Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Packers Draft Order... 

Now that the Compensatory Picks have been awarded to the other NFL Teams, here's how the Packers Draft Order has shaken out.
  • Round 1  -  9th (overall)
  • Round 2  -  41st
  • Round 3  -  73rd
  • Round 3  -  83rd  (from the Jets)  
  • Round 4  -  109th
  • Round 5  -  145th
  • Round 6  -  182nd
  • Round 6  -  187th  (from the Saints)  
  • Round 7  -  218th

Basically, the Packers 4 picks in the first 3 rounds have stayed the same, the 5 later-round picks have dropped down several places. When you sign your own free agents as the Packers have been wont to do, you don't get any of these compensatory picks back for the Draft. Now next year, the Packers might get a late-round pick for DT/DE Colin Cole who joined the Seahawks recently, and if he plays well for them. Otherwise, TT is going to have to get more 7th round picks on his own. My guess, this year, TT will trade one of his two 6th round picks for two 7th rounders.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Speak Out Spew Off... 

Now that the first weekend of the basketball tourney is past us (still clinging on with 15 of the sweet 16 so far) it's time to talk Packers...

  • 2 Packers games have been announced... the Packers season will open at Lambeau Field against the Chicago Bears on NBC Sunday Night Football, and the Packers will travel to Detroit for the Thanksgiving day game.

  • Nick Collins - sure after his pro-bowl appearance, he received a 3 million escalator in his contract for this year, but he's still looking for a big contract with a big signing bonus. Probably won't happen this year... and with Safety a relatively cheap position, expect the Packers to franchise-tag him next year.

  • Tramon Williams - here's a player who over performed his contract and what do the Packers offer, the dirt-ball low offer that these restricted rights players fit into. Last year it was Ryan Grant in this position, and although he attended off-season meetings, he didn't participate in any work-outs until his new contract was signed. He had an incredibly poor start to the season. Tramon can't afford to take the summer off, with a new 3-4 defense being installed, he'll need to be there for all the mini-camps that are scheduled. Oh, and with Jarret Bush getting a decent contract, I would think that Tramon is deserving and should get double that.

  • Mark Tauscher - sounds like he is not recovering from his knee surgery very well, he may not return until the middle of the upcoming season. The Packers have been sending out feelers towards unhappy Bengals T Levi Jones while they and other NFL teams wait for positive news on Mark's return.

  • Daryn Colledge - he's an alleged G on the Packers roster, but everytime he played at LT or RT last year he looked like that was his natural position. When will he be moved back? The Packers running game wants to know, seeing it does better with Daryn at Tackle then with him at Guard.

  • GM Ted Thompson - well another free agency season is pretty much past us and where is the improvement on the Packers roster... it's not there, not yet. The only improvement is the Defensive Coaching Staff, and they will be in their first year of teaching a different defense then the one that coach Mike McCarthy picked up from Jim Bate/Bob Sanders that most teams quit using in the early 90's. All bet's seem to be on the draft and well, with the 9th pick in the draft, this pick should be a starter.

    There's other news, but not much, as Packers fans we kind of gotten used to the fact that TT doesn't want anyone to know what's on his mind, but then he's reluctant to be a true GM, he's much happier just studying film in a locked room and dismissing everything else as secondary.

    BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

  • _______________________
      "Collins, Williams await offers."
    And why shouldn't they? Total business, isn't it? Isn't that what the team's and the NFL itself do, or am I wrong? Contracts mean what exactly?

    Beerscout - Awaiting offers

    Hey BeerScout, in the NFL, contracts haven't ever meant much - you over perform, your contract should be upgraded. You under perform, expect to be cut or have your contract redone. Only the signing bonus money is guaranteed.  BK

    We may be losing jobs faster than you can shake a stick, but we can still make the best cheese by golly!

    Big cheese an out-of-stater? No whey! Parmesan from Antigo returns title to America's Dairyland


    Lounge Center. Sportscenter, you have competition. Done by my friend Alex at the packerslounge.



