Sunday, November 30, 2008

Packers 3rd Place NFC North! 5-7... 

First off, GO PACK! Kick those Ice Road Pussies!

But BeerKid - I don't agree that animosity between TT and BF opens any floodgates whatsoever!

BF NEVER wanted to play for the Queenies and you know it! It was an idle threat at best...and I could have sworn that was just a rumor that you kept promoting! Evidence? Oh yeah, that phone drama... or was it?

Brett didn't "quit' either... it's called "retiring" and then "un-retiring." OBVIOUSLY something was going on in the background/TTMMBF Circus for a couple of years that we weren't privy trading/drafting for QB's when you're three deep, or waffling... BUT it's a moot point now! GO PACK GO!


Let me repeat myself - I no longer care about BF on if he did/did not affect the Packers and their level of injured play this year... and how many more games the Packers would have won if BF was on the team... BF made it to a team that is in a cinderella ascending mode of play and well, that's great. Good luck Brett.

Everyone seems to be counting on the incoming snowstorm to assist the Packers in today's game against the Panthers. Packers have to click on all cylinders to keep themselves in the game, and it's hard to judge the team's mood from afar... but it's a home game in Lambeau Field, and expect the Packers to rebound and drub the Panthers in either the most boring low scoring game ever in football history, pretty much unlikley, or expect a more wide open game that will require the Packers to come from behind again, in the 4th quarter to win the game 27-23. One thing not in doubt, a day spent drinking in heavy moderation. Happy Holidays!

  Packers settle for a FG and 3 point lead late in the 4th quarter and find themselves eventually losing 31-35 to the Panthers.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


A.J. please don't get beat on coverage today. O-line please protect Aarons ass today. Lastly GJ catch everything thrown in your direction today. By the way MM sounds like Elvis! Viva Green Bay!

Chris WI boy in FL

I said it before the season started, and I'll stand by it and say it again: 9-7 can (will) win the NFC North, with the Packers at the helm. Even with such a feather in our caps, we're a draft and free-agent signing class away of something truly special. The draft pick coming our way via the Favre to Jets trade is looking better and better each week, meaning the Pack could end up with plenty of ammo to make "it" happen. A young team loaded with developing (and yes, raw) talent, including up-and-coming QB (and two in line learning to take the reigns or be trade-bait), a head coach who is an excellent teacher with a sound head on his shoulders, plus a GM who realizes risk equals reward. Add to the mix Mark Murphy, a President/CEO who believes in hiring top notch folks, and allows them to do the job hired to do, all means we have THE PERFECT STORM on the horizon. I believe. Do you? GO PACK GO. (...just wait until next year!!!)

about time

Packers will win out and finish 10-6. This is gonna be awesome!


After watching the Lions play the Titans, I am reminded of the movie Titanic. At first the ship started leaking and then it began to sink. The whole process took a while, but in the end there were only dead bodies in the water.

I feel sorry for the Lions players and coaches that are trying to bail water in a losing cause. It is painful to watch them working to avoid the certain result.

There is a lesson here for Packer fans who think we have real troubles with the design of our ship. Ted Thompson haters are seeing floating icebergs in their dreams, but the truth is that the Packer organization is not playing the fiddle while the ship goes down.

This year we are showing how hard it is to assemble a winning team and to keep it that way over a long period of time. That difficulty is a direct result of the financial side of the business and the limit on the number players you can keep active.

It takes time and luck to do it right and while 2008 is not going to be a Super Bowl year, there are better days ahead. Making the transition from Favre to Rogers without any hickups would have been a story fit for Hollywood. It appears that has gone a lot better than expected and we should be thankful that Rogers looks like the real deal.

I think it is also fair to say that we have tremendous group of receivers and a great FG kicker. A pretty decent group of running backs. Some up and coming players in the defensive backfield and a good mix of mid-career veterans. We might be missing a playmaker or two on the defensive line and can use more consistent play on the offensive line, but otherwise have a lot of good players who have not peaked out.

The Packers appear to be on the verge of building a consistent winner again and so we should dig into our short memories to recall the all time W/L coaching records of the Green Bay Packer:
    .746 Vince Lombardi
    .670 Mike Holmgren
    .657 Curly Lambeau
    .656 Mike McCarthy
    .594 Mike Sherman
No other coach in Packer history had a winning record. McCarthy is clearly in some elite company in NFL history. Let's keep some perspective.


Simply put, Aaron Rodgers is having a pretty good year for replacing a legend. Even BF could not play defense, but we sure needed something Monday night. I truly believe the Packers would have the same number of wins even if BF were playing this year. Now one could argue that perhaps some of the injuries to the offensive line are due to Rodgers holding on to the ball too long, but as it's been said before in this blog IT DOES NOT MATTER! BF retired, no one forced him to come out publicly and announce his retirement. He made that decision alone and after the lovely Greta interview(s) it became apparent he made the announcement because TT nor MM stroked his ego enough. BF will always be a Packer, but he is gone, and is gone by his own making! He B4VR in my heart, but we had to move on. If that means 5-6 record... so be it.

KS Packer Backer

Here we go again! why is it whenever the Greenbay packers lose and lose badly might i add that instintly the people of Wisconsin always say " well if brett this or brett that" get through your head people Arron and the offense put up 29 points on the saints and my philosphy is if you can score at least 30 then u should win 85% of your games, the defense lost this one for us no one else this was on the defense. Also i think it is time for the pack to use some of that 23 odd million dollars we have and began with the defensive overhall we need another pass rusher, another decent DT and start bringing in some young star corners.

Pack for life and lets skin some panthers!


Regarding the comment TT looks like a white zombie, I have seen reference to him being called the Packer Q-tip.


What's this e-mail from Beer Kids Mom, is there more than one Beer Kid or have I been replaced?

The real Mom

I don't think we know the half of the pressure TT put on BF to retire. Anyone else remember TT telling Brett he should mentor AR? Why would a frontline QB be expected to do that? The ESPN team carried the water for TT the year before with their "Brett is hurting the team by NOT making up his mind NOW. Blah, blah, blah."

The next year the same TT media hustle was happening again. I think Brett was so emotional at the press conference because of the pressure from Packer management that should have appreciated his worth, but cast him away. Remember him saying he knew he could still play? A little encouragement probably would have brought him back. When Brett said he did not have a chance to talk with TT about his change of heart, I believe him.

TT is an idiot, and his ego has cost us a Super Bowl chance this year. The team of the future may be years hence, and our other players are aging fast.
I am wondering if ER running more and more is the little plan they had last summer that just could not be interrupted by the return of BF? I don't consider a QB running after a second or two a good plan, especially if he is injured again.

I couldn't watch the Saints game. I do watch the Jets for they have become an exciting team. I am not watching the Packers until TT is gone. Taking fans for granted is risky business in my opinion.


HA ha... PACK Management SUCKS! TT looked like a White zombie at the end of the game tough swallowing his rotten ego. MM looked like he always does... A LOSER!
    12 pack for MNF $12
    Bag of chips for MNF $3
    Seeing the look on TT's face @ the end of the game - PRICELESS!
EGO must be hard to swallow!

beer kids mom

First Corey Williams, then Brett Favre. Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself! Derrick Frost! What a genius.

Packer Jim

Lets all take a moment to be Thankful on Thanksgiving Day. Thankful we are all still here, (in one way or another) Happy Thanksgiving Day to BeerKid, for keeping this place, BeerScout, and all the Packer Fans that come here. Duane in Almost God's Country --- laughed at your post. May you all have a great and thankful day. Woooooo Hoooooooo.


GENIUS = Convincing Packer Nation that .500 football is building for the future.


Disappointing is the only word I can say to describe that lousy 3 hrs of entertainment. Also if I hear the word FUNDAMENTALS out of Coach Mike again I'll puke. Aaron Rodgers had one bad game 1 so if your still whining about Favre get over it. He's gone and move to NY if you are sick of comparing that subject. Chad Pennigton is on Miami who got the Shaft in NY and was competing for first place. So, don't tell me Favre wasn't overpriced.

The Offensive Line gets an D- and a huge reason we suck. The Corners really played crusty but that comes from no pressure up front and a horrible defensive scheme. They don't get pressure blitzing. It's an implosion from the Defensive and Offensive line. We can't win in the trenches.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence."

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hey BeerKid... 

Hey BeerKid, in response to your 2008 Prediction Response:  You really think that Favre "quit on his team?" You equate retiring in March and wanting to come back three months later as QUITTING? Yeah, Favre made a bonehead decision by retiring early, but he DID WANT TO COME BACK AS A PACKER. Let's not leave out the fact that the powers that be, wouldn't have it.

