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Vintage SuperBowl Cartoons... 

Packers vs. Chiefs SB I
Jan. 1967

Packers vs. Chiefs SB I
Jan. 1967

Packer vs. Raiders SB II
Jan. 1968

*** Encore post from September 2006 that can also be found is our Historical Packers section of the blog archives. Looking for current cartoons for this weekend's SuperBowl, they can be found over at Daryl Cagle's Political Cartoonists Index. Enjoy!  BK

Packers Verses Vikings... 

Way Back In The Dog Days Of Last Summer
While Players Sweltered Under A Blazing Sun
Two Unlikely Teams Began Their Journey
Down To Tampa For Super Bowl Forty One


The Cardinals Have Never Been Here Before
On The Cusp Of Hoisting The Lombardi Trophy Aloft
It's Widely Thought That Their Path Was Helped
By A Schedule Considered Somewhat Soft

But Early This Season A Choice Was Made
That Demonstrated Arizona's Coach Has Guts
As Matt Leinart Was Benched For Kurt Warner
A Move That Many Observers Thought Was Nuts

But Lo And Behold Arizona's Move Paid Off
As They Beat Up On The Teams In The West
But A Late Season Slump Led Many To Wonder
If They'd Pass The Grueling Postseason Test

This Was A Doubt That Proved Unfounded
As It Seemed As If Someone Had Flipped A Switch
With An Underrated Defense And Running Game
That Suddenly Appeared To Be Talent-Rich


The Steelers Are A Team That's Been Here Before
Winning Number Five Just "Three Bowls" Ago
And While They Weren't A Preseason Favorite
They've Earned Their Way Back To The Big Show

The Steelers Will Bring Their Trademark Defense
The One That Makes Opponents Want To Hide
And A Running Game Based On Big Strong Backs
And A Line Capable Of Shoving The Defense Aside

When The Steelers Won The "One For The Thumb"
Ben Rothlisberger's Play Was Less Than Commanding

He And The Receivers Will Have To Be Very Good
If They Want To Be The Last Team Standing

The Spotlight In This Football Game However
Will Focus Squarely On Pittsburgh's Safeties And Corners
As They Square Off Against Fitzgerald And Boldin
And The Passes That Will Be Coming From Kurt Warner


This Game Will Provide A Contrast Of Football Styles
As The Steelers Are A Traditional "Run First" Sort Of Team,
While It Doesn't Seem To Matter If The Cards Can Run
For The Downfield Pass Is The Basis Of Their Scheme

So Who Will Dance Out In The Confetti
While Hoisting The Lombardi Trophy Overhead?
Conventional Wisdom Say It's The Team Who Runs Best
While Others Vote For The Passing Team Instead

The Steelers Should Be The Favorites Sunday
For Which There Are A Multitude Of Reasons
But It's The Cardinals Who'll Take The Trophy Home
Just Because It's Been That Sort Of A Season.........

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

As yet another season comes to it's glorious end, those of us who love the Packers or the Vikings just have to bide our time and "just wait until NEXT year!"

Carl "Gator" Nelson

*** The slightly modified logo's above are from one of our long-time Packer Palace contributors Jim and his logo website - The National Parody LeagueBK

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Packers Beat Patriots... XXXI 

The Intelligencer
Record Sports

Monday, Jan 27, 1997

The Intelligencer
Record Sports

Monday, Jan 27, 1997

*** Encore post from last January 2007 - "If you're not clinging to your team's past then you're bound to lose sight of your team's future." BK

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Speak Out Spew Off... 


KGB wanted out of seems obvious...but I could be wrong. San Diego is a strong dis-attraction. And that is coming from an SDSU alum! Monty's Den RULED!


As someone who in his early years, spent almost all his Wisconsin vacation time visiting BeerScout in San Diego I would concur - San Diego is a major league dis-attraction. Alberto's rules the late-night burrito world!!!  BK

Howdy BeerKid... Grouser, I think I have a knack for seeing the big picture. I could easily write a 100 page essay listing all the sleazy practices going on and where they'll lead us. The last 10 years has produced a pretty sleazy bunch. Wouldn't put my name on it though...... probably have an accident shorty afterwards.
But talking football, I like the hirings for the defensive coaches. Looks like they finally hired some guys who bring some attitude. Defense is all about want to........... and I think these new guys have it and will instill it. The Packer's defense looked un-interested last year. I can see why MM let the coaches go. If the Pack can get themselves a defense that ranks in the top ten teams every year, w/a decent offense they'll always be in contention for a trip to the SB. What more could you ask for?????..... except victories when the Pack gets there, of course!!!!

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey Long Lived, if ever, you and BeerScout are in the same room talking politics... I'll be the one sprinting away as fast as I can.  BK

I wonder if KGB's career wouldn't have been longer with the 3-4 Defense. He wasn't the biggest guy around, but with his brains and quickness, he may have been a good fit for a few more years.

"Long Live the Pack" Tell us how you really feel about Corp. Execs


Hey Grouser, there has been something left unsaid by the Packers concerning KGB and why he got cut the instant he was fully healthy last year, and KGB's rejection of playing for other teams that showed interest in him after that... geez, KGB couldn't have played any worse (rank speculation on my part) then the DE's the Packers tried after starter Cullen Jenkins was put on IR. Prop's to DE Mike Montgomery on his huge game at Tennessee (10 tackles 1 sack) but otherwise that position was an incredible weak spot during the 2nd half of the season.  BK

Well, Bart, Jerry Kramer tops MY list. (see below Bart Starr Interview) But then again, I'm from Idaho. Let Jerry and Ski both in! Put Jerry's name on the damn letters too, Bart!


I'm truly sorry that your Packers are done for the year. Better luck next year - seriously. For the sake of the future of the Packers you MAY want to reconsider the Urine Soaked Towel on your site - after reviewing the following video on YouTube...

