Saturday, May 31, 2008

Questions... And Answers. 

Q: Why is the Metrodome always covered in copies of the local newspapers?
A: Because every year the Vikings look good on paper.

Q: How does Brett Favre change a light bulb?
A: He holds it in the air, and John Madden along with every single Packer fan everywhere helps the World revolve around him.

Work Virus...

There is a dangerous virus going around. It is called WORK. If you receive WORK from your colleagues, your boss, or anyone else, via e-mail or any other means, DO NOT TOUCH IT! This virus wipes out your private life completely.

If you should come into contact with WORK, put on your jacket, take two good friends and go straight to the nearest pub. Order the antidote known as BEER. Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.

Forward this warning immediately to at least 5 friends. Should you realize that you do not have 5 friends, this means that you are already infected and that WORK already controls your life.

** There's more bad humor in the Packer Palace Joke Archives, you can find Page 1 here & Page 2 there.

Rockwood Re-Runs... 

Bugged By Brownies!

Now that summer is now finally officially here, we thought we better pull another treasured presentation from The Rockwood Lodge Archives out from under the ever growing pile of beer cans out back under the pine trees. Summer really means one thing, Bugs! Everywhere! We all know that annoying feeling we get when we take the ladies out for a wonderful picnic in the great outdoors, under the warm sun, and having hordes of swarming insects interrupt the activities.

Now thanks to a product we introduced a few years ago, it's no longer a problem. Thanks to G Easy Cheese, it gets rid of the bugs, and tastes great on any food product. Check out Yukon Vince, PackSquatch and the Ladies in this classic testimonial animation from 2005 - Bugged By Brownies!

All's it takes is a little cheese to save the day and allow everyone to enjoy the summer the way the Creator meant it to be. Outside under the sun with a beer in your hand and a brat on the grill. So for all your picnic needs in the coming months, remember to take along several cans of G Easy Cheese and you can keep the Brownie Bugs away, all summer long.

Go Pack!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Anything You Want... 

One late Sunday morning in December, a man came back in from shoveling snow and was greeted by his wife dressed in very sexy lingerie and heels.

"Tie me up," she purred, "and you can do anything you want."

So, he tied her up and sat down with his favorite beer to watch uninterrupted, the Green Bay Packers football game on TV.

Dumb-Ass & Dumb-Asser...

A Vikings fan and a Bears fan are walking along the road when the Vikings fan sees something shiny, so he stops and picks up what turns out to be a mirror. He looks in it and says to his surprise, 'Hey, I know that guy!'

The Bears fan takes it away and says while gazing into it, 'Of course you do you dumb-ass, it's me'.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day! 

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 


Aaaaawwwwwww, gosh, shucks and gee-whiz BeerKid!!!!! And TT should have signed Rivera and A. Green blah, blah, blah. Whoops, they got hurt and haven't been a factor either, then it'd have been " What was that dumb-shit Thompson thinking, signing those older players to big contracts"? Yep....... shoulda kept that team together for some more early exits from the play-offs!!! If memory serves me correct, didn't they get booted by the Vikings and Falcons in Lambeau, and slaughtered by the Rams (5-6 INT's by Favre). Came close at Philly, you know what they say about close. The thing that I find interesting is how satisfied everyone still is w/those playoff teams, but aren't happy w/this one. Since you can have only 53 players on the roster, everytime you draft, you've gotta have some bad picks cause they all can't make the team. God forbid TT drafts all excellent players every year and runs out of room on the roster to keep them all (cause most starting caliber players are real happy to sit on the bench all year), then he'd have to trade some of them and they'd go to another team and do well, then the son-of-a-bitch would be on the shit list for trading good players away. I know he needs to find a stud or two to make the next jump, he needs to do it!!! But I can't sit around myself and piss and moan about a 13-3 team........ I will start my pissing and moaning if they keep don't continue to improve and push for trophies though.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey Long Live the Pack, it sucks when good players are let go due to monetary reasons... and I doubt that you can find any quips from me about keeping Marco Rivera, he did have a bad back and almost retired before ever getting to Dallas. The day TT gets a top-notch free agent will be the 1st day, he's always going to have to over-spend to get someone to Green Bay, and now with Favre around, he doesn't have a top-flight player to attract other free agents. I can easily remember the days when the Packers didn't have Brett Favre, I do hope this time around the Packers situation won't be a bleak. BK

One more thing BeerKid. I think everyone of us can look back and say coulda, woulda, shoulda....... bought ebay stock way back when, drafted Montana instead of so-and-so, etc. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how some of the players listed would have made a difference. At 18-0, you'd have thought the Cheaters had the SB wrapped up...... bet they're moaning about it on their websites also.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey there again, you know, the spy-gate stuff pales in comparison to the IR players practicing... that Cheating label is never going away now. BK

Under the caption of "Thats All We Need" is the NFL team owners decision to interject chaos and uncertainty into the future of the labor agreement with the players. Don't get me wrong, this is a battle between lots of millionaires and a few billionaires, but strikes, walkouts, canceled agreements, and other negative stuff is the last thing we need these days. With $4 gas and a broken government, NFL football is one of the very best things to take our minds off the world's problems.

