Saturday, January 26, 2008

Spew Off Speak Out... 


I have to admit, I got sucked into wanting it all this year. While making the playoffs seemed great in early December, once we got there, I was itching for the Super Bowl. The truth is, the Packers have a very good group of young football players and should be great for years to come. That being said, it is hard to imagine that they could go from a 500 football team to a Super Bowl participant just like that. They are a player or two away from being the best and we have to be patient. I wanted it all this year, but despite the dispointment a good dose of perspective is really needed right now.

Bleedin' The Green & Gold

Awsome poem "gator"!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Well, this is a poem that I didn't expect to be writing this week.

However, what a ride this season has been.... and the future looks so bright!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Quoth Lombardi...

The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it.

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Giants Came To Lambeau Field
Riding An Amazing Winning Streak
To Take On A Green Bay Packers Team
That Looked To Be Playing At Its Peak

In A Game The Giants Seemingly Dominated
The Fourth Quarter Still Ended In A Tie
And After Picking Off A Bad Throw By Green Bay
Lined Up For Yet Another Field Goal Try

The Football Tumbled Gently In The Air
On Its Journey Through The Frigid Night
Millions Of Eyes Tracked Its Path
As It Was Arcing Though Its Flight

Then It Passed Between The Uprights
And The New York Giants Won The Game
While The Packers' Season Abruptly Halted
The Team Needs To Feel No Shame

Once The Pain And Disappointment
From Sunday's Game Begins To Subside
The Packers' Fans Will Have To Admit
This Season Provided Quite A Ride

Back When This Season Started
Not Many People Would Have Dreamed
That This Team Would Win Fourteen Games
And Be Held Is Such High Esteem

Coach Mccarthy Found The Way To Bring
The Best Season In Years From Brett
And With The Young Receivers The Pack Has Now
Perhaps His Best Has Not Been Seen As Yet

Ryan Grant Provided Another Treat
Showing Up In A Late Preseason Trade


Considering The Way This Kid Can Run
It's Got The Be The Best Deal "Tt" Has Made

Most Of The Time The Defense Was Good
And Just Needs A Little Further Tweaking
It Won't Take Much Adjustment Here
To Bring The Improvement Green Bay Is Seeking

The Offensive Line Is The Spot
That Needs The Most Attention And Tlc
As The Interior Linemen Must Step Up
If Better Things Are Meant To Be

With All Of These Things Coming Together
The Packers And Their Fans Can Be Excited
All Indications Would Make It Seem
That Next Year We'll All Be Delighted

Over In Massachusetts The Chargers' Team
Fought The Good Fight Up To The End
But Injuries Robbed Them Of Some Firepower
And Those Doggoned Patriots Won Again

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Taking On T-Bone... by Lady K 

Ok, it's now quite obvious to me that T-Bone doesn't have a website dedicated to Lyin's fans, so he has to come over to the ONLY site that even mentions his team, Packerpalace. Instead of being repectful, he's gotta talk smack. Get a life 'T-Boned'. Your team couldn't even get the 10 wins Kitna predicted. It'll be the same scenario next year, so I guess we'll have to hear more of your 'anger-spew' next year, huh? Your team can't meet your expectations, so you take it out on more worthy teams, like the Packers. At least we know what it's like to win a division, go to the playoffs, and win a championship in OUR lifetime!

In case you've blocked it out of your head, here's a recap: (BK please forgive me for the elaborate breakdown, but I've gotta make a point here)
    1992: Coming of an inspirational 12-4 season that brought them to within 1 game of the Super Bowl the Lions were expected to once again challenge for the NFC title. However, the Lions would suffer a disappointing 5-11 season. The only bright spot of the season would come when Barry Sanders passed Billy Sims for the franchise record in rushing on November 22nd.

    1993: After a disappointing season, the Lions bounce back nicely, and challenge the Minnesota Vikings, and Green Bay Packers all season for the NFC Central Title. The battle for the Division would go down to the regular season's final game, as the Lions would win their 2nd Division in 3 years with a 30-20 win over the Packers at the Silverdome. However, just 6 days later the 6th seeded Packers would return to Pontiac and stun the Lions 28-24 to advance to the 2nd Round of the Playoffs.

    1994: Highlighted by a November 13th game in which he rushed for a franchise record 237 yards, Barry Sanders sets a new single season record in rushing yards with 1,883. The Lions would use this to carry them into the playoffs with a 9-7 record where they found themselves in a Wild Card round rematch with the Packers. In the game played in Green Bay's Lambeau Field Barry Sanders had a tough time getting his footing as the Packers knocked the Lions out for the 2nd year in a row 16-12.

    1995: With QB Scott Mitchell setting a new franchise record in TD passes with 32, and receivers Herman Moore and Brett Perriman setting NFL record for most catches and receiving yards by teammates in a season the Lions show there is more to the team then just Barry Sanders. With a 10-6 record the Lions make the playoffs for a 3rd consecutive season. However, for the 3rd straight year they are knocked out in the Wild Card round this time it's their defense that falters them in a 58-37 loss to the Eagles in Philadelphia.

    1996: Coach Wayne Fontes who always seemed on the verge of getting fired only to rally the Lions into the playoffs is finally let go after a woeful 5-11 last place finish. Despite the struggles Barry Sanders has another impressive season with 1,553 yards rushing.

    1997: The Lions rebound with Barry Sanders once again leading the way, in what would end up being a career year for Sanders who becomes just the 3rd player in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards in a single season with 2,053. Sanders would later be named c0-MVP, as the Lions finished 9-7 to make the playoffs for the 4th time in 5 years. However, once again the Lions could not get past the Wild Card, as the Buccaneers beat the Lions 20-10 in Tampa.

    1998: Despite another outstanding season from Barry Sanders the Lions suffer through another poor season as they finish in 4th place with a record of 5-11, as their defense allows a robust 378 points.

    1999: The Lions franchise is dealt another blow when Barry Sanders, fed up with losing every season, suddenly retires at the start of training camp. However thanks to some unexpected help from QB Charlie Batch the Loins would put together a solid 8-8 season, which was good enough to sneak in to the playoffs as the 6th seed in a weak NFC. In the Wild Card round in Washington, the Lions would end up not providing much of a challenge as the Redskins tamed the Lions 28-13.

    2000: The Lions get off to a fast start winning 5 of their first 7. However after back to back loses head coach Bobby Ross suddenly resigns, and linebackers coach/asst. head coach Gary Moeller takes over. Under Moeller the Lions win their first 3 games, and look like a lock for the playoffs with n 8-4 record. However, the Lions would lose 3 of their final 4 games and would wind up on the outside looking in. Moeller would himself be let go after the season when new club president Matt Millen takes over and hires Marty Mornhinweg too lead the Lions into the future.

    2001: The final season in the Pontiac Silverdome was one the Lions would rather forget. The Lions went through 3 Quarterbacks, and became the punch line of countless jokes as they lost their first 11 games. On December 16th rookie QB Mike McMahon finally ended the Lions season long frustrations by leading the way in a win over the Minnesota Vikings. The Lions would go on to finish with a franchise worst 14 losses. However, they were able to end the season on a positive not by winning just their 2nd game of the season on January 5th against the Dallas Cowboy to close out the Silverdome.

    2002: Coming off one of the worst seasons in franchise history the Lions hoped to be able to begin a new era from scratch as they opened a new stadium in downtown Detroit, with a rookie QB Joey Harrington. After losing their first 2 games on the road Harrington would make his debut as the Lions played the Green Bay Packers in the first game at Ford Field. Harrington would have a solid game as the Lions lost 37-31. Though showing typical rookie inconstancy Harrington would help lead the Lions to 3 wins their next 5 games. However, then it would fall apart as fans in Detroit called for the jobs of GM Matt Millen and Coach Marty Morhinweg. The criticism of Mornhinweg grew even louder when he chose to kickoff in overtime in a November 24th road game against the Chicago Bears. The Bears would score on their first possession as the Lions and Morhinweg became the butt of jokes again. The Lions would go on to lose their final 8 games and finish in last place with a 3-13 record. Following the season Mornhinweg would be fired as the Lions hired former San Francisco 49ers Coach Steve Mariucci, who has a solid reputation of turning young QBs into winners.

    2003: The began the Steve Mariucci in style with a solid 42-24 win over the Arizona Cardinals at Ford Field, as Joey Harrington had 4 Touchdown passes. However the joy would be short lived as the Lions lost their next 6 games, as super rookie WR Charlie Rogers is lost for the season to a collarbone injury. The Lions would go on to finish the season in last place again with a 5-11 record. The Lions would play solid football all season at Ford Field but the road would be their undoing as they lost all 8 road games for the 3rd season in a row establishing a new NFL record for road futility with 24 straight losses.

    2004: The Lions begin the season by ending 3 years of frustration ending their record 24-game road losing streak by beating the Chicago Bears 20-16. A week later in their home opener the Lions would improve to 2-0 with a win over the Houston Texans. After a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles the Lions would win another road game stunning the Atlanta Falcons 17-10. However that would be the highest peak the Lions would reach as they struggled the rest of the way winning just 3 more games as they posted a 6-10 record as fans began to question weather QB Joey Harrington was ever going to live up to the hype he got when the Lions drafted him. While Harrington was booed by fans, 2 rookies gave Lions fans hope RB Kevin Jones who led the team with 1,133 TD, and WR Roy Williams ho had a team high 8 Touchdowns while collecting 817 yards in receptions.

    2005: The Lions started the season successfully shutting down the Green Bay Packers in a 17-3 win at Ford Field. However, it was a passing moment in another gloomy season, as the Lions were badly beaten 38-6 by the Chicago Bears in Week 2 as the Lions lost 3 of their first 5 games, before QB Joey Harrington was benched. The Lions would split their next two games with Jeff Garcia, before an injury allowed Harrington another chance to lead the Lions. However, it was becoming clearer by the minute the Lions had a megabust on their hands as the one time number two overall pick struggled again, as the Lions saw another season quickly go up in smoke. After three weeks of Joey Harrington struggling, Jeff Garcia returned as the Lions were lifeless in a 27-7 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Thanksgiving. Fans fed up and frustrated began to call for the ouster of GM Matt Millen, as Coach Steve Mariucci was discarded like the Turkey carcass, a few later. With Interim Coach Dick Jauron leading the way the rest of the years and angry fan protest, the Lions would win just 1 of their final 7 games finishing in 3rd place with an awful 5-11 record. Following the season, Lions fans would be furious again as Millen kept his job, while Rod Marinelli was named the new head coach, as QB Joey Harrington was released.

    2006: The Lions started the Rod Marinelli with a morale victory as they gave the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks all they could handle and more, holding reigning NFL MVP Shaun Alexander to 51 yards rushing as they held the Seahawks out of the endzone. However, in the end the Seahawks would win the battle of field goals 9-6. The next four games would not be as satisfying as the Lions started 0-5. The Lions would finally earn their first against the Buffalo Bills 20-17. After a road loss to the New York Jets, the Lions won their second straight home game against the Atlanta Falcons, as the Lions defense bottled up Michael Vick, as Kevin Jones rushed for 110 yards with two touchdowns. However, that win would be the last for a while as they endured yet another terrible season losing their next seven games before ending the season with a win over the Dallas Cowboys as they finished 3-13 with the worst record in the NFC. Along the way the familiar refrain of "Fire Millen" filled the air, as their Thanksgiving loss to the Miami Dolphins was especially hard to swallow, as Joey Harrington returned with a chorus of boos, and led the Dolphins to a 27-10 win with three touchdown passes.
So you see, there's not much to brag about when it comes to Detroit. And no, I don't mean basketball, baseball, etc. Just football. That's all we're talking about here. So you say what you want about the Packers, but you don't have anything in the way of facts and stats to back it up. Oh yeah, those facts I put up about your team? Came directly from the Lions website! So you can't say they were made up. Yes, the truth hurts. Maybe you have a shot at some redemption next season. I doubt it...


Lady K

Taking On T-Bone, Again... by Lady K

Hey BK, Man, T-Bone can't catch a break! I submitted those stats from the 90's on up to 2005, but looking further back, they've practically sucked since the 60's! Here is some more info:
    1960: With LB Joe Schmidt earning the NFL MVP, the Lions once again challenge for the top spot in the Western Conference. However, the Lions 7-5 record is only good for 2nd Place, 1 game behind the upstart Green Bay Packers.

    1961: William Clay Ford, a member of the prestigious Ford Family is named President of the Detroit Lions. The Lions would go on to complete a solid 8-5-1 season but once again were out done by the Packers for the Conference Title.

    1962: The Lions finish the season with a solid 11-3 record. In most season such a record would easily earn a team a birth in the playoffs. However the Packers are now clearly established as the class of the league and finish 2 games ahead of the Lions for the Western Conference Championship.

    1963: In a scandal that rocks the NFL to its core Lions All-Pro DT Alex Karras is suspended for the entire season along with Packers RB Paul Hourning for betting on NFL Games. In Karras' absence the Lions struggle to finish 5-8-1, and in 4th Place.

    1964: William Clay Ford takes over sole ownership of the Lions, by buying out his partners for $4.5 Million. During the season the Lions would finish with a 7-5-2 record in a competitive Western Conference.

    1965: The Lions continue to play mediocre foot ball finishing 6th in the Western Conference with a record of 6-7-1.

    1966: The Lions struggles continue as they finished tied with the worst record in the NFL's Western Conference with a record of 4-9-1. The Lions struggles were felt mostly at the Quarterback position where the Lions as a team had just 8 TD passes against 28 interceptions.

    1967: Despite a 5-7-2 record, which was only good for 3rd place in the 4-team Central Division, a young Lions team shows promise as RB Mel Farr, and CB Lem Barney take home the Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Years.

    1968: The Lions struggles continue as they finish in last place in the Central Division with a terrible record of 4-8-2.

    1969: The Lions enjoy their best season in 7 years by finishing in second place with a solid 9-4-1 record led by a stingy defense that only allowed 188 total points on the season.

