Sunday, September 091, 2007

Packer Palace Predicts... 

Saturday, August 11, 2007 -So with the incense from last year's "Age of Aquarius" fairy-book 4 game winning streak over lesser opponents to conclude 2006 at 8-8 still smoldering and infiltrating our awareness, it's time to throw on our "magic hat" and push away the veil that precludes most from seeing what is to come this year in the NFC North division.

We love the Packers, we hate the Vikqueens, Bears, Lions, no big secrets there, and even with all the young guys expected to fill important roles for the Packers this year, something we do expect to happen, will it be enough to overcome the alleged strength of the Bears for the Packers to claim 1st in the division this year. Ummmm, short answer, "Yes". Look at our division, which QB would you rather have running the helm to start this season, Lions Jon Kitna? Vikqueens Tavaris Jackson? Bears Rex Grossman? Seriously, backup Packers QB Aaron Rodgers may be better than those 3 guys, our answer is Brett Favre is the best QB in the NFC North this year. The Pack's defense is going to be awesome to watch this year, it almost makes you forget the RB's and WR's are almost all untested, but ready to deliver, they can just let Donald Driver lead them the way.

So when we poked and prodded, and then ripped a hole in time itself, to allow us to peer around the edges of the veil, we can easily see the Bears slipping this year, they suck, always have, their defense will be OK, their QB's not OK, and it won't be enough for them this year. What was revealed? What did we humble conjurers find waiting? The number revealed for the Green Bay Packers this 2007 year is "10", as in 10 wins, and a home playoff spot to start contending for the Super Bowl.

 Packers  10-6
     Bears  10-6
      Lions    7-9
   Vikings    4-12


The Packers are going to win the NFC North, tied with the Bears at 10-6, but the Packers will own the tie-breaker on some 3rd/4th level tie-breaking statistic. Lions? The soon to be best pair of WR's in the game, but it's not going to be quite their year yet. The Vikes? We don't see much happening there at all, just the basement cellar for their divisional chances.

So it's time to bring it on and throw it around some more and give us your best shot, it's NFL Football time. Leave us your name, leave us your forecast, tell us where we're wrong:


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BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007


not looking too good for the Bears to get to 10 wins 7 might be as good as it gets for them...


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Even after the first 3 pre-season games and the first round of roster cuts, we still like the Packers chances this year. The WR's are young, but Jennings, Jones and Martin are showing their skills, the RB's are still in a mess, but the Packers O-Line can't run block with any power anyway, but they can pass-block, so expect a lot of short passes to the RB's and TE's this year to help offset the lack of a power running game. The defense looks tough as nails, the DB's and D-Line look better than last year. So we're still sticking with the 10-6 and 1st place prediction in the NFC North for the Green Bay Packers this year.

BeerKid - Be Pack 4 Life!


Personally I am more worried about the Vikings than that! I think they have a great D and a good O line. 2 tuff RB's and we have no idea about their QB. The easy thing to say is he will suck but if you look at it in the case of the glass is half full, he's untapped talent and could be around for years. The Bears will be very good again this year. The best D in the league, Hester is a man child and, just me, but i thought Benson was a better RB than Thomas Jones. So long as he can stay healthy. They should be right there contending for the Superbowl with New Orleans and Dallas for the NFC. Detriot to me still doesnt have it. They may put up some big numbers on offense but there D is terrible. Especially their D line. The Bears, Pack, and Vikes all have above average O lines and will run up and down the field on that team. I'm not expecting much from them at all this year.

Now, the pack, they should be tuff. I am a pack fan all the way but a football fan too. Sometimes I think pack fans are only pack fans and not football fans. For us to win the division this year is not thinking realistic. I'm not at all impressed with the coaching staff here and don't trust them. Brett is great but he's older and just cant gunsling like he use too. with no elite running back and still a very young, but improving O line he will have to do a lot. I think he will have to do too much. I like the way he's not trying to throw the perfect ball on every play anymore and that should cut down on his turnovers.

The Division should look more like this Bears 12-4, Packers 9-7, Viking 9-7, Lions 6-10

Go Pack!


