Friday, September 5, 2008

Packer Palace Predicts... 

Friday, August 15, 2008 - After an off-season that resembled anything but a Summer Of Love, we saw our pro-bowl QB retire, un-retire, retire again and then a triumphant return to Green Bay which ended behind closed doors and with a send-off to the NY Jets for a "save-face for all" conditional pick... where does the fork in the road take this Packers team now. Never doubt (yet, never bet) that we've divined and travelled those golden astral crossroads, followed down through the green mists of a time yet to come for this NFL season, and if you thought last year's roller coaster ride of wins (almost everyone) and losses (mostly duh Bears) that ended with the plummet down into a blackhole laden abyss of alcoholic depravity (Ed. Note: Technically, to our knowledge, that was only you, not the Packers) and the near miss in reaching the Super Bowl that left us fans grumbling after an incredibly successful season.

This year the Packers success bends and twists in configurations not seen since the pre-BF era, an acrimonious parting still lingers, a new un-seasoned QB installed in his place, a defense looking to improve it's top 10 standing from last year, and now an organization looking to prove itself to many of us who doubt, yet, we see what we see, and it looks like another NFC North Division Crown for the Packers.

 Packers 11-5
  Vikings   8-8
     Bears   7-9
      Lions   6-10


The numbers are always tumbling, every injury, every heroic effort affects them. They were first prominently 12, then shuddered and slipped slowly down to 10, and now with the recent events settled, the numbers have creeped up and leveled off at 11 wins predicted for the Green Bay Packers this year. Difficult tests for the offense, carried at times by the defense, a division crown and home playoff game stands looming before those on the road to the Super Bowl.

Packers are still the defending NFC North Champions, and will be the favorite to retain their crown. Leave us your name, leave us your forecast, tell us where we're wrong:


Submission Disabled
BeerKid - Always Pack For Life!

Update: Thursday September 4th

10-6...See ya for the Cowgirls game! I still back the pack (no pun here) with the way they dealt with BF. Always remember, it's all about the best for our beloved team! Time will tell. This site rocks!!!!!!!!!


Kaesekopfs, it's time for REAL football. As I peer into the Crystal Beer Bottle, I see that the Pack wins division at 9-7. Lions stun the world, finishing 2nd at 8-8, tied with the Purple Norwegian Drag Queens. Duh Bums are left suckin' hind teat at 5-11.

Flynn is the backup, deservedly so. Remember back in the Wolf era, we always found QBs in later rounds, as well as decent WRs? Oddly enough, Thompson worked in Personnel then. And oddly enough, as soon as he comes back, we land Jennings and Jones (who were wayyyyy under the radar) and now Flynn. Let's hope Ted was responsible for a lot of those moves back in the day.


After they beat the queens, I think GangGreen goes 12-4. A-Rod will be OK!


Packer record this year 14-2. Ted and Mike told us they are a better team now and since we are moving forward I am taking their word for it. I am not going down the we have a tougher schedule road. I am going to start drinking the Kool-aide the Packer management is serving. Drink up Boys - Super Bowl or Bust!!!


I'm with ya beerkid The Pack takes it at 11-5 Green n'Gold all the way!!!!!


7-9 and flynn will be the QB for half the year. and Ted will be exposed as the draft guru he is NOT !!!!


I think 10-6 is about right but i am stoked about matt flynn move over rogers and dust your clip board off cause by next year you will be the number 2 guy again

