the chance to have a letdown game, it still won't help the Rams, expect the Packers to win 31-21 with the score only looking close. Go Pack Go!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

BK: Here’s a nice FYI from the Milwaukee JS.
    Demand is high for Favre's SI cover
    By Don Walker, Thursday, Dec 13 2007, 04:47 PM

    The demand in Wisconsin for last week's edition of Sports Illustrated, which named Brett Favre as its Sportsman of the Year, apparently was sky high.

    Karen Dmochowsky, an SI spokesman, said the edition sold out so quickly in Wisconsin that the magazine's publishers ordered up an additional 50,000 more copies. Those additional magazines will go on sale throughout the state on Friday.

    Sports Illustrated's circulation nationwide is 3.2 million, and the magazine is printed in six plants around the country, including Quad/Graphics here in Wisconsin.

    Dmochowsky said that it was somewhat unusual to order an extra press run. The last time the magazine did it was in 2001, when Dale Earnhardt died.

Side note: Yog gave me one for my B-Day!!


Thinking ahead to the playoffs and likely scenarios, I think we'll end up facing Seattle in GB (they're on a roll), we'll walk all over them (Hasselbeck will be hurried on every pass). Then, we'll go down to Dallas and shut down TO - win by 10, and off to the big game to face the classless Patriots. We beat the Pats by 3 in a fourth quarter comeback. Oh yes... it will happen.

Ryan in Phoenix (longs for snow and brats)

Beerkid.... advise your readers.... vote now.... vote often.

Brett Favre... Greatest QB of all time:


Nice site you have here. I'll take the skirt! lol

SiteAdmin -

Hey Admin, thanks for stopping by and almost all of us chase the skirt!

Packer Palace Faithful, Two years ago, "Who would have ever thunk that the Pack would be 11-2 and Favre would be having the greatest year of his career?"Not me.

Regardless of what happens, for the record, I gotta publicly eat crow after slamming and bashing Ted and Mac two years ago.. If anybody was wrong, I'm glad it was me.

This is sooo much fun to watch these guys play the game. I love it. So jerry jones, keep your slimmy gremlin, nfl network hands off our Pack - America's Team.

BK you're on a roll too!!! Sweet Rockwood Lodge this week!!!


Boz. If your a true Packer fan. You ALWAYS keep the faith. Never let a bad year or 10 or 20? get ya down, especially with the ammo we have now.


Hey Lemondrop, don't worry 'bout Boz, he's a true Packer Fan, it was just that neither of us we're prepared for TT to have delivered the players, and MM to have delivered the coaching smarts that have gotten the Packers this year to 11-2.

I think that we honestly have a shot to take this team to the big game. As long as Favre can keep his head in the game and our secondary doesn't fall asleep like they did against the Cowboys, we should be good to go!!

Touchdown Fever

Coming up this weekend another concussion for Marc.Ryan Grant running all over the place(I'll go with 200 yards on the ground)Oh yeah I went there,and our beloved Pack wrapping up a first round bye.I LOVE THIS TEAM!!


Time to bring home another Super Bowl Brett

Sheldon W.

The bears still.....Oh hell, you guys know! Any thoughts on when we rest Favre? We all know how the crap teams who don't have a prayer love to cheap-shot( rayduhrs and rams)Could Nall use some reps he's ridden the bench so long the Dominoes delivery guy knows how to find him.(I like the guy however!)Will Arron "tissue-paper" Rogers stiffen up? Is there a Vince Lombardi Fathead?!?

Big Ern said so!!!!

hey BK... and Lady K... thanks for the extended hand to join fellow pack fans in SD... me and my buddy Jerome FH have both been (many games many beers - I remember one time JHF picked up a cute chub there - she was a 2 at 10 then a 10 at 2...) to the Australian Pub in PB. I can say he is more than excited to see your invite to join the "cheesehead in paradise" gathering. BK -- you have the power to bring good people together.

pound cake... I like the sound of that. pound cake... GO PACK GO.

about time


Is it gay to have a "man crush" on Will Blackmon? I let my wife know and she is cool with it....does this mean I'm out.......I'M SO CONFUSED BUT I KNOW I LOVE THIS TEAM.


