Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blast From The Past... 

Vicky Baby!

The Dukes


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 2-2... 

It's gameday, the Packers are down in Tampa, and well, I don't give the Buccaneers much credit for being a good team, and well, I just don't. We will see what happens...

Today's game is going to be brought to you by Stone's Ruination IPA, Anderson Valley's Hop Ottin' IPA, and can't forget about Pinnacle's HiDef USB-Stick for your computer. All key components for watching the Packers in digital wide-screen splendor (mirrored to another tv for maximum viewing pleasure) at the Packer Palace Headquarters...

Update:  Aaaaaugggggh!!!! I still don't believe the head coach is game planning to actually win a game by out-playing the other team. The Packers defense scoring points has been the only thing that has kept the Packers in any of the games so far, even though the D can't stop anyone on 3rd down. The O-line doesn't seem to remember how to block anymore, of course they might have a chance at blocking in some kind of successful manner if the Packers just got a bit imaginative in 1st down play calling, but even with a special guest appearance by Bear Republic's Racer 5 IPA the Packers couldn't rise above AR's injured shoulder, so it's a 21-30 defeat to the Buccaneers and it's kind of hard to swallow, sort of like gagging on over-chlorinated water at the pool, but somehow this is still good enough for 1st place in the NFC North.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


Packers need to run the ball better no excuses. Rodgers needs to learn how to throw a ball away. His game is good but man, dude needs to learn how not to take a sack? Packer football Gods let's get a little Reggie healing for the up and coming weeks. We look like a team that needs a bye to regroup. Let's go Pack.


Hey LiferPackFan, I've been sending small little sacrificial fires to the Football War Gods all week on the Packers behalf... like I do every week.  BK

Okay... the Packers are not looking so special right now. The constant tinkering with the offensive line is a big part of the problem among other things. Of course letting one of your starting tackles get away via a trade and having your first round tackle sitting in a hot tub is part of the run stopping problem. The Packers have done a decent job stopping the pass so far this year with little or no help from the front line. Losing part of the middle pass rush has virtually turned Kampman into an average player. That move was knucklehead #1. Bouncing around on the offensive line for 3 years in a row without settling is knucklehead #2. Cutting the punter was knucklehead #3. Not getting an experience backup at QB was knucklehead #4. Other than that, we have done perfectly.


Rodgers holds the ball way too long. How many times did I scream during the game, "...THROW IT!" I couldn't count the times. As long as he waits in the pocket, it was just a matter of time before he got smeared and was out for an extended period. Matt Flynn looked like a scared high school quarterback out there. Tough to come into an intense situation like that, but at least try to look calm and composed.

Where are the quick slants? Seems like it works every time we run it, but rarely do anymore. The offense is so predictable. Line up in the I formation - its a run. Line up with four wide, its a pass. We are done. We can't run, we can't stop the run, we don't get any pressure on the quarterback, and with no one backing up the china doll, we can pack it in. I am not a Culpepper fan, but at least if called upon, he would have looked like he belonged on the field in an NFL game.

Frank in Waterford

This loss was uncalled for. And worst off Rodgers might have walked away with a separated shoulder. We've got the falcons next gang I wonder if #12 will start. By the way did anyone see that Favre had a 6 touchdown day for the Jets. The guys on fox had wrote him off as officially done.


the really sad part is that "The Predecessor", who by the way plays for a really crappy team--threw 6 touchdowns today. Maybe there is a little something that 17 years of experience and a little "Oh what the hell, let's throw it there and see what happens" brings to the game......... thanks ted-and your little dog, mikey, too

Coach Carl

Go Brewers! Wisconsin's new favorite team as all of Ted's personnel moves are coming back to haunt the hapless Packers.

Packer Jim

You know rushing wise we are way ahead of where we were last year,By over 100 yrds. Protection wise we got sacked 8 times by the end of the 4th game last season. we only have been sacked 9 this year.I mean the O-line has all the same players from last year when we only gave up 19 sacks the whole year,and ended up rushing the ball quite well. If aaron can become a little quicker and more decisive gettin rid of the ball and make those pass rushers pay. This should start too free up Grant for some bigger games.But hes also got to get this interception thing under control(we only had 2 at this point last year).other than that comparatively speaking other than a few less wins,were pretty close to being on pace with last years effort.WHO DA LIONS PLAYIN NEXT WEEK AW DARN DA BEARS... P.S.WHENS HARREL COMIN BACK SURE COULD USE SOMEBODY STOP THE RUN....


OK, Let's start to admit we have a problem. The problem isn't some liking Favre and others hating Favre. The problem isn't even Aaron Rodgers performance. If he can stay healthy, he will do the job. The problem is currently, we are not as good a team as last year. The problem is we have a very young team that seems to be taking steps backward on almost a weekly basis. It is great to rave about having the youngest team in the NFL when you are winning. When you are losing, you are just losing team that has limited veteran leadership to get you back on track.

We need the offense to keep the defense off field. We need a punter who does not cost us field position each time we exchange punts with the opponent. We need a GM who goes out and finds a veteran QB much later in the season than he should have. We need a group of coaches who get their team ready to play, game plan like they plan on winning, and make adjustments at halftime based on what you learned playing the opponent in the first half. I know this all sounds like the basics but that is where we are at.

We need the entire team to get back to doing what they are supposed to do. We need a GM who does what a GM is supposed to do and not have it based around his ego , a coach that only focuses on getting his team ready to win the next week, and we need players who focus on their assignments. Boys "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing" No excuses get the team ready to play because next weeks game is really important. I am one of those fans who won't put up with any rebuilding talk, its a tougher schedule talk, we have injuries talk. Just do you job and win!!

Rumor has it AJ Hawk tore a groin muscle.


Okay, talk me down from off the ledge Beer Kid ... Aaron "Buck" Rodgers has a possible separated shoulder, Al Harris is out for at least 3-4 weeks and A.J. Hawk has a torn groin (Ouch!!)... I have one question for Ted "The Village Idiot" Thompson ... "So what was Plan B when Rodgers went down again????" (Notice I didn't say IF)...

It is truly an official Cluster F.... Oh and Ted, did you happen to see how Brett did with the Jets today, 6 TD's wasn't it??

GO PACK GO and my frosty glass of Blitz is still half empty... for now. Optimistically speaking,

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Hey BK and crew. Today I went to the Buccaneers/Packers game. After attending that game I must admit they are the WORST fan base I've ever encountered in my entire life. Over there it's constant trash talking and shit talk the other team. This is why I take pride in being a cheesehead. I take pride in being one of the most humble and kind teams in all of the NFL. Attending this game really showed me just how great being a Packer fan really is. I'm happy to say that we are, without a doubt, the best fan base in all of the NFL. GO PACK!!

Classy Packer


We are a better team this year!! Still going with 14-2 Super Bowl or bust.


Hey Camp, sarcasm aside, everything's a toss of the dice, a bounce, a push, a shove, a non-reaction to circumstances changing around you while you spend all your time rubbing your palms together, plotting multiple angled 7th round drafting revenge from the sanctity and safety of your non-windowed film room 7 floors below ground... but with all that, TT overlooks the o-line. Sarcasm really aside this time but who wants to be offensive coordinator, I couldn't name him (Joe Philbin) and together with MM they make most of us fans out to be phreakin' super-geniuses, because we can all yell out "run-left" on 3 out of 4 Packers 1st down plays and be right. Super-geniuses...   BK

Let's just say a few of my key fears during the whole BLF fiasco are starting to come true. And I was really, really, hoping they wouldn't come true.

Go Pack. Aaron, hope you feel all better next week - 'cause we need you on your game. Obviously.


Greise didnt even have 150 yds... Ryan (The Fumbler) Grant. Oh and 3 Int's If that other guy threw 3 of those you all would be sayin WHAT!??? PATHETIC!!!! Thanx TED your the best. Oh and did I mention were not gonna play the lions every week..


Hey chilwil86, now that you do mention it, at this pace, it's going to take this key rebound game against St. Mary's School for the Blind that's coming up this week for the Packers to regain their stride, but with the way the Pack's defense is playing against the run... the blind have a sporting chance, which is more than one can say for the Lions.  BK

So, this must be one of those days where we wonder about the whole Favre thing... it looked kinda backfirey out there today.

Eli Yale

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Some of us will do our jobs well and some will not, but we will be judged by only one thing - the result."

Blast From The Past... 

The Cheezy Fog

Booty Sapp-Hop


Speak Out Spew Off... 


Okay, I have been battling pneumonia, or however you spell it, so I have not had a chance to respond to the questioning of me calling our coach McCrappy.

Longlivethepack has been a poster in here a lot longer than me so I am going to give him my respect as an elder here in the Palace. I am not much for flaming sites and starting fights. That is why I like it here, Packerfans telling their opinions and others feeding off it.

Now to business, why do I think he is McCrappy. Well the examples I give are long but I will only drop a few here today.

First, lets go back a ways to the Buffalo game at Lambeau. I think it was his first year with the Pack. We have a first and goal from the on inch line, Ahman Green in the back field, and he calls a quick out to the sideline. Pick for six. I may not know everything about calling a game, but I do know you never throw out there that deep in the red zone. Cost us momentum, and the game. Crappy.

Fast forward to last year and the bears game. Kicking the snot out of them in the first half. He comes out for the second playing the prevent. bears win. Same thing almost happened with the lions this year.

Lets talk about the Cowboys game last year. First few series the Pack are moving the ball well, dink and dunk down the field. All of a sudden every play is a long bomb. Two or three series in a row. What was that? Favre gets hurt, AA Rod comes in, he goes back to the plan and number 12 makes it a game. At least he knew there to adjust to his QB, but he already lost me with his 'lets go for it all' attitude earlier. You don't do that in someone else's house.

Now this is his crappy masterpiece. NFC Championship last year. Week of the game the Giants took their practice outside. McCrappy decides all he needs to do is put the balls in the freezer. TAKE THE TEAM OUTSIDE FOR A WALK THRU AT LEAST. I don't care how cold it is outside, put a jacket on and get out there. That is why all those guys looked way too cold and they wanted to go home. I think that was crappy. Not to mention abandoning the run game early in the second quarter. That is just crappy icing.

I won't go too far into the whole Number 4 debacle and some of the crappy things he said but he sat there and told us that he has a whole different plan for AA Rod and that all that planning would be shot if Favre came back. Then I hear him just a week or so ago saying that the plan and plays are no different between Favre and Rodgers. So what is it? Same or different? Lying to the fans is Crappy.

I would love to NEVER call him McCrappy again. Make great decisions, lead us to the Super Bowl. I am just not the follow the leader no matter what kind of guy. I have always believed the mantra "question authority'. I certainly am not going to stop questioning something I care so much about.