Right, wrong, or indifferent - if TT and MM would have said "wish you wouldn't have retired and missed out on two months of voluntary workouts, but of course we'll take you back" THEN BRETT FAVRE would be a Packer right now, and many of us believe that the team would be at least 8-3 right now as opposed to 5-6. Granted, that's pure speculation, but some of us believe that you DON'T FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN'T BROKEN and that you DON'T THROW OUT A PROVEN RECIPE that got you 13 wins. In August I predicted that the Packers would finish 7-9 (that was my sig) as opposed to your lofty 11-5. I took a lot of flack for being a darksider, but you know what I was right...

I believe in accountability, enough of TT and MM's excuses. Proof is in the results, and 5-6 is not what we all had in mind when they sold Packer nation on trading Favre and building for the future. Favre is not to blame for our 5-6 record.



Hey Ryan, Yes, I believe I would call it "quitting" when you throw a surprise tearful goodbye press conference when just about everyone (that's Packer fans, NFL fans, and head coach Mike McCarthy) thought you were the default starting QB going into the off-season. Key word is surprise, INT to end the NFC championship game or not, back in February no one was doubting BF's physical or mental condition coming into this year.

I don't know what to believe about BF wanting to return to the Packers this year. It's hard to state that there's all this animosity between TT and BF, without opening the floodgate to the possibility that BF wanted continue his NFL career somewhere else.

I believe that Mark Murphy, TT and MM are being held accountable for how the team is playing this year, no one's happy, but it would take a total collapse in the team and the perception of confidence in the front office for either or all to lose their jobs. I don't believe things are so dire...

I also believe in the if you win the opening coin toss, you should kick off and play defense first. I first came to love this philosophy when Reggie White was on the field in the 90's, but it's important on who has the ball as the 1st half closes and the 2nd half begins. The Saints got the cheap FG before half, and then on the opening possession of the 3rd qtr, marched down the field to score a TD - 2 straight possession, 10 points, Packers down by 2 scores. Having the chance to have the ball on 2 straight possesions should be a key part of every game day strategy. If you take the ball first and can't even manage a 1st down, ummm, that's failure.

Finally, I believe that G Daryn Colledge is much better at his natural position of Tackle, which takes us back to the glaring need for improved interior line play from the Guards, which finally takes us to "RE-SIGN MARK TAUSCHER!"

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Packers Verses Vikings... 

While Breaks Have Always Been Part Of Football
Last Week The Vikings Took That Concept To Extremes
As They Picked Up Two Early Jaguar Turnovers
And Suddenly Jacksonville Was Down Fourteen

The Jaguars Never Really Recovered From That
Although For A Half They Played The Vikings Tight
And Though They Are Awful, Without Those Free Points
The Final Score Would Have Much Closer Sunday Night

The Chicago Bears Who Come To Play The Vikes This Week
Aren't Likely To Make The Same Sorts Of Early Gaffes
With The Bears In First Place If The Vikes Want To Win
They Will Have To Play Well For More Than Just One Half

When Last They Played The Bears Finally Prevailed
In A Game That Saw Eighty-Nine Points Get Scored
This Week Both Teams Will Try Run The Ball Extensively
Although The Passing Games Won't Be Totally Ignored

On The Ground Can Peterson Out Run Matt Forte?
While Gus Frerotte Tries To Out Throw Kyle Orton
Both Defenses Know They'll Have A Tough Assignment
And They'll Come Out A-Stompin' And A- Snortin'


There's Not Much Positive That Can Be Said
About The Debacle In New Orleans Monday Night
It's Tough Enough To Watch One's Team Get Pounded
But It Didn't Look Like They Even Put Up A Fight

For Whatever Reason Green Bay's Team
Didn't Seem To Be Playing At The Saints' Speed
Whether It Was Coaching Or Bad Preparations
But It Really Looked Like They Wanted To Concede

The Carolina Panthers Won't Be Any Easier
Since They Hold Playoff Hopes Of Their Own
And They Have The Talent To Fulfill Those Hopes
As The Success They've Had This Year Has Shown

Their Running Game Is More Than Just Effective
And The Receivers Reel In The Passes From Delhomme
While The Panthers' Defense Has Made Many Teams
Wish That They Had Simply Stayed At Home

So Now As They Prepare To Face The Panthers
The Pack Finds Their Back Pressed Firmly To The Wall
Knowing That They Have No More Room For Error
If They're To Have Any Postseason Chance At All


The Bears And Vikings Game Will Be Close
But The Bears Should Come Out With The Win
And It Will Be Up To Coach McCarthy To Find The Way
For The Packers To Get On The Right Track Again

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective


Happy Thanksgiving to all !! Although the Packers didn't have a lot to be thankful for after Monday night-the Vikes should have really appreciated the gifts that came their way Sunday !! Hopefully things will return to normal this week as the season begins to draw to a close....

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Hunting... 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Blast From The Past... 

Tails You Lose...
Heads I Win

The Cat In
The Spotlight

Ted Vincent's
Pack Scratch Fever

Spew Off Speak Out... 


KGB---What happened. Love AJ Hawk, but without Nick Barnett I think KGB should not have been let go. I really hope Hawk can get it together. He really lost his place in Monday nights game.


.....OUCH!!! That's all I can say right now, what the heck happened? Good grief!

Well, at least we're only a game out of first--for now. And Detroit is still in the basement....jeez! Have job openings for suicide hotlines in Detroit increased lately? I bet they have! Ok, ok, I know I said I wouldn't rag on 'ol D, but dang! They really stink! Come on Pack! Let's turn this thing around! Looks like my prediction of 10-6 is gonna be a bit hard, seeing as that we're already in week 12, but hey. Anything's possible.

GO PACK! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at the Palace!

Lady K

Greg Jennings more popular than boobs?

David, Springfield, MO

MAN, we got our shit handed to us!


Ted Thompson nice work, only you could stop the Pack this year. Good QB's are hard to find, if you have one or two keep them. Ted must go.


Like I said here a few Months ago, it's going to be like the 70-80's all over again. Anyone suprised by last nights game? Not me.

Mark - Superior, WI

The Packers are clearly not an elite NFL team this year. I believe that Aaron Rogers is a good quarterback who will only get better down the road as he gets more games under his belt. He is not Favre from an experience and mental aspect, but he has the tools that it takes to win.

I have an opinion like everyone else, but it seems that the Packers are suffering from the choices that they have made in regards to the style of football they want to play. That has affected the type of offensive linemen that they are developing. That has affected the type of defensive tackles and ends that they are sought. That affects the way they design a game plan.

It may take time to get the right players for their chosen schemes. If anything, the record of 2007 was harmful in that it caused us to believe they were an elite team already. We have to be patient.

I saw nothing on Monday night that would convince me that the Saints are anything but an awesome football team. Their fans must be wondering how they could have lost any games.

The Packers will be fine even if they get blown up now and then.


Holy crap...what was THAT? 51-29? Uh, I think we have a defensive problem here, folks.....


Wow, I just dreamt that the 'Aints just piled 51 points on the Packers' highly rated pass defense. Wait, what? You're kidding, right? What!? Holy crap.... Well, at least I'm sure Rodgers and one of the best receiver groups in the...what? Holy crap! Well, I hope they at least played with some urgency down the stretch to make it respectable. Oh, don't say it...there, now you've gone and said it.

Holy crap.

Duane in Almost God's Country

Was this the same team that beat the Bears last week? - I see a trend, it goes up then down - up then down...

Joe from Ohio

what a joke.


Defenders of Ted Thompson, start defending. This loss sits on his back. We got nothing but worse in the offseason and that was his fault. We are bad in so many areas, one draft is not going to correct it. The draft down for 4th round picks and no free agency effort has created this mess. Tell me he is a genius again. Tell me that I'm not a true Packer fan. I don't care how many Chimay's you consume this looks like a train wreck either way.

Tired of this pathetic play, coaching, and management!!


ahhh, sh*t


OMG - What happened to the defense?!? They didn't suck... they swa****ed!!

Moose (Odenton, MD)

Looked like we had a breakdown," Thompson said. "I don't know what it was but there weren't enough people over there." THIS IS AN NFL GM TALKING? NOT! "Brees is very accurate and very smart," Thompson said. "He's one of those Joe Montana thinkers. He knows what he's going to do before we do."



THIS, SAYS IT ALL. YOUR OWN SPORTS WRITER OUT OF MILWAUKEE. His counterpart, Aaron Rodgers, hit 23 of 41 for 248 yards, with two touchdowns and three interceptions. Harassed from start to finish, he scrambled eight times for 36 and was sacked twice. His passer rating was 59.8.


Ryan looks ready to run tonight,Jennings looks like he's going to catch everything thrown his way.....MAN I LOVE THIS TEAM!




Geez, Jonathon....last I recall, #4 does not rush the passer, stop the run, or run the ball....all three of which are the shortcomings of this year's team, some of which seem to be on the mend.

As far as Rodgers being moved, his agent and him signing a lucrative, years-long extension is a REALLY funny way for an agent to re-locate a client.