    1970: With a record of 10-4 the Lions, finished 2nd in the NFC Central, and qualified for the playoffs as the NFC's Wild Card. In their first trip to the postseason since 1957 the Lions are matched up against the Dallas Cowboys. The Lions defense was able to stop and frustrate the Cowboys all game long. However, the Cowboys defense was also able to frustrate the Lions. In the end the Lions would fall 5-0 in the lowest scoring game in NFL Playoff history.

    1971: On October 24th the Lions season takes a sudden and tragic turn as WR Chuck Hughes suffers a heart attack during a game and dies on the field. The Lions would go on to finish the season with a respectable but disjointing 7-6-1 record.

    1972: In a season in which the Lions finish 8-5-1, and miss out on the postseason again LB Wayne Walker establishes a new team record for games played at 200.

    1973: The Lions continue to play mediocre football finishing in second place with a less then stellar record of 6-7-1.

    1974: Prior to the start of training camp tragedy strike the Lions again as Head Coach Don McCafferty suffers a fatal heart attack. He would later be replaced by Rick Forzano, who guides the Lions to a 7-7 record in their final season at Tiger Stadium.

    1975: The Lions begin a new era by playing their home games in the Silverdome in the Detroit suburb of Pontiac, Michigan. The new stadium would offer fans a cozy, but sterile environment to watch football. In the first season indoors the Lions would once again finish with a 7-7 record.

    1976: The Lions continue to thread around .500, finishing in 3rd place with a mediocre record of 6-8, despite a steady season from QB Greg Landry.

    1977: The Lions struggle offensively scoring a paltry 183 points while finishing in 3rd place with a 6-8 record for the second straight season.

    1978: The Lions continue to struggle with mediocrity finishing in 3rd place again with a less then stellar record of 7-9.

    1979: The Lions go from bad to worse as they win just 2 games while finishing dead last in the NFL with a horrendous record of 2-14.

    1980: After their miserable season, the Lions select Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims with first pick in the NFL draft. In his first season Sims sets the NFL on its ear as rushes his way to the Offensive Rookie of the Year while carrying the Lions back to respectability. The Lions would improve to 9-7, and finish and miss out on a playoff birth and the NFC Central title by a tiebreaker against the Minnesota Vikings.

    1981: Billy Sims continues to play solid football 1,888 total yards in offense while scoring a team high 14 touchdowns. However, the Lions could do no better then finishing in 2nd place with a mediocre 8-8 record.

    1982: In a season tainted by a strike that wipes out 7 games, and reduces the NFL season to 9 games the Lions are among 8 teams that qualify for the playoffs in the NFC despite a 4-5 record. As the 8th seed the Lions are matched against the Washington Redskins in the first round. The game ends up not being much of a contest as the eventual Super Bowl Champions slaughter the Lions 31-7.

    1983: With a 9-7 record the Lions are able to rise to the top of a weak NFC Central, to claim their first division championship since 1957. In the playoffs the Lions lead the San Francisco 49ers for most of the game, until 49ers K Ray Wershing deals the Lions a heart-breaking loss in the final seconds 24-23.

    1984: The Lions suffer through injury and frustration during a woeful 4-11-1 season. However, the most painful news comes when RB Billy Sims suffers a career ending knee injury. In just 5 seasons Sims would set the Lions career rushing mark at 5,106.

    1985: The Lions continue to roam in the desert of mediocrity as they finish in 4th place with a less than stellar record of 7-9.

    1986: The struggles continue for the Lions as they finish in 3rd place with a terrible record of 5-11.

    1987: The miserable play of the Lions continues as they finish in last place with an awful record of 4-11, as QB Chuck Long has an awful season with just 11 TDs compared to 20 interceptions.

    1988: The Lions fail to reach 5 wins for the second straight season as they finish in 3rd place with a horrendous record of 4-12, with 2 of their wins coming against the last place Green Bay Packers as the Lions finished in 4th place.

    1989: After 3 straight season in which the Lions failed to win more then 5 games the Lions try to repeat history by reviving their fortunes by picking another RB who won the Heisman in the first round. This time the RB was named Barry Sanders, and much like Billy Sims 9 years earlier Sanders takes home the Offensive Rookie of the Year, and helps the Lions to a more respectable 7-9 record.

    1990: Despite another stellar season from Barry Sanders who scores 16 touchdowns the Lions take a step backward and finish in 3rd place with a disappointing record of 6-10, as they struggled to find a consistent Quarterback.
Oh man, he really has no room to talk! In fact, he should get a lifetime ban from the Palace just based on how bad his team is! But that's your call, maybe you allow his comments for the comedic value.


Lady K


There's nothing better than slamming back at a Troll by using facts, lot's of them, and T-Bone, spend a little time composing an appropriate response. We're all waiting to hear from you...

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!



Speak Out Spew Off... 


Found on the web... 31-81? I Am Legund


Lady K, thank you for doing the heavy lifting, and pointing out to T-Bone the folly of his missive. There is one problem however:

T-Bone don't care. T-Bone know what he know and he know he don't know facts. And T-Bone don't care.

Well, DiAGC know what he know: The Packers just finished a spectacular season that no one should be ashamed of. Oh, and the future's so bright, I gotta wear shades (gotta wear shades).


Duane in Almost God's Country

Hey Beerkid, Here is an article that a friend of mine from Appleton, Wisconsin recently forwarded to me. It seems that the writer put aside his differences and gave the PACKERS and their fans the "Props" we deserve, unlike this T-Bone A-Hole who apparently does not have the "NADS" to admit that deep down he is an NFL fan out of millions of fans who wish they had what the GREEN BAY PACKERS have and respect the PACKERS history and accomplishments throughout the years.

Enjoy and GO PACK GO!!
    Seattle Post Intelligencer

    GREEN BAY, Wis. -- It's easy to hate the New York Yankees if you're a Boston Red Sox fan, and vice versa. The same goes for the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins, Michigan and Ohio State and those originators of the shotgun formation, the Hatfields and McCoys.

    But who hates the Green Bay Packers?

    Steeped in tradition and often viewed through a prism of sepia-tone nostalgia, the Packers have succeeded against all odds in a tiny and remote market, in a 50-year-old (albeit renovated) stadium with aluminum bench seats, in an era of unfettered free agency and corporate greed.

    OK, if you're a Seahawks fan, you're not feeling all warm and fuzzy about Brett Favre and Al Harris right about now. 'We want the ball and we're going to score!' might be old news, but the sting lingers.

    Really, though, do you hate the Packers?

    Not if you know anything about the history of the National Football League. Not if you've seen those grainy images of the 1967 'Ice Bowl' and Bart Starr's fateful quarterback sneak on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Not if you admire the principles on which Vince Lombardi built a dynasty.

    Not if you pull for the underdog. In Wisconsin, there is no other option. You are born into Packerdom here. Your great-grandfather cheered for Curly Lambeau and Don Hutson,

    your grandpa for Paul Hornung and Willie Wood, your dad for James Lofton and Lynn Dickey. Every kid on your block owns a No. 4 jersey.

    What makes the Packers special? Start with the fact that there are 112,015 owners, the vast majority of whom hold one share of stock. Formed in the NFL's primordial mist in 1919, the Packers became a non-profit entity four years later and remain the only publicly owned team among the major professional sports.

    The most recent stock sale, in 1998, netted 106,000 new 'owners' who paid $200 per share (and sent $24 million straight to the team's bottom line) for certificates that are basically worthless. The stock never pays dividends or appreciates in value. But the emotional investment is priceless. When general manager Ted Thompson signs a free agent, the fans can thump their chests and say, 'I helped bring that guy to Green Bay.' And it's true.

    Of course, Bob Harlan, who has run the Packers for 19 years, first as president and CEO and more recently as chairman of the board, has a stake in the team. He, too, owns exactly one share of stock.

    'I paid $25 for my share when I became president,' said Harlan, who is retiring after the postseason. 'When fans call me, they start out by saying, 'Bob, I'm a fan and a shareholder.' They always point out that they're shareholders. I say, 'Well, I am, too, so let's talk.' '

    Did we mention that Harlan answers his own telephone? There is no administrative assistant to run interference, no automated maze to negotiate. You've got a beef with the injured cornerback or the price of tickets, you go straight to the top dog.

    The fact that the Packers can even exist in a city of 100,000 is a minor miracle, due in equal parts to fan loyalty throughout the state and revenue sharing in the NFL. Los Angeles can't support a team but this little frozen outpost can? It's one of the mysteries of the universe.

    It helps that not much ever happens in Green Bay, other than what occurs at 1265 Lombardi Ave. Lambeau Field -- notice, no naming rights -- is the city's corporate and social epicenter, its source of civic pride, its very heart and soul.

    The nearest NCAA Division I football team is 2 1/2 hours away at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Milwaukee is 115 miles to the south, so the Packers are the only game in town.

    Their reach extends north into Michigan's Upper Peninsula, south into Chicago Bears turf and west clear to the Dakotas (the team had a 40-year head start on the Minnesota Vikings). And that doesn't count the fans who have relocated or the ones Harlan likens to the 'Notre Dame subway alumni.'

    'People call me and say, 'I'm a lifelong Packers fan and someday I'd love to see Lambeau Field,' ' Harlan said. 'They've never even been here.' On game days, the far-flung Cheeseheads converge on Green Bay and fill the Lambeau parking lot hours before kickoff. First-time visitors are blown away by the passion, creativity and dedication of the tailgaters. There's nothing quite like the smell of 10,000 bratwursts sizzling on 1,000 grills and the sight of footballs spiraling through 10-degree air.

    The Packers-Seahawks game will mark the 268th consecutive sellout at Lambeau, including playoffs. That's every single game since 1960. The waiting list for season tickets is at 76,800. With an average of 70 fans per year giving up their seats, the guy at the end of the list will have to wait 1,000 years, give or take a few decades, for his name to come up. Season-ticket holders live in all 50 states and several foreign countries, including Japan. Domo arrigato.

    The obsession with the team is such that the 10 p.m. TV newscasts in Milwaukee and Green Bay are dominated by Packers developments. The long snapper has an ingrown toenail? That leads the sports report. The price of beer is going up at Lambeau? That's the top story.

    Brett Favre retires? We don't even want to think about that one.

    The Packers have won 12 championships, more than any other NFL franchise, and three Super Bowl titles. The team has sent 21 players to the Hall of Fame. Green Bay city streets are named after former players and coaches, including Mike Holmgren.

    But it's not about all that. It's about a unique relationship between a professional sports franchise and its fans.

    It's about people feeling they're a part of something special, something unique, something good.

    The Packers don't need throwback jerseys to evoke their glorious past.

    In all the ways that count, it's still 1965 here. And always will be.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis,MN.

Well, I just heard that Jeff Gracia from Tampa Bay is going to replace Brett in the Pro Bowl. Oh boy, I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.....hopefully it's just an issue of family scheduling--you know, the kids being in school, etc. etc. I can't imagine any other reason for skipping the Pro Bowl, after so many voted to put you there, and especially since it's been a while that you've been in a Pro Bowl game as a starter. (sigh) More queries for me to ponder on until we find out if Brett's gonna come back...... I just hope I'm blowing things out of proportion, and Brett just needs some time off w/the family which would explain his not going to Hawaii.

Lady K

OK well the shock has worn off,and I'm not looking forward to the yearly will Favre retire or not gossip (I will not even speculate!)And I ran into this jerkoff giants fan the other day who went on about how the cold should have been to our advantage and then I thought to who?! The almost totally rookie team we have? Watch out for the PACK this September!!!Favre or not(hopefully with!)Any how I let this douche "ear-screw" me for about four minutes till he realized I wasn't listening and shut up.....Peace came over me....The Pack will return. GO PACK GO!!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!


BeerKid, Your question:

"Hey Camp, my question to you is when in the hell are we going to be a "power" running team again? No really, that "5-wide" crap on 3rd and long, it never works, Brett has to launch the ball in 2 heartbeats, the WR's are only 4 yards down field, we can't power run, and we can't out-coach the other team in big games."

MM responds to your question:

The Packers finished the season ranked second in the NFL in offense, but just 21st rushing the ball. McCarthy has professed a desire to be a power running team, and in his season-ending news conference he said developing one could be an off-season priority.

Live and Die with the Pack



yeah - uh, to this Tom K guy... What the hell are you thinking about this "just came in and spiked the ball" story? That is ignorant to a level that absolutely astounds me.

Luke in Dallas

I sincerely hope this T-Bone guy sticks around. I get tired of all the ho-hum, intelligent, semi-positive Packer-backing commentary on this, a Packer fan website.

The ignorance really adds a nice tart twist to the otherwise relatively smooth postings. Just a few points. More or less random.
  1. T-Bone: Just get over it man. The Lions suck and you're trying your hardest to ruin somebody elses good time by being a little bitch. Maybe your mom didn't hug you enough or something. In any case, the Lions truly suck. This year was their "fluke" year. I actually heard them mentioned on sports shows after week three. By week ten, all was the way it should be though. No mention of the kittens. How did that last game we played them turn out?
  2. To all of us: Let's chill out a bit. Yeah - Brett made a bad mistake. But honestly, the past few months have been some of the best football we've gotten to enjoy in years. In Dallas, they lost to the same Giants and everybody is immediately calling for Wade's job and Romo's head for his little vacation. We're better than that. The guys had a bad game and picked a pretty horrible time to do it.
  3. Brett getting pushed aside for Rodgers? Whatever. That kind of talk is so stupid, I'm ashamed to read it. If that happened, the very first bad game the next QB had, all we would hear of is how Brett could have brought it back or whatever. Let's take it for what it is. We should be so lucky as to see a few more years.
  4. T-Bone rocks. We've had some Viqueen fans come through here, but they don't articulate their thoughts so well. It usually just appears to be drunken mashing of keys. I like this guy better. Please stay.
  5. Go Brewers!

Luke in Dallas

our defensive game plan was baaaaaad! no pressure on Manning all game long and NYG recognized that all season long we have been unable to defend the out or down the sideline passes and they exploited our inability in this area. we were out coached. old age must be catching up to Brett...remember when you were a kid or for that matter in your twenties you never cared about the cold, you just went and had your fun no matter how low the chill went and then as you get older you can't hack the cold anymore. You see old men in 80 degree weather in the summer wearing jackets and sweaters. I think Brett is more affected by the cold now and I don't blame him for that. brrrrrrr He gonna back next year and we gonna win it all. Go Pack!