Don't Disrespect The Terrible Towel


Hey Marilyn, thanks for checking in... and uh, Jim, she's talking to you brother about the disrespect thang... Not me 'cept for whatever that Terrible Smell is wafting in here...   BK

Marilyn, The only Marilyn I ever knew was a dim-witted bimbo. I hope for your sake you do not share the same fate. (I was beginning to wonder if that Sensitivity Training course I took at the community college would start to pay off. Empathize with your detractor, find some common ground. Booyah!!) I took your advice and watched the video. I'm not superstitious per say, but is there any truth to that Myron Cope curse thinga majobby? It never hurts to be on the safe side. Could the future of the Packers fate be hinging on this? Don't toy with me, I can handle the truth. Please respond in a timely manner as I can ill afford anymore lost sleep.  Jim


BeerKid: I know it's early, but I'm loving the new coaches and the switch to the 3-4. I think we have some of the pieces in place (Pickett at NT, Jenkins at RE, Kampmen at LOLB, etc.) but I think TT will have to grab a couple veterans in FA that know the 3-4 system. I know it might not be big name guys, but at least get some guys like Chillar last year.

I really like the Moss/Greene combo at LB coach. Those guys should have the group fired up.

MN Packer Backer

Hey MN Packer Backer, a more aggressive defense is what all of us Packer fans have been waiting for... this new coaching staff IS looking much better than last years.  BK

Hey BeerKid............. Wish I had a little more to offer on the Pack this year, but I've found myself caught up in disgust w/the slime we have for bankers, CEO's/exec's,and Wall Street. These fucking pigs are just sucking way, way, way too much money out. They've been giving themselves huge raises and bonuses for making money that was never there. Not that you'd ever hear this on the news but the CEO of CitiBank alone makes $85 million. What can the guy possibly do that justifies paying him $40,000 an hour. How about the 4250 $10/hr. full time jobs that go in his pocket every year. How about the hedge fund manager who made $4 billion. That's $200,000 that'd be sucked out of a community of 20,000 people. And our elected officials aren't much better than these slimy pigs. Truth is, the scum collects at the top and the bottom. We've got a 6000 page tax code not because we couldn't do it with 6 pages, but for the scum. Funniest part is that these scumbags pay themselves millions and they can't do third grade math. Take houses at $200,000 and multiply by 10% increases every year for 10 years and compound it, then do the same w/$30,000 a year job multiplied by 4% and compound. It don't take a third grader too much to figure out it can't keep going on for too long before the houses become impossible to afford. That's w/o including the increase in cost of living. And for that matter, why are these people making that kind of money, nevermind still even being employed for bankrupting their companies. What a fucking joke!!!

Anyway BeerKid, if the Pack can't be in the SB, I'm glad to see the Cards in it. Man, I hope they win. Should be an interesting year for the Pack this year!!! I think as they plan their team they should use the N.E. Cheaters as a blueprint. It was good to see the Pack get away from simply sliding in the next guy for smooth transitions. One of my biggest head scratchers was replacing the DC Donotell whose defense couldn't defend a 4th and 26 with the DB coach (Slowak) whose guys were responsible for misplaying the 4th and 26. I won't even get into hiring guys to keep the offense the same for Favre. Maybe, just maybe, we should have kept Kurt Warner those many years ago. He's accomplished as much as Farve has and is in position to 1 up Favre in SB's.

Long Live the Pack!!!

Hey Long Live the Pack, I feel I should be rooting for the Steelers... but yet for some odd reason I'll be rooting for the long-time NFL loser Cardinals also... although I'm not going to be surprised if they lose by 20.  BK

Before everyone starts squealing like a stuck pig over the switch to the 3-4 defense, keep in mind that the Packers have good linebackers that can't get on the field. With such a strong group at that position and a couple of decent defensive line players, they are already well on the way to having what they need to excel at 3-4. Reasonably strong and deep on offense should allow them to pack the front of the draft with defensive players. Offensive linemen are generally available in the mid and later rounds. I am pumped.


Hey Draftfan, I so far like the hiring of D-Coordinator Dom Capers, D-Line coach Mike Trgovac and now adding OLB coach Kevin Greene to the Packers coaching staff. The switch to the 3-4 may cause the Pack some problems in the learning phase, but I like where this is heading... unlike what that fuck Jim Bates did to us by quitting and throwing un-ready Bob Sanders at us as his replacement.   BK

We're going to have to witness those maroons waving their towels again -


Hey Jim, Thanks for the Pissburgh Towel... I really do love the logo work you send in...  BK

I think you are thinking like sukrat, but I think you should cover the other side of the topic in the post too...

Penis Enlargement

Oh yeah, we get spammed alot, but seriously, my lack of posting here made me to do a double-take on whether this was a real submission or spam, after checking twice, it's spam but with a line like this - "you are thinking like sukrat" I couldn't resist adding it.  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Leaders aren't born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that's the price we'll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal."

Barf! Packers Season In Review... Part One 

Here's our attempt at giving a review on the Packers (Barf!) 6-10 season that came to a close with so many expectations left unmet. As much as I would like to start what analysis I can give with the actual games, one can't overlook what happened before the first kick-off was even reached.

Offseason:  The only one's who don't remember the Packers offseason turmoil are the one's lucky enough to have their psychological defense mechanism's kicked on, sorry, I'm not one those lucky few. The Packers off-season started by a "surprise" announcement that Brett Favre was retiring. I only say surprise, because to this day, it's unclear exactly what Favre's reasons were. After a long summer, it become unclear whom to believe, Packers management, composed of GM Ted Thompson, Head Coach Mike McCarthy, and CEO Mark Murphy, or Brett Favre's entourage of his wife Deanna, his brother Scott, ESPN Reporters by the dozen and his agent Bus Cook. Most of us Packer fans, myself included, figured that the parties involved would somehow resolve their differences and Brett Favre would be on the Packers roster come the season opener, likely as the starting QB.

Sure didn't work out that way, Thompson dumped/traded Favre to the NY Jets for an escalating draft pick, and the Packers Organization told their fans to move on and get over it. Not an easy thing to do. Hindsight reveals that with Brett's interception rodeo to close out the Jets season, that the Packers made the right decision. They will receive a 3rd round pick in return.

