Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sasquatching With Cliff... 

Good friend of BeerScout's and kind of enough to share his home-made brew and marinated carne asada steaks with myself (BeerKid) one afternoon a few years ago, Cliff Barackman, an incredible outdoorsman and yes, a Sasquatch hunter Field Researcher extraordinaire is in a competition over at Columbia Sportswear and is looking for your vote. We'll let Cliff explain it.... So we decided to reach out to our Packer friends, who are well known for stuffing ballots in just about any voting process, to help Cliff out. You can find more information on Cliff, known for camping by himself out in the great Pacific Northwest, at his website - North American Bigfoot Blog. So please vote for a friend.... While viewing his video and clicking on the 5th star down in the Rate This Entry box.

BeerKid - Sasquatchin' For Life
BeerScout - They're Real They're Out There!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Amazing Historical Archives... 

Browse freely (and without registering) through this thread of stories at Bigfoot Forums of amazing historical reports.

Sasquatch In Motion...

Check out this animated gif from the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film of Patty strolling along at Bluff Creek.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Big News Prints Now Available  

as a BW Book, Color PDF on CD-R or Both!

Now you can purchase a printed and bound Big News Prints book, a color high-resolution PDF on CD-R, or both.  I've got eleven books left from the Bigfoot Rendezvous in Pocatello.

With over 400 newspaper stories, the 282 page BNPs book unearths previously unknown human encounters with hairy man-like creatures!  Read important historical narratives as detailed by the media of the times.  A must-have for any Sasquatch researcher!

The stories are organized by region and state, and then chronologically within that.  The convenient PDF file on CD* allows the reader to zoom into some of the smaller or harder to read newspaper type.  It can also be printed in high resolution to create your own 2-sided 8.5 x 11 book as I've done in the photo below.

As a new bonus, the CD-R includes 142 new stories I found.  Along with an absolutely CLASSIC 1970's bigfoot song and interview thanks to Alex Solunac! The CD also contains the 'Strange Howls' PDF that I made.  It's 20 pages of odd animal encounters that I culled from The Library of Congress.

To see a list of all the stories in the book click here: 

Big News Prints at McClean.Org

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ghost Of Halloween Past... 

Just something we wanted to mention about good friend and Bigfoot Folk Song Artist Tom Yamarone and his visit to the John Madden Estate for last Halloweens Trick or Treat.  Apparently, it's a favorite spot for all the little ghosts and goblins every Halloween night as Mrs. Madden ladens down everyone down with lots of goodies. 

We'll let Tom explain it:

Mrs. Madden fixes up the front gate and walkway with all kinds of Halloween themed decorations...a mannequin dressed like a gardener and signs out front saying "the witch is IN" "park in driveway"'s a classic stop before hitting the streets for the real trick-or-treating. The big deal is that HE'S never there... away during football season... and she puts on the ultimate Halloween stop for candy craving kids...and the urban myth lives on about the 5 whole candy bars she'll give you....this year she topped that with a bag including 5 whole candy bars and about 20 bite size candy bars. The photo is of the butterfinger bar that we got at the Maddens... with BeerScout holding it.

The Big Score!!! BeerScout's got the goods, a Butterfinger from Mrs. Madden!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

BFRO Is In Wisconsin... 

Chances are if you have never seen a Bigfoot skulking around Wisconsin before, now might be the time to observe one.  The Bigfoot Field Researcher's Organization is invading Price County for a 2nd time this holiday weekend hoping to capture one on film or find some tracks, whatever evidence they can on the elusive primate. 

"The area (Price County, WI) has particular characteristics about it that make it advantageous for evasion: swampy terrain, boggy terrain and big cedar swamps." Matt Moneymaker, BFRO

With 60 people involved with the search, expect all Sasquatches to be fleeing in all directions away from this swampy locale in northern Wisconsin.  So keep your eyes open this weekend, Bigfoot may be out and about and trampling through a neighborhood near you. 

Check out the full story by Brian Bull - Bigfoot expedition wraps up near Phillips from the Pierce County Herald at Rivertowns.Net.

Check out more on the Wisconsin Expedition over at BFRO.Net.

Check out everything they have for Wisconsin Sightings broken out by county also over at BFRO.Net.

BeerKid - Still Squatchin' For Life!

Yammerin' Yamarone In The House!

Internationally acclaimed Bigfoot Folk Song Singer Tom Yamarone was in the house a few Saturday's ago.  After downing a few large bottles of Chimay Triple (and 1 of Blue) it was time to "Pose with Patty".

Tom's new CD should be available soon, but your still welcome to check out his website Songs For A Bigfoot World for preview sound clips and other Bigfoot related info.

And if you're not drinking Chimay - Peres Trappistes, trust me, maybe it's time you start.

BeerKid - Still Squatchin' For Life!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

What I Did When I Wasn't Thinking... 

...of The Packers.

I spent a Saturday drinking some home-brewed Ale with Kai, Cliff (our generous host), Scott and Flippy.  Of course we were talking Sasquatch all day long.  And we remembered to grill up some Carne Asada over some open flame, perfection. Well, we drank more beer, and we talked more Bigfoot, we ended up drinking alot of beer and talking alot about everyone's adventures out looking for Sasquatch.

You should go check out Flippy's Moped Ride to Seattle.  A very funny story of a young man's dream to ride through the great Pacific Northwest while searching for Bigfoot and learning a few survival skills along the way.  It's over at his website:  And yes, that is a genuine authentic reproduction cast footprint of Patty, the female bigfoot of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film. 

