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And The Titletown Award Goes To... 

BeerKid & BeerScout at Packer Palace

Packer Fan Web Design Excellence 2008

Thank you, thank you. Thank you all very much! Special thanks to Corey and Aaron over at Cheesehead TV for awarding us their 1st annual and soon-to-be prestigious Titletown Award for the category of Packer Fan Web Design Excellence 2008. It's an honor, thanks, we appreciate it. Adios! Be Pack 4 Life! Thanks again, and don't ask us why in the hell we were drinking Coors tailgating in the San Diego parking lot at Super Bowl XXXII. Don't ask, because we don't remember... But thanks again, this was our one chance to grab an award, because were pretty sure that at this time next year, the Packer Bikini Girls will have their website up and running and will start sweeping all the categories and all the awards from now on and well into their future. Thank you all very much.

Oh here's the previous posts on us receiving our Titletown Award Nomination and Cheesehead TV's Site Design Excellence 2008 nominee's. Thanks everyone. Be Pack 4 Life!

BeerKid & BeerScout


About time you guys get some recognition. This is the best fan site on the web. Congrats!


Congrats on the award guys! This site kicks ass!


Who's the idiot Cat in the Hat?...damn, obviously "Denver beer" must pack a punch! I'd still love to remember who I borrowed the hat and RV location from! How many years ago was that anyway? Oh well, at least we weren't drinking Lienies! That photo also looks one step too happy for me...not that there's anything wrong with that! HA!

Cats in hats - Beerscout

Hey BeerHatCat, after much further reflection, that weekend started with us "dropping in" on Mike and his girlfriend to crash on their living room floor, hey it was only about 1 mile away from the stadium, that's walking distance, one of our scheming plans was actually working. A rowdy night of tramming down to the Gaslight District (here's some pics) we awoke refreshed, loaded up the gym bag with a 30-pack of MGD with plenty of ice and headed out the door to the tailgate party for SuperBowl XXXII. So if we were drinking Coors at the end of the day, we were obviously out of our own beer and well, beggars can't be choosers, but although we never actually made into the game, not sure if we were really trying, we did have a great time watching the game on big screen TV propped up on the back of pickup truck, with a group of about 30 other Packers fans, somewhere in a corner of the parking lot at Super Bowl XXXII. Go Pack!

Hey....congrats on the well deserved Titletown Award. No one does it better, using the power of the internet to be that beacon, that refuge, for those that bleed green n gold! Hats off to ya!

By the way, did you hear about this lil' ditty? What a way to jumpstart a heart, huh?
    News: The Packers' official web site briefly reported Thursday that Favre was retiring, but the page (which the team said was up there by mistake) was live for only a few minutes, the Associated Press reports. Impact: "There's nothing to it," Packers spokesman Jeff Blumb said. "People who handle our Web site had set up a dummy page in the event he was to retire. They were asked to take down that page." The bottom line here is that nothing is official, one way or the other, regarding Favre's 2008 status.
--Come on back, Brett! You know you wanna!

Lady K

Hey Lady K, not to be completely cynical here, but Brett will come back based on the salary he is about to receive... 12 million is hard to turn down, especially if your body and mind are still willing. Along with some other reasons, Brett Favre should be back for this season.

Congratulations to Packer Palace on winning Cheesehead TV's Packer Fan Web Design Excellence Titletown Award! (Was there ever any doubt?)

Brett Favre will retire, some day. And for me, my reaction will never be about what is best for the Packers. I am not being cavalier about this. I am being entirely and unabashedly emotional about this. I just watched Cheesehead TV's (my new second-favorite web site) "Brett Favre Tribute (with video highlights)", and realized this: the guy makes me smile. He has made me enjoy Packers football, more than I ever had, for 16(!) years. I think he'll be back. I hope he comes back. And I hope so for purely unabashedly selfish reasons. Because I like to smile. (Heh, heh. I said "unabashedly" twice there.)


Duane in Almost God's Country

Hey DiAGC, I want Brett Favre to come back, mostly because I want to see backup QB Aaron Rodgers beat him out in training camp for the starting position. Well, at least try to beat Brett out, and until someone does, Brett's the starting QB on this Packers team.

Things are looking kinda slow at the Packer Palace...I am sure Beer Kid is doing his yearly the carpets, repainting trim, cleaning up all the used Kleanex from the Bear fans when who were crying after skinning their knee's jumping off the '07 bandwagon..

Perhaps a bit of discussion as to our favorite players of all time.

So I post this little ditty:  If you had the chance to watch one game... past or present on the 50 yard line, row 15 at Lambeau Field...what game would it be?

Surprising enough, for me it would not be the '67 Ice bowl, but rather the '65 Mud bowl where Hornung & Taylor each ran for 100 yards. Every time I see the footage of Kramer & Thurston leading the power sweep and "old goat shoulder's" going in from the 12 yard line, it makes me proud. IMHO #5 was the best who ever wore the green & gold. What say you?

Old School Fan

Hey Old School, thanks for checking in during what Lemondrop used to call the "packer palace groundhog day effect". Where you check in, same thing, next day check in, same thing, next day check in, same thing, etc, etc... heh heheh heh eh.

Paul Hornung was an awesome all-around great football player... Lombardi knew how to use and motivate him. Your going to get several players who became the image of the Packers team when they played, WR Don Hutson, QB Brett Favre and founder Curly Lambeau to name just a few.


Gale Gillingham and Ken Bowman added to my list? 1967-68 Packers, Super Bowl II. Depending on your timing, there you are. (But I love Fuzzy the best, sorry Gilly!) These may also be names...


Hey lostinutah... in Regards to McCain, I guess it just depended on what time of the year he was a POW and whose names he was rattlin' off while under duress. Hey, I've been to Arches National Park, but the the best place in So.Utah to get lost, is Sego Canyon, where a some pretty wild Indian Rock Art can be found. Be Pack 4 Life!

Quoth Lombardi...

Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Thirsty For A Draft... 

It's a tough business, this craft called mock drafting. In guessing who the Packers will take, in the last 4 years no one has really been close. Oh taking A.J. Hawk in the #5 spot wasn't hard to choose, I was able to predict that, but in the drafts over the last few years. Nada. None of the hundreds of mock drafts that were reviewed and listed here at Packer Palace came even close. As for alleged hits, 4 years ago one draft had us taking CB Ahmad Carroll in the 2nd round (a general consensus 3rd round projection, so GM Mike Sherman took him in the 1st round) and 3 years ago a surprising entry for a 3rd round projected pick of RB Vernand Morency, who the Packers never drafted but arrived in a trade with the Houston Texans 2 years ago for RB Samkon Gado. Last year, no mock draft that I saw had the Packers taking DT Justin Harrell, a few had the right idea in the Packers taking a DT. Hard to call that track record impressive, so like I said it's a tough business.

But forward we go, so even though the Packers defense played pretty well last year almost all of the mock drafts are leaning towards the defensive side of the ball. Linebackers and Cornerbacks. Most of starting positions on the Packers roster are pretty much set, so anyone drafted down at the bottom of the 1st round would have to be a major improvement over the current player or they will have be happy with coming in and filling key backup roles. Of course by saying that I'm instantly reminded of S Nick Collins and (really a LT) OG Daryn Colledge and who-ever is in the other OG spot, Jason Spitz or Junius Coston. Neither one plays consistently well. And Nickelback, which is close to be a starting player these days.

It appears if you're drafting for a starting player, it's Safety or Guard. A drafted Cornerback could take away the Nickelback spot, otherwise the number 1 draft pick of the Green Bay Packers in 2008 is going to be fulfilling a backup and special teams role.

BeerKid - Pack 4 Life!


30.  Reggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma - Outside of the Giants I think the most impressive story this year was that of Green Bay. They went from a team that was completely rebuilding to a top 5 team in the NFL in the span of 2 years. They don’t need much help in the draft but could afford to add a versatile Secondary player into the mix. Reggie Smith is in my opinion one of the better secondary players of the bunch because of his versatility (he could line up at Free Safety or CB) and because he is a tremendous football player. He probably won’t run as fast as some, but his play makes up for that. Depth is a concern at Safety and they could use an upgrade at the Nickel. Also, they need to start thinking long term as Charles Woodson is not going to be around forever.