It is sad to see that no one can seem to get along anymore. Would it hurt the players and owners to sit down and try to work out a deal that is win win? I am all in favor of that, but playing hardball and brinkmanship with the best sport left seems to create trouble where there is none.

Mark Murphy had no choice but to vote with the owners for lots of reasons, but the truth is that there are plenty of ways the NFL agreement could end up being bad for the Packers and other small market teams.

Hopefully it won't spiral out of control and create a problem were there isn't one, but just thinking about it makes me ill.


Hey draftfan, we'll see where the pressure comes from to settle these negotiations in win-win scenario. The best bet is the Players like Aaron Rodgers and other about to become free agents in that un-capped year. They're about to get screwed over... although I bet Aaron will have a new contract before then. BK

Memorial day is coming people and while here in California it means nothing to these people,it means alot to the rest of the real United States as well as the Packer Nation!! Remember only 80 something days left and we can forget politics, al-qiadah and anything that has nothing to do with football, beer and fun so hang in there cuz' it doesn't take any gas to sit on your couch and see PACKER football!!!! GO PACK GO!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Big Ern, yourself and everyone else, enjoy the Holiday Weekend, party hardy, and keep out of trouble. Go Pack! BK

I don't want to piss any of the other bloggers off, but I just about died at the suggestion that letting Darren Sharper and Ryan Longwell go are Thompson's 2 worst decisions as GM. Dude, you have some great posts, and nothing personal here, but...

How about whiffing on Randy Moss?
How about whiffing on re-signing Wahle?
How about Wahle's pathetic replacements?
How about drafting Brandon Jackson?
How about drafting Justin "now my back is wrecked" Harrel?
How about not drafting Greg Olson?

No GM bats 1.000, and I generally think Thompson is doing a good job and a better overall job than his predecessor. He deserves the criticism he gets, and he will ultimately be judged on the post-Favre era. So I'm going to save my real rants until we know how that December or so. Thompson can turn 4th rounders into solid contributors, but still has yet to find a pro-bowler either by draft, trade, or free agency. And it's high time for a pro bowler or 2 to step up.

I hated Darren Sharper, and I view his departure as one of Thompson's high points. He was the king of the meaningless INT at the end of a half on a hail mary, he was late to the ball on T.O. in the 1998 wildcard game and he was late to the ball on 4th and 26. The SOB screwed up on 2 of the worst plays in Packers history. For Sharper's $8 mil salary, the Drag-queens pass D was dead last and gave up 4,200 yards last year. See ya, sucker.

He should have kept Longwell, I'll agree with that...but he's a kicker, so that automatically takes it to the bottom of the list.


Hey Ruppert, I'm kind of with you on this, TT has done a good job, I also think he could have done better. He missed on Randy Moss, which has affected this year, maybe Brett would have stuck around. Letting Mike Wahle go was a huge mistake, he was already on the books for 6 million, so the jump to 9 million wasn't that harsh, especially with a pending re-working of his contract. TT drafting is starting to look very mediocre... when any new rookie can replace the any new rookie from the previous year, you're not drafting quality. Darren Sharper, even though he was looking to score TD's than make big tackles, could've been kept easily enough too... Ryan Longwell, that wasn't that hard of a call to make, but it's mostly about who you replace those guys with. TT's success is based on not taking chances, and last year was a golden opportunity that wasn't properly taken advantage of, and TT and MM are going to have trouble matching that success this year. BK

Well, I know several people think TT is a genius when it comes to the draft, but Justin Harrell is one pick I have questioned since day one!! Maybe it is the reason TT likes to draft down because if you would have picked a guy like Harrell in the third round where he should have been picked it might have made since. This guy has injury prone written all over him and he just keeps building those credentials. I hope we can pick up a free agent D line men because we cannot count on this guy to make it through the season.

Well, here is the latest, Defensive tackle Justin Harrell, the Packers' No. 1 draft pick in 2007, will miss all of the organized team activities while he recovers from minor back surgery.

I can already here that we will have to give him time to work back into playing shape. I am tired of this guy already!! Let's move on and get some one who is going to be ready to play this season. I cannot believe we are now in the position to have to depend on this joker.


Hey Camp, come on, don't give up so easily on Harrell, he's a top-notch hi-quality starting DT. Just ask TT. (/sarcasm off) Wasted pick, like I said above, TT's drafting ability (quantity over quality) is starting to reveal itself for what it is - mediocre! BK

Quoth Lombardi...