Another big development were the contract talks with RB Ryan Grant that didn't get resolved until late in the preseason. Grant showed up mildly out of shape (he did attend all off season workout, he just didn't participate physically) and it took him until the middle of the season to gain the form that deserved the big contract. Between the chaos of the Brett Favre circus and the delay of getting Ryan Grant ready to play, the Packers offense entered the season with a huge question mark hanging over it's head.

Preseason:  The Packers preseason went, well it's preseason, the Packers didn't play all that well in any of their games really, lot's of penalties, lot's of mistakes, the Pack finish 1-3. Surprises, a few, RB Kregg Lumpkin started to show that maybe he has starter skills in the NFL, and 2nd round pick QB Brian Brohm, who coach Mike McCarthy said picked up his offense quicker than anyone, gets beat out by 7th round pick QB Matt Flynn who delivered on the field.

Another surprise came when P John Ryan, an average punter in the NFL, was replaced by P Derrick Frost right after final roster cuts. As one Redskins fan in a forum said "ha hahaha ahhaha that guy sucks. we couldn't get rid of him fast enough". Well, turned out to be an accurate statement. John Ryan continued his career with the Seahawks, and the Packers had one of the worst punter's in the teams history.

All and all, the Packers offseason turmoil was the exact opposite of what had happened the year before, when Favre was in all offseason camps, everyone was on the same page and it led the Packers to hosting the NFC Championship game before finishing 14-4. As compared to this current year, fan divisiveness over Brett Favre at the Packers, at each other, at everyone. Continuing with uninspired coaching and play during the preseason games and heading into the opening weekend against the Vikings with un-tested Aaron Rodgers running the show. Expectations were high, fans like myself couldn't wait for that 1st regular season game, it was the only thing pulling us through the dark times that clouded last off-season. Hopefully all that acrimonious bullshit will be gone from this year's off-season. A fan can only pray. At some point, the Football Gods have to listen.

more to come...

BeerKid - Always Pack For Life!

Bart Starr Over At Cold Hard Football Facts... 

Their email is easy to overlook every week because it rarely deals with anything Packers related, but this week they spent some time with Bart Starr, another one of our legendary Green Bay Packer QB's and I think it's worth your time to go check out and read the article.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Mystery Packer Fan... 

A great Inauguration picture can be found over at
I noticed 1 Packer Fan... Dunno who he is, do any of you?


The Packer fan in the gigapan photo is Wisconsin 1st District Congressman, Paul Ryan, from Janesville, WI.


Hey gbwbill, after finally looking up the Wisconsin congressional rep's this morning (Wed. 28th), that would have been my guess too... but seeing you're the 1st to put it down in print, we'll give you the satisfaction and honor of being the 1st to answer Lemondrop's question. Thanks.  BK

Hey Lemondrop, the only person I recognize in the picture is NY congressman Peter King, sitting a few seats away from our Packer Fan, although several look familiar. 


Hey, look who else I spotted in the crowd... Death himself! 


Packers Are Souper-Bowl Champions... 

Thanks to everyone who put in the effort to re-vote as much as possible in the Chunky Click For Can's Souper-Bowl match-up between the Packers and Bills. Although thousands of votes down (at one point, almost 10000 votes down) for most of the voting, the Packer Fans closed out strong, perhaps with a few votes from anti-Bills fans, and despite all the rule changes over the years, the Packers still prevail.

The Packers won only 6 games this year, but yet, we're still Souper Bowl Champions!!! Congratulations everyone!

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


Beerkid, Please put out a BIG thank you for all the Packer fans that pulled together to make sure we won the click the can again this year. I know I clicked every day and I hope the other fans did to. We'll have to see what it brings to next years click the can. I'm sure they will change it again. GO PACK GO!!! Thanks everyone. Born and raised a Packer fan.

Take care,

Lee - Saint Marys, GA

Hey BeerKid, we won click for cans, wonderful packer fans.



Hey Beerkid, Our loyal fans have delivered and we are this years "CHUNKY SOUP'S" Click for Can's 2009 Champions!!

Yup, things are looking up!! GO PACK GO!

PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

Hey folks! Great job on the come back for Click for Cans!!! Keep it up!!! I'm down here in Illinois unfortunately-but I click on 3 computers per day at work to keep it goin! Let's keep going and stomp those Bills!!! Noone can beat the Pack! Let's keep showin why we're the best fans!



How about that! The Click for cans is done - and we won it. Pride for the team and some good for the food banks. It's a good day.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."

Monday, January 26, 2009

From A New York Paper... 

Think Favre Should Throw In The Towel? ...It Probably Would Be Intercepted.

**** Thanks to Packer Paul and his regular gang of emailers for thinking of us with this mighty fine take on what the NY Jets are facing this off-season...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keep Clicking For Chunky... 

It's down to the wire - Packers verses Bills in the Chunky Soup 'Click For Cans' Souper-Bowl Match-up. I just voted for like the 20th time (vote, clear cookies in your browser preferences, vote again, clear again, etc) and the Packers once up by a 1000 votes early last night are down by some 4800 votes right now this morning. So we would like everyone to vote now, vote later, vote for the Packers all day.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!


ALL Packer fans need to go to this site and learn how to click the can more than once. The Bills are pulling away and we Packer fans need to stick together. Also this is a great site to get information. I go to this site daily and Beer Kid is great about getting our Packer information out to the fans. Just remember we have won every year and we need to WIN THIS ONE THIS YEAR. GO PACK GO.


Guys we are gettin our asses kicked in click for cans, this is the final game so get to it!


Click for Cans! Click for Cans! Those Crazy Canucks - wait, the Bills are not in Toronto yet. In any case, the Bills fans have us LOSING by over 5000 votes! So get on over to right now, and let's "run it and get the Hell out of here"!

Duane in Almost God's Country

Quoth Lombardi...

   "If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?"

Blast From The Past... 

The Eagles
Have Landed

Steeler Sunset
on Geico Bay

Billick &

Coyote vs.
Road Runner

Celebrate Good Times 1000th Post... Come On! 