62.  Ray Rice, RB, Rutgers - I like Ray Rice a lot and think he can be a starter in the NFL despite his smaller size. I loved they way he ran at Rutgers behind a mediocre Offensive Line and think he has great potential. Outside of Ryan Grant the Packers could use playmakers at RB, so this is one of those value picks.

93.  Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas - Outside of Donald Lee the Pack lack options at TE. Bubba Franks has probably seen his last days and Finley is a real nice talent who if groomed properly (he is an early entry Sophomore) can add some quality depth and start in a 2 TE set.

Matt Chase - Fantasy Football Jungle

30.  Terrell Thomas, CB, USC - The age of Green Bay's current corners will begin to become an issue. That leaves the door open for Terrell Thomas, whose versatility will allow him to slide into Round 1.

Craig Smith - Walter's Football

30.  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State, 6-1, 185 - One of the surprises of the 2007 season was the play of the Packers defense. Green Bay has built a strong front 7 but has little depth outside of their top two corners. Both corners are over 30 and nickelback Will Blackmon, who has shown flashes, has been unable to stay healthy. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was a sleeper prospect early in the season but is on everyone’s radar now after a strong performance at the Senior Bowl where he showed he is willing to provide run support. The Packers could also look to improve the one weakness of their front seven, by selecting either Dan Connor or Erin Henderson to replace Brady Poppinga. The Packers also must find long term solutions at both offensive tackle positions, which could make Sam Baker or Gosder Cherilus interesting options.

60.  Fred Davis, TE, USC, 6-4, 250 - Davis could go much higher in the draft, but in terms of value, this is about right. Donald Lee emerged in 2007 for the Packers at TE, but there is little depth behind him and Davis is a superior down field threat.

Rob Tribbett - War Room Report;=view&id;=76&Itemid;=1&limit;=1&limitstart;=1

30.  Dan Connor, MLB/OLB, Penn St - All of a sudden the Packers are in pretty good shape. They have good receivers, a lead rusher with decent backups, quarterback in waiting, solid starting tight end and an offense line that has gotten the job done. It might be a best player available scenario and someone to push Brady Poppinga opposite of A.J. Hawk could be the choice unless they feel hard working rookie Desmond Bishop deserves a shot at competing there. If a player of Connor’s caliber is available when they pick it will be an easy choice and give them a dominating group of linebackers. He could start his career outside and ideally succeed Nick Barnett in the middle.

60.  Red Bryant, DT, Texas A&M; - Last year the Packers took Justin Harrell and this could be the guy playing next to him for years to come. The Giants ran effectively against them in the NFC Championship Game on their home turf playing in their conditions. They need to address that problem. Corey Williams is a free agent as well, and considering they carried 11 defensive linemen at the start of the season yet still ran out of healthy bodies I wouldn’t be surprised to see a quality addition if the opportunity arises.

91.  Mike McGlynn, OG, Pittsburgh - The Packers are getting old at the tackle positions. This gives them a player capable of providing relief with the ability to play guard or tackle. They will find a place for him to contribute, which might include long snapping duties. Right now other than Spitz looking set at one starting guard spot several others including Colledge, Barbre and Coston could be competing for the other spot.

124.  Trae Williams, CB, South Florida - Al Harris and Charles Woodson can still get it done as starting corners, but depth is a concern.

Gregory Cox - The Football Expert

30.  Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas - Charles Woodson just turned 31, while Al Harris, who was continuously burnt in the NFC Championship, will be 33 in December. I'd like to see the Packers add some young blood to their cornerbacking corps.

60.  Erin Henderson, OLB, Maryland - Without many needs, the Packers can afford to go Best Player Available, and that happens to be Erin Henderson, who can add depth to their linebacking corps.

91.  John Greco, OT, Toledo - The Packers have a great offensive line, but tackles Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher will be 32 and 31, respectively, prior to the start of the 2008 season. Without any major needs, Green Bay can afford to add depth to the position.

124.  Jacob Tamme, TE, Kentucky - The Packers love having tons of options at tight end on their roster. In the wake of Bubba Franks getting cut, I think they pick one relatively early in the draft.

Walter Cherepinksy - Walter's Football

30.  Leodis McElvin, CB, Troy - Al Harris and Charles Woodson is not getting any younger and there really doesn’t appear to be an heir apparent on their current roster. It must be nice to pick at 31 and still get a guy that can help you right away. The brass in GB really knows how to draft well. Just look at their offensive starters.

Jared Donnelly - The Football Expert

30.  Leodis McKelvin, CB, Troy St. - When Charles Woodson missed a couple games with a leg injury this season, it became apparent that the team’s biggest need was adding depth at corner. Al Harris isn’t getting any younger and adding a premier corner would make the Packers D even more stingy. McKelvin’s athleticism and quickness would give the Packers the luxury of using him as a nickel cornerback for a year before Harris or Woodson depart. Plus he can return punts, taking even more of the work load off of Woodson.

Paul Eide - The Football Expert

30.  Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cornerback, Tennessee State - The Packers need a solid nickel corner, and DRC ends up falling in the perfect situation. He has a huge body, amazing ball skills, speed, and instincts to become a complete NFL corner. However, he'll need to transition from his inferior competition, so landing with the Pack as nickel corner to start out is perfect. Eventually, he'll replace the aging Harris and Woodson, and by then he'll be at the peak of his game. Reminds me a lot of his cousin, Antoino Cromartie, in terms of natural athleticism and ball skills.

60.  Chilo Rachal, Offensive Guard, Southern California

92.  Tavares Gooden, Outside/Inside Linebacker, Miami

J39 - Football's Future

30.  Reggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma, 6-1, 197 - The Packers are in a position to draft the best available player as well, although they have some depth and age issues at certain positions. The secondary isn't getting any younger, and adding youth that can learn from Charles Woodson and Al Harris will benefit the Packers in the future. Please welcome Oklahoma's Reggie Smith.

Chris Steuber - NFL Scout Experts

30.  Branden Albert, G, Virginia - Mike Mayock recently broke down some game film of Branden Albert, and it just made me go, "WOW!" His athletic ability is insane for his size, so I love his fit in the Packers' zone-blocking scheme. He can play all four positions on the line for them (except center) and could start immediately at guard and be moved to tackle whenever Chad Clifton or Mark Tauscher decide to leave/retire.

Matt McGuire - Walter's Football

Blast From The Past... 

The Matrix:GB
Part One


The Matrix:GB
Part Two


Smarter Than The Average Cheesehead... 

Green Bay, WI -- A study released today by the University of Wisconsin-Stout's Department of Sports Psychology shows that the foam "cheesehead" hats, worn most notably by Green Bay Packer fans are "not primarily, as previously thought, an ensign of team loyalty but rather an affordable form of head insulation."

Among the study's findings are that cheesehead wearers are 33% less likely to be treated for frostbite of the ears and 66% less likely to suffer from "steaming head syndrome."

As a result of the studies findings, the management of the Packers are considering making cheeseheads mandatory headwear for all games games held at Lambeau Field in December and beyond.

Above joke ripped off from The Spoof.Com

A Public Service Announcement...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Word From Our Sponsor... 

The above 2 Beer Posters (although slightly modified) and also most of the Public Service Announcement posters can be found over at www.AllPosters.Com in their Alcohol Humor section of fine products.

McCain And The Pack... 

Packers related historical note taken from a paragraph on presidential candidate John McCain during his captivity in Vietnam over at his page on Wikipedia:
Although McCain was badly wounded, his captors refused to give him medical care unless he gave them military information; they beat and interrogated him, but McCain only offered his name, rank, serial number, and date of birth, Soon thinking he was near death, McCain said he would give them more information if taken to the hospital, hoping he could then put them off once he was treated. A prison doctor came and said it was too late, as McCain was about to die anyway. Only when the North Vietnamese discovered that his father was a top admiral did they give him medical care and announce his capture... Interrogation and beatings resumed in the hospital; McCain gave his ship's name, squadron's name, and the attack's intended target. Further coerced to give the names of his squadron members, he supplied the names of the Green Bay Packers' offensive line.

Well in 1967 the Green Bay Packers were the NFL Champions at the time, so many of the players names would have been known to just about every American around the planet. Go Pack!

Be Pack 4 Life!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Above logo contributed to Packer Palace for use by JM


Does anybody else remember when around this time of the year, the Packers would have their traveling basketball team?