Golden oppertunity lost - Looking forward.. not back PACK FOR LIFE!!

Joe from Ohio


Hey BK, I agree, those seats Cal had are AWESOME! Since he still has all his limbs, maybe he promised them his firstborn child.....

What a time that must've been, even though we lost. To be able to watch ANY game in those would make my year in a big way!

Lady K

Packer Bikini Girls ROCK!

Mikeal in Thayne Wy

I was at the game.I too am very disappointed we lost this one. Losing the Lambeau field advantage. WE did play very poorly in this game. I believe the refs did not let our cornerbacks play there game. The Al Harris interception. I was sitting on that side of the field & saw the play. Buress pushed Al & then put his hands up & falls to the ground. The ref throws the flag. He started the contact. Should have been no call & then momentum would have changed. The refs were told to watch and call this. When this certain ref worked his games. His crew always had a plenty of flags in those games.


To all you blowhard Vikes, Bear and Lions fans - Maybe you should be more concerned with blowing in the direction of your own teams. I recall that YOU were all supposed to beat us, remember? Kitna said "10" wins. And the SB team Bears - never really showed up this season? And beating us didn't help you, shut up. The Vikes - well, you get to 4 SBs and can't win squat. We didn't "say" anything - except go 14-4 and win the North division and get to the NFC Championship. Yeh - we cot outplayed. Fine. Youngest team in the NFL - they'll learn and Brett will come back and you'll be staining your underwear again for another season. It's easy to rip on us after we stole the division. It's easy to squawk from the loser's box cause you hate being there.

You're all scum. I vommit in your general directions.

belairjeff in LA

hey tomk. what game did you see Favre just spike the ball and leave the field just to keep his streak going? we'd ALL wanna know. wet dreams don't count, friend. GO PACK!!

belairjeff in LA

Hey Belair Jeff, I should said something when Tom K posted that rant (see below)... I have no re-collection of Brett playing 1 snap to keep his consecutive game streak alive, I do remember him playing with a cast on his ankle and throwing 5TD passes against the Bears... by the way, even though it's a new year, The Bears Still Suck!

Quoth Lombardi...

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Some Pics From The Game... 

Cal (yellow hat) was kind enough to send some pics from the NFC Championship game in Green Bay last Sunday. I don't know whose arm and leg he gave away (his tickets were 1st row, 40yd line, behind the Packers bench, and everyone in the pic's still seem to have all their limbs) to get great seats, but he had them, and even with your beer freezing after about half way gone, he said it wasn't really all that cold.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey Boys And Girls... Remember Me? 

She's Baaaaaaaaaacccckk!!! Wailing her season-ending funeral dirge. The New York Giants put the exclamation mark on the end of Green Bay Packers cinderella season 23-20 in an overtime thriller to cap the NFC Championship game, thus extending their own wildcard cinderella story and will get to face off against the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

I'd expand on the game a little, but that 13th glass of Chimay Triple pretty much put me over the edge, with Monday being spent doing several genuflections to the porcelain god, and I just sort of remember an Interception, a FG, and then another glass of Chimay. Packers finish the season at 14-4, with nothing to be embarrassed about, well there's 2 Bears games to ponder, and finish the 2007 NFL Football season with some things to build on for the future. Go Pack!

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

Sunday night was bad. Total shock. Felt like something just got ripped out of my soul. Worst loss ever in my 31 years of watching the pack.

Monday was bad. Very depressed. Can't believe we lost AGAIN at home!

Tuesday is getting better. Starting to embrace the feelings I have and look at it in the only postive light I can......and suggest you all do the same too.....if you did not feel like I did these last few days, you are not a die-hard fan.

How many other people get this upset when their team loses a big game? This whole freaking state was in a depression for the last 48 hours and that is saying something. I love the Brewers and I love the Bucks, but nothing can compare to my love for the Pack.

I have followed this team since I was sitting on my Daddy's knee, listening to him and my Uncle shout words at the TV I had never heard in my life. The fact that I am so distraught only confirms the die-hardness (Is that a word?) of my love for this team.

Let's have a good draft and sign a free agent or two (Thompson I'm talking to you!) Pack will be back in 08. Go Pack Go!



Hey "Jk Packer fan From Lodi" Try to talk him off the ledge, I am sure he will not "jump ship"... We have 3 Super Bowl Championships and future PACKER PARTY's to look forward to.

Keep the faith and keep those "Green and Gold Jello shots" coming!!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

BeerKid, I also thought we would still be playing. We proved we are not a cold weather team. We needed a running game and did not have it. It makes you wonder what we do to correct that situation next year.
This was a golden opportunity and we blew it. We were out coached and out played. I don't deny you that shitty taste in your mouth. We did just about everything we could to play a poor game and the game still went to overtime. This will be a game many of those players will remember for a lifetime. They had a chance to make it to the big dance and came out with low intensity and no game plan. It was a game I had that feeling about from the begining.
I am still positive on next year and although I don't really like TT, he and MM got us much farther than I thought was possible. This does not take the sting away, nor does it sweeten the smell of that day old, 13th glass Chimay in your kitchen.

P.S. What happened to Al Davis at I think he is having some type of breakdown. Live and Die with the Pack!!



Big pack fan Not from G.B. Never been to a home game. Was a tough lost , But one great season. Took my ride out the day after .

Always proud to show my pride. Go pack.

John from Alabama

Hey John, sweet ride...

Now, darn it, leave Brett alone, people. The man played some of his finest football this year - and though he threw the INT, you have to admit that it wasn't all his fault or probably even mostly his fault that the Pack lost.

I have nothing but admiration for Brett and I hope and pray he comes back one more year and gets his 2nd ring. Why the hell should Elway have more rings than he does?

P.S. When the Lions are in the Super Bowl, there will be a heater running in hell, because it will have FROZEN OVER. 'Nuff said.


Holy Crap! Come in here and see the fat lady singing! I just hate when she doees that. Woke up Monday and had to watch Sports Center to find out it wasn't just a really bad Sunday night dream. Then felt really numb. Nothing to say about it. For once in my life, I have nothing to say.

And don't them Lion, Bear and Giant fans have anything else to do than come in here and talk like the idiots we know they are? Guess not. Stick that in your Rex Grossman, John Kitna or Eli Manning.


BeerKid, I saw your post on
    "The Day Brett Favre steps into a throw downfield... will be the 1st time in the last 4 years that he’s done so. I honestly think the upcoming training camps may finally reveal that Aaron Rodgers is ready and capable of outplaying Brett and earn the starting job. - Be Pack 4 Life!"
I think you might be right, but the sad thing is Rodgers will twist his ankle, or tweek his knee, or get a severe staph infection preventing him from making his first start. By week two we will all be taking bets on what injury he will have for week three.

He is a quality quarterback I just don't know if he can stay healthy long enough for us to ever know how good he could be.


Hey Camp, I had to go checkout the meltdown over at PackerNet... Yes, I deliberately left out the whole injury bug-a-boo with Aaron Rodgers... Well, I guess that's why we have Craig Nall....hah ahah ahahah eh.


T-Bone from Detroit

T-bone, You sound like the typical lions fan... If you ever “get well”, we’d love to have you as a Packers fan!!! FYI - My “Off-Season” will consist of watching the 14 VICTORIES THAT THE PACKERS HAD THIS YEAR OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN!!!!

And, somehow, someway, I gotta figure out how I’m gonna find time to watch these other tapes/DVD’s:

  1. The Ice Bowl
  2. 1961, 1962, 1965 Championship Highlights
  3. History of the Green Bay Packers
  4. With Love and Respect
  5. Favre 4 Ever
  6. Brett Favre – On and Off the Field
  7. Vince Lombardi Biography
  8. 3 in a Row – The Green Bay Packers
  9. Super Bowl I an II
  10. 1996 Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Champions
  11. America’s Game ’66 Green Bay Packers
  12. America’s Game ’67 Green Bay Packers
  13. America’s Game ’96 Green Bay Packers
  14. Favre - Sports Century
  15. NFL Greatest Games – The Ice Bowl
  16. Packers vs Raiders December 2003 (Favre’s greatest game, right after Big Irv’s death)
  17. My favorite - Packers vs Bengals 9/20/92 Brett’s First Game when he came in for Majkowski ( I know I spelled it right because I have his autographed jersey on my wall...)
  18. Plus about 30 more tapes from various other Packer victories.

Ya know, maybe your right t-bone, I wouldn’t know what to do with all those other sports teams... GO PACK, GO!!!


Oh come on Boz... there must be 1 show on about the Lions... from the 1950's, you know the last time they were any good.

BUMMER of a game, however. We didn't play well enough to go to the Super Bowl. The Giants earned their ticket. Bummer.

Keep up the good work on your site. Your graphics are the best! I get a big laugh every time you add something new (and still love that Lombardi graphic where he looks to his left, and then forward and laughs). Great stuff.

Van V

Here ya go....BeerKid. I am officially in mourning today. Its just like Santa died.


Hey Lemondrop... Aren't we all... thanks for the CheeseBob pic.

You are right, 14-4 is nothing to be embarrassed about. It was a GREAT ride, a year filled with surprises and excitement. We all enjoyed the season as much as any other NFL franchise's fans, bar none (The Patriot's fans had to sear their consciousness' to be able to cheer for their cheating team). We had an epic season in many regards that took the league by storm. We thought we were Cinderella, but hey, the shoe just didn't fit this year.


Yeah, I went I saw I drove home in silence. Shock you might say. It was a magical season and you only get so many breaks in this game. Cold just a little or maybe a lot. It's not going to be an excuse. Weather is not something we can predict. As players and fans alike were put in the position you dream for. Home NFC playoff game is a incentive. Taking advantage of it was for the taking. In fact it didn't work that way. Youngest team and NFL. Well they are all now more mature and ahead of 2-3 year players by far. Play every snap as if it were your last. Cheer every play as if it were your last. Fans, Players, Coaches alike know that the Packers are not last years feel good New Orleans Saints. This team will compete. Aaron or Brett it will be a new season with more to offer.

Happy Off-Season, Everyone keep your heads because this is why we love this game.


how can we rush for 250 yds one week and 40 the next ? the o-line must have been reading their press clippings during the week. a one dimensional offense is going nowhere fast - especially in those conditions. and we had no push whatsoever up front on defense. the only time we had pressure KGB was 5 seconds ahead of the snap - with no pressure it's easy to complete passes. al harris is a all-pro, not Sunday he wasn't - and not with no pressure on the pocket. still if i said in Sept. we would be playing for all the NFC marbles, i would be happy. there is still work to be done. - go pack go

Bill Mac - Mass Pack Fan


I have been up late trying to digest the loss this evening. I am going through the stages of grieving this evening and early morning. This was a painful one. The Giants deserved the win and coupled with the win in Dallas they deserve to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

We had our chances and lost as a team. I hope this young group of players learns from the playoff experience and is ready to play next season. I will come in with much greater expectations than I had this year. I hope Brett comes back, but if he doesn't we have a core of players to build around. The future looks bright in Green Bay even if this morning it looks gloomy. Live and Die with the PACK!!


Hey Camp, my question to you is when in the hell are we going to be a "power" running team again? No really, that "5-wide" crap on 3rd and long, it never works, Brett has to launch the ball in 2 heartbeats, the WR's are only 4 yards down field, we can't power run, and we can't out-coach the other team in big games. 14-4 was unexpected, but I'm left with a shitty taste in my mouth because I felt that the Packers could still be playing.

Ack. Sorry, I can't be a good sport right now.


Let me be the first to say that this was an amazing season. I hope Brett stays around to see what might happen next year.

Luke in Dallas

Hey BeerKid.... Not only were the Pack not good enough to beat Dallas in Dallas, they weren't good enough to beat the team that was, at Green Bay. Your poor tackling, gifts of INT's from tipped and errant passes, and dropped passes will only take you so far. At some point you have to make your way!!! At least they don't have to play the 18-0 New England Cheaters in the SB, and they are undefeated for a reason. Anyone can win on any given day, but while I wanted to believe, you saw it, the Pack weren't really that close. Guess maybe they should just leave the contract talks til the end of the year...... They looked like SHIT tonight.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Ok, I'm a girl. I'm crying.


Biggest defeat i've ever seen yet as a Packer fan, I'm NOT LIVING THE DREAM! This team was FLAT! Our so called secondary was PEWTRID!Put AL on waivers like yesterday. HEY! PACKER PAUL! VINCE HAS TO BE TURNING IN HIS GRAVE.WOW! ELI-FAVRE WHO WOULD OF THUNK!PACKER PAUL, I HEARD YOUR BROTHER IN LAW THROWS SOME BAD-aSS PACKER PARTIES! I talked to him earlier after the Packer loss and he's not taking it very well. He said something about jumping ship.Do you know what he's talkig about

Jk Packer fan From Lodi

While it was a bitter ending to a wonderful season. I want to applaud the packers for their effort and success this year. They exceeded expectations and played so good, that this loss hurts. It takes a truely great team to do that to its fans. Good Season Packers....superbowl 2008-2009...Brett Favre's Swan Song.


Well well well is been a long journey. All you idiots had to do is beat the New York Football Giants at home who by th way you crushed back in week 2. It was all set up for you and you choked. I cant wait to see the emails about me and how Im patheic and the Lions suck and all that crap but come on you had -1 degree tempearature. Supposedly God in human form according to you idiots running your plays and what does Jesus do? He throws the game away in OT. Tynes missed two game winners gave you every chance to win the game and you choked. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was watching the TV and all I did when Tynes hit that field goal was LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH. I know the Lions suck and the Packers had a fluke season but to have everyhting fall into place and to chock like that? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Favre is too old to go to the Super Bowl. He's Done. It's over. SO glad to see Plexico Buress from MICHIGAN State University kill the Pack secondary. Congratulations because you are now the team that lost to probably the worst Super Bowl team to ever get into the game and dont write back about how the Giants are good because you know and I know the Packers had no right losing that game but you know what? They DID.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....HAHAAHHAAHAHHAHAHA. Ill sleep well tonight. The best thing I'll ever see until I see the Lions in the Super Bowl is the People at Lambeau walking out with their heads down trying to figure out what went wrong. Favre is old the Pack suck and have fun watching the Super Bowl in your Shanties. It was all there and you blew it. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Pistons are better than the Bucks and the Tigers are better than the ahahaha Brewers and I have the Wings. I have alot to look forward to...You idiots have nothing until September. Have a fun off season and see ya next year for another pathetic seasonof Old Fogey Football unless he dies of old age. CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS! CHOKERS!