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What I Did On My Day Off... 

I know nobody asked, but it was finally time to pull out the 24GB Hi-Def wide-screen digital recording of the Green Bay Packers-New York Giants NFC Championship game at Lambeau Field from last January and re-live the trauma that resulted from that historic match-up. Facing your fears kind of thing, I just had to, this is the game I absolutely have no memory of most of the 2nd half and definitely don't remember the actual ending of the game, due for most parts to over-drinking Chimay Triple Lager Belgian Ale in extremely heavy moderation at one of our favorite Packers game-day hang-outs - The Daily Pint. Oh, what I do remember is an INT, a FG, and another glass of Chimay Triple Lager Belgian Ale... and it was memory lights out until a day and half later, Tuesday morning, when I came out of the alcohol induced coma and came forth back out into the light of everyday living with a return to work. A game that felt like the Packers should have controlled and eventually win the whole flipping time... ended in un-remembered misery, after 5 months, it was finally time to pull it off the external firewire drive and watch the game, re-live the past, no matter the consequences.

Starts normal enough, Packers WR Koren Robinson receives the kick-off, starts running in no particular direction with his legs flopping all over the place, gets almost no yards, and it becomes apparent why the Packers were ready to release him last month and go in another direction with someone else. QB Brett Favre fires off to quick passes to the FB and TE for successive 1st downs, and then underthrows a downfield pass and misses badly on another, the Packers punt. Giants march down field on the Packers defense, tough runs with short passes, its time for the big play and... former DT Corey Williams jumps offside and it becomes an automatic first down for the Giants. Now with their backs against the wall, the Pack defense comes through, LB Brady Poppinga makes a big hit, S Atari Bigby in the end-zone makes a solid whack to the forearms of the Giants TE for an incompletion. Giants end up settling for a short 23yd FG and a 3-0 lead.

Koren Robinson looks much better on this kick-off return. Ok, didn't remember this Packers series, must have been getting a drink at the bar... 3 passes completed (2 to K-Rob, and shovel-pass to a smothered RB) for no gain. 3 and out and the Packers punt the ball back to the Giants. The Packers defense prevails with some help (dropped pass on a potential big gain and a poor play-called WR Screen to a RB on 3rd and 10. Packers try running the ball with RB Ryan Grant and he gets 6 yards on 2 carries and the 1st quarter ends... Giants on the road and in the cold up on the Packers 3-0.

2nd quarter starts ominously enough, WR James Jones drops a short pass during a hard hit a full 2 yards short of the 1st down marker on 3rd and 4. Packers punt the ball away after another 3 and out. Now I'm starting to remember one of the benefits of drinking heavily on days when your team loses a big game, your left with no memory of the event, it's a natural defense mechanism on keeping your sanity. Giants moving the ball easily... CB Al Harris is having big trouble stopping Giants WR Plaxico Burress, who just burned him on a "bump and slant" that left Harris stumbling backwards after that initial contact. CB Tramon Williams breaks up a 3rd down pass, and the Giants kick another FG and go up 6-0.

Short kick-off that Koren Robinson misjudges and fumbles and leaves the Packers starting at the 10 yard line. Packers WR Donald Driver tosses the Giants DB to the ground behind him on another "bump and slant" and catches a Brett Favre toss and out-runs everyone for a 90yd TD and a Green Bay Packers 7-6 lead. Jubliance! I wonder how loud the Packer Thunder was that must have erupted everywhere around the world, which at this point had been a lackluster showing by Green Bay. The Packers defense continues to make some big hits and forces the Giants to eventually punt the ball back the Packers.

Big catches by TE Donald Lee and WR Greg Jennings get the Packers across midfield... and then Brett tosses a jumpball to the right sidelines that luckily is incomplete, followed with a big drop by Packers WR Ruvell Martin deep over the middle on 3rd and long. So 1st and 10 at the Giants 44yd line and the Packers can't take advantage. The Giants receive the punt and start inside the 10 yd line. Packers blitz Atari Bigby, who has looked aggressive in the game so far, and the Giants punt the ball to the fair-catching Packers Tramon Williams. Where was Charles Woodson? Where's my Chimay? The game's close, and there's some serious partying still pending...

Coming out of the 2 minute warning timeout the Fox TV shows some temperatures from around the world, Moscow is 31 degrees, Greenland and Alaska are at 23, Green Bay is -2. Packers throw the screen pass on 3rd down, 3 Packer Blockers miss the 1 Giant defender who makes the immediate tackle. 4th down, and the Packers line up for a 37yd FG attempt, which K Mason Crosby slightly hooks it in perfectly and the Packers go up on the Giants 10-6 with a 1:30 to go before halftime. Which means it's Plaxico Burress time again, over Al Harris for a catch deep down the sidelines. Al can play so tough and look so inept at the same time, his play in this game looks alot like his play against T.O. in the Cowboys game earlier in the season. Packers come up with a big sack on 4th down and preserve their 10-6 lead going into halftime. Key halftime stats for the Giants are 4 dropped passes and a 6 minute advantage in time possession. The Packers key stat is basically the catch and run for a 90yd TD by Donald Driver, the games only TD so far.