    I am looking to trade for DVDs of the Packers playoff games recorded in HD widescreen. I have several of the championship highlights of the Packers games on DVD from the Lombardi era including an audio speech that Vince made in 1969 as his last official act as the GM of the Packers, a rare 1968 sales video that Vince made titled "Second Effort", and "In Their Own Words: Vince Lombardi". If anyone would like to trade, email me at the following link:



    Quoth Lombardi...

       "They may not love you at the time, but they will later."

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009

    Beannachtai na feile Padraig... 

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Thursday, March 12, 2009

    Quoth Lombardi... 

       "Leadership is based on a spiritual quality; the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow."

    Thirsty For A Draft... 

    Here's some more 2009 Packers mock drafts... I figured as long as I was glimpsing over them, the more articulated one's in particular, I would share those with y'all. After signing free agent S Anthony Smith, almost no updated mock draft still shows the Packers taking a DB. Originally the most favored was Malcolm Jenkins of Ohio St. but now most of the focus is on either OLB/DE's Brian Orakpo or Everette Brown. Makes some sense as most mock drafts already have my Packer prime target of NT B.J. Raji selected earlier in the 1st round. Maybe with former DE Aaron Kampman now becoming an OLB in the new 3-4, the Pack will focus the O-Line or D-Line.

    Don't think GM Ted Thompson would draft a QB at #9? Errrh, well you better watch out then! The Football Expert's averaged out mock draft position of QB Mark Sanchez is... wait for it... 9th. The Packers position. If Sanchez is the best player available (bpa) at nine, maybe TT will work a trade down. Myself? I would take the BPA that's not a QB if I was drafting... whomever, DT, OLB/DE, OT. Anyway, at least for the Packers actual needs are concerned, the 41st average mock draft position is DE/OLB Larry English of Northern Illinois.

    BeerKid - Always Pack 4 Life!

    9.  Brian Orakpo, DE/OLB, Texas - With the shift to a 3-4 comes the need for some pass rushers off the edge. Orakpo is a potentially dominant force off the edge, and will draw consideration from a lot of teams in the top ten.

    Robert Davis - Football's Future

    9.  Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida State - The Packers are switching to the 3-4 defense this season, and adding Everette Brown would give them an explosive pass rusher across from Aaron Kampman. Brown would be the final piece of what could be a very solid linebacking unit for the new look Packers. They already have players to fit the defensive front, so concentrating on rounding this group out will help the defense succeed from the beginning.

    41.  Jamon Meredith, OT, South Carolina - Green bay's tackles are older, and seem to be injured a lot.

    Randall Weida - FF Toolbox

    9.  Everette Brown, DE/OLB, Florida State - Green Bay would love for B.J. Raji to fall here as he would be the perfect centerpiece for their new 3-4 defense. I always think the most important think when building a 3-4 defense is finding a nosetackle to anchor their 3-4 system. With Raji off the board, the Packers do the second most important thing when building a 3-4 defense: find a pass rushing OLB and with a Everette Brown available he is the pick. Brown has the frame and speed to be the perfect pass rusher the Packers need. However, he is a DE from FSU and Packers fans remember Jamal Reynolds. Man, that was a bad pick.

    41.  Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest - The Packers' two cornerbacks, Charles Woodson and Al Harris, are aging. Smith falls to 41 because of his size. But despite being under 5-9, he is one heck of a cover corner.

    73.  Gerald Cadogan, OT, Penn State - Mark Tauscher is a free agent, and Cadogan is a perfect fit in the Packers' zone blocking scheme.

    83.  Trevor Canfield, G, Cincinnati - Canfield would be perfect in the Packer's zone blocking scheme.

    105.  Travis Beckum, TE, Wisconsin - The Packers get the local Wisconsin product. This pick could end up being a steal.

    Michael Abromowitz - the Football Expert

    9.  Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas - The Packers have a ton of young talent on both sides of the ball, but they could use some help getting into the opposition's backfield. New defensive coordinator Dom Capers hopes moving to a 3-4 defensive scheme will help, but adding a productive player like Brian Orakpo to one of the outside linebacker spots will help more. Orakpo is very explosive off the end and has the strength and athleticism to be a big problem for opposing linemen. His numbers have not been great during his time in Austin, mostly due to a knee injury, but when he is healthy, he is very good.