Of course this is all my opinion and I am not trying to convince you longlivethepack to call him McCrappy and dislike him as much as I do, I am just spouting off here at the Palace to make the process more bearable.

Go ahead and drink all the kool-aid you want, but, again, I prefer Gatorade. Go Packers Go

Hamilton aka Sign Boy


So my douchey semi-political brother-in-law comes over while my wife takes the kids to go see "Wally the robot movie"...... mAgain..... mHe wants to watch obama and mc-whats his name debate whatever they debate about,mI finally agree after about 7 steel reserves but not till he watches PACKERS beat the crap out of the raiders that famous night when BF's dad passed the only thing douchy Mc-brother-in-law can say?...Thank god you have "A-ROD" now.... The rest of the night was a blurr but this much is true there is a moral to my tirade.."Only douchebags say "a-rod".

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Big Ern, I always thought it should be A-Rog... but I'm disappointed that he shaved... I was ready to go with "long chops", and maybe get others on the team to start growing the fu-manchu. Now that would be a phenomenon of epic green and gold proportions.  BK

Awesome stuff once again. Loved the Greenzilla conquering Tampa in the video, and Aaron Rodgers snorkeling with the mermaid!

As for Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street", well if you were, then I probably bumped into you a time or two, likely not intentionally. There is only one Water Street...in Eau Claire, WI.


Hey PackSmack, both myself and BeerScout hail from E.C. and so far, in my travels, I really haven't found anything similar to the whole Water St phenom... of course no one drinks like cheeseheads, when I first arrived in Los Angeles back in the early 90's, I found myself drinking in British Pub's, the only group who even came close to the "drinking in heavy moderation" style that I grew up in.  BK

    Someone is wrong about the Packers...
Absolutely hilarious! As an occasional lurker in various Packers forums, I've found much essentially meaningless being taken as seriously as if it was really actual or actually real. I find it amusing to profile frequent posters and then submit posts that will assuredly push their buttons. I've pictured that cartoon more than once.

Effin with people just for the hell of it is sure fun!

Hey Effin', here's another version... a reply back to me after a friend saw the first Someone Is Wrong... (scroll down a few times) a lot late nights correcting people, it's not just a job, it's a divine right!!!  BK

Pack 33 Buc 16.... Rogers finally asserts himself and 'D' steps up for Harris (out until Nov 9 in time for Queens) Season still on track for 12-4. Debacle against Ca-bouys was part of overall plan............ Setting stage for play-off tween only two legit teams in NFC. Titletown versus Wannabe cowpokes--- We know the rest of the story.

Robey in Bama

BK!! Love and Rockets "Yin and Yang the Flower Pot Man"??! Dude....bringing me back to Water Street, and the drunken/chemically induced haze that were the college years!! Great choice....

I disagree wholeheartedly with your take on Jason Taylor and the quarterback who once led the Packers, whose name shall not pass my lips due to the crap that drama queen put this team and its fans through with his vacillating vacillations on retirement.

This is a young mans game, both are old, and one we know does not like to play in the cold...which happens alot in the NFC North for two teams that still exhibit a little fortitude.

Keep up the great work, and give me a heads up if/when you get back to the Twin Shitties/EC.

Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Still going for 14 - 2 record!! We are a better team than last year and our quarterback is better than we had hoped!! Super Bowl or Bust!!!


The tampagay buttpioneers are as sorry as the cowgirls now we just have to beat em' give the defense the go-ahead to smack them and the offense will make do.

Big Ern said so!!!

Quoth Lombardi...

   "It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you've got to have is faith and discipline when you're not yet a winner."

Packers Verses Vikings... 

After Two Weeks Of A Passing Game That Was Awful
Coach Childress Finally Decided To Take A Shot
And Benched His Young Starting Quarterback
Replacing Him With The Graybeard Gus Frerotte

While He Wasn't Great He Was Good Enough
And His Defense Rose To The Occasion
Sacking Jake Delhomme Again And Again
Even Adding A Defensive Score To The Equation

This Week's Game Will Be Somewhat Tougher
As The Titans Now Know What Ol' Gus Can Do
They're Familiar With Older Reclaimed Quarterbacks
As They've Pulled Their Young Signal-Caller Too

The Titans Passing Game Is Good But Not Terrific
And Their Running Game Could Be Regarded The Same
But Tennessee Is Winning With Tough Defense
As They Are Giving Up Just Ten Points A Game

The Defenses From Both Of These Teams
Justifiably Allow For Game Plans That Are Quite Bold
Especially Since Between These Teams
The Quarterbacks Are Seventy-Three Year Old

It Was Two Weeks Into The This Football Season
And The Green Bay Packers Had Not Been Bested
But The Dallas Cowboys Were Coming To Town
And They Knew Their Will And Talent Would Be Tested

The Packers' Team Never Got On Track
As Dallas Took Their Big-Play Ability Away
And Since The Cowboys Offense Kept The Pressure On
Eventually The Packers' Defense Just Gave Way

So Now Green Bay's Record Is At Two And One
As The Packers Try To Pull Themselves Together
Knowing That They'll Have To Face The Buccaneers
With Three Defensive Backs Under The Weather

Tampa’s Team Has Also Lost Just Once
Though Ot Was Needed To Beat The Bears
Their Running Game Has Been Up And Down
So Last Week They Took The Offense To The Air

Sixty-Seven Passes Were Thrown Last Week
And Tampa Bay Did Not Give Up A Sack
Green’s Secondary Will Have Its Hands Full
If The Packers Can't Get To The Quarterback

The Vikings' Game Will Be A Violent One
But Kerry Collins Is Better Than Gus Frerotte
And While The Cowboys Contained The Packers
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Will Not

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

A disappointing loss for the Packers, both in terms of the game and in terms of Al Harris who will probably miss the rest of the season... While turning the clock back to Gus Frerotte worked out well for Minnesota... will it continue against the Titans?

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beyond Buccan Bay... 

Just when you thought it was safe to back into the water... Packer Palace takes you away to Buccan Bay and this week's matchup against the Bucketheads, errh, the Buccaneers with Yup, its' the 51st meeting between these former NFC Central teams, and don't just sit there like a flower-pot, check-out the Rockwood Lodge this week for a little extra bloody fun. It's beauty beauty beauty beautiful!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Presaging Packer Prognosticators... 

After a disastrous start our prognosticators are back, with another tantalizing effort to bring you pre-game analysis on the upcoming Green Bay Packers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers game this Sunday down in Florida. We have again left no hill un-climbed, no deep river un-crossed, no alehouse left un-visited, ahem, yes we will continue to go there for a pint every week, and left no blizzard on the frozen tundra un-endured to bring you the finest in presaging Packer Prognosticators thought to be known through-out the football universe and out even way farther beyond that there, eh. So in that fine tradition we have this week for you:

No one reads an inksplotch better than I, and this one... heh, this suspiciously looks like the same 'splotch from last week, anyway, the squiggly splotch marks over there, there and there, all favor the Packers, the splotch of ink over here is bad, bad news for the Buccaneers. Packers win.

Rory T. Est

Q:  Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win at home against the Green Bay Packers?

A:  My sources say no.

The Golden Magic G-Ball

There is no cheesehead who can swing a light-saber through all the pre-game prognosticating BS like this surviving PackerLord can, and I will with great G-Force. Packers win. I have fore-seen it. Do not doubt me, for I will find your lack of faith disturbing...

Darth Vincent

Well now that all the being trampled and blowing dust is behind us, we pull back out another 12-pack of beer, some more smokes and our almost trusty magic crystal ball to gaze out beyond and down towards Tampa Bay... and for chris-sakes, its Griese (no Bears defense), come on, its Griese (no Bears defense). Packers win 23-16.

Beer Kid

A touch of surprise there, but there you have it, 3 of this week's presaging Packer Prognosticators are going with the Green Bay Packers and 1 is going against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Great Moments In Packer History... Encore 


1977 - The Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13-0 in the 2 teams first NFC Central Division meeting ever.

1983 - The Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 55-14 in the series most lopsided scoring game ever, so far.

1996 - The Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 34-3 and 13-7 on their way to winning Super Bowl XXXI and their 12th NFL Championship.

1997 - The Packers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the regular season 21-16, 17-6 and then after a 1st round bye, a 21-7 win in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.

more great moments...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 2-1... 

I've finally reached the point where I'm now laughing at the Packers loss to the Cowboys, what could you do, the game started without S Atari Bigby, quickly added CB Al Harris, and eventually S Nick Collins to the injury heap and well, you are not going to win games against top-line NFL talent with 3 of 4 starting DB's off the field. You're not going to win games by "claiming" your team is power-running team either and if, if, RB Ryan Grant had 20 carries, the Packers somehow would have gotten the first downs and yards needed to sustain drives and we would have beat the Cowboys. Ah NEWSFLASH!!! the Packers are not a power running team, they will never overwhelm a good defensive line and run inside the redzone or on plays when it's needed most. Get used to it.

Well the Packers would be, could be if we had a coach who "played to win" instead of settling for whatever the opposing defense gives you. A prime example was the first played called after WR Donald Drivers great catch and twist and run to get the Packers 1st and goal at the 6. So what's the playcall? I-Formation and a run between the tackles, so inspired, such a "killer move", not. Where's the drawplay, spreadout the WR's and run, screen play? Something? Although I had been quiet and subdued all game, I almost screamed out "And There Is Your Dagger!!!". With apologies to Wayne Larrivee, but it was clear the Packers weren't playing to win. End result? The Packers settle for FG's and get smoked by a much better team and coaching staff whose game-plan was to win.

Now it sucks big time about Al Harris spleen injury, without divine intervention and some miracle healing he's going to be gone for the year. The Packers defense will have to adjust to his absence, and move on without his blanket man-on-man coverage. They can, they will. Young players like CB Tramond Williams have shown some ability, and with CB Will Blackmon and Jarret Bush, they're going to be tested every week, they should pull through, but none of them are Al Harris. Charles "Fractured Toe" Woodson has to step up even more than he has already.

Now what do you think this team would look like if Jason Taylor and Brett Favre were around and on the team... that would be SB Contender, Ok Ok I shouldn't go there... but.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

    "Now what do you think this team would look like if Jason Taylor and Brett Favre were around and on the team... that would be SB Contender, Ok Ok I shouldn't go there... but."
Please tell me you don't mean that. How many ludicrous interceptions has Favre already thrown this year leading to his team's demise? In big games, Favre couldn't play consistently within the Green Bay system even thought he'd been in it for 16 years. Why would he play any differently in a Jet's system in 8-weeks? Gimmie a break BeerKid. Aaron Rogers IS the real deal. It's refreshing to see a QB with feet, a fresh arm, intelligence, and such poise. While I'll never forget Favre's accomplishments, he made the wrong choice to come back and every consecutive Sunday he wears a Jet's jersey proves it.