[Intrusive Guest Post By Darth_Vincent]

Seeing that the guys wandered off to buy some beer or something and the 1000th post was just waiting to be wasted by someone who well, likes wasting posts. So here we go and well, that's it. Go ahead and celebrate, BeerKid and BeerScout finally got around to posting 1000 - since Feb 2004 - and well, it's not much of an accomplishment, but they know, and you all know, if you count all the Speak Out Spew Off ramblings from everyone it would be somewhere around the 1,000,000th post. So Celebrate Goooooooood Times Come on. That's It. Packer Palace's 1000th post.

Update:  Not much of an intrusive post unless I really do something intrusive while the no one's minding the store... so I bring you something that isn't safe for anyone, but BeerKid is the only person I know who takes an NFL Film music disc to a karaoke bar and well, it's not safe for anyone, but we are celebrating their 1000th post. So I present - BeerKid - What Do You Do With A Drunken Packer or sometimes called Up She Rises... you'll recognize it as one of those sea chanties, and hundreds, actually thousands of pirates have sung it better but what can I say, 'cept I have the keys to their site and they are at my mercy... for now anyway.

Darth_Vincent - Let The G-Force Shine A Light On You

Update #2:  Well I started poking around while no one was here and there's a hidden archive page from Jan 2004, the posts are a waste of time, I guess that's why they state that Feb 2004 is the first month of the blog, but there was one jewel that needed to be revealed... so in the spirit of Packer Palace's 1000th post, I present an intrusive encore presentation of...

Extra Special Greetings From Minnesota...

A very special Vikings fan checks the web for news on his team's impending Super Bowl win... [while unknowingly being a part of Packer Palace's 1000th post celebration - DV]

Seems I lost an email or Speak Out submission concerning DV's above riff on specially challenged people... We all have the great stories... My uncle spent some serious time ages ago with one individual, and was able to teach him to swim... We all have those great stories! I asked DV to comment on the general meaning of the lost email and well, ah, I'll let him explain. "I wasn't trying to poke fun at anybody, I just want to point out that above pic from 2004 was proof-positive that at least 1 Viking fan is able to coordinate his teams colors with the ability to read and operate a computer. I was sending out congratulations, not looking for condemnation". I'm going to leave it at that. BeerKid

Update #3:  While I'm the only one still on patrol here... working on my 3rd shot of Jaeger... and well, Tailgate Betty (who's been around since 1998) deserves to be included in our 1000th post celebration... so with blurred vision I present another encore presentation of:

Help Put Waste In It's Place...

Update #4:  One last thing before I throw the keys back through the mailslot on my way out after locking the door and turning out the lights, and this comes from a pending post with a nod to Packer Paul for emailing it in to BeerKid at some point before today, it's an obvious warning about celebrating a little too much, pulling out the beer goggles... that sort of thing.

Dangers Of Heavy Drinking In Minnesota...

One last thanks to BeerKid for leaving his computer on and his blogger account logged in... couldn't have done their 1000th post celebration without his forgetfulness. It will surprise me more than you if I'm ever allowed back in... Impressive. Go Pack!

Update #5:  Crap!!! I just noticed that this whole thing is the 1001st post, so I guess now I was just giving tribute to the 1000th post at Packer Palace which is the Blast from the Past post now the Captain Vince Lombardi Helps Save The Day post, heh heh, I just changed the date of that auto-posted Blast to before the plane crash story, and well, crap, the tribute to the 1000th post isn't much of a tribute now... it auto-changed itself back??? Screw this - I'm leaving... Where's that girl from the bar??? Go Pack!

Update #6:  No auto-post can out-duel me, not when I have at least some alcohol in me, so it's back on This Is The 1000th Post In Packer Palace Blog History and I now know for sure, that I won't be allowed anywhere within operating distance again. It's been a fun celebration I'm sure most will agree, well, probably only me.

Darth_Vincent - Let The G-Force Shine A Light On You

Friday, January 16, 2009

Vince Lombardi Saves The Day... 

There are many things that come to mind to many of us Packer Fans when we hear or read the words "Vince Lombardi". Well, there is another Vince Lombardi who was around to help save the day for many passengers of Flight 1549 after hitting some birds and a crash landing in the Hudson River, besides the Pilots involved, Captain Vince Lombardi and his Crew deserve some props of their own:
    Vince Lombardi of New York Waterway said his boat was leaving the New York side of the Hudson when the plane hit the water. It took him about three minutes to reach it. He said he pulled out 56 people -- including two babies -- some floating in the aircraft's inflatable raft, some perched on the wing and others who had fallen in the water. "It was scary, it was hectic," Mr. Lombardi said.

    from the Wall St Journal: Pilot Lands Jet On Hudson River

    "Is this happening?" ferry deckhand Honorio Hector Rabanez asked himself when his ferry's captain, Vince Lombardi, said, "Man overboard, there's a real emergency."

    "There were a lot of scared people," Lombardi says. "They were cheering when we pulled up."

    from the USA Today Landing hailed as 'Miracle on the Hudson'

The name "Vince Lombardi" carries some heavy responsibilities, and amazingly enough, everyone was accounted for safe and alive, cold and wet no doubt, but thanks to the actions of the pilots, and to many who responded immediately, like Captain Vince Lombardi and his Crew, there were no live's lost.

Update:  This character in action stuff always fascinates me... here's a video link - Hudson Crash from Coast Guard Camera that shows (skip ahead to the 2 minute mark) the plane splashing in from the left, then someone takes control of the camera and zooms in, shows the ferries rushing to help, the passengers waiting to be rescued. 10 minutes, no audio, but it shows some of the finest characters in action so far this year.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow."

Great Moments In Packers History... 

1933 - The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 47-0 in the 2 teams first meeting ever.

1935 - The Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-0 in the 2 teams second meeting ever.

1936 - After beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 42-10, the Green Bay Packers go on to win their 4th NFL Championship Title.

1965 - After beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 41-9, the Green Bay Packers go on to win their 9th NFL Championship Title.

1995 - After beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-19 on a dropped TD pass, the Green Bay Packers finish 11-5 and win the NFC Central Title.

Spew Off Speak Out... 