Really, get the facts before you go on your man-crush rant.

Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street

Quoth Lombardi...

   "If you can accept losing you can't win. If you can walk you can run. No one is ever hurt. Hurt is in your mind."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blast From The Far Past... 




Monday, November 24, 2008

Packers 3rd Place NFC North! 5-6... 

Update:  Let the acrimony begin... Packers get smacked along side the head like some juvenile delinquent who just tried to take your cookie for the 3rd time. Saints roll easy 51-29, Packers play like crap with the same ol' 3 and out to start the game, and with the defense already crashed on their couches dreaming of Thanksgiving turkey coming up... they let the Vikqueens & Bears get away from them.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

I hope we kick butt tonight! ~ Orleans doesn't stand a chance!!


I haven't posted anything in awhile, kind of letting the season play out, but I will say this, because awhile back I did comment on Nick Barnett, I am happy to see A.J. in the middle, where he belongs, if Nick would just put the team above himself when he comes back and move to the weak-side the linebacking core would be the strongest, most productive part of the defense, maybe even the team. Nick's not big enough to play the middle, his speed causes him to over-pursue, Nick makes a ton of tackles, but very few for loss or no gain, he's better on the Willie.


It's a disgrace what the Packers did to Brett Favre. The way they ran him out of town will forever be known as one of the biggest boner moves in all of professional sports. I take no joy in anything the Packers do this year. It still hurts, and it hurts more everytime the Pack loses because we DON'T have a leader taking the snap OR the damn Jets keep winning! I will toast the day Ted Thompson is gone! p.s. Rodgers agent is ALREADY looking to move him out of Green Bay too... so where will that leave us?


My prayers are for the entire Driver family. Unfortunately, in life today, there are good and bad in every walk of life. People who hold titles, (cops, lawyers, doctors, nurses, politicians, pastors, priests, teachers? Need I go on?) They graduated the schooling and earned the diploma's.

How they choose to perform their titles is what is so confusing to us today.
Your brought up to believe in them, and treat them with a certain amount of respect. Most qualify for that, a minority Do Not. It comes down to someones' personal tragedy and pain, before a red-flag is thrown to lead the way to those that abuse their career.
I certainly hope Driver's dad comes thru this ok, and his voice is heard to take the corrupt diploma's off any position they hold. And if it takes a famous name like Driver to do it?

YA HOO...your only helping the next family of Smith or Jones or any of our last unimportant names. Thats my take on this whole media story. Just hope THE DONALD can shake it off, like I know he will, and play his best game ever in New Orleans tommorrow night. ( Well hey then, he had a good Packer/friend/teacher?) Rodgers... if he is there, just shoot him a few good passes, wouldya, couldya.




My thoughts are with the PACK... I hope Driver can PLAY well on Monday night without his CONVICTED FELON of a father causing any distractions. Check the guys history, this sounds pretty fishy. He IS a lifetime criminal!


Hey Jonny C, I don't know enough to comment on that situation with DD's dad. If it's true, it could be a distraction, if it's fishy, DD should be able to detect that and it won't be a distraction. Go Pack!!!  BK

boy wonder - (see below 'Feedback from 2008 Season Prediction') your team is in first place because 1) their division is just as average as the NFC north and 2) their schedule is pathetic... they've played one good team - AZ (don't give me NE - their record is what it is because their schedule is easier than NYJ's).

let us know how things are going when it starts to get cold. let us know how things are going when favre throws a pick at a crucial time in a MEANINGFUL game. let us know how things are going when favre can't decide whether he wants to play another season or not (leaving your team in limbo).


my thoughts are with Donald Driver and his family. Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Pack Comes Marching....


Hey Wendy, I believe all of our thoughts are with Donald and his family this week, and don't worry about not knowing what's going on here... there have never been any rules... so, Packer Palace is not a forum in any sense of that word, does not technically have a true comments section, but it does offer anyone the chance to Speak Out Spew Off and contribute to the blog portion of our website with just about anything that's on your mind concerning our Green Bay Packers. You just have to adjust to the slowness of the administrator's (that's me) response time.  BK

thanks beerkid. This is my favorite PACKER site. Also thanks for the GREAT Packer "previews" before each game. GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!  wendy

Espionage! I see they're checking out our game plan!
    Saints Update: The Saints did not practice Wednesday but made several roster moves... the Saints signed former Packers receiver Chris Francies to their practice squad.

Is it just me or does A.J Hawk look ALOT like Jeff Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High??? (Gives me an idea.) HAPPY THANKSGIVING PACKER FAITHFUL!!!!.... YOU SUCK BEARS... saints???... COME ON DOWN!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Wow Bob Jeter died, heart attack, 71, Chicago. To Packer fans 50 and over a very memorable name joining many of his old friends and coach on the other side. Bless you and thank you 21.


Hey Ray, here's 2 stories on former 1960's Packer Bob Jeter - Elder Jeter Dies - He won three titles with Packers from JSOnline and Pro Bowl CB Jeter dies of heart attack - Former Packer began career as receiver from the GB Press Gazette.   BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have."

Friday, November 21, 2008

Feedback from 2008 Season Prediction... 

Hey BeerKid, 11 and 5!!! Man, what planet do you live on? They're at a boring 5-5 and would need to have a win streak of 7 in-a-row to make that mark. Well, they have the first one that brought them to 5-5. Gee, Teddy T. sure hands out money in G.B.

He gives a QB that has ONLY won 5 NFL games a huge contract. Can't blame Rodgers for taking the money, but Teddy is a fool for giving it. How quickly you forget, how you ran out to get your copy of Sport Illustrated when they named Favre Sportsman Of The Year and their coverboy. Seems Madden '08 did that, too.

Do you really think A. Rodgers will ever grace the cover of SI? That he will win a Super Bowl? That he will have a completion rating higher than Favre's in '08? Fleet footed my ass. Rodgers has been sacked more times than Favre who was still learning a new system. Rodegrs has one of the NFL's lowest 1st down converters... 25th this past week #11.

Get use to being a fan that will be rooting for a team you hopes breaks .500 each year. Your "glory years" is leading a team in NY to first place and the playoffs. If Favre was "washed up", as Teddy would lead you to believe, why was he so afraid Favre would go to the Vikings? Just an ego that wants to put HIS stamp on the team and he couldn't do that when it WAS Favre's team.

Get use to watching the Jets in the playoffs. You'll have plenty of time since your team will be done AFTER week #17.

Boy Wonder


Hey Boy Wonder,

Why wouldn't I pick the Packers to go 11-5 after coming off a 13-3 record that ended 14-4 after an interception turned into a winning FG by the NY Giants. First off, I've always made my predicted guess the days before the first pre-season game. Second off, nobody said Brett Favre was washed up, he quit on his team, then had the gall to skip all the offseason summer activities, told the Packers to move on, and then regretted his decision... blah blah blah.

I didn't see your prediction anywhere, but then I'm guessing your a NY Jets fan who see's BF as the better QB over former QB Chad Pennington. Sure, I would agree with that... so what? And now why would I be rooting for a team than will never get to .500 again? The Packers are set up a helluva lot better than the Organization was during the 70's and 80's. With you saying that, I now take the back the "you must be NY Jets fan" line, I can see you're a former Packers fan who left to be a Jets fan. Honestly, I don't care... but I do guess the NY Jets will be sending the Packers a 1st round pick, after all you practically just guaranteed that the JETS will be in the Super Bowl this year and every year that Brett Favre is on the roster.

That's crazy shit dude, what planet do you live on? I'd like to know, I would like to know which planet 5 + 7 = 11. My predictions aren't off yet... 6 games left, the Packers and Lions win out and I'll be back to right on.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Packers Verses Vikings... 