Dallas IS a tough team and I'm not surprised by the outcome. They have a HUGE O-line, a punishing RB, a smart TE, deadly WRs, and one heck of a QB at the helm. It's just a shame that our offense couldn't convert a few of those FGs into 7-points and maybe our defense get off the field a bit quicker. If you're going to get beat, you might as well lose to a superior team and (right now) Dallas IS the superior team.

It's just too early to throw in the towel. Injuries are a part of the game and just like last year when our running game was bleak, it can be turned around with one move here or there. Sure, our defense looks to be a bit depleted right not. But, things can turn around quickly. Have faith.

Greg T, Minneapolis/St. Paul

Hey Greg, I was just checking to see if anyone would notice that... yeah that's an incomplete thought. The Packers need a top-level DE, the Cowboys game clearly showed it, Jason Taylor could have been had, but he probably wouldn't have come to GB unless BF was here too. Coach McCarthy has kept the rope tight on QB Aaron Rodgers and that's a "so far so good" in the post-BF era.   BK

BK - If Brett were still on the team, he'd have thrown three picks, minimum. Jason Taylor would have helped the pass rush; in fact, I wanted Ted to trade Brett to the Fins for him.


Umm We are not gonna play the lions all year long fellas.No running game cause we dont have gaurds. Have very good WR's but somebody didn't make the throws. (and I'm not pickin on him YET!!) Last year the pass set up the run,Whatever and did i mention were not gonna play the lions all year.and no we don't have depth at any defensive position, wheres corey williams? oh yeah we got Justin Harrel wheres he at? oh yeah sittin around doin nothin for a second year in row.... and did i mention were not playin the lions all year... P.S. Did I hear something about a contract extension If somebodys playin well after 8 games. 153yds no tds at the 9 min mark of the 4th quarter w/ one of the best Wide receiving corps in the league. PULLEEZZZZ I'm not pickin on him YET!!! and did i mention were not playin the lions every week...


The problem as I see it:  The defense needed to start sending more than 4 to put some consistent pressure on Romo. He had all day back there.


Well, I clearly thought we would beat Dallas, nice coaching decision to play Chillar instead of Poppinga. However we could not stop the run, Harrell would have helped here but I hear he weighs about 400 lbs right about now. We need a run stuffer on defense!!!! And please anyone but Jarred Bush to replace Harris. McCarthy was clearly outcoached in the Dallas game. I am extremely satisfied with Rodgers as QB, I said it before that he would be OK, he is doing better than expected!!!!!! lets go Defense and get creative on Offense!!!!!!!!!!! Go Packers!



Scott Wells will be back, so hopefully the running game will finally appear. Brian Griese of the Bucs dropped back like 60 times last week against the Bears and didn't get sacked once! So I hope Kampman can get to him a few times! GO PACK!



--Well, it (as usual) comes down to the same old song and dance--the Pack can't get off the field on 3rd down... and the pass-blocking is so bad that the tight ends can't even TRY to get out into pass patterns any more. Something has to change..... will coach Mike and Co be able to get the Packers around the corner and make them able to play with the big boys--or will this team continue to be the sort that barely squeaks past losers like MN and Detroit. (I know they scored a lot against detroit--but really-remember that the Pack trailed in the 4th?)

Coach Carl

We now know that the Cowboys beat the Packers. How did they do it? They guessed correctly that the Packers were going to work overtime to stop Witten and T.O. and came up with a strategy to attack the Packers with something different. They guessed correctly and worked their running game very well. Behind their big O-Line they made a lot of holes against the Packers who were trying to max their defense against the pass. The Packers contained that pretty well, but because they did not get points in the Red Zone, the Cowboys were able to beat down the Packers defense.

After watching the Packers try to get to Romo with just the front four, I am convinced that they should have had more plays to help them do that. Romo did not throw well when the Packers did get near him, so I think they could have stopped the passing game by going after Romo instead of T.O. and Witten.

The Packers are clearly not yet as good as the Cowboys. Rogers did pretty well under the circumstances, but the Red Zone play calling was weak. I believe that the Packers will learn and get better from this game. They won't face anyone as talented as the Cowboys until Playoff time.


Asking for your support for voting for the best commercial for Packers & Penske Trucks. Commercial 6 are good friends of mine and would really appreciate the support.


Thanks everyone, Beerkid if this is in any violation to this board my apologies. Go Pack!

Best Packer Commercial for Penske Trucks!

Hey Penske, You friends may get my vote... tomorrow.  BK

Hey BeerKid, I entered a Packers/Penske commercial contest and I need your vote! Go Pack! Go Penske! Best Commercial Contest!

Click on #5 and vote me to greatness. GO PACK!


Hey Harv, outside the box and off the wall, very nice... You got my vote - today anyway.  BK

well the pack played a pretty ok game against the cowpies but all you dreamers better wake up and smell the ground game because it still stinks and until they get a threat in the backfield it will be a .500 season behind A.R. lets tamper with adrian peterson


Rodger that. No D or O. Dallas came hungry to break that losing streak at Lambeau. They came on a mission with Romo, the Wisconsin boy. And we had nothing any side of the ball, to prevent it. Not a good night is all I can say about it. And by the looks of this place, we all feel the same way.


I think you should create a Tibetan style prayer flag for your site - Rodgers pin ups should adorn each flag. Good for your female viewing fans... good for Packer Karma....

K in WI


Jessica Romo

Hey Jess, that's great. Thanks for checking in, and ummm, ah, just saying thanks.  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Presaging Packer Prognosticators... 

In our continued effort to bring you an increased and somewhat improved analysis of the upcoming Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys football game this Sunday night on NBC, we have left no stone un-turned, no mountain un-climbed, no alehouse left un-visited, ahem, and no deepest corner of the world un-searched to bring you the finest in presaging Packer Prognosticators known through-out the football universe and out even farther beyond there, eh. In that tradition we have this week for you:

As the first man to recognize an offensive weapon when I see one, I like what GB QB Rodgers has to work with, and no matter which way I scatter the bones around, and believe me I've scattered them around several times, and the "bones" keep telling me the same thing - Go with the Pack!

First Primate

As a Practitioner of Extispicy (ha-hah I bet you thought I said extra spicy, everyone laughs when I explain that) although I must say, the Chianti '67 blends well with any red meat and leafy garnish, but no matter which way you poke at them and pile them about, the entrails all point this week to a Packers victory at home. Hmmmmm mmmmmm, Entrails.

The Green-Man

No one reads an inksplotch better than I, and the one laid out before me this week concerning the Packers Cowboys game at Lambeau Field this Sunday night has left me no choice in the matter, the 'splotch obviously shows the Packers winning late 26-24, but then, when you look into my eyes, perhaps, you see something else...

Rory T. Est

You can rely on the above primitive ways of divination for Packer game-day forecasting if you want, but I'm going with the old tried true and completely reliable way taught to me by my fore-fathers, a 12-pack of beer, some smokes and a magic crystal ball. Without further ado, the Packers rise to the occasion and pull out the win, 27-22.

Beer Kid

No big surprise, but there you have it, all 4 of this week's presaging Packer Prognosticators are going with the Green Bay Packers.

Speak Out Spew Off... 


.....Teeeee Bo-o-one! Oh Teeee Bo-o-one.....yoo hoo, where r u?????

You can pull your tail out and come back to the Palace for some more reality checks! C'mon, we won't bite, just slap ya round a bit with a dose of some plain 'ol facts. Like the fact that the Packers ran all over the Kittens. When are ya gonna come back so we can talk about this? Can't wait. This should be good.

Until then... GO PACK GO!!!!!! Beat the Cowpies!

Lady K

Well... my only big concern is that Atari Bigby might not play Sunday night. That means Aaron Rouse is playing. He is a big reason the Lions came back in the 2nd half. Otherwise... I think we will very close to the CowGirls in every way.


Hey BeerKid......... I'm w/Big Ern. We already have an A-Rod in baseball. We need to come up w/something clever.

Long Live the Pack!!!

I think Jordy Nelson has shown that he should be the third WR over James Jones. I cringe everytime Aaron throws his way. Give the rookie a chance! Pack 34, Cowgirls 28.

Gabe in Sandy Eggo

frank in waterford: they do cut off beer sales at lambeau before the 4th quarter -- i've been there often in the last 5 years. very important clarification!
pack will lose to dallas on sunday night 37-23. hope i'm wrong, though. GO PACK GO!


The Packers play Dallas in Green Bay. I might be wrong, but especially in recent history, the home team has had a tremendous advantage in that matchup. However, the Cowboys are a dangerous team. Prediction: Packers 34, Dallas 21


Quoth Lombardi...

   "The leader can never close the gap between himself and the group. If he does, he is no longer what he must be. He must walk a tightrope between the consent he must win and the control he must exert."

Great Moments In Packer History... 

1960 - The Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys 41-7 in Green Bay in the two teams first meeting ever.

1965 - After beating the Dallas Cowboys 13-3, Green Bay Packers go on to win their 9th NFL Championship Title.

1966 - After beating the Dallas Cowboys 34-27 in Dallas for their 10th NFL Championship Title, the Green Bay Packers go on to win Super Bowl I.

1967 - After ice-bowling the Dallas Cowboys 21-17 in Green Bay for their 11th NFL Championship Title, the Green Bay Packers go on to win Super Bowl II.

Friday, September 19, 2008

"Jack" & "Diane" & T.O.... 

We go deep down into Hazzard County out back behind Jerry's place to find his version of the "heartland". Where Romo can be Romo and where Jess is all over the ranch. So what the hell, this week in the Rockwood Lodge it's the come to Wisconsin grid-iron tale of A heartwarming story that will leave in you in tears time after time, that's good if you're a Packers fan because those will be tears of laughter and ah, that will be bad if you're a Cowboys fan 'cuz those will be just be tears, tears, and more crying tears like what we've already seen from TO and Romo.

So come on over to our place, where you can saunter on past downtown to the ol' watering hole and enjoy life the way that life was made to be enjoyed, with football, friends and beers in hand, the Packer Palace Way.

Packers Verses Vikings... 