    41.  Victor Harris, CB, Virginia Tech - Victor Harris needs to have some good workouts if he wants to surpass other corners like Darius Butler and Mike Mickens.

    Joel Welser - FF Tool Box

    9.  Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU - With both Brian Orakpo and Everette Brown off the board, the Packers select their five-technique right here to complete the defensive line. I used to have a corner going to the Pack here, but Mike McCarthy came out and stated Charles Woodson would remain at cornerback rather than move to free safety. Aaron Maybin's unimpressive Combine after putting on the weight gets him out of the top-nine discussion. The Packers get the best value here with Jackson, as this pick reminds me of Richard Seymour to the Pats in 2001.

    41.  Connor Barwin, DE/OLB, Cincinnati - The plan is to move A.J. Hawk inside and have Aaron Kampman as an outside backer, but another pass rusher is needed on the line. Look for Connor Barwin to begin rising on Draft boards. Previously Phil Loadholt, T, Oklahoma

    Matt McGuire - Walter Football

    9.  Everette Brown, OLB, Florida State - I really feel like the Packers are targeting B.J. Raji to play the nose in Dom Capers' new 3-4 defense. However, it seems more and more likely everyday that he isn't going to get past the Bengals. Andre Smith doesn't fit the system, so Green Bay may just decide to choose its favorite outside linebacker. Everette Brown inches out Brian Orakpo for the time being, with the wild card being Brian Cushing because of his versatility.

    41.  Ron Brace, NT, Boston College - By moving to the 3-4 the Packers are going to need some help on the D-line and a true nose tackle. Finding a good nose tackle is hard to do and while Brace might not be the best defensive linemen left he is a solid choice to play nose tackle in the 3-4.

    Post Combine NFL Rough Draft

    9.  Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas - Raji would have been the ideal nose tackle fit in the Packers new 3-4 scheme and eventually they will have to address their need at right tackle, but now they will focus on getting a pass rusher. The 6-4', 260 lb pound Orakpo finished last season with 11.5 sacks and 19 tackles for a loss for the Longhorns and will fit in nicely as an outside pass rusher, an area the Packers are anxious to upgrade. Penn State DE/LB Aaron Maybin is also under consideration.

    41.  Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU - The Packers failed to land DE Chris Canty and if they do not add a lineman (Igor Olshansky?), Jackson would be ready to step in right away. The solid but unspectacular end had only 4.5 sacks for the Tigers last season, but will make his mark stopping the run. He could move into the latter stages of the first round for teams looking for immediate help, but his lack of the wow factor drops him down.

    Ben Standig - FF Tool Box

    9.  B.J. Raji, NT, Boston College - The Packers are officially making the move to the 3-4 defense. You can expect to see them look for players that will fit into that defense. Their nose tackle position is one that needs to be addressed early in this year's draft. The only in-house option to play the position is Ryan Pickett, but he has no experience every playing the nose. Adding a stud in Raji would not only be a safe pick, but it would bring a force to the middle of the Packers front seven.

    Shawn Zobel - Draft Headquarters

    9.  Everette Brown, DE/LB, Florida State - Cullen Jenkins' injury exposed the team's lack of a second pass rushing option. Without Jenkins, the Packers defensive line failed to generate enough rush, thus putting big pressure on an overused linebacker corps. Brown's relentless engine is what Green Bay needs.

    41.  Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU - With a new 3-4 alignment, the Packers will need another big, powerful inside/outside rusher. Jackson will give Green Bay more size inside.

    Raul Colon - FF Tool Box

    9.  Everette Brown, LB, Florida State - Green Bay needs to improve its defense, which is switching to a 3-4 scheme. That sets the stage for Brown to play rush outside linebacker, and the former FSU star's stock is soaring right now.

    41.  Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma - Loadholt was great for Oklahoma last season would help Aaron Rodgers just like he did Bradford.

    Ricky Dimon - FF Tool Box

    Quoth Lombardi...

       "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."

