Lemondrop visits the Holy Land
(Packers Tour, HOF, Fuzzy's #63 and Brett Favre's Steakhouse)

Hey BeerKid, Took a lil trip to Lambeau and did the Tour and the Hall of Fame. Got to tell you, when you do the almost hour tour, we got to walk out the Packer tunnel onto the field. As we approached the door that was rising up, the guy queued the sound, and you hear loud crowd and music noise. The announcer says "Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome Your Green Bay Packers!" Made all my short hairs stand up, I tell ya!


Sat in Vince Lombardi's desk, was going to leave a memo - "BRING ME THE HEAD OF TED THOMPSON!" - but the dang pens were glued in the cup.

Also took a ride with the team to practice.

And helped out here.

Gave a guy a hand,

Found Bart Starr's sealed locker.

Looks like they don't know what to do with Brett's stuff.

Amazing place. If you ever get a chance, go for it.

Also did Fuzzy Thurston's pub.

That place is like a mini museum.

And of course,

His shoes still have clumps of mud on them. Amazing fun places to see also. Did you know Brett got a telegram from Hank Williams Jr, saying he's glad he's playing, in '96.