When The Colts Came To The Dome Last Week
It Looked Like An Upset In The Making
The Minnesota Defense Played Pretty Well
And A Vikings' Win Was There For The Taking

But Somehow They Couldn't Manage That Feat
As The 'Kick-Butt' Offense Simply Tanked
And Despite That Fact That It's Not All His Fault
Young "T-Jack" Found That He'd Been Yanked

Gus Frerotte Is Now The Man In Charge
As The Carolina Panthers Come To Town
Their Defense Features A Fierce Pass Rush
That Loves To Knock Quarterbacks Around

If The Panthers' Running Game Gets Underway
And The Vikes Can't Get To Jake Delhomme
It's Going To Be A Long Day For Minnesota
As They Drop Another Big Game In Their Dome

Adrian Peterson Is Nursing A Hamstring Pull
So His Teammates Must Step Up Their Game
If They Are To Even Have A Chance To Avoid
Being The Subject Of Coach Childress' Blame


When Coach McCarthy Named Rodgers "The Guy"
Many People Wondered If He Should
Lately Those People Have All Been Saying
"So Far The Kid's Done Pretty Good"

The Lions' Game Showed Just What They Mean
As Three First Half Passes Went For Scores
And While Detroit Challenged Late In The Game
The Packers' Defense Slammed The Door

Though The Packers Have Easily Handled
Two Teams Not Ranked Among The Best
When The Cowboys Come To Lambeau Field
Green Bay Will Be Facing Quite A Test

Unlike The Vikings Who Couldn't Complete A Pass
And The Detroit Lions Who Just Couldn't Run
The Dallas Team Is Balanced And Complete
And Won't Want To Be Outdone

This Should Be One Of Those Classic Games
One That Will Be Won Down In The Trenches
Since Each Team's Offense Clearly Is Able
Of Making Problems For The Other's Defenses


Minnesota's Vikings Will Give It All They Have
But The Panthers Will Leave Town With A Win
While Dallas Has Never Won At Lambeau Field
And History Should Repeat Once Again

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Wow -- the Packers are off to a great start - and there's big changes afoot over in Minnesota. Wonder if they'll help???

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spew Off Speak Out... 

"Nothing Left To Do But Kick Dallas' Ass"


A Rod haters, it takes a real man to admit when they are wrong. I see all these excuses for how great this Cowboys match up would be with o'l #4 behind center. That's the narrow mindedness that makes my stomach churn. Number 12 brings a different type of challenge than the improbable improvs that didn't always pay off. The guy can move. Donovan was all over the place. He also put up some very good numbers with far more less talented receivers. Packers run game must be sharper. O'line nuff said. Put some pressure and roll the dice this week if the conservative play calling isn't working. Blitz the Piss out of Romo. He has all day. KGB, Kampman, and company must go for broke if they go down by 14+.

It's early but people are expecting the World from Rodgers. Romo hasn't even won a playoff game yet.

Just think Linde Infante years. Blair Kiel, Anthony Dilweg. Yeah that's right.


Hey BeerKid......... I'd like to take a shot as to why the conservative play calling in the second half. Maybe McCarthy thought it was a good idea to run more. After the WR's started dropping passes, not only was it stalling drives but more importantly it was stalling the clock. And it's usually not a good idea to let a game against an underdog playing at home, drag on too long. Hence, run down the clock some and get out w/a victory. But we can always ask "Hammie", since he must know alot about football if can refer to our coach as "McCrappy".

Long Live the Pack!!!

Meaning NO disrespect to ANY other packer faithful but we really have to make EVERY effort to extinguish this "arod" BULLSHIT!!! I do not want to be linked to anything associated with that complete DOUCHEBAG!!!! MR.ROGERS...OK. Whatever just not "arod" we might as well be cowboy fans with nicknames like that. WOW that was a lot of bitching first thing in tha morning!!! WHERES MY COFFEE?!

Big Ern said so!!!!

BK.... by now you know that I live in Minnesota, specifically, the Twin Shitties. I have to tell you, the only thing that can mirror my enthusiasm for the continued success of the Green Bay Packers led by AR (which, I am happy to point out, that I called and was fully behind!), is listening to these whiney fucks bemoan the continued plight of the Queens. All off-season, as Zygi spent money hand over fist, I have had to listen the the puffy-chested bravado of fans who every year like to imagine, for reasons unknown, that a SB is within their reach.

Hell, before the sucking began this year, they were unable, and still are, to sell out the 3rd game of the season against the Panthers....creating the potential of another blackout....provided the local network does not purchase the remaining 6000 tickets to save their ad revenue.

The universe is vast and confusing in its whimsy, but one thing we can ALWAYS count on is the dysfunction of the Queens and their "fans".

Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

His first Fed Ex Air QB of the Week nomination. Lets get him his first win.


And its for a good cause.
    Fans will be voting for more than their favorite player. As part of the Air & Ground program, for the first time, FedEx is teaming up with Safe Kids USA -- a national non-profit organization that works to prevent accidental injury among children -- to deliver safer kids by making weekly $1,000 donations in the winning players' names. The funding directly benefits local Safe Kids coalitions in that team's city, to fund pedestrian safety improvements throughout the year. This year, FedEx celebrates its fifth year of the program and will surpass the $1 million mark in funding to create safer communities for children.

wow this was a good victory but now a-rod faces a real test in dallas as did favre vs da cheating pats

andy mokena

It is surely too early to tell if the Packers are as good as last year but so far there are some encouraging signs. They have played two teams that can't pass the ball, so we know nothing about how they will do against a better offense, but the defense should continue to get better if they can get healed up. The offense is still a question mark. Rogers looks sound as do the receivers, but the running game is too spotty. I am afraid that OLine injuries are going to be a problem all year and unless Grant gets his health back, the Packers could become too predictable with their passing.

I am looking forward to the Cowboys game as a real test from a very sound football team. The Packers are not going to win them all, but giving the Cowboys a good game is critical.

I am not ready to say that Ted, Mike, and I were right about Rogers yet, but we are getting closer.


Hey Packer Fans! It's worth noting that the format has changed this year. We have to show up every week to make sure we stay on top. It seems the good folks at Campbells have gotten bored of us always winning it, so they keep mixing it up.

Click for Cans

Hi Beerkid, I not sure if you put this on Packer Palace yet. This year they did it different. Good start of the season.

I'll talk to you later and take care, GO PACK GO!!!!


Lee - Saint Marys, GA


Heh. That worked out well for the Lions, didn't it?


I agree with Hammie. Why did we not just run it up? Make a statement...


Great game by Arod and especially Greg Jennings. Not so great 2nd half stretch by receivers who dropped passes, and not so great 2nd half conservative play calling with the lead (you knew it was coming, though). 2-0!

Once again the Lions were the Lions.


Dan: You don't seem to know that at Ford Field, beer sales are cut off after the 3rd Quarter. You can not buy a beer in the 4th Quarter like at Lambeau. Detroit fans are assholes, so they cut it off. At times in the past, they cut it off at halftime. In addition, you can not buy a beer before Noon on Sunday, so for a 1:00 game, the people at the field can not buy a beer until an hour prior to the game, as well. Give me Lambeau, where the fans are polite and you can buy a beer anytime.

As for the game, why do we always get conservative and let the other team back in. I thought for a minute that Holmgren was on the sidelines. Rodgers was carving them up in the first half and then we put it on auto-pilot for the 3rd quarter. In addition, I only saw one "mistake" from Rodgers. Down deep in the Packers end, with the crowd as loud as it had been all day, he comes to the line and is trying to direct and call the cadence. He is dancing around like Peyton Manning and then - you know it, College jumps. Get up to the line and snap the ball.

Great game. Was great to be at Ford Field with my Packer gear on, listening to Lions fans. Glad Woodson could make it with the toe injury. We sure need him. We saw what happens (Calvin Johnson) when Woodson is not on the field.

Frank in Waterford

Hey BeerKid........... Seems I remember a couple people this summer stating that A-Rod might have won a QB battle w/Favre. Hmmmmmmmm..... I won't mention names. I think MM won't put the pressure on A-Rod to win the games til he has a few more under his belt, but the way the receivers started dropping balls in the 3rd quarter I'm not so sure he didn't call it a little more consevative for lack of faith in the receivers at that point. MM and TT have been spouting the same old stuff since they started, I'm hoping it's championship quality. They've tore apart the stats to decypher what it takes to win, and spewing about the amount of turnovers vs. the odds of winning since the start. May have cost Favre his job and Ryan (consistancy) too. Give these guys credit, they've made some tough calls to back up what they believe. They practice what they preach and the players watch that. Sure MM drives me nuts with the empty backfield on a 2nd/3rd and 2 and the wing formation which they always run from.... and sure, I'd like to see the shovel pass a bit, maybe a TE or WR screen and a better mix overall but I guess if I wanted the right to do that, I should have got a job in that line of work and put in the hours. Guess I'll just have to live with it.

Monday morning thoughts....... I wonder how long before the Vike fans turn on their QB. Once that happens it'll get better or worse but will be almost no going back. Favre might have a better chance against the N.E. Cheater's 3rd string QB. Sure Favre will get better in the Jets offense but (looks like Herman Munster) Cassel will be getting better too. Still waiting for the Pack to bing out the 2-5 defense. I think the pass interference is to become the big play of the NFL.

Lastly, two more things. First, a pet peeve from Sherman's days. I hated when he'd call those time outs on defense at the end of the half/game. The D almost always gave up the first down and he'd save the other team a bunch of time with his time outs. Seems he almost always paid for that and didn't learn. Last I'd like to share my two cents on Harrell. You have players drafted that can't play when healthy (Jamal Renolds), you have guys that can play but have injury problems (CB Tim Lewis from the 80's and he was going to be special). Harrell is neither so far. Lewis was an example that injuries are part of the game and are bad luck, not bust. Third, (I lied) have you all noticed when reading press clips from MM and TT how blunt and matter-of-fact their statements are? I like that, there's no middle ground for the players. I didn't like the pick of MM at the time (thank god it wasn't Mooch), but MM has impressed me..........

Long Live the Pack!!!

P.S. QB stats. What??? 10-20 yards RUSHING and 0 INT's!!!!

Hey BeerKid........ One last spew from me for the day. For all those who aren't impressed w/TT, I think yesterday was a good example of a team/fans who'd love to drink TT's kool-aid!!!!!! Think about it.

Long Live the Pack!!!

You know what BeerKid, Im not done for the day............ If not McCrappy, who would you all like for a coach then? What plays should have he called? Receivers were dropping balls like they had butter on them. Terrible Ted? Whose out there that you'd all like as your GM? Sure I think TT needs to add a couple studs yet...... They could do some things better...... They do better than I could, that's for sure. I'm sure the Lion's would trade their GM/coach even up w/us as I'm sure there are a few other teams that would also......... They'd be happy to chugga lugga fucking gulp that kool-aid down. So whose the dinamic duo out there available to lead the Packer's down the right path????? If you can post, you can back up your post, right???? I enjoy a good debate. Salary cap is in good shape if they get the right group together, they can sign a few and keep it together.