So the "allegedly" top 2 choices for Defense Coordinator, Gregg Williams and Mike Nolan have gone elsewhere, respectively to New Orleans (no surprise) and to the Denver Broncos. I'm not really sure that these guys were really TT's or MM's first choices to begin with.

Former Rams intern head coach and former New Orleans Saints head coach Jim Haslett is now named as the next target for the Packers DC job and now former head coach and defensive coach Dom Capers had been added to the mix. All the top old DC's in the league that are available... is TT and MM just biding their time until their guy is available to interview, or are they really interested in these possible choices.

Other possible candidates include Eagles Defensive Secondary Coach Sean McDermott (a choice I might like) and possibly current Packers LB Coach Winston Moss. If you're going to blow Bob Sanders and the rest of his staff out the door then you have to be able to come up with a new staff that will be, you know, better.

Congrats to Shawn Slocum, the new Special Teams Coordinator and Curtis Fuller, Special Teams Assistant Coach on joining the Packers Coaching Staff. Nowhere to go but up for the Packers special teams unit, who seem to combine every big return with a penalty, a missed block, missed coverage route, can't punt, etc, etc...
Vote for the Chunky Souper Bowl 'Click For Cans' contest - we're down to the Packers vs. Bills for the last big match-up of the soup season... and their fans have been outvoting Packers fans almost every week this year. Go Vote!!! The Pack is down by 400 or so votes. Vote early, Vote often!!!

BeerKid - Always Pack For Life!


I'm afraid that tis sort of evidence just confirms what many of us have suspected throughout the year--the people at the top are in over their heads. This week, if you read several of the WI papers (, there are Q&A; sessions with teddy, which really don't so a lot to allay my fears that he's a bumbling dolt, who has a very shaky grip on reality...

Coach Carl

I Know its very petty but I used my work sharpie-pen to alter a tragic b#@rs "fan" bumper sticker to TBSS and I feel good today but, I don't ever want to say "next year" again soooooo, Get your SHIT together thompson, at least for this draft (for once!!!) or Big Ern will be payin' you a visit, and you'll find out why I'm BIG Ern!!!! Just get it done you douche.

Big Ern said so!!!!

Time to fire TT and give Brett the job. It gives everyone momentum.

Dan in Nebraska

Let's hope Ted can work some magic for this year's 9th Selection - perhaps an impact D-lineman. We're all routing for you Ted. (Well, I am.)


I never keep track of how long contracts are and the minutae therein, but while day dreaming on an afternoon that is trying to position the most average opponents ever in the Super Bowl, I am left to wonder, even as someone who very grudgingly allowed that GIVEN THE CONDITIONS, it was the correct thing to cast Brett adrift, is there any possibility, if he retires, and Aaron gets injured next year, always a distinct possibility for qb's not named Favre, that he could re sign with us if that Aaron red flag goes up? I don't think Brett is anymore washed up than he has been for five years or so, and still believe he could qb the right NFL champion. (I still believe that had it been 20 degrees warmer last year, we would have won, but, there again, had that been the case on 12/31/67, I believe the Cowboys would have, I remember, and they were better than us that year, and for that matter if their relative quality could be fast forwarded to 2009 I believe those same Cowboys would waylay the competion this year, they were very close to awesome.)

While I still mean everything I said about Brett this year re traitorous behavior, nothing being evident to the public that would mark TT or McCarthy as having a shred of guilt in the whole ugly saga, (I mean what the freak is a GM supposed to do firstly but make sure the QB situation is in good hands, and if you have a starter past 30, even named Favre, Montana, or freaking Otto Graham, you had better have another bullet in your holster, preferably 2. That's the part where TT "pushed" Brett out, although thousands of other fans appear to have a much better mouthpiece to hear of inner Packer workings, right down to what is going on in TT's brain.

TT stay on your path of drafting intelligent guys, (though it was often not evident in the mind boggling amount of penalties this year)it will pay dividends, from what I can see New England (who I believe to be the rightful champion this year, no one played more like a champion)follows a similar tack. Dallas can continue to hire the best available thug, thinking that the classic Cowboy cheerleaders can help them mend their ways. They continue to get the cheerleader part right, but ain't nothing can top the hotties right here on Packer Palace. It really does look like a corner of my idea of heaven.


I know this isn't 'Packer' related, but I want to extend my heartfelt thoughts to Tony Dungy; a class act whose been nothing but a good man, a Godly man to his players and staff, and it shows in how he carried himself on and off the field. It's not often that you get to see a person who not only speaks of integrity and humility, but lives it as well.

We need more people like him....especially in the corporate world. Just think, we wouldn't be in half of the mess we're in if more honest, hard-working, humble men were at the top. Instead we have heartless, greedy, horrible people who don't care what their actions/desires do to a others, let alone the entire nation--such as what we're experiencing now. (i.e. the oil industry billion-dollar profits, enron, dirty politicians, those who put out scams of every kind such as Madoff, etc.)

ok, ok, I know I'm going on a tangent..... But anyway, Tony Dungy will be missed in the NFL. I wish him all the best, and God's blessings on him and his family!

Lady K

Ah yes, reliving the Packers-Eagles history -


Hey Jim, thanks for Packers-Iggles Creamed Cheese history lesson... from Krap!  BK

Does anyone still doubt what an attack defense can do in the NFL? Three of the four survivors in the NFL playoffs have major ass-kicking defenses. While it can be argued that they also have pretty good offenses, this is clearly a case of being able to get after the other team and attack their weaknesses and beat them into submission.

McCarthy is right to be tossing out the entire defensive staff and starting over. The Packers have some decent players on defense, but are nothing like the top teams in the league. The Packers can slow you down, The Eagles, Steelers, and Ravens can stop you cold. There is a major difference and without starting over with a better scheme and coaching on defense, the Packers are not in the same league as this year's best teams.


Quoth Lombardi...

   "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time."

Keep Clicking For Chunky... 

It's down to the final two teams - Packers verses Bills in the Chunky Soup 'Click For Cans' Souper-Bowl Match-up. I just voted and the Pack is down by 1300 votes in the early moments. Click every day while you still can.