There Are More Subplots In Sunday's Jaguars Game
Than The Vikings Have Seen In Many Years
Beginning With Findng A Way To Not Collapse
Like They Did Sunday Against The Buccaneers

The Vikes Dominated The First Half Of That Game
But The Second Half Only Brought Them Pain
As Tampa's Quarterback Took Complete Control
Though He's Thirty-Eight And Walks With A Cane

Ex-Viking Coach Mike Tice Runs The Jags' Offense
And He'd Love A Chance Get Even For Being Fired
While Williamson Would Like To Fight Coach Chilly
Over A Grudge That Should Have Been Long Retired
There Is Turmoil And Deep Uncertainty
All Along The Vikings' Defensive Line
As The Tackles Are Facing Drug Suspensions
And At Least Oe End Is Paying Gigantic Fines

Not To Be Lost In All Of This Ugly Mess
Is Peterson Getting In His Coaches' Face
All At The Time The Vikes Really Need To Focus
To Remain Viable In The Division Race

Facing The Jaguars Would Seem A Gift
As Jacksonville Isn't Doing Anything Very Well
Although The Vikings Wil Have To Watch Their Step
To Avoid Their Typical Late Season Hell

Lovie Smith Became The Bears' Head Coach
By Saying That He Knew How To Beat Green Bay
And While He's Done Pretty Well Until Now
The Packers Undid That Statement Last Sunday

There Wasn't Much That They Didn't Do Well
At Least From The Packers' Point Of View

Now As They Make A Trip Down To New Orleans
They'll Know Just Exactly What To Do

The Saints However Are A High-Powered Offense
With A Passing Game That's Second To None
With Drew Brees Firing Off Deep Passes
And Reggie Bush Caming Back To Handle The Run
The Saints Receivers Are A Talented Group
And They've Got An Extremely Talented Tight End
Unless The Packers Line Gets Defensive Pressure
They Will Prove Quite A Handful To Defend

The Play Of Green Bay's Offensive Line Is Key
As They Have To Keep Aaron Rodgers On His Feet
And As Long As They Give Ryan Grant Some Holes
The Packers' Running Game Will Be Looking Sweet

With All The Added Baggage The Vikings Face
It Will Be Hard For Them To Stay On Task
While The Fate Of The Packers In Their Own Hands
Which All That Any Team Can Ask

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

A three-way tie for first place in the North Division.... time for the six-week sprint to the post-season.... and the question is, just who is the frontrunner after all?? Only time will tell.

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quoth Lombardi... 

   "There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again."

Blast From The Past... 

Mardi Gras

The Incredible
Banjo Shrimp

Battle of
New Orleans

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Packers 1st Place NFC North!!! 5-5... 

The only way the Packers can win this game (with out a total meltdown by the Bears) is limit the penalties to single digit's, stop the big penalty by the defense on 3rd downs, and just not make many mistakes. The Packers can win. QB Aaron Rodgers has had a full week of practice, so some of the timing should be back, and I like the idea I just heard on pre-game radio... go 4 wide to take some of the Bears linebackers (their strength) off the field and play to the Packers strength of 5 deep WR's. Hopefully coach McCarthy has been holding back his strategy all year long so he can un-leash some of the (perceived) anger (his mis-management of the season so far) on a long-time hated rival. Today, I believe he will, and the Packers should sort of kind of beat up on the Bears 26-22.

Update:  Woooooooooooo hooooooooooo!!!!!1!!1 Packers kick ass!!! 37-3!!! The Bears Still Suck!!! 1st Place NFC North on tiebreakers!!! Wooooooooo hooooooo destiny is for the Packers to run out for themselves!!!!1!!!1   (Ed. Note: Beer, specifically Stone IPA and Stone Ruination played an important role in this updated post... and then it ran out during post-game celebrations - Party On! you have to now include Anderson Valley Hop Ottin' Ale in the celebrations. Salute!!! Go Pack Go!!!)

With more drinking comes a clearer mind, some ask if the Football Gods are appeased, today, this Sunday, they are. Others ask why my drinking requires restraints, ummm... no comment. Touchdown Green Bay!!!

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


As someone who spent their first 14 years growing up a Packers fan in Chicago..... in a Bears household..... this game was sweet redemption for the last 4. Having spent years holding my tongue so as to not be a fan of the obnoxious variety, and having the Bears' fans in the family not reciprocate, the floodgates have been opened. Feel my wrath, Dad!!

Great game.... need to keep that intensity, and precision, up for the rest of the season.

Scott - "Formerly Drunk on Water Street"

Those were "da b*%rs???", That big one must have been tha the one who brought me my beer. GO TO HELL b@*rs YOU STILL SUCK!!!!

Big Ern said so!!!!

According to Jared Allen,"he never intentionally tried to hurt another player". Too bad he was quoted before the season saying that "he could not wait to put his helmet in Aaron Rogers spine." Allen is either a liar or a little kid who got caught and wants to blame everyone else. Either way, I would not have him on my team.
    Riddle...  What do you get when you combine a weasel with two tubs of lard?
    Answer...  3/4 of the Vikings defensive front line.
Give me an Aaron Kampman who plays hard but clean on every down.


I just love to see the Bears Defense trying to tackle with their eyes on the ground! GOOD JOB Vasher!


Was this the same team that lost to the Vikings last week?

Joe from Ohio

Hey Joe, yep, same team, same kicker, much better result.  BK

Nice to see the team step up and play like they are capable of. Great job by MM of getting the team ready to play a game that was a must win. I hope this is the turn around game this team needed. Listened to the game from a goose blind in SE Wisconsin. Nothing better than hunting bears with our geese!!


Hey Camp, yep, same team, same kicker, much better result.  BK

Nice to see A.J. taking leadership role in the absence of Nick. Go Pack Go! (Oh and nice game for Mr. Grant.)


Hey Carolyn, A.J. did a very good job, Brandon Chillar also... AJ is a bit bigger than Nick Barnett, and honestly, on the field, he thinks and plays like a MLB... which is his natural position.  BK

Wow. What a difference a week makes. The Packers O-Line kicked some serious butt out there today. The pile-driver second quarter touchdown on the goal like was a thing of beauty. I thought the Packers looked fired up about stuffing the ball down the Bears throat. Ripping the Bears for 2 Large on the ground is a rare performance. Rogers had time to throw and he was very efficient.

The defense got fired up and they started tossing people around pretty good. I thought Hawk was good at MLB and likely ruined the Bears game plan of trying to exploit him.

The officials also blew a big one when they failed to call Hester for the nasty shot to the head on Williams and then tossed the flag on Colin Cole who tried to protect his gut from getting punched. There will be some discussion about that poor call.

After watching the NFL Network show on '85 Bears, it got me fired up all over again when they showed the Fridge taking out George Cumby on his big touchdown run. That should be required viewing before every Bears game.


Just coming out of the sandhills of NEBRASKA, (yes we do have hills, very large ones actually) been chasing Mule deer. Got to listen to the Pack kick the little bears ass. Awesome. Satellite radio rules!!!! I got the next round at Anduzzi's, but you only have a half hour or the offer is no good!!!!!


Hey Mellonhead, one of my old work stories involved getting snowed in overnight at veterinary clinic in O'Neill, and then the following day driving east down 70 miles of 2 lane highway that wasn't technically open yet for travel. Crazy seeing grass along the road for miles and then coming up to a 25ft snowdrift that a front-loader cut a single lane through. Or are you out west, I have another story about using every last dollar to get our car out of the impound lot in Torrington, WY and then having no where to go. We did have some food, a full tank of gas, and 36 hours of incompetence at wire-xfer place. A fun time... Later.  BK

Busch Lite around my town, and plenty of it! Ya Hooooo! Tied for 1st in our Division, with the Vikings and Bears, OH MY. Better than a poke in the face with a sharp stick.


Hey Lemondrop, no one likes a poke in eye with a stick, and it would have felt like it if the Pack had lost to the Bears. Sure glad we Packers fans are holding the stick today.... Hey Look! A Bears fan.... poke poke poke...  BK

Now THAT was more like it. And, BeerKid, please note that thinking the Bears Still Suck is not limited to Wisconsin. Any wise person knows that the suckage of Bears is universal.


Hey lostinutah, yeah, like in our specific cases being in Utah and California, we can find many many football fans who hate the Duh Bears, it's just in Wisconsin, it's become a State-wide favorite pastime, nearly official.  BK

....dang! Will someone PLEASE shoot the Lions in the back of their preverbial head and put them out of their misery?!
Well, at least they'll get the 1st pick in next year's draft, at the rate they're going!

On a lighter note, gotta love how the Pack ran all over duh Bears today. However, I don't like how the TV networks take games off the air because they're "no longer competitive". What they heck is that?!! We were promised that game for that time slot, and they should stick with it! Thankfully the guys at the Wheel House have a dish, so we were able to find it on another channel. Keep can't the faithful from watchin our game...

Bring on the Saints, baby! Let's build on today's win! Da Bears STILL Suck! GO PACK GO!!!!

P.S. I STILL say that Orton and Rodgers need to get rid of the 70's "XXX-Rated Flick" facial hair! Jeez! It's not workin for either of 'em!

Lady K

Hey Chicago! How do you like them apples?.... BITCHES!!


Don't forget to check NFL Network for a replay of the '85 Bears game at Lambeau. Why watch a loss to Ditka's obnoxious jerks? How about to see Ken Stills lay out the latest late hit ever on Matt Suhey? Those were the days...

Pack wins Sunday 30-14.


Hey Ruppert, I hope you and many others were able to tune in for that '85 game... sorry for the lateness of my reply.... Go Pack!!!  BK

Yo, I predict that Devin Hester will run a punt back for a touchdown. Kyle Orton will make at least one very bad pass. Ryan Grant will fumble. Otherwise, it's the Forte show. Good luck. But not enough to win.


Hey there Bears-fan-I-used-to-work-for, not today, Packers finally win a game at home against the Bears... Go Pack Go!!!  BK

I love to hate the BEARS!