What, what then I ask, is the answer to all those who continue to complain about McCrappy and Terrible Ted????? Who ya picken to lead the Pack to the promised land then???? I've been reading for months how bad they are, but no one offers up the answers.......... This is really aimed at the few who continue complain and call names, etc. and even for all the noisy people from a few months ago that are now suddenly quiet. Guess I'm just one of those people who believe that if you can post what was did wrong, you can post your thoughts as to what was needed to do it right. Tell us who you want. How about you "Let the Cleansing Begin"? Holmgren you think as coach and GM. Let's see, he's won as many SB's as Favre over the last dozen years, none. Where's the upgrade? Here's one from me. We'd be so much better w/Favre....... well he couldn't beat N.E.'s second stringer. Let the debate begin.....

Long Live the Pack!!!

A win is a win, and I'm happy to have two of em, but - Rogers couldn't throw it deep! Jones had to stop and wait for the only long completion- if the defender doesn't fall on his ass, that pass gets batted or picked, just like the other severely under thrown long balls. I'm not willing to give Rogers a comeback either, that was a Woodson/defense come from behind. The O was quiet for more than 1/2 the game. If Rogers can't deliver the long ball, on time, we're in trouble. Next week will be a good test. GO PACK GO

Been Drunk on waterstreet


BeerScout, that's why you and I align... I am still the BF fan, and although I fear BeerKid has gone to the dark side of BF hatred, I hope he has enough love for both BF and the Packers... as you and I do. (Someday Brett will be on the Packers Fan Stuff catalog with some young receiver like Double D and Bart are this year..and we will all be happy).


Quoth Lombardi...

   "They call it coaching but it is teaching. You do not just tell them... you show them the reasons."

Blast From The Past... 

Romo's For Ribs

Cow Girls

Star Cows

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Just a quick thought before the game today... Lions don't impress me at all, I haven't seen much on what they did to improve last year's team, 'cept to get rid of any defensive stars they had, so without much analysis, expect the Packers to roll to 2-0 with a 31-16 win over the hapless Lions in Detroit.

Update:  Even though the cute girl walked into the bar with the Barry Sanders #20 jersey resulted in a 9 point run by the Lions and a 25-24 lead, eventually the Packers won 48 - yeah phreakin' 48 and it could have been 51 - to 25 and yes, don't hurt me, but at 2 - 0, everyone in the NFC North is chasing the Packers. Oh yeah, Aaron Rodgers now has one 4th quarter comeback from behind under his belt after just 2 games.

Today's Packer Victory was sponsored by Stone Ruination IPA and Stone Cali-Belgique IPA and by my drunken guess, Stone Brewery will be sponsoring many more Packer Victories this year.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Wow The last five minutes of the game were... well great feel sorry for the guy who got up to grab some beer while the lions had the lead. Well two weeks in and A-Rod hasn't disappointed almost makes you wonder if he was starting against the giants if we wouldn't have been in that Superbowl oh well.

Pack 4 life and after

Dan Solberg



Wow 48 points and we get ONE halftime highlight?!...P.S The b**rs STILL and always will SUCK!!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Hey Big Ern, It was close, but yes, eventually, the Panthers proved that indeed, THE BEARS STILL SUCK!!!  BK

The D bailed McCrappy out on this one. Why does he do that all the time. Get a lead then sit on it. Keep freaking going! Don't slow down. That is how you lose games.

Great game AA Rod. Keep on keepin' on. Prove me wrong. I would love for him to stay healthy and win the big one. I will gladly admit I am wrong. Oh, and I have to keep this goofy goatee even though AA Rod shaved his off. Never Fu#k with a streak.

2-0 baby. Go Pack Go!!!

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hey Hammie, I agree, don't ever Fu#k with a streak.  BK

My lord all the $ Ziggy Milf spent and they suckazz.


Hey Chil, The 1 vikqueen fan in the bar couldn't believe that they couldn't get a TD, and after watching how the Colts played... well, how did the Vikes lose that game? Oh yeah, you're right, they suckazz...  BK

Aaron Rodgers....you did well.I love this team more than last years team!


The one draw back about Vikings game was that it just didn't feel close at the end, it was!! Due to coaching decisions that were almost Shermanesk. At the end of the game we were about 50 yards from losing a game that we dominated. Poor coaching before the end of the half and poor coaching at the end of the game. Rodgers played a nice game, the lines played good protecting Rodgers and poor creating any consistent running holes. The defense looked liked they just gained strength as the game went on. Nice effort against a Vikings team I think may be overated.

Finally, Kid cash all the Ari checks at the homestead and let Favre move on.

Live and Die with Pack!!


Hey, just wanted to remind you guys that the Campbell's Click for Cans contest is going on at http://www.chunky.com/default.aspx

Let's protect the Packer winning streak and go "click" some ass! Haha, that was lame....

Jonny J

Sloppy, but a win nevertheless. Nice play by A-Rod and a nice save there at the end, Atari.

Let's move on please - Da Bears beat the Colts and my Bears lovin' cousin is all over my ass. I reminded him that they still suck. Now the Pack needs to prove it!

Go Pack!


Jared Allen plays for

OK, well I can't just let well enough alone and let Beerkid tilt the Packer Palace Universe toward the –BF Pole with all these "moderated posts!" (Caveat to say I know he doesn't edit...much) Now, Beerkid is anti-BF without a doubt. I just want to state that for the record. (I watched the Jets game with him!) I know not too many are posting pro+BF stuff like me, and I WILL let it die (unlike Craig Nall, Patriots?), but I HAVE TO state that 1/2 of PackerPalace is STILL (and always will be) +BF! But don't forget, I like Aaron Rodgers too! It's that hand-clasping Grinch...

OK, saw this article, and for the record "The Packers have been a non-profit, publicly-owned corporation since Aug. 18, 1923. The corporation is run by a board of directors and a seven-member executive committee. All profits, after expenses, are put back into the franchise."

So I guess that means "after expenses" is the key phrase in that sentence. The answer is obvious! Fuzzy as hell! Kind of like all those hit movies that never make money...


Quoth Lombardi...

   Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there.

Packers Verses Vikings... 

Minnesota's Team Went To Lambeau Field
Ready To Reverse The Current Trend
Of Losing To The Green Bay Packers
But Came Up Short Once Again

The Vikings Had Been Spreading A Lot Of Talk
About The Favre-Less Packers Going Down
Yet Monday Night When The Final Gun Sounded
'Twas The Vikings Who'd Been Pushed Around

While Adrian Peterson Again Was A Force
The Packers’ Defense Kept Him Contained
And The Passes From The Vikes' Young Quarterback
Made The Vikes’ Aerial Game Look Pretty Plain

It Gets No Easier This Upcoming Week
As An Angry Colts Team Comes To The Dome
After Getting Mauled By The Chicago Bears
Ruining The First Game In Their New Home

Jared Allen And The “Williams Wall” Will Determine
How Well The Vikings Do In This Football Game
For If They Don’t Bring More Pressure Than Last Week
Peyton Manning Will Drive The Defense Insane


As The Packers Stepped Out Onto Lambeau Field
Fans Wondered Just What The Evening Would Bring
As Rodgers Prepared To Start His First Game
After Three Long Years On The Second String

To The Surprise Of All But The Packers
And After A Somewhat Rocky Beginning
Green Bay's Passing Game Was Quite Efficient
Supporting An Effort That Led To Their Winning

The Green Bay Packers Are Feeling Good
After Defeating An Unpleasant Vikings' Team
But This Week's Opponent The Detroit Lions
Aren’t As Poor A Group As They May Seem

The Lions Had A Tough Time Last Sunday
While The Lions’ Defense Was Unable To Gel
Atlanta Was Able To Run On Them At Will
And Padded The Ball Easily As Well

While The Lions Are Always Tough To Beat
When In The Confines Of Their Own Dome
Unless The Packers Trip On Their Own Feet
They'll Bring A Two And Oh Record Back Home


The Legs Of Adrian Peterson Gives The Vikes A Chance
But The Passing Game Will Prove Their Achilles' Heel
While The Pieces Are In Place For A Packers Win
Provided They Can Just Close The Deal

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Well, wasn't THAT an interesting game last Monday night? I managed to be on hand in Green Bay, and believe me, it was as impressive as anyone could imagine. Let's hope that this week's games are as exciting!


Carl "Gator" Nelson

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lost Interview... 

Oh and we mean lost, well... it's like Jon Kitten-na level lost. Oh wait, it is an actually interview with Jon Kitten-na and Packer Palace has this week in the Rockwood Lodge and when we say dumb lion, we mean Jon Kitten-na level dumb lion.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Quoth Aaron Rodgers... 

    "I've been dreaming about that for four years, to be honest, and I was hoping my first leap would be maybe something a little more flashy, a 10-yard, 15-yard run or something."
Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers on his first Lambeau Leap after his 1 yard sneak for a touchdown in the 4th quarter for a 24-12 lead in the eventual Packers 24-19 win on Monday Night Football.

Quoth Steve Young...

    "The one big difference that jumps out right away to me is that there are quite a few number 12 jerseys in the crowd, I played in SF for 4 years before I saw a number 8."
Former SF 49ers QB Steve Young when asked for his comments after the Packers 24-19 opening night win on the differences he saw in the comparative situation of Aaron Rodgers following Brett Favre and himself following Joe Montana.

Super Bowl Bound - Rodger That! 

Monday September 8 - Best line I heard on Packers Fanline Sports Radio today. Why not? I agree with that sentiment. The Packers almost reached the Super Bowl last year, you have to believe your team gets better by aging a year, young guys are smarter, old guys play smarter, and coaches get smarter. The Packers have 2 obvious points against that concept with the interior O-line play and the loss of a HOF veteran QB. The Packers have many points in favor of better play and coaching this year.

Start with the head coach, Mike McCarthy, he made some pretty obvious mistakes last year, the second half of the 1st Bears game one glaring example, but for the most parts, he didn't repeat the major mistakes a young head coach can often repeatedly do. Take a look at the new leaders on the team, veterans like WR Donald Driver, LB Nick Barnett and CB Al Harris, leaders by their play in WR Greg Jennings, DE Aaron Kampman and CB Charles Woodson. Across the board, the Packers roster is better than last year.