The 2nd half starts out with the Packers defense making drive sustaining penalties. Al Harris for Illegal Contact on Plaxico Burress, and then a late hit on QB Eli Manning by blitzing S Nick Collins. Redemption? Nope, the Pack can't recover a Giants fumble on 3rd and inches, 1st and goal at the 1yd line. Offsides penalty on a incomplete pass, another offsides penalty on a 2yd loss, 1st and goal from the 3-inch line and it's a run up the middle, Giants TD. The Packers defense can play tough nasty defense, but that also seems to allow the big penalties at key moments bug to bite them continually. Giants up 13-10 and Tramon Williams returns the kick-off to the Giants 39yd line. Great play by the special teams, the Packers needed a big return to get some of that momentum back. The Giants defense helps out the Packers with a 15yd penalty of their own during a key moment, and Brett Favre hits TE Donald Lee for a Packers TD and 17-13 lead and amongst the cheering fans, a shot of the Bikini Girls baring some skin in the stands. Very Niiiiiice!!!

Giants come back and get a TD of their own, again with short runs and short passes with 1 key long pass to a diving WR Amani Toomer. Giants up 20-17 and the game is starting to get competitive and interesting, too bad this is about where my plan to adhere to "pacing my drinking" was tossed out the proverbial window, the Packers needed some positive influence, and nothing tops that like a cheesehead increasing his drinking and hollering levels at a bar far, far from Lambeau as one can get, it's a cosmic convergence that works somehow. RB Ryan Grant actually had a 10 yard run... it must have been working. It really must have been working when Favre threw the INT, which is fumbled during the ensuing return, and T Mark Tauscher makes the recovery. I'm sure at this point I was yelling at head coach Mike McCarthy for the horrendous play-calling the Packers are trying to succeed with. Watching it again, it's bad... but the Packers get a FG and tie the game at 20-20 early in the 4th quarter. Giants have another long drive that comes down to a 4th and 5, and the Packers respond with a defensive penalty. I bet I drained my beer after that play, it's starting to make some sense as to why I don't remember much from that afternoon. Giants miss the FG!!! I bet I drained my new beer after that play.

5 minutes left to play... this is the true blackhole in the memory gap. Giants have the ball back and hey, that's Grey Ruegamer playing for the Giants. Fox TV just showed the stat that in Lambeau Field postseason history, no opponent has made a FG over 40 yards, ever... and KGB gets a big sack. NY is complaining about KGB being offsides, nope, he jumped early on his release, but didn't break the plane of the neutral zone. 3 minutes left and the Packers have the ball, and 85 yards to go, now 90 with T Chad Clifton classic false start penalty. Packers punt. It's a short one, and it's fumbled, DB Jarett Bush needs to fall on the ball, a huge missed opportunity. Giants have the ball near midfield, 2 minutes to go. WTF, the Giants had a chance at 36yd FG as the game expired? Thank the Creator that it was a high snap followed by a bad hook, the game goes to overtime.

Packers win the toss! I believe this is where I received my 2nd-to-last glass of Chimay for the day, it fits with the pattern of the game. Oh, I do remember this play, Brett Favre INT and Fox TV clearly shows him mouthing the word "fuck" after the bad throw. Brett and about 30 million other Packer fans around the country. Quickly followed a few plays later by the 47yd FG that sent the NY Giants to the Super Bowl, and me holding an empty glass and looking pathetic with the Packers heart-crumpling loss, it just begged for another glass of Chimay as the bar-tab needed closing and the AFC Championship game getting ready to start.

So even though it's through a bunch of beer foam, and although its abbreviated and truncated, it still looks like my memory of a "an INT, a FG, and another glass of Chimay Triple Lager Belgian Ale" holds up, only really missing the play of the missed FG by the Giants as the game expired. Brett Favre threw a lame-ass INT right away in overtime, and the Giants responded by winning the game. Well, watching the game again didn't seem to re-trigger any of those traumatic urges that I had anticipated, the Giants played the way you do if you want to win on the road in a hostile environment. Control the ball, and don't make any big mistakes. The Green Bay Packers died by that rule. They played well enough to win, but didn't control the game the way a home team in a championship game should have. Some of that was the play-calling by the coaching staff, some of that was mistakes by the Packers players, but it looks like in retrospect, that most of the reasons for the Packers loss was due to the NY Giants just playing better, and by eventually winning the Super Bowl over the NE Patriots, they proved it.