Hey Chris, we all love to hate duh' Bears. It's the official Wisconsin State pastime...  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever - the one who recognizes the challenges and does something about it."

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Welcome To Lambeau Field... 

Help Yourself To A Piece Of Cheese!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Bears Still Suck... 

Hi guys and gals of the PACKER faithful!!! Yes, it is so true THE BEARS SUCK!!!! I have for years said that! BUT I think I need to expand alittle on the statement.... ditka SUCKS, urlacher SUCKS, chitcago SUCKS, grossman proved he SUCKS and anyone who likes the b*#rs SUCKS TOO!!!! So screw you yogi and boo-boo dumpster-can divers and P.S. Screw you too viqueens.... OK I feel better... Screw you b*@rs!

Big Ern said so!!!!

Above image shamelessly ripped off and taken from the National Parody League's logo website... well, it is Bears Week after all. Go Pack!!!

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Nobody's Done It Better... Encore! 

NFL Championship Histories
Green Bay Packers  12-3

1929  1-0 1st Place  
1930  2-0 1st Place  
1931  3-0 1st Place  
1936  4-0 Boston Redskins 21-6 
1938  4-1 New York Giants 17-23
1939  5-1 New York Giants 21-0 
1944  6-1 New York Giants 14-7 
1960  6-2 Philadelphia Eagles 13-17
1961  7-2 New York Giants 37-0 
1962  8-2 New York Giants 16-7 
1965  9-2 Cleveland Browns 23-12
1966 10-2 Kansas City Chiefs 35-10
1967 11-2 Oakland Raiders 33-14
1997 12-2 New England Patriots 35-21
1998 12-3 Denver Broncos 24-31
Chicago Bears  9-5

   1921 1-0 1st Place  
   1932 2-0 Portsmouth Spartans   9-0
   1933 3-0 New York Giants 23-21
   1934 3-1 New York Giants 13-30
   1937 3-2 Washington Redskins 21-28
   1940 4-2 Washington Redskins 73-0
   1941 5-2 New York Giants 37-9
   1942 5-3 Washington Redskins   6-14
   1943 6-3 Washington Redskins 41-21
   1946 7-3 New York Giants 24-14
   1956 7-4 New York Giants   7-47
   1963 8-4 New York Giants 14-10
   1985 9-4 New England Patriots 46-10
   2006 9-5 Indianapolis Colts

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Wow... I just watched Brett's after game interview... that guy has a lot of class in my opinion.

I know it was just a crappy Jests game, but thanks for the memories Ted.



Here's the link at NFL.Com to the video of Brett Favre's post game interview that BeerScout is referring too...

...and thanks to Camp for sending both of us the video link.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

HA! Beerkid, that wasn't the interview I was talking about...the one I was talking about was the ESPN interview...this one was much more informal. The ESPN interview was better, but of course, I can't find it on Youtube! ARgghhh


It was nice to see Brett smile. I'm big enough to be glad he's having a good season.


wat up


Hey tremael, not much, wat up with you?  BK

Hey there BeerScout, I just watched it, and I am right there with ya buddy! And you forgot to thank McCrappy in your post.


Man this is painful, good interview w Brett per usual. Even if I wanted to fire TT and McCarthy, Brett put them in an unworkable situation, full stop.

If you take the emotion out of it, and just deal with it as three human beings, Brett, TT and McCarthy, if justice is served, and frequently it is not, the Jets season will hit major skids, (from what I can see from here it is anything but a miracle for them to reach the Super Bowl), and the Packers will run the damn table, and from here I can easily see them winning only one more game, particularly if they lose to the Bears.

You can only taint Brett's legacy to an extent in Green Bay, and the guy is so charming that eventually I may get sucked back in, and my moods about him vacillate wildly, but to me Brett Favre equals one word right now and that word is traitor.

Gotta add in closing, venom that would be better placed on the Vikings or Bears, FUCK the New York Jets. O to have not just a meeting w them at the Super Bowl, but a beating of mythical proportions and a knock out sack put on Favre where the last thing he see's is that G comin' to take him out and whisper in his unconscious ear, throw some of that under the bus old buddy. Damn just woke up, sorry folks.


Bitching and complaining sometimes is referred to as "constructive criticism".

Excuses for losing, are just that excuses. If Favre was still in Green Bay many would blame him. Headline, Favre isn't in Green Bay. He is winning in New York. MMARTT have to answer for where the Packers are at. They have a losing record in a relatively weak division.

A win this weekend gives us a chance, a loss is a TKO for the season. The Bears pass defense is weak, so we have the chance for a big game. No more excuses, just win!!


Hey Camp, you are right in reference to Draftfan's comment (see below) "sometimes" it's called constructive criticism, other times like this year, the Packers will do no right in a lot of former fans minds, just because their favorite hero has been forced to move on. Based on what I've seen so far this year, I continue to stand by my comment that BF was changing the calls at the line of scrimmage (with greater success I might add) so frequently last year that MM wanted him gone...  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you've got to have is faith and discipline when you're not yet a winner."

Blast From The Past... 

Lovie's Grim
Fairy Tales

Introducing The
Tiddy Bear


Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Vikings Did The Things That They Do Best
As They Left Green Bay Trampled In Their Wake
Jared Allen And The Defense Provided Pressure
While The Packers' Offense Provided The Mistakes

Aaron Rodgers Threw No Interceptions
But That Is About The Best That Can Be Said
While The Vikings' Quarterback Gus Frerotte
Was The One Having Three Picked Off Instead

One Of Those Went For A Touchdown
And The Pack Ran Back A Kick As Well
But Alas Green Bay Missed A Field Goal
As The Game Reached The Closing Bell

But The Legs Of Peterson Turned The Tide
Which Should Really Come As No Surprise
As He Made The Packers Defense Look Just Awful
Using His Moves And Speed And Size


This Week The Buccaneers Are Waiting
Ready To Take The Vikings' Dare
Although The Prospect Of Facing Peterson
Isn't Causing Much Concern Down There

Unlike The Packers The Bucs' "D" Line
Won't Fold At The Prospect Of A Run
While Chris Hovan And His Lineman Buddies
Will Chase Number Twenty-Eight 'Til He's Undone

While Tampa's Passing Game Is Effective
Their Running Game Is Somewhat Unsure
But They're Willing To Bet That Stopping Peterson
Will Keep Their Winning Ways Secure


The Packers Limped Back To Lambeau Field
Knowing They Have To Face Chicago's Bears
A Team The Recently Has Owned Green Bay
Whether The Game Is Home Or There

This Year However May Be Different
For While The Bears Have Had Great Success
Their Passing Game Is Far From Pretty
And Their Defensive Line Is Just A Mess

On The Ground The Bears Are Pretty Good
Carried By The Legs Of Matt Forte
But No Matter If It's Rex Or Kyle Throwing The Ball
The Packers' Defensive Backs Will Make It A Long Day


The Vikings Really Believe They're For Real
But Tampa Will Bring Them Back To Earth
While The Packers' Win Over The Bears
Will Mean The North Has Three Teams Tied For First

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

What will it take for the Packers to recover? Are the Vikings for real this time? On Monday will there be THREE teams tied for first in the NFC North??? Tune in Sunday to find out-and does it get much better than this?

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Well the experiment that most of us Packer fans have been waiting for will finally happen this week for the Green Bay Packers defense. Linebacker A.J. Hawk will be moved in to the middle linebacking spot for the upcoming game against the hated rival Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. Unfortunately, this is happening at LB Nick Barnett's expense, who is likely gone for the season, after injuring his knee last week in the Vikqueens game.

It's happening at MLB Desmond Bishop's expense as well. Desmond Bishop played fairly well (after being exploited on his first snap at MLB) when he came in to replace Nick Barnett, but I'm guessing because of his participation on special teams is so valuable, the Packers will try-out the combo of A.J. Hawk, Brady Poppinga, and Brandon Chillar on the field together first. I'm sure that Desmond Bishop will get his snaps...

Who's the most penalized team in the NFL this year so far? Why it's the Green Bay Packers. I was having trouble finding these statistics in coherent condensed form, but after they mentioned pre-vikqueen game that Packers were leading the league in most penalized yards, I had to find out if post-vikqueen game it still held true. By my count, the Packers now lead both overall categories, it's 130 accepted penalties for 1106 yards. That breaks down to 72-655 yds for the Offense and 58-451 yds on the Defensive side. The 49ers are close in yards and the Cardinals close in number of penalties.

How offensive is that? Very...

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


okay... i withdraw my previous comment (heat of the moment after the missed field goal). anyways, i predict a packer victory this weekend (27-14) which will jump start the remainder of the season.


Great collection of Packer/Bear stories from the 30's up there, remarkable website.