BeerKid - Still Squatchin' For Life!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Sasquatch Newspaper Stories from the Past 

OK, these links will lead you to the stories I compiled into the book "Big Newsprints - Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Wildmen, Yeti & Other Strange Animal Reports from the Past."  Sasquatch stories going back to 1764!  Including the CAPTURE of an 8' 3" wildman with 2 cubs in Minneapolis in 1839!

You can read the nearly 400 stories I found here at the Bigfoot Forums.

Or in graphical preview format here from the Gaudet Photo Gallery.


Priscilla's Bigfoot...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Hairy Man... 

Here's a great overview of the Hairy Man - Mayak Datat: An Archaeological Viewpoint of the Hairy Man Pictographs from Kathy Moskowitz Strain over at the Bigfoot Information Project.

Painted Rock is located on the Tule River Indian Reservation in central California.  This rock art site is unique; It's most unusual feature is the presence of an entire Bigfoot family.  Besides the male Hairy Man, there are also a female and child "bigfoot", but also because of the traditional Native American creation story by the Yokuts Tribe that accompanies him, Mayak Datat - The Hairy Man. 

Condor said, "People should be different from us, so give them hair, not feathers or fur to keep warm."

Then Coyote said, "People should be just like me, because I am smart and tricky, so have them walk on all fours."

Hairy Man, who had not said anything yet, shook his head and said, "No, People should walk on two legs, like me."

All the other animals agreed with Hairy Man, and Coyote became very angry.  He challenged Hairy Man to a race, and they agreed who ever won could decide how People should walk.

Hairy Man Wallpaper Image

The above material on Mayak Datat, the Hairy Man is from the work of Kathy Moskowitz Strain and the original artwork of Jennie Franco.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Bad Man Of The Woods... 

 The bad man of the woods am I,
   I grit my teeth and wildcats quail;
I frighten wolves to death and tie
   Knots in the frightened grizzly's tail.
The lynx is doomed that I pursue,
   The panther fears to cross my path;
I tear the catamount in two
   And crunch the pieces in my wrath.

I drink hot blood and eat raw meat,
   My snort's a thing to terrify;
Wild things behold me and retreat,
   The bad man of the woods am I.

S.E. Kiser, in The Outer's Book, re-published in The Daily Northwestern, May 8th, 1907. Transcribed from Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Strange Animal Reports From The Past,, 2005.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Bigfoot's In The House... 

5x8ft vinyl wallposter hanging in Beerkid's living room.

We've always been told that we have a "healthy" fascination with a certain primate that roams through out the forests of North America and other remote area's of the world.  So with summer break finally upon us, and not much Packer news to keep us occupied, we've decide to proclaim that this week is "Sasquatch Week" here at Packer Palace. 

So enjoy a pleasant diversion for the next few days catching up on all the Sasquatch folklore that's out there, and rest assured, that we'll be getting back to Green Bay Packers business soon enough. 

Ummmm, maybe that was an "unhealthy" fascination for a certain primate in North America...

Sasquatch In Wisconsin? 

Ever wonder if Bigfoot has been sited in the county that you live in?  Here's your chance to browse through the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization's (BRFO.Net) geographical database of Sasquatch Sitings in North America. 

This is where you can find out if Bigfoot has been stomping through your neighborhood or favorite campground! 

Go ahead and check out Wisconsin or the United States here.

Bigfoot Songs... 

Check out one of our new friends, Tom Yamarone, with his Songs for a Bigfoot World website that we just helped set up. 

Tom's written some pretty clever Sasquatch related campfire folk songs.  Recently he played at the 2005 Sasquatch Research Convention in Bellingham Washington. 

Check out the song clips at his CD page for a musical taste of Bigfoot.  He's soon to be a Cult Classic!

Strange Howls... 

Early American Stories of Animal Encounters and Other Oddities

Noted for their possible relation to Sasquatch

A historical collection culled from the Library of Congress online archives.

Now is just as good a time as any to go read Strange Howls at McClean.Org and don't miss out on Big News Prints; Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Wildmen, Yeti and Other Strange Animal Reports From The Past! coming soon.

Bigfoot Times Newsletter... 

Check out another one of our friends, Daniel Perez, and his Bigfoot Times website that we helped launch earlier this year. 

He is the founder of the Center for Bigfoot Studies and editor/publisher of the much talked about and hard hitting newsletter, the Bigfoot Times, which has appeared since its debut in 1979. 

Check out his Bigfoot at Bluff Creek book, the definitive story of the Patterson-Gimlin film that rocked the world.

Adventures Of Jack Squatch... 

Check out the 5 episodes of the "Sasquatch Is Real" Adventure Series.

The Debut Of Packer Palace... 

Here's the original web post that declared the beginning of Packer Palace back in November 1995 when Patty our loveable Sasquatch had a late-season tryout at Linebacker for the Packers.

"I turned in time to see it throw the blocking sled 40 feet!"

Packer Training Camp, WI - Veteran analysts agree that they've never even heard of such a thing. But that's not stopping the forward-thinking Pack in their quest for new talent! Non-stop reporter Beer Kid infiltrated the secret "tryout" and captured a remarkable photo of the event. Beer Kid offered no apologies for the poor quality, stating "Hell, between the smell and flying epuipment, I'm surprise I got a shot off at all!" The extra-species event lasted only 15 minutes before the (apparently female!) sasquatch let out a scream, tossed a blocking sled, and charged off into the forest.

Packer Fans with information regarding this sighting are urged to contact

Packer Plus Online ESPN NFL Loser @ NFL.COM Green Bay Press Gazette Packer Net Green Bay Packers Official  Rockwood Lodge 2004  Shane - Fat Oak Records They're Out There...They're Real!