Friday, August 18, 2006

Packer Palace Predicts... 

Saturday, August 12, 2006 -With the smoke from the burnt toast that was the last years Green Bay Packers football season still lingering and swirling around us.  With the sweat of uncertainity that surrounded every offseason move that GM Ted Thompson made staining our favorite Packer gear.  Comes slowly the realization that this 2006 Green Bay Packers may not be all that bad of a team after all.  We seem to have a coach who can coach and present a little common sense toughness, but can he coach when the Packers are down by 5 points with 55 seconds left and 60 yards to go and Brett alreay having thrown 2 int's?  That will be his test, we expect he's going to see situations like that quite often this year. 

Though the fog is heavy around the Packers chances this year, and injuries can nose-dive any season down the porcelin god-bowl rather quickly like last year, we can still peer around the edges of Time's to come and we like the path we see clearing for the Packers.  With the easy schedule (winnable games like Bears, Saints, @Lions, @Eagles, Rams, Cardinals, @Bills, Jets, @49ers, Lions, Vikings), Brett Favre having an average-type year, the Packers defense living up to it's above-average potential, the Packers can win 9 games this year.  Now will the untested interior offensive line hold up?  Will someone compliment Donald Driver and emerge as dependable 2nd and 3rd WR's?  Will the new Offensive Schemes be effective in protecting Brett by having a strong Running Game?  Why the answer is "Yes!". 

 Packers   9-7
     Bears   9-7
      Lions   6-10
   Vikings   3-13


It's 9-7 and the NFC North Division Crown.  Not only will the Packers beat the Bears on opening day in Green Bay, they will also be able to go down to Chi-town and win the last game of the year to pull even with the Bears and take the division title by tie-breaker.  Ultimately everything rides on Brett Favre's arm and decision making skills this year.  If he has the normal average year we expect out of him, the Packers can easily win 9 games in weak division with an easy schedule and a semi-strong defense.  As to the Playoffs?  Well anything can happen once you make the Playoffs.

Tell us where we're wrong:

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Update: Thursday August 24th - Not much more to add at this point, 9-7 for the Packers and NFC North Division Crown.  The only real problem spots are the interior of the offensive line and the 2nd and 3rd wide receivers.  We'll just see how that developes out of the preseason and into the regular season opener against the Bears.

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


I cant tell you you're wrong. I think you right on the money. And if I am wrong, at least I can say I went down with the team. Something you wont see in the rest of the NFC North Teams!

Keep up the good work! Love the shorts and the logo's!


Me thinks ya just mite be rite!


hey guys,are we still talking about the packers here? the green bay packers? you must not be saying they'll have success. Try to remember them, it will come to you eventually.

Big Ern

Update: Wednesday August 16th - Now we're starting to have some fun.  We've got one prediction where it's more likely for the Lions to lose 17 games before the Packers win the NFC North at our predicted tie-breaker over da' Bears at 9-7.  We got one guy (alleged Vikqueen fan) who slammed us for our lack of common sense by himself stealing the Dr.Pepper's 23 theme.  Yo Dude!  Where was your signed rational thought-out prediction for the NFC North this year?  I must have missed it, but you still have a chance to go on record before the first regular season game begins.

After watching the biggest and fastest players in the world run around and try to destroy each other week after week I don't if I could ever go back to anything that would affect that performance.  It's not just the surface of the field, it's the incredible equipment that each player gets to where.  You never used to be able to throw your body around in the old days and remain un-injured, now the players can throw themselves around with minor repercussions, so they do.  With the way the expected salary cap is to rise to the 150-180 million dollar range, we should be able to finally see expanded rosters to help cover injuries and maybe even the 18 game regular season schedule which will create more late-season injuries.  Some fun...

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!


While I would thoroughly enjoy seeing our purple neighbors to the west get whooped 13 times, I think that is unrealistic. 9 losses would satisfy me.... as long as their wins don't include games with the GBP.


You are NOT wrong ,let's kick some ass!!

I hope you're right, but the Charger game didn't do much to boost my confidence. I hate the Vikes but don't think they'll suck as much as you imagine. I agree, the entire division is pretty week and up for grabs.