Back to the problem areas, the injury to C Scott Wells with the Packers back-up center being starting G Jason Spitz, along with G Daryn Colledge, G Tony Moll and others has never been settled, none play well enough to secure the roster positions long-term. The QB position is the most re-arranged in anytime since before Don Majkowski, a HOF QB in Brett Favre pretty much not allowed to reconcile the all summer long turmoil centered around his retire/return allowing new installed QB Aaron Rodgers to become the starting QB by default. He's been prepped, he should be ready to step in and take the NFL's leading YAC group of WR's and not miss a beat. No really, he should be able to.

Now it's finally Packers game day, and with the Vikqueens coming to Lambeau and not to watch a long-time nemesis have a retirement ceremony, but to actually show-up on the field and be the Packers first step to repeat as NFC North Champions and host a playoff game that will get the Packers into the Super Bowl. I know last year, the Packers beat QB Kelly Holcomb in MN 23-16, and QB Brooks Bollinger in GB 34-0, so it's QB Tavaris Jackson's turn to play the Packers. He'll be trying to improve on his 10-20 50-yds 1-INT in the 7-9 loss to the Packers in 2006. You know the best way to beat a strong D-Line with fat DT's, you run a sweep left, then no huddle, roll-out right for a pass play, you get the idea, roll-outs, draws, sweeps, screens and quick no huddle plays are the way to win. Oh yeah, DE Jared Allen, uh, if your LT Chad Clifton can't deal with him 1-on-1, the RB chips him with a partial block and then waits for the dump-off pass from the QB. What did the Vikqueens do to improve their Pass Defense? Not much.

Packers start the 2008 campaign with a predicted drubbing of the over-hyped Vikqueens 24-13 that will "feel" close until the end. Go Pack!

Update:  The Green Bay Packers as expected by many of us here, completely roll the over-hyped and under-coached Vikqueens 24-19 behind exceptional play by QB Aaron Rodgers, decent play from the Defense, the game-ending INT by S Atari Bigby and a big punt return by CB Will Blackmon. Special Kudos to TE Donald Lee for pushing that fumble away from Vikqueen S Darren Sharper and 5 yards down the field to WR Greg Jennings for a recovery and a 1st down.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


Hey, I have been critical of Rodgers in the past but yesterday I decided to get behind the kid and I shaved my goatee into, what I will hope catch on in GB, the Rodgers cut.

Goofy looking as hell. Worst thing about it is that no one at work even looked at me twice. Maybe I am just normally so goofy looking they did not notice. Now I know all you Packer fans who can grow facial hair will join me in cutting it into a 'Rodgers' yourself. My wife was not impressed, but you can imagine how she is going to feel when I tell her there is no way in hell I am shaving it. They won. Never F#ck with a streak.

Go Pack Go!!!

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hey Hamilton, that's pretty sweet!!!  BK

Today (Tuesday), I had to call-in OSHA to save me at my job in Minnesota... Ya, I was afraid of being hit by Vikings fans who were already jumping ship and landing all over the place!!! AAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Go ahead and put a fork in the vikes, they're done... Oh, did Jared Allen play last night?

Go Pack, Go!


Hey Boz, glad you survived all the falling bodies at work today, to be fair, Jared Allen did deflect a pass and drew 2 holding penalties on Chad Clifton, but otherwise, 0 Tackles 0 Sacks and AR's spine is A.O.K.  BK

Now we see what McCarthy has seen in Rogers. He is pretty confident, but quite comfortable in his own skin. I thought he would get rattled with the Vikes pressure, but he was very cool and deliberate. While the Packers were a bit ragged in a number of areas, Rogers never looked spooked. It just may be that he is every bit as good as advertised.

The biggest problem that would present would be a shortage of crows in Wisconsin once a lot of people get done grilling them.


I think it's time to pause, forget our recent QB shake-up and just be thankful the season is finally underway!!! I can stop yelling at my family, drink just for fun and the dogs is coming near me again! Mr. Rogers you still have a great many fans here in NOCAL!!! and ya did good son!! keep it up! The next B-B-QUE is for you (and the beer) DANKA!!!! GO PACK GO!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Keep spending that money, Zygi! A 1st and two 3rds to the Chiefs... $31 million upfront... Sacks: 0  Tackles: 0
    Dear Jared,

    My spine feels remarkably good this morning.



Hey BeerKid.............. It's only one game, but I saw what I expected to see. In the stats are the reasons why TT and MM wanted to go with Rodgers this year. More important than the 80% completion percentage is the 35 YARDS RUSHING AND 0 INTERCEPTIONS. The punter looked pretty decent also. I don't know why we have this group of people who need to rag on TT every year. They seem to think they can do it better. LOL!!! They just need to shut the hell up and give the guy his five years and see what happens.

Long Live the Pack!!!

What a game last night!! Great game Aaron,Ryan and the rest of the Packers! Thumbs up to our new punter Frost and to the return team especially Will Blackmon! Thumbs down to the refs and their ticky-tack calls (see DD's called back TD) Overall though what a great night!! We could do without Tony Cornhole's mouth!


Ha, ESPN can you feel the wrath of the blitz bottles up your heinies? It takes a lot more than an off season distraction to disrupt the power of a "True Cheesehead"

Thanks for watching on to the Cowardly Lions.... Yawnn.


Awwwww...c'mon guys, that's my moniker!! LOL

I KNOW I was drunk with BK on water Street, but did we imbibe on Water Street as well, Herm???

Go, PACK!!

Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Hey Scott, my groggy memory seems to remember much more than cig smoke in the bars... back then... long time ago...  BK

BeerKid, Rock the Nation! At the end of the game tonight, Mr. Rodgers did a quick interview with Tafoya, but didn't really say much. Right after that an NFL Network mike was shoved into his fu man chu, so I flip the TV to the NFL network to get some in depth reaction. Rather than the interview, the NFL network was playing Brett Favre 4 Ever. I'm so pissed. Never mind that I watched for a while and cried (again) when they replayed the Raider game after big Irv passed, but still...DAMNIT, I have had enough. Brett Favre is not dead, he is not retired, it's worse...He's a Jet. But I've accepted and it is time to let go. Going into the season I figure I would be a Brett Favre fan AND a Packer fan. But no more, BF was a Packer, one of the greatest ever, but he is not right now, and I blame him.

Thing is, I though we had something special here in the Wisconsin; small market team, Lambeau Leap, fan owners, etc etc. Brett Favre seemed to fit right in. But after all of this, I am a bit mad at Brett. He let us down. I thought he was a perfect Packer not only because of the player he was, but because of the person he wasn't. He was one of us...when young, he was wild, crazy, lived on the edge...then he matured, was a kid at heart and approached football with a proverbial midwestern work ethic. But at the end of the day, he became a selfish professional...there's nothing wrong or obscene about what he did, it just that he is actually human. In the end you can't fault MM and TT for doing their job, but I think you can look at Brett and wonder what he really thought he needed that wasn't right here in Green Bay.

That's life, things change. Hell, I live in Illinois...worse day of my life when I went to get a FIB license. I feel like I have to explain the plates on my car when I go up to Miller Park. But shit happens and we need to move ahead.

So, I have concluded it is time to put all BF admiration on hold for 2 years. I am refusing to speak his name, watch him play, or listen to his interviews. I look forward to the end of his playing days so we can have ceremony and retire his jersey. I look forward to watching his you tube Packer highlight reels, and having a good cry (again) after revisiting that surreal Monday Night Raider game.

Better than struggling with the saga that is currently Brett Favre, I look forward to the Packers. The team is filled with great stories. Donald Driver is a real hero, an inspiration and a true role model. Players like Ryan Grant, Aaron Campmen, KGB, Tausch are all interesting characters, although no bigger than the game or the team. I'm glad we have Harris, Woodson, Hawk, Barnett, Popinga, Jennings, Clifton, and Rodgers..all talented, but hopefully all part of something bigger than themselves.

Best of all, the season and a certain QBs career all started with a win against the Vikes. Does it get any better? As I watched the game tonight and saw number 12 throw a ball to a streaking number 80, it was at first unfamiliar, but then deep in my head was uncovered some lost memory from a childhood... Dickey, Lofton, Jefferson becomes Rodgers, Driver, Jennings. We have come full circle, all we need is Rodger to put on a flak jacket and we can relive the year of glory that was 1983.

As always, it is going to be a great year. 12-4. See you in Tampa!

Herm - Formerly Drunk on Water Street

Hey Herm, thanks for checking in... After BeerScout and I polished off that first large bottle of Chimay, it was time to break out the Piraat, Rodgers to Korey Hall TD Green Bay! Things were looking a little gray, and then our favorite Bigfooting Folk Singer Tom Yamarone called to check-in, immediately Will Blackmon TD Green Bay! Final touch was Susan showing up with the Taco's, and well, oops, she was bit upset at BeerScout for not leaving her at least one beer, but otherwise, Packers won, and the Cosmos is still aligned correctly. Thanks to everyone who helped the Packers humiliate the alleged SB bound Vikqueens. Dun Dun Dun-dun-dun dunt Go Pack Go!!!  BK - Formerly Drunk on Water Street

Oh, the excuses and gibberish being bandied about on Twin Shitties sports radio.

I have said it before, and will say it again....add a modicum of expectation or pressure to a Queens team, and you have yourself a team that shits themselves with regularity.

Great start to the season.... and is Zygi starting to look like the Daniel Snider of the NFC North?

Way to go Aaron..... unlike the Queens who like... no, need... to talk, you just let your actions speak volumes!

Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Hey Scott, Hey when you beat the consensus favorites for winning the SB this year, well, the Packers popped a lot of balloons and fat-ego's last night. Awesome start to the year... I feel good, like I knew that I would!  BK

Let's go pack! I agree with Beerkid 24-13 Packers.


Hey MPSLPCKR, it was close to being an exact prediction, the key phrase for this week is "over-hyped vikqueens". Go Pack!  BK

Same ol Lions rrrrrrr GO -PACK AND GOOD LUCK 2 A-ROD!


Quoth Lombardi...

   Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow.

In Loving Memory... 

Words can never quite convey the meaning you need them to, but it's sad for me to say that my Aunt Lynn (and Packers fan) passed away recently after her nearly 10 year battle against cancer. My condolences to my Uncle Robert, Peggy, Mike, Tom, Karen, Michelle and all of their loved ones and families on their loss. My condolences to my mom Rosemary, Jack, Dick and their loved ones and families on losing their beloved sister. She will be missed by many...

They say that Heaven is a place of no wants or needs, but I'm sure they left some room for Packers fans to share a drink with Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi on Game Days. Some of you may remember my Uncle Robert and Aunt Lynn from previous Packers Bears game day features here at Packer Palace.


Last Comment On Tampering... 