T-Bone from Detroit

Hey T-Bone, your commentary on the Packers will have more meaning when - The Lions can win in Wisconsin, Brett might be old, but he's better that Kitna, and the Lions get rid of their "persona" for laying down and quitting on the season. How many more years will that take, I wonder...

T-Bone - The Lions in the Superbowl? NOW THAT'S A JOKE!


What a season! The PACKERS nor their fans have nothing to be ashamed of. My wife put it all in perspective for me this morning; it just wasn’t meant to be. Sure we lost the game last night and yes I have a MONSTER hangover; but think about it. The 07-08 Green Bay PACKERS exceeded everyone’s expectations. I can't wait until training camp.

Thanks to Coach McCarthy, the PACKERS staff and team because this PACKER fan truly enjoyed the ride. GO PACK GO!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.



Frank L.

I don't know what to say......I am still in shock that we lost to the Gints.

Pack Fan in Big D

ooohhhh this one hurts. Alot. Somehow, the guys just didn't play their best football last night. You can't drop passes right through your hands, not make crucial blocks, and throw short and throw short and still wins big games.

Now, I'm not saying that the Giants had a wonderful game. To me, their's was average, to say the least. They just made the best of the last opportunity they had.
But hats off to the Packers for the season they did have. No critic actually gave us a chance to go over .500 this season, and look what we did. Let's hope this season, and almost making it to the big game will be motivation for the team when they come back next season. And yes, Brett should come back. He is part of the reason we had such a good year, and he's got a lot left in his arm and his heart. I hope all the players will be back, I'm already reading articles that say some of the guys may not be back next year, that we may not have the same team since we didn't win the NFC title game. I can't imagine that TT would start dismantling this team, when we're off to such a good start. You don't rebuild after you just finished rebuilding.....but he's done crazier things in the past. Let's just hope that this same team will be back next year, and ready to have another great season. From what I see, we should a pretty manageable schedule next year,which should produce several wins.

Here is our opponent list for next season: Home - ATL, CAR, HOU, IND. Road - NO, TB, JAX, TEN

This is gonna hurt for a while, but this is football, I guess. Now, all I can do is lick my wounds, and start looking forward to next season. Let's hope Brett makes his decision soon, (come back, Brett!) Go Pack!

Lady K

Hey Lady K, Besides our normal home-away with the Vikings, Lions and Bears, don't forget to add the home game with Dallas, and the road game to Seattle to the Packers schedule.

Brett - Not going anywhere for a while, Snicker

Your old friend M. Strahan

Hey MS, will you still be snickering when the Patriots beat you by 3 TD's, I kind of think that you guys "blew your wad" the first time you played them tough, and I don't see a close SB game at all. But, I have no horse in that race... So I barely care what happens.

Let there be no more talk about how great Favre is. A great quaterback would have won the game against the Giants. He played just average in the game which was probably his last chance to get another ring. He's scrappy and fun to watch, but does not have the cool grace under pressure that the truly greats quaterbacks, like Montana, had/have. By the way, his most consecutive starts record is phony. I saw a game where he came out and spiked just one snap to keep the streak alive.

Packer fans, get over it. Favre is an average quaterback who sometimes plays really good if he can ride an emotional wave. Pick him off early, or pressure him, and he is not cool enough to turn it around.

tom k.


about time

Hey 'Bout Time, I had the same revelation during the game... Aaron Rodgers might actually finally be in a position, to show that he's better than a near 40 year old QB. We'll see...

HAHHA Farve choked, I sometimes wonder who's worst, RexGROSSman, Or Brett "Big-Mistake" Farve.

If your wondering if Rex is better than Brett, I can't help you, but I can put you in contact with some real "professionals" who can help you sort out fantasies.

Well shit now I have to paint the house trim on superbowl sunday,maybe the PACK has gotten' useta the "biggame party at Favres house" instead of playing in it,way to give 66% guys!!! (sorry faithfull,that was out of anger,) GO PACK GO!!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!


Like beer brewed in Minnesota, it didn't look right, smelled bad, and was tough to swallow. We needed more pressure on the ny kid...

Oh well, what a great year. It was sooooooo much fun. Just think, if they hadn't done so well, they wouldn't have played the “Snow Bowl” against the seahags......

We have a lot to look forward to for 08'. Best of all, and check it out, we got the cowgirls and the Colts at Lambeau!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm already plannin' on the Colts game... GO PACK, GO!



Quoth Lombardi...

Winning is not everything, but wanting to win is.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 

What started as a positive vibe coming out of the opening day win over the Eagles, shook a little harder after the expected win in New York the following week, and yet with a bit of an unexpected win over the Chargers and on at the Metrodome against the Vikqueens, left the Packers at 4-0 and some of us 1-3 is all the Pack can do to start the season prognosticators wondering what was going on. What had GM Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy assembled here in Packerland. 4-0, I could feel the ground start to shake. A bit of da Bear bump (Insert your favorite curse here) and then a home win against an improving and eventual wildcard playoff Redskins team. Heading into the bye week, the Packers were 5-1 and sitting in 1st place of NFC North, it was fun to be a Packers fan, the gear was out in all it's blazing Green 'N Gold glory.

The Packers Vibe went to the Rockies and bounced Denver on a big play in overtime, swept back past Kansas City and came home and gave the visiting Vikqueens a big fat goose-egg zero in a hilarious 34-0 win, the Packers were now 8-1. Bring on Grandpa Testaverde and the Panthers, 9-1. Thanksgiving day invitation in Detroit, 10-1 and time for the biggest game of the season, a Thursday night showdown against the 10-1 Cowboys at Dallas. Down Key players to injuries, inspired play by backup QB Aaron Rodgers left those of us that were riding that Packers Vibe still feeling it. 2nd seed ain't so bad a position for the playoffs, we're still shaking, the vibe's still going. Raiders? Nope, Packers at 11-2. Rams in St. Louis? No, Pack at 12-2. The Ground was shaking again, the room was rocking, I had to place my hand against the wall for balance. The Vibe ride was raging full on again.

Then that damn da Bear bump again in the frozen wind of Soldier Field (Insert your favorite Bears curse here, now insert your 2nd favorite here, you can use your favorite curse a 2nd time if you like). It jolted the Vibe (good thing I was leaning against the wall), but the Packers soon recovered with a regular season ending win over the lame-ass Lions. Crazy time party time, the Packers had done the un-thinkable, finished at 13-3 with the NFC 2nd seed and a playoff bye week before hosting a home playoff game against any of 3. Which eventually ended up bringing the Seattle Seahawks to town, that also brought the snowstorm to town. Packers blow-out the 'Hawks, even after spotting them 14 quick points, in a winter wonderland to advance to the next round of the Playoffs, and there we all were, watching and playing in the snow on a Saturday night, waiting for the Sunday game between the Giants and Cowboys in Dallas. This Packers Vibe was shaking hard now, the Cowboys lost, and that puts where we are right now, bouncing off the walls waiting for the New York Giants to arrive at Lambeau and face-off against our beloved Green Bay Packers.

What started as a little vibe with positive tones on opening day, has now become a shockwave that has shaken all the corners of the Packers Nation. Who can stand in the Packers way, not the Giants, not this weekend in Green Bay. Packers win 35-16 and catch the Super Bowl Bound Bus.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Another pic from last weeks snow-laden Packers victory of the Seahawks at Lambeau Field. A Vince Lombardi Figurine that appears to be whipping the bird to the rest of the NFL, certainly to the Seahawks on that night. Here's some more Fan photos from Seahawks-Packers playoff game over at


Hey BeerKid..... If the Pack were to upset the N.E.Cheaters, would that make them the second best team ever, next to the 72(?) Dolphins? You can bet Belicheat will pull out all the stops in the SB to get the undefeated season. The Packers need to keep in mind, that this is the time of year to start sticking those helmets on the ball when you tackle. Nothing better than a tackle and fumble.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey Long Live, I don't think anyone considers the 72 Dolphins the best team ever, they aren't by a long shot, just a team that finished 17-0. Packers Packers Packers!

This is something I found online that is just perfect - The Packers Prayer.
    Our Favre, Who art in Lambeau, Hallowed be thine arm. Thy bowl will come, It will be won. In Phoenix as it is in Lambeau. And give us this Sunday, Our weekly win. And give us many touchdown passes. But do not let others pass against us. Lead us not into frustration, But deliver us to the valley of the sun. For thine is the MVP, the best of the NFC, and the glory of the Cheeseheads, now and forever. Go get'em. Amen.";=ap&type;=lgns


Hey Lost... I like the prayer, it's been updated to reflect on this year and the Super Bowl in Arizona - here's our small section of Packers Prayers.

Hey T Bone-head, You put the 'lyin' in Detroit Lions.

Well, I see someone drank too many beers before coming to this site. Are you crazy? Steppin' up to the Packers and their fans after the season YOUR team had? 7-9?! Please! Your teams' locker room was empty and deserted before you could say 'Happy New Year!' Cowboys fans have more right to bitter and angry right now. Your quarterback couldn't even guarantee a 10-win season, you dope! All he can do now is sit back and sulk until next season. At least back in '97 when Favre guaranteed a Superbowl win, he got it! Can your boy do that?! When he does, and delivers, come back so we can chat. In fact, when Kitna's makes MVP 3 times, wins a superbowl, goes to two or more of them, passes all sorts of NFL records, starts over 250 consecutive games, and is STILL the starting quarterback at 38, then we'll talk. Otherwise, shut your pie hole, and enjoy some real football for a change. The Pack is the best thing on TV, and I know you're in denial right now, but that 'angry fan syndrome' goes away eventually. If it doesn't go away by the Pro Bowl, you might want to seek professional counseling.

Now, back to some real business. I am soooo stoked about this weekend! Cannot WAIT to see the Pack play in the fluffy white stuff yet again. -7 degrees.....ooohhh boy! This is gonna be a dandy! Got my 'go pack go', 'I love my Green Bay Packers', & of course, 'the Bears still suck' songs all cued up on CD and ready to blast during the game! Final score, Packers over the Giants, 37-10! Grant's gonna have another big day, Jennings/Driver will get it done. And of course our D is gonna pressure Eli all day, and drill receivers just like we did last week. When all is said and done, we'll send Eli home to watch the Superbowl on the couch with his dad and big bro! Bring on the Patriots! (of course, I'm still hoping for an upset and we get San Diego, but I know it's not gonna happen)

Hey BK, did you hear the story about the reverend from Racine who accidently shredded one of his four playoff tickets for Sunday's game? Oui Vey!

Lastly, hey Boz, is that magazine from SI? Or is it another publisher? Where can I get one? GO PACK GO!!

Lady K


Hey Lady K, Read somewhere that "A Tribute to Favre", by MMI (Multi Media Int, NJ) is only available in the upper midwest. Looks like its sold on ebay… That’s why I posted the cover price… Hope that helps…


Are you the same beer kid i met in carson park sucking the beer out of a half barrel 22 years ago? Go Pack Go!!


Hey Eric, I dunno, sounds like something I'd do, so then you must be Eric, that guy I met 22 years ago sucking beer out of a 1/2 barrel down in Carson Park. Well met.

Being a Packer Fan is the most fun you can have with your clothes on...

Stuck Zipper

Packer Nation, There’s another #4 mag out there, full of some great pics ($6.99), called “A Tribute to Favre”… GO PACK, GO!



OMG...this is just an Electic year for us Packer fans. And who is having more fun, right now, across the nation if you are lucky enough to be one. ? Up North, (of Hwy 8) in Wi...the fans are going JUST NUTS! Store fronts, signs, homes, etc. everyone is reveling in the amazing fun and promoting Packer Wins. Small town papers are having fun. President Bush broke into DirecTV today to talk about the nations' economy, and it was a "What the H does he want?" so we flipped to ESPN or NFL channel. Oui Vey. Thats the way it is.

Its -7 tonight here tonight. And the cold is creeping south toward Lambeau. Oh ya, another thing on my mind. All they say is How is the cold gonna affect the Pack? the Giants? Blah blah blah. No mention of the 70 plus thousand fans that will brave the weather on aluminum seats, with no side-line heaters, you can't RUN AROUND? and theres NO TV's in the heated bathrooms. The PACKER fans, spend the cash, drive, wear layers, and SCREAM their lungs out and then drive home and have to get up and go to work on Monday, so they can make money to do it all again. Hmmmmmph. Something to think about. GO PACK GO !



an interesting thought: whenever the pundits say a certain team has secured "homefield thoughout the playoffs" we should remember, that is only true if said team wins! supposedly, dallas had "homefield throughout the playoffs." i guess not! PACKERS DO!

Minneapolis Packer

Not everyone says it'll be close...

Defensive Secondary: Advantage Packers
Linebackers: Advantage Packers
Defensive Line: Advantage Giants
Receivers: Advantage Packers
Tight Ends: Advantage Packers
Offensive Line: Tie
Running Backs: Tie
Quarterbacks: Advantage Packers

Final Score: Packers 31 Giants 16 - First Chimay is on me!

Rob from the Pint

Hey Rob, I have this magnum of Chimay Blue that I've been waiting to pop... This Sunday it's time has come... Advantage BeerKid -
Breaking Palace Pulse News Update: Rob, you'll get your chance to buy some Chimay, we're currently organizing to be at The Daily Pint for the game tomorrow. Go Pack Go!

PACKERS RULE!!!!!! Anyone know where I can get a Go Pack Go ringtone for my cell phone? I want the world to know the Packers Rock!