Ya BeerKid. I saw that, and I Paris Lemon? the old Packer? INDEED! Well, it was him, I din't even wonder where he went to in his NFL life. ROFL.

Game On its the Rams, Lambs, or whatever anyone is callin them. Lets keep it 'Rollin' like a Choo Choo Train' Lets keep it PACKER LOUD AND PROUD !
And, hey, We got OUR Game on! Cheers for a FANtastic season, thus far!!!! Keep up the Karma. Amen and Halleluiah!

Hugs to all true faithful. And if ya forgot. I hate Minnesota more!


It seems everyone has given up on the click for cans just before we managed to be ahead of second place by two million. Unbelievable. Last year, we only just nearly got to one million. This year, we're ahead of second by almost two.

Luke in Dallas

Lets get ready for the Post Season!!!!! Ted Thompson looks like a genius now by drafting Harrell, Adrian Peterson and the Vikings lead the NFL in rushing. A great move by getting the best line clogger available. I questioned the pick at first but if he can play, and play well we met the counter-match of the Vikings for the next 5-7 years. Defense wins Championships period. The vikings may make the Playoffs I hope they play Dallas and we get Tampa. We should, I say "should" head to the NFC Championship game if all bodes well. After reading up about McCarthy, he is a hell of a coach! Read about him when he was offensive Cordinator at New orleans. The Saints broke all kinds of Team records when he was running the offense. Great Pick by T.Thompson again. OK Play all the back-ups now, rest FAVRE and Grant. Let Jones WR, Bishop LB, Blackmon, Bigby, Rouse all play, hell even let Danny Muir play. Rest the starters up and get ready for the Playoffs!

I should have taken the 50-1 bet in Vegas for the Packers to win the SB. Prediction vs. St. Louis Packers WIN 35-7 Kampman 3 Sacks, Woodson 2 Pics, Barnett Fumble recovery TD. Crosby kicks them out of the Endzone. The Patriots can be beat and they know it! Brady is really starting to Piss me off!!! Go Pack GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



to Lady K... from what i've heard, there will definitely be a home playoff game at Lambeau. All Division winners are guaranteed a home playoff game -- whether it's a first round/wildcard or second round (after a bye week) is yet to be determined, and is based on win/lose record. I've already purchased tickets - you can too: Titletown Tickets & Tours


about time


The Green Bay Packers WILL host an NFC Wild Card or NFC Divisional Playoff game at Lambeau Field. The NFL Wild Card Playoff games will be hosted on Saturday and Sunday January 5-6, 2008. The NFC Division winners with the 3rd and 4th best records will host the Wild Card Playoff games. The NFL Divisional Playoff games are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday January 12-13, 2008. The NFC Division winners with the two best records will receive a first-round bye and host these games.

Jerome FH

WOO-HOO -- Another North Division Championship for the Packers!! And what a run by those Vikes! Stay tuned, things are going to get pretty interesting between now and the end of the season!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Quoth Lombardi...

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

Packers Verses Vikings...

When The 49ers Took Their Field Last Sunday
They Believed That They Really Had A Chance
Then The Minnesota Vikings Hit Them Squarely
With All The Force Of An Avalanche

Once The Vikings Finished Them Off
They Looked For The Next Rung Of The Ladder
It’s A Monday Night Game Against The Bears
A Team That Looks A Little Bent And Tattered

This Is Not The Bears Team From Last Year
For They've Fallen Completely Apart
They’ve Got No Running Game To Speak Of
And Quarterback Kyle Orton Will Get The Start

Even The Once-Feared Chicago Bears Defense
Can't Compete With Their Brethren On The Vikes
If It Weren't For A Return Guy Named Devon Hester
There'd Be Nothing For The Bears' Fans To Like

So Don't Look For These "Monsters Of The Midway"
To Slow The Vikings’ Horde Very Much
As "A.D." And Minnesota's Offensive Squad
Gain Yardage Each Time The Ball Is Touched


The Raiders Studied Their Lessons Well
About Playing At Lambeau In December
They Needed To Run And Not Make Mistakes
But Somehow They Didn't Remember

The Packers Scored Early And Often
As They Mercifully Put Oakland's Team To Rest
Giving Credence To The Growing Opinion
That The Packers Are Among The Best