BeerKid - Still Pack For Life!

Down to 4 teams for Click for cans, we need to keep the packers going, please everyone get clicking.

Fan #234.4

Click for Cans Super Bowl!!! Vote often and send the link to your friends and family.

The Packers have always won the "Chunky Click for Cans", this year they redesigned it. We made it to the Super Bowl against Buffalo and are falling way behind. This will last for a week so vote as often as you can. Clean out your cookies between votes and vote often.


Packers Verses Vikings... 

This Postseason Has Been Filled With Surprises
As Teams That The Experts All Said Had No Chance
Beat Up On The Teams That Were Expected To Win
And Took That Opportunity To Advance


The Titans Welcomed The Ravens To Tennessee
Planning To Chase Their Rookie Quarterback
But The Ravens Did All Of The Chasing
As Their Defense Mounted A Fearsome Attack

While The Final Score Wasn't A Big One
The Titans' Three Turnovers Did The Trick
As The Ravens Fought It Out Keeping It Close
Until Deciding To Go For A Game-Winning Kick

Over In Pittsburgh The Steelers Waited
For A Chargers Team On An Offensive Roll
Wondering If The Week They Had Off
Might Make Them Start Off In A Hole

But Lo And Behold The Steelers' Offense
Which Had Been Regarded As Rather Weak
Pounded Out The Yardage On The Ground
And Outrunning The Chargers, So To Speak


The Panthers Looked To Overmatch Arizona
With Their Powerful And Talented Running Backs
One Of Whom Reached The Endzone Early
But Until Games’ End They Never Made It Back

The Cards' Defense Played The Year's Best Game
While Delhomme And Panthers Played Their Worst
And Instead Of A Lopsided Carolina Victory
The Predicted Outcome Was Reversed

The Giants Were The Defending Champions
Having Come Out Ahead In The Last Super Bowl
A Return To That Game Was What They Wanted
But The Eagles Had Visions Of The Same Goal

The Eagles Played Like They Had All Year
Stopping The Giants When It Was Needed
While Mcnabb And The Offense Did Just Enough
To Ensure The New York Giants Were Defeated


The Game Between The Ravens And The Steelers
Should Be A Knockdown Dragout Fight
This Game Will Be Close But The Steelers Will Win
And Bring Home The Trophy Sunday Night

In Trying To Pressure Arizona’s Quarterback
The Eagles Will Send It All But The Kitchen Sink
And While These Teams Will Go Eye To Eye
It’ll Be Warner And The Cardinals That Blink

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

It's been a surprising postseason to say the least...The Pittsburgh/Ravens game should be a low-scoring, last-minute affair, while who knows how the Cardinals/Eagles will turn out? Should be fun, no matter what, and isn't it nice to not have either the Packers or Vikings involved? Now we can just enjoy the games with no pressure........ OK maybe not.....

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great Moments In Packers History... 

1929 - After beating the Chicago Cardinals 9-2, 7-6, and then 12-0, the Packers go on to win their 1st NFL Championship Title.
1936 - After beating the Chicago Cardinals 10-7, 24-0 and tying 0-0, the Packers go on to win their 4th NFL Championship Title.
1939 - After beating the Chicago Cardinals 14-10 and 27-20, the Packers go on to win their 5th NFL Championship Title.
1962 - After blanking the St Louis Cardinals 17-0, the Packers go to win their 8th NFL Championship Title.
1967 - After beating the St Louis Cardinals 31-23, the Packers go to win their second Super Bowl and 11th NFL Championship Title.
1982 - After a strike shortened season, the Packers beat the St Louis Cardinals 41-16 in the SuperBowl Playoff Tournament.
2003 - With the Arizona Cardinals amazing come from behind win against the Minnesota Vikings 18-17, the Packers win the NFC North.

*** Encore *** Originally posted in October of 2006 - click here for more Great Moments in Packers History.

Quoth Lombardi...

   "Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price."

Monday, January 12, 2009

Great Moments In Packers History... 

1933 - In the first meeting ever, the Packers badly beat the Eagles 35-9.

1939 - After beating the Philadelphia Eagles 23-16, Packers go on to win their 5th NFL Championship Title.

1943 - In another first ever meeting, the Packers beat the Phil-Pitt Steagles 38-28.

1958 - The Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 which became the only win of Coach Scooter McLean's 1-10-1 season.

1962 - After beating the Philadelphia Eagles 49-0, Packers go on to win their 8th NFL Championship Title.

1996 - After kicking the Philadelphia Eagles 39-13, the Packers go on to win Super Bowl XXXI for their NFL league-leading 12th NFL Championship.

*** Encore *** An allegedly lost, but original Iggles post from September 2006 - click here for other Great Moments in Packers History.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Speak Out Spew Off... 

So it's been a few days since the head coach Mike McCarthy and the Packers have relieved many of their assistant coaches from their duties. Alright, they were FIRED!!! Some with good cause, others only time will tell. Here's the list:
  • Bob Sanders - Defensive Coordinator
  • Carl Hairston - Defensive Ends
  • Robert Nunn - Defensive Tackles
  • Kurt Schottenheimer - Defensive Secondary
  • Lionel Washington - Defensive Cornerbacks
  • Rock Gullickson - Strength and Conditioning
  • Ty Knott - Offensive Quality Control
  • Mike Stock - Special Teams Coordinator
Now Mike Stock, officially retired, most likely before being fired, as the Packers special teams coverage was horrendous this year, and Bob Sanders appears to be the fall-guy for the defensive woes, mostly to injuries to DE Cullen Jenkins and LB Nick Barnett.

