Excellent Adventure Begins Harv, Pam, the General and his Wife Harv and the General, Sucking Stogies Packer Fans flood the Streets of New Orleans This Cheesehead receives a request The Request is honored - Bare Breasts
Pam give Leroy a Super Bowl Hug  Celebrating the Packer Win   XXXI VICTORY NFC Championship Banner We Smoked the Pathetics Packer Fans losing it on Game Day
Pam rides high on Governor Thompson the Honorable Tommy Thompson - Governor of Wisconsin  Leroy Butler  A moment of glory for the Coach heres Tommy - Trophy in hand Everyone gets to hold the Trophy
Ray gives this fan a real Super Bowl Treat Lots of Big Smiles on this crew  the Shine of winning Mr Robinson - How much does it weigh? this party is for Mike  Coach Mike - we want a bigger smile