Bears  10-6
Lions  7-9
Pack  6-10
Vikes  6-10
I hope I'm wrong.

Dave / St. Louis

Beer Kid: With that "new" offensive line, the Pack will not be back this year. Ahman Green is done, and Brett is in the twilight of his career. With no 2nd receiver, and no protection, he will look like he did last year - heaving the ball downfield with hope and desperation. Ahman Green will not hit the small holes that are opened up. He will take the handoff and dance around looking for one. Remember Brockington, Franco Harris, Chuck Foreman, Emmitt Smith - all dancers. Then you have the kicking game. How many close games in the NFL are won and lost on field-goals? The Pack will lose at least three games due to their kicking game. In addition the young head coach will cost the team at least two losses. To pin our hopes on a rookie linebacker and a washed-up, overrated nickel-back are too much. Next year Rogers will be in at quarterback and another long season will be upon us.

Go Pack in 2008.

I think that it is more likely that the Lions will go 0-17. (Yes, an extra loss.)

I see the following:

Viqueens 9-7
Bears 8-8
Packers 7-9
Lions 6-10

See you in Nov... Lets kick the Patsies ass

A guy from New Hampshire

A few more thoughts BeerKid........ Looking at all these injuries now, I think the NFL needs to take the top brass to a demolition derby. Here they crash into one another (just like football) and unlike the NFL, they aren't looking to make faster surfaces and faster cars. They water down the track before their heats so the cars can't get going too fast and someone gets themselves killed. The NFL teams just love finding bigger, faster players and making the fields surfaces faster and with more grip. The players are tearing up knees because the surfaces have no give anymore. Instead they keep making new rules. You can only hit a QB now from the waist to the chest, if a running back gets by you there's only the shirt to grab and that's a horse collar if done wrong. Some of these tolerances are getting pretty small. Hard to aim with players pushing and shoving. Maybe they need to consider making these fields a little more uniform and a little slicker. They used to play with leather helmets, no face masks. Two more things...... Why with Favre's experience wouldn't you have him making more calls offensively (like Manning). Second, don't you find it interesting that a couple members of the new coaching staff are fired coaches of Sherman's. I'm still worried about this group, seeing as none of them has done anything special and Shottenheimer (couldn't he do better). I guess they are there now and will be judged in 3-4 years.... hope we didn't waste more time. Thanks.

Long Live the Pack!!!!

B-Kid, Have read your site for years... As to "Tell us where we're wrong," nowhere. You are right on, and maybe a little under with the 9-7 record:

Sun., Sept. 10 Chicago Bears - W
Sun., Sept. 17 New Orleans Saints - W
Sun., Sept. 24 @ Detroit Lions - L
Mon., Oct. 2 @ Philadelphia Eagles - L
Sun., Oct. 8 St. Louis Rams - W
Sun., Oct. 15 Open Date
Sun., Oct. 22 @ Miami Dolphins - L
Sun., Oct. 29 Arizona Cardinals - W
Sun., Nov. 5 @ Buffalo Bills - W
Sun., Nov. 12 @ Minnesota Vikings - L
Sun., Nov. 19 New England Patriots - W
Mon., Nov. 27 @ Seattle Seahawks - L
Sun., Dec. 3 New York Jets - W
Sun., Dec. 10 @ San Francisco 49ers - W
Sun., Dec. 17 Detroit Lions - L
Thurs., Dec. 21 Minnesota Vikings - W
Sun., Dec. 31 @ Chicago Bears - W

10-6   *Only scary part, they'd have to be 7-1 @ Home!


this website is getting more worse every season. At least use some common sense when you try to sound smart by predicting the season. My advice, put down the beer, gather up your alll 23 of your brain cells for a rational thought.

GangGreen  10-6


Hello Packerland from the UK. Pack to win NFC North 2006

Phil A.