So will braving the Brett Favre past prepare us for the Aaron Rodgers future? After finally re-living the traumatic past by watching the Packers last game played last season. I'm prepared now to say I survived and now I am ready for the coming NFL and Packers football season. As Brett was once fond of saying during that one super bowl year in the 90's... "Shit be bringin' it Hoss!". Yeah, exactly, Bring it On!

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

*** Thanks to Travis S. for pointing out that I was abusing the term "Lager". Any of the 3 brands of Chimay, are considered an Ale, a fine Belgian Ale at that, and nowhere on the any of labels can you find the word lager, so it's hard to figure where that term got stuck in my head, seeing that the only beers I drink at home these days is Chimay, or possibly Stone IPA which is becoming BeerScout's favorite. BK

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spew Off Speak Out... 

More of this SpyGate stuff, come on, PFT (Pro Football Talk) is talking about how either the Editor (Kevin Convey) or the Writer (John Tomase) for the Boston Herald should be fired for rushing the story about the Patriots taping the Rams SuperBowl walkthrough... well the Patriots didn't (allegedly, there's no proof at this time) tape the walkthrough, their paid staff member (Matt Walsh) was just there in person under "neutral" credentials and reported to a higher up what he saw. Hardly a great flaw in a news story... hardly worth someone being fired over.

As we mentioned many times before, a now long, long time ago, it was Bill Belichek who should have been fired. He had been doing this video taping cheating (you can cheat with your eyes all you want, no video-taping!!!) for many years, and not just against his AFC East opponents, we did have the stories from Green Bay and Detroit that security staff stopped a Patriots staff member from filming the game in non-approved locations.

The Patriots cheated, they got caught, and the NFL commissioner Roger Goodall, let them off easy. Yes, let them off easy, Belichek was fined $500 grand, big deal, owner Roger Kraft extended his "guaranteed" contract by 4 years after that... they lost their 1st round pick (31st) but they had the 49ers 7th overall pick. Commissioner Goodall screwed up by trying to quietly make it go away, that's why blow-hard Senator Arlen Spector wants to get involved. And if other teams are involved in illegal Video taping or tape trading, well expose them. So far there doesn't seem to be much evidence of anyone else doing it. If there is, someone please show me... otherwise everything Belichek had done in New England, is tainted and comes under suspicion, yes, it does.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Hey Beerkid... I just wanted to shout out to one of your longtime bloggers, “Long Live the Pack.”

LLtP - I’ve looked over some of your comments from the past and it seems that you are a Ted Thompson fan. Just like everything else, be it politics, women or music, people will not always agree. So based on your previous rants, I would say that we basically “agree to disagree” on TT.

You certainly see that Ted can do no wrong, while I see a nervous, second guess’n G.M. who has yet to “Shock N Awe” this PACKERS fan. And yes, I believe that TT had something to do with Brett’s decision to retire when he still had plenty “left in the tank” to make a run for another Super Bowl ring.

I felt that losing Darren Sharper and Ryan Longwell top my list of bone-headed miscues by TT (And to whom else but Da-Queens of all teams).

In a most recent move TT thought it was in the organizations best interest to trade Corey Williams to Cleveland. This move will certainly bite us all in the ass when the season hits its stride and we will all have to depend on our D to bail us out for a W.

I, along with the rest of PACKER NATION certainly hope that TT’s draft picks for this year pay off, but only time will tell.

It may take me sometime to look at my cold frosty glass of “Blitz Beer” as “Half full” when it comes to Thompson, but I certainly hope he proves me and an army of others wrong and we can all put down our pitch forks and torches and sit back and enjoy the season and along with that a postseason run for another World Championship.


PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.


Now, BeerKid, you promised some Beefcake on this site - where's my picture of Donald Driver or Korey Hall? It's only fair!


Hey LostinUtah, I guess I did suggest I would show some beefcake for the ladies who visit here, didn't I. Hmmmm, the quick and easy search found this pic of Hall... not exactly beefcake, but he does have nice arms. Click on the thumbnail for the larger sized image. Thanks to the Arbiter Online and Google's image search. BK

I'm with you on the N.E. Cheaters BeerKid, and surprise, surprise.......... with a new set of tapes, they once again failed to release a snippett to the media for the fans of football to see exactly what is was that the Cheater's were taping. Must be a little tuck-rule for Goodall!!!

In response to Packer Paul, I'll stand by my initial thought on TT and that is to stand behind him til he's had a fair amount of time to prove himself one way or another. I see nothing to gain by bashing him. But I see the youngest team in the NFL with room to improve and the cap room to improve even more. And the nice part about that is if you get a SB team put together, you have the money to keep them together, but I think he's going to need to find a couple more studs to complete it. I'm getting a little worried about whether he can pry his grubby little fingers off the cash and pay a player or two that can put them over the top.