This Week's Opponent Is The St Louis Rams
Another Team That Quite Frankly Is A Mess
Injury Has Decimated Most Of The Roster
And Who’ll Be Quarterback Is Anybody's Guess

Steven Jackson Is This Team's Star
At Least When He's Healthy Enough To Play
He's Big And Fast And Talented
And A Threat To Score On Any Play

The Packers' Defense Will Be Ready For Him
Like For The Other Good Backs They've Faced
It Won't Be Jackson But The Pack's Ryan Grant
Who Will Lay The St Louis Turf To Waste


The Viking's Future Rests In Their Hands
Unless Teams Like The Bears Can Make Them Stumble
While The Packers Have To Watch For Complacency
Or They Could Find That They've Been Humbled

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Blast From The Past... 

Do The
Ram Blitz!


Dr Vince's
GB Smoked Ram

2008 Opponents Are Set... 

In 2008, the Green Bay Packers are set to play the NFC South and the AFC South, and also the first-place NFC East and NFC West teams.

Home games are against Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, Atlanta, Carolina, Dallas, Houston, and Indianapolis.

Away games are against Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Jacksonville, and Tennessee.

The first thing that pops up and out at you are the home games against the Cowboys and the Colts, and some tough looking road games down in Tampa, Tennessee and Jacksonville.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Packers NFC North Champions!!! 11-2... 

No Time for Losers (that's you Fans of the Bears, Lions and Vikqueens) 'cuz we are the Champions... of the NFC North!!! We are the Champions (of the NFC North) my friends (all of us Packers Fans) and we kept on fighting til the end (well it wasn't much of fight, seeing the Packers clinched the division crown with 3 games to go with the 38-7 win over the Oakland Raiders yesterday). We are the Champions, we are the champions (of the NFC North! GO Pack GO!) no time for losers (yep, that's you guys, the Lions, Bears and Vikqueens) 'cuz we are the Champions... of the NFC North.

Drunken gloating aside, the Green Bay Packers clinch the NFC North with a slow-starting, but very convincing win over the hapless Oakland Raiders in a not quite frozen Tundra game at Lambeau Field. RB Ryan Grant had his biggest game of the year, 157 yards on 29 carries and 2 big TD plays by CB/Punt Returner Will Blackmon (57yd punt return, recovered fumble) along with the 80yard TD pass from Brett Favre to WR Greg Jennings in the 3rd quarter and the Packers finally pulled away and allowed us to return to our favorite beverages.

Packers roll 38-7 over the Raiders, claim the guaranteed playoff spot that comes with winning the NFC North, and now head to St. Louis to take on the Rams. Go Pack Go!!!

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

.....I think this says it all! Bring on the Cowboys in the post season! On to the Super Bowl, baby!

I know we'll beat the Rams; now let's hope that Carolina can beat Seattle this week so we can get at least one playoff game at home! GO PACK GO!!!

Lady K


ROFL @ Duane in Almost Gods' Country. My sentiments exactly watching that games final ticks after the Packers took care of Sapp and Co.

Another outstanding game in Lambeau.


Hey Lemondrop, yeah, did you notice that ex-Packers LB Paris Lenon had the game won for the Lions, only he couldn't handle Romo's fumble and booted it right back to the Cowboys for recovery... DiAGC said it best, Stoopid Lions indeed.

Unbelievable, make pound cake out of the last 3, first round bye and 1 win to get to the NFC Championship, this is all beginning to appear a lot more do-able. GO PACK GO



NFC CHAMPS BABEE!!!! Everytime someone says on the radio or t.v. "Who could have possibly predicted the Packers / Favre doing so well this year?" I throw my hand up, cos TRUE Cheeseheads always believe. Today, last year we started this streak, this 15 wins out of last 17 games!! I was there that day when we crushed the 49ers, and we have begun quite a roll since. Let's rejoice in this achievement, grab back our title from them damn Bears and get ready to knock down them Cowboys and knock up some Cowgirls!!!

Shouting GO PACK GO at the top of my lungs 24/7

LAST CHANCE TO SEND FAVRE TO HAWAII. Voting for the Pro Bowl ends TOMORROW (Tuesday) AT NOON! To vote go to:

Hula Girls, Pineapple, and Favre!

