Packer Palace Tarot Cards
Liquid '66 Limited Edition Set

14 Cards + RIF Assimilated V4 Bonus Cards

Stun Your Enemy With A Blitz!

Giftpack Vince - The Blitz Pack (3 each)

Offense: Surprise. 1st down. Big run. Quick Pass. Open WR Deep.
Defense: Aggressive. Sack. Big hit. Interception. Fumble.

Burning... On A Roll

Shiva Vince (3 each)

Offense: Hot. Smoking Hot! Big Play. Rampage.
Defense: Hot. Smoking Hot! Big Play. Rampage.

Darth Vincent Death Card

Darth Vincent (2 each)

Offense: Reborn. Impressive. Intimidation.
Defense: Death. Cold Hard Smackdown. None Shall Pass. Intimidation.

Enter Dreamland

Down The Cheese Hole (2 each)

Offense: Positive. Random Outcome. Wild. Unintended.
Defense: Dice Thrown. Chaos. Random Outcome. Wild.

We've Broken Your Code

Audio God (2 each)

Offense: 1st Down. Big Run. Open WR. TD.
Defense: Easy Play. Recovery. Tackle for Loss. TD.

4 Of Favre

Resistance Is Futile (2 each)

Offense: Repetition. Rampage. Kick Ass. Intimidation.
Defense: Repetition. Rampage. Kick Ass. Intimidation

4 Of Favre V4

Resistance Is Futile - Ass-imilated Version 4 (2 each)

Same as normal "Resistance Is Futile" card, but substitute these 2 in for the Vikings game and
get better control over the results!