The only surviving defensive coach, LB/asst. head coach Winston Moss, who has interviewed with the Rams, and now scheduled to with the Raiders, is also on head coach Mike McCarthy's list for the Packers Defensive Coordinator position. Originally I thought this might be a good idea, but then we hear this on Winston Moss (from Bob McGinn JSOnline)
    "I talked to the people at the Rams," the NFL club source said. "Even Winston admitted he wasn't ready to be a head coach. They started asking him questions about defense and he wasn't very good with it. He said, 'I think I'd just hire coordinators. I'd be the motivator.' "
Aaaaahhh, maybe some of our defensive woes came down to a Sanders-Moss conflict... we'll see if the new DC wants to include him on his staff. McCarthy is also interested in Mike Nolan the 49ers ex-head coach, and Bill Johnson the Broncos D-Line coach who could bring the 3-4 alignment to GB, and at least 10 other candidates too numerous to mention until we hear of the actual interview being arranged.

Will the Packers switch from the 4-3 alignment to the 3-4 defense? We probably have the LB's for it, Hawk, Barnett, Poppinga, Chillar, and Bishop, but do we have the D-Lineman for it, no we don't. Not even close...

Beerkid - Still Pack For Life!


I think the Jets fans are getting their fill of the Favre drama already this year. He is going to take off a few weeks to decide. See you in July Jets fans!


Hey Brett4Girl... the NYJets have a problem that the Packers never had last year, the Jets are 10 million over the anticipated salary cap, and they have to make their decision by March(?) to cut other players or cut BF and his 13 million salary. The odd's favor NY releasing him... and then it becomes who wants a 40yr old QB whose numbers were 22TD's and 22INT's last year... not many takers would be my guess. The Jets are in a mess... of their own design.  BK

Buffalo Bills fans have 15k more votes than Packer fans in the click for cans playoffs this week. I am very surprised.


Hey Mark, thanks for reminding us... I just voted and I see that we are facing off against Tampa Bay this week... C'mon everybody! Show some interest and Go Vote!!!  BK

Mike McTrump. You're fired!

David, Springfield, MO

Thanks to David for the McTrumpy "you're fired" pic...  BK

Quoth Lombardi...

   "If you aren't fired with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm."

Packers Verses Vikings... 

Mike McCarthy Has Started Swinging Axes
Among The Coaching Staff In Green Bay
And While Severing The Ties To The Past Season
All The Defensive Coaches Have Been Sent Away

Apparently The Coaches Were The Problem
At Least From Ted And Mikey's Point Of View
While Some Might Say There's A Void In Leadership
And "Star Quality" Football Players Too

This Offseason Will Be Filled With Questions
Perhaps The Answers Will Show Up On Draft Day
That Is Provided They Are Really Looking For Solutions
And Not Merely Engaging In "C-Y-A"


Reality Finally Caught Up With The Vikings Sunday
As The Eagles' Game Left Them Exposed
And The Vikes' Lack Of Quality Quarterbacking
Really Showed Minnesota's Team To Be Hosed

So Despite The Money Spent By The Wilf Family
And The Talent Brought In To Give The Team A Boost
Coach Childress Is Trying To Explain What Happened
Now That The Vultures Have Come Home To Roost

While The Vikings Are Loaded With Good Young Players
Something Is Lacking From The Team's Philosophy
Whether They Can Find Those Missing Pieces
Is Going To Be Very Interesting To See


Last Weekend's Wildcard-Week Playoff Games
Went Pretty Much As Could Be Expected

Games This Week's Games Are Regular-Season Rematches
Have All The Past Mistakes Been Corrected?

Baltimore's Ravens Visit The Titans Of Tennessee
Both Teams Known For Being Quite Intense
While The Titans Have The Better Record Going In
The Advantage From The Raven’s Momentum Is Immense

Arizona Surprised The Atlanta Falcons Last Week
But The Panthers Won't Be So Easily Fooled
The Carolina Panthers Have Been Playing Outstanding Ball
Look For Warner And The Cardinals' To Get Schooled

Pittsburgh Is Set To Welcome The Chargers Team
Seeming Much Like The "Steel Curtain" Of Old
And Even Though "Big Ben" Has A Slight Concussion
San Diego Will Succumb To The Defense And The Cold

The Eagles Are The Team That Folks Think Might Be “The One”
Who Gets Hot At The Right Time Of The Postseason
But They'll Find They've Been Cooled Off By The Giants
Who After All, Are Defending World Champions For A Reason
Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Well, it looks like both the Packers and the Vikings get to return to the ol' drawing board as they prepare for next season. congrats to the Vikes, though for picking up the North's crown this year. They shouldn't get too used to it however--because it's coming back to Wisconsin next season!!

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Packer Fans Always Say "We" 

How come you guys always say "We"? - a Vikings fan
    Packer Fans Always Say "We"

    Now fans in The Cities can sing witty ditties
    And fans in Chicago can see
    That fans of the Lions think of Sanders and, sighin',
    Ask "How can such injustice be?".
    Folks here in Wisconsin when football is on, then
    Look forward to what we will see.
    When we speak of Green Bay, we never say "they"
    Because Packer fans always say "we".

    I've seen fans of the Vikings end seasons not liking
    Some wrong that has happened to them.
    They sigh and they groan as they also bemoan
    How their team let them down once again.
    "They punted the ball when the 4th down was called
    And they couldn't come up with the key
    Score for the day, so we'll call them 'they'."
    But Packer fans always say "we".

    When the Bears built a palace for soldiers and Halas
    And forged rivalries with the Packers
    At least twice a year they would send up a cheer
    For their guys to "Beat up those slackers!".
    If the Bears, though, should lose, you could hear all the "boo"s
    From the Navy Pier up to Milwaukee.
    When the Bears were victorious it would never destroy us
    Because Packer fans always say "we".

    And often the Lions, on Thanksgiving, tryin'
    To win one against Green and Gold,


Would hear some of their fans away up in the stands
Call them bums, call them losers, and scold.
And when Alex Karras was good he could scare us
He'd tackle and injure with glee.
But we'd take our lickin'; our hearts would keep tickin'
Because Packer fans always say "we".

Sure, we've seen years of woe, and we've seen decades go
By without any greatness or glory.
Neither Forrest nor Bart had a great coach's heart
And we've had 1st-round picks that were gory.
We know Favre will go, and sometimes we'll be low,
But Lambeau's still full as can be.
Though it may not make sense, and you might call us dense,
Still we Packer fans always say "we".