Caught on film -- the Green Bay crotch grabber!!

Coach D

Hey Coach, now this one is funny. Hey Ditka! Keep your hands on your own crotch

I love this season!

Joe from Ohio

Hey Joe, it's hard not to love this season so far and there's only one way not to end the year with a loss...

Hey Beerkid, Here's one for the site: Who is the greatest NFL quarterback of all time? But I had a hard time between Brett and Bart. I know there will be some other Packer fans that will have the same problem. Being raised watching Bart, and Watching Brett have a excellent year. Take care and I'll talk to you later,


Hey Lee, I liked what Bart Starr did on those 5 championship teams in the Lombardi years... but I voted for Brett Favre, you know, that linebacker guy in a QB's clothing.

Hey BK, This is for Jerome F.H. who now lives in San Diego:

Jerome, Now that you're in S.D., you should go and check out the S.D. Packer Fan Club, this way you won't feel so detached...
    The Australian Pub, 1014 Grand Ave, San Diego, CA (619)723-7963
    Home of the San Diego Packer Fan Club: "Cheeseheads in Paradise"

Go Pack Go!!

Lady K - Packer Club of Hemet, Ca.


Funny thing I live here near the bay area (in california) and was at the grocery store dressed head to toe in the GREEN-N-GOLD and you still never see a rayduhr fan or a whiner fan any where!! They must be havin'a MaryKay party with the last two bears fans.

Big Ern said so!!!!

Special teams - yeah baby; great game for an average QB - average game for the great Brett Favre; Ryan Grant best back in the NFL right now; and Korey hall college LB starting at FB and making 5 - count 'em 5 - special team tackles. We are on a roll. Congrats to the NFCN Div Champs.


Stoopid Lions.

Duane in Almost God's Country

Quoth Lombardi...

Coaches who can outline plays on a black board are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get inside their player and motivate.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Its the game to clinch the NFC North and get the Packers to 11 wins this year, it's the Green Bay Packers vs Oakland Raiders at Lambeau Field. Brett Favre's expected to start, Aaron Rodgers is out due a hamstring injury, Craig Nall is back in the fold, and who knows which other injured Packers Players are ready to roll. The Raiders have played better the last few weeks, but it's hard to believe that they have a chance to win in Green Bay. The Packers are in strike back mood after losing in Dallas, so my guess is the Packers win 34-13 over the Raiders.

If anyone would like to hear (or re-listen to) Chris Havel's interview with Bob Harlan on the new hiring of Mark Murphy, and some thoughts on Ron Wolf and Mike Holmgren, here's the direct link from Packer Net to the interview WDUZ Sportsline 12/06/07, its right at the beginning of the show and be sure check out Packer Net's Radio Replay page for both the Sportsline and Fanline daily radio show rebroadcasts.

Is anyone wondering if Chad Clifton might finally be able execute a cut-back block on Raiders Warren Sapp during Sunday's game?

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

Sapp is a non-issue has been since he went to Oakland He should just go do his one shot PPV wrestling deal and then just go away. (and not anywhere near Canton.)

Welcome back Nall. Always liked him, like Rodgers too but a little scared about his durability.

Well it's 5 below zero here, gonna have some breakfast, throw another log on the fire then head to the local watering hole and watch Favre and company have a stat. day on the Raiders.

Happy holidays to all and lets be thankful for all the GOOD things we have in our lives!


I don't like Brett Favre. T. Brady

I don't like him either. P. Manning

Speak: Want to see Dallas again.

Spew: Cowherd, perinnial Favre hater: now kissing his a**, will never listen to the blowhard again.


Love the Sapp comic guy. Brett and him go way back from the Buccaneer days. Good Moxie there BeerKid. I laughed like 4377. (Thats a code word, read it in a mirror)


I'm sick of it. And tired. I'm sick and tired of people saying without reservation that Brett Favre is phony, or they "just don't like him" for some reason they can't explain. I dare anyone-ANYONE-to watch the video here ( of Favre receiving the Chris Greicius Celebrity Award from the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America and then tell me he is ANYTHING but a sincere and caring man.