    Spew Off Speak Out... 

    The Packers finally sign a free agent, and it's Safety Anthony Smith formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers... he has played in a 3-4 defense, this also re-unites him with former coach Darren Perry, but with current Safeties, pro-bowler Nick Collins, hard-hitting Atari Bigby, and with Aaron Rouse looking for minutes, here's hoping Smith's a special teams ace.

    Packers let free-agent LB Kevin Burnett sign elsewhere without a visit. I dont' know, if I was GM, I'd be schmoozing every Agent out there so that even if I didn't have interest in their client, or didn't have the money for their client, I'd still want to be on friendly terms with them, just in case. Reputations matter around the league... and TT wants his to be known as, hell, I don't know what he wants because he's basically excels as a player talent evaluator, which leaves TT not much suited or skilled to be a GM.

    Six wins is not enough, and so far, the Pack have done nothing this off-season to get their new defensive coaches some players that will make the Packers better.

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

    Beer Dominoes? www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QSU8wXDkcg


    Hey Achilwil, I went out and found the youtube version of the video you sent... funny, I hope those guys drank most of the empty beer bottles. We had a nice row of Walter's Holiday Brew bottles lined up one time on the shelf that ran length-ways across our living room, strung with christmas lights and tinsel... they added to the Holiday Spirit.  BK

    Looks like the Pack picked up Anthony Smith from the Steelers squad. He's a young Safety familiar with the 3-4. This could be the start of a busy off-season for our GM. Go Ted Go.


    Hey Carolyn, any DB help can't hurt, but Smith is really replacing J.Bush or C.Peprah and those are supposed to be positions that TT could get help with through the draft. I'll wait to be proven wrong, but I don't see the flood-gates opening TT's checkbook just yet...  BK

    I would love to see some free agent signings, but I can't blame Theodore T for not signing the insanely overpaid Canty or Albert Haynes-not-worth. There just aren't the talented players in free agency like there used to be. Practically every team has cap room to sign their guys before they hit the market.

    Face it, Chris Canty is not worth $42 million. The Cowboys had 12 Pro Bowlers, and Canty couldn't even manage to be one. Face it...if you can't be a Pro Bowler for Dallas, you aren't that good.

    I will, however, rip Dead Ted for giving the coaching staff the first weekend in free agency off to make some kind of a statement. And I'd rather see him just totally pass on Canty, instead of pretending to try--like he did. He could at least throw out a dollar amount, contingent upon Canty's interview. But he wouldn't even do that...so he really wasn't trying.

    My crystal ball sees TO in CHI.


    Hey Ruppert, thank the creator your Crystal Ball works like mine... TO went to the Bills (still having trouble imagining that) and wonders of all wonders, the Chicago GM may be more tight-fisted than our beloved TT is.  BK

    Coach Carl, good use of gentle sarcasm. We could use some help now rather than waiting 3 years for a player either to develop or prove a bust. I don't wish my Spring and Summer away, but I am ready for another season !


    Even Dallas has had enough of that super turd T.O. I would hope everyone on here is smart enough to know there is NO way we want that jerk here. Vince would roll over in his grave.

    Old SchoolFan

    Hey Old SchoolFan, no, TO has talent, he drops a few, but he's still top-line talent, but he carries too much baggage with him, and I think he hasn't quite figured out that fine line between encouragement for your team-mates versus bitching at your team-mates.  BK

    In regards to our Packer Palace 2008 Season Prediction...

    Puck the Fac!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were wrong......and you suck cuz your Green Bay!!

    Fan #122.4

    OK I got X-Box 360 NFL O9' and (it may be me) but we kinda suck (not like tha b#@rs)but yeah, any Packer Faithfull with a tip? I can't get with Driver like Mc.Cool can't get with Melissa Obama!!!!! Help and please Draft people (staff) get it right ONCE just for me. Good #uck T.O in LOSER TOWN!!! P.S congrats to you Buffalo!!! At least you have NO team for for that creep to ruin! HA HA!!!PICK WELL!!!!! teddy or (threat) BigErn is warmin' up!!!! You Hoe. seriously dude, consult with someone(besides that"magic-8-ball) on our best in years draft picks A-hole.