My God I cant wait until the day the Lions get to the Super Bowl and we can shove it in your packer noses. I beg Favre to retire before he dies of old age because its getting embarassing. Even though I hate them the Packers will win Saturdays SWLTTFC (See Who Loses To The Patriots Conference Championship Game) simply because Eli is pathetic. I can't wait to see Former Michigan QB Tom Brady Break Super Bowl Records in 2 weeks and make all you toothless Wisconsonians cry. One Day the Lions will be good and the Pack will suck. Im not saying it will be in the near future but one day it will happen and we'll see who laughing then. Enjoy your fake hope of winning the Super Bowl because its not being played at Lambeau and that means Favre will suck. Patriots 19-0 and the Packers lose again. HAHAHAAHAHAHAAA! Just make sure you don't lose this week or you will be the laughing stocks of the NFL.

T-Bone from Detroit

Hey T-Bone, The Pack may be just be remembered for knocking off the best 18-0 non-SuperBowl winning team evah!!!!!

Ok - I'm going to be "that guy"... I have a few thoughs for T-Bone from Detroit.
    1) Can't wait till the Lions get to the Super Bowl? (Is this guy serious?) Don't hold your breath. They're the Lions. Even with how "hot" they were early this year - they have nothing to show for it. Stick to the Tigers and Red wings for your championships.
    2) Favre at 38 is better than any QB the Lions have had at any time in the history of their franchise.
    3) If Eli is pathetic (which he may well be), then how is he (and his team) in the NFC Championship game? Where are the Lions again?
    4) Toothless Wisconsonians? It's Wisconsinites for one. I'm not sure about the toothless part, but I would imagine living in the most violent city in the nation leaves you more likely to be missing teeth than anyone across the pond. All tolled though... When things go badly for us - we're the first to laugh about it. Read the page's history.
    5) So you then hedge your confidence by saying the Lions will be good and the Pack will suck... not in the "near future but 'one day' it will happen". That's weak man. Really really weak. I feel for you.
    6) Most of the rest can be replied to as follows: Win or lose, the Packers will always be a more respected team than the Lions will ever be. That's why they have a greater fan following.
    7) Lastly - Don't forget to cheer for your boys Cullen Jenkins and Charles Woodson, from Central Michigan and Michigan, respectively.

HAHAHAHA Make sure you don't lose this week or... Oh wait, never mind. Look at the bright side - you finished ahead of the Packers AND the Vikings in one category... DRAFT ORDER.

That Guy

T-Bone (response to anti-packer post above), We'll be the laughing stocks of the NFL? That's funny. Even if we lose, we still will have had a more successful season than you're pussycat Lions. Did you go to the wrong site? Were you trying to type in and mistyped a few letters? And what's with dissing Brett Favre? I can accept that someone may hate our team, but there's no reason to disrespect one of the greatest QBs ever. I hate the Bears, but have ton of respect for Walter Payton and even Brian Urlacher. I wouldn't go to a Bears only site and start bashing Walter Payton. Would you say that Favre needs to retire if he were a Lion all these years... no you wouldn't! Look at the facts, Favre is coming off the best season of his career, was a runner up for MVP, broke all of Marino's records, and is leading his team deep in the playoffs. Yeah, he should retire?!? I'd love to point out what the Lions have done in the past 50 years vs the Packers, but that wouldn't be fair. That's like picking on a retarded kid. It's ok to pick on Bears fans because they've actually had some winning seasons. You can tell a retarded kid that they have no chance of being a doctor or lawyer, but why crush their dreams.

Ryan in Phoenix


Lord I was born a Packers Fan, Hopin for the playoffs and drinkin with my friends, When it’s time for believin, I hope you understand, That’s what makes a Packers Fan. (Verse)

My Father was a brewer from Milwaukee, He loved the Pack, he Loved to have his fun, And before he died, the whole state cried, Ticket list showed him number one. (Refrain)

I’m on my way to Lambeau field this morning, I’m coming from sea to shining sea. They’re always havin' a good time at Lambeau, Lord, The lot is filled with fans like me. (Refrain)

Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts

Shouldn't that be "Forrest" Gregg Allman and "Lynn" Dickey Betts???

I see accolades down there for coaches and players, obviously agreed. But, if there is one person in the organization who at least ninety per cent of Packer fans should be apologizing to, and kissing his ass, is Ted Thompson. In 43 seasons of watching the Packers, TT was the most villified member of the organization I have ever seen, including Dan Devine and Tony Mandarich or whatever that can't miss guards name was in 89. Both of them got their dogs assassinated for their troubles if memory serves, it may not. The amount of crap that guy took for not snagging Randy Moss, the same Randy Moss who used our south end zone goalpost for the most disgusting televised display I have ever seen, and that in the most hallowed part of Packer legend, the south end zone that Bart snuck into. Or those young morons on You Tube with their staged Fuck TT assessment of our recent draft. Hello geniuses, care to offer any assessment of TT's last 2 drafts now? TT has a clue, and drafting for the Packers ain't the same as any other team, MANY young men would not be happy in Green Bay, and getting the right kickers and punters for our environment is tricky too. Special points to Ted for understanding that boring though it can be, special teams are more important than ever as the talent amongst teams has become so equal. Make them suckers start on the 40 not the 20.

Loved when we got Ryan Grant for an odd reason, that he had been a straight A student at Notre Dame, while you do not need intelligence of quite that level, this team is still a good mark above our teams of 4 or 5 years ago, which, while not bad, scored last in the league in the team intelligence test called Wunderlich I think, and it is a deep consideration of TT when considering a player. Not sexy like Moss maybe but bloody effective.

This season will reach its apex for me when the unconscious form of the Packer desecrator Randy Moss is hurtling through the air after a clean knock out hit which the honor may fall to Bigby. All hail Nitschke, GO PACK GO

ray brettman


Beer Kid, Having called for Grant to run for over 120, and for Matty H to be harrassed vigorously against the Hawks, I am feeling a little full of myself and offer this new, bold prediction:

Everyone says it is going to be close, I disagree. Our DBs will handle the Giants WRs....their most dynamic, Burress, being injured and Toomer workmanlike....forcing the Giants to fall to their power run game which plays to our D's strength. Conversely, if the Giants blitz, McCarthy....who has proven himself a stellar play caller with excellent recognition to exploit defenses....and Favre will carve their injury-riddled secondary up. And if they do not blitz, same scenario. Defense will play like a bull unleashed at the rodeo, and special teams does something, well....special.

Packers win 30 to 17 - "Chimay for you, Chimay for me....why stop at one, let's have us three!"

Scott - "Formerly Drunk On Water Street"

Hey Scott, I am also starting to feel that vibe that the Packers are preparing to roll over the Giants in an almost repeat of this season's earlier game. It's a big time game, with emotions running wild in all directions, and it's in Green Bay! The vibe should be a shockwave by the time the games over. Go Pack!

Vote here folks. (Packers are behind)


I remember Jerry Kramer saying in his books that you shouldn't pray for a win, just that no one gets hurt. I'm really struggling with that one this week. Hope no one gets hurt. And we WIN. There, I didn't pray for it. Directly.




i'm a packer super fan from el centro california and my passion and dedication is the packers. I'm just waiting for them to go to Arizona and beat whoever goes so I can go and watch them. This will be one of the highlights in my life. I love the packers and will die loving them.

emmanuel aka green bay

Hey Emmanuel, you share the same love for the Packers as many of us here do.

Has any team ever defeated a team three times in a season?

John C. K.

Hey John, although the Cowboys couldn't beat the Giants 3 times this year, the last time it happened, it was to current NY Coach Tom Coughlin, his Jacksonville Jaguars lost to the Tennessee Titans three times in the 1999 season, including a 33-14 loss in the AFC title game. Thanks for checking in...

HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE DID IT AGAIN - #4 on new SI 1/21/08 - HURRY, HURRY BEFORE THEY’RE ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Way back last fall, if anyone had asked me if I thought the Packers would be the favorite to be the NFC representative to the Super Bowl, I'd have laughed out loud....What an outstanding job these coaches and players have done this year !! GO PACK GO !!!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson


Quoth Lombardi...

There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again.

Packers Verses Vikings... 

This Is The Time Of The Football Season
When The Cream Has Risen To The Top
This Week's Winners Head To The Super Bowl
While The Loser's Season Simply Stops

Seattle's Seahawks Had Dispatched The 'Skins
With The Help Of Two Defensive Scores
And After The First Few Minutes Of Sunday's Game
That Appeared To Be The Case Once More

Then The Packers Regained Their Composure
And As The Snowflakes Began To Fall
They Showed Seattle How Important Is
To Be Successful When Running The Ball

The Green Bay Packers' Offensive Line
Battered Seattle Until They Took Control
From That Point On It Was Fairly Easy
For Ryan Grant To Find And Hit The Hole

It Didn't Seem To Matter To Brett Favre
If The Ball Was Made Of Leather Or Maybe Snow
He Couldn't Seem To Miss Any Of His Receivers
Each Time That He Wound Up To Throw

But The Brightest Spot In This Playoff Game
Was A Packers Defense That Was Sublime
Led By Atari Bigby And His Ferocious Hits
Delivered Precisely At The Perfect Time

Once The Shock Of The Early Turnovers Faded
Seattle's Team Never Really Had A Chance
Against A Packers' Team That Was Rested And Healthy
And Looking For The Opportunity To Advance....

The Jags And Pats Traded Scores For A While
Then Tom Brady's Passing Took It's Toll

He Was As Close To Perfect As He Could Be
While Continuing The Pats' Unbeaten Roll

It Was Widely Suspected Going Into Sunday's Game
That The Colts Would Be The Chargers' Undoing
That Wasn't The Case As Indianapolis Fell
Leaving Discontent With Peyton Manning Brewing

The Cowboys Owned The Number One Spot
And Were Prehaps Feeling Just A Bit Conceited
Until The Giants' Talent And Determination
Left Tony Romo And His Team Defeated

If The Chargers Could Have Come To This Game Healthy
They Might Have Had A Chance To Beat These Pats
But Unless Some Sort Of Miracle Occurs
Brady's Team Will Walk Over Them Like A Doormat

The Giants Are Returning To Frigid Lambeau Field
Reprising Championship Games Of Years Long Past
And Repeating The Patterns From Most Of Those Games
The Packers Will Knock The Giants On Their...Grass...

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Above logo contributed to Packer Palace for use by JM

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spew Off Speak Out... 


Hey Beerkid, I only wish I was holding this cold frosty one last Saturday during the game.

I don't know who the lucky fan was, but I thought this was an outstanding picture to share with the rest of the PACKER NATION.

May God Bless the PACKERS, cold beer and another PACKER victory this weekend! Cheers and GO PACK GO!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.


Thanks for the Honor, Beerkid! I thought up that one, myself. Just think, our WIN would make it 3 trips to the our meager life time. How GREAT would that be!

I took 3- 100 light strings of Green Xmas lites...using 2 rolls of scotch tape, and spending 2 hours accomplishing it, I wrote "GO PACK" in my 10 ft front room window that faces Hwy 13 in northern WI. Gettin HORN honks. Who has more fun than Packer fans? Be Loud and Proud.



To Packman...... If memory serves me, Strahan will play across from Tauscher. Let's hope Favre don't give him any token sacks like the one he gave him to get the season sack record...... as a matter of fact, he kind of owes Favre. Also, wasn't it Hall? that was playing FB last week, I thought he had returned from injury.

BeerKid, I see the Pack dong fine this week but I don't know if they'll stand a chance against the N.E.Cheaters in the SB. They'll need to gameplan their defense more than just lining up in the basic 4-3 defense. I hope they've been designing stuff and saving it all year for the final game (SB). More important, practicing it all year so they don't confuse themselves. Offensively, dropped passes and kickers misses, have been dooming teams in the playoffs this year. Momentun killers. The weather forecast would say it'll be a close game and I predict this week..... that it feels warmer for the team that's winning.

Long Live the Pack!!!


The Bears suck. (yes, still)

David (a.k.a. Swingin' Richard)

Thanks D, I'll will take a shot and chug a beer and sing your drinking song, da Packers drinking song... Swingin'....

COOL 360 by Bruce Cantrall how can I get a copy of that?

steveo new richmond

Hey Steve-O, yes it is very cool, email me and I'll put in you contact with Bruce, otherwise that's the largest pic that can be supplied

Check out this tribute to Brett...

We're going to 2 the superbowl !!!


there is not much to say then i feel we r going to get that championship ring because we r about to see the best performance by brett yet go pack get r done


Hey Ali, sorry I somehow overlooked this last week... but the sentiment remains the same for this week. Go Pack!

Wow,snowstorm, Favre rumblin bumblin stumblin...for first and goal, and all sorts of records being broken! It just doesn't get much better than that Pack fans!
Oh and we also get another game at the Tundra.Way to go G-Men very gutsy performance and the pack best not take them at all lightly. I just dont see the Giants riding that momentum past us though, I think we just match up better at just about every position except maybe punter.

As for the Cowboys I think they had there big game agianst the pack and just havn't had a full tank since then classic case of looking ahead and not playing the team in front of you. Too Bad...So sad ! At least Rib Boy will have plenty of time for vacations with his no talent but hotter than the back of Holgrems neck in the third quarter girl friend, if she hasn't dumped his ass already.
Looking forward to a good old fashioned two classic team , out in the weather the way its supposed to be game like I remember from my youth. GO PACK GO !



Okay, loved the game this weekend but I will be loving the game even more on Sunday. Because I AM GONNA BE THERE!!! As the Nature Boy Ric Flair says often...Whooooooooooooo!!!!. He also says that "In order to be the man, you have to beat that man." Right now that man is Number 4. Eli will never be that man.

I would also like to share a story with you all. Last hockey season I was at an Oiler game and this dude, who shall remain nameless, came buy and ran some smak about his Cowboys. I informed him that the Packers would be winning the Super Bowl this year. Of course everyone around me laughed including him. He then informed me that if the Pack made it to the bowl he would, and I quote, "Buy your ticket for you, my friend." Well needless to say I have been reminding him of it regularly. Of course him being a Cowboy fan, he has not responded. Loser. Serves him right.

Can't wait for Sunday. I have got a 17 hour drive ahead of me (because the airlines have blocked the use of air miles. Bastards)

GO PACK GO!! Pack 35 Giants 14 - On to the Super Bowl Baby.