The NFC north is a terrible division, Alex Smith looked like a god against the bears and their offense will again be mediocre at best. The Viking Have Lost T. Williams, C. Greenway, and probably Robinson. They have a new head coach who never called a single play at Philly, they have no stars, an unproven RB, terrible recievers, a decent O-line and Defense and an average QB. The Lions have a few flashy players, and I think that Marinelli is the best of the new coaches in the North, but their defense is young, their o-line is shaky, and they are unsettled at the QB position. If the packers would have hired Bates and went after Hutch then I would say we would coast to another NFC north title, but we didnt. We got an unproven head coach with no charisma, we changed our whole blocking philosphy, and we changed D coordinators for the fourth year in a row. The Packers need to get rid of Thompson and get someone who knows that a team can't solely survive on getting a lot of players in the draft and waiting for them to pan out. The Packers can be a good team this year, they have a weak schedule, and a lot of "talent", but McCarthy needs to be like Lovie Smith and give the team some goals like making the playoffs and smoking the bears. My Predictions are:

Bears: 9-7
Lions: 6-10
Packers: 6-10
Vikings: 5-11

I still am holding out hope, but reality keeps telling me to go against what Im hoping for...


I am with ya baby

Big Oly 74

Update: Sunday August 13th - Let me explain in a little more depth why we see all this chaos and upset for the NFC North Division this year. (while fanning all the smoke out of the living room)  The Bears locker room turmoil and a lack of QB presence will cost them games (ex. The 2 against the Pack) this year and some of those Lions wins will come late in the year with newly promoted head coach Mike Martz running the show.  And the Vikings?  Their new head coach Brad Childress and assistant coaching staff is much, much lamer than anyone else's in the NFC North, their decrepit QB is more fragile and uninspiring than any QB you can find in the NFC North (even in Chicago, or the recently departed Joey Harrington), and some team each year has to end up as the "burnt-toast" team that way under-performs (like the Pack last year) due to injuries, bad coaching, off-field problems, team leaving town rumors, and my pick this year is that the Vikings will fill that role, hence, 3 wins for the Vikes (hey, if you look closely I left it open that the Pack will lose in the Humpty-Dome this year).  Besides, last year we picked the Pack to have 11 wins, they ended up with 4 wins, meaning we missed by 7, and I'm not saying that's our margin of error for this year's predictions or anything, but... And I'm not saying that we're from Western Wisconsin and our passion for the Vikqueens losing takes a close 2nd to the Packers winning in grand feelings for the day, but...

BeerKid - Still Pack 4 Life!

Vikings 3-13??? What are you guys smoking??? The Vikes will have another winning season and will have a shot at winning the North.

The packers are going 9-7/10-6 easily. They have a bad ass defense finally and anybody who saw the bears play the 49ers can see that their offense looked terrible and their defense about the same as last year. If the packers can rush the ball and jennings can become a solid #2 this year then I can easily see us winning the division.

You're not... right on with the 9-7 this season.

I hate the Vikings more than I hate George Bush, wait a minute, no I don't, but the Vikings 3 and 13? That's not realistic.

I wouldn't count the Lions just yet remember who's calling that Offense.

Now you know I would Never argue with you, BK !


After watching the San Diego game I have significant doubts we are going to take any steps forward. Favre or Rodgers are not going to get a chance to throw the ball with the rush they are facing. We have problems in the trenches. O-line and D-line were non existent and San Diego's lines are not the best in the league.

Finally, Coach M had that deer in the head lights look. The only good thing was the young linebackers play


Packers might start slow due to the relative youth of the team but will end the season with a surge that will carry them past the Bears and deep into the playoffs. 9-7 with 5 losses coming in the first 8 games.

Not so much wrong as incredibly optimistic, but that is the essence of a Packer fan. Based upon the first pre-season game, which essentially tells us nothing of the regular season, I hope, the Packers have a ton of work to do with the OL and DB's. Bright spots...Favre not coming out after 10 plays, wanting to do something positive and taking the team down the field however, without a score. Also I can easily see Barnett at the SAM, Hodge in the MIKE and Hawk at Will, and Barnett is just going to have to like it. Nick had a bajillion tackles last year, but only 6 of them were for a loss, give Hodge and Hawk 3 years and Barnett will look average at best.



Here's where you're wrong!
Packers 14-2
Lions 9-7
Bears 4-12
Vikings 1-15

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