So Nick's out for the year, majorly sucks. Still the likely replacement, 57 I think who's name escapes me, was the author, although on special teams in pre season last year, of the hardest and cleanest hit I can recall in recent memory. The guy receiving the hit had his helmet come off, and through quantum physics I think, briefly had that sick feeling that the guy's head might still be in it. I recall his family was in, I think from Cali, to see and delight in it.In fact I think that hit was a significant reason why he even made the club, it was pretty awe inspiring.

Here's hoping he has a similar thump for the Bears, but I currently have a sick feeling in my gut as regards the rest of the season, even the Lions games. And yes I continue to be a TT supporter, would have loved Brett back in Feb or Mar, but not in Jun or Jul on his term's only.Would have felt the same way if the player in question was Don Hutson or Bart Starr and I give major points for sticking with conviction. Wish I could be happy for Brett but I just can't that's my problem.


Hey Ray, more ancient stories on the Packers can be found in our Historical Packers section and one of my favorite old stories is from 1922 and it's the one where George Halas tried to get the Packers kicked out of the NFL for hiring college players, something the Bears and George himself were doing at the same time.  BK

I am making a new rule for my personal behavior. I will not comment on a Sunday Packer game until at least the following Wednesday. Spouting off right after a game just makes one look like a stupid ass who can only speak in a rant. The Packers clearly have some problems, but pointing fingers is not helpful.

It is now looking like last year was a fluke and that a young Packer team is just not there yet. It would be totally amazing if Rogers could come in and take the Packers back to the playoffs this year. You can count on one hand the number of times that has happened in NFL history.

The Packers were seriously bitten by the injury bug early on and that has continued to haunt them. Rogers has not been awful, but without time to throw, he is a sitting duck. The D-Line is unable to pressure the QB or stop the run. The D-Backs have been awesome under those conditions, but no defense can hold up when they can't pressure the QB.

McCarthy has not done an awful job of play calling, but all the problems at the line of scrimmage are magnifying every slight error. If the Packers were winning, there would not be any calls for McCarthy and Thompson to fine a new home.

I say that loyal Packer fans will continue to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Those who only want to bitch and complain might consider following another team.


Well, THAT went well. Dear Lord, who art in Heaven, please remember this week that the BEARS STILL SUCK. Amen.


Ugh Pass the Chimay Triple and the Stone IPA Beer Kid looks like another bad season for the Packers. Looks like ill be watching other teams colors in the Super Bowl. I hate how our D-Line just not being their and allowing AP to run right over them. Also I hate how our O-Line looking like the Younger Brian Urlacker on that Old Spice Commercial and allowing Viking Defenders to tear Rodgers apart. We had them too thanks to our DBs and special teams however we let another game slip by us AAARRGGHH WHEN WILL IT END!!! "Drink Beer or Be Queer"


Quoth Lombardi...

   "The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That's real glory. That's the essence of it."

Great Moments In Packers History... Encore! 

1929 - After blanking the Chicago Bears 23-0 and 14-0, Packers go on to win their 1st NFL Championship Title.
1930 - After beating the Chicago Bears 7-0 and 13-12, Packers go on to win their 2nd NFL Championship Title.
1961 - After beating the Chicago Bears 24-0 and 31-28, Packers go on to win their 7th NFL Championship Title.
1965 - After humilating the Chicago Bears 49-0 and 38-7, Packers go on to win their 9th NFL Championship Title.
1966 - After beating the Chicago Bears 17-0 and 13-6, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl I.
1967 - After beating the Chicago Bears 13-10 and 17-13, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl II.
1996 - After beating the Chicago Bears 37-6 and 28-17, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl XXXI.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Packers Beat Bears... 

Wisc. Rapids
Daily Tribune

Monday, Dec 09, 1929

The Ironwood
Daily Globe

Monday, Nov 10, 1930

The Sheboygan

Monday, Nov 08, 1937

Monday, November 10, 2008

Blast From The Past... 

The Brews

Now! Redux


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Packers 3rd Place NFC North! 4-5... 

Late to the party as I always am... the Packers take on the Vikqueens today in Minnesota. Both teams are at 4-4, and this has become a make-or-break game for both teams. I'm a green n gold optimist, so the Packers head into the dome and take care of business, the Vikqueens become the pretenders that we always knew they were, and the Packers keep alive their destiny to win the NFC North this year. Packers win 27-16 and start looking forward to meeting the Bears next week.

Update:  O'buhjeezus what did I just witness... Packers play-call to lose, and guess what? They do lose, 27-28 on a barely missed 52yd FG as time expired. Aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhh!!!! Thanks to several bottles of Chimay Triple and several bottles of Stone IPA to help wipe out the memory. Bring on da'Bears.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Shouldn't there have been a 15 yard penalty on the last A.P. touchdown when he took off his helmet? I think they would have accessed it on the kickoff giving the Packers a chance to have better field position. Rogers is not worth 11 million if he can't read that a blitz is coming and make the necessary adjustments. Instead, he tries to run with his "great" athleticism and throws the ball out of bounds or he takes a sack. Geez, change the play call at the line. Or maybe, he in tightly on a leash by McCarthy. The three amigos Murphy, Thompson, and McCarthy must go. My 4-12 prediction is looking just about right.


When asked about the penalties and whether or not it was attributed to a lack of discipline or focus, he said no.

The man has lost his mind. "I'm not going to apologize for the way we play."

Un. Real.

    * On penalties: Have to look at them individually. Presnap and mental errors are unacceptable. Combative penalties depend on judgment and situations. "We're always going to err on the side of being more aggressive." Doesn't think focus and discipline are the problem. Won't apologize for the penalties. -- Tom Pelissero Insiders Blog
First step to solving a problem: Define the problem. MM has not got there yet.


Hey David, Thanks for the image of Officer McBarbrady (South Park) as that it fits the mood... move along, move along, there is nothing to see here folks, nothing but leading the league in penalty yardage. Thanks again for the image.  BK

2:00 left in the game. 1st and 10 on the Viking 40 yard line, down by one. Suddenly, Mike Holmgren is back on the sidelines. Three plays 5 yards, and lets try a 52 yard fieldgoal.

McCarthy, you are as dumb as a rock!

Frank in Waterford

Hey Frank, You can't win when you go ultra-conservative when the game is on the line, no play-action, no mis-direction, hell, I was happy MM got it down to a 52yd FG attempt, based on the run run run effort, I wasn't sure if we would even get in range.  BK

Where do you start? We are a young team getting by on the cheap. This loss falls directly on the head of MM and TT. If the Queens didn't have such a pathetic QB we would have lost by 30. Aaron has to get rid of the ball quicker and we have to stick with the run longer than we do. The lines are terrible. I am not sure how you get better quickly from our problems. We can still win the division if we get "LUCKY" and that luck must start next week.


Hey Camp, Yes there are concerns, last week it was rookie TE Jermichael Finley getting playing time over in-activated WR James Jones, this week it's rookie DE Jeremy Thompson getting playing time over recently cut KGB. I was not sarcastic when I pleaded for BF to come back as offensive coordinator, it's becoming obvious that BF was changing 2 out of 3 plays at the line of scrimmage every game... or you have to believe that MM doesn't trust AR or the o-line, 2 games could have been won... instead 2 losses.  BK

That's it.... there goes the season


Hey nickl, the season is not gone, the NYG proved that last year...  BK

What was McCrappy doing not going for another first down at the end of the game? 52 yards? Third down and you throw 0 yard pass to Driver? 2nd down and you run Grant up the middle? 52 yards is way to much to ask for when the game is on the line. Get the first down THEN run the ball. Simple.

I am sorry but the coach has lost too many games for us this year. This one is unacceptable. We need to get this guy some coaching lessons.

Hamilton aka Sign Boy

Hey Hamilton, many of us agree, did you see how Iowa took out Penn St last Saturday, yeah, they threw for a 1st down to take 10 yards of the FG attempt, and won.  BK

Hey BeerKid, I am so PISSED OFF right now, I need to be talked off the ledge. We had 3 Fucking turnovers and we still lose the game against da-queens. First of all, good move Ted on getting rid of Ryan and keeping Frost. He has to be the worst Fucking punter in the NFL.

Also, Kudos to Chad Clifton for a piss poor performance by blocking "Cowboy Allen" with a bad wing, but yet he was able to get to Buck Rodgers several times and also giving up a HUGE penalty that cost us the fucking game.

Crosby misses a 52 yard kick for the fucking game and shanks it by six feet.

Also, I have my doubts about the first of two Safety's... I personally feel that it was a GIFT to da-queens. It was a hard fought game, but I can't believe that McCarthy threw a challenge on A.P's TD run and basically threw away a chance to capitalize on a much needed time out. Speaking of A.P, what was he wearing, a do-rag or a prophylactic on his dome????

One more thing, we could have used KGB today. It seemed as though Gus was untouchable.