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

To be fair to all fans of all teams. I don't think any team deserves the title "America's Team". It infers that the team represents all of America, and no team can truly say that. Granted, the Packers best represent the history of the NFL and should be considered the Mecca of it's beginnings. Only the Cardinals (believe it or not) are older than the Packers. However, they've been passed around and re-gifted to different cities like a fruitcake at Christmas. No other team can say they have 12 championships. Albeit there are teams (such as the Steelers) that have a lot of history and pride as well. I agree with you that if they were to start calling the Packer's "America's Team", we wouldn't want it. It's a stupid term that should only apply to the USA Olympic basketball team, as they are truly a team that represents all of America.

Ryan in Phoenix

Hats Off to Taucher for probably his best game in his career! Clifton should take note , Strahan is coming and Chadman needs to neutralize this big behemof! The Packers will be fine, although it will be cold, cold, friggin cold!!Favre wants this game more than anyone and Grant is turning into a Superstar! sorry (D. Wynn) B. Jackson is going to get his reps and is a quality back-up. Kuhn is a powerdog!! he is clearing holes bigtime for Grant!!!I love the Fab Five WR I hope all of them get big catches. How do you cover them all? Sorry T. Coughlin. I just found out Coughlin was an Assistant here in GB in the 80's. Manning will have a bad day and may be yanked out of the game!!. I was there last week and it was like a Mardi Gras Party!!!!! everyone was ecstatic!. The Packer Nation is awesome!!!!!! I will be watching this in Appleton WI. !! Packers Dominate Again!!!!!!! 41-17 Some People may get Frostbite!!!!!!I love my Packers Go Pack Go!



Hi's going to be a cold one next Sunday. Who did the voice work on the Holmgren RockWood Lodge bit......?

Beer Scout's Dad

Hey BeerScout's Dad, besides the blurb "Holmgren" done by your son, that other voice is Morgan Freeman (used without permission) from the original March of the Penguins movie trailer.... Go Pack!

4 for the high.....-4 for the low. 36 MPH winds.... The Ice-Bowl 2 - Pack wins.....beat Pats in 2 weeks.

Todd M

Quoth Lombardi...

Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.

Lambeau Panorama... 

This beautiful 360 Degree panorama of the Packers Seahawks Jan. 2008 Playoff game at Lambeau Field was taken by Bruce Cantrall. Our thanks to him for allowing Packer Palace to show it off, and you can see much more of Bruce's work (under the handle of GB_SAHD_Bruce) over at his Flickr Photography website. Check out his specific shots of the Packers Bikini Girls.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blast From The Past... 

Brat 'N' Roll
High School


Pack And
The Greenstalk


Jurassic Jim's
They Might Be Giants


Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Lambeau... 

   Giants Beat Cowboys 21-17!

The New York Giants are coming to Lambeau Field this Sunday at 6:30EST/3:30PST for the NFC Championship game and right to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLII... Woo Hoo! The New York Giants are no easy team to beat, tough running team, but you also have to figure out which QB will show up Bad-Eli or Good-Eli Manning. Does it matter? The games at Lambeau Field! Cowboys avoid the rematch, and the Packers will face the Giants for the 2nd time this year. Go Pack Go!

Wonder what the weather will be like...

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

...and Vince said: "This is Good!"


Thanks Lemondrop, I think you win the "the best picture found at Lambeau that reflects the Packers Victory over Seattle" award... I love it!

The weekend game was great!! I was in my glory watchin the packers play. What more perfect conditions could there have been. Home field, near white out conditions, frigid temps, and thousands of screamin cheese heads baby!! Now THAT'S HOW FOOTBALL SHOULD BE!! This weekend with single digits by kick off?? Another perfect game scenario for the pack!! I'll be watchin. All my well wishes to Farve and the boys all the way from the First State to the Frozen Tundra Love You Guys!! P.S. Hey T.O. and Toni Homo, How bout a little cheese with your WHINE?? (BOO-HOO) Time to go home and let the Big Dogs Eat. GO Pack GO!!!

SayCheese- Packer Fan In Delaware


Well BK, my mom (the Cowboys fan) is ending her 30-year love/hate affair with Dallas.

I went and watched the Dallas/Giants game at my brother's. When I came home, I didn't even mention the game...she was so livid! She's now calling them choke-kings, and other obscenities I won't mention. (hee hee) She's now longing again for the days of Too Tall Jones, Dorsett, Dickerson, etc. Sorry Mom!

By the way, Dallas, just because you have a star on your helmet doesn't mean you're America's team. Who came up with that?! I say that the team that had the coach whose name is on the superbowl trophy should hold that honor! Not to mention, no other city in america is called 'TitleTown USA'. When someone says 'Titletown', you know they're talking about Green Bay. So with that said, I think the name 'America's Team' should be given to the Packers. But then again, you guys have tarnished it, so we don't want it anyway. Keep it, but realize you're not living up to the name......

Anyway, can't wait till Sunday! Should be a great game in Lambeau! I'd give my right arm to be there this weekend. If we play like we did Saturday, and with the crowd getting into it, we should have no problem beating the G-Men. GO PACK GO!!!!

Lady K


Notice T.O. didn't mention how he wasn't very productive the ENTIRE 2nd qtr. A few weeks ago, he was knocking Romo for bringing Simpson to the game, now he's got his back?! C'mon! Jeez! He should get an award for his press conference performance... GO PACK GO!

Lady K

Hi Lady K, in honor of TO's teary eyed blubbering in defending his QB, an old logo of ours - The Cryboys. Say hello to your Mom for us all.

I definitely won't be voting for Rudy Giuliani: Giuliani Loses Support In Wisconsin

Bobby O'Shea

Hey Bobby, Rudy won't sign a Packers hat... yeah, bad luck, whatever... I think it was "bad luck" for a presidential candidate to piss-off a Packers fan.

Looks like a high of 12 for next Sunday. Should be single digits by game time!!!!!! Did you catch TO crying because the media was picking on his QB. Classic. One more and we are heading for the Desert baby. GO PACK GO!!!!



Cry me a river TOilet. "My Quarterback, My Quarterback Please do not write bad things about my Quarterback, We lost as a Team" Garcia and Donavan must have rolled their eyes a few times regarding his post game antics.

ROMeO ROMeO Where for art thou ROMeO? Sometimes its good to be a Packer Fan



Ah, yes! Another cold weather home game. Originally from Neenah, WI, I now live in frigid Burlington, ND. I think I'll feel right at home on Sunday outside in my lawn chair with my TV and beer cooler, in front of my yellow siding and green shutters. I hope it's snowing. GO PACK!!!

North Dakota Pack fan


Is this real? Is this really happening?

Luke in Dallas

Hey Beer Kid, Romo better go homo if he ever wants to think about getting to the SuperBowl!!


I have started to use the word "Destiny" in all of my converations about the Packers - I BELIEVE!

Joe from Ohio

Wow what a sunday all 3 complete douche-bags (romo,t.o and manning) crying like little b**chs. Now if only that video of randy moss and tom bradybunch making-out would turn up pre-super bowl my year would be complete

BigErn said so!!!!

It's a Packer world and we're all just living in it! What fun to be a cheesehead in another state right now. I'm wearing all my packer gear and everyone looks at me and smiles. they have a bar out here owned by Wisconsin natives, looks like I'll be there next Sunday! I think the Giants will crumble in Lambeau.

Judy - Cheesehead in Denver

Hey Beerkid, Do you remember when T.O. poured someone’s popcorn into his “cake hole” right after scoring a TD against the PACKERS?

Well I was thinking how appropriate it would be to see that same picture doctored with something else in his hands, say a bag of shit??

I don’t know if you caught his comments after tonight’s loss to the Giants, but I must have gone thru three boxes of “Kleenex” during his press conference watching poor T.O. cry on camera while discussing the cowgirls and their defeat……….NOT!! I guess it is true, what comes around truly goes around.

Bring on da-giants and GO PACK GO!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.


Wow, this is gonna be a great game! The history between these two teams is pretty cool. Packer fans owe a lot to the former deceased owner of the NY Giants, Wellington Mara. If it wasn’t for him, there might not be a Packer team in Green Bay. This might not be exactly correct, but its close:

“During the early 1960s, Wellington and his brother Jack, the owners of the NFL's largest market, agreed to share television revenue on a league-wide basis, dividing the amounts of money available in cities like New York with smaller market teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. That concept of revenue sharing allowed the NFL to grow and is still being used today. This is certainly Mara's lasting contribution to his game.”

Us Packer Fans also remember that Lombardi came to Green Bay after 5 years with the Giants as Offensive Coordinator. To some, a job Lombardi was only supposed to have for a couple years. Mara tried to get Lombardi to come back to NY after a couple years, but Lombardi felt he owed the GB Fans more… and the rest is history.

"The Duke" football is named and dedicated after Wellington "The Duke" Mara.

Oh ya, the weather, its gonna be "Packer weather", about 10 degrees F. On TV and in the stands, you'll be able to hear Eli's bones crack when Kampman drills him into the tundra... GO PACK, GO!!!



Atari and the Pac-Men are going gobble up Shockey, Eli, Amani, and Pinky.

James D.

Hey James, Thanks for the pic of Atari "Bad-a-Boom" Bigby... Lower the boom, several times he did

Hey Romo, how about another vacation with Jessica? Say, Lambeau Field next weekend? The weather here is beautiful this time of year!

Green Bay Packers Rock!

uhhh, that's disturbing...that thing der ehhh....


BeerScout... If you're referring to the CheeseBob and Hasselbeck pic... don't blame me for all the "prison sex" imagery that goes on in your head.

It's all good at this point. Pack just needs to keep doing what they have been - this is a different Giants team than what they faced in week 2. Their DB's are suspect, if they can slow down the pass rush, it's on to Arizona. go pack go

bill mac - mass. packers fan


Favre is the American Hero. Favre 4 president. Yeah Flatlander, I saw those buttons too. They're awesome!

Let's get some Green & Gold in our Red, White, & Blue! Favre 4 President!

Vikings Traitor

What a great feeling. I am so pumped. I'm going without tickets and I don't care I want to be part of this journey. We all believed this and now it's unfolding before our eyes. Weather is calling for some brisk weather 5 above with 5-10mph winds. But that won't faze us as fans or players we can do this and will be celebrating even more.


Holy Cow BK and All! Someone pinch me. It is time to stock up with the Brats and Beer for some early morning tail gaiting. Someone said to me, a Dallas family fan, it is hard to beat a team 3 times concerning the Vikes making it to the playoffs this year. Of course this did not happen, but their own words came true today. Well, one game at at time and a New England loss is eminent this year, mark my words. The Dallas playoff curse can hoo, but please keep Romo NoGo.

Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin, Cat, n Kole in MN - PackRocks1967


Hey Beerkid, Do you know what the "PACKER D" will be having for dinner Sunday night? Eli F'n Manning, that's what!!!!

The extended forecast on game day will be a HIGH of 4 above zero. No sign of snow ... YET, but I sure as hell hope it does! GO PACK GO to the MO-F'n SUPER BOWL!!!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.


Forecast 7 degrees!! ICE BOWL II - This is what it is all about to be a Packer fan!!!


Bad Eli will show up! I am glad Good Eli took the field today. Wow oh wow oh wow. Go Pack!



Looks like T.O. can get his popcorn ready to watch next weeks game. Didn't you love Romeo's last pass of the game? Look like he threw it right between Jessica's legs!

Old School Fan

heh heh heh.... He's STILL wondering, 'what the heck happened?!' GO PACK GO!!!

Lady K

Hey Lady K, Thanks for the pic of Seahawks LB Julian Peterson standing in the snowstorm at Green Bay -- He does look lost

Quite possibly the most beautiful game I have ever seen!



Big Ern said so!!!!

BK, Please pass this on to the Packer Fans in Chippewa Falls:
    Hey Chippewa Falls Packer Fans!

    Rob's Goodtime Grille is a good place to watch the Pack. This is located in a strip mall. Easy to find. Real Sports bars are kinda non-existent on the island – at least I couldn’t find one... Sorry, but I do not know of a smoke-free place to watch games.

    When you’re at Rob's, ask about the "Locomoco". In a bowl, they pile an egg on top of a hamburger on top of rice covered with gravy. It's a solid meal.

    If you go to Poipu Beach (it’s a great beach), look for Lifeguard Aaron, tell him the River Falls Packer Fans said "Hey"... He gave us an awesome snorkeling tour of the beach. His mom is from Lake Geneva.

    Don’t forget to go to The Waimea Brewing Company… You might see a familiar face… BK posted a copy so you could print one out - check the Blog Archives” April 2007
Go, Pack, Go!!!



Quoth Lombardi...

You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn't mean a thing. That's for the fans. You've got to win the war with the man in front of you. You've got to get your man.

It's Beginning To And Back Again... 

   Packers Rout Seahawks 42-20 At Lambeau

Incredible game. An ugly start by RB Ryan Grant, 2 fumbles in 3 carries that led to a Seattle 14-0 lead in the first four minutes of the game. The Packers sticking together, QB Brett Favre leading the Packers to score touchdowns on their next 6 possessions. Redemption by Ryan Grant, finishing with 201 yards and 3 TD's and it turns out that the Seahawks are the team who can't run the ball. Great defensive effort by the Pack. What a game!

The Packers snowplow through the Seahawks 42-20 and now await the winner of todays Giants at Cowboys game. Cowboys win, the Packers go to Dallas next week for the NFC Championship, the Gianst pull an upset win today, they come to Green Bay next week. Go Giants, and help bring the bacon home to ol' Green Bay!

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

Thank God the turnovers came early. If the Packers play THEIR game the rest of the way, I can see them in the Super Bowl giving ol' Billy Belly-chick a real reason to try and haul out the Cheat Camera. GO PACKERS!!!



Just saw the Packers kill the Seahawks. We are going to be in Kauai, Hawaii for the Superbowl and are wondering if anyone knows a good place to watch the game.

Packer Fans in Chippewa Falls

Oh yeah, baby! What a way for Grant to come back and redeem himself! And look how the team rallied around him, and showed him they still had confidence in his running game! This is one the many reasons I just LOVE the Packers! Not just one player is the star.....the entire team does their part to earn the win! Just an awesome example of selfless play. One player could have the best day of his career, but his main concern first is the outcome of the game. Individual accomplishments don't matter as much if the team didn't win.