    Big Ern said so!!!!

    Quoth Lombardi...

       "Success is like anything worthwhile. It has a price. You have to pay the price to win and you have to pay the price to get to the point where success is possible. Most important, you must pay the price to stay there."

    After Spending All Sunday... 

    After spending all Sunday watching football, BeerKid fell asleep in front of the TV and spent the whole night in the chair.

    Come Monday morning, his Mom woke him up. "Get up dear," she said, "it's 20 to 7"

    He awoke with a start and said, "In the Packer's favor?"

    OK.... so if the Jacksonville Jaguars are known as the "Jags" and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are known as the "Bucs," what does that make the Tennessee Titans?

    Monday, March 02, 2009

    A Public Service Announcement... 

    Speak Out Spew Off... 

    So what was the pursuit plan that Packers GM Ted Thompson had in mind with his effort at getting DE/DT Chris Canty to join the Packers over the weekend. Was it the bright idea to have the lights out and no one home at the Lambeau Field office when free agency began? Or was it the even more brilliant idea of having the coaches unavailable and away from Green Bay during the opening 3 days of free agency? CNNSI's Peter King said on ESPN Radio this morning said that both of those stances were lame attempts to show players and agents that the Packers were "out to lunch" or something similar, well anyway, that's how I interpreted what Mr. King said.

    Canty's agent Brad Blank said it was the same old Packers, no details, no commitments, just waiting for deals to fall through so they can come in later with a more "reasonable offer", or as TT put it, come on in on Monday so I can kick the tires a bit... or feel free to sign with Giants on Sunday. Exactly what happened. You know there isn't a rule that prohibited the Packers from flying to New York to show they were seriously interested in Chris Canty, unless they weren't serious in their pursuit.

    I have no idea if Canty would have worked out in Green Bay as a Packer, it almost sounded like he was ready to get away from the 3-4 defense he played in Dallas, but there is this perception going around the USA that as a free agent, don't bother wasting your time talking to the Packers immediately, you know, at least until you can't get any offers from the other teams during the first weekend of free agency. The Packers aren't seriously listening until after then anyway.

    You will always have to over-pay to get top-line (hell, barely average) players to come to Green Bay. Always.

    BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


    Even Dallas has had enough of that super turd T.O. I would hope everyone on here is smart enough to know there is NO way we want that jerk here. Vince would roll over in his grave.

    Old SchoolFan

    oh crap terrible owens is on the open market AGAIN please NO..... NOOOOOOO!!! I'M watching our 1-3-99 rape on NFL-FOX /referee love fest of fortywhiners bullshitwin by ......calm down daddy. ok GO PACK GO!!!! NO OWENS NOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Big Ern said so!!!!

    Who cares about Canty. He was a Cowboy. I detest the Cowboys (as all true football fans should). I detest them so much, I wouldn't want any of their "want not" on my team. Not to say we haven't had a Cowboy on our team before, and I know fans will put it in my face that 'So and SO" played in GB, but I don't want one now or in the future. I'm frustrated as all others are, that TT doesn't make a move in FA but I'm always excited about our team as a whole, once the season starts (and even off-season). Would be nice to have another Reggie on our team again though...

    Mini-Pack Daddy

    Hey dfarmer, I agree about D Snyder, but I think TT should start learning from his inexpensive lessons in FA. Try getting some talent in, not just players from the bargain bin.

    Pack Fan in Texas

    Careful Beerkid--"the teddy's a genius" contingent is going to come down on you with all of their feet. How dare you question the thought process and the overall style of the man who's taken a team that hadn't had a losing season in 12 years to an amazing 31-33 record since his arrival.....

    Coach Carl

    Well,another off-season. It almost feels like that movie, "Ground Hogs Day". Thompson does the same thing - nothing. Packer Paul just copies and pastes his post from last years free agency, regarding Thompson being AWOL . We all hope for some help and get nothing. We joke about the couple of scrubs he signs late in free agency. We try to tell each other he drafts great. We all cry about our defense and Aaron getting his clock cleaned but doing nothing to better our O-line. We continue to decline and lose to teams like the Vikings. When can we get this guy out of Green Bay???