Ok, so this is my 10th to last comment on the whole Vikqueens tampering with BF during the off-season. Well, actually, this is a stolen pic and forum post by NCPackerBacker that took the words from Vikqueen Coach Darren Bevell right out of my mouth.

"Yea Brett, # 28 IS a stud, but we aren't going anywhere with Jackson at qb. I know the Packers are kicking a$$ this year, but face it, outside of you, they don't really have much talent. You're the only reason the Packers are winning, but you're never going to win a Super Bowl with this bunch of misfits. I talked to Chili and we agree, if we can somehow get you in Minnesota, we have the talent to go all the way. Here's all you have to do. I know you're pissed at Thompson for not making the personnel moves you suggested, so first you need to tearfully announce your retirement, and to make it look good, say the Packers had nothing to do with your decision. Then wait until just before training camp, and start dropping hints that you have an itch to play again. In the meantime, have your mother and brother get those idiot Packer fans riled up by spreading rumors about Thompson..."


GB Press Gazette Forum Post - Tampering Charges

Excellent summation of the situation. No, the charges against the Vikqueens were not dropped as specious, yes it's unusually for the NFL to fly people out to do in-person interviews if it was only a "blocking" maneuver by TT against the Vikqueens. So thanks to NCPackerBacker for his contribution to our understanding of Minnesota Football.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Don't Drink The Water... Encore 

In a number of carefully controlled trials, scientists from the upper midwest have demonstrated that if you drink 1 liter of Minnesota Water each day, at the end of the year you would have absorbed more than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria found in feces. In other words, you would be consuming 1 kilo of Poop.

However, you do not run that risk when drinking Wisconsin Beer (or Rum, Whiskey, Wine or other liquors) because alcohol has to go through a purification process of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.


Minnesota Water = Poop
Wisconsin Beer = Health

Therefore, it's better to drink Wisconsin Beer and talk stupid, than to drink Minnesota Water and be full of shit.

Be Pack 4 Life!

* There's no need to thank us for this valuable information; we're doing it as a public service for all of you Packers fans everywhere. Originally posted in August 2007

Best Fan Value Experience... 

31st Best Fan Value Experience...

"Considered a "religious experience" by many, attending a game at Lambeau Field is to come home with a memory: the game in "December [when] it was about minus-10 and windy, with a light snow falling... a crowd that creates "a small-town atmosphere right inside the stadium."

...Beyond those few frills, however, "there's nothing special about concessions" no better "than carnival food."

*** this is an ENCORE post of something Sports Illustrated covered in November 2007, just wanted to remind everyone of how irritating it is to start seeing all this crap about the Vikqueens already wrapping up a Super Bowl win this year before any games have been played. Vikings Suck! There's much more to be found in the Flog Me Again archives.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Blast From The Past... 

Viva Los Packers

Fishing Bait

Tentacles II

Sundays Without Packers Football... 

You know, we have to put up with this for some 38 Sundays during the normally very long without football year, and we finally get to the NFL Opening Weekend, and the Packers don't play until Monday Night. It's lame, pro football is meant to be played and viewed on Sundays. I spent the whole week trying to get excited about tomorrow's Packers Vikings game and the feeling I have is, well the game is next week, so it's hard to build up to something that's not until next week. The game's not on opening Sunday like it should be... I guess I'd rather watch the game in a bar Sunday morning then leaving work early (not me personally) on Monday to catch the game.

So I'm stuck waiting for next week's Packers game while listening to the Lions pre-game radio show on WXYT-FM (thru ITunes, just going against the grain and being nice to a near-permanent houseguest who's from Detroit) learning nothing, expecting so little in anything Packers related, but it's BF related. Who cares, I guess I should root for the Jets so the Packers get a better draft pick in return, but hell, I've absolutely hated the Jets Fans for so long, so damn long, that now the Jets are right behind the Vikqueens and Duh Bears for the teams I love to hate. Almost zero chance for any reconciliation on that front, Go Dolphins!!! J-E-T-S Jets Jets Suck! Bears Still Suck!

When's the game again? Oh yeah, next week. See you then.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

T-Bone's there!? YAAAAYYYY! T-Bone from Detroit and BK! No wonder He ain't been postin here_now he's got your ear. Strap on your Teddies and crack some beer... and wait until next week for the first of this year.

And be careful for what you wish. You know what a season full of early Sunday games means.

Draft Fan

Hey Draft Fan, settle down, it's not T-Bone that's been sleeping on my couch, or least he (Sc8 - Millionth Visitor) has never copped to being T-Bone when confronted, but then Lady K with her summation (Taking On T-Bone)of how every Lions season has ended may have embarrassed him into silence, and after the Falcons drilling of the Lions yesterday, T-Bone may be gone for good... yeah I know it's a shame, its hard to get cheap comedy for us Packer fans so easily.  BK

Why is anyone pontificating the outcome of MNF??? Only john "where am I" madden is picking the queens to beat us! Quality always beats quantity! F*#k williams, and all of minnisucka too! When all is said and done we will OWN the NFC NORTH (CENTRAL) and no long haired purple girls or garbage-dump raiding bears or sissy-sky-blue kittys will be able to do a damn thing 'bout it..... OK it's a bong... not a microphone dude. GO PACK GO!!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

This may be more beating of that proverbial dead horse, but I'm letting the hate commence anyway. Enjoy. Green Bay, Booze & Broads - Hating Your Enemy Week 1

Bobby O'Shea

Hey, just thought I might send you this and all of Packer Palace Nation. Just a little inspiration for the start of the season from my personal collection. Man tears. Nuff said.


Go Pack Go!!!!

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

I hope for a great 2010 season where Mike Holmgren steps out of retirement and come back to the Pack as both head coach and GM. It's what he always wanted. After a terrible 5-11 2008 season behind Rodgers, who gets injured in week 8, and then Flynn lights it up and winning the last 6 of 8 games. Thompson and MM are given one more year and finish 7-9 in 2009. Then they both get fired and Holmgren is brought back out of his retirement and in 2010 he leads the Packers to a 10-6 season. in 2011 we go 14-2 and win the SB.

Ok, I'm dreaming here. But I think this scenario is more realistic than the stupid 14-2 predictions I'm hearing from everyone who's drank the TT/MM/MM Koolaid. You take a 13-3 team from last year and then tell the QB in July that he the train has moved on without him... and then you expect that same team to repeat with an unproven, injury prone, rookie QB. Oh and your second and third stringers are right out of college. Thompson is the DUMBEST GM in history. Sorry, I'm not drinking the kool-aid. Best thing for the Packers now is win them all or bomb. The worst thing would be and 8-8 season, because then TT might keep his job. It's on him to prove his decision was a good one - he's accountable. If he Packers win less than 10 games, I hope to God they run him out of GB.

Let the Cleansing Begin

Quoth Lombardi...

   You never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn't mean a thing. That's for the fans. You've got to win the war with the man in front of you. You've got to get your man.

Flogging A Dead Horse... Encore 

A burglary was recently committed at Minnesota Viking's main offices and the entire contents of their Super Bowl Trophycase was stolen.  The Police Dept. is looking for two men carrying a golden horn and some pieces of purple carpet.

    The seven dwarves are down in the mines when there is a cave-in.  Snow White arrives just before the rescue team and runs to the entrance and yells down to them, "Are you alright?". 

    In the distance a voice shouts out "The Vikings are good enough to win the Super Bowl this year."  Snow White turns and says "Well at least Dopey's alive!"

Friday, September 05, 2008

Great Moments In Packer History... Encore 

1961 - After beating the Minnesota Vikings 33-7 and 28-10, Packers go on to win their 7th NFL Championship Title.
1962 - After beating the Minnesota Vikings 34-7 and 48-21, Packers go on to win their 8th NFL Championship Title.
1965 - After beating the Minnesota Vikings 38-13 and 24-14, Packers go on to win their 9th NFL Championship Title.
1988 - After humilating the Minnesota Vikings 34-14 and 18-6, Packers go on to finish 4-12, but hey, we beat the Vikings twice that year.
2003 - With the Arizona Cardinals amazing come from behind win against the Minnesota Vikings 18-17, the Packers win the NFC North.

Flogging A Dead Horse... Encore 

The Tide Detergent Challenge!

Modified for your enjoyment!  Thanks to The Schrammie-meister for emailing it in to us.

Blast From The Past... 

Get Smart!

Farm Film Report

Meat Slicer's Club

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Halcyon Days Of Summertime
With The Smell Of Fresh-Mown Grass
Are Fading Into A Pleasant Memory
As The Autumn Season Comes To Pass

As A Tradeoff Our Forefathers Decreed
Perhaps In An Apology Of Sorts
That Fall Should Be The Time For Football
The Favorite Among All The Sports

In An Activity Built On Competition
It's Natural For Rivalries To Form
And The States Of Minnesota And Wisconsin
Have Come To Accept That As The Norm

The Green Bay Packers Have Been The Rival
Of Minnesota's Vikings Their Inception
Their Games Are Tough And Hard-Fought
Or Won Through Duplicity And Deception


This Year Will Present A Special Challenge
To The Team Wearing Hunter Green And Gold
There's A New Voice Calling Out The Signals
With A Tradition Of Excellence To Uphold

Aaron Rodgers Finally Takes The Field
Three Years After His First-Round Selection
He's Had The Time To Learn And Study
And Develop His Timing To Perfection

Now Is The Time To See If He Measures Up
To The Expectations Of His Position
Will He Have The Arm Strength Needed
Or The Creativity And Cognition?

If The Offensive Line Can Prevail
The Running Game Should Be Well Set
And If Aaron Can Get The Time To Throw
The Receivers Will Prove A Major Threat

The Defensive Team Is Going To Be Exposed
To The Glare Of Being On The Center Stage
As They Provide Support To The Offensive Team
Until They've All Managed To Turn The Page

Without The Icon Who's Been Their Leader
For Longer Than Many Fans Have Been Alive
The Adaptive Qualities Of This Team
Must Be Highly Developed If They're To Thrive


The Vikings, Too Will Have Their Hands Full
But For Completely Different Reasons
They And Their Fans Are Quite Giddy
With The Prospects For The Coming Season

Of Course Last Season They Felt The Same
Then They So Thoroughly Underachieved
That Those Selfsame Fans Wondered Aloud
How They'd Been So Completely Deceived

At Times The Vikings Looked Like Champions
As Adrian Peterson Lived Up To His Billing
Unfortunately Other Times They Weren't So Hot
As Mistakes And Injuries Made Them Less Thrilling

Zygi Wilf The Vikings Owner Asked "Coach Chilly"
"Which Players Will This Team Need"?