Packers 10-6, Queens 9-7, Bears 9-7, Lions 9-7

The Great El Moldo de Californio

Packers 14-2

Anonymous 7

Viqueens: 0-16

Anonymous 73

the Pack have a really hard schedule this year

Anonymous 137

Update: Monday, August 13, 2007

Packers 10-6, Beers 10-6, Liars 8-8, Viqueens 5- 11

An added bonus is that brian urinelicher will pop a neck-vien during a monday nite game after finding out mike dicka is NOT interested in him "socially".

BIG ERN said so!!!!!

Sc8's forecast is that the NFC north, the black and blue division is the worst division through the first eight games. The bears will be the only team with more than three wins. Then in a miracle second half and the packers get some cold weather bliss and win 7 out of 8 to win the norris division and knock the yogis out of the playoffs!




Lambeau mystic returns in 2007, Pack go 7-1 at home and 3-5 on the road, the 3 road wins are against divisional opponents, so its all good.


I'm looking forward to Green Bay winning the NFC North and getting to the play-offs. I want to see all those Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy haters eat their words. I like it better when all of the Packer Nation is behind the team One Hundred Percent. I'm sick of the doubters.

Homers Rule!!

I think the defense will be much improved with the ongoing improvement on the defensive line and strong play by our young linebackers. They will keep us in most games. If our offense had improved half as much as our defense we would be a contender. The tougher schedule will create a problem of taking it to that next step with regard to our record. I predict the Packers finish 8-8.

Live and Die for the Pack!



After watching the first preseason game against Pittsburgh, I think our defense will be ranked in the top 5 or 6. Jenkins and Kampman are going to the Pro Bowl along with AJ Hawk.

The WR's have to get more separation if Favre is going to do well. If not, we will see more tipped balls and more interceptions that aren't Favres fault.

A RB needs to take control of this opportunity and take the spot!

Packers 9-7

Witt Dog

Bears 11-5, Pack 10-6, Vikes 7-9, Lions 6-10

Packers will get the wild card


You are right on :)


Games are won in the trenches and with a D-Line like ours, it's possible we can be NFC North champs. We are going to have to rely on the D a lot this year, but you are right about one thing..... it will be fun to watch.


The NFC North reminds me of the old NFC Norris days, pretty mediocre. I hope the Pack surprise me.

Bears 10-6, Pack 9-7, Lions 6-10, Vikes 6-10

Dave -- St. Louis

PACK 10-6, BEARS 8-8, LIONS 5-11, VIKINGS 5-11

That's it folks, the slipper will fit. Time to shut up and start supporting our Green & Gold!!


Hey BeerKid... The schedule shows that the Pack should win around 10 games. Don't care what the other dinks in the division do, so I won't predict them... Some thoughts:

It was nice to see Rodgers scramble, I think the QB "needs" to do that every so often!!! Liked the contract thing w/Driver. If a guy is doing well for the Pack, give him some money. Don't have to make him the highest paid player, just appreciated.

Just think... if your out shopping for names to fill holes all the time, the Pack might have just went ahead and passed over the Kampmans' (5th round?) and Jenkins' (F/A) of the world. I'm not sold on TT but the guy must know something to get where he is and he knows alot more about the team than we could hope to ever gleen from a few games and articles. Building your team to win in the trenches is a winner but can MM coach outside the box???

Which brings me to a question someone might be able to answer. Do the Pack have a route that they run off the slant? They run that pattern so much that it'd be nice if they had something set up, so Favre could pump-fake, suck the CB in and have the receiver reverse direction for the big play (or something like that).
Lastly, I'll quit boring you finally with a pet peeve I have. The straight-arm in the face mask. Just think if the D can't be in the face mask, neither should the O be allowed.

Long Live the Pack!!!

I like the way you think, and I'm tired of all the naysayers. Do I wish TT had done more to bolster the offense? Without a doubt. But I like our young offensive line with one more year of the blocking scheme under their belts, and I think that after some growing pains early in the season our RBs will run to daylight as the unheralded guys in Denver have done for years. Also, I really like what I'm seeing out of WR James Jones, and believe we could be in good hands with him, Driver and Jennings. Look for some struggles early on, then things will smooth out later (but not as late as it took the OL to jell last year).

The defense will ROCK. Even without Harrell, who so far is NOT looking like the second coming of #92. Great OL, great LBs, great CBs, a ? at safety but nice-looking prospects. This too shall work out. GO PACK!!!



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