Now I don't see the Queens winning any SB's w/Longwell and Sharper, Rivera and Wahle haven't done anything, etc., it's all kinda 50/50 anyway.

You know everybody thinks a bunch of the great Ron Wolf but his first round drafting was crap and that's where you find the studs, I think. If he'd done a little better, they might have gotten two or three SB's. If he hadn't got Reggie, I don't think the Pack makes those two SB's. I'm still very disappointed that they didn't win at least two or three SB's in the nineties.

Favre and Rodgers, who knows.......... look at Bledsoe and Brady as an example. Time will tell.

Cory Williams, who knows........ might not have been happy playing in a rotation and I'm not sure watching the Giants game that he's SB quality, they ran on the Pack almost at will.

Lastly I'll say for whoever drafts, you can't pickem perfect every year and there's not enough room on a team for every player to make it. It's a no-win, cause if a bunch of draft picks make the team, then your previous drafts were shit and if your current picks don't make it, then the current draft is shit....... you'll always have to have a bad draft somewhere. I personally am looking forward to the suspense of this year. Things have just been plugging along the last dozen years w/about pretty much the same results.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey Long Live the Pack, Beli-cheat has spoken through NFL-partner CBS and takes responsibility for cheating, then blames other parties for exposing their cheating. Nice... and this time I agree with Mike Florio and PFT, if the Patriots didn't have Super Bowl film of the Rams, did they have tape from the earlier regular season meeting with the St. Louis Rams? It's cheating during the Super Bowl. BK

Very nice arms, indeed. I love Idaho boys (of course I'm married to one...) Thanks BeerKid! GO PACK GO!


Quoth Lombardi...

The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Rockwood Re-Runs... 

Packer Cops - Caught In Cincinnati!

From not quite deep within our beer can laden garbage dump out back, comes another treasured summer re-run of one of our animated favorites. This time we were able to un-earth a classic from the preseason of 2006, so Packer Palace and the Rockwood Lodge present, an encore presentation of an episode from Packer Cops - Caught In Cincinnati!

Re-live your some of your favorite moments as some of your favorite Green N Gold enforcement officers who "lay down the law" and were able to take on the bumbling Bengal Tigers down in the Red-Light district by the Ohio River and well, as one might say "locked'em up real good. Clang!"

The team has expanded, by introducing two new and lovely young women to defending the world of Packer Justice, so smart, they will soon to be two of your favorite Packer Coppers, so hot and so tough, they will make bad boys of us all yet. Female enforcement never hurt so good!

Go Pack!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 


I will say what I have said before there is a great deal of pressure on Ted's ego to surpass last years record this next year without Favre. There are many that think we were one young quarterback away from the Super Bowl. I think if we have an equal or better record next year the critics will be silenced. If we fall back to an average team without Favre all the genius of Ted Thompson will be in question.

I think Ted Thompson has this team exactly where he wants it, so I expect good things. He has his guys running the show on the field and off. He will be able to get bask in the glory of his success when wins the Super Bowl without Favre.

Looking forward to a great year. GO AR!!



go packers... bears will suck the big one this year!!!!!!!!!!! thanks brett favre


You know, BeerKid.......... I think some of these dinks are always going to hava a hard-on for TT no matter what he does. In three years he's replaced an aging, cap strapped team to one that lost by three points to the SB Champions, who in turn, defeated an undefeated N.E. Cheaters team. I'm sure we'll have some losers that will complain about TT no matter what success he/the Packers have.

That takes me to the "we're doomed w/o Favre" crowd. If I had a choice between Favre and Starr, I'd pick Starr in a heartbeat. He put lots "championship trophies" in the Packer's display case and "championship banners" in Lambeau Field. Favre put lots of MVP trophies in his display case at home............ so while everyone moans about losing Favre, I'm looking forward to finding the next Bart Starr!!!!!!!!

I don't want just a SB, I want the Packer's to have another SB decade like the sixties. There's a new one coming in 2010.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey LLtP, yeah, there's lots of us that will complain no matter what TT does in his positon at GM, we always expect better, always expect something more, always expect a splash on draft day... we want something more than tiny incremental improvement... and much to my surprise, TT has done sort of OK well. Young GM's make mistakes, young coaches make mistakes, and the Packers had a decent shot to make the Super Bowl last year, despite those mistakes. BK

Funny story... After 1,561 days, a young man finally takes off his Favre jersey

Greg T - Minneapolis

Hey Greg, that's one worn out jersey... thanks for the link to the story. BK

Did you guys see the story about David Witthoft? The 12 yr old who's been wearin his Brett Favre jersey 1,581 days straight since he got it Christmas '03!? While that is dedication,I am still rockin' my fake autographed Gilbert Brown underroo's Nice try kid!!! story was on fox (guess were all tired of talking about oil.) GO PACK GO!!!!....... They can't take that away!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Big Ern, yeah the young kid finally retired his Brett Jersey... it must really mean that #4 is done. Bummer... now will the Kid put on a Aaron Rodgers jersey for the next few years? BK

I just don't understand those Packer fans who are so caught up in dissing Ted Thompson that they fail to appreciate what he is doing. A solid NFL team must have depth. All you have to do is look at teams like the Vikes and Bears with talented players who go nowhere when they get injuries. Compare that with the 2007 Packers who lost a number of quality players to injury, but continued to motor on with people off the bench.