He Then Went Out And Hired A Stud Defensive End
And A Receiver With Good Hands And Speed

A Few More Free Agents Joined The Team
The Draft Provided More Pieces Of The Puzzle
And Now The Players Are Feeling Pretty Cocky
As Shown When Pat Williams Slipped From His Muzzle

Despite The Addition Of The Massive Jared Allen
And Bernard Berrian's Range And Speed
The Vikings Won't Be Favored In This Game
As They're Denied The Respect They So Seem To Need

Because Every Year The Song's The Same
From The West Side Of The River
"This Year We've Finally Brought In 'The Guys'"
Yet Somehow Every Year They Fail To Deliver.


This Week's Contest Will Be At Lambeau Field
A Place Steeped In Packers' History And Lore
It's Where The New Era Of Packers Football
Will Spread Its Wings To Soar

The Pack Will Come In Fairly Healthy
With Not Disastrous Injuries We Can See
While The Vikes Come In With Their Quarterback
Contending With An Injured Knee

Adrian Peterson Will Be Ready As Can Be
Although One Of His Linemen Was Suspended
Will That Provide The Chink In The Vikings' Armor?
Making It Easier For Ads Runs To Be Defended?

Will The Green Bay Offensive Line Hold Up
Until Aaron Rodgers Gets Rid Of The Ball
Or Will They Be Overwhelmed And Crushed
By The Dreaded "Williams Wall?"

The Answers Won't Be Known For Sure
Until The Final Gun Has Sounded
As The Men Who Have Battled For Hours
Shake The Hands Of Those They've Pounded


That's The Reason We Watch These Games
For The Outcome Really Always In Doubt
Win Or Lose The Games Are Exciting
Giving Us Reasons To Jump And Shout

So Who Will Win On Monday Night?
Which Team's Record Will Take The Dive
The Pack Has Won The Last Four Of These Games
Monday Night Will Make It Five

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Time for another terrific football season to get under way!! time for new era in Green Bay to begin!! Time for the Vikings to try to become the North Division favorite!! Good Luck to ALL of them!! And everyone else-have a great weekend!


Carl "Gator" Nelson

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 

I should have called in before their show, I saw the link and number, but you know what they say about not having a "face" for TV, and well, not having a "voice" for radio, well that's me, but anyway, Cheesehead TV has their Packer Transplants Podcast available at both ITunes and their website - cheeseheadtv.com - go check out what Corey and Aaron have to say this week on upcoming Packers game against the Vikqueens. 20 minutes of informative, funny, irreverent Packers commentary, and an added bonus with press conference audio clips, just exactly what a Packers fan looks for in a podcast.

Then it finally dawned on me to just go over to Sports Radio WDUZ The Fan - thefan1075.com - and listen live to the webstream broadcast of both Sportsline 4-6pm CST and Fanline 9-11am CST. You can catch repeats of these two radio shows over at PackerNet's Radio Replay webpage. Right now, both the shows are splitting time between the Green Bay Packers football season and the Milwaukee Brewers baseball season, by the way, the Brewers still have a fighting chance to win a few games, please win a few games and don't fade away, and hold that wildcard spot in the National League. Go Brew Crew! The Cubs Suck!

Now that the NFL TV Viewing season is here, 506 NFL Maps - the506.com/nflmaps is back with their TV Coverage breakdowns for CBS and FOX. Like this week, I now see (subject to posted updates) that I will get the CBS Jets - Dolphins game and FOX Buccaneers - Saints and Cowboys - Browns games. Very useful tool in determining what the Networks are showing in your neighborhood.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


Not to dwell on the Ryan thing too long, but, he was ranked 9th in the league last year. The guy they picked up was WAIVED. WAIVED. Has no ranking whatsoever in the league. NONE. McCarthy in his presser said he had not even seen film, video bozo no one uses film anymore, on the new guy. You are the head coach and you have not seen any video on the new punter.

These guys continue to amaze me in their bonehead decisions. Maybe Ryan did not have a ticket to ride on the 'train'.

I am not boycotting the team, I am just pissed off.

TT is the devil. MM is bozo the clown.

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

Great find for the 506 Beerkid. I am sick of hearing about the Vikings and all the talent owning this division. Adrian can run himself into the ground. Last time I remember our secondary knows how to hit. I for one believe with the whole offseason fiasco, ESPN is bitter about wanting to hype this game for every penny with broadcasting and having a media frenzy galore. When that obviously wasn't going to happen. They figured let's bash the defending NFC North Champs. Well, heres to you ESPN raise your blitz's and stick your heinie's where the sun don't shine.

See you Monday


TT got us to 13-3 a few years. Look at Atlanta, look at Phoenix, look at the Lions and a bunch of others that are never better than average. I don't like all he does but how can you argue with success? You have to have talent to win in the NFL.

Scott in Souptown

Go Brett the Jet and Mr. QB of the Pack Rodgers! I'm cheering for both of you. Let's show them all, shall we? AFC and NFC alike. Go Pack!



I a poet as well:
    There once was a lad from Mississippi
    Tossing footballs with tremendous velocity
    In GB he had fame
    Till a Jet he became
    And Calvin-like sprayed the Pack with his Pee Pee.
Keg Man

didn't mean to offend (my previous post about boycotting the Pack), BK. i feel bad now.

jeff ircink

Hey Jeff, don't waste time feeling bad, even an old hard-liner like myself will probably watch the Jets game Sunday... nothing better to do while waiting for Monday Night Football.  BK

What the "F" man?!!!? Jon Ryan is gone too??!!And we still have "I think I ate the whole thing!" justin harrel still on injured unable to play sittin' around? getting bigger by the hour? I usually don't waste keystrokes on ted thompson but DUDE do you get up every day and flip a damn coin on every key decision?? HHMMM? eggs and bacon or pancake??? Keep Favre or not....Oh majick coin please help me...You sir suck,the same as the b--rs do.

Big Ern said so!!!!

Thompson released Jon Ryan. He is an idiot. I am looking forward to the return of Mike Holmgren to be a GM that knows talent.

hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hey Ham (and Big Ern above), for every booming punt Ryan kicked, there was shank to go with it, apparently new punter Frost just kicks the same way every time, nothing spectacular, nothing really deficient either, being consistent is all the Packers wanted. We'll see how it punts out.  BK

Can't the Packers ever beat the Titans in the preseason? This one was close, but no cigar...as usual. Go Pack Go!!!

Chris in D/FW, TX

Hey Chris, no the Packers never can beat the Titans, one reason the Packers like playing them is the hard-nosed aggressive defensive and offensive line play that the Titans bring to the table, always a tough test, and the Packers really don't play anyone in these games anyway... Now the Packers do play after their bye week the Titans on November 2nd, a game that actually counts, so expect more from the Packers than you get during the pre-season.  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   If you can accept losing you can't win. If you can walk you can run. No one is ever hurt. Hurt is in your mind.

Rock The Packers Nation... 

When the starting QB of your favorite team is sporting a pair of "chops" like newly installed Packers QB Aaron "Long Chops" Rodgers is, well it must be time for the opening weekend of Packers Football and Packer Palace and the Rockwood Lodge are here to contribute, we're

Rocking the Packers Nation         

this week. Join the new green and gold fad, grow your chops out, jump on your bike, and rock on down the highway to Lambeau Field this Monday night, the Vikqueens are in town, and although they tried (and failed) to wrestle BF away from the Packers, they still have their own QB woes to contend with, and now that the national media spotlight is on, it's time to Rock The Packers Nation.

Packers Verses Vikings... BF Edition 

It Was Almost Twenty Years Ago
When Brett Favre Burst Upon The Scene
An Unheard Of Second Year Quarterback
Who Was More Than A Little Green

An Injury To The Pack's Beloved 'Majik Man'
Led To Brett Getting The Coaches' Call
And Despite Having To Come From Behind
Won The Game With A Well-Thrown Ball

The Next Sunday He Was The Starter
Where He'd Stay For Sixteen Years
Two Hundred Seventy Five Games
Showing Fans His Joy, His Smiles, His Tears

We Watched Brett Grow From A Freckled Kid
Who Trusted His Arm A Bit More Than Was Wise
Into A Grizzled Vet With Graying Hair
But Still Carrying The Fire In His Eyes

That Fire Served The Packers Well
Leading Them To A Pair Of Super Bowls
Learning From Them How It Feels
In Both The Champion's And Loser's Role

It Wasn't Just Fans Of Green Bay's Pack
Who Saw The Things That Favre Was Becoming
Three Times He Was Chosen As M-V-P
And Accolades And Honors Just Kept On Coming

Throughout Time Some Things Never Changed
And His 'Gunslinger' Title Was Well-Earned
For He Believed He Could Get The Ball There
And Sometimes Of Course He Would Get Burned

Unfortunately That Would Happen In Big Games
And Though The Fault Wasn't Brett's Alone
Because Of The Quarterback's Visibility
On Tv It Was His Mistakes That Were Shown

As The Weight Of Years Grew To A Load
The Offseasons Became A Test Of Will
While Hating To Go Off To Training Camp
Brett Knew For The Game Still Held Thrills

To Remake The Packers In His Own Image
Is To What The General Manager Aspired
And With A Lean And A Little Pressure
Brett Favre Tearfully Retired

Many Observers However Doubted It Would Last
And As Spring Rolled Around They Proved Right


Unbelievably The Packers Didn't Want Brett
Which Obviously Was Leading To A Fight

Like An Accident Happening In Slow Motion
Or An Incredibly Messy Divorce
The Nation Was Watching As Toward Retirement
The Packers Were Attempting To Enforce

While Neither Side Was Completely At Fault
Likewise Neither Side Came Away With No Blame
And The Subtrifuge And Misinformation Teddy Used
Made Many Packers' Fans Feel Ashamed

The Story Seemed To Change With Every Telling
Though Brett's Version Was Usually The Same
While Ted And Company Had Some Trouble
Not Sounding Completely Lame

First The Packers Told Him He Wasn't Welcome
Then They Told Him There'd Be No Release
They Worked Out A Deal To Trade Him Away
In Hopes That Would Finally Lead To Peace

So Now Brett Favre Is A New York Jet
And He Says He's Having A Blast
While In Green Bay An Untested Backup
Has Been Given The Starting Role Task

And Thus Ends The History In Green Bay
Of The Man Who Returned Winning To The Pack
Let's All Hope This Works Out For Everyone
Or Ted Thompson Will Have To Watch His Back

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Those who know me should have known that I'd have SOMETHING to say about the off-season developments relating to the man under center for the Green bay Packers. Now that this is out of my system-watch for the regular weekly tomes beginning Thursday night!!!


Carl "Gator" Nelson

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Blast From The Past... 

Do It Again!

That Magic Moment!

Dream Jenie
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