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Hey Packer Paul, yeah it looked like a rubber to me... and when are the Ref's were so anxious to give the Vikes a safety by using their imagination, I was wondering when they were going to look at the rulebook and throw the flag on A.P. for removing his helmet both times after he scored?  BK

The Packers are really struggling right now, but no where is that more apparent that on run defense. Woodson and Harris have really helped the young DBs learn how to cover and pick the ball, but what do you call the scheme that the Packers are playing? The seem to be hoping that the front four can pressure the quarterback. After 10 consecutive games where that has not happened, you would think someone would be considering a blitz now and then. I was not a Bob Sanders fan before, but McCarthy has to do something to turn this around.

The Vikings showed what relentless pressure will do to a good passing game while the Packers showed that Gus Frerotte can win a game if given enough time to throw and a running back/receiver like Peterson.

The season is not over, but anyone else hear what sounds like a train leaving the station?


That game was ugly from start to finish - They did not deserve to win

Joe from Ohio

Hey Joe, I'm sort of like Yoda on this, you win, or you don't win, what you deserve has nothing to do with it, just ask any of the nice guys who finish last all the time.  BK

While I am kinda let down by the lack of funny/cool new ViQUEEN stuff on this site lately, I truely appreciate your honesty and level headed approach to the site.


Hey Jonny, This website relies on the Packers winning to carry our enthusiasm through the week... or we create our own enthusiasm. Well, due to time limitations and things beyond Packers football, lets just say, lucky for all of us that Packer Palace hasn't fallen into hiatus... it's been close more than a few times. Go Pack!  Oh thanks for the "level-headed approach" comment, that's going into our Testimonial Archives for reference in the competency hearings that are sure to come. BK

    "It will be absolutely delightful when the old fart '72 Dolphins are popping corks on Sunday afternoon, thanks to the Green and Gold!" Ruppert


Hey Dallas, Ruppert was referring to the 1972 Dolphins who "pop" the corks on their champagne bottles whenever the last undefeated team of the year is beaten... alas, the Packers didn't knock them off so the bottles go back on the shelve until the week the only undefeated team, the Titans, gets beat. Thanks to BeerScout for the image of the Dolphins restocking...  BK

I have no idea what I was talking about. Sorry about that guys.  Dallas

Hey Dallas, No worries, I'm frequently accused of not knowing what I'm talking about... lucky for me I'm also the Editor.  BK

ME TOO (voting). WOW, what a historic time.


Splitting the 2 games against Indy and Tennessee, and coming out of both of them pretty much totally healthy... I just can't see that as a real bad thing. Yes, we had a million opportunities to knock off the Titans and didn't do it. And criticism is deserved, especially our pathetic run defense.

But this team is totally healthy. The next 3 games are winnable, and the division is WIDE open. I'll take it.


I hope some people pull their heads out of their hineys, (or Leinies' lol) especially our Defense. When McCarthy took the Conductors' job on the "Train that left the station", did he think to NOT RUN over his own team with that damn train?! (playcalling) And BTW, where is Teddy? Haven't seen him in camera range for awhile, like he started out this season. Maybe he is home babysitting the lil McCarthy baby. GOOD PLACE FOR HIM.

Mudducks up next people ! (This is always the WORST RIVALRY game for me.)
According to Coach Einstein, "Division road games are probably the toughest road games that you play throughout the year, in my opinion. So this week's challenge will be big for us, no doubt." and "But we're more in tune with what our record is, 4-4, and the things we need to improve on to keep moving forward." That incredulous statement sure tells us alot, huh.

I WANNA KICK SOME MUDDUCK *SS on SUNDAY! (who's with me ?)


Well another loss a tough one as that. The question is. Is the Packers season done? My opinion is the Packers can still have a 10-6 playoff season. The next losses are too Carolina, and Jacksonville. I am critical to the Bears at soldier field but think the Pack can get it done. I think McCarthy needs to put down the Wine, Pick up the Beer and bounce back from this loss and kick some viking tail. Question remains can the Pack pick it up? or should us fans start thinking about next year and who should we pick up to improve this teams chances for some Titan like play next season. "Drink beer or be queer" JP


Quoth Lombardi...

   "We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible."

Friday, November 07, 2008

Blast From The Past... 

Rock The
Packer Nation

The Burninator!

Meat Slicer

Packers Verses Vikings... 

Last Fall When This Football Season Kicked Off
The Vikings' Expectations Were Running High
But They Weren't Able To Live Up To 'Em
No Matter What Coach Childress Tried

Adrian Peterson Was Running But Not As Far
Since The Vikings' Passing Was No Threat
So Coach Chilly Put T-Jack On The Bench
And He Hasn't Gotten Off Of It Yet

The Vikings Have Undergone Transformation
During The Passing Of The Last Six Weeks
As The Switching Of Starting Quarterbacks
Provided The Balance That Each Team Seeks

Last Week's Foe The Houston Texans
Were Considered To Be Smokin' Hot
But Even That Potent Passing Game
Couldn't Keep Up With The Arm Of Frerotte

Gus' Bombs Rained Down While Peterson Ran
And The Vikings' Side Of The Scoreboard Glowed
The Texans' Defense Seemingly Had No Answer
For The Formations The Vikes' Offense Showed

The Vikings Gave Up A Lot Of Yards
Playing The Defense Of "Bend But Don't Break"
While They Kept The Texans Under Pressure
And Forced Them Into Making Mistakes

Those Are The Moments In Football Games
When Good Teams Seize The Chance And Run
The Vikings Are Doing That Pretty Well
And For Them The Season Is Far From Done


The Packers Have Become One Of Those Teams
That Drive Their Followers Nearly Crazy
As They'll Play Well, But Not Well Enough
And At The Worst Times Look Tired Or Lazy

The Tennessee Game Was A Good Example
As The Titans Fought The Pack Tooth And Nail
And While The Packers Played Nearly Well Enough
Late Mistakes Caused The Team To Fail

The Pack Moved The Ball All Around The Field
But Only One Touchdown Went On The Board
And The End-Zone Interception Thrown By Rodgers
Proved A Gift The Packers Could Not Afford

Aaron Had Played A Very Good Game
Piling Up Completions And Yards Aplenty
But The Problems Begin As They Usually Do
When The Packers Get Inside The Twenty

If Only The Running Game Could Just Break Loose
Or If That Rookie Had Made The Catch
Somehow From Four Tries Came Just One Touchdown
Giving Armchair Managers A Reason To Kvetch

At The End Of The Game The Score Was Tied
And A Titans Field-Goal Attempt Had Gone "Clank"
But At The Start Of Overtime, Tennessee Got The Ball
And The Rest Of The Day Went In The Tank

While The Packers Are Able To Move The Ball Well
They Must Get Six Points At The End Of Possessions

If Coach McCarthy Can't Teach Them How
It May Be Time For Him To Change Professions


Gus Frerotte And The Rest Of The Vikings
Are Eagerly Awaiting This Sunday's Game
For While The Packers Got Past Them Before
The Minnesota Team Is No Longer The Same

Playing At Home Energizes The Vikings Team
And Makes Their Competitive Natures Peak
They'll Do Almost Anything To Beat Green Bay
And End The Series' Five-Game Losing Streak

Sometimes The Dome Seems Like A Black Hole
Where Good Teams Disappear For Three Hours
The Packers Have Done Well The Past Few Years
Finding A Way To Overcome Its Mystic Powers

It Will Be The First Start There For Aaron Rodgers
As He Strives To Start His Own Dome Tradition
Knowing Quite Well That His Predecessor
At Times Felt Like It Might Well Be Perdition

Rodgers Has Done Well Wherever He's Played
And His Mistakes Have Been Far Between
Of Course It's Whether His Line Can Protect Him
That Is The Issue That Remains To Be Seen

The Defensive Backs From Both Sides
Aren't Expecting To Have Very Much Fun
Both Team's Receivers Can Run Like The Wind
So They'll Spend Much Of The Day On The Run

Containing Peterson Will Be The First Task
That The Packers' Defense Has To Master
If They Can't Do That Then No Matter What
The Rest Of The Day Will Be A Disaster

The Pack's Running Game Is Not As Prolific
As Ryan Grant Is Still Seeking His Stride
This Season Has Been A Tough One So Far
And His Lack Of Production Is Tough On His Pride

The Chicago Bears Are In First Place
While The Packers And Vikes Trail By A Game
However It's More Than Little Misleading
That The Teams' Records Are Exactly The Same

The Vikings Are Still Looking For Who They Are
And Have Won A Couple Games Due To Big Breaks
The Packers Should Be Able To Handle Them
Provided They Don't Make Any Major Mistakes

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

WOO-HOO! What more could we want?? Packers and Vikings-both tied at 4-4, in second place one game behind the Bears, Childress perfect against the Packers (0-5), with the Packers at full strength while Jared Allen is questionable... should be fun!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How To Wash A Sweatshirt... 

One day, a housework challenged husband decided to wash his sweatshirt.