Thompson has been building a solid and deep team by careful drafting. Some apparently believe that we would better off with a couple of high priced studs instead of the numbers that TT has been bringing it. I say if you are good enough at drafting, you can find a lot of good/great players in the second and third rounds. If you are on your own planet, you can find those guys in the later rounds.

Give Thompson another year. If his strategy does not pay off this year you can cry your eyes out.


Hey Draftfan, you'all are on the wavelength in regards to TT... he's done well in running the organization, he missed on some things too... mostly losing Jim Bates when hiring Mike McCarthy and he really should have grabbed WR Randy Moss last year, oh well... tears in my beers on those 2 things... BK

I feel a lot better now that Teddy T drafted Brohm. That's great insurance if Rodgers gets broken in half this year--much better than Culpepper. If Rodgers stays healthy, I think he'll be pretty good...IF.

I hope Finley gets his head together. I don't even care if he can block--I just want a TE who can run that long route down the middle. They haven't had a TE who could run that route since Chmura.

I can't really be happy or upset about the rest of these guys. Every year he drafts guys we never heard of. Sometimes they're Greg Jennings and James Jones and sometimes they're David Clowney and Cory Rodgers.

Of all the picks, he needs to hit the jackpot on Pat Lee and Sitton. Imagine this team with a good nickel corner and good OGs. I hope DeBauche beats out Ryan, too.


Hey Ruppert, all in all this years draft should provide some key contributors this year. It's taking a long time for me to come around to that position, but I am. Well, it's mostly that the players from TT earlier draft are starting to show up as ah, um, not lasting very long on the roster so the new draftee's should have no problem earning roster spots. BK

Wow, surprised to see packer fans upset after every draft year in and year out. How many times does TT have to do it before people stop bashing his drafts. Im still trying to find one thing he has done that has hurt the packers. I figured after Sherman, people would be happy with anyone, but even after TT rebuilt this team in three years and took them one play from the SB, people would start to give TT some Credit. Jordy Nelson=Greatness.


Hey Diener34, yeah, now with Koren Robinson being cut, we understand why TT was hot to get another big WR early in the draft. BK

Quoth Lombardi...

If you can accept losing, you can't win.

Best Fan Value Experience... 

"Considered a "religious experience" by many, attending a game at Lambeau Field is to come home with a memory: the game in "December [when] it was about minus-10 and windy, with a light snow falling... a crowd that creates "a small-town atmosphere right inside the stadium."

31st Best Fan Value Experience...

...Beyond those few frills, however, "there's nothing special about concessions" no better "than carnival food."

*** this is an encore post of something Sports Illustrated covered last November, just wanted to remind everyone of how irritating it is to start seeing all this crap about the Vikqueens already wrapping up a Super Bowl win this year before any games have been played. Vikings Suck! There's much more to be found in the Flog Me Again archives.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

Vikings? Super Bowl? Ha Ha Ha...

Minnesota Vikings  0-4

1970 0-1 Kansas City Chiefs  7-23

1974 0-2 Miami Dolphins  7-24

1975 0-3 Pittsburgh Steelers  6-16

1977 0-4 Oakland Raiders 14-32

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 


OK Favre is done,this could have come at any point due to a cheap-shot or any freak injury.We (again)did some wierd stuff in the draft,but it's the Packers it's 11 dudes against 11 other guys every Sunday forget TT forget Favre F@*K the bears and lets get the next season going....I CAN'T WAIT!!!! GO PACK GO!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

I could never name who they all have been although Antonio Freeman will always come to mind, (I understand as I'm sure he does that part of his success is due to where and who he landed with)I have a distinct inclination to love 5th through 7th rounders, or, in years long past 15th rounders (Bart) or later (Unitas) or free agents (Wood) I maintain the highest amount of confidence in TT, still feeling he has an innate sense of what players will be happy and productive in our weird outpost. I have been a tad concerned that TT, being only human, and coming off what I believe to have been 3 productive drafts, if undervalued by a signifigant element of our fan base,may be due for a less successful draft. My only concern, likely balanced by ulterior motives from TT that I cannot foresee yet, is how much I love the five receivers we have, including Koren Robinson, reading on here of his being likely headed for another trip to rehab from someone I found pretty hurtful, and quite like Bear fans never laying off the vicodin comments about Favre, even though he defeated that bear straight up, after convulsing on an operating table. But that's ok, I know its only sports and you would probably like to put a cigar out in my forehead to emphacize your point, I understand.