Duane in Almost God's Country

Packers D-backs do Leroy Butler imitations all afternoon.28-0


...watching ESPN News this morning, to see how badly the Bears (WHO STILL SUCK) got beaten, and there it was. At the bottom of the screen, "the ticker" or whatever you want to call it, along with NHL, NBA, NCAA, NFL etc., was a tab labeled PATRIOTS...! So, even though I saw what I came to see on same said ticker (without having to painfully listen/watch talking heads spew...), I hung on to see what the line of text would say once the "PATRIOTS" tab was on deck. Oh, yes, it was about the unbeaten steak and how the Steelers (have we beaten them yet?) are up next to "challenge the greatest team ever blah blah blah". I am sick of it. No more words to say. Sick. Of "IT". GO PACK GO. Favre vs Goliath... Super Bowl XLII: Patriots 28, Packers 35 (write it down).

about time

i like the pack alot and even tho i live in sandy eggo now i still like the pack alot he hee heee

Jerome F.H.

Brett starts and finishes - this one. Pack 21 Oak 10

Joe from Ohio

10 and 2 Kiddos. SWEET! It don't get ANY BETTER that that! Believe me....... Jump Up and Down. Scream at the TV! Have a sip of your favorite beverage! "MOVE THE CHAINS PEOPLE!" Brett is OK for Raiders. Rodger-Dodger dodges another game ( out with hamstring, from practice?) KGB is good to go. Woodson is runnin on a treadmill now with his sore toe. Craig Nall is back from the Texans. OH MY! How can we process all this in our minds just since what ? a week ago Thursday? Thats what we do. Right BeerKid?


Hi Lemondrop, whether in a car, or at the bar, we Packers fans do scream and holler and back our Pack. It's just a question of decibel level...

In the Baltimore - Patriots game I was rooting for the Ravens as passionately as I do the Pack. I'm not a Ravens fan at all, just hate Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat with all my heart. I'm still not over how many chances the Patriots got on that last drive, how many bad calls were against the Ravens, and how cursed the Ravens were. I'm so sick of hearing about the "Perfect Season" crap, blah-dee-dee blah blah blah, the Patriots are SO UNBEATABLE. The past two weeks have proven that they're falling apart. The STEELERS BETTER put them in their place, and wouldn't it be great if the Dolphins did too! Theoretically speaking, I wouldn't be so heartbroken IF... we got beat by the Steelers in a SB (have a lot of respect for the other true, year in year out fan base in the NFL), but if the Patriots win I'm going to go ballistic on all these spoiled, bandwagon Patriot fans. Go Pack!

Ryan from Phoenix


BK, Awesome job on this weeks video, simple, yet very effective!!! I love it. Keep em’ comin!

Should be a great Sunday in GB against Al Davis’ dreaded (Chris Berman voice) "Oakland Raiders"!!! 11-2!

What do ya think about Uncle Mark taking over for Uncle Bob? Good stories about him, and the scribes seem to like him, time will tell... Go Pack, Go!!!




Big Ern said so!!!!


in case you've not heard of this site, check it out: A one stop source for info across the NFL, with a (usually) non-biased opinion. I check it every day... they seem to be coming around regarding strongly supporting the Packers and Brett Favre, after a slow start (just like everyone else).

rumor mill site

Yes, Mike Florio and his Pro Football Talk website are a very handy place to get your NFL news from... sure it's mostly a rumor site, but they've corrected their mistakes, and announced when they were far off-base (it's not often) in their articles. Packer Palace has had this website on the links page for over 3 years... and with the Packers at 10-2, we haven't had to put up with all the "Lord Favre" crap that PFT dwelled on for all of last season.

O.K then,I can go back to hateing the sh*t-a** cowboys again,it's been 6 or 7 years.

Big Ern said so !!!!

Well a little stumble of humility. I think they needed a little knock on the chin. shortcommings all around especially the Offensive line, I like that Ryan Grant is making some noise at RB. The defense really stunk! Jarred Bush should be kicked off the team. There are several CB that can play better than him (Blackmon) and waiting for a call. No pass Rush at all, No blitzs, and no stellar play from our LB corp. Rodgers made my night , I am totally satisfied him as Favre replacement. He will pay big dividends when his time comes! We are in good shape there. Special Teams let us down, I like the trickery and want to see more of it(Reverses). They will be fine, a chance to regroup against Oakland. Prediction 42-17 packers totally dominate. Oh What place are the Bears in? thats right "Last Place" Go Pack Go



Favre nominated for the United States Sports Academy Athlete of the Year.