With that said, I still have to say there were certain players that had a great day. Bigby is one of them. I loved the way he was just drillin' receivers. Let's hope he brings that same intensity to next week's game. Of course, Favre, Jennings, Pickett, etc. Way to go Packers!!

By the way, next Saturday's forecast in GB is a high of 14 degrees w/snow flurries, low of 6; and Sunday is supposed to be cloudy and cold, high 14, low 11. Maybe Saturday's snow storm will linger into Sunday....BRING ON THE GIANTS!!! More snowball fights for Brett and the Pack.

I wonder if 'CheeseBob PackerPants' was at the game today? Hmmmmm..... GO PACK GO!

Lady K


All I can say is WOW.


We could use Sister Sean Marie again next week! Cowpies or Gints?


Lee, I got that GoPackGo.pps from a guy at work. The best is that picture of Rex getting sacked and taking it prison style. I forwarded that powerpoint to all of my stupid Chicago friends. They were all cockily firing off text messages after the 14-0 start, thinking that the Pack was done. Oh, how wrong were they? Take away those two gi'mes and the real score was 42-6. I have a lot of confidence now, that we can beat anybody from here on out.

Ryan in Phoenixmoted

Quoth Lombardi...

We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Spew Off Speak Out... 

What a long strange trip it's been this last 2 weeks, and much as that refers to the Green Bay Packers football season, it sort of resembles what happen to our attempt to create an animation movie this week. Our lack of effort, well mostly my lack of time, did result in at least one great idea for a new character - CheeseBob PackerPants - Sing along now... Ooooooooooooohh... Who lives in a locker at the bottom of Green Bay, CheeseBob PackerPants, Who'll kick your ass if you're late to the game, CheeseBob PackerPants...

So on to the Packers, after all the surprising success of this years Packers team, a stunning 13-3 finish that only the most myopic Packers fan around would have predicted, this week's divisional playoff game brings the NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks into Lambeau Field to face the NFC North Champion Green Bay Packers. Huge game between familiar teams, familiar players and familiar coaches. Home teams win 4 out of 5 of these divisional round games. Packers can't make many mistakes and still come away with a win. It's going to be instense! We'll give a wild-ass prediction for the Packers in a 29-20 win over the Seahawks. Can't hardly wait.

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

BK, What a coincidence!!!... Looks like CheeseBob PackerPants was at the Packer Rally yesterday!!! Must be another great mind thinking alike! Got this pic from packers website...

Looks like Opie (Mark Murphy) had a good time yesterday too. I think/hope/pray he works out OK. GO PACK, GO!!!



Hey BK, I had just left your site after reading the blogs of the day. I then went to the Packers website, and I was looking at the pics of the pep rally they had tonight at Lambeau in preparation for tomorrow's game. Wouldn't you know it, I come across a pic your 'Cheesebob PackerPants'! No kidding! There it was, and I started laughing like crazy! Couldn't believe it! Attached is the pic.

Looking sooooo forward to the game tomorrow. Let's beat those Seahawks! Send 'em back home on the red-eye! On to the NFC Championship! I'm hoping the Giants will beat Dallas on Sunday, and then technically we'd have home-field advantage throughout the playoffs! (hee hee) Then T.O. can spend the rest of the off-season in his hyperbolic chamber. Nighty-night, T.O. ..... ; )

Of course, I know it will be a hard-fought game, so for NY to win this they have to play virtually mistake-free. So I'm hoping that NY and Jacksonville will be the big stories of the weekend, both winning over their opponents. (I know, I know, it's a tall order, especially the New England game)

We already know the Pack is gonna win tommorrow, and it's predicted that Indy will beat San Diego. So, if I had my way, it would be Packers/Jaguars in the Superbowl, with the Pack beating the Jags, 34-17. But, first things first. Let's win tomorrow's game. Behold, the power of cheese! GO PACK GO!

Lady K


don't know if you saw this one yet, GoPackGo.pps But I had to think of My Packer Friends. It's good, but it works off of Power Point. Take care and "GO PACK GO"

Lee of Saint Marys, GA

Thanks Lee, and thanks to Packer Paul for also forwarding in this Powerpoint tribute to the Packers Bears rivalry... you have to press ENTER to move through each page.

Unfortunately, I think the Pack will beat Seattle at Lambeau today. I see a Giants (the Cowgirls will lose, at least I hope they do..I hate the Cowgirls) at Packers NFC Championship next Sunday and a trip to Arizona for the Pack (ugh). But the Pats will defeat the Pack in the SB and I hope Coach Belichick lets Moss be a bad boy...I see another "Full Moon." Ah, that was such a great game on


Come on Pack, let's make Mikey be sad, once again, that he left Green Bay. Oh well, we didn't need him anyway! GO PACK GO!



Wow! this has been an extremely weird season for me! My expectations of this team was to build on a 8-8 to maybe ,I say maybe a 10-6 team but to go 13-3 and certainly could have easily been 15-1 Wow!!!!!!! I am grabbing my favorite brew ha -ha, but now reality sets in and this team knows they are good! No loathing and Fear in Green Bay! I think the Packers want to make a statement and the Seahawks will be their victims!!! Although this game is close at the start, Packers Prevail in a big way 31-17 Go pack Go!!!!! onto the next test!!!! then here we come Arizona!!!!!! I will party with you at the Oneida Gate for the Tailgate and Stadium View for the After game Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Pack Go



Elisabeth Hasselbeck, current co-host of that 'screaming ladies' show, The View is married to Tim, the brother of Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. Just clarifying that. Another example of a ditzy blonde, if ya ask me. HA! TIC TIC TIC....Game Time in less than 8 hours. GO PACK GO !



I just got done watching that hilarious overtime coin-flip where hasselhoff or whatever-his-name-is squeeks out "we want tha ball,and were gonna win!" Then it's like 2 or 3 possessions later and Mc Kennsie intercepts for the big win...Then my wife tells me that chick from the view is his wife and it all made sense.PACKERS 27 seasicks 17.(only if elizabeth gets on his back at halftime).

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey BeerKid............ My thoughts. Favre thought he needed Moss. Nope, Favre needs to "consistently" make the proper reads and good throws for three straight games!!!! He doesn't have Reggie and a No. 1 defense to lean on, all though we have a decent one. The O-line and D-lines will more than likely win or lose the games for us. Both are good, the D-line lost a little depth which I thought could be huge for them in the playoffs and the O-line could be up and down. Hope MM keeps making new game plans for each team, keep morphing. Maybe add a WR or TE screen... Don't think everyone should get too excited.......... The fucking N.E.Cheaters have beat the Cowboys and Colts. They aren't 16-0 for nothing. Then again we're supposed to be 6-10 this year. That's why they play the games, even when they're not in your favor. Anyway, my prediction is: I don't know. They could lose tomorrow or win it all. They've been pretty unpredictable. Their coverage and Shotty Baby worry me though. Good Luck Pack!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!


One more day until some Seattle Sushi!!! I am a long time Pack Fan and check into this site often to hear the latest and greatest concerning the Pack. Thanks Beer Kid for making this blog happen. I am a cheesehead in MN (born and raised in Milwaukee - Marquette grade, my wife Racine and MSOE) and Gold package ticket holder (thanks dad). Work brought is to MN in 2001 that have this team that continues to “Suck” since we moved up here (hope they keep Childress to screw up draft pics). We are doing our best to make sure they continue to choke and the “biqueens” fans here about it. Long story short, my son is 4 and was born deaf. He received a cochlear implant in 2004 and now speaks in sentences. His favorite team up in Mn is “The Pack”. Other parents here let their children decide on their team up here, fair-weather fans. As I recall, none of the neighbors up here where Viking gear (Why?). Well, my son Kole loves Football and his favorite player is Brett Favre and he will tell you that.

This year has been a great ride and we know it will continue. After the Giants beat Dallas, we will continue our ride to the Superbowl. I predict a New England loss to the Jag’s as the Patriots are NOT Patriotic and have run out of ways to cheat themselves to wins. This is the year of the Pack!!!! Holmgren turned his back on us after 1997. This decade later, with a much improved Pack team and the best QB in the league and great supporting cast will help Holmie and Hassle-back return to Seattle for some nice time off. Pack for life and Brett for President!!! Go Pack Go and glad to always be a part of G Force!!

What a year! Kevin (3rd Generation Pack fan), Cathy and Kole (4th Gen Pack Fan) in MN (temporarily)


I'm happy they extended Thompson and I hope they extend McCarthy right away, too. It's not like they're giving him Holmgren type money($8 mil/year). He's still only getting about the league average. He deserves an extension, period, but definitely worth league average money. I believe he's a very good judge of young talent--look at this year's draft plus picking up Grant.


Mike Florio is a little weasel. How many times has he bashed Brett Favre, Ted Thompson, and the Packers in general over the years? He also admitted once that he "used to be" a big Vikings fan. Hmm....

Bobby O'Shea

Trouble? Oh My dear ... will Saturday ever come? Tic Tic Tic. Bring on Holmy, Hass and lets get on to the next worry. LOL


My next birthday is Jan.20th. My only wish is probably the same as all of you.It's hard in this world to really connect with people sometimes but WE all LOVE the PACKERS and they have done really well this year and deserve a round of applause (if only quietly in our own heads)GOOD WORK guys!!! Thank You! Now win it all!!!!! GO PACK GO!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!


So my buddy forwarded me the Lewis Black mp3... Sums up Sconnie. A friend went to the Seattle game last week and was very disappointed that their fans suck. He was forced to drink Coffee because of the weak ass fan-atic-ism that holds true for Seattle fans. By the second quarter he broke out of this caffeine slumber and grabbed a cold one. After getting back to the roots (He is a die hard packerfan) and going to the well to grab another after half time, the clerk advised him they no longer sell Beer after half time. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?? NFL needs to step in.

Can't wait to send Homegrown back to Seattle with Holmgren way street sign... What's the best kind of soup? SEAHAWK SOUP

Big Country #4 MVP...again

t.o's "high" ancle sprain revealed to be game-time jitters! Your next!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Brett Favre nominated for Fed Ex Player of the Year


So the PACKERS extended Ted Thompson's contract for another 5 years and with that a fat pay raise. Shall we see what happens between now and February 3rd before we pad his wallet and ego with acolytes??

I have to say that a year ago I was one of the many who was calling for this guy's head, but I can not see how he is the sole person responsible for our beloved teams turn around from an 8-8 record to a 13-3 run.

I believe the "financial love" and praise should be spread around to the coaching staff and playmakers and NOT just Teddy T. With that being said, it would be nice if we can win on Saturday and then kick the cowgirls ass (As I will predict a cowgirl victory over Da-Giants) and find ourselves in the Big Game against the highly favored AFC opponent, the New England Patriots for a Super Bowl XXXI rematch in the desert. I am still not a believer of Ted Thompson or his ability to be our G.M; at least until we hoist another Lombardi Trophy during his reign.


PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Hey Packer Paul, myself, like you, am awaiting to be proven wrong, the Packers have done better than expected, much quicker than expected, so now that TT is well paid, does Mike McCarthy get his contract extension in the next few weeks, maybe...

Did the game time change from 2:00pm Central to 3:30pm Central?

Teri K

Hey Teri, the game has always been on Saturday at 4:40pm EST (3:30pm CST) as far as I know and will be broadcast on FOX, maybe you caught a pre-game show's start time announcement.

G-Men 21, Big D 24

Pack 35, Hawks 21


Beer Kid... the Penguins rock. Looking forward to an aggressive, blitzing defense to get into Matty H's grill and keep him off balance, and the Packers ramming the ball with the running game to set up the pass. Grant will march for 120 plus. Bold Prediction: GB 31 SE 17

Chimay for you, Chimay for me, why stop at one, let's have us 3!

Scott - "Formerly Drunk On Water Street"

Hey Scott, a guy at work was surprisingly wearing a Seahawks hat (oops, I forgot to help him...ha ha haha) and told him the 'hawks were a weaker version of the Packers... I've got some more smack for him tomorrow already planned - time for the Packers Croc's.

Here We Go!!! The first step,test for this young hungry team. They have exceeded all of our expectations. Now the team must think of the next two games and play thier best football. I think the Chicago game was a fluke I am still pissed off about getting swept, but I would rather be playing than listening to crickets at Soldier Field. Beer Kid send me your email and i will send you the best Bears Joke I have ever seen, worth posting on your site!!!! After scouting the Seahawks against Washington i noticed their cornerbacks did not bump the WR rather played off the line. I also noticed that Hasselback was hurried and made pressured throws. If our corners play the WR tight and we blitz on occasion we should be able to take out the passing game, I think we will contain their running game. We are suspect on play action pass and Bootlegs!! AJ HAWK is due for a breakout game!!!Seattles defense is fast Clifton, Tauscher will have their hands full! I think Favre will have a good game, Let Grant run to Daylight!!!!!Special Teams should shine -- Crosby 4 FG's. We will win and go to the NFC Championship!!!!! Prediction Packers 27 Seahawks 17
GO PACK GO x12 champions


Hey Packman, have you reserved the x13 email, Packers win 2 games they are at the Big Dance... Super Bowl XLII is the prize.

I don't know if it is a Team record or a League record - is it true that Brett Favre is tied with Bart Starr for most years with one team? Why isn't everyone talking about "this" record that Brett needs to break - Come back next season...please! But first, let's kick some Seahawk butt! Green and Gold forever!

Carrie - Cheesehead in Baraboo

The first week's games are it's time for the "Big Dogs" to play....Go Pack !! (and Go Jags....)

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Quoth Lombardi...

Some people try to find things in this game that don't exist but football is only two things - blocking and tackling.

Packers Verses Vikings... 

Like Fallen Leaves Before A Winter's Wind
The Vikings' Players Have All Scattered
Knowing That Despite Looking Good For A While
They Couldn't Come Through When It Mattered

While There Is Much For Them To Feel Good About
As Many Factors Will Be Demanding Of Attention
Unless The Vikings Make Some Dramatic Moves
There Will Be An Increase In Player Dissension

There Are So Many Things That Need Repair
Childress Will Be Pressed To Pick And Choose
And Most Observers Will Feel Relieved
That They Are Not Standing In His Shoes
The Wildcard Games Have Now Been Played
With The Winners Now Entitled To Advance
As The Teams Rewarded With The Bye Week
Are Set To Join In The Postseason Dance

The Packers Will Take The First Turn This Week
Facing The Seahawks Saturday Afternoon
Their Players Are All Feeling Healed And Rested
And Like This Game Just Can't Start Too Soon

The Seahawks Earned Their Ticket To Lambeau
By Holding On And Getting Past The 'Skins
A Team That Played Them Close And Tough
Thinking Emotion Might Carry Them Again

Despite Some Mistakes By Matt Hasselbeck
And Even Without A Functional Running Game
By Playing Great Defense Seattle Extinguished
The Washington "Memorial Season" Dream
Consistent Through All The Games This Week
And Really From This Moment In History On

Is That All These Teams Are Really Good
And If One Mistake Gets Made-You're Gone

Despite The Fact That Mike And Matt
Have Impressive History In Green Bay
The Packers Won't Be Distracted By Emotion
And Will Efficiently Put The Hawks Away

The Jaguars Got Past The Steelers Last Week
And Won A Chance To Be The Patriots' Next Victim
They'll Play New England Closer Than Expected
But There's No Way That Anyone Would Pick 'Em

When Indianapolis And San Diego Last Played
The Chargers Barely Got Past The Colts
This Time With The Game In The Rca Dome
They'll Be Undone By Manning's Lightning Bolts

The New York Giants Head Down To Texas
To Face Tony Romo And His Cowpokes Team
With The Cowboys Being As Beat Up As They Are
This Game Will Be Far Closer Than It Seems

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Thursday, January 10, 2008

PFT On Packers Playoff Game... 

Here's a video breakdown on the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks playoff game this Saturday by Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio and Joe Brocato.

Nothing special, but worth watching if your having trouble waiting for the game.

Analyst Florio is like most of us, he is having trouble envisioning how the Seahawks can win, if the Packers just play their game.

The Packers are the better team, now they have to go out and play that way.

Be Pack 4 Life!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Blast From The Past... 

Get Brett Vol.2

'Hawk Hunt

Return Of The King

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 


You guys are hilarious! That Homlgren penguin is great! Keep up the great work!


Hey Beer Kid! It has been a while. I got deported when the minute men caught me smuggling in 100 Kilos of hasish and my prision cell didn't have internet access... It is great to be free and now that I am out of AA, I am ready for some football

I was talking with my little bro' about the Hawks game and basically summarized that the Pack will win simply because Holmgren was a lousy road coach. McCarthy is a better game planner than Holmgren ever was on the road. How many 'big' raod games other the the SuperBowl with New England did Holmgren win, and how inept / conservative did the Pack look in those losses. Compare that to McCarthy and Co. on the road with the bomb in Denver this year, and the bomb at KC, and the other big pass plays at New York, Minnesota, Detroit, etc. and you get my point - Seattle will dink and dunk and Holmgren will cost them the game. I for one have never forgiven him for the Denver Super Bowl loss and if I ever get up to Mecca, I will get drunk and crash into his street sign...

I remember talking about how 10-6, 9-7 would be a good year and we get this??? 13-3 what a great season. Go Pack Go. You watch, Indy will upset New England and we will get by Dallas and win the Bowl. The only time I ever had a similar feeling was when we landed Reggie White. Mark my words. I have mistaken 'bad gas' for the 'feeling' (too many bratz and too many beers) but when the 'feeling' is right I have never been wrong.

Viva la Packers and grant amensty please. I can shovel snow, I can shovel snow!

Juan in San Diego

Can't wait to see The Almighty Pack tear the feathers of the bloated gulls of Seattle!

Since the game is on at 10.30pm Danish time, there'll be plenty of time to fill up on lovely Danish beer, make the popcorn and flash the ol' green'n'gold jersey!


Big "You may think you're right, but that doesn't make you less wrong!" Dane


Fox announcers for our game on Saturday: Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa, In case your interested.

This is being a long week till game time. Tic Tic Tic



Brett Favre for President? Sounds like a good idea to me. Sure beats what the political paties have to offer.

Found a cool Campaign Button at to support the concept. Sure it's a pipe dream but hey, cant we dream? I'll wear this before i wear one from ANY of the real candidates.

GO BRETT GO!!!   BEAT your understudy!

Packer Fan from the "Flatlands"

Vote for McCarthy for Motorola Coach of the Year!


Hey BK, What do you think the G-Men are gonna do in Dallas next week? And what do you predict on the AFC's side?

By the way, I was with you in thinking that the Skins would beat the Hacks, and that the Bucs would beat the far as the Jag/Steelers, I was undecided on that one.

Well, it's 'round 2' of Hasselbeck at Lambeau....let's just hope he doesn't say anything lame this time! Jeez!

GO PACK GO!!! Let's beat the Seahawks and then move on to the NFC Championship!! I absolutely LOVE this time of the year!! Nothing else like it!

Lady K, Packer Club of Hemet, Ca.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bears Playoff Tickets... 

A man goes to the Chicago Bear ticket office and inquires about purchasing play-off tickets. The ticket teller replies that there weren't any tickets for sale because the Bears did not make it to the play-offs.

The following day the same man goes to the Chicago Bear ticket office and inquires about purchasing Bear play-off tickets. The ticket teller politely replies that there weren't any tickets for sale because the Bears did not make it to the play-offs.

This goes on for an entire week. The man goes to the Bear ticket office inquiring about play-off tickets and the teller says none are for sale because the Bears did not make it to the play-offs.

Another week of this goes by and the man still is asking the ticket teller about Bear play-off tickets. Finally the ticket teller in a loud voice says, I'VE TOLD YOU FOR THE LAST 2 WEEKS THERE WERE NOT ANY TICKETS AVAILABLE BECAUSE THE THE BEARS DID NOT MAKE THE PLAY-OFFS.

The man replied, "I know." I drive all the way from Green Bay just to hear you say that!

Retrieved from a forum post by Packfan4 over at Packers News Talk Football forums.

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Cue your favorite NFL themed playoff music... Wildcard Weekend is here! Best thing, the Packers are sitting back waiting to see who wants to come to Green Bay and play the Packers next week on Saturday. The Packers are expecting any 1 of the following trio, Seattle Seahawks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the New York Giants. If the Seahawks win today over the Redskins, then they will come to Green Bay, otherwise we wait for the results of the Buccaneers-Giants game tomorrow.

Now most of us Packers fans are rooting for the 'Skins to win, thus allowing Washington to travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys next week. If anyone can beat the Cowboys before the NFC Championship game, the 'Skins have the best shot. It's what we want, the chance to host another NFC Championship game in Green Bay. The Packers win 2 games, yes just 2 games, and they are in the Super Bowl. Go Pack Go!

Redskins over Seahawks; Buccaneers over Giants; Chargers over Titans; Steelers over Jaguars (so many fans are on the Jags bandwagon, that picking the Steelers has become my upset pick of this week)

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

I totally agree the skins want dallas at dallas thats a great rivalry that they can take advantage of!! I'd really like to see US-v-steelers in the big game, the jags are WAY overrated and why is anyone still bringing up the titans I'll never know so thats Big Erns prediction THE MIGHTY GREEN BAY PACKERS versus the ah, other pennsylvania team. mr.rothlickburger meet Mr.Kampman.

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Beerkid, Here’s a new sign that the state of W’SCONI recently put up on I-94 heading into Milwaukee

I think “BIG ERN” will enjoy this one. GO PACK GO!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

PS. Nice shots of the Bikini Girls by the way J

The shocking announcement is one of your best ever. You nailed it!!


Hey Camp, you know how it is, it's an email joke passed around and around until BeerScout's dad, Larry decided to forwarded it out to us. It's a Packers Playoff bye week... so I'm dredging up anything of interest I can find... at least until we know who the Packers will play.

Even though the Packers and the vikes will be at home this week (for vastly different reasons!) It's time for the road to the Arizona desert and this year's Super Bowl to begin!! Enjoy!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Quoth Lombardi...

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Packers Verses Vikings...

Both Local Teams Will Be Staying Home
Though There Are Differing Reasons Why
The Vikings Season Is Just Over
While The Packers Have A First-Round Bye

Last Sunday The Vikes Took The Field In Denver
Carrying The Faintest Glimmer Of Playoff Hope
But As The Broncos Game Unfolded
They Came To The End Of Their Ropes

The Game Went Like The Rest Of Their Season
A Late Charge Following A Miserable Start
Leading To A Fatal Mistake By The Quarterback
Driving A Stake Through Each Viking Fan's Heart

For The Future, This Team Is Well-Grounded
With Taylor And Peterson Handling The Ball
And The Rushing Defense Is Also Top-Notch
It's The Aerial Game That Caused Their Downfall

Not Only Is The Passing Game Suspect
The Pass Defense Is Far Less Than Desired
Brad Childress Has To Find Some Answers
Or He'll Find His Name Listed Among The Fired

The Packers Didn't Have Anything To Play For
As They Welcomed The Lions To Lambeau Field
Other Than To Regain Their Sense Of Pride
Which For This Group Is A Very Big Deal

While Detroit's Team Has Been In A Free-Fall
Though Early This Year They Looked Quite Good
As Expected The Pack Beat Them Easily
Looking Like A Division Champ Should

Coach Mccarthy Figured Out The Magic Words
That Could Channel This Offense's Potential

While The Defense Lived Up To Expectations
Keeping Them Ahead In The Point Differential

This Team Is A Mix Of Players Young And Old
Each Bringing Skills And Power To The Table
And As The Packers Look Toward The Postseason
Their Future Appears At The Least To Be Stable

The Football Season's Final Chapter
Now Waits For The Chosen To Open The Door
As They Play With Everything They Have
With The Winners Just Wanting It More

The 'Hawks Should Fall To The Red-Hot-Skins
While The Giants Could Fall To The Bucs
The Titans Will Fall To "Lt"'S 'Bolts
As The Jags Benefit From The Steelers Bad Luck

The Winners Will Be Taking The First Step
Before All Their Fans' Peering Eyes
Working Their Way Through The Playoff Field
On A Journey To The Football's Biggest Prize

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Great Moments In Packers History... 

1976 - The Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks in Milwaukee 27-20 in the 2 teams first meeting ever.

1996 - The Packers smack the Seattle Seahawks 31-10 on their way to winning SuperBowl XXXI and their 12th NFL Championship.

2004 - The Packers beat the Seattle Seahawks 35-13 and in a thrilling 33-27 OT win in the 2003 NFC Wildcard Playoff round.

2008 - The Packers snowplow the Seattle Seahawks 42-20 in the 2007 NFC Divisional Round playoff game at Lambeau Field.

more great moments...

The Bikini Girls of Green Bay... 

These young ladies showed up a few years ago pleading for QB Brett Favre to return and continue playing for the Green Bay Packers. We here at Packer Palace are offering up our overdue thanks for convincing #4 to return, and now a few weeks ago, they're offering up their sage wisdom to backup QB Aaron Rodgers... ah, listen up Aaron, these young girls know what their talking about.

Be Pack 4 Life!

*** The above center thumbnail picture of the Bikini Girls was taken by Bruce Cantrall. Check out some of his other specific shots of the Packers Bikini Girls over at Flickr.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Great Moments In Packers History... 

1929 - The Packers beat the New York Giants 20-6 on the way to first place and their 1st NFL Championship.

1931 - The Packers beat the New York Giants 27-7 and 14-10 on the way to first place and their 3rd NFL Championship.

1939 - The Packers beat the New York Giants 27-0 in the title game for their 5th NFL Championship.

1944 - The Packers beat the New York Giants 14-7 in the title game for their 6th NFL Championship.

1961 - The Packers beat the New York Giants 20-17 and 37-0 in the title game for their 7th NFL Championship.

1962 - The Packers beat the New York Giants 16-7 in the title game for their 8th NFL Championship.

more great moments...

A Shocking Announcement... 

The Green Bay Packers delivered a shocking announcement today. Their starting quarterback this Sunday will be Mrs. Deanna Favre, who will play for Brett during the first quarter. Fans in Green Bay were shocked when this announcement was made, but Mrs. Favre assured the fans that, "Hey, I know this game. I live with Brett. I have taken several road trips on the team plane. I've gone to the pre-game meal. I know a lot of the Packers. I've played around with a lot of the Packers in the back yard. I've tossed the football with them, and I know what a slot right 60-Prevent-Slot-Hook-And-Go is and I know how to avoid a corner blitz." So they polled the people in Green Bay, 50% of Packers fans are excited, motivated, looking forward to the big game.

All right, you think that's ridiculous? Let me reread this. In a shocking announcement today, Mrs. Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for president of the United States because she knows Bill Clinton and has lived with him, and she was there on a lot of trips to China and around the world, and she really cared about kids for 35 years. She's fought and she stood up for kids, and she's tried to fix health care, and she knows fifty percent of the American people say, "That's good enough for us." Ignorance is bliss???

Be Pack 4 Life!

* Taken from an email making the rounds that was provided by BeerScout's Dad...

From Green Bay Comes... 

   A Man Who Can Drink Beer Through His Nose.

Helmet's off to Green Bay's Chris Hansen, owner of The Sardine Can, an apparently rowdy bar (just viewing some the pics in the photo gallery) down on Broadway St in Green Bay, WI. Chris has a special talent, the ability to pound a beer down, by "drinking" it through his nose. You have to love the introduction to his David Letterman appearance from earlier this year...

Thanks to Gwyn for forwarding the video link to us.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Great Moments In Packers History... 


1977 - The Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-0 in the 2 teams first NFC Central Division meeting ever.

1983 - The Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 55-14 in the series most lopsided scoring game ever, so far.

1996 - The Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-3 and 13-7 on their way to winning Super Bowl XXXI and their 12th NFL Championship.

1997 - The Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the regular season 21-16, 17-6 and then after a 1st round bye, a 21-7 win in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

more great moments...

Happy New Year... 

This year's Seasons Greetings have been brought to you by those fine Trappist Monks who brew the high-quality Belgian Chimay Beers, and from us fine cheezheads here at Packer Palace. Happy New Year!

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