    Ted, shock me and do something!! So people that love you can at least defend you, when I rip you again in the next Packer Management "Free Agency Ground Hogs Day"!!!!

    Live and Die with the Pack


    Hey Camp, and now we hear that TT is interested in Linebackers... like we don't have enough decent one's on the team already. When you keep scraping the bottom of the barrel, it's rare that you will you find something worthwhile.  BK

    I'm sure comments are based on your many years of judging NFL talent. I wonder sometimes about what TT does but he is doing well so far. You don't have to overpay and he doesn't. ie A. Green, C. Williams etc. His mistakes in FA haven't been expensive ones. Thankfully he doesn't act like D. Snyder, look how far thats got him!!!!


    Hey dfarmer, I don't think anyone here at Packer Palace thinks that TT can't evaluate talent, the problem is, he doesn't seem to want to do any of the other GM things that are required, like the PR stuff, the communication skills it takes... think of the BF fiasco from last summer. Technically, TT is the face of the organization, certainly to prospective players and their agents.  BK
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!


    Sometimes... you get spam that qualifies as art, sort of, but they love me, and that's what counts.   BK

    What are the chances of getting Jason Taylor? Think he has any gas left in the tank?

    Pack Fan in Texas

    Hey Pack Fan in Texas, sure Jason Taylor has some gas left in his tank, but the Redskins released him because they couldn't get a off-season workout bonus inserted into his current contract, in other words, if the Packers are interested in Taylor, it won't happen until June or July, after most off the off-season workouts are over. By the way the Packers have lost 4 d-linemen over the last year, Corey Williams (traded to Browns), Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilla (released), Colin Cole (signed by Seahawks) and Michael Montgomery (no contract offer) and at some point the Pack will have to rely on someone who is not continuously injured, like the trio of Johnny Jolly, Cullen Jenkins and Justin Harrell that we seem to be relying on now. Now that Canty joined the Giants, they actually have to many D-Lineman for their roster, so expect a few of them to be available.  BK

    Beerkid, Every off season there two things are for certain.
    1. The Packers will not sign any notable free agents**.
    2. Packer Fans will cry about the Packers not signing any notable free agents.

    ** In the history of free agency the Packers have only signed two people worthy of any mention. The first was the Minister of Defense, REGGIE! Which was and always be the best free agent pick up of all time. And the second, would be C. Wood. And dude was suspect when he came to Green Bay.

    Anybody that tells you they were stoked when we picked up Don Bebe, Sean Jones,
    Joe Johnson, Russell Maryland, Santana Dotson, Sean Landeta or Quadray Ismail is a straight up drunken shit pants liar.

    Should we pick somebody up... hell yeah! Will we... hell no!

    Das. Wolf - Pissed in NorCal

    Hey Das.Wolf, Sean Jones and Santana Dotson at least played well during their stints in GB, Joe Johnson maybe had 1 good aggressive game before his career of injuries came a hunting him down, Charles Woodson fell into the Packers lap because every team passed on him, and some credit to TT for actually recruiting him, but the pattern has been established, the Pack (with TT in charge) don't want to be bothered during the initial days of free agency. I've always said, with many of you backing me, TT would have never traded for Brett Favre, and would never been in the running to get Reggie White as a free agent. Take care...   BK

    The draft WILL be raped by thompson! As usual! I will have a beer this morning! I WILL ALWAYS be PACKERFAITHFULL!!!! but more, much more than that The b@#rs will always SUCK!!!!

