Friday, September 04, 2009

Packer Palace Predicts... 

Saturday, August 15, 2009 - Another year, another prediction coming from the still smoking ashes and debris of last summer's Brett Favre saga and the Packers un-eventful record of 6-10 that put them in 3rd place in the NFC North, an anomaly us fans are not used too for sure. Now this year, GM Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy have beefed up defensive coaching staff by acquiring Dom Capers and Kevin Greene, they've added a few new rookies in LB Clay Matthews and DT B.J. Raji whom are expected to contribute heavily in any success the defense will have. Even though there are offensive line questions galore, LT Chad Clifton's knees, and the whole right side of the line, those will work themselves out and the Packers are set to return to the top of the NFC North.

The Bears have set themselves up to be all-in this year, new QB in Jay Cutler, a decent RB in Matt Forte, but it's the same old tired defense led by LB Brian Urlacher that couldn't get past 8 wins last year and don't expect them to this year either for that matter. Now the Vikings are sliding down, and are going to suffer from their QB woes, Sage Rosenfels looks better that Tavaris Jackson (where's Brett Favre when you need him?) and from the two DT's, Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, expected to each miss 4 games for abusing the NFL's drug policy. The Vikings may be the defending NFC North champions, but they are not repeating this year and despite having RB Arian Peterson. They are going to struggle to break .500. The Lions are the Lions, new coaching staff with Jim Schwartz, the same front office (despite getting rid of ex-GM Matt Millen, still kept the other 2 responsible for the 0-16 record). They do have better players on their roster, but questions remain at QB, neither the rookie Matt Stafford nor Daunte Culpepper are going to get this team beyond 5 wins.


Now having said all that, and drinking our share of the Green N Gold koolaid, we do see the Packers reaching 10 wins this year, and that should be enough to get them to the top of the NFC North...

...tell us where we're wrong:


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BeerKid - Always Pack For Life!

Packers 13-3 (only losses are to the Cowboys, Steelers, and Ravens)
Vikings 10-6
Bears 8-8
Lions 4-12


Packers split with Bears, sweep Lions and Viqueens, finish 11-5 1st in NFC Norh.

Dave in St. Louis

I predict 13-3 Superbowl champs!


Pack 10-6
vikings 9-7
bears 8-8
lions 3-13


11-5 because 11-5 never happens always 10-6 or 12-4! Odd Numbers!

Das. Wolf - Pissed in NorCal

11 wins people. Come on... we get the NFC West, Cleveland, Cinci, Tampa, and Dallas comes in the middle of November (why the hell don't the schedule makers EVER have Dallas come in December?????). That's gotta be 11 wins.


Vikings 10-6 (vikings sweep pack, win tiebreaker)
Packers 10-6
Bears 8-8
Lions 4-12

Minneapolis Packer

NFC North Prediction (W-L)

Vikings: 12-4
Packers: 9-7
Bears: 8-8
Lions 4-12

Favre Fan

VIKES 11-5
LIONS! 4-11


You're wrong in that you gave the Bears too good of a record.


The Packers will win @ least 10 games

Shawn B.

You're wrong.... they will win 12, but it all hinges on the defense getting a handle on the 3-4. If they run it (the 3-4) well?... I'll predict 12 wins all day. What I really want to see happen this year is for A.J. to to get his head out of his ass and play like Beerkid going after the last BLITZ at a tailgate party! Aaron Kampman please turn into a maniac with the switch to LB... all of this needs to happen and I think the Pack cruises to a 12 win season. Thank you and goodnight!

Chris From FL

Quoth Lombardi...

   "If you can accept losing you can't win. If you can walk you can run. No one is ever hurt. Hurt is in your mind."
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