Richard S. Russell
Live Journal


Dick Russell has a poem explaining the difference between the fans in the Midwest. Even when times are tough, and they are, Packer fans always say, "We."


Hey Lemondrop, I always catch myself these days, and no longer use "we" as frequently as I used too... I've been corrected at work before, and just laugh it off, well now thanks to Richard Russell (without his knowledge, his whole article is posted above, originally from November 2005), I'm going back to using "we" all the time.

BeerKid - Always Pack For Life!

Quoth Lombardi... 

   "Mental toughness is many things and rather difficult to explain. Its qualities are sacrifice and self-denial. Also, most importantly, it is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It's a state of mind, you could call it character in action."

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Packers Verses Vikings... 

The Packers Dispatched The Lions As Expected
Although It Wasn't As Easy As It Should Have Been
And The Detroit Team Goes Into The Annals Of Futility
As The Team That Couldn't Garner A Single Win

The Packers Broke Their Own Losing Streak
One That Went Back Five Weeks Into The Season
This Packers Team Was Pretty Disappointing
The Coaches’s Task Is To Find And Fix The Reason

While Not Perfect Aaron Rodgers Played Pretty Well
As He And The Receivers Often Connected
But The Offensive Line And The Running Game
Didn't Play Up To What Had Been Expected

The Defense Too Had Multiple Problems
And At Times Just Looked Like A Mess
Whether Teddy Gets Off His Butt And Finds Some Studs
Really Is No More Than Anybody's Guess


When The Giants Came To Minnesota Sunday
Four Starters Remained On The Sideline In Street Clothes
At Halftime The Starting Quarterback Sat Down As Well
Leaving The Vikings' Win A Little Tarnished I Suppose

Of Course It Didn't Really Matter If They Won
Since The Giants Were Set As The Number One Seed
And The Bears Had Already Finished Their Swan Dive
But The Vikings Surely Weren't Going To Concede

They Trailed Throughout Most Of The Game
But In The Fourth Quarter Things Started To Click
And Despite Some Typical Clock Mismanagement
Won The Game With A Ryan Longwell Kick

While Minnesota’s Players Are Quite Excited
Because Winning The Division Is Such A Thrill

Sunday We'll See The Vikings Face The Eagles
Provided That The Metrodome Gets Filled


Coming As They Did From Out Of Nowhere
For A While The Cardinals Were A “Feel-Good” Tale
But The Atlanta Falcons Are A Formidable Group
And This Week They're Not Going To Fail

To Say The Chargers Haven't Been Productive
Would Be An Attempt To Deny The Facts
But The Colts And Peyton Manning Are Waiting
And It Seems San Diego's Team Is Going To Get Smacked

The Ravens And Dolphins’ Winner Is Really Hard To Pick
For Both Teams Are Playing Very Well
But Baltimore's Quarterback Is Still A Rookie
And His Beating Pennington Is Just Too Tough To Sell

Facing The Eagles In The Playoffs This Year
Is A Task That Most Teams Would Not Desire
And The Vikings Are Going To Find Out Sunday
The Eagles’ Team Simply Is On Fire

Carl "Gator" Nelson
Packers 'verses' Vikings: A Poetic Perspective

Well, it's that time of the year, when as Packers' fans we've just got to admit it, the fat lady has sung (thanks to the good folks here at Packer Palace) and all we can do is wait for next year. Meanwhile as the Vikings are crowned as Division Champs for only the second time this millennium, they are having trouble selling out their stadium... will wonders never cease?

Carl "Gator" Nelson

Hey Gator, Thanks for your weekly contribution all season long and I hope you will forgive us for not getting up this week's (now last week's) Packers Vs. Vikings until after the Vikqueens loss to the Eagles in the Metrodome, and thus, ending their season with a Hrooooooommmmmm on that infernal horn of theirs that finally and mercifully now ends their season long funeral dirge.

BeerKid - Always Pack For Life!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!! 


The Packers took care of business pretty quickly. Mike Stock was allowed to retire and Bob Sanders was let go. Both seemed to be pretty decent fellows but unfortunately performance of assistant coaches can affect the future of the head coach.

I am not a TT hater and don't believe that a house cleaning is in order at this point. With a new defensive coach and a new special teams coach, I think we can look forward to next season with a bit more hope.

The Packers have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball and may be missing a guy or two to get to the next level, but just look around at the league and see the fans who have it a lot worse than we do. The Vikings went out and opened their big check book the last few years to get some players. Unfortunately they are stuck with Childress as coach and still have no QB. The Bears defensive stars are getting old and they are also still looking for a QB. The Lions.....right now they are a total unknown, but I sure don't expect them to rise to the level of the Packers next year.


I'll start off the free agent/draft talk. I say we sign Haynsworth & Suggs and then draft that STUD free safety from USC and we are set for 4 - 5 years. What say you?

Old School Fan

"Special" Teams coach Mike Stock to retire! -

Let's hope D coord Bob Sanders will be out the door as well.


Friday, 1/2/09, 10:05PM: Vikings have been granted not one, but "TWO EXTENSIONS" by the NFL to sellout the playoff game against the eagles at the metrodump by tomorrow (Saturday) at 3:30PM, or the game will be "blacked out" locally. There are still 3100 tickets left.

Santa ain't buyin' no more presents... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH AH AH AH AH AH AH...


2008: a step backward, to take the next step forward...thanks for getting us all together, BK -- cheers.

about time

The Packers May be out of the NFL Playoffs but they are in the Chunky Click for Cans Playoffs. Help the Wisconsin area food banks by voting everyday. The Packers have won this every year by huge margins and this year they changed the format to try to give other teams a chance.


Hey Susan, I completely echo your sentiments... this week Chunky has the Packers vs. Redskins for the playoff matchup - Go Vote!  BK

Happy New Year BK! - I'll drink a NEW YEAR toast to all Packer fans tonight.



You know it has been an "epic fail" when primo Hollywood gossip blogger Perez Hilton makes fun of you too...

...found via PFT via Freep.Com - Happy New Years!

BeerKid - Always Pack For Life!

Quoth Lombardi...

   "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."
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