Pack Man
Update: Sunday August 31st

hey BK... I think 11-5 may be a bit too much to hope for this year... especially based on the very (very) tough schedule, not to mention the growing pains we'll go through this season. I would place my bet more along the line of 9-7, and that should be enough to win the division. Exit stage left early in the playoffs, as a wild card team possibly, and then regroup and begin the DYNASTY in 2009, after one more year of adding key players and a sound draft focused on the defensive side of the ball. I am pumped for this season, with one eye on the current situation, the other looking toward the coming horizon. Start making plans to be in Miami on February 7, 2010. I

about time

WOW BEERKID.............. They're getting wound a little tight over a couple "pre-season" games, aren't they??? All I want is a seat on the Packer's bandwagon right next to you BeerKid, I bet your alot of fun!!! The comments of "I'm no longer a Packer fan", good riddance!!! Get the fuck off and stay off!!! For those of you who are hoping the Packers lose alot so TT gets fired and are also hoping the Packers win alot of games cause your a fan, either get the fuck off or get the fuck on, but quit dragging your feet cause your slowing the wagon down!! And don't wait til half the season is over to see what side you should jump on. Gotta be some pretty empty games coming up for you all, as you root for them to "lose and win" at the same fucking time. I'm happy to join all the rest of you on the bandwagon, I like friends that I can trust! Prediction 10-6 or 11-5.

Long Live the Pack!!!

11-5, win one they should have not, lose one in the final two minutes of the game. Just solid football.

Old School Fan

Vikings 10-6, Packers 10-6, Lions 7-9, Bears 7-9 Packers lose division record tie-breaker.

Due to a hangover that lead to drunkenness, I have revised my earlier, beer-goggled prediction, to be as follows.

Vikings 10-6, Packers 9-7, Bears 7-9, Lions 6-10

My sad outlook for the season has the Viques taking the NFCN title and the Packers losing out on a playoff berth on a tie-breaker.Sure, Rodgers needs more time in the pocket than did Favre - its a matter of experience. However with the O-Line, the Packers did little to attempt an upgrade in this area this year. They are still trying to find the "best five".

Yea, we'll still see the Big Five this year (Lemonade-maker McCarthy), but without the Best Five on the line, how long is it til the Big Five are no Big Deal? Sure, Lyle Lovette's Large Band uses a lot of soap and towels, but how does that guarantee a successful concert? Hail fellow well met does not mean he won't rape our sisters.

Final prediction: one part doom, two parts grilled meat, three parts combustibles and beer, and four parts friends equal a great season! Go Leinie's Creamy Dark, Go Green, Go Meat, and Go Pack!

Go Pack!

If we look anything like we did tonight against the's going to be a looooong season. It was absolutely painful to watch. If we play like tonight, I'm saying 6-10...if we play like last week, I'll say maybe 9-7. If we can improve a bit from our play last week I'd say 10-6 is the best we'll see this year. But after tonight, I am not optimistic at all, and I'm cringing at the possibility of another 4-12 season. I don't think I could take it...


Well, I'm thinking 10-6 this year, because Rodgers is still getting gelled with the offense. Hope they prove me wrong.... GO PACK!!

Lady K

After the game against the 49ers, I'm suspending all predictions save that the Packers win the division.


My prediction: The Jets will have a better record than the Pack.

Packer Jim

Ahhhhhh.......... I think at best Packers 9-7 to take the NFCN. I am hoping this with no QB injuries and after drinking a couple of turbodog's. I am feeling optimistic today!


12-4 - one loss in NFCC, two to last year play-off teams, and one crazy a$$, throw-back, WTFO, Farve-dejavue, any given Sunday loss to some team that doesn't even belong on the same field.

Robey in Bama

If you listen to the idiots I work with (which I don't) they think the Vikings will win the division at 14-2. They are the most delusional fans in the NFL. BeerKid I think you got the order right but your giving the Bears and Lions too much credit.

Packers 11-5, Vikings 7-9, Lions 5-11, Bears 3-13

Corey (Packer fan in MN)

Packers 12-4, Viqueens 10-6, 'Da Bears 8-8, Kittens 7-9

The old black and blue division is getting stronger!


I think 12-4 for the Packers this year and another division win. Not hard when the rest of the teams won't even have a winning record as you have already predicted! But Really you think The Lemons will get 6 wins, I think 4-12.


Quoth Lombardi...

   There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again.
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