    Big Ern said so!!!!

    just a quick note to Scott S there. Just because 9 out of 23 players made the team , doesn't mean they were good picks. For some of them, it was indeed that they earned the spots, and for others it was a gift, or a band-aid for a hole left by another stupid move.... (see almost every OL cutting/replacement or the replacement WR back in 06... remember Taco Wallace????)

    coach carl

    Hey Coach, I agree with you somewhat and with Scott S somewhat, TT filled out the bottom of the Packers roster better than GM Mike Sherman ever did, but you still need starters, you still need above-average players to take a team deep into the NFL Playoffs.  BK

    Hey Beerkid, Would someone get a hold of Ted "The Village Idiot" Thompson and inform him that the 2009 Free Agency "Sweepstakes" has begun??? Whoa, wait a minute, perhaps no one had been able to reach his sorry tight $$$$ ass because his cell phone doesn't get a signal from under his F’n desk (where he is apparently hiding).

    I am still concerned about his lack of a "Plan B" should Aaron "Buck" Rodgers goes down with an injury. With so many seasoned QB's on the market right now, I can think of a few who would be content as a back up should the unthinkable happen (No, I’m NOT talking about Rex Grossman, but who knows what Thompson is thinking…can you imagine "T-Rex" in a PACKER uni? ...(I’m tossing up my lunch right now)...

    It is a bit disheartening that we fans are faced again with another off season of "nothing going on" when it comes to the NFL Free Agency extravaganza. I hope that TtVIT's most recent "stupid quote" will open some of his followers eyes and perhaps, just perhaps they will come to realize what an F'n Bozo we have sitting at the helm at 1265 Lombardi Avenue in his "Ivory Tower."

    GO PACK GO and Ted, let's not Fuck up the Draft this year, A'ight?

    PACKER PAUL - Minneapolis, MN.

    While I won't stand behind, or ahead of Sen. Feingold, I will stand beside him in his quest to get all Packer games broadcast on local cable/satellite television: http://www.jsonline.com/news/usandworld/40450332.html

    Finally, someone seems to be listening to the constituents after all these years... Can he really do anything? Send him an email... I did: http://feingold.senate.gov/contact_opinion.html

    Go Pack, Go!


    Hey Boz, maybe, finally, some relief for those in north-western Wisconsin on getting their Packers game every Sunday like the rest of the state.  BK

    It's nice to see GM Thompson issuing offer to Ruvell Martin. Show us what you got this offseason Ted.


    Hey Carolyn, Ted isn't showing us much he never does and unfortunately, Ruvell hasn't played above the 5th WR slot and I would think his future with Packers would be in doubt... however, the Pack did offer him a contract for this coming year.  BK

    Quoth Lombardi...

       "The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."

    Did We Win An Award Or Something... 

    Why Yes. Yes, We Did Win Another Titletown Award.

    Yeah, Baby!!! Our thanks goes out to Corey and Aaron over at Cheesehead TV for nominating us for the 2009 Packer Fan Web Design Excellence Titletown Award again this year. We are amazed that Cheesehead TV has now presented Packer Palace with the top honor, and handed us their prestigious Titletown Award for the 2nd year in a row. BeerScout and I stand with our beers in hand, humbled.

    Again, our thanks to Corey and Aaron. Thanks to everyone, when we make our first million we'll make sure to slip a few dollars back to Cheesehead TV and everyone else that anyone else can think of. C'mon Everybody, Let's Party!!!

    BeerKid & BeerScout - Pack 4 Life!


    Congrats guys on winning your second Cheeseheadtv Titletown Award! Well deserved! www.cheeseheadtv.com


    Congratulations on another site award!! You're the first place I look for all things Packers.


    BK & BS, Congrats to yus' two on another Cheesehead TV Award! How fitting – I just happen to be watching Favre’s first game against the Bungals... Thanks for all you do! Go Pack, Go!



    Quoth Lombardi...

       "There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again."

    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    A Packers Football Coach... 

    A Packers football coach was asked his secret of evaluating his new recruits. "Well," he said, "I take 'em out in the woods and make 'em run. The ones that run round the trees, I make into running backs. The ones that run straight into the trees, I trade to the Vikings."

    Last year, the old Detroit Lions club-seat manager wouldn't stand for any nonsense. One Sunday he caught a couple of fans climbing over the stadium wall. He was furious. He grabbed them by the collars and said, "Now you just get back in there and watch the game till it finishes."

    Q:  What do you get when you cross a defensive lineman with a prostitute?
    A:  A quarter-ton pickup.

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