Jerome Frances Equbon Ricardo de la Nachos Carne

Man am I glad I wasn't born a ravens fan!I just finished watching MNF and randy moss pushed off more times than his highschool prom date did!!!What a rip off and is it a rule the entire spew-england team are bitchy,crybabys who look for calls on EVERY play? Wow, less class than chad johnson or t.o combined.... you suck too!! GO PACK GO!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!


Hey BK, Is it just me.....or is it really hard to get on the Packers website?! Every since the game against the Cowpies, I've tried going on the site from time to time, and each time it's incredibly SLOW. Many times, I get the ol' 'can't find server' message. When I do get to the main page and try to go to another place on the site, it dies on me. It can't be me, because I go to other sites with ease. Has the site been cursed?

Also, I was reading the article on about Brett being the Sportsman of the Year. Congrats Brett! There was a link where you could look at photos's of Brett from the past 17 years. There's one that shows him pumping his fist.... but..... if you look also looks like he, well, um, how do I put this nicely.... peed his pants! How come someone in proofing didn't catch that?! Yikes! I can't be the only one that is gonna catch that! Poor guy. Somebody's gonna rip him for that one!

Anyway, let's beat them Raiders this week! Get back on track for the rest of the season, and then get ready for 'round 2' with Dallas in the playoffs!

GO PACK GO! - Lady K

Quoth Lombardi...

There's only one way to succeed in anything, and that is to give it everything. I do, and I demand that my players do.

Packers Verses Vikings...

The Minnesota Vikings Are Building Momentum
For What They Believe Is A Postseason Run
With Much Improved Defense And Quarterbacking
Filling The Space Between Peterson's Runs

The Forty-Niners Started This Season
With The Expectation Of Being A Contender
But Bad Luck's Provided Injuries And Mistakes
And That Has Turned This Team Into A Pretender

Last Year The Niners Excelled At Running The Ball
With Frank Gore Grinding Out First Downs
This Year That Rushing Offense Is Not Enough
And They're Facing Criticism Instead Of Renown

Their Defense Hasn't Fared Much Better
Which Has The Vikings Planning A Big Day
While The Niners' Defense Will Do All They Can
Even If It's To Only Get In A.D.'S Way

Even The Wide Receivers Have Been Beaten Up
While At Quarterback Is Old-Timer Trent Dilfer
Whose History Against The Vikes Begs Just One Question
"How Many Passes Will The Vikings Pilfer?"


The Packers Came Home From Dallas
Sore From More Than Merely Losing
The Nearly Indstructable Brett Favre
Was Sidelined With Arm Numbness And Bruising

It Was A Fitting End To A Disappointing Game
Containing Every Possible Mistake But A Fumble
As On Offense Defense And Special Teams
The Packers Just Seemed To Stumble

This Week It's Back To The 'Frozen' Tundra
Where The Oakland Raiders Will Be The Foe

With Both Teams' Quarterbacking A Little Suspect
The Running Backs Will Determine How This Game Will Go

Ryan Grant's The Go-To Guy For Green Bay
And Quite A Job This Young Man's Done
While It’s Justin Fargas For Oakland’s Raiders
Who Shoulders The Load When It’s Time To Run

The Raiders Will Platoon Their Quarterbacking
Between Ol' Josh Mccown And Jamarcus Russell
Although Drafted Number One In Last April's Draft
He's Just Getting A Chance To Show His Touch And Muscle

Brett Will Be The Guy Under Center For Green Bay
And Since The Packers Won't Want Him To Throw Deep
The Receivers Will Have To Run After The Catch
If Those Big Plays They Want To Reap


Complacency Is The Vikes' Main Foe This Week
As This Is The Kind Of Game That Gives Them Fits
While The Packers Should Run Past The Raiders
In A Game That Should Provide Some Highlight Hits

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Blast From The Past... 


Bay Wars I
The Oakland Dentist

A Raiding Party
At Tundra's Gate
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