I remember clearly when all of my hero's showed up here in Iowa. They played in the local high school against what I think was the local celebrity team ( the radio DJ's, the high school coaches, the city councilmen, etc)

The best part was getting them all to autograph my Green Bay Packer helmet after the game. I still have it, and remember some of the names of Scott Hunter, Clarence Williams, Cal Winthrow, Dick Himes and others. What a thrill for a 12 year old kid!

Old School Fan

Hey Old School, sure we remember some of that offseason activities. All I will say is if one of the players injured his knee while playing basketball during the offseason participating in something unrelated to football, as a fan, I would demand the GM and Head Coach to resign for being so stupid as to put the health of starting player on the line for some off season fun. Just saying...

Jerry Kramer, Fuzzy Thurston and Forrest Gregg! Heck, I can still do it!


Hey lostinutah, ummm, I wonder which names John McCain actually gave out... 1967 could mean the 1966 Packers Team - LT Bob Skoronski, LG Fuzzy Thurston, C Billy Curry, RG Jerry Kramer and RT Forest Gregg. I had to look it up, I wasn't sure of all 5, especially with other names floating around up in my head, like Jim Ringo, Ken Bowman, Gale Gillingham and Scott Wright, all played on Title Teams during the 60's.

While I do love the name "bubba" I have to harken back to a label applied to him by one our Packer faithfull who's name regretable fails me now...."He runs like he's pullin' a plow with his shoe laces tied together!" I'm glad he lost weight and got to see one more playoff but his hands were going and in this age of the business YOU GOTTA GO!! Sorry Bubba I loved you when you were here.

Big Ern said so!!!!!

Hey Big Ern, that wonderful quote - "Bubba runs like his shoe-laces are tied together and he's pulling a plow" - was something I heard on a Packers radio show back in early December 2006. It was a caller commenting on a play where Bubba was sent deep over the middle, and Brett threw an INT trying to get the ball to him. It has to stand as one of the all-time great descriptive quotes in the history of Packer Players.

Farewell Bubba!


S-M A-R-T Good move TT - I thought we would lose him. Green Bay -- Choosing to protect themselves against the almost certain loss of defensive tackle Corey Williams in free agency, the Green Bay Packers designated him as their franchise player Wednesday.

Joe from Ohio

Hey Joe, I'm surprised that they "tagged" DT Corey Williams, but if he stays our DL is much better with him than without him, and now that I see how TE Bubba Frank's salary was setup for this year, not so surprised that the Packers released him. I don't know what Williams counted against the salary cap to start the day, but he's on for 6.3 million now, and with Franks release, 3.5 million is gained back in salary cap relief for the Packers.

Hey BeerKid........ Here's what stands out before the draft to me. In the loses to Dallas and the Giants', we seemed to be losing the battle up front. O-line for the Pack: I haven't figured out if they just need another year or if they need a player. The Giant's controlled the Pack's O-line but they also pummeled Brady and shutdown the Cowboys in the second half.... enough said. Packer's D-line: I think the Giant's D-line explains why TT didn't let Harrell go in the draft. He needs a year, but studs for the D-line are hard to find and make a hell of a difference in big games! The Packer's D-line needs a stud or two. Someone who can step it up a gear when it counts. I thought things looked decent when they had a two deep rotation and the guys could play every play at 100%, Jolly's injury hurt! A great D-line will neutralize even a record setting offense. You can't run, you can't pass..... you can't win!!!!

So anyway, after a few years, Collin's still plays invisible.... is that good enough from our safety??? Someone needs to make plays and he don't seem to be in the mix much. Hawk is a #5 over-all, and is playing solid ball, but is that all you want from a #5? I don't think so!!! I think they need to put him in position to make plays!!! (See your thinking it too BeerKid!!) I think they need to open the QB spot for a competition. I'm tiring of the loft down the right sideline to the other team to end our seasons. History shows Favre as a good QB, but it doesn't show that he can take the team w/him. Even the SB they won, the kick returner was MVP. And they had a #1 defense to rely on. Can Rodgers stay healthy???

After my long windedness, I think they have to give the O-line another year to see if they can get consistent. You always grab a stud for the D-line if one's available, no matter what!!! The backs and receivers are decent, but you can't help but think what a difference a Peterson would make to the offense or a receiver that needs doubled.... A fast TE is what they NEED. LB's are good, need some depth. They aren't making a difference and I don't know if it's them or the scheme??? Corners are good, and they NEED some depth and replacements for the upcoming years. S is questionable. They NEED a player there. Could it be Rouse??? The way I see it, they NEED about three studs in certain spots(TE,S,DE Harrell and Jolly should do that next year) to make the next step. They NEED corner depth and an offensive threat (new TE) to make the offense dangerous. In the end, they NEED to draft the best player available. Over time that'll balance out. Guess TT might have to look at a F/A or two.....

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey Long Live the Pack!!! I would like to see a DE drafted early, but now with the tagging of Corey Williams, you can almost guarantee that the Packers aren't going to sink anymore money into the Defensive Line. How many years are we going to go without decent NFL starting caliber guys at Offensive Guard? Bubba's probably happy now that he almost surely go to a team that won't ask him to "float" into the backfield to help out the o-line block. Best player available (excluding QB) is what TT always says he is going to do (well he includes QB) and so now what do we fans expect... an OT or CB would be nice... a WR or RB could be bonus. Be Pack 4 Life!

How about Terell Suggs coming to Green Bay? Any interest? Do we have any chance for any of the premier Free Agents? Suggs wearing the green & gold playing OLB... makes me think of "the Stork" or Bryce Paup

I say our needs (in no particular order) Are corner back, outside linebacker, offensive tackle, tight end. Who is out there in the draft?

Old School Fan

Hey Old School, there's little chance that TT and the Packers will go after any high-priced high-talent free agents, it's just not his modus operandi. I was wondering when D-Coordinator Bob Sanders will finally place Hawk in the middle, place Poppinga in a more pass-rushing blitzing role, and place Barnett over the TE. It seems the natural roles for the Packers linebackers...

Quoth Lombardi...

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Thirsty For A Draft... 

Now that the 2007 post-season blues are behind us, we can start looking to the future and the next big day for the Green Bay Packers, the NFL Draft. It's still some 9 weeks away yet, but you can start to see certain trends coming from the mock draft prognosticators. The Packers are believed to need some more young depth, especially at CB, LB and OT. All very true points, the Packers also need a DE to come in and take the starting position away from both pass rushing specialist KGB, and power end Cullen Jenkins, who may fit back in as a DT, considering that DT Corey Williams may be chasing big bucks in another town.

So for your entertainment, I've just started to browse the mock drafts that offer up some actual useful commentary rather than the majority who just throw some names out there and call it a mock draft prediction. Here's the first batch, carefully cultivated and I'm sure that as things get closer to the actual draft weekend, we will start to see some changes for the Packers draft expectations, so go grab a beer and take it as you would, for what it's worth, it's going to take awhile.

So are you thirsty for a draft? I am, and I'm bellying up to the bar right at this moment...

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


30.  Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, DB, Tennessee St. - Rogers-Cromartie is a late riser that would be a great fit for the Pack. He has all the talent to develop at corner, and would learn a lot of behind Al Harris and Charles Woodson. He could provide depth at corner and safety immediately, while developing into a starting corner down the line.

Robert Davis - Football's Future

30.  Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, DB, Tennessee St. - Al Harris and Charles Woodson are one of the better starting cornerback combos in the league but to say the Packers have little or no depth behind them would be an understatement. This would actually be the perfect situation for Rodgers-Cromartie because he wouldn't be forced into a starting job right away and could instead learn behind two of the best in the business. "DRC" put on a show at the Senior Bowl and even though he has to bulk up he is a rare athlete with terrific height, leaping ability and ball skills. In fact, the resemblance to his cousin, Antonio Cromartie, is uncanny.

60.  Philip Wheeler, ILB, Georgia Tech - Athletic linebacker who can play either inside or outside to provide some much-needed depth.

Scott Wright's Draft Countdown

30.  Tracy Porter, CB, Indiana - After Al Harris' performance in the NFC Championship Game cornerback may have instantly risen to the top of the Packers needs list. Porter is undersized, but is as physical as any cornerback in the draft. He may also be the fastest cornerback, with enough speed to match up with any receiver in the NFL.