Other than that, so grateful for this site, cannot imagine any sports team has one as cool, how I loved playing those videos of the Bears, who I do respect, on my trade desk on La Salle St in Chicago. Generally speaking they were pretty good sports about it, (unlike on the trading floors) that is some funny shit. And the Packer babes, I just love it. Seems there were alot more of them in the seventies when I was first going up there, but now I am treading on dangerous grounds re Wisconsin's ladies who may be in here. Later man, Go you freakin Pack


Urgent Press Release: Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers announced late this afternoon they have traded next years 1st round draft pick for Chicago's 6th round pick and two 7th round picks. Rumors out of Lambeau are circulating that they think they will be able to trade the 6th round pick from the Bears for two 7th round picks from the Vikings. Analysts from Minnesota and Chicago already calling next years Packer draft a success!!!


So the "Village Idiot" traded our 1st round pick to the J-E-T-S and later traded our 137th overall pick to the "evil empire" a.k.a. da-queens so they could pick up a QB that could give T.J. a run for his MO-FO money when the season begins for starting QB. What an F'n idiot. I don't know Beerkid, but I would have to give TT a C- for this year’s draft.

I believe his F'n ego got in the way (especially with his trade with N.Y. in the first round). I may take the wife to Green Bay for next years Draft party, but I am sure that the PACKER faithful at this years Draft party were pissed off when they found out that TT had traded our first round pick to N.Y.

You have to wonder if "Ziggy" Wilf has pictures of Old Teddy with cows or sheep hanging over his F'n head.

I gave myself 24 hours after the draft to RANT and I am glad I did otherwise I would have sounded like Chris Rock, Kid Rock and Richard Pryor all rolled into one big MO-F'n RANT as to how TT F'd up this years NFL draft.

I would have given him a B- but when he traded with one of our NFC North Division teams (da-queens) he lost me.

“Big Ern said so!!!!” * I have the HOT-SAUCE and a HAMMER with TT's F'n initials on it and “Boz,” I will certainly watch for you when I am traveling my Green and Gold highways and byways in the land of Piss and Purple.

GO PACK GO and May God Bless the PACKER NATION.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Here's a highlight reel of Jordy Nelson, I have to say, I'm pretty pumped about this guy. He's a big, physical player who is a really hard worker. The guy fights to stay in bounds and makes some amazing catches. He was even a QB in highschool and threw some TD passes at Kansas State. There are a few of them on the highlight reel about a minute in. He's actually got a pretty decent arm, so I wouldn't be surprised to see McCarthy try some tricks with this guy. He could also be used for some third down situations where we need a guy who can read routes well and fight for some extra yardage. They say he's a classy guy on and off the field, So overall, I'm pretty excited with the pick. I was kinda shocked at first, but so it goes. We'll just have to wait until fall! GO PACK GO!!!


Post-Draft Commentary... 

Alright, alright, it's time for the one week after the draft, post-draft commentary from Packer Palace. Packers GM Ted Thompson did a couple of extraordinary things that almost made his low-level mediocre draft, almost spectacular in it's execution. Trading down into the 2nd round to get his WR Jordy Nelson of Kansas State. Snagging QB Brian Brohm of Louisville, and CB Patrick Lee of Auburn to close out the first day of draft. The hot trend was Green Bay going for a CB, and they didn't until late 2nd round with their 3rd pick. It's all speculation and guess-work at this phase of the game, but these Packer prospects will be solid contributors, the remaining question becomes are they going to be starting caliber players, or just players providing depth.

On day 2 we finally addressed the TE position, with a raw fast WR-body type in Jermichael Finley from Texas and finally address the DE position with a SURPRISE! trade-up to get Jeremy Thompson from Wake Forest. Thrown in O-Lineman Josh Sitton from Central Florida and Breno Giacomini from Louisville to create some competition and QB Matt Ryan from Louisiana State and then one last SURPRISE! trading up and out of the Packers last 7th round pick for a future 6th rounder that put the whole draft process to an abrupt close.

The Packers got their depth at some needed positions. Ruled out the acquisition of any veteran QB's to come in as backup to current #1 QB Aaron Rodgers. Or at least I would hope so, you don't waste draft picks on QB's if you're not planning on keeping them around once the season starts. Actually, you know, I would take an out-of-shape Brett Favre coming back in October (even after a retirement ceremony in week one) over having Daunte Culpepper, Tim Rattay, or some other complete retread on the roster and sucking dollars. The Packers wanted to be a young team, they are and played well with veterans in some key places, and now we get to see how the post-Brett Favre era works out.

BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

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