Soon after he stepped into the Laundry Room, he shouted to his wife, "What setting do I use on the washing machine for my sweatshirt?"

"It depends," she replied. "What does it say on your shirt??"

He yelled back, "Go Vikings!!"

She replied, "Use hot water, a box of Tide, and four cups of bleach!"

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Voted... 

Make sure you do to... It's the American Way!

Quoth Lombardi...

   "People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society."

Monday, November 03, 2008

Brett Favre Come Back!!! 

Here I am admonished, on bended knee, pleading for Brett Favre to come back to the Packers... as Offensive Coordinator. What do you say Brett, didn't you say during the summer that you wanted to be a coach? Here's an excellent opportunity.

It used to be a crazy-assed wild conspiracy rumor that head coach Mike McCarthy got rid of #4 because he kept changing the play-call from a standard 2 yard off-tackle run to a exciting pass to any of the league's best group of YAC WR's. But now I'm not so sure, especially after watching a completely half-assed attempt at trying to win the game with a strategy that rivals Minnesota's Brad Childress in it's ineptness... I'm reduced to pleaing for the Packers offensive coordinator from last year to come back and save the Packers season. Apparently that was ex-QB Brett Favre.

Who want's their team to try to be a power-running team (something where the Packers can never be again ever, in the red-zone, on 1st down, never, ever, with underweight o-lineman and the ZBS installed) and lose games... not me... and one last thing, hey coach, thanks for breaking in a rookie TE at the expense of completed passes and first downs.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Packers 2nd Place NFC North! 4-4...

...after losing to the Tennesse Titans 16-19 in overtime. The game could have been won by the Packers, but mistakes by head coach McCarthy, QB Aaron Rodgers, the Defense, and several missed blocks by the O-Line allowed the Titans to win the game on a FG.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


I was at the game in Tennessee. The calls that should have been made at this game on both sides would have made this game in the Packers favor. The past interference penalty that was a no call on Greg Jennings in 4th quarter. Then also on Greg Jennings in 1st half when he tackled by his helmet & was no call. The Titans are a good team. But not a great team. The Packers showed how to beat them and another will take that to another level.

travelin man

Hey travelin man, that's cool you were at the game, it was competitive one, but yeah, the Packers left enough on the table it feels like they should have won by 10.  BK

Well, we almost had the Titans, but we couldn't pull it out, so they are 8-0 and we're 4-4. However, it could be worse.... could be T-Bone's Lions, at an impressive 0-8! Hah!!! Hah!!

Where is T-Bone?! I'm beginning to miss the guy... heh heh... just hope he hasn't stuck his head in an oven or something. Maybe he's finally admitted himself into a treatment center for his illness--cuz you've gotta be mental if you're still rootin for the Lions!

It's obvious he's suffering enough, so I guess I'll leave him alone from now on... but I've gotta admit it's been fun. So wherever you are, T, hang in there, buddy! Obviously football's not where it's at for the Motor City. But hey, you've still got the RedWings, and let's not forget Motown!

GO PACK GO!!! Bring on the ViQueens, in the HumptyDome!

Lady K

Hey Lady K, even the Bengals have a win now... and T-Bone probably will never be back now that Culpepper is on the Lions... heh heheh heh eh. Still thanking the Almighty that Daunte turned TT down earlier this year... yep, still thanking...   BK

Fire Ted. 'Nuff Said

Nathan P.

The Packers -- snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!

Joe from Ohio

Thank god that our bye week is over. I hate sitting through a Sunday without my team playing. Mow it's time to streak fear into everyone on Sunday, by beating the living hell out of the only undefeated team left in the NFL. Then everyone will know that we ARE FOR REAL! GO PACK GO!



Today is a very sad day for this PACKER fan and his family. Ted "The Village Idiot" Thompson and the Green Bay PACKERS released KGB today.

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila is more then an outstanding defensive end, but an outstanding person and an excellent Ambassador to the game and to the Green Bay PACKERS organization. With so much bad press about "this player or that player" in the NFL, KGB was a staple of consistency and valor.

My son and I attended a preseason game last year at "The Shrine" and we met KGB outside the parking lot as he was headed home from meetings and practice the day after the game. He was very generous with his time with us and was very down to earth. We did not ask for an autograph but he offered to mail us some of his trading cards.

My son sent a letter to KGB the following week requesting a few trading cards and he wanted to also know what his license plate meant: FROG94

Kabeer followed up by calling our home and leaving a voice message that we will never delete. Kabeer thanked Noah for his letter and he mentioned that he will be sending the cards shortly, but he mentioned that FROG94 meant "Fully Rely on God 94/Kabeer."

It was a short time later that Noah received four personally signed cards and an autographed picture. The smile on my son's face had yet to go away when thinking about KGB, until today. May God Bless KGB, who ranks up there with the likes of Bart Starr as an All-Time, All-Pro, Top Ranked human being and PACKER Great!!

Thanks Kabeer we could always rely on you and we are going to miss you!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

It will be absolutely delightful when the old fart '72 Dolphins are popping corks on Sunday afternoon, thanks to the Green and Gold!


Was watching ESPN and heard that we were locking up Rogers till 2014 now i am not positive i thought ARod was a free agent at the end of next season. I just think that as good as he is doing one more season of proving himself wouldn't hurt, But oh well Go Pack

Dan Solberg

Hey Dan, AR's real numbers is the guaranteed 26 million in the first 3 years. That's the heavy investment to an un-tested QB. TT had the capspace and money to burn and while WR Greg Jennings wasn't interested in having any of it now... so I like the fact that Aaron got the money.  BK

It was nice to see TT pull the trigger on his boy Rodgers and get him signed through 2014. Now if he can get a Jennings deal done we'll be set.

Bombs away against the Titans boys!

Freak Out

we love brett favre, our kind of guy. when he's on the field at lambeau, you can feel that green bay pride. he's got charm, and also an arm, ooo, ooo, ooo, we love brett favre


What Lady K said. Doubles.


I just have to post this for all the media nonsense. Read here... Family - Deanna Favre

Read it and see if you can make sense of the whole mess. Then come back here, and tell me. And I am ON WITH RODGERS as being Our Packer QB.... so don't start screaming at me.
BeerKid? Help me out here? iffin I need it.


Hey Lemondrop, BeerScout likes to say that it's all opinion, and it's all one's perspective and interpretation of the facts, or lack of facts, or whatever... opinion...  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there."

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Packers Verses Vikings... 

Our Favorite Teams Have Had Their Week Off
And They're Preparing To Play Once Again
Now That They're Recovered And Rested
It's Time For The Season's Second Half To Begin


Houston's Texans Are On A Three-Game Streak
And Winning Would Legitimize Them As Contenders
While The Vikings Are Just Barely Hanging On
And Know The Loss Would Show Them As Pretenders

Unfortunately Houston Hasn't Won On The Road
Which Is Exactly Where They'll Be Sunday Noon
The Texans Know Stopping The Vikes In The Dome
Is Key To Preventing A Long Shameful Swoon

Houston's Passing Game Has Been On Fire
Which Makes Up For A So-So Rushing Attack
And Their Defense May Struggle A Bit With The Run
But Accumulates Plenty Of Pickoffs And Sacks

Frerotte And The Vikes' Offense Has Found
Just Scoring Points Doesn't Ensure A Win
As Odd Plays, Penalties And Mistakes
Have Cost Them Games Again And Again

This Week The Vikings Defense Tries To Atone
For A Bears' Game They Don't Like To Remember
And With Suspensions Looming For The "Williams Wall"
This May Be The Only Chance There'll Be In November


The Packers Coasted Into Their Bye Week
After Dispatching The Colts With Ease
And Used The Time Off To Rest And Recover
Injured Spleens And Hamstrings And Knees

And It's Well They Did For They Play Tennessee
The Only Team In The League Yet To Lose

A Team That Plays With Grit And Passion
Leaving Opponents Battered And Bruised

The Titans' Gameplan Is Not Complicated
It's Based On Effectively Running The Ball
As Well As A Quarterback Who Won't Make Mistakes
And A Defense That Just Loves To Brawl

The Packers Will Have To Stop Tennessee's Backs
Forcing Kerry Collins To Drop Back And Throw
With The Pass Defenders Of Green Bay
Waiting To Strike That One Mortal Blow

This Game Will Be Won In The Trenches
To Use A Time-Worn Football Cliche
And The Team That Plays The Best Basic Game
Will Emerge Victorious This Coming Sunday


The Vikings Are Fighting To Stay Alive
And This Week's Effort Will Prove Just Enough
While It Would Seem Likely That The Titans Will Win
The Pack Will Upset 'Em If They Have The Right Stuff

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

The bye week is over-and it's time to start the stretch run to the playoffs. Almost unbelievably, both the Packers and Vikings are very much alive in this race (for now). Time to see just who really DOES have "IT"

Carl "Gator" Nelson
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