62.  Dustin Keller, TE, Purdue - Donald Lee stepped up, but he isn't the long term answer.

Ryan McCrystal's Draft Ace

30.  Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona - The Packers have done a great job with their roster the last couple of years and go into this offseason without a glaring weakness, especially since the running game was solidified the second half of the season. The Packers are likely to make upgrading their pass defense their biggest priority. Antoine Cason would be the likely choice. He has all the athletic tools in addition to great instincts, and he showed in college that he has the ability to be a shut-down NFL corner.

60.  Ali Highsmith, OLB, LSU - Highsmith will help the Packers set their linebacking corps for the next several seasons.

Thomas Scott - FF Toolbox

30.  Reggie Smith, CB/S, Oklahoma - Why: BECAUSE GOD HATES THE GIANTS. Why can't he just fall one more pick!? I mean, I could theoretically MAKE him drop, but that would require me ruining the integrity of my draft. Oh well. Smith is versatile and can either take over for Nick Collins at safety, or be groomed to play the corner spot after the two wiley old vets hang it up.

61.  Philip Wheeler, ILB, Georgia Tech

93.  Mike McGlynn, OT, Pittsburgh

124.  Kellen Davis, TE, Michigan State

BattleRex99 - Football's Future

30.  Dominique Rogers-Cromartie, DB, Tennessee St. - Division 1AA prospect known for blazing speed and good size (6' 1" 180 lbs) showed he could compete with the big boys at the Senior Bowl where he mostly played free safety and dominated all week in practice and the game.

NFL Draft Dog

30.  Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State - The Packer D is starting to improve, which means they can finally focus first round attention on an offensive playmaker. A Running Back may be considered, but considering Donald Driver's age and Green Bay's overall lack of WR depth, Bowman makes the most sense onsidering his size.

NFL Report

30.  Dan Connor, LB, Penn St. - The Packers need depth behind Al Harris and Charles Woodson, both getting up there in years. But with the top echelon of defensive backs off the board, the Packers are able to upgrade at OLB and get Connor who is great value at #30. Brady Poppinga has been a solid starter, but Connor adds to depth and competiton with Poppinga on the outside. Connor, Nick Barnett, and A.J. Hawk make for a nice nucleus. The Packers could still take a DB, but Connor I believe is too good to pass up (and also a way to stick it to those Giants who beat them with the Giants most likely going to take Connor if he was there at 31).

61.  Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona - Some people think the Packers may take Cason in the first round. Getting him in the 2nd round would be a dream scenerio. Cason falls cause of questionable speed.

91.  Barry Richardson, OT, Clemson - Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher are getting up there in age and at one time Richardson was a first round pick. Four year starter in college, if he can improve his technique and play with a killer instinct, could be a real steal.

Michael Abromowitz - The Football Expert

30.  Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh - A recent reader e-mail pointed out that the Packers may be tempted to take an offensive lineman in this spot. I'll admit it: at first I was skeptical. But as I've given it thought, it tends to make more and more sense, particularly with a talent like Otah on the board. He will need time for seasoning, but Green Bay wouldn't need him immediately, which could be a win-win situation.

Draft King

30.  Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona - Although they fell a bit short this year, there is a bright future in Green Bay. With big-play young guys in Ryan Grant and Greg Jennings, an heir-apparent to Favre in Aaron Rodgers, a good young leader in Mike McCarthy, and a solid young defense, there is no reason to think the Packers won't be contenders for years to come. As for needs going into next year, the Pack could use some depth behind Al Harris and Charles Woodson at CB, and a guy like Antoine Cason of Arizona would be a great addition. If you followed college football at all for the past two seasons then you know what Cason is capable of. During big Pac-10 contests, Cason has ruined the BCS dreams of Cal and Oregon in the last two seasons respectively, by taking a pick to the house to propel Arizona to victory. A high-character player, Cason has good speed and coverage ability, as well as some talent in the return game.

61.  Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College

92.  Geno Hayes, LB, Florida State

Consensus Draft Services

30.  Jeff Otah, T, Pittsburgh, 6’6, 335, 5.3 - Otah may not last this long if he has a solid workout, but in this draft he does. Clifton and Tauscher are both over 30 so Otah could develop his raw talent for a couple years before playing.

59.  Justin King, CB, Penn St, 5’11, 180, 4.3 - The Packers have very little behind Harris and Woodson. King may not be as physical as those two but has great speed to recover if beaten.

92.  Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri, 6’5, 248, 4.8 - Rucker was an all-star at Missouri and could be a dominant tight end at the NFL level if he puts it all together.

Joey Bures, The Football Expert

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We've Been Nominated... 

Titletown Awards

nominations for

Best Packer Blog 2008 and Packer Fan Web Design Excellence

    Dear Beer Kid,

    It gives us great pleasure to tell you that Packer Palace has been nominated for: The Titletown Award for Best Packer Blog 2008 & Packer Fan Web Design Excellence

    I am happy to say that you are the only site nominated for two awards. We feel it only fitting considering what a pioneer you are in the World Wide Web that is The Pack, not to mention your site rocks!

    We are announcing the nominees today, Friday February 15th 2008 on our website:

    The Titletown Award is Cheesehead TV’s way of giving recognition and props to leaders in the World Wide Web of the Green Bay Packers. Winners will be announced Wednesday February 27th 2008 at 1PM.

    Good luck!

    Corey & Aaron - Cheesehead TV

A big thanks to Corey and Aaron over at Cheesehead TV for nominating Packer Palace in their soon-to-be prestigious Titletown Awards. Packer Palace is apparently the only website that's been nominated in 2 different categories: Best Packer Blog 2008, which includes many, many, many of you who contribute regularly, and as for the Packer Fan Web Design Excellence nomination, well that's why I keep BeerScout hidden around in the background for, that's his specialty, he's the graphical martial arts master.

So thanks to BeerScout, JM, Lemondrop, Lady K, Boz, DiAGC, Big Ern said so!!!, Coach Carl, lostinutah, Camp, Packer Paul, Diener34, Joe from Ohio, Luke, Chris, Long Live the Pack and all of the rest of a cast of thousands, we look at our stats, we know who you are. Thanks again to Packer Transplants Corey and Aaron, thanks again and again and again to everyone...

I'll leave off with a quote that Scott - formerly Drunk on Water St. emailed back to me on why he listed Packer Palace as a Packers website that provided great info in one of the forums, "Packer Babes, stupid beer stories, funny animation, and general arrested adolescent behavior IS “great info” as far as I am concerned."

We appreciate all the high praise.

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!


Hey, I'm a little late jumping in here, but congrats on the nominations. I pop in two or three times a week, sometimes every day. Your graphics slay me every time. It's great being a Packer fan and your site keeps the tradition alive and the camaraderie flowing. Just how it should be.


Congrats to Packer Palace! I hope you guys clean up. This is by far the best Packers site. I rarely post messages, but I've been hitting this site a couple times a week for a few years. Your slightly twisted team logos, videos, and babes rock. Keep up the good work.

Ruppert--stuck in the land of the mud ducks

Hey BeerKid, Congrats on the nom.... how neat to be picked out of hundreds of Packer sites. You and 'Sir Scout' rock in my opinion. I frequent your site the most, followed by, then Cheesehead University. I can't decide which I like most here - the revamped logos, or the cartoons.... hmmmm.... let me get back to you on that one! Overall, just glad to have a site like this to go to for all that is the Green Bay Packers.

Keep up the good work. Hope you win both awards. Go Pack!

Lady K

Congratulations on the well overdue props! I have been coming to PackerPalace for years – The bolgs are great reading – I agree with your takes more often than not.

2008 will be another magical year – keep the faith!!

Joe from Ohio

Hey BeerKid, It's well deserved. You've got a nice well balanced site here. You do a great job mixing it all together along w/your interesting commentary. It's been my first stop almost every morning (depending on the season) for a few years now and will continue so. Keep up the good work!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Dearest PP, Congrats in the nominations. Beware: next thing y'all know we'll be talkin ESPY's.

Sinceriously, Go Pack, Go!

Hey Sinceriously, I can see it now, a nomination letter from Chris Berman and the ESPN Staff for one of their coveted EPSY Awards. "Dear BeerKid & BeerScout & the cast of thousands, We had to create a new category for our ESPY Awards, it's the "Amongst Fans Of The Same Team, Gentlemanly, Civilized Discussion Most Likely To Devolve Into Broken Beer Bottle Bar Fight" and you've been nominated." With echoes of TT Lover and TT Hater bouncing down the block, we would like to thank ESPN... dreaming on, Be Pack 4 Life!

Congrats BeerKid on the nomination! Finding this site has added to my enjoyment of being a Packer fan... and knowing that there other people besides me obsessed with this team makes me a little less worried about my sanity!


Hey lostinutah, don't worry 'bout your insanity, you look just fine standing here with all of us "normal" people. Pack 4 Life!

Way to go BK and BeerScout!

The Packer Palace Rocks! The Cheesehead TV crew musta been at the Pack vs panther game - Thanks Corey and Aaron for the footballs!

Personally, I think the Public Service Announcements make it important enough for all Packer Fans to stop at the Palace at least twice/week, but that's just me.

BK, When You gonna open the Packer Palace Store? Hey Goodell, take two weeks off, then quit!


Hey Boz, I'm sure the Packer Transplants guys are excited to know that their Cheesehead TV Football has made into your Packers Shrine. Go Pack! Ummmm, I see you already have our plans for 2008... you mind sending those in so BeerScout and myself can have a look-see and know what we have planned for the coming year. Go Pack!



Beer Kid, Beer Scout, and all you sops like me who love Packer Palace:

Congratulations on making this the best place for Packers anything! I don't feel compelled to compare this site to any others because Packers Palace is truly one-stop shopping. Come here and you can get(or get to) everything you need.


Duane in Almost God's Country

Quoth Lombardi...

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Peyton, Tom and Brett... 

God asks Peyton Manning first: 'What do you believe?' Peyton thinks long and hard, looks God in the eye, and says, 'I believe in hard work, and in staying true to family and friends. I believe in giving. I was lucky, but I always tried to do right by my fans.'

God can't help but see the essential goodness of Manning, and offers him a seat to his left.

Then God turns to Tom Brady and says, 'What do you believe?' Tom says, 'I believe passion, discipline, courage and honor are the fundamentals of life. I, too, have been lucky, but win or lose, I've always tried to be a true sportsman, both on and off the playing fields.'

God is greatly moved by Tom's sincere eloquence, and he offers him a seat to his right.

Finally, God turns to Brett Favre: 'And you, Brett, what do you believe?'

Brett replies, 'I believe you're in my seat.'

Golf on Christmas Morning...

Four former Green Bay Packers players were playing their weekly game of golf, when one remarked how for Christmas this year he'd love to wake up on Christmas morning, roll out of bed and without an argument go directly to the golf course, meet his buddies and play a round.

His buddies all chimed in and said, "Let's do it! We'll make it a priority, figure out a way and meet here early, Christmas morning." Months later, that special morning arrives, and there they are on the links.

The first guy says, "Boy this game cost me a fortune! I bought my wife such a diamond ring that she can't take her eyes off it." Number 2 guy says, "I spent a ton too. My wife is at home planning the cruise I gave her. She was up to her eyeballs in brochures." Number 3 guy says " Well my wife is at home admiring her new car, reading the manual."

They all turn to the last guy in the group and he is staring at them like they have lost their minds. "I can't believe you all went to such expense for this golf game. I whispered in my wife's ear and said, 'Well babe, is it sex or golf?' and she said, 'take a sweater'."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spew Off Speak Out... 

No need to waste any draft picks or time on another QB!

BeerScout - Pack Graphics 4 Life!

So after the roger clements trials now the word around the camp-fire is that "billicheat" will have to answer why the defense tapes were destroyed without NFL permission....Wow maybe they should combine randy moss's sexual assault, tom bradys paternity and bills into one big trial date and let don king sell it on pay-per-view? I'll pay upwards of 2 to 3 bucks to see that circus.

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Big Ern, if it's a circus you want... a circus you may just get. This spy-gate stuff is not over yet... it's will get uglier.

Zach Thomas. I'd take him. Go get him TT. Probably not.

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hey Hamilton, Zach's too old these days, so for TT going after him, you're right, probably not.

If reading this story about "Belacheat" doesn't want to make you throw-up more than drinking 3.2 Minnesota beer, nothing will.

Belichick has been taping since 2000

Uncle Paul (Tagliabue), please go back and grab the NFL bull by the balls, fire Goodell, then kick his ass! I was so naive to think the NFL was the only pro sport that still had at least a tiny bit of integrity… Boy was I wrong!!!

Don’t get me wrong, there are a-hell-of-a-lot-more important things in this society that Sen. Specter should be working on. But this, this is a kick in the groin for all the other 31 teams in the NFL.


Hey Boz, there's obviously some major reason for letting this slide by... but when you don't come clean, and there were no stories about Beli-cheat doing this since 2000 back in September, everyone gets throw out their best conspiracy story, and the NFL can't stop that, they (as in a lawyer, sent by the NFL) destroyed the evidence on the spot. Something incredibly rotten has happened... and the NFL doesn't want us fans to know about it.

Word has it that that there intraweb thingy is "rife with rumors" about TT's non-response to a Viking blog report about an Aaron Rodgers trade because of Craig Nall's rocket arm and 123.8 QB rating (in real games) that just won't go away.

"6'3' last I looked... was the supposed comment." U(DD)ER CRAP! say most intelligent people.... except for BeerScout...


Hey Tirademan... you know we've always agreed that backup QB Craig Nall has shown decent promise... it's the main reason why many of us fans believe that drafting Aaron Rodgers was a wasted pick... better spent on a different roster position. But Nall just delivers, not many QB's can come in during mop-up time and complete deep balls into prevent defense coverages... but yet he does.

I Love The Turkey Bear!!!!!!!!! He's awesome..I wanna marry him, It been the highlight of this month and nights. It's amazing!!!

Cornillious Humpbert

Turkey Man is my idol I wish he was my papa! or mama...

Bruno B. Borris

Hey Guys, that wonderful Turkey Bear - Seen here - was contributed to Packer Palace by JM, during last years run-up to Super Bowl XLI, you know, the one where the Bears laid an egg while on the field trying to play the Colts.

The bears suck, the vikings suck, the lions ALWAYS suck, as long as the cowboys and 9'ers suck, the universe will always un-fold as it should.

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Big Ern, thanks for the clarification on the meaning of life. Go Pack!

Quoth Lombardi...

The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall.

Caps From The Pro Bowl... 

Just some of the key moments captured from the NFL Pro Bowl Game last Sunday in Hawaii... Click on the above image of Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and WR Donald Driver for a few more.

BeerScout - Pack Graphics 4 Life!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aloha From Hawaii... 

Aloha! Well although I'm not personally in Hawaii, I'm sure that Green Bay Packers Donald Driver, Chad Clifton, Al Harris, Aaron Kampman, head coach Mike McCarthy and Brett Favre (although he declined to attend) and the rest of the Packers coaching staff that got to attend are wishing all of us Packers Fans their own version of Aloha from the NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii today. Stay in the sun, Mahalo, Aloha!

Update: Coach Mike McCarthy and the NFC Team win 42-30 over the AFC in the Pro Bowl. Al Harris led the NFC defense with 5 tackles. Aaron Kampman had 3 tackles with 1 sack. Donald Driver caught 2 passes for 31 yards and Chad Clifton's play at Tackle looked his usual solid. The Packers represented well.

Be Pack 4 Life!

A Public Service Announcement... 

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Speak Out... with DiAGC 

Ted Thompson has done a spectacular job in a relatively short time. I’ve skirted using what I’ve called the “R” word - rebuilding - and had thought that I was in denial; as much as it has appeared to be a rebuilding period for our Packers, I couldn’t admit that it was. And now I am sure, sure that we have not been rebuilding. The project that Thompson began on January 14, 2005 is something different. It is an “R” word, but a different one. This is a restoration. A one-off restoration, like what you’d like to do with that car in the garage, but don’t have the time or budget for. Ted has the time, and he has control of the budget. And he’s gotten further in this restoration of the true classic that is the Green Bay Packers than anyone thought possible, even as recently as last year.

Ted Thompson is the hired mechanic, and the first thing a mechanic does in any restoration is go out to the garage and take a hard, critical look at the project. Not a wistful, nostalgic look, the kind you’d take, remembering all the good times cruising around with the top down, not caring about how much gas you were burning. Remembering is good, but when the driver’s seat is worn and the top won’t go down and the handling isn’t what it should be, and the shine just isn’t there any more, you have to recognize that, and hire a good impartial mechanic.

In 2005 Thompson does just that. He looks at the thing, coldly some say, and assesses all the components. Clearly, it’s been neglected, but just as clearly there’s a good foundation. Solid frame, check. Incredible high-performance engine, check. It certainly doesn’t need replacement, and it doesn’t need an overhaul, just a thorough tune-up. Transmission, check. Looks like it’s been replaced a couple of times already. (The one that was in there from ‘92 to ‘98 was removed to go into a different car where it could control the gear ration and all the other parts. That hardly ever works, and now someone’s gone and put that kind of transmission in here. That’s probably gotta go.) But this thing is driveable, so he’ll see how it performs on the road. And so on, through all the other parts, too.

First, Thompson reconfigures that dual-purpose transmission, and then realizes he has to replace it with a brand new one. He spends a couple of years going to high-performance expos, hot rod shops and swap meets, and he replaces a lot of parts, rebuilds some others. He sees that some parts seem to be functioning well, but they’re costing him a lot of money, when he knows he can get OEM pieces that should work as well for a lot less, so he does that, and he tunes up that rare, one-of-a-kind high-performance engine, giving it a modern, state-of-the art ignition and timing system that will keep it running efficiently, but still be able to really put out some power when needed.

So the major work is done, and this beauty is almost back to it’s glory. But now maybe the hardest part of the project is upon our mechanic. There are always those hard-to-find parts that you search for and search for, always hoping to find one that’s a little, or a lot, better than the one there now. Sometimes it’s seemingly minor things, like that emblem that looks good from a few feet away, but shows it’s flaws when you get up close. Or that worn component that casual observers don’t see anyway, but you know it’s there, and you know it may keep you from that Best of Show award you’re after. So he’ll keep looking and keep tinkering and keep trying to find the highest quality parts to put into this ongoing restoration, all the time having in the back of his mind the haunting reality that every engine eventually has to be replaced. Oh, he’s got one he’s been building, but he knows it’s unlikely it’ll ever out-perform the one he’s got.

But this is the fun time. He’s done enough so that when you take it out on the street everybody’s impressed. It looks good and sounds great, and once in a while you even light ‘em up, just so people know it’s more than just an old but pretty car. And when the show season starts again in a few months it’ll be better than it was. And that’s what we need to keep reminding ourselves: every restoration is a never-ending project. I’m just glad we finally found a mechanic who knows what he’s doing.


Duane in Almost God's Country


DiAGC... Brilliant. That was awesome. Out of curiosity - do we, as a group, recall how we've felt towards Ted Thompson over time? I've seldom heard him referred to as a genius. And coach Mike... We gave it to him pretty hard too, and he's off to a better start than the legends for which streets are named.

Ladies and gentlemen... I do believe it's time to start being optimistic.

Luke in Dallas

Hey Duane, Thanks again for contributing... I'm still stuck in the stubborn camp... it's easy for a GM to re-sign Barnett, Kampman, draft Hawk, etc, etc, and the Packers have done extremely well lately, risen every fans expectations to a point that we expect the Packers to win each week. Most of that credit should go to coach McCarthy though, in-experienced as he is, he's done a great job with a few old veterans and a handfull of developing young players.

TT a genius, I'm not going that far... 3 years in and we the team still doesn't have decent NFL caliber starting OG's, but otherwise it appears the Packers are set with decent young talent, so I will grudgingly give TT credit for that. Go Pack!

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Duane, I'm struggling also to give all the credit to TT. I just can't begin to wrap my head around the concept that he could POSSIBLY be responsible for all this--even a little bit. So, before I cave in, is there anyone in the front office that could be actually running the show, and TT just takes credit for it? You know, kinda like when the game is won or lost, it falls mostly on the QB? ; )

I just can't accept that 'ol deer-in-the-headlights is a football genuis. So, until I get further proof, I don't consider him the 'mechaninc'. Just the shop manager. The one that sits around and makes sure the other guys do their job to make his month-end numbers look good. Hmmm, I wonder who sits in with him on regular meetings? There's gotta be some lowly office gopher that makes a suggestion here and there, and TT, fresh out of ideas, gives em a shot. And ultimately gets the credit. Find that gopher, and you find your genuis! ; )

All kidding aside, I am still out on who should get the credit for the success we had this year. Technically, IF TT engineered all this, Mc Carthy still has to make it work--on a daily basis. (You buy a race horse from a world famous breeder, but someone still has to train it to win.)You can have the best cast of players, but you have to make them play together to be successful. You have to get them and your coaches to buy into your program. TT had nothing to do with that. You might say, 'well, TT brought Mc Carthy here'. True, but Mc Carthy still has to be the one to do the work. TT's work was done when he got them here. You don't have to be agenuis for that, just have a hunch. So, I'll give TT credit for foresight, but aside from gotta give me more than that to work with to convince me. (sorry) Go Pack!

Lady K


Luke, you are too kind. Just to set the record straight, I have yet to use the "G" word when referring to TT. I may never. That is rarified, reserved for the very few who establish a life's work worthy of the designation.

Duane in Almost God's Country

Duane, that was better written than most of the NFL stories on the Fox sports or CBS Sportsline.

Neither TT or MM is great, but Ted seems to draft the types of guys Mike can squeeze a lot out of. That goes a long ways.


This is a great conversation. It's been a long time, but I don't recall the kind of skepticism Thompson is seeing being leveled at Ron Wolf during his early years with the team. Is it because Wolf came in after decades of futility and our expectations were so dulled that back-to-back 9-7 seasons made us giddy? Is it because he hired Mike Holmgren, Super Bowl winner and Thompson hired Mike Who? Is it because Reggie White's decision to play in Green Bay offset all the day-to-day GM work he did, including the now famous he-gave-a-first-round-pick-for-who trade? Keep in mind that TT is a RW protégé.

I absolutely give McCarthy his due for coaching the players he has, as young as they are, and for his usually excellent game planning and his gameday management. (Remember, he's the new "transmission".)

So I agree the jury is still out on Thompson, and McCarthy gets a lot of credit, too.

Anyone want to buy a 1967 Olds 442 convertible project car?


Duane in Almost God's Country

The jury may still be out on TT, but to "refine my analysis", the last 2 years under coach McCarthy has exceeded most Packers fans expectations, and certainly above all the NFL analysts in North America expectations, and some of that success can be attributed to TT.

The 3 back to back to back 9-7 seasons to start the Wolf-Holmgren era, still had measurable progress, miss the playoffs the 1st year, playoff road games (win in Det, loss to Dal) for the 2nd year and host a playoff game (win over Det) followed by a road game (loss to Dal) in the 3rd year. Then it was another 2 years before the Super Bowl XXXI win. Well now, looking at it that way, the TT/MM era is off to a much quicker start in their 2 seasons together. Is their 3rd time going to be a Packers Charm?

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Quoth Lombardi...

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

NY Giants = Super Bowl Champions! 

Wow, who would have guessed that the horse the Giants were riding all season long would take them up to the Super Bowl Championship podium? Not many of us, that's for sure. The New York Giants put one over on the New England Patriots though, winning 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII, and get to take home to New Jersey the Lombardi Trophy.

Would the Packers have given the Patriots a better game. Possibly, the teams are the same in their offensive strategy, in other words, they can't power run the ball when it counts the most. The Giants Defense controlled the Patriots line of scrimmage much the same way they did in the NFC Championship game against the Packers.

One question for Bill Belichek, if you have a kicker who can't kick a 49yd FG inside a dome, why is he on your team? That was 4th and 13 yards, the Patriots were barely completing 7yd passes down field, let alone 13. It took the Giants 1st down run of 5 yards, to put the ball right back where it would have been on a missed FG. 4th and 5, sure go for it, 4th and 13, kick the FG.

Congrats to the Super Bowl Champions New York Giants, you did it almost the hardest way possible, as the 5th seed on the road through the 4th, 1st and 2nd seeds home fields and through an undefeated AFC opponent in the big game. Congratulation's.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Yes, congrats to ELI / PLAXICO & the rest of the g-men. Thanks for slaying the evil empire that is BILL BELICHEAT & PRETTY-BOY BRADY. It still stings that our PACKERS lost, but hey... we lost to the world champions & scored more points VS NY than the CHEATRIOTS.

Chuck Cole

Above logo contributed to Packer Palace for use by JM


Woooo Hooooo! Checked In before closing, and great to see posts. Atta guy, BeerKid! YOU ROCK! Got to love all the Internet stuff about Brady losing, Pats losing, Boston losing, the Boston Globe guy, who wrote the book 19-0, losing. Belichick losing, and sad? as that was, left HIS team their fans and the whole world watching with .01 seconds to go?

Funny how JUSTICE comes around to the honest. No wonder we are PACKER FANS! Lemme hear a HOOOOOOOO RAH!


Congratulations Giants!!! What a great game!!! I’m convinced that these words were spoken last night: As he sat next to Wellington "The Duke" Mara, Vince looked down on the Super Bowl, and said, “I'm honored that your team just won the Championship Trophy the League named after me”...

I also found this cool story linking the Giants and the Packers on the web from the New York Daily News 1/24/08: "Her husband is more than two years gone now and so she is the official head of the Mara family, the one who connects this Giants team to the ones of the 1950s, when the Giants owned New York as much as any New York sports team ever has.

Now the Giants own New York all over again, as much as they ever did in the glory days. And Ann Mara, the grande dame of the whole operation, out of a time in New York when you just would have called her a great dame, period, enjoys the ride as much as anybody in town.

"Let me tell you about Green Bay," she said yesterday. "This is before we even got to the stadium on Lombardi Ave., before it was Lombardi this and Lombardi that. This was at the hotel the night before [in Appleton, Wis.]. They even had a Lombardi Steakhouse, with a letter from my husband framed on the wall. All this Lombardi around you, no matter where you turned, and all I could think was, 'Vinny used to sleep on our couch!'"

It was the middle 1950s, after she and Well Mara had married. Vince Lombardi, Mr. Mara's old Fordham classmate, was an assistant coach with the Giants and still living over in Jersey. When he would work late, and he would work late in those days, he would just spend the night at the Maras' apartment. "1040 Park Ave.," Ann Mara said. "We didn't know at the time we had an immortal sleeping on the hideaway."


Well, even though it hurt to root for NY, I am glad I did. Congrats to them for knockin NE out of the race to be perfect. In my opinion, especially based on what transpired in the last 2 seconds of the game, they didn't deserve it. Beli-jerk knew that they had to officially let the clock expire before the game was called. What did he do? He proceeds to go out and 'attempt' to shake Coughlin's hand, barley even making eye contact, and then bolts to the locker room, taking half the team with him. The only Patriots I saw staying on the field were those from the d-line, that had to line up for the final kneel down, and then they split too. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see NOT ONE Patriot player stick around and congratulate the Giants. What classless jerks! Usually you'll see the other team give the other team their props, and then leave to allow them to celebrate. I didn't see that with these guys. You have the WORLD watching you, and you can't show more class than that?! Even during his post-game interview, Beli-jerk was a class-A punk! Now of course, Moss and a couple of the others had a few nice comments to say during the press conference, but come on! So much for true sportsmanship!

So anyway, I still stand by my opinion that I'm glad NE lost. NE doesn't deserve to win, based on how they handle their losses. I know a lot was riding on this game, reaching 19-0 would've been a huge feat. But considering you were 18-0 you'd think you'd have a lot more class in defeat.

So, now comes the awful months-long wait. First, the wait to find out whether-or-not Brett will come back,(I think he is, by the way) and then the wait until August and the pre-season so we can do this all over again. I am confident that with the schedule we have for next year, we should do pretty well. I wouldn't be surprised if we win at least 12 next season. Can't wait! Until then, I guess I'll relive this season's highlights by visiting the Palace archives to tide me over....sigh

Hmmmm, did T-Bone forget to pay his monthly AOL bill, and now can't get internet access? What happened? (Oh T-Boned, where are you?) Perhaps he's still huddled in the corner of a dark room, crying over the facts I dropped about his no winning 'Lyin's'. He must still be in the denial stage, yet has no answer for all that knowledge. I'm anxiously awaiting his rebuttal. This could take some time.... GO PACK GO!!

Lady K

Well, at least we lost to the Giants by the same point spread as the Pats did. HA. Although I am very melancholy - we could have done this all the way, kids. Sigh.


Ok time for me too spew off, First off when did Al harris become an all pro CB,Has been.. gonna be an average CB oh sure hes a stud when you've got joey thomas or ahman carrol on the other side. Too easy to throw their way. Hope TT boy doesn't give Ryan Grant a new contract.Let him run for 15 or 16 hundred yards and 2000 all purpose yards next year then talk new contract.While we are on TT boy, lets hope he does something in free agency this year. Like asante samuel, jared allen a real stud at their position a game changer. and for the offense maybe allen faneca one of the colts guards, something before that window of opportunity closes Like what has happened in chicago. Draft a stud running back another CB,OT,TE Whatever!
But, Please make some waves in free agency.Or there will be another pre SUPERBOWL exit from the playoffs.


Hey chilwil, I think that even though he gets alot of pro-bowl votes from fans, opposing WR's don't like play against his aggressive style, so he would get votes from them

With the Giants stunning victory in the Super Bowl, we can now reflect upon how much their defense has been underestimated. They totally tore TB a new one and maybe that helps explain how they were able to stymie the Packers. In fact, I think the Packers handled the Giants better than the Pats.

Manning is not an impressive QB, but he does not make a lot of mistakes. The defense kept them in this game and at least gave them an opportunity to win.

We felt cheated by losing to the Giants, but perhaps everyone failed to see just how good they have gotten over the last couple of months. The Packers still should have won, but the loss does not look as ridiculous now as it did just two weeks ago.


Pacfan why did we take Koren Robinson then? Get real about the Randy Moss thing. All this talk about character....


Hey Packerboy, I know Moss runs really smooth, but it doesn't look like he's ever running hard, or trying hard to get in position to catch a miss-thrown ball, I think it's finally dawned on me that the Packers were smart to pass on him.

I got that same pic (old geezer Brett) in email SOOOO many times this last few days, I could physically now vomit. My reply to all of them? OMG, I HOPE I AM STILL ALIVE TO SEE THAT!


Quoth Lombardi...

Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing - the result.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday... 

A Voice In The Darkness
The Seven Dwarfs were marching through the forest one day they fell in a deep, dark ravine. Snow White, who was following along, peered over the edge of the steep chasm and called out to the fallen dwarfs. From the depths of the dark hole a voice returned, "The Chicago Bears are Super Bowl contenders."

Snow White thought to herself, "Thank God... at least Dopey's alive!"

How Many...
Q: How many Vikings does it take to win a Superbowl?

A: No one knows, and we may never find out!

Cold Day In Hell
A new arrival in Hell was brought before the devil. The devil told his demon to put the man to work on a rock pile with a 20 pound sledge hammer in 95 degree heat with 95% humidity. At the end of the day, the devil went to see how the man was doing, only to find him smiling and singing as he pounded rocks. The man explained that the heat and hard labor were very similar to those on his beloved farm back in Michigan.

The devil told his demon to turn up the heat to 120 degrees, with 100% humidity.

At the end of the next day, the devil again checked on the new man, and found him still happy to be sweating and straining. The man explained that it felt like the old days, when he had to clean out his silo in the middle of August on his beloved farm back in Michigan.

At that, the devil told his demon to lower the temperature to -20 degrees with a 40 mph wind.

At the end of the next day, the devil was confident that he would find the man miserable. But, instead the man was singing louder than ever, twirling the sledge hammer like a baton.

When the devil asked him why he was so happy, the man answered, "Cold day in hell - the Lions must have won the Super Bowl!"

In Common...
Q: What does a stolen car and the Vikings have in common?
A: No Title.

Q: What separates the one good team from the bad teams in the NFC North?
A: The Wisconsin border.

Post Game Party
After the big Super Bowl party, Doug figured he better spend some quality time with his wife. He climbs upstairs, walks in the bedroom and crawls into bed.

"Alright honey," he says, "Give me a play you want me to run."

"How about foreplay?" his wife replies.

"What's the foreplay?" says Doug.

"You know," the wife says, "It happens before the two minute warning."

A Burglary...
A burglary was recently committed at Minnesota Viking's main offices and the entire contents of their Super Bowl Trophy case was stolen. The Minneapolis Police Dept. is looking for two men carrying a golden horn and some pieces of purple carpet.

Quoth Lombardi...

Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So we're back on track for the annual "will he or won't he retire" crap from the Media for Brett Favre. Last year was skipped, as Brett clearly came out and said 2 weeks before the Super Bowl that he was coming back for the 2007 season. So now our starting QB is unsure and undecided if he wants to play again for the Packers in 2008, possible senility and Alzheimer's aside, it's the standard Packer Palace policy that any player who wants to start in any position for the Green Bay Packers, simply has to beat out the player in front of him. So we expect Brett Favre back, large salary included and he probably can still beat out backup QB Aaron Rodgers, and if he can't, I wouldn't mind having the old geezer be our backup for a year or two, especially seeing that there are "durability" issues with our current QB of the future.

Now former GM Ron Wolf has come out and created some controversy over how former coach Mike Holmgren playcalled the 2nd half during Super Bowl XXXII's loss to the Broncos. It's not really news... former RB Dorsey Levens has asked his former coaches since that day why he didn't get to run with the ball in the 2nd half, no one cares to explain... which means that pass-happy Holmgren coached his way into the loss by not adjusting to what was happening on the field, and no one will say anything until everyone is retired from the game. That's probably the right way to deal with this, let it slide for a few more years.

Oh I guess there's a Super Bowl game this weekend, hard to get excited over it, the football season pretty much ends when the Packers stop playing. If you root for the underdog, you're rooting for the New York Giants, if you're rooting for history and the first undefeated NFL Champions since the early '70s, well your rooting for the Evil Empire that's currently referred to as the New England Patriots. Me, I tend to root for the underdog when push comes to shove, but according to the dream I had last night... NE scores the last 14 points of the game to win 42-22. Just don't bet on it.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

***Note: The Favre "Old Geezer" pic is currently making the email rounds - Thanks to Mom, and eventually BeerScout for forwarding the pic in, and the other 2 Cheatin' Patriot logo's below come from earlier this year in week 1, when the "alleged" hammer came down from the NFL Commish on the Patriots, for getting caught cheating during the NY Jets game. An issue still completely unresolved in that their were no declarations of what previous games were involved, with obvious references to a Packers game, or in their previous SB win's, and no declarations that the cheating wouldn't be repeated. Patriots Suck! Go Pack!

ROFL...glad to see your out of therapy and back on the job BK!!


I live in God's Country but work in MN. Yes, I accept your condolences. Anyway, a coworker, we’ll call him “Dick”, was wearing an old vikings jersey today.

I said, “Hey Dick, I see you’re wearing a Moss jersey today! Does this mean you’re taking the day off or are we going to get some work out of you?” Go Giants! Go Pack, GO!



I'm not even watching the Super Bowl. Sore loser? Perhaps. I guess I hope the Giants win though.

Wait until next year! Old Brett and all! GO PACK GO!





Hey Lemondrop... isn't that supposed to be "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR"? As in a deep chill that rattles down your spine, that you know the Packers season should have somehow ended differently (for the better)... or are you getting ready to roll for next year.


So Randy Moss did not like the way the Packers talked to him. After dogging it for two years with the Raiders he apparently wanted the Packers to beg him to play. Good for McCarthy for making it clear that Moss would have to be on good behavior and not think he was coming in to run the show. While he has proven to still have a great talent, he has also proven that he remains the same ass who rubbed his hinnie on the goalpost in Lambeau. Thank goodness we did not get him. We can still hold our heads up high and say that just because you can score touchdowns does not mean that we will lower our standards just to get you on our team.


Hey Pacfan, maybe it's not a good idea, to start ruling this and regulating that, and.... I hang up the phone too... maybe TT should stop alienating potential players he's trying to acquire... Word does get around ya know, and the Packers need upgrade several area's on their roster this year.

Congrats to Coach Mc Carthy for the Motorola Coach of the Year, and to #4 for the Fed Ex Player of the Year! Way to go! Go Pack!!

Lady K


Did you hear what Randy Moss said at the presser today? He said that he felt Number 4 wanted him in Green Bay, but the organization did not and that is why he 'hung up the phone' with them. Wow. That is amazing. I guess we just got and insight on what it is like to be a FA and talk on the phone with TT. I guess that would explain why no real bit FA made their way to Green Bay.

Also, I was at the game last weekend and I also was demoralized by the loss. I had a blast all weekend. I froze my ass off and enjoyed all the atmosphere. In fact a buddy of mine from LA, who I believe met you at the SD game a few years back(works for NBC), came up for the game. He has been in the south now for 5 years and is not used to the cold like he used to be. So the night before the game he got all geared up and went outside and sat in his parents back yard and ran a 'test run'. He made adjustments and was fine on game day. So it amazed me to hear that MM decided to keep the boys inside all week. CRAZY!!! We as the fans did all we could to get the win, the coach did not. I put this loss on MM not on Number 4. Frozen Footballs? That is all? Not gonna do it. Get your ass outside. That is what the Giants did.

Oh and the SI curse. Screw SI and the New England Patriots. Go Pack Go!!!

hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hey Ham, I can't believe that MM wouldn't take the guys outside to practice... maybe he would have discovered that executing his game plan wasn't going to work in the freezing cold. It's a lame excuse that if the Packers team had executed the plays as drawn up they would have won the game. Hell, based on that philosophy the Packers should have won 1000-0. No one executes perfectly on every play, and if MM had taken the guys outside to practice, we have seen a little more of the 2 TE 2 FB offense. Run to win, baby!

I am worried. Been here for "like EVERY DAY, sometimes 10 times-a-day" and nothing new, nothing different. How pathetic have we become? I know Santa Claus died at Lambeau that night. (sighs, rubs forehead, and looks up to Heaven) Sick of reading Packer forums of why we lost,the web news, HATE the fact of WE are not in AZ, don't want to read another year of the "Tractor Watch" on the web, which is if Brett coming back stuff.

C'mon BK I say "Puullllleeeeeeeeeeeze" Give us something to be Jubilant about again, make fun of the Eli's and the Brady's. Which one of us really cares about the SuperBowl anymore? Packer Fans -------- NEXT YEAR ! Lets get thru this dreary, off season time, spring, summer, etc, and then? LOOK OUT----THE PACK WILL BE BACK WITH A VENDETTA ! "Say WHO?" Anyone with me here?


This is it!! While neither the Packers nor the Vikes made to the 'Big Dance', it's been a really entertaining season. Hopefully Sunday's game will live up to the billing and the truly better team will win!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Quoth Lombardi...

Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.

Giants Verses Patriots... 

This Is The Best Time For Football Fans
When Excitment Reaches It's Peak
The Time The World Champions Will Be Crowned
At The End Of This "Super Bowl Week"

This Game Will Be The Culmination
Of The Efforts Of Coaches And Players
As Both These Teams Have Had To Overcome
Contoversy, Criticism And Naysayers

The New England Patriots Season Started
With Quite A Controversial Beginning
Far From Being Detrimental However
It Gave The Motivation To Keep On Winning

They Rolled Through The Rest Of The Nfl
Like The Blitzkreig Rolled Through France
It Didn't Matter Who Or Where They Played
The Other Teams Didn't Stand A Chance

Bill Belichick Spent The Last Offseason
Fitting Together This Football Machine
Adding Guys Like Welker, Stallworth And Moss
Making The Offensive Talent Almost Obscene

Tom Brady Has Taken Full Advantage Of Them
And Even Though Some People Say They've Cheated
The Team Has Lived Up To Every Expectation
And Goes Into The Super Bowl Undefeated

The New York Giants Were Somewhat Up And Down
As They Made Their Way Through This Season
Playing Far Better When On The Road
For Whatever Obscure Reason.....

An Impressive Turnaround By Eli Manning
The Man At The Helm Of This Giants Team
Has Overcome Some Midseason Doldrums
And Moved New York One Step From Their Dream

The Passing Game Has Become Quite Solid
The Run Game Is Nothing Short Of Bruising
While The Giants' Defense Has Been Impressive
At Least To The Opponents They've Been Abusing

That The Pats Are The Designated Home Team
Is Something That The Giants Do Find Pleasin'
For They've Won Ten Straight Road Games
Dating Back To The Third Week Of This Season

As Unlikely As It May Have Seemed To The Giants
They've Earned Their Way To The Big Dance
And If They Can Stay Within Ten Points
Possibly They'll Have A Fighting Chance

But While Everyone Loves An Underdog In This Game
It's Easy To Hear Your Heart And Not Your Head
While New York Would Be The Sentimental Favorite
The Smart Money